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No Respect And Not Answer Or Explanation

So from nowhere, Chase decided to end 18 years of relationship with them and close my personal checking account and all my personal and business credit cards with them (9 in total). All this is just weird and here are some reasons:
1- they closed everything except my 10-year business checking account.
2- they approved me for Hyatt Business at the beginning of the year. I just finished the normal and extra spending on it. How? Legit business expenses.
3- never miss any payment and pay everything fully.
So of course no reason in the letter, from a banker on the branch, or a supervisor on the phone. I was trying to think about the reason behind that and the only thing that comes to my mind is getting a lot and large zelle transactions to my business account. Those are actual business transactions. But they didn't close the business account ???????
I just want to share this with you guys and let you know. It seems to be a lot of people were targeted by Chase and they are closing a lot of accounts from what I just searched lately.

Worst Bank Ever IMO Literally Robbed Me

I got a notification when I was sleep at 3:51am that someone was trying to do $400 on my card from a name I didn’t recognize at all. Charge $40 right before then $80 from the same number and a foreign exchange fee. Canceled card right away, called chase, was asked a billion times is this me told them after being transferred to several different depts each time no! They returned the money temporarily while they investigated. Sent me a letter saying it was me and authorized and that they will be taking $121 out of my account on Friday even though I was sleep and even though I literally have a text from them that the same name was trying to charge $400 to my card. I called back and they could care less. I hate chase now. Oh and forgot to mention my Apple Pay keeps denying me even though I have the funds and I have to use Apple Pay because it’s been 2 whole weeks—me going in and out of the store calling the customer service and I still don’t have a debit card!!

Misleading Fine Print. Do Not Fall For The Hype!!

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Got a mailer for a $250 bonus, for combo checking and savings. Have to keep a min bal of 15k for 90 days. Didn't get he bonus, called about it, many transfers later the customer service rep said I can restart the term. Just keep that balance for another 90 days and I should be eligible for the bonus. Even though it was supposedly on a recorded line and corporate should abide by a contract edit, I didn't get the bonus ager waiting that period of time. When I went to the branch the bankers denied the possibility of getting the bonus as it was expired and they didn't have that promo in season anymore. So I transferred out almost all of that 15k online, like any self respecting upset customer would. I still kept my account funded with durect deposot and made no purchases for two months, so my balance was growing again. No one informed me about a minimum balance I had to keep going forward. Then I get a communication that I am overdrawn after Two monthly fees!! Third one on the way with less than a payperiod to adjust my deposit amount. Call center rep advises me to ask the bankers to remove monthly fees or close. I go to the branch, and the bankers are firm about company policy re,: only being able to reverse one fee. I closed it so that I wouldn't lose any more than $12.
--> TLDR; This was a horrible place to park my money.


Don't let Chase DOG you. File CFPB/OCC/FDIC/BBB complaints (or review), place reviews everywhere and TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF CHASE (OUR MONEY IS THEIR POWER. DON'T ALLOW THEM TO USE IT AGAINST US. EACH CLOSED ACCOUNT MAKES THEM WEAKER-FIGHT); sign onto existing class-action lawsuits against them (just type in search “existing class-actions against Chase”); “find a class-action attorney (type)” and file a new one and/or small claims (for a nominal fee; they have to pay for every case filed or lose by default) or regular lawsuit. They have to pay you excess of their error with a class-action though.
-Chase could take "as long as it takes" to correct my account (what about the interest you're charged on that incorrect balance);
-that she would not even ATTEMPT to credit one month, which I donated in cash (whether the organization had authorization or not);
-the other months would be credited---eventually;
-any company/organization can charge your credit card, and unless you can show that you paid them by other means (whether you owe them or not), you eat it. That is insane.
-Chase was not going to look into this issue any further
-they may recoup the money that they had credited me
-I was not going to speak to anyone other than her as long as she worked for "her supervisor's name;
-that any company or organization can charge your card, as long as they have your number
-she would not put her response in writing and that I had received all of the paperwork that I was going to receive from Chase.

The organization reversed the charges, but Chase did nothing to assist me and/or accept their obligations. You don't have to pay the disputed amount on your card, so transfer the rest while you FIGHT.

My 1/10/24 Chase review was removed by BBB as their policy is:
"It is against policy to double whammy a company. Consumers are only permitted to either file a complaint or a customer review -- not both." (Doing nothing privately or nothing but venting publicly).

A company only needs to respond; not resolve your issue. In my case, they just responded "We are keeping the resolution private, if there is one." Leaves one to wonder about the BBB.

Consumer Affairs is delaying publishing this (it has been pending since 1/13/24; 11 days): Their policy is to send a copy of your review to the company and wait for a reply before posting it. It could be months or years??? Or, they don't post negative reviews about their “buddy” companies.

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Don't let Chase DOG you. File CFPB/OCC/FDIC/BBB complaints (or review), place reviews everywhere and TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF CHASE (OUR MONEY IS THEIR POWER. DON'T ALLOW THEM TO USE IT AGAINST US. EACH CLOSED ACCOUNT MAKES THEM WEAKER-FIGHT); sign onto existing class-action lawsuits against them (just type in search “existing class-actions against Chase”); “find a class-action attorney (type)” and file a new one and/or small claims (for a nominal fee; they have to pay for every case filed or lose by default) or regular lawsuit. They have to pay you excess of their error with a class-action though.
-Chase could take "as long as it takes" to correct my account (what about the interest you're charged on that incorrect balance);
-that she would not even ATTEMPT to credit one month, which I donated in cash (whether the organization had authorization or not);
-the other months would be credited---eventually;
-any company/organization can charge your credit card, and unless you can show that you paid them by other means (whether you owe them or not), you eat it. That is insane.
-Chase was not going to look into this issue any further
-they may recoup the money that they had credited me
-I was not going to speak to anyone other than her as long as she worked for "her supervisor's name;
-that any company or organization can charge your card, as long as they have your number
-she would not put her response in writing and that I had received all of the paperwork that I was going to receive from Chase.

The organization reversed the charges, but Chase did nothing to assist me and/or accept their obligations. You don't have to pay the disputed amount on your card, so transfer the rest while you FIGHT.

My 1/10/24 Chase review was removed by BBB as their policy is:
"It is against policy to double whammy a company. Consumers are only permitted to either file a complaint or a customer review -- not both." (Doing nothing privately or nothing but venting publicly).

A company only needs to respond; not resolve your issue. In my case, they just responded "We are keeping the resolution private, if there is one." Leaves one to wonder about the BBB.

Consumer Affairs is delaying publishing this (it has been pending since 1/13/24; 11 days): Their policy is to send a copy of your review to the company and wait for a reply before posting it. It could be months or years??? Or, they don't post negative reviews about their “buddy” companies.

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Awful All Around

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What bank charges so many fees to people who aren't high income earners. A middle class or lower income wise individual is basically panelized by Chase Bank. They only care about the Jeffery Epsteins of the world. They are more than happy to keep their money with probably all kinds of perks, but average income people are treated like dirt!
They charge you for a savings account with less than $300. They aren't my main bank anymore because their fees got to be insane. I pulled my children's accounts years ago because they weren't earning anything.

Not Doing Your Job

The following is the experience I had with Chase bank. My son was made sole beneficiary of his friends estate. She had no family and her and my son met online in 2010. She eventually moved to our town to be closer to him. She had an inherited IRA as well as a checking account and credit card. She had sent emails to Chase requesting that my son be put on all her accounts at Chase. My son contacted them to give his information. He was put on her checking acct but not her IRA. When we discovered this we questioned the private client person in charge and he said she never requested that. However I have the email that says she did. Unless an IRA is not an account. He was her sole beneficiary let's not forget. Had him being put on the IRA would have occurred it would have saved over $50,000.00 in attorney fees trying to get it. They dropped the ball and caused life changing results.

Horrible Customer Service

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their chase plan for their credit cards specifically states the monthly fee is included in the monthly payment and continues to show this as a footnote when looking at the plan on the website. Yet I was charged extra monthly fees on top of the monthly payment that already included the fees. When contacting their customer service to try to resolve the issue, they act confused and say they are required to charge separate monthly fees to show the monthly charge. It is clearly stated and continues to be stated on their own website that the monthly fee is included in the monthly payment and no separate fees need to be shown or charged. I get the run around and no resolution from CS. Unethical company that doesn't follow its own policies.


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$84,500,000,000 Exits JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup in Three Months As Depositors Take Flight, 10/20/2023.

Three of America’s biggest banks just watched $84.5 billion worth of deposits disappear in a single quarter.

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citi all recorded an outflow of deposits in Q3, according to each bank’s most recent reports.

JPMorgan Chase’s new Q3 earnings report details a $31 billion decrease in deposits from $2.387 trillion to $2.356 trillion. Wells Fargo reported a $7.1 billion decrease from $1.3474 trillion to $1.3403 trillion, while Citi recorded a $46.4 billion drop from $1.3199 trillion to $1.2735 trillion.

Good Brick N Mortar Bank, Not Much Else

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I like that they have indoor atm's as I feel more comfortable and safe that way. The checking is ok, there are fee's if you have less than $1500. They pay no interest on the standard checking and barely anything on savings so I would not put my money there. I use online banking instead like Discover and Ally.

Forget This One.

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A rep. called me leaving message she wanted to go over new products specifically for me . Called branch back in midafternoon when returned and the line not only would not connect her but just hung up after saying go on computer. Did so, got rejected immediately for credit card that its own "Credit Journey" apparently said matched my high score, income, and assets. Then I closed my investment account. Not going to trick me again.

Failed To Return

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My base line for a bank is that they Give You Your Money Back (Preferably with interest) when you want it. Chase Did Not Do This. or rather they put obstacles in the way.

I decided to close my Chase checking account. I went to the bank with ID and my latest account statement. After proving to the nice teller that I am Me she was going to give me a cashier's check for the amount in the account. Then she asked if I had my cellphone with me. I did not.I also had neglected to bring the debit/ATM card they had issued me. She informed me she could not give me My money!

I had to go home and return with phone and card to get my money. (Interestingly they handed the card back to me after closing the account.) Bad service in the name of "security" or policy is no excuse.

My wife was on the account but they did not have her phone # and she did not have a card. Would she have been able to close the account at all?

Greedy Descriminating Bank

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chase bank doesnt care about their members and will discriminate people who are poor and will refuse to honor their written overdraft rules in which has lead to health crisis because a rejected attempt to purchase a small amount of food in which was within the limits of overdraft rules. they are heartless computer minded scums !

Scam Artists From The Devil Himself

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By nature, I'm a bit of a worry wart and double check things so as not to be screwed over, complete with screenshot documentation just in case. These scam artists are good at trying to hurt their customers, then blame the customer.

They try so hard to get you with late fees that if your balance goes below the $3k minimum threshold for your account any day in the month, you're feed. For example: if you go to the store and dip below that $3k minimum by even $0.50, then you get home and transfer $1k to be above that minimum, doesn't matter.
Same goes for savings. You get charged a fee because you went under.

My brother called and explained he'd be low on funds for a while but wanted to keep the account open since they're a "good bank", and sat on $50 in his account while job searching after graduation. They seemed to understand, then hit him with fees until his balance was negative. He was able to dispute and close the account but had to get our family lawyer involved to do so.

God forbid your card gets stolen on vacation like my husband's! They told him that he "probably left it in the car or in a bag." His whole wallet went missing, we even made a police report. Luckily, the bank believed us when the card was flagged for use after we'd left that state and went home.

They'll also lie right to your face. If you go to them and say "here is the promotion I saw for this particular credit card, I prequalify, I'd like it for the sign-up cash bonus," they have never seen the promotion and don't know what your talking about. Even if you show it to them on the front page of their website AND in the pamphlet they fill mailboxes across the US with.

This happened once with opening my checking account, and again at a different location in a different state when getting my credit card.

After fighting to close my checking/savings but keeping my credit card open with them (to not hurt my credit score), I updated my auto pay method. I double checked, with screen shots. A month later, I requested my closed account's statements in print, they agreed. I thought that was painless for once! And a couple days later, my updated payment method reverted back to the old -now closed- account payment method, and my text/email notifications/alerts had been shut off.

My first late payment in my four years of having a credit card with them. I've been disputing it (as I have screenshot evidence) but it's been ongoing. I loathe this entity.

They've come straight out of hell from Satan himself.

And don't bother calling them, you'll get the run-around with a robot for what feels like eternity. If you actually do reach a human, they hardly speak English because they're outsourced to India. Classic.

Business Account Promotion Terms Discrepancy

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Chase is currently running a $300 general promotion for opening a Chase Business Complete Checking account. Among the terms and conditions are the following (emphasis added):

1. Signers can receive only one new business checking account opening related offer every two years from the last "enrollment" date.

2. Deposit a total of $2,000 or more in new money into your new checking account within 30 days of offer "enrollment."

3. Maintain at least a $2,000 balance for 60 days from the offer "enrollment."

4. Complete 5 qualifying transactions within 90 days of offer "enrollment."

I maintain that these terms as written imply that four separate clocks begin ticking on the day I open the account and enroll in the promotion. Specifically, I believe the terms allow me to deposit the $2,000 on day 30, withdraw it again on day 60, and still meet the deposit and maintenance period requirements of the offer. Chase telephone representatives claim that the $2,000 must actually be on deposit for a full 60 days (i.e., that a 60-day clock begins ticking on the day I make the deposit), regardless of the promotion's written terms.

Chase is also mailing to some people a similar targeted offer that pays a $750 bonus for a $20,000 deposit.

Has anybody tested this discrepancy and either received or been denied the promotion bonus after having the money on deposit for less than 60 days?

Chase Won't Protect Your Money

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Over the course of 5 months, someone used my ATM card and pin to withdraw small amounts of cash from a non Chase ATM in my neighborhood. Because the amounts were small, I did not realize this was happening until there were several withdrawals made totaling $424. I reported the withdrawals to Chase as soon as I realized what was happening within 60 days of the last incident. Chase reversed the charges. About a week or so after, I get a letter from Chase saying they had conducted an 'investigation' saying due to the fact the pin was used right the first time and geographic proximity to me, that they would not honor the credits and reversed the charges. I called to speak to a manager who accused me and/or someone in my family of using the card and that it was my responsibility to keep my information safe and that I was not going to be refunded for the withdrawals. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Chase responded saying that it was past the 60 days of reporting and the they could not reimburse me my money. This is untrue because I notified chase within 60 days of the last transaction, but they gave me the runaround for 30 days. So when I filed the compliant with the CFPB, it was past the 60 day threshold- very convenient for them. Chase did not bother to look at my ATM transaction history for the last 15 years- I never-ever use non Chase ATMs. I have a Chase bank ATM within 2 miles of my residence. My card and pin information were copied and extracted at a store from a merchant's iPad transaction. I even have a police report, they don't care about that. Chase will not protect your money and will make you liable for the money stolen from your account. Do not bank with Chase unless you don't care what happens to your money. I am taking my money elsewhere.

I Can't Stand Chase

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The worst bank I've ever used I have had a business account here for years and on Nov 16 I deposited a $2000 check from a business client chase put a hold on it till the 26 th of this month even though the check cleared the clients account on the 18th...well today I checked my account and now it's moved to the 28th...they absoletly do not I have over draft fees and various other charges...when all they are doing is holding my money and earning interest in it for 10 days...the worst customer service ever...I'm going else where


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Chase is terrible. They go through extreme measures for simple things. They have restricted my funds for a month now and closed my account all because my client didn't write out my entire business name on my check. Every attempt to collect the funds have failed. My client has recalled the check per request from Chase but Chase claimed that no recall of the just happened. Chase is making every attempt to keep my hard earned money even after calling my client on the phone to verity him,, they still refuse to release my check. The are refusing to release my funds unless my 87 yeralnold clients get in a car and drive to Chase to verify himself. Mind you I advised them that my client isn't mobile and bedridden. They are terrible customer service and im.just not sure of what they doing is legal. If I could give them 0 I would. Terrible company. They don't value their customers.

Go Elsewhere

Like others here, I have holds placed on my incoming transfers and I have never had these issues previously.

I almost bounced my rent check last month because they had a hold on another CHASE transfer that they put on hold for six days.

It seems that is the goal, more fees if they hold money long enough, they will obtain fees from insufficient funds. This should be illegal.

Disorganized Mess

If you decide to get the Amazon credit card, it actually goes through Chase. Every time I would call by telephone, the automated system would want the last four digits of my card number but never worked. After 2 attempts, it would force you to enter all 16 digits and then begin yacking away while you want to speak to someone. Then when sending the 2-step Verification number, it won't work with VoIP Internet phones such as Google Voice. Multiple phone calls to request an alternate cell phone number or email address be added to the option list always fails to materialize. I wouldn't recommend Chase Bank to a Dog and have closed the account today. When you run into this kind of crap and no one listens, it's time to vote with your feet. Save yourself the aggravation and avoid.

Always Awful Phone Service

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Just had one of their reps ask me HOW I got a check. Does she work for the IRS? Some federal sting agency? Chase is not very concerned with my privacy. I will be switching banks. Not my first issue, but it will be my last.

Fool Me Once Shame On You... Twice - Not Happening

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We purchased our home about 20 years ago - the company we had our mortgage through sold it to Chase. We had a chase accts so we were OK with their purchase of our mortgage. Back in those days, we manually paid monthly online and my wife would always call Chase to confirm they saw the pending payment and all was fine. One month, the year was set to the incorrect but in the call Chase confirmed they saw the transaction and all was fine. We didn't know of the error until about 20 days after payment was due. Chase sent us a letter threatening foreclosure if the payment wasn't made within a short number of days. We directed them to the online payment which still showed pending since the it had the wrong year. They corrected the year and payment went through. When we next saw our credit report, it indicated a late payment. We contacted the credit bureau. Chase opened an investigation and after we explained what had happened, they refused to remove the 'late payment' from our report. We immediately paid the mortgage off and swore NEVER to do business with these snakes again. We closed our checking/savings/retirement accts we had with them and taken our sizable business to a more customer oriented institution.


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I have banked at Chase for over 10 years, and until the last 6 months never had any problems. Then six months ago the started slapping me with ridiculous holds on my account! They would hold a local check for 11 business days, and money Zelled to me for 7 business days. I kept asking them why? I had never had a check that I deposited returned to me in all the time I had been banking with them.
Their explanation was to protect me from fraud. I just recently found out the truth my local bank manager pulled me aside and told me that since I quickly withdraw the money when it clears my account that is why they have started holding my money and labeling fraud protection. That is the only way they can do it and not run afoul of banking regulations requiring them to clear your funds in a timely manner.
So basically it boils down to they were not making enough money off of me, because I don't keep my money in their bank and let them use it they decided that they were doing to force me to do it! SO IF YOU WANT A BANK THAT WILL HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR THEIR BENIFIT CHASE BANK IS THE BANK FOR YOU!

What A Terrible Misguided Bunch Of Miscreants!

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Branch personnel are actually very intent on helping but the home office (executives) and policies make sure they can not do any of the quality work required. If it is not cheap and extremely simple it is not allowed! I have spoken with an executive vice president in the highest office of the bank and she could not find her ass in the dark with both hands and help. OMG Chase is the largest bank and the worst so go anywhere else ASAP. Do not walk away from Chase RUN! Notice that there are here more poorest ratings than any other from everyone. Chase is great at buying out other banks to then lord over horribly all those new customers. They barely do Customer Service at all yet they are unsurpassed at Customer ABUSE! I started and ran multiple business for decades so I do realize what I am so so clearly saying.

Hard To Deal With

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I have a cd from Chase that expires in a few days. It will roll over into another cd. I called them and said I wanted my cd to be transferred to my savings account when it matures. They said I would have to come into the bank and talk to a banker to do this. When I went in they wouldn't talk to me because I needed an appointment. So now I have to make an appointment and come in again for a simple transaction I should be able to do online. I'm going to close my accounts at this bank.

Chase Bank At 49 NY-59, Nyack, NY

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Very friendly and very efficient service. Straightforward procedure for getting a credit card.

JP Morgan Dirty

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More like JP monster mogul. Don't trust any bank that makes money from destroying the planet. Switched to green banking and I hope that will be the only option in the future.

First Bank Out Of College

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First bank I used after college. Pretty satisfied with it. Though was never thrilled my deposits were being used to fund fossil fuels and other unethical corporations

Good Bank Needs More Branches

Just saw a similar review, not enough branches!!!!

Do NOT Bank With CHASE

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I was a customer for 7 years then they suddenly cancelled my three accounts and credit card without notice or without giving me a reason.

I have never been delinquent, late, or even had any fees.

My balances have always been several thousand more than the minimum required.

They gave me 10 days to find a new bank and transfer all of my transactions!

I have never heard of this happening then Google searched and sure enough, Chase is known for doing this!

Chase Is The Worst Bank Ever

The worst thing about chase is the $34 insignificant funds charge, the same day your account goes into negative they charge you, and when they open your account they tell you it takes 3 days for that charge to hit NOPE THEY LIE!! It's the same day!!!! Becareful!!

Not A Good Bank

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Only bad experiences with Chase bank. Cheques always get delayed, fees are high and sometimes unexpected, customer service is no bueno. Bad bank

Just Another Big Bank

Just another big bank investing their money into things that damage our planet. Sustainability in banks needs to become the law!

Tried Opening An Account And Just Had An Odd Time.

Customer service was extremely slow, and when I say extremely I mean e x t r e m e l y slow. Waited 30 minutes then I just got fed up and went my own way. Thats just my experience, I'm sure im not the first.

Jp Morgan Causing Climate Crisis

Straight up, how can such a big enterprise be blatantly poisoning the planet, and getting away with it? Stop banking with Chase, Save the planet!

Decent Bank, But Not The Best

Everytime I try to deposit a check, I need to wait a week. Should be instant! Chase doesnt take responsibility for their financial issues.
On the plus side, their app is easy to use and I never had my account locked (even though I've gotten into negative numbers before). Online customer service was also pretty good. Decent bank, but join knowing that their are issues.

DONE With Chase

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I just learned this week that no matter what you have at Chase, they are all tied to your ssn. This is news to me! So, if I get hacked using my Prime card, they will also have access to my bank checking, savings and credit cards held by Chase! I formerly was able to have all these accounts with separate Login ID/Passwords. Now, only ONE is what they allow to your SSN. After being repeatedly being handed around to 7 online customer service reps who tell me it can't be changed, I dropping them as my bank. At least the credit cards have recourse if someone steals your identity, but with the bank, not so much. So long Chase, Hello credit union for my banking needs!

Do Not Trust Chase Bank

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Beware, Chase Bank DOESN'T keep your money safe!

A few weeks ago, a scammer wrote me a check for $23,000 to purchase a car with $8,500 going to shipping that car (along with a few others he was supposedly buying in the Florida area) up to Philadelphia. I deposited the check on 8/9/21 and Chase bank put a 9-day hold on it to make sure it would clear. I was actually grateful for that. I told the scammer that no car or money would be transferred until the check cleared.

Nine days later, the check cleared and the money was legitimately in the bank. He had me send $8,400 to give to the "shipper". I sent the money to the shipper and scheduled the date for pickup. The day the car was supposed to get picked up I got an email saying the scammer's father, for whom he was purchasing the car, had died that day and could he have his money back. Fortunately I said no.

ALMOST A WEEK LATER... on 8/27/21 I logged into my chase account to find every penny left in my checking account had been cleared out. I panicked thinking this guy had hacked my account somehow. It was worse...Chase had allowed TD Bank, (the bank that issued the check) to go back in and reclaim everything in my checking account.

This was almost three weeks after I deposited the check AND NINE DAYS after the check had cleared!!

What kind of bank let's their own customer's accounts just get cleared out long after a check has been cashed, had a hold on it, verified that it was okay and then three weeks later just lets another bank come in and take all the money left in the account?!



Please share this story as a word of warning to others so they don't get scammed by Chase Bank.


Took $900 CASH Without Giving Deposit Receipt

I’m still waiting for $900 to show up in my account. How unprofessional to tell me to call an 800# to ‘check and see’ if my deposit went through. If your ATM is broken - don’t have people use it and take their money with NO recourse. Completely unacceptable.

Private Client Customer Exp Is Great

I have enough invested with JPMorgan to qualify for Chase Private Client. Frankly, I've been really impressed with how few fees I end up paying and how much better the tech experience is than it was just a few years ago.

I would say the downsides were around my mortgage - they got me a really great rate, but the application process was really terrible. In addition, they keep hassling me wanting to sell more investment services.

But otherwise, I think its a good option if you can hit the minimum balances.

The Worst Bank I Ever Used

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I transferred $10K from Chase to PNC bank last Nov. The transaction failed for no reason and the fund DIDN"T go back to my chase account! I visited PNC and Chase bank to dispute the transaction and NONE OF THEM take responsibility! Now my money just get LOST!! The most irresponsibility bank I ever used! If you don't want lose your money, NEVER use them!!!


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I truly believe that Chase is absolutely the worst of the worst. Chase’s so-called customer service is abominable (it should be called customer disservice) and its handling of its depositors’ money is extremely incompetent and sloppy, which is being generous. It is my personal opinion that I have reason to at least question Chase’s solvency and Chase’s ability to meet its obligations to its customers. I had two checking accounts, three credit cards, and a safe deposit box with Chase for many years. To the best of my recollection, I never bounced a check or failed to pay my credit card balances in full each month on or before the due date. Nonetheless, I received a letter from Chase stating that Chase had (past tense) cancelled all of my Chase credit cards, without any notice to me, at least seven days before I received Chase’s letter. The letter also informed me that Chase was cancelling my Chase checking accounts and my safe deposit box. The letter failed to provide any reason whatsoever for Chase’s draconian actions. I made numerous calls and sent numerous letters to Chase to learn why Chase had canceled my accounts, but Chase has steadfastly refused to give me a reason for their bizarre cancellation. The Chase staff at the branch I used was palpably shocked by Chase’s cancellation of my accounts because I was an exemplary Chase customer. The Chase staff made several calls to get the reason for Chase’s cancellation of my accounts, but they could not get any information. A couple of Chase’s staff guessed that the cancellation of my accounts might have been caused by my long history of making large withdrawals from my checking accounts. Hence, it is my personal opinion and belief that Chase might have cancelled my accounts because my frequent large withdrawals, if continued, could have exposed an insolvency problem at Chase and an inability of Chase to meet its obligations to its customers. Moreover, it took Chase over a month to give me the interest that had been earned on my two cancelled checking accounts prior to Chase’s closure of the accounts. To make matters worse, I discovered that Chase made an unauthorized cash withdrawal from my company’s checking account. To the best of my recollection, I have never made a cash withdrawal from my company’s account. After spending numerous hours on the phone with Chase over two days, I finally got a copy of the withdrawal slip. Neither the name of the account nor the account number on the withdrawal slip matched or even slightly resembled my company’s name or account number. Moreover, the signature on the withdrawal slip did not even slightly resemble any of the authorized signatures on my company’s account. Chase’s payment of cash out of my company’s account was inexcusably incompetent, and sloppy, and it resulted in another customer’s banking information (account number and account name and account holder’s signature) being shared with me. I, personally, would not trust Chase with even one penny of my money because I, personally, believe that Chase might be insolvent and unable to meet its obligations to its customers and that Chase’s handling of its customers’ accounts is incompetent and sloppy. It is my individual, personal, subjective opinion and belief, that Chase is incompetent, dishonest, and/or unethical and might have insolvency problems and be unable to meet its obligations to its customers.  The foregoing review solely provides my individual, personal, subjective opinions, beliefs, and interpretations. Any individuals who may view this review, or any part thereof, should examine the facts and issues for themselves and form their own individual, personal opinions, beliefs, and interpretations. I sent this review to Chase for comments and corrections before publishing it. Chase refused to respond.

Cold Bureaucratic Bank

I went to a Chase Bank and told them I would be traveling to different Latin countries to determine where I would like to retire and that I would be in various countries for 3-6 months and would this cause any problem. I was told no and then set up a bank account. After my first trip which was about 6 weeks, I returned to the U.S. and in about 2 weeks I got a notification that my account was closed without any explanation. The bank branch was unable to help me since they saw no issues and were not involved or able to access the department that made this decision. Fortunately, I was in the States when this happened otherwise I could have been stuck outside the country without access to funds. If you want to reward a bank for treating their customers like criminals Chase is the place.

Chase Bank Had Major IT Problems

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Chase online business banking ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT has been down a month and they can’t seem to fix it!

Chase And Their CEO Are Crap.

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I had banked with Chase for over 20 years. The interest rates for deposit accounts are crap. You can get much more with no fees at many other banks. To make matters worse, the CEO is either stupid or corrupt. Neither is good.

Great Bank. Wish They Had More Branches Though.

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Really like their mobile app, online experience, and credit cards. Wish they had more branches in my area though (or at least lower ATM fees).

Can't say I'd want to have business accounts with them though. They tend to mainly care about their BIG customers, in that regard (can't blame them though/that's what all the big banks do).

A Simple Checking @ Nationwide Bank & Got A Bonu$

A friend recently got approved for SSI and needed a nationwide bank (so as to transfer if needed $$ with parents who don't mobile nor online bank). Chose Chase since in both her parents area (northwest) and her home (Florida), there are many branches. Needed: 1) a NO FEE basic "checking account" with simple mobile/online banking and alerts. I opened online w/o issue and included Social Security Direct Deposit info. 2) Got a debit card WITHOUT OVERDRAFT PROTECTION that would simply decline purchases if funds weren't available. Thus, no overdraft "fees". 3) Then, went to a branch to interact with humans and instructed her for using ONLY an INSIDE BRANCH ATM at a CHASE BRANCH w/ assistance if needed - it worked fine. Receipts were issued promptly and were concise. Online banking bill pay was flawless, simple and paid fast. Note: Chase has removed "tellers and their cash drawer" at many branches but, still have in person support with a "teller/clerk" to assist (w/ less services of course) at the inside ATM. A few branches do have tellers and cash and I hope that remains. Summary: Got a simple NO fee(s) "checking" account w/ direct deposit, (no checks but, teller checks available), with free mobile/online banking, NO overdraft protection (thus no fees) for debit card and human as well as telephone support locally. They paid the $200 bonus as described too (nice since account has no "interest"). Cash deposits have had No problems. Non account holders can not deposit cash but, money orders -which is ok though inconvenient but, becoming the rule of law in banking. Lost ATM cards have to be ordered by mail, can't get even a temporary one at a branch though. Teller checks were easy when needed once. Otherwise, I'd first consider a solid local/regional bank with better incentives and lower fees instead but, due to situ she had to have a national bank. Chase worked. The account options and descriptions were clear and concise. The fees were none for a basic account w/o overdraft and service was fine. If you have to have a national monster mega bank and need a simple but, effective "checking" account w/o cost, but, with branches and human support, Chase is an option. Far better choice than an online only fintech or banks w/ problems we often read about here!

$200 Bonus Checking Account

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I signed up for a new checking account and set up my direct deposit so my first paycheck would go to the new account and transferred $1500 (required minimum balance to avoid service charges) to the account. As soon as my first paycheck was deposited I attempted to logon to my account. It was suspended for suspicious activity. I was on hold for over an hour trying to get through to customer service. I had to verify my name, SSN, Social, drivers license, data of birth, birth date of my wife, UNBELIEVABLE! It took 3 calls, as I kept getting disconnected in the voicemail deathtrap. The issue is still not resolved as I got disconnected a 3rd time while they where verifying my account. A 4th call back found the service center now closed..... As soon as I can get into this account... it's closed!


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I was having CHASE Checking, Savings, Credit Cards account from last 12 years. Today 12/04/2020 Suddenly I got the email that my account is locked and I cannot access it. Further more they said in email, we will be closing your accounts. I was so shocked and surprised how can a BANK do that all of the sudden without any valid reason. I thought there should be a reason and explanation so I called CHASE customer service to figure out. Representative told me that this is internal decision and we can close your account any time without any valid reason. We have right to do so without giving you any explanation. I asked to connect me to SUPERVISOR and she also gave me same answer. Plus she mentioned even you go to branch you will get the same answer. I was not sure whats going on. I asked her again and again for at least one valid reason but got the same answer every time. It's confidential and internal we cannot provide you with any details. How could it be internal? I as a CONSUMER have right to know why my account is being closed. I would not recommend to anyone to do banking with CHASE bank. There are plenty of other banks which care about their consumers. Please save your time and money.

Horrible And Disrespectful Customer Service Representatives

I hate to call Chase Bank Customer Service. Every time I call they asks me a lot of questions and then they say they will connect me with somebody else and then they disconnect me or make me wait for about one hour and then it's me the one that hangs ups. Why do the Customer Service are so disrespectful with the customers????

Run From Chase

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So here I was making the drive to my Chase bank to open a new checking account to deposit a settlement check. Well little did I know that Chase closed at 5 pm. Usually closes at 6 pm.
I've been a Chase customer for about 12 years and wasn't aware of the new early closing time but I arrived at 4:45. Unfortunately they told me they were not able to open a checking account for me because they were going to close soon. I said what could you see if maybe someone can help me because I came all the way out here, it won't take me long. So he went in the back for 10 minutes to waste time and came back and told me no, but we can make an appointment for you. Well screw that and screw Chase.

Will Never Do Business With Them Again.

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Started an account through chase when I got a settlement check after an accident. They held the funds for well over a month, and lost two debit cards in the mail so that should have been all the red flags I needed to cut and run. But, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

I shouldn't have. They are now holding three months of my tenant's rent checks. The money has left the other account, no messages on the security board thing on the website telling me the funds need to be held, and every time I call it's not in their system that I've already called about it. I keep being told the funds will be available next business day, and when it's not I call back and wash rinse and repeat. For three months. As soon as it does finally clear, I'm closing my accounts and will never do business with this scam of a bank again.

Pleasant Surprise...

Close relative who was unbanked had just been approved for SSI and she needed a national bank ( I would have preferred a local or regional bank with lesser fees and ATM rebates) for moderate use and an ongoing low average balance and at "NO Cost" with the following minimum needs: a simple "free" checking account with a "no overdraft" debit card, an easy to use web portal that includes free bill pay (since account includes NO paper checks), online balance/deposit alerts, a good number of branches with ATMs and free counter/branch walk in service. Chase appeared to be best of the "monster megabanks" as I agonized past Wells Fargo, BofA, et all. Signed her up online with the SSI direct deposit and a no fee checking account. The online portal works nice, bill pay works easily enough, just 10 days after first SSI deposit - she got a $200 bonus deposited! No hold on SSI funds! Only negatives so far are: there are no fee waivers for non Chase ATM fees, ya gotta use a Chase ATM for the "free" ATM access and no interest is paid on the account - though in this low rate environment, and with the ongoing low balance it doesn't matter! Additional fees are high "if" you need/do something not included in the "package" or overdraft the account but, thankfully the ability to DECLINE costly Debit Card Over Draft protection is easily done! Local branch tellers are friendly and have accessible hours. Their ATM works. Will post if any negatives happen but, so far a surprise with 4+ stars!

The Worst Banking Experience

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This is the worst banking I have ever seen. 200$ for new accounts - a total lie. This bank is a real disaster, telephoning customer service, after wating 1/2 h they cannot seolve anything.... Big promisses no deliveries.

Free At Last! Free At Last! God Almighty, I'm Free At Last!

I'd been with Chase all my life. That's not an exaggeration either, my mom signed me up when I was about seven to teach me the values of saving. We should have known it was going to be a terrible experience from the start when they began fining my account, a literal child's account, for not having enough money it. I remember it like it was yesterday, my mother chewing out the local branch manager as he tried to defend the practice instead of just admitting they'd made a mistake.

You'd think that would have been red flag for us to take our money and run. But it wasn't. We lived in a rural town, and it was Chase or keeping money under the mattress. So we stayed, like an abused spouse who wanted to get away from their spouse with the kids but couldn't because they'd never been on their own before.

Fees, bad customer service, fees, poor rates, oh, and did I mention fees? But I stayed. I'd known no other bank all my life, so I assumed it was like this everywhere. I took the abuse from Chase and said "Thank you sir, may I have another."

But then I saw the light. I moved to Europe to be with my wife. And let me tell you, it's like having the blinders taken off. My wifes bank isn't great by my new countries standards, but it's like the difference between filet mignon and ground chuck that got freezer burnt a few times over.

You want to use your ATM card abroad? Not an option unless you wanna cough up EIGHT DOLLARS. Unless you have Chase Sapphire Checking. Which requires an average of 75k$ in your account. Because a fresh out of college kid who's moving abroad totally just has 75k laying around. You know how much my wife's bank charges to use an ATM abroad? Not a cent. You wanna transfer money to an international account? 75$ dollars. How much does it cost here? You guessed it. Nothing. And don't get me started on conversation rates. The average conversation rate for dollar to euro at the time of this comment is somewhere around 1$ to .90€. Chase stands by their conversation of 1$ to .74€ and will not budge.

Guys, you have other options, and Chase shouldn't be one of them. You shouldn't even consider them. I'd sooner keep my money in the ground like Pablo Escobar or Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach. I don't care if you've been with them all your life, run for the hills.


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Keeping track of my Stimulus Payment?
In March my Chase account was overdrawn by a stupid $12 service fee. They refused to remove it claiming “the system” wouldn’t allow it, even as the Coronavirus was in full swing! Furious at the lack of service and care, I paid their stupid fee and closed my account. Vowing to never do business with them again! Fast forward and my stimulus check was issued to my now closed Chase account used for taxes. ALL BECAUSE A STUPID $12 FEE!! ?They aren’t even worth the 1 Star I had to give them.

Not Small Business Friendly

Recently opened a business account here for my LLC real estate business. One of the things they bragged about is the convenience of their app. Ok, great. I get a commission check, go to the app to do a mobile deposit, only to find out that it has a $2000 deposit limit. I call them to inquire and am told that I can increase it by logging to the website via my laptop. Nope. Turns out that the limit is set and IMPOSED with no consideration given. "Can I get it increased to $5,000?" The answer was a hard and fast "NO." OOH, but wait. For a monthly fee, we'll provide you with a "check scanner" that removes that limit. So, if I understand this correctly -- Chase doesn't want me to give them my money? They've elected to restrict my ability to make DEPOSITS; to make it more diffficult instead of easier. Rather than give me a reasonable amount (remember this is a BUSINESS account with the potential for large deposits) they've said "NO THANK YOU" dont't make your deposits with us. For the record, my USAA personal banking account has a $100,000 deposit limit. Wisely, USAA will let me make any deposit and simply put a hold on the funds until they clear.

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Worst Bank EVER

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Chase Bank will debit funds from your account regularly without notice then cost you a fortune in fees. Buyer beware! They do NOT insure funds without causing chaos and wreaking havok on consumers.

The ATM doesnt seem to accept checks anymore.

Customer service is a complete nightmare to deal with.

Chase funds for profit prisons and concentration camps all over the world.

This Bank Stinks

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I deposited 100 dollars cash to make an online purchase and they froze my money , when I called the bank there was no known reason for the hold it was because they felt like it the person said . This is ridiculous it was straight cash. I dont want to even put anything in the atm because I feel like they are going to rob me. I have found small amounts taken out like 35 cents here and there . When I called and asked about this they said maybe it's a fee somewhere, I use only cash so that's a bunch if crock , I asked someone higher up and they have no idea what the charges are from , no answer, shouldn't they know, they are a bank , its fishy to me that no one knows where these small different amount charges are coming from , and then my call mysteriously gets dropped. There overdraft protection is bunk and null. I supposedly cant overdraw the account but that's not right , I can , they need to get thier shit together by far this is the worst bank ever. When I gave my apartment a rent check , the check was declined because they the bank thought is was fraud , the check said rent on it of course it was a high amount instead of calling or notifying me they just stopped it . Now I'm only allowed to do money orders and got stiffed with the fee. Stupid bank! I hate these people! I'm leaving and going to bank of america.

Very Bad Bank

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These people or bank is horrible they refuse to let me bank with them they closed my accounts a few years ago
For no reason and say they have the right without reason to end a relationship which I find
Unfair and now they refuse to let me open any account checking this is not fair I wish they would change policy and allow me to bank with them or offer me a second chance account but don’t just treat me like this and say I can never bank with you

Worst Customer Service Ever

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Worst customer service ever
I have been a customer of Chase Bank for several years now. And matter which bank I go to and which teller I go to it always seems that they seem to be a young 20-year-old with a better than now attitude with the snobby ass attitude.
And god help you if you have a question to ask about your account they can’t answer it. you got to call the number on the back your card. Then you get to be transferred to several different departments only to be given all the information that you have to give to each person every single time and then they transfer you and want all your information again. Who’s got time for stupidity?

Boycott Chase

I just deposited 5k from my father who passed last Sunday. Because they don't recognize his wife signature. They have now put a hold on my money that is in both accounts. This is BS. I can't believe I am grieving for my father and this is what they do. The accounts have been open for 6 years. There's been over 200k in the accounts. BOYCOTT CHASE BANK!

Very Disappointed

I was very happy with Capital One but gave in to the advertisements for Chase when their bonus offer for opening checking and savings accounts reached $600. That amount was enough to offset the extensive hassle of switching banks. Opening the checking account online using the bonus code was easy but I had trouble opening the savings account. When I contacted Chase customer service for assistance, they recommended I go to a local branch. Well, that was inconvenient, but I did so and was assured the bonus code was applied. However, three attempts with customer service to get the extra $100 were sadly met with pat answers and no consideration even though I provided documentation of my efforts to comply with all requirements. This lack of concern for customer satisfaction is sending me back to Capital One.

Poorer Customer Service Every Year

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After 20 years of banking there, I can say that service is worse every year. My fault for staying, right?
Today when I asked the customer service agent for her name, she stated: "I have no name." After 3 more requests, it turns out her name is Gretel. And she could not tell me if the website was down. All i wanted to do was open a new account!!!


Chase Is The Worst And Most Incompetent Bank Ever

I've never had to deal with a bank with so many incompetent people, stupid nonsense processes, total disaster of a bank. Shame on me for staying with them. They've wasted godly amount of my time due to their incompetence. They couldn't get anything right. One screwup after another.

The Rudest People On Earth

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I only stay with this bank because of the free business checking. They frequently stop my transfers to do a fraud check and the fraud dept leaves unintelligible messages and then when you call them are rude beyond belief. I'm sad that giving Chase a bad review won't hurt them in the least, as they are so huge, their motto is "we don't care because we don't have to."

Warning Do Not Bank With Chase!!!!!

Warn your family and friends!
I've had an account with chase for over 11 years and I'm finally fed up with them and closing it. They've started charging overdraft fees out of nowhere. If an overdraft occurs on your account but you head to the ATM and pay it before a fee occurs, youve satisfied that balance right? Wrong! According to chase representatives their system takes time to update and even though the account has a positive balance, they still overdraft for a $35 fee and it's not a one time fee it's a reoccurring fee. Yes you get charged daily!!! For the same charge. I'm switching! Chase is flat out stealing from their customers and the representatives are clueless as to how to solve the problem they just keep reading whatever script they rehearsed at the time of training for hire to deal with you and its annoying and frustrating. The best bank to go to HANDS DOWN is BANK OF AMERICA I've had an account with them about the same amount of time as chase and have NEVER had a problem. When they were talking on the news about Banks profiting off of charging customers ridiculous overdraft fees believe me you they were talking about JP Morgan SPECIFICALLY. From someone with experience take my advice bypass Chase Bank. The "bonus" they claim to give you when you sign up will be taken back through fees. Also think about it, why would a great bank need a gimmick like "we'll give you $200 to sign up"?

Case Didn't Honor Their Offer For Opening An Account

I had to cancel my checking account. In SeptemberI received an e-mail that if I opened a bank account for $75,000 I would receive 60,000 points ($600.00) into my Sapphire credit card account. I had to leave it in for 3 months. 3 months later I didn't receive it. I was told the banker didn't put in a code. He did it again and I would have to wait another 3 months. In March I didn't receive my credit. I was then told it had to be new money and the money the Banker put the code in for was now old money. Now they say they didn't make this offer until December. They held my money for 9 months practically interest free (50 cents a month). It appears they tried to find loopholes not to pay what they originally agreed to. It doesn't make sense because they are losing more then $600.00 by my canceling my credit card at $450 a year and not having my money on deposit.

Best Bank I Have Used

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I have had accounts with many banks and Chase is the best in customer service and they don’t try to make money from me with special
fees. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and US Bank all treated me badly. I would recommend Chase bank to anyone, especially if you are a veteran because they give veterans special pluses for no fees. And the Chase app has many features that all have worked well for me!

Worst Experience Ever

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CHASE has been holding my money for 2 months.They won't/can't give my any information on my account. It MY account....WOW.I've gone into the branch to provide ID and they still can't/won't give me any info or my money....I need my $4000.

Poor Customer Service - Beware Of Holds

I'm a relatively new customer with approx $30,000 in our checking and savings accounts and direct deposites over $12k per month.

They have put 3 day holds on paychecks and 9 day holds for state tax refund checks of about $1,000. The cash in our account was well over 10 times or more than the amounts of the checks.

This was not explained and they do not discuss it. Bank manager does not call back and tellers say I need to live with it.

Our checks they they ordered have been missing for 4 weeks and they will not do anything about it.

Every time we use the mobile app, it removes our password from the system and we need to recreate a new password.

It is difficult to understand this level of service and arrogance in any consumer business.

Worst Banking Experience

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* I recently oped a checking. I was told by customer service that I would be able to add a joint holder via online. Only to be told later that I could not. I spoke with several agents about this same issue and got several different answers.

* They failed to send me the correct debit card so I had to wait longer for the correct one to be sent.

* The debit card comes in a 'security' envelope THAT YOU CAN SEE THROUGH. I could see my PIN number right through the envelope. I reported the issue though I don't feel like it went anywhere.

I'm extremely disappointed with the customer service and quality of security. I opened this account with a bonus offer but I will close it once the 'probation' time has completed so they won't retract the bonus.

** Also, if you have put a freeze on your credit for security reasons - when they need to check your credit to open an account they used a credit bureau that charges a fee to lift the freeze. (if you live in the indicated states). Just a heads up on that.

They Have A Convoluted Closing Time Which Helps Them Collect Fees

So I had my wife deposit money into chase account because I knew it would go negative. She put the money in her account, but could not transfer because she could not login to the app or the computer for the past week. By the time she told me, I transferred; but it was a half of an hour too late. Which was at 8:30pm, apparently the banks can run on their own clock and 24hr period.

So I got hit with 2 overdraft fees totaling $68 and they would not take it off per policy of once per year because of a bank error they made earlier and now the "computer" can't do it.

But the worst part of it is they rearranged my debits to make 2 overdraft fees instead of one. I did not purchase these things in that order, they re-arranged it to steal more money than they should have.

Avoid Chase Bank

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Not friendly; it’s a ‘cold’ banking environment. Absolutely no personal service. It was easy to tell that you could never expect them to help you out with anything or do certain transactions without charging fees.

Takes forever to do any one thing with them. Usually need to call to two or three other phone numbers, teams – and in the end none of them have the power to actually resolve an issue (which they created).

Took 2 hours to set up an account, which takes about 30 minutes at an efficient bank. They are more interested in figuring out how to get more of your business and charging fees rather than servicing you.

Screwed up our business account which resulted in them accidentally closing it, and making our already purchased checks (which we had paid for) worthless, and needing another business account opened, taking even more time. When their corporate group had a question on the business account, they didn’t contact us by either phone number or either email account. They sent a letter, which by the time we received it was too late to answer their question and keep account open. This was all because the business check we deposited was for ABC Design vs ABC System Design; this made them suspect fraud - they don’t know how to resolve or verify what is likely a very common business issue.

They have a corporate group which handles some things, and the local vs the corporate have no idea of what is going on, and cannot resolve things between them. They have absolutely no communication, and blame the other group and neither takes responsibility or can fix anything.

Transferring money between two of their own Chase accounts, personal checking and business, results in a 2 day hold. Putting a business check from their own bank into the personal checking account results in a 2 day hold.

$15 for incoming wire in transfers ($10 is going rate today).

For regular personal checking: No free checks, minimum balance, no interest (which I didn’t care about), and requires a direct deposit for no fee, regardless of minimum balance.

Their ‘Bill Pay’ is difficult to use and setup. The problem (and it’s a big one) is that you cannot see a total of pending transaction dollars (they show a view of pending intermixed with already processed bills). You must add them up the total $ pending yourself. Also, their website separates the pending transactions for your Chase credit cards in one place versus pending transactions from other payees. This makes it especially hard to tell committed bill pay dollars in order to ensure there is an adequate balance in the account.

Chase checking and savings account

I have been with chase bank for over six years now and am very satisfied with their products such as the college checking account and their savings account. With the savings account, they automatically transfer 25$ each month to avoid the monthly fees which as been really nice because i can transfer it back to my checking account any time. With the savings account i have up to six withdraws allowed, after the six withdrawals i will start to gain a penalty fee. The checking account is really great as well. Since i am a college student, i get the checking account for free without any monthly or yearly payments. It has been nice knowing that chase bank will take care of me. The only thing i dint like is that their savings account interest rate is only 0.01%! Which means that i gain only one cent per one thousand dollars entered in the account. The customer service representatives are very nice and treat me as a loyal customer, they call me by my last name and respect me as a loyal customer. I feel like i am very important whenever i call chase bank! The website and mobile app for chase bank is very modern and looks very expensive. I like how on the mobile app the background changes whenever you are in a different location, such as the grand canyons or California. Overall, i expectations for chase bank exceeds everything i believe about this great company.

very fast and good customer service

I have chase college checking account for student. it is really convenient and affordable, because it is no annual fee for 6 years from the days you create account. There are also no minimum purchase or transaction per months. No require in minimum in balance in checking account. I also have a saving account link to my checking account. I can manage both the account in same app on my phone. Any issues or overdraft in my balance can be fixed by calling customer service very fast and easily.

Pretty good

My experience with Chase bank has been pretty good. I've been using them as my main bank since i was eighteen years old. They're very keen on identity fraud. The customer experience i've had when i've dealt with identity fraud has been to my liking. Everytime i go to my local chase bank the employees there are very friendly and are willing to work with you when it comes to opening a new savings or checking account. The only problem i have ever encountered is their 300 dollar minimum for opening a checking account. If you don't have a minimum of 300 dollars they'll redact 5 dollars from your account every month which i find extremely annoying and morally unethical. All in all i recommend chase bank to anyone looking to choose a new bank for themselves.

Chase Bank Experience

Chase Bank is a pretty good bank. I have banked with them for a year and a half now and they gave a great incentive to where if you set up a direct deposit and had a certain amount coming in every month you got $200 for free. That was nice, other than that banking with them has been nice, the tellers are always pretty good and are prompt in handing deposits or withdrawals on my account. The atm has eaten my money several times though, but I guess you can expect that with any atm these days. One bad thing about Chase though was they denied one of my claims of a fradulent charge on my account which made my account go negative. Since then I have stopped banking with Chase.

Good Bank For In Person Experiences But Not Much Else

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Chase charges $12 a month for checking if you don't meet the requirements to waive that fee, where as online banks have no minimum requirements and no fees and pay you an interest rate!

The main positive is having a branch to go to, which I hardly ever do. I'm slowing but surely shifting to online banking.

The Chase Bank Experience

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I have been banking with Chase for the longest time. I have never had any problems with ant of their services. They recently introduce "Robot"teller. It took me a few times to get the hang if it, but it is the coolest thing. I and out in a few minutes. The one thing I must say is the checking fee. They charge me 12.00 in a month if I do not deposit more than $500 in a month. Sometimes I have to pay for it.
Their credit cards are great. I have an Amazon card that gives me some freebies and the other gives me rewards. No fees on those cards.
They also have branches all over the place. I can just about anywhere in town and find a branch.

Banking with Chase

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I have both a checking and saving account with Chase Bank. I have had these accounts for several years and have not had any problems with the bank. I primarily do my banking online and interface with the website. I have deposits made electronically and pay my bills electronically. At times I may go to a local branch or ATM to deposit a check. My interactions at branch locations has been fast and always a good interaction. I receive notifications from the bank whenever there is something at issue. I have called customer service on the telephone at times and received good service. I have used online chat with good results as well.

Simple and professional banking

My experience with Chase has been excellent. They have reasonable fees and their checking account fee can be waived with direct deposit. They have many locations and I like their accessibility. I frequently use their online banking service and have been very pleased with their easy to understand online format. Their online banking is user friendly and informative. They recently made their ATM screens even easier to use. I have used Chase for non standard banking services such as notarization and have been pleased with their efficiency and professionalism. I can count on Chase for simple and professional banking.

Chase Bank works well

I had been to the Chase Bank in Atlanta to open a checking account since there was no Bank of America branch near my home. I had received a promotion letter which I had taken along with me to the chase branch while opening the account. I was told to wait and in around 10 minutes a representative from the bank took me to his office and I was informed about all the different types of checking accounts that they offered. The rep was very courteous and initially tried to push me for putting some money in fixed deposits which I politely declined. Once I confirmed the type of account that I needed to open, the rep showed me all the document requirements . Fortunately I had brought all documents that were needed. However to process the account it took the rep around 30-45 minutes. However the transaction went smoothly and there were no hiccups. I was told that my debit cards would arrive in a week or so. I left the bank happily as everything turned out the way it should.

Banking online with Chase bank

Chase bank has been a good fit for me. I have banked with them for several years. I have always had customer service representatives that have been understanding, friendly and helpful. I like using the online banking app on my iPhone. It saves me time because I can do most of my transactions without having to go into the bank. I am able to deposit checks, transfer funds, and check my balances. I hear other people talk about how they are not happy with their bank and I do not have the concerns that they have. Overall I have a good experience with Chase.

Chase Online Banking

Banking online with Chase has been a positive experience for more than 7 years. I have used to to send and receive money via quickpay. i use it to pay bills and to maintain a saving account. I have had two occasions where there was fraud on my account and in both cases they were helpful and fixed my issues without any problems. I recommend chase to all,.

Good Vibes

They always great meet upon entering. I like when places of business do this because it makes you feel welcomed that you're spending money in their non-profitable business. I'm always taken care of at the counter with the bank teller. Transactions at the counter are quick and easy, as well as at the atm.


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Any bank I walk into there is always a friendly person there to greet me. I love their new atm machines that allow you to withdraw more than the traditional atm and also choose the bills you would like to receive. Recently I had a problem two weekends in a row where the drive up atms did not take deposits. This was an inconvenience to me because I would have to come back to the bank the next day since they are closed on Sundays. I love their debit card coverage protection so I can still make purchases if the money is not there. However, I don't like the 34 dollar charge that comes with the transaction. I have been banking with Chase for 4 years and have been considering maybe looking at other banks.

Chase bank

I really enjoy working with Chase! The customer service is great and I have never had any issues! I use the online banking and it makes it easy to keep all my accounts together! I have credit cards and a checking through them. It is easy to make transfers online and pay my cards off and transfer to my savings. They also work with my other banks to make easy deposits! I also like the self serve machines they have at each location! It makes it quick and I don't have to wait to talk to a representative. I can deposit checks and cash in seconds! I have had to call to speak with a representative and it is a quick and pain free job! They get a rep to the phone quickly and they always help me.

Chase Mobile Banking Review

I use the Chase Mobile banking (website and mobile app) to manage all of my different accounts. These include my checking, savings, credit card, and mortgage loan. I will discuss specifically my checking and savings accounts.
I check my mobile app every day, usually a few times a day. Having this app makes it easy to keep track of my spending. Since I have a lot of "auto payments" taken out of my checking directly (energy company, netflix, water bill...etc.) I am able to make sure that the correct amount is taken out and that I am not incorrectly charged.
Once, my phone bill was charged twice. The phone company claimed they did not do a double charge, so I called Chase. The person I spoke to filed the complaint and within a couple of days the second charge was refunded. I was happy with how quick and easy it was to fix this. If I had not had my mobile app to check on my account, I wouldn't have noticed this for a long time.
As for my savings, I like having access at my fingertips because it makes it very easy to transfer a little bit of money each month from checking into the savings account. I takes just a few seconds to do it when everything you need is right there on your phone. On the flip side of that, if you need to withdraw from your savings, it is just as easy to send the money back the other way.
I love the chase mobile bank and online banking. I do all of my banking online. I have been to the bank this year only to deposit actual cash. I even deposit checks through the app on my phone. It's that simple.

Don't Use Chase

I made a deposit by the chase ATM. My checks got stuck in the ATM. I went in to the bank and told them about it, They wouldn't help me, They're telling me to call the 800, I was on the phone with them for 2 Days and got nothing. They tell me they opened a case and I'm calling day in and day out. The only answer i get is we are still working on it.
They are one big fraud.

Operationally, Top Notch.

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Chase has a very well run operation. I have used their products for many years. Online management operates very smoothly and telephone assistance is easily contacted. They post promotional bonuses promptly.

However, one word of caution. I won't use their Chase Pay service as substitute for using my physical credit card. The reason is the terms they make you agree to in order to activate the service. Most of those terms are innocuous. But there is an indemnity clause that is so vague and broad that it could arguably be used to nullify the protection against unauthorized use that credit cards normally enjoy under federal law. I will not take the risk that Chase might interpret that clause in that manner and act accordingly.

Consistency is the key to online banking success

Since I pretty do everything these days through my smartphone, the chase banking app and website has been consistent with managing my checking account and getting me answers to any questions I have asked in the past. I recall an issue where I was the target on a card number scam which was linked to my checking account. I was able to find the information very quickly on the mobile app and have it addressed mid application through their online customer service via chat and phone call. I also like the fact that all checks and debits are immediately posted and allow for me to trace their origins, which helps me whenever I need to know when my car loan check processed through (which is a monthly endeavor) or when my job pays me. These days, I think I may only have to visit a bank maybe once or twice a year for the occasional check I receive, but even chase allows me to take a photograph of the check instead. And now that chase has the quickpay option through their site and app, sending money to my wife or mother and vice versa just makes everything even easier. I use quickpay the most out of all the options offered on the chase online features and it really is a godsend. I cant say enough about how consistent chase has been ever since they acquired washington mutual.

Best Bank with the most availability

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I love banking with Chase Bank. I've been banking with them ever since they were NBD bank.
They have been my main bank from the time my parents opened a child's savings for me, until now. I have my personal and business accounts with them, as well as my savings accounts.

With the changes in technology Chase has been able to keep up. I remember when I first used their online banking app. It was simple to use. I'm really impressed that they've advanced so much. it really makes it easier to do business with my customers.

Their fees have been on par with the industry. I feel like if you are keeping good track of your account, you can avoid most of the fees.

I trust Chase bank to keep my funds secure and safe.

Love Chase Online Banking!

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I have been using the Chase Online Banking system for about 5 years now, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. First of all, between the iPhone App and the web interface, it's super easy and convenient to use. Their security feature is superb; if I try to log on from a different computer, they will not allow me to do so unless I type in the 6 digit code they send to my phone. I have both Checkings and Savings account from them. I have direct deposit set up at my job, and my money is always in my account instantly. I've never had an issue with not receiving payment. Also, the overdraft protection is better than other banks that I've used in the past. I have it set up that if I am going to overdraft, they will take it right from my savings account instead, to avoid the overfee charges. Their online banking is constantly up to date, and I get alerts whenever necessary. Overall, their banking system is top notch, and I am going to be with them for a very long time to come.

All but the fees

I have been banking with Chase Bank for the last 5 years and I hold both a Savings and Checking account with this bank. I'm very comfortable with their services in terms of the ATMs available around, the banking in general online and on mobile is very convenient. I also like the chase money transfer which is very quick to mobile or emails. This has worked great even with foreign transfer.

The only negative that I have towards this bank is the fees they charge on savings account to maintain the minimum amount deposited in the account and its not possible at times to maintain that so I end up paying $12.99/month as fees or penalty. I'm so frustrated with this one aspect since sometime I do have money in checking account but forget to transfer to saving to the minimum balance and I end up losing such a big fee month on month.

Great experience with Chase online banking

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I especially like Chase for their online portal. As compared to other banks like CITI, Chase's online platform offers far superior User Interface and reflects sound design. THe User awareness is top notch, font size, quick display of account information, large buttons, instead of hyperlink sized links. The integrated rewards system interface is also far superior to CITI's. HSBC is another bank that I bank with and their UI while recently improved, still needs more work vis-a-vis Chase.

Chase Banking

My husband and I have been with Chase for 15 years and we really haven't had any problems.. We have 3 accounts. Our main, joint, and savings. The joint account has overdraft protection and we each have a credit/debit card to this account so its super convenient. We also have free checks! Ive had my card stolen in the past and they took off all the charges so i didn't have to pay them back which was very nice. I love the online banking app on my cell phone which makes it super easy to transfer funds between my other accounts. I also love using the online site to view all my bank statements through PDF form. This is also an earth friendly "go paperless" way to help the environment! My cards all have protection on them too so if large amounts of money is spent the bank will get a hold of me to make sure my card didn't get stolen and someone is on a shopping spree. All and all were very pleased with Chase Bank.

Chase Banking Review

I have been banking with the Chase banking institution for almost 10 years and have been very satisfied. I have never had any money missing from my checking or savings account. Also, they have never made any accounting errors. I love their web interface which I have never experienced any problems with. My bills are always paid on time by using their online interface. I also love their app for iOS. I'm able to check my account balance in both my savings and checking accounts. I can also deposit a paycheck through their app by using my device's camera. This is a very fast and easy service that I appreciate very much. It has saved me time from having to go to the bank and make a physical deposit. Overall, I am very satisfied with Chase bank.

Why I Continue To Bank With Chase

I primarily use Chase for all my banking needs which includes savings as well as investments. My parents have used Chase for all their banking needs from as far as I can remember. And based off their overall good experience, it only made sense for me to choose Chase over other banks. To prepare for retirement, I have recently opened a Roth IRA online. The process was seamless and went without a hitch. I was able to transfer funds within a matter of minutes. And when I was deciding between either a Traditional or Roth IRA, Chase had the necessary resources for me to help me decide with my investment objectives. And with regards to customer service, I have no complaints with Chase employees in person or over the phone. They have always been resourceful and available at my convenience. Their website is also very key to me. It's friendly user experience makes tracking funds painless. Their rates for CDs are however low, but this is very true for most major banks given the current economic climate.

Excellent way to bank

Chase Bank is top of the line for banking needs. They have several ways to do online banking; you can download their easy App, logon through your computer, or logon via your tablet. The interface is easy to navigate and user friendly. There are a variety of things you can do; pay bills, send money to friends via chasepay, check your balance, or deposit your check. Check deposit is super easy and extremely convenient to do. Just take a picture with your phone and press deposit. I have used this feature many times and have never had any issue with it. The best part is, the money is usually made available within one business day, which is something I haven't experienced with other banks in the past. I have also used chase pay a number of times, and it's always been quick and convenient. Just store your contacts on the online banking portal, and send money to whoever you need to. The user will receive an email stating that money is waiting for them, and then it's in their account. Chase online banking is a great way to manage your money and a convenient way to bank. I would highly recommend.

Banking with Chase

I joined Chase as they had a $200 'reward' for joining. Got the basic checking and have been using it as my main account for 2 years now. They have some really good services regarding overdraft protection, for example you can overdraw the account without penalty as long as you remedy it by 8 pm of that day, useful if you are stuck for gas etc. Online needs more detailed accounting and they never answer the phone but as I am in control have not needed these services much.

Chase bank has excellent customer service at their branches

The employees at Chase bank branches are really courteous and helpful. One of the bankers at a Chase branch in our neighborhood was really helpful in setting up a joint bank account for us, and also helped us wire money twice. At another branch closer to my workplace, provided free notary services since we had an account with Chase. We did not need an appointment or anything, we came in with our paperwork, sat straight down with a banker/notary and had our document notarized within 5 min. Another investment banker from Chase also helped us pick out some mutual funds and explained all of our options and provided a risk analysis for the mutual funds we finally selected. He was very patient will all our questions and spent over an hour walking us through everything. All in all, every experience we have had with Chase has been really great. I only gave their web/mobile experience a 4 because I do not like the way my account transactions are presented to me on my cellphone.

The Chase Portal Banking Experience

The banking experience at is really great. I can use it on any internet connected devices like my laptop, cellphone, or tablet. It's really convenient because I can check on both my checking account and savings account. I can also use the phone or tablet to deposit checks into the bank using digital deposit, saving me a trip to the bank. I can also order checks for the appropriate account. I can transfer money from any account into the other, like checking into savings or vice versa. I can also use it to pay bills, like my credit card or electricity. I am also able to send funds from either my checking or savings to other accounts that is not mine or receive funds from other accounts that are not mine. If I connect my account to another one, I can use to to transfer funds. All the functions they have available is great and any problem could be solved with a representative.

Chase Bank Online Experience

I log in into my Chase checking account online, the process in fairly easy. Sometimes when I haven't logged in for a while there is a process in which a security code is sent to my cell phone and I have to enter it on their site to log in. I don't know why, but sometimes a week hasn't gone by and I have to do the process again. I sometimes get charged 12 a month for not depositing the minimum amount of $500.00.
The statements are easy to read and are well itemized. I can read and retrieve information at my convenience including cancelled checks, front and back. If you remain idle for too long it logs you out, but that's okay, I get it. I can print the statements in PDF form.


I visited this bank yesterday with my wife for we are planning to have a joint account.I was once happy and glad to be with someone who is so helpful and understanding. She is so kind,well mannered and of course she is always willing to discuss everything for us. My wife is a bit confuse with the terms and conditions for a joint account and the girl was able to explained to us properly. After she discussed everything to us, we immediately settled all the access for a our account and she instructed us to wait for my wife's card in a few days after. I've been to another bank too but this was the great choice for us. And now, my transaction for joint account was settled and is ready to use just in case. I've been a customer from 2000 at this bank,and I will continue using it till the end.I am absolutely bless and grateful for their easy transaction at all.

Chase Banking

I've had Chase since it was Washington Mutual, I currently hold a checking account which is very good and I am very happy with. This bank offers me an application for my phone which lets me check my bank account whenever I feel like, it also lets me log in faster with my fingerprint. There are fees but I have waived them because I keep a certain amount of money in my account and also have direct deposit set up. This bank also has the website where you can log in to check your accounts but I find the app to be a little more simplified and faster to use.

Chase Bank Online Checking Account

I have had nothing but great experiences with Chase. A few months ago my balance went under the required $1500 minimum to avoid the monthly $12.50 service charge. I called and requested that they waive the fee as a one time courtesy and there was no issue doing so. The customer service agent was friendly and did not hesitate at all to help me in this regard. $12.50 amounts to roughly 2 meals for me so it a chunk of change to have to pay in unnecessary service fees. I have dealt with other banks who will refuse to do small favors like these. This is why I love working with Chase as I can get all of my issues resolved and resolved quickly. They have excellent customer service.

Highly Recommend

Banking with Chase makes life much easier for me because of the down-to-earth customer service and their easy-to-understand website has evolved over the years into something magnificent. Usually when I deposit funds into my account it takes only one day. Chase has several different types of card whether or debit or savings and usually have low interest rates. I would recommend Chase to my family and friends simply because it is easy to use and client-orientated. The online banking is very easy with large font and buttons making it easier to click. it's easy to transfer funds between accounts.

Love this bank

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I have banked with Chase since I was 18 years old. I have opened savings accounts for all my children with them and they even helped me with financial planning when I received a sizable inheritance. Their online banking is easy to use and I really like the "quick pay" online. A few years ago we had an identity theft issue. Chase notified us immediately! I was actually just a few days home from the hospital with our youngest son, so if they would not have not notified us, we would have been weeks before noticing. They also refund the fraudulent transactions while they investigated.

Great Banking.

I like this bank because it has made my life easier. I was in another institution before but felt the customer service and quality was really terrible. I like that its fast and easy to deposit money into a saving account, the money market is pretty good and there are several advantages. I like the way the staff treats clients. I remember one time when one of the cashiers help me step by step to complete a transaction. Overall I can say that ive had a positive experience, not only at the bank but also at the online site. I think the instutition is really worth the time and the investment. This bank is a 4.5 star bank to me. I like the speed that the bank has and in conclusion I think its a great bank.

Chase Banking

My experiences with a Chase Online College Checking Account have been extremely favorable. Granted it is the only bank in which I have a checking account, it is very easy to deposit and withdraw funds. I am particularly fond of the Chase app's check scanning feature, which allows me to deposit checks without having to go to the bank. It is extremely convenient. Additionally, the website makes it very easy for me to locate my account and routing numbers. In the past I have had to rely on having a checkbook nearby to give my routing number to websites that deposit money in my Chase account. The Chase site has these things very conveniently available to be checked in the main account area. When my account statement is posted, I can very easily check these and past monthly account statements every single month.

Chase Bank - Banking Online is Easy and Efficient.

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I've banked with Chase Bank for about 4 years now and do mostly everything online. I opened an account when I moved to NYC after college and started my first job. I set up direct deposit right away and the money was transferred to my account seamlessly each time. Another way I banked online was to pay rent on my apartment. My landlord accepted direct deposits so once I month I just transferred money from my Chase account to his bank account. It took less than five minutes and there was never any fee. I lived at that apartment for 2 years and paid my rent online through Chase each month and never had a single problem. Another impressive feature of banking with Chase online is being able to deposit checks through their mobile app. If I get a check in the mail and don't have the time (or desire) to bring it in person to a bank, I can simply use the Chase app to take a photo of the check front and back and it automatically deposits the money into my savings account. This feature has been incredibly helpful as I've recently moved out of NYC to a town that doesn't have many Chase banks near where I live. I have been more than happy staying with Chase Bank even though there is not one near me because of how easy and efficient their online banking offerings have been.

Chase Bank is my Preferred Bank

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I have been using Chase Bank for years. They have always had the most convenient locations for me and the customer service has always been efficient. I have tried other banks and it seems like it takes the tellers so long to complete a transaction. I also like that Chase now has the kiosks instead of tellers if you're in a hurry. I can deposit checks, withdraw money and check my balance so quickly. They have increased limits at the kiosks which make it just like going to a teller. Their online banking is also awesome. It is easy to deposit checks and transfer money between accounts. When I needed to open a savings account to go with my checking account, I easily did it all online. Chase Bank is convenient and efficient for my fast-paced life.

Decent National Bank but Horrible Customer Service

I have been banking with Chase Bank for the past 6 years. I was originally requested to open and savings and checking about by a chase mailer that offered me $100 reward. The $100 was for opening a savings account that held at least $500, and a checking account that had direct deposit set up for 3 consecutive months. The requirements seemed doable so I opened the accounts and was happy with my banking experience at first. About a year later I received another promotional flyer that offered $500 on a 1 year $10,000 CD. I thought this return was too good to be true so I took the flyer into my nearest branch location and they confirmed the promotion. That same day I deposited $10,000 and took out a 1 year CD with Chase. After the year was complete and the CD period ended, the $500 promotion was deposited into my account and I decided I could get a better return on the initial $10,000 at another bank. So I went into the branch location to withdraw the money and it was nearly impossible. I understand they need to take safety precautions, but they asked me repeatedly if I was in trouble, if someone was forcing me to withdraw this money, and then refused to give me my money. At that point I was pretty upset, I didn't feel it was right for the bank to hold my money hostage. They called the branch manager in and she took me into a back room and made me explain in detail why I wanted to withdraw my money. She then made me sign extra paperwork confirming I was withdrawing the money. At this point the bank had made me feel like I was a criminal just because I wanted to withdraw my own money from their bank. From that day forward I have not opened any other CDs with Chase, nor do I keep large amounts of money in either of my savings or checking accounts. I don't trust them anymore.

Really Unreliable Service

I opened a full checking account in on November 28, 2016. I brought in a $200 coupon for opening a new checking account. It is now January 6, 2017 and have called to the bank to tell them that my account was set up but I have not yet received my $200. I have made 4 direct deposits and been told that they are sorry, but it shows I have been patient and have done everything that I am supposed to be doing. If that is the case, why has it been 39 days and still have not received my $200?

Open New Account

The first question I got from the banker when i want to open new account was did you have a green card !!

Here I have 2 different accounts with Wells Fargo and Bank of the West and I have never had any of them ask me this question. As long as I am trusting the bank and put my money there, I don't think I have to have a green card or they will refuse !

Glitchy and Unreliable

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I have had the misfortune of using Chase online for banking for the last 5 years, and I'm about ready to start looking for alternatives. They update the site every so often which kicks you out and disables you from logging in for hours at a time. I don't like the new user interface, either. It's confusing, and takes too many clicks to find important information. The mobile app is ok. Chase likes to hit me with hidden fees about once a year when they change their policies. I've had both good and bad experiences with their customer service. A couple of times I've had their reps talk down to me and try to guilt me about incurring fees. Show me a bank that isn't crooked about nickel and diming their customers, though.

Go with Chase

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I was introduced to Chase Bank through my place of employment. There was a rep. that came out to talk to us about the benefits of using Chase and their direct deposit system. The rep was very nice and extremely knowledgeable about the services offered in his company. I felt that way because he was able to easily answer all of my and my coworkers' questions. I felt as though he was thorough enough I would give the bank a try. Still skeptical of what the service would be like once they had my money, I actually went into a branch to have someone help me set up my online account which was also a great experience. There were no super long lines because their were plenty of tellers. I was able to get the assistance that I needed without a bunch of hassle and everyone was very friendly. The online banking always worked flawlessly and never gave me any trouble. I really have all great things to say about Chase with the exception of the banking fees which is only because I don't like them but only received them for things that I know about, so I never felt like I was being surprised by anything. I had a checking and savings account with direct deposit with Chase for about 2 years when I decided to switch to a much smaller and local credit union. But as far as big banks go, I think I could say without thinking about it twice that I would definitely open an account with Chase Bank.

Great Bank

I have been banking with Chase Bank for a long time and let me tell you that they are the best bank I have ever banked with. I have both a checking and also a savings account and it is incredible how I have never had a problem with them. They have the best customer care that you can receive. If it's by phone or online or going to one of their banks, you will receive one of the best experiences ever. They are very kind with their customers and have a great reputation.

Chase Is Heartless

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JP Morgan Chase is the most horrific heartless bank out there.
They closed my mothers account without notice and reason. She is close to 90 and a holocaust survivor

Her social security and German pension checks were returned to their respective sources causing a great deal of effort to retrieve them. All of her auto pays were bounced and it was only because she had some spare cash at home that she did not go hungry. This was done with 2 days warning and additionally her accounts were frozen. She is also legally blind.
Nazi Germany behaved much the same way.
Chase is ruthless and will stay away from them for the rest of my life. Mind you my mother was an account holder with them for close to gift years.
A lot of good that did.

They are despicable !!!!!

Forced Used Of Online Banking App

Recently we were forced to use the app to do online banking. It's now USELESS. Why need this app when it's noting more than a meer check book. Hate it!!! The online choices to use your browser was so much better. It was a clear picture of all recent activities on one screen. Easy to do bank recons, quickly check transactions and do all your banking right on that screen. As mentioned above, now it's useless. Love many other features of Chase but they went backward 15 years with their online banking. ????????

Unable To Wire Funds Bank Said Were Avaiable

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After 42 years with the same account number and the bank going thru numerous owners Chase has had our business banking account for the past 7 years. WE have written numerous checks written for over hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, including 2016, Chase Bank was unable due a wire transfer of due to a signature card not being on file. The funds WERE AVAILABLE for a close of Escrow BUT NOT accessible for a wire transfer OR cashier’s check because they said there was no signature card on file. After producing the partnership agreement, fictitious name recording, identification and presence of both partners and waiting 45 minutes they said it would take 4-5 days to get the monies available. All it took was a call to our other financial institution and our wire was done in 20 minutes. Now we are stuck with trying to close the account and tying up a large sum of money for days. No longer doing business there EVER.

Review of Chase Bank.

I've been a member of Chase bank for a good amount of time (ever since they absorbed Washington Mutual). Luckily I haven't experienced most of the common complaints I hear about other banks. Chase does not charge me a monthly maintenance fee for having my checking account. There are a multitude of locations throughout my neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods throughout South Florida. I also really love the fact that Chase offers free Notary services for those who are members. I have had several issues with my account due to fraudulent activity and Chase was always there to make me whole. Chase has always attended to my needs and insured that my satisfaction was of the utmost importance.

Very Bad Service Chase Bank

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For 4 years used a Chase, and Always they try to give the service, 10 days ago the blocked my account, they said that need to verify any deposits, and freeze all my money, everyday try to resolve this case, but the agents and Supervisor only said you need to away and we not can to do nothing. after 10 days I called other time and only say me that they decided to cancel the relations with me, but not give a clear explanation, but the big problem was that the cancelled the accounts to my family members and my ex-wife, It's Crazy. only said this is the decision and you need to away other 15 days for your money. Never recommended this Bank in my life.

Chase Online Bank

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Maybe it's too early to give a 5 star after just 2 weeks of using of Chase checking. But I'm so happy that I made the change, switch from Wells Fargo to Chase. This has completely reverse my bad impression with US banking. I think I'm so happy proves how sad I was when I was with Wells Fargo. I have poor memory, Chase lets me choose "No" to overdraft decision. From now on I don't need to worry about horrible fees on unwanted overdraft any more. And customer service from Chase is great. I forgot to update my bank account information, and then have delayed the payment to my credit card for a few days, when I called them they waived the fee happily and told me if I foresee a delay next time I can call to let them know so no fee will be charged at all. With Wells Fargo? Oh, I've never used their credit card at all. But the checking account charged me 6 times of overdraft within a day and when I called them to ask for help to waive the fees, they said No because it's not a bank error.

Worst Experience In Banking...

Chase like to close out accounts or shut down online access and make you go into a branch to verify things. The branch did not even want to help. Chase has wasted so much of my time....

Chase Bank - Walk Away

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This last summer we chose Chase Manhattan Bank to go to for a home mortgage loan. A couple of reasons: large, well known bank and my wife has an account there; also they have branches close to us (where we used to live in Ohio). We chose the one in Brunswick, Ohio - wrong move. Chase really does not have the 'personal/ home mortgage' process in place! Things went awry from the 'pre-approval' phase, thru loan processing, underwriting (it was like the first time they had done one!) then to closing! A real mess, cost my wife and I a lot of time, grief, redundant, replicated work, and even - money! And, we have found out it wasn't only us who ran afoul with Chase! So, are you looking at that big, blue neon, Chase sign above the building - walk on by!!!!

Best Bank!

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My experience with Chase has been GREAT over the past few years. Every time I go in there the tellers greet me and ask if I need anything else after I sort out my business. When I need to see a banker about my checking account they work with me and make sure what I need to do is done efficiently. I am never told nothing can be done there is always something they will do that will satisfy me. I love going to the ATM to deposit my check, its so convenient than going inside and writing a deposit slip and waiting in line. The receipt even prints the check image on there if you want, but you have many options.

Mobile Check Deposit Is Misleading

I have been a Chase customer for years and have 5 accounts with them. I always go to my local bank and deposit my checks. However, I have always wanted to try the mobile check deposit, as they advertise it to be so more convenient. I have a car payment that comes out of my account every two weeks. I deposited a check on Saturday night before Columbus day. To make sure my funds were available for Tuesday withdrawn for my car payment, I read the apps deposit information which states, "Deposits made before 11PM will be deposited the next business day. It was Saturday before 11 PM, which would make my check clear on Tuesday according to the app. However, on Tuesday the money was not available. I called the bank and they said because it was a weekend it takes and extra day. Now how is that convenient for me? I now have a check that isn't going to clear and a car payment coming out and they are going to collect a NSF fee, all because they did not tell me about this extra day because of the weekend. I would have keep the check and went to the bank on Tuesday because it was a Chase on Chase check that would clear immediately. So I am NEVER using the apps again to deposit checks. BTW Chase, it is not convenient to keep customers money longer because it is a weekend. Most people get paid on the weekend and can't wait till next Wednesday to pay their bills. I suggest you change your apps to reflect that weekends you hold money longer, because the way it reads now, it is misleading and false advertising. Your misleading statement on the app, which I relied on to make my deposit, has caused me damages, in the form of NSF fees from your bank and a fee from my car payment bank. Not to mention, when I called to speak with your customer service department, my experience was less than desirable, and could be describe as flat out rude. Chase misled me and possibly many others and has cause may customers NSF fees that could have been avoided. If they should have worded the app differently to alert their customers before their deposit to reflect that weekend deposits take yet another business day. This is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

Set Up To Charge Overdraft Fees

I used to have a very convenient feature on my accounts where I would receive a text alert if my checking account has a low balance. All I had to do was reply to the text with the amount I wanted to transfer from my savings, and done!
About a year ago Chase removed this feature without letting me know. I noticed it when they started charging me overdraft fees of $34 each. I complained but to no avail, they removed one of the OD fees and acted like they were doing me a favor. So they talked me through setting up the text alerts, but then I got hit again with another 3 OD fees! I called to complain but they left me waiting to speak to a supervisor. Then 2 weeks later I get hit again! 3 more OD fees! I was so upset I went to the local branch, the banker was able to determine why I wasn't receiving the text alerts, it turned out to be some flaw in the system. He fixed it and I received a text on my phone immediately after he fixed the issue. So naturally I'm expecting to have those OD fees waived, since it was a Chase system error coupled with the fact that I had sufficient funds available in my other account. But no. They told me they "literally can't do anything about it" and slyly blamed me. I had been with Chase for over 20 years, since it was 1st Chicago, so I got tired of paying these unreasonable fees and took my money out. They did reverse 2 OD fees but that still left me with another 5 totaling $170!
Last year alone, banks charged over $30 billion in OD fees, so I don't expect other banks to be much better. But it will be the time Chase gets anything from me. I am moving my money and my mortgage elsewhere. I hope stealing that money was worth it for Chase.

Chase Closed An Account Without Notice

Just opened my business account with Chase. Deposited a check (an OFFICIAL cashier check) from another bank. Over the sudden I found out that my account is closed. Why? Because of suspicions activity, they answered. WHAT? Depositing a check is a suspicions activity? They try to convince me it was a fake check. NICE BANK!

From Wamu to Chase

I have had Chase bank since they were Wamu. I didn't know what to expect with the merger but I decided to take my chances and not close my account. I have now had them for years and find them to be one of the best banks I have ever had. I now have a Credit Card, Checking and Business account through them. I love that they offer transfer options between other banks and find the customer service to be extremely friendly. I use to over withdraw a few years back a lot. I just wasn't managing my money well. So called Chase & spoke to a Rep and told her how I really hated being hit with the fees. She assisted me in setting up email alerts when I went over a certain amount and an analysis tool that helped me see what I was spending most of my money on. Well I do not over withdraw anymore! I really like Chase and trust them with my money.

Greatest bank ever

I really enjoy working with this bank. This is the first bank I have used since my first savings account was held at a different location. When I opened my first checking account, I chose chase. This choice was based on my family having used this bank for a long time and had great success. I personally have experienced great results as well. They have a fantastic mobile app and even a service that allows one to text a code to the bank and immediately receive your b balance. This is very handy for a quick balance check without having to login to the app. Everything I have seen is very secure with multiple verifications required before any new device log in is allowed. I have also had fantastic customer service in the way of alerts to potential fraud and easy replacement if I lose my card.

Chase bank for me

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When I visit Chase bank, I am always greeted with a smile. Their friendly and fast service makes me always feel important. Their mobile application is easy to manage my account. When I have a problem, they always solve it in a timely manner.

Aweful Sums This Bank Up Pretty Well

Aweful. Don't waste your time.

I would definitley recomend Chase Bank

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I initially opened a credit card with Chase bank and enjoyed the experience so much that decided to take advantage of their 300 dollar reward for opening a checking account and setting up direct deposit. The process was super easy as well as quick. I didn't even talk to an actual teller. I was able to do everything online. The mobile application that Chase uses is extremely user friendly and has all the features needed.

Chase is GREAT!

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I have been with Chase bank ever since middle school when I opened my account with them in 2001. I haven't ever had a problem with them, they seem to be in every city I go to so that's convenient, I never struggle to find an ATM. I love that I can deposit cash directly into the ATM. I also love the quick pay mobile banking they have. I also comes in handy. I trust Chase with my money.

My Chase Bank Review

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Chase Bank in my opinion is the best bank to bank with. I have had several bank accounts in my life and Chase is the only bank that I never had issues with. The customer service was always top notch. Any time I ever had a concern someone within the bank was able to help me in a timely manner. My bank statements were always very easy to understand and checking my account online was never an issue either. I have experienced with other banks that sometimes checking my account at odd hours of the night just confused me. But with Chase everything was always clear and precise and I was never left wondering what I had just looked at. Another thing I love about Chase is they have locations all over the place. It is never hard to find a convenient location. And I appreciate that Chase does not cause me added stress in my already stressed life. Chase is definitely the bank for me.

Services Other Than Revenue Producing.

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This branch on Dunham Road offers all of the services that produce revenue for JPM/Chase.

They do not accept R.E. taxes as other local banks do. They also will not notarize, this has to be done at the library.......can you believe it! My accts. are well funded, not looking for any "free handouts".

Chase Bank is An Excellent Bank

I have had many wonderful experiences with Chase Bank. I have a checking account with Chase, which is called "Chase College Checking." This account allows me to have a $5000 spending limit, and in addition, as long as I supply them with my college transcripts, I pay no fees whatsoever as long as I don't overdraft. Chase has the option of having a savings account too, although I do not have one at the moment. After speaking with customer service on a few occasions, they are very friendly and eager to help every time. Although I have no experiences with Certificates of Deposits (CDs), I know that Chase accepts them and has no problem with you using them. Overall, I really love Chase Bank, and as long as they are in business, I will remain a happy customer that is loyal to them.

Chase Checking Review

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I received a flyer in the mail a month ago about a sign up bonus for opening a Chase checking account, it was free money so I thought why not? So took the offer to the bank and open the checking account for Chase, took about 30 minutes and I was done. To qualify for the bonus I need to make a minimum $50 deposit to open the account and set up direct deposit totaling $500 a month within the next 60 days. Took 2 weeks to get direct deposit set up from my employer and after that it took about 3 business days for the bonus to show up (they said 10 so that was a plus).
I like the convenience of having a Chase bank to be walking distance to my house. The people their are friendly and would automatically give me my account balance even when I don't ask for it. The Chase app is cool because I like to do the mobile deposit feature where you take a picture of a check to deposit it which I think is neat. The other cool thing was I recently refinanced my mortgage with chase so I also qualified for the 1% cash back from opening a checking account with them as well. I do have to keep the checking account open for at least 6 months otherwise they will take the bonus paid to me back but that is not a problem. A $250 direct deposit every 2 weeks satisfies the conditions. Over all I'm happy with this bank.

One of the best banks out there

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Chase is one of the best banks out there. Their customer support is amazing and they are very helpful with whatever problems you are having. There was one time my car was broken into and had my wallet stolen. I had to go to the bank to cancel my cards and get new ones and they were very helpful and friendly. They helped with every step from canceling my cards and getting new cards in under one hour. I feel they really care about their customers and want to make the customer happy. Their rates are also very competitive and you cant go wrong with them. I have had my account at Chase bank for over 5 years and so far it has been one of the best choices I have chosen in my lifetime.

Good Customer Service

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I have been a little short on money. I receive income from many sources. When my checking account doesn't have enough to cover a check they have always allowed me to cash the check using my savings (which is low) then deposit what i want in to my checking. they claim they take a risk but they always do it.

Not the best for travellers/expatriates

My bank is JP Morgan Chase. I lived in South East Asia for five years, during which time I frequently needed access to my bank account and credit cards. I handled my banking through the Chase website. It is easy to use, fluid and fast loading even with the primitive wifi connection I used overseas. A few difficulties I had were that the website was often down for maintenance when I needed to use it, as their maintenance time was in the daylight hours in the country I was living in. Also the large fees for international wire transfers made it difficult for me to transfer cash between my bank accounts in both countries. When I was ill overseas and tried to be admitted to a private (and more hygienic) hospital, I needed to use my ATM card to make a large deposit, but my card was declined and I was not given access to my funds. I therefore had to wait for a family member to transfer the money to me before I could enter the hospital. Since I have been living stateside again, however, I have not had a single problem with Chase and it has been adequate for all my needs.

Never Missed Payment Or Overdrawn

If Chase bank is an option for you, fight like hell to avoid it! If you have a Chase account, read my experience, and others on this site, and get your money out of there while you can!
Chase bought both my mortgage and my credit card from other institutions. It made sense, therefore, when they suggested that a Chase checking account would be convenient, especially since there are no Chase branches within hundreds of miles from my residence. On-line banking would make things convenient. This week my access to my on-line accounts was closed, due to "Recent activity." Hours on the phone and escalating to their executive office got me only a promise that I'd get a response within 24-48 hours. A week later I got a call after business hours refusing to tell me what suspicious activity surrounds my accounts, and offering the only way to access my accounts is to go to a Chase branch and document my ID. Yes, they do understand that there is not a branch for hundreds of miles from me, No there is no other recourse, NO they will not tell me what suspicious activity is happening. They suggest I just send them checks from another bank to keep my mortgage and credit count paid up. I see other reviews in which accounts have been closed without warning, I can only wish they would do me the courtesy of closing mine. I never miss a payment and never overdraw my account, so I understand that I am not a profitable customer for their consumer banking services, but that is no excuse for lack of integrity. I have no Idea how I will get my money from them, or the mortgage documents I need for things like tax preparation, how I can monitor credit card activity or keep up the payments. Short of taking days off work and driving or flying to a Chase bank I am in limbo with no recourse, and their "Executive Office" thinks this is appropriate service under their terms of service.
The only reason I give them 1 star in this sites ratings is because it will not accept a zero star review.

Great bank for checking

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I have been using Chase for many years and I am very satisfied with the business. The main account type I use with them is checking. There are many branches around my areas if I ever need to drop by and handle account situations in person. What I like the most about Chase is their customer service. when ever there is strange activity with purchases, I get an update to verify and make sure everything is okay. This has saved once when my credit card was stolen. They put a hold on the unauthorized purchases that happened before I could report my card stolen. I was able to cancel the purchases and get a new card with little trouble. Chase is a very dependable bank and I recommend them to anyone looking to start an account.

Banks are scams and this ones the worst

I knew a guy who worked there as a personal banker. They tell you that they like customers with high balances who are good with their finances, but what they really prefer are customers that overdraft cause then they can charge them a bunch of fees. I had an account there and they would make it so that they held my transactions till the last minute so they knew I would overdraft. They tell their employees that overdrafting is an unavoidable part of a checking account but its a lie. Overdrafting was invented about the same time as credit and debit cards so they could make more money off of you and afford to give out free checking.

Nothing like family

We love Chase Quick Pay. My sister and I use Quick Pay to send money to each other almost instantly. Although this really benefits our children with their fundraisers and raffle tickets most, it doesn't matter that we are states away and adds one less thing to our lists of errands.

Totally Overrated

So I got a chase account when I got some money as a gift from parents. I decided I need a bank account to keep my money safe. So when I set up my account I particularly and very specifically told the bank representative that I didn't want overdraft. I also found that I was slightly willing to overlook the monthly fees, because the bank was located right down road, so it was convenient for me. However, I quickly realized that they charged me hidden fees, and over drafted my account. Charing me 60 extra dollars to my account. So now they want me to pay me money, going so far to threaten my credit account, and at this point I will pay them over my dead and rotting body.

Reliable, Friendly and Convenient

I have been a Chase customer for over five years now after several unsavory experiences with a few other banks. Signing up for my checking account was easy and free and the people at the branch were very friendly. I did not feel pressured to purchase other accounts or add-ons, which was VERY important to me. On return trips to the branch I have always had a positive experience. Employees are friendly and helpful.

Aside from this, I am most happy with the convenience that comes with being a Chase customer. The website is easy to navigate (with a very interesting rewards page!) and the Android phone application allows me to deposit checks without going to the bank. This has saved me so much time and hassle. I also use Chase Quick Pay to quickly send money to friends and family - it's secure, fast and much better than going to an ATM to take out an inexact amount of money. I LOVE CHASE!!

Good Overall Experience.

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While I have not gone too in-depth into the services that chase offers, I have opened and maintained a checking and savings account with them for just over ten years now. Therefore my rating about their competitive products may not be the best judge for that area. I have, however, had an experience that allows me to rate their customer service, I feel, pretty accurately. I used the Drive-up ATM at one of their locations and deposited 6 $20 bills for a total of $120. The machine only counted 5 and was only going to deposit $100. I cancelled the transaction and was given 5 new 20s. I went into the location and was greeted very nicely by a banker who opened a case for me in about 15 minutes. I said I would like to be notified by email and 2 days later I was credited the $20 and got an email with an apology. Can't ask for anything better than that. Their mobile application leaves something to be desired for me, personally. As fees go, I don't really like the way that they do it. I am a teacher and therefore have no income during the summer. My account has to have either $1500 or a direct deposit of $500 or more monthly in order to not be charged a fee. So during the summer as my account slowly dwindles with no deposits, I am often charged fees for 2 months. My other experiences have all been very basic, but pleasurable, and I would recommend chase to anyone.

Automatic Pay Nightmare

I used to make my apartment lease payment using the automatic bill pay. After using it for 6 months without problem, things took a bad turn.I always pay my rent a week ahead of time. Imagine my surprise when the site manager knocked on my door on the 6th of the month to say my rent was unpaid. l immediately checked my online account and saw that my rent payment had been debited from my account. I called Chase and spoke with a rep who said that my rent check had been sent. They asked me to verify all my info,which I did. They advised me to wait for another 5 days to see if it showed up. I told them I couldn't do that because I was in danger of more late fees and a 3-day notice to pay or quit the property. I told the rep to void the check so I could write another check directly to my management company. They would not do it since their info showed the money had been sent, and they suggested that my management company had misplaced the check. I called my management company,and they assured me the payment never arrived. I showed my property my online payment so they would know it was not my fault. They seemed to understand and said they would give me a few more days to see if the check arrived. It didn't. The management company started to pressure me to give them another check. I couldn't write another check because Chase would not void the payment and credit the money back to my account., and I didn't have enough money in my account to write a replacement check. I went online and cancelled all my automatic payment accounts. I called Chase and asked to speak to the branch manager. and after I ranted and raved about my predicament,he finally agreed to void the payment and put the money back into my account. I immediately paid my seriously overdue rent by personal check. This was on the 21st of the month! A couple of days later I checked my bank account and found that the automatic bill pay had again debited my account for the rent that was due in a few days. I was livid. I called Chase, and they claimed they had no record of my cancelling the àutomatic bill pay, and had already sent the check to my management company. I was furious,but I was pretty sure that a second check surely couldn't get lost. I was wrong. Once again the payment never arrived at my management company's office. On the 11th of the month, I took a bus to my Chase bank branch and demanded to see a vice president. I was so upset that he immediately cancelled payment on the second check,p ut the money back into my account, gave me a free cashier's check and made sure it would never happen again.. Three weeks later ,both voided rent checks arrived at my apartment management company. Chase never admitted any wrong doing in the whole fiasco.I have never used their auto bill pay again. Thankfully,my management company never charged me any fees,and my personal checks always reach them now.

Chase And Access To Account Information

Using their investment services means that you cannot access
any of your accounts from just any computer. Washing Mutual was so much better.
You must allow these cyber morons to install a cookie on your computer. This is then a weak link in your security which makes you more vulnerable to hacking. Find another full service bank

Bank Policy Put Me In A Bind

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Had a Visa Account with Chase, always paid my balance every month to keep a good credit rating. Didn't realize that I hadn't used it for a year, went to the garage for repairs, tried to use my card for the bill about $2600 dollars, card was declined. I wrote a check and looked into the problem. Chase has a policy that if you don't use your card it will be terminated without notice. I won't bother getting another card with them, that's inconsiderate to make such a change without notice. I travel often, what if I were out of state and was checking into a motel, I would be furious.


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I have used chase bank for approximately 2 years. I do not have very much interaction with them since I use direct deposit for my paycheck and do not really do much beyond that, but they are always very friendly when I do have to go inside. They were extremely helpful in making me aware of highschool and college checking without pressuring too much. When I got ready to go to college, they were very friendly and patient with switching it and making polite conversation while doing so. I'm not certain that I'd recommend this bank for those with more complex banking needs, as I have heard some bad things about them such as excessive fees for withdrawals in excess of your account balance, however Chase does offer a convenient app to accurately track your purchases, as well as a friendly and inviting environment to those who just need a checking account.

Chase is one of best bank in my opinion

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I already tried to work with some banks in US but only Chase bring me satisfied experience. Custom service when I come to work with local branch is very good. Bank staffs work very effectively. Everytime, I come for transactions such as deposit, withdraw money are done in very short time. Moreover, their attitude to customers is very polite and professional. When I getting trouble with direct deposit in my workplace, I came directly to Chase local branch. They deal with my problem almost right away. Then, giving me some advice if in case the problem rising again. I feel like the customer service is always available when I need help. Moreover, I also use online banking application in my smartphone. This application is very simple to use with a very user-friendly interface. For me, Chase is the bank I ever worked with.

The best big bank

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I've been banking with Chase bank for many years now. They are by far the bank that I've had the best experience with on the big branch scale. One of the benefits that all big banks have are that there are branches and ATM's everywhere you go. I have found chase to always have a close proximity to me, wherever I am. Secondly, they have the best customer service from these big banks. I am always greeted with a smile and a greeting when I walk in. Anytime I've needed help with my account, there has always been a personal banker there to help me. I've never received any hidden fees like I have with my prior bank. Every so often, the personal banker associated with my account will also take the time to meet with me to see if he can improve my account in any way. My personal, business, and investments are with chase and I've never had to worry about my money. If I have a strange transaction, they are always there to make sure it is me that is making that transaction. Their security is amazing. The only thing I can gripe about is that I pay a monthly fee for my upgraded account and the pricing for it could be lower in my opinion. But you get what you pay for I guess.

Chase Review

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I've had great experiences with chase bank. I am on their college student account and I have not had to make any monthly payments of any sort. I also am not required to have a minimum balance in my checking or savings account which is extremely helpful although there is a $300 fee to begin a savings account which I have not had the money to start yet. One thing that I have observed that I do not like is that they are no longer accepting those without chase accounts to deposit cash into my account. The person has to either write a check or give a money order which can be a little inconveniencing. The mobile site is fantastic. Any time I go into a chase bank their customer service is great and it's a very professional environment. It was very easy to start an account there and there are many locations for banks and ATMs.

My opinion about Chase bank

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I will give my opinion about Chase bank compared to Washington Mutual. I applied to Washington Mutual Bank but eventually ended up at Chase bank, with much fewer benefits. My experience with Chase bank is somewhat negative. Before the great recession I was with Washington Mutual, and was very happy with them and their service, then the recession hit and Washington Mutual failed, with that, Chase bank bought them out. Soon after Chase began putting in new products and fees all, which were not as good as the products I had under Washington Mutual. An example of these changes was my free checking under Washington Mutual; Chase added a $10 monthly fee. Chase also canceled two of my credit cards stating that I did not use them enough; therefore, Chase was canceling the accounts. All these increased fees and canceling of my accounts has given me a negative impression of Chase bank.

My Bank Review

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I have been a customer at Chase for many years. They have always been very helpful and friendly. Once, I had some trouble and over drew my account twice in a row. They charged me two $34 fees but reversed them upon request. Another time, someone evidently stole my card number and did some shopping in places i don't go. Chase called me immediately and I had my money back in my account in less than an hour. I'm staying with Chase thank you.

Not WaMu but Not Bad Either

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I was a WaMu customer for years before the takeover by Chase. I honestly loved WaMu and was really disappointed in the takeover, transition, etc. I honestly didn't care for Chase for maybe the first two years of the takeover. Now though, I've come to like Chase in many ways. Firstly, their ATMs are everywhere! Its so nice knowing you can withdraw money, deposit money, etc. so conveniently and quickly. Second, the app is great! It is probably the best phone banking app out there! Customer service in the branch is very good but telephone service leaves a lot to be desired and I generally avoid it. I have never really had a very good experience with their telephone customer service which is disappointing and unfortunate as I can't always go to a bank. That said though, the bank customer service tends to be better than average. Bank staff are always professional courteous. All and all, I am much more pleased with Chase now than several years ago and I can't see leaving Chase for another bank.

excelent banking services

it almost 2 years i am working with chase bank, the bank have plenty of Branches as well as ATM Machine which my banking service flexible, Bank have very friendly & helpful Customer care services, The banker are the branch are kind & helpful, they are open to help me out all the possible ways,

Most of time i check my balance online, feel is one of the secured website on which we trust easily, Site don't allow you to login from unknown location, also if you login from unknown location it will ask you for secondary login details i.e. one time password so that authenticity of person login is verified,

Also the bank alert you if you they see any transaction on you account which help you to protect yourself from fraudulent transactions, also bank have zero liability possible means that if any fraudulent transaction is made on your account you will not be held responsible for the same, which most required in now days

Chase What You can't Find

I have been banking with Chase since they were Washington Mutual. Washington Mutual was above par, totally free checking, no minimal balance, no fees to use other Bank's ATMs, there were locations all over the place.

I waited through the change, thining things would be the same if not better, with Chase. I was assured that there would be more ATMs and branches. Not the case. The ap is almost completely useless in the event of actually finding a location. You're better off using Google Maps. Forget about Chase in Gainesville, FL.

Then the fees. No free checking, nope not grandfathered in or anything. Nope, nope, nope. Sometimes, your savings account will terminate for no reason. Just a few of the perks with Chase.

CHASE - Worst Bank In America

I made the mistake after depositing $15 into my Chase account of asking a simple question, "Do I have sufficient funds for now?" The cashier charged me $15.07 to answer that question and put me in the hole by 7 cents. Instead of asking me to pay the 7 cents or by correcting my misconceptions that questions are free to ask. Chase charged me $25 for putting me in the hole by 7 cents. When I queried the $25 charge for 7 cents - they told me it was standard policy because I owed them the 7 cents. So I stopped using my account. I then get another hit of $25....because I did not pay them the first $25 and 7 cents. I was gob-smacked. How dare Chase treat their customers like dirt. I will pay them the $50.00 and 7 cents and then I am closing my account. Since I make $250k a year they just lost out because they charged me $50, and stole my $15 for a simple question.

Chase Customer Review

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Chase bank has been my preferred banking service since I started depositing money. They are fast, reliable and there are many locations that are convenient. I love using their service because I can always use my phone or check online for my balance.

Best Bank for New Graduates

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Chase is a very convenient and accessible bank. The fees that are charged are simple and reasonable. This is an excellent choice for recent college graduates who don't need fancy services and just need a bank to save and use money quickly and easily. The mobile app has helped me save so much time since I got it, and I don't think I have actually had to go to the bank or an ATM since I got it. Deposits are processed quickly.

Reliable, many ATMs and locations

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I use Chase bank purely because it is available in many locations. Previous banks that I had used would always present an issue becuase I tend to move frequently, and my former banks weren't always very accessible. Now, everywhere I've moved there is a Chase right down the road, not to mention numerous ATM locations. My only complaint about Chase is they have the standard iffy and sometimes clandestine fees for silly things, so every now and then I am bummed to find a $35 dollar charge.

Chase Bank, Meh Fees

I've been with chase for a few years now. Mainly just no-fee credit cards. I have one for Amazon, one for cash back (got it for the sign-up $200 bonus for $500 spent), and a checking account for some cash back. My complaint is mostly with the checking account, as I know not to get credit cards with fees and pay it off at the end of every month.

The checking account charges $12/mo fee if you don't do direct deposit into it, or maintain an unreasonable minimum amount in the account. I think this is silly, especially considering I know how many free, fee-less checking accounts are available out there. I'll be closing the account once I've claimed the bounty on the account.

Medicority is on Par

I consider Chase to be a "mediocre" bank, basically, because they have pros and cons with each of their services. For example, if something bounces, they will charge both for the bounced fee and a negative account fee, so basically, you get double charged. However; they also allow your account to go negative as much as $5 with no fees at all. Their credit cards are not the lowest interest rates, however; they also have options for people with poor credit and some pretty good rewards programs. Customer Service over the phone is no good, you might as well be calling another country because they typically put you on hold for long periods of time, and have trouble following your questions and finding solutions. The call center once accidentally closed all of my friends account, when they were actually supposed to be closing her mothers accounts. On the contrary, in-person customer service is excellent. I have never had anything but a friendly teller and I have seen personal bankers in the branches go above and beyond for customers. One personal banker helped a little old lady who didn't understand the internet sign up for direct deposit online. Another personal banker called the call center for a customer. For best customer service; develop a relationship with an in-branch personal banker.

Tried all the major banks.

I have both checking and an auto loan with Chase.
They have always been friendly, service has always been good.

As mentioned I have an auto loan. At a time when the car broke down they allowed me to skip a payment to help pay for it. As the car was only 2 months old at the time this was going above and beyond. Was nice to see.

All in all my experience with them has been good and I would recommend them.

My Favorite Bank

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I really have no issue with Chase Bank, located at Garvey corner Valley Blvd, El Monte, CA. I've been using their online & other bank services for almost 7 years now & I never tried to transfer to any bank because I am comfortable, & satisfied with their service 24/7. Although, I use only few of their services like deposits & withdrawals, I find QuickDeposit to be very convenient. I think they were the first bank that introduced that feature, it saves me a lot of time & the hassles of driving & going to the bank. I just take a picture of my signed paycheck & it's done, it will be credited to my account the following day. And if I want to pay somebody, I just use their Quickpay, I can send and transfer money using my mobile phone.

Their staff are very professional & friendly. I remember, one time, they called me to inquire if I used my debit card & made some purchases online in Israel (of all places) while I was here in California working. My debit card was used fraudulently by some crooks & they reversed the charges & refunded me the whole amount. They were quick & very accomodating. Long live Chase!

Chase Bank

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I have been banking with Chase for years now and I have never had a single issue with them. Their customer service is always helpful and proactive. The bank itself is nice and located nearly everywhere. I mostly enjoy their web presence. I use their smartphone app to pay my bills, transfer money and keep track of my finances each week. Chase has been a no hassle bank and continues to treat me well as a customer.

Overall Great Bank

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I have been with Chase bank ever since they bought out my previous bank, Washington Mutual. During these years with Chase bank, I have opened a checking account, savings account, low-APR credit card and a reward-points credit card. I have been extremely satisfied with all my interactions with Chase bank employees. They've always been helpful and extremely polite and professional. My only gripe with Chase right now is the $10.00 service fee they charge if you don't meet monthly requirements. Overall would highly recommend using Chase bank for your financial needs.

Why Didn't We Let Them Fail?

I am generally a cautious and money savvy customer and was forced to work with Chase after the WaMu take over. I have/had my mortgage, HELO, private and business checking and credit cards with them.
I thought with a FICO of over 800 I am in good shape.
I am a fan of online and mobile banking and Chase was always at the for front when it comes to technology. However, they just closed ALL my checking accounts, the private ones and the business ones. The bank managers are usually worthless when it comes to answer the question why and the phone customer service just hides behind their policy. After some research it boils down to the government initiated "Operation Choke Point" ! read up on google. you are deemed as security risk... Soon to be retiree Mr.Holder and the Dept. of Justice are clamping down on the banks to streamline their books and business.
So they decided in their compliance dept. what companies and people are deemed risky. I heard of Gun shop owner for example, I just sell motorcycles in and out of the country.
Don't get me wrong, I had an excellent relation with the tellers at my local bank. Now I start from ground zero again establishing relations with banks and CC companies. And for all of you who praise Chase for now, be aware, it does not matter how good of a customer you are or how long you are with the end of the day you/we are just a number. Now since I spent the last 2 weeks looking through the fine print and pros/cons on other banks, yep, they are pretty much all the same. We should have let them fail!

Never had a problem

My husband and I switched from Bank of America to JP Morgan Chase about a year and a half ago. We were quickly becoming disenchanted with Bank of America and were fed up with their fees and shady business practices. We had received an offer of $125 to switch so we did! From the beginning, their customer service was fantastic. They have never been anything but helpful and kind. Their website is very easy to navigate and there are virtually no fees. We're very happy that we've switched to Chase.

The Best of the Big Banks

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I have been a long time Chase customer. The main reason why is that they have tons of locations and you can find their ATMs everywhere. This makes it very easy to access your money everywhere you go. Every branch I have visited has had short lines and friendly tellers. I recommend this bank to everyone.

Typical Big Bank

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I have had no problems banking with chase. They have lots of locations all over the USA and it is easy to find an ATM. Rates are comparable to other national banks. I have always been treated well by anyone I've spoken with. Overall a decent banking experience.

The way I feel about banking

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I've had a decent experience with this bank over the years, they have given me good service when I needed it and told me about what the best options for saving are. The fees are not fun to deal with and I don't understand why I need to pay them if I keep a positive balance and my history doesn't show that I have had the minimum balance amount needed to keep the fees from happening but it's understandable.

Banking Review for Chase Online

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I have banked with Chase Bank for the past three years. They offer online banking and several apps for phones and other devices. I can access my bank account from anywhere I go. I can make deposits with checks while sitting at home and never having to drive to my local branch. Chase Bank has assisted me in overdraft protection and sends me alerts if my account is getting low. I get to choose what balance my account is before alerts are sent. They have great credit options and options for business accounts available. They have drawings around Christmas time and you can when up to so much money around then. My checks from work are direct deposit with Chase and I have never experienced any problems with them.

Best bank ever

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Chase bank in my honest opinion is probably the best bank going, I have been with about 5 other banks and nobody can touch Chase's customer service and helpfulness. I get alerts 3 different ways from chase anytime someone tries to use my card and they even will block suspicous purchases which has saved my butt well over a 1000 dollars.


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I've had chase for about 10 years and I'm very satisfied. They've refunded my only overdraft fee as a courtesy. I use their mobile app to send "quickpay" payments to family members and I love that the funds show up as available immediately. Happy customer.

Chase Bank

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This in a very convenient bank to be a part of in terms of access to your money. You can take it out whenever you please from a variety of locations and ATMs. You can also transfer money to different accounts with ease through Chase Quickpay. The only downside is their rates for savings account, like many banks they are very low.

Worst bank ever.

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I banked with chase after WaMu went under and was bought out by Chase. I never had such a bad experience with a bank before until chase. Their "fees" were downright extortion, as i was forced to pay $10/month in order to keep my checking account open. On top of that, they would assess other fees for what seemed to be no reason at all. My final strike was that they took the liberty of closing my checking account without my consent. I didn't use my account much at that point, but that was the last straw. I wont' be banking with them ever again.

Review for Chase

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Chase bank is a good, solid bank for the Midwest user. Has a tiered system where the more money you have with the bank the higher status/perks are afforded to you, similar to most banks. In general there are a lot of ATM locations and branches in Chicago which make it a convenient and great bank to use. Customer service is also very good and lines are short. The website is okay, security is good but the formatting could be improved and sometimes navigation is sketchy since hitting 'back' on the browser does not work too well with the website.

Cheap no frills banking

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I have been with this bank through the Washington Mutual acquisition. Their services have stayed consistent through the years. Fees are resonable but do not expect stellar customer service. I try to avoid the brick and mortar banks and utilize the ATM and mobile apps as often as possible. I do not find the branches to be adequately staffed and most of the services I use have been automated.

Chase - A great bank

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Chase bank offers all the usual services-credit card services, payment of bills, savings and checking services. They have a great mobile app that shows your credit card purchases, your savings and checking balances and offers the ability to pay your bills. You can also transfer money from 1 account to the other. Their customer services inside the bank is superior. They go out of their way to help you and are extremely friendly. There are many locations and ATM services are free at all Chase ATMs. Some branches offer safe deposit boxes to store your valuables.

Chase Bank

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I have loved having an account with chase. The have always been so so helpful to me and my family. Whether it been my checkings or my savings I feel like I can really trust them. Their mobile tool also makes it really really simple to do banking from home. The fact that I can check my accout whenever I want is just fantastic. It also helps that they have locations at nearly every walgreens store. I love walgreens so the partnership is a make made in heaven for me. Chase bank makes everything so simple and i love it.


My experience with Chase has been pretty decent over the years. I initially banked with Washington Mutual, but then it was bought by Chase and I was too lazy to change banks. Using their web services is fairly easy and quick. There are no fees to utilizing web services such as checking your accounts, viewing transactions, transferring money, paying credit cards, and more. I once had a very suspicious charge to my credit card and reported it via a web form and within a few days, the charge was removed and my money was back in my account. Also, several times they said that my credit cards were compromised, and they sent me a replacement card immediately. Their ATM's are easy to use and can be used to deposit checks and cash into. I can't remember the last time I actually went into one of their locations. There are some fees, however, to using their service if you don't deposit enough money or keep enough in.

An Excellent Bank

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I've been with Chase for about 7 years now. They have been quick to respond to questions and any requests I have like ATM card replacement. I needed a new card 2 times in a short period of time and they did not charge for either. They have offered me good interest rates on auto loans and my credit card through them is the best that I have. Their online banking is really easy and makes life a lot easier. I will continue to bank with Chase and hopefully soon will apply for mortgage through them.

Chase Bank Review

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I opened my Chase checking account, and credit card (Freedom Card) a few months ago and I have been nothing but happy. They offer good rewards, and the checking features are great! The bank employees have also always treated me well when I go to a branch. The credit card rewards are also much better than my previous credit card so that makes me very happy! I do not like the fees associated with the checking account; however, they are pretty easy to get around.

Chase Through the Years

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Chase has actually been surprisingly nice to work with. Although the occasions have been rare, when something does go wrong they usually get it fixed up fairly quickly. However, there has been a ton of run around when trying to settle things over the phone, sometimes taking upwards of 30 minutes just to straighten things out.

At first, they used to put a block on my card if I bought something out of state. Sometimes an online purchase would put a block on my account. Eventually they started to figure out my shopping habits and I had them notify me over email whenever a big purchase goes through. Their online banking has been absolutely wonderful. Everything is streamlined and simple.

Overall, I'm glad to have made Chase my bank of choice and will continue to keep them as my personal choice of bank.

Fees Fees Fees

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Chase has pros and cons. The in house customer service was always outstanding! However, my two calls placed to the 800 number left something to be desired. On one occasion I asked them to fax proof of payment to a debtor. I was told that they are a bank, not a fax service! The other time I had asked to place a freeze on my account and was told I could only do that at a branch office. So I drove over 50 miles to get to one and found out that is not true.

If your checking is overdrawn, you have until 11pm to make a deposit at the atm, which is nice. The atm's don't require envelopes.

Chase was offering a $100 reward for opening a new account and following a few steps, which I did. After a year or so I had overdrawn my account. They paid the overdrafts and charged me a fee. $37 per item! I was grateful that they paid the overdrafts to a point. Unfortunately, I had several auto pays set up and this had a snowball effect. I asked them to make my account a "deposit only" or "freeze" my account. They refused. Chase became a bigger entity than myself or the employee trying to help me.

My overall opinion is that it is a nice bank as long as you don't make a mistake in your checking or ask them to for help. It's like they hand you a rule book when you open an account and then you are expected to be the perfect customer or you will pay out of your pocketbook.

Decent bank

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Chase is overall a decent bank. They always answer quickly if you need to call them but most of what you need to do can be done online. I like their mobile check deposit option as well as overall options in their mobile app. The online experience is decent - regular for a bank I would say. In the branches most people are nice. They are hit/miss with verifying you via SSN if you don't have an ID with you though.

Decent Bank

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Chase has a lot of branches which is very convenient for anyone. However, the interest rates on the checking and savings accounts are very low (you can easily find higher rates out there), and there are other fees that get to be a pain. A certain number of withdrawals from savings will incur fees, and ATM fees are taken from both Chase and the ATM itself. Otherwise, their site and app is great and you can do a lot of things from them (including taking a picture of a check to deposit it). They also offer a number of decent credit cards. I'm sticking with them for now.

As a blind person

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My experience with Chase has been a mostly favorable one, but there are obviously many ways the whole process can be improved. Because of my vision impairment, I have to place a very large amount of trust on whoever I deal my business with at the bank, which makes me uncomfortable and weary about my dealings with an associate I am not used to. The process I feel could definitely be improved by having a large majority of the paperwork digitized and letting each associate have direct and portable access to these documents with some way for the computer itself to read the paperwork out loud for me to verify, and an option to email all requested documents to my personal device so I can see them as well while I am still at the bank on my own equipment.

Best Bank By Far

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If you are looking for a bank that offer it all, you need not look any further! Chase has everything you will need in a bank. Their customer service is excellent, which to me, it the most important thing when finding a bank. They are secure and offer excellent online banking solutions as well. I've been with Chase bank for over 8 years now and I have never had a complaint thus far.

How I feel about Chase

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Chase bank is great. I love the service. They are located all over the south and where I live. The also are located in every walgreens which is my favorite store of all time. The coupling is great for everyone. The online service is very convent. When ever I feel the need to check my account all I have to do is look on my phone. I once encountered a possible credit card fraud and all i had to do is call in and they stopped it and refunded me without any problem. Overall I love chase and I will be using them for as long as I can.

Chase nothing fancy but be careful with add on Fees.

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Chase is the one of the largest Banks in the U.S. and it is extremely well capitalized, so trusting them with your money should not be a problem. I have had a chase checking, now two, for over tens years. Chase use to offer free checking with no minimal balance, now its with a $1,500 minimum or $500 direct deposit per month. If you drop below the $1,500 the just for one day in a month they will add on the $12 monthly service fee. But, if you have a long history with them and a decent overt all balance overtime, they may waive the fee, you must call them and ask to have it removed. Checking accounts are not linked so each account needs to have the minimum balance, but savings and checking are and also an investment account like an IRA; therefore, only one account would need to have the $1,500 to waive the fee.
The interest rates paid on savings is very, you would do much better with an online bank and no interest is paid on my checking, which think is the same for all checking. I have a large balance in one of the accounts and still get no interest.
When you call them their customer service is very good, a quick response and very professional and no phone bank in some far away country.
On finally point, Chase is also an investment bank and sometimes in their branches they will have young bankers who may try to sell you some kind of investment product, usually for customers with a large balance. One young man even call me at home a few times, after I spoke to him at my local branch about a small issue I had with the account. I politely declined his offer and it was not a problem for me.
You also may do matter buying checks from separate company who make checks, they could be cheaper than Chase's check.
Overall a nice bank, good customer service, but just watch out for added fees.

Good bank if you meet their strict terms

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Chase is a great experience with excellent customer support, an awesome mobile and online presence, and one of the largest chains of banks in the country so you're never far from a branch. The only real downside are their potential fees. You'll now need to have direct deposit or a minimum balance to avoid high monthly fees on their checking account. In addition, overdraft fees and other charges for mistakes have gotten more expensive. Assuming you never overdraft on your account and have direct deposit tied to it, you should have a pleasant experience.

Chase is awesome bank

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Chase is a great bank to have an account with. Whether it's checking, savings, or a credit card they are just great. They have awesome customer service, great features and have been my bank for the past 7 years. A lot of the banks around me are closed after 5 and on the weekends, but all the chase banks have times that can meet my needs. The application and website work great for me to pay any bills or monitor my accounts.

Chase bank

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I've been with chase ever since they were washington mutual. I think they were a better bank back then but I'm still with them. Call it laziness to change banks but how different are banks really. They have a monthy 6 dollar charge which is annoying but like I said, most banks do the same. Their online banking is pretty decent. The one thing really hate is the 24 hour hold on all checks.

My last 5 years experience with chase bank.

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I am having my checking account with chase bank for last 5 years and my overall experience is very satisfactory. My bank manager has developed very good relationship with their customers and we can approach her any time for any issues.This bank is being here for 210 years which provides innovative financial services. It has very strong base all over the country with 20,000 ATMS and 5,600 branches.
Their website and mobile app experience is very satisfactory. I can do almost every bank related transactions by website or mobile app which saves me lot of time. They have very good competitive products which helps customers like us better. Their fees are bit high compared to competitors but I would still prefer to continue my relationship with chase for all other good reasons mentioned here. I definitely recommend my bank to my friends and relatives.

Excellent customer service, not excellent fees

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I've had so many great experiences with Chase. When my wallet was stolen, the charges incurred from the thief were immediately back in my account. Forgotten pins, lost cards...problems have always been solved quickly and painlessly. However, I was recently between jobs and because I wasn't making monthly direct deposits or keeping enough money in my account I was charged $10 monthly fee. Not ideal. But overall, I'm very satisfied.

Standard big bank

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I have been banking with chase for about 7 years now. When I set up the account I opted out of overdraft protection and have never had a single overdraft fee. The accounts have been free for the most part. I really like the website, I have had no problems accessing it or doing what is needed and have made use of the features like bill pay. Overall I would say it is a typical big bank experience.

Mistakes happen.

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Chase is a reputable company and I can only give one small complaint. I was once filling up my gas tank, knowing I had the money to cover and when I went to pay, my card was declined. My account was missing short $50 which put me in the negative. After calling up Chase, it was determined that it was their mistake. They were nice enough to fix it right away and I do understand that mistakes happen.


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I have been a customer with this bank for over 5 years. I had 3 accounts opened here. Up until about a few months ago, it was the only bank I used. About two weeks ago, I connected my credit union account to my checking's account at Chase so I could transfer money to it without having to go to the bank every week. Today, I sent my daughter to the grocery store with my card as I always do, and it was declined. I was sure she had entered the wrong pin or something so I called the bank to get the account unlocked. They informed me that they decided to close my account after reviewing it for security reasons! Security reasons? I've never reported fraudulent activities and they could not give me one good reason why they were closing my account! To add insult to injury, they immediately blocked online access to my account and told me that they would send any money's that are in my account within 10 business days of the last transaction on the account. So not only did they close my account for no reason ( I didn't have overdrafts nor declined payments), but they will be holding my funds hostage until they are ready to release them! I have never felt so betrayed by a business before in my life! I will tell everyone I can not to EVER open an account with Chase Bank!!!

Chase is a good business institution.

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I've used Chase Bank for years now and I have to say, they have done a fantastic job managing my finances and other things I have with them. They're very intuitive in knowing what to do with my money and keeping an eye on it. In the past years I've had various security breaches of my identity but Chase has always safeguarded my money so I personally always had access to it while those other people did not. I highly enjoy going to Chase and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to start a savings account or a checking account.

My bank

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I have been with this bank for over 20 years. At this point I don't know why, but I'll list some things they do well. They are pretty good about any fraud issues as most banks I would think would be but most recently I had a big charge pop up and they took care of the issues very quickly. In addition they provide you with a wide array of products you need. From mortgage,car and personal loans. All is avail through this bank. You don't get the mom and pop feel that sometimes I miss. If you are looking for a bank for your banking needs this one isn't too bad.

Great Online Services

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Chase bank really stands out in its website and mobile app. I am able to get regular updates through text message on how my account is doing, as well as warnings if my checking account gets too low. The website is very easy to use, seems well protected, and I have never had an issue with it. It allows me to transfer money between my accounts flawlessly. In person, my local Chase bank was very nice inside, and all of the customer service I've ever had to deal with was very friendly and helpful. I don't think I'm ever going to switch my bank if I don't have to. I am very happy with my experience with Chase.

Good Experience

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I have had a checking account at Chase on Long Island in New York for a few years. I am very pleased with their web site which makes it easy for me to follow my transactions and download or print them for tax purposes and record keeping. They have several easy to find ATMs. I also have a Chase credit card so I am able to do my banking in one place. The local branches are friendly and helpful. I cannot judge an experience with loans with Chase as I have never used them for that reason.

Chase Bank's Competence

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As a student, I am afforded a great deal of leeway on banking - i.e. no required minimum quantity in my checking account, or any yearly fees. My experience with Chase bank has overall been stress-less with the services I've used: cashing in checks, withdrawing from atms, using the smartphone app to check my balances, and even currency exchanges (my miniscule chase bank in Edmonds, WA took in Polish paper zlotych, which was convenient).Additionally, for the 2 times I've had fraudulent charges on my account from online credit check websites, the customer service has been forthright with cancelling my current card, refunding me the charges, and delivering me a replacement card within a couple of days. Overall, I've had no qualms or issues with Chase Bank (other than possibly not offering certain features online that are required in person, such as opening a separate checking account on my bank account.

Chase Bank Review

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I have been with Chase bank for as long as I have been earning income. So far they seem to be doing a good job, but I feel that they aren't as competitive as smaller banks because they are so large and have been around for so long. I feel that they should continually make an effort to draw in and retain customers to hold up their image. I will admit that they have come a long way since I first opened my account with them, including mobile banking which is a life saver at times. One thing I would argue is that their current interest rates are abysmal. If one thing could improve it's that. There is absolutely no incentive when it comes to opening a savings account unless you're in the top 1% of the economic ladder. Overall, I will continue to bank with Chase since I could literally find a branch everywhere I go (in NY), but if a competitor begins to be as common and convenient with better rates, I won't think twice about moving my cash somewhere else.

Chase Holds My Money Hostage

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They took money from checking account at another bank via ACH transfer and then demanded that I provide proof that I was authorized user for that other checking account and was going to hold MY money hostage unless I did what they demanded.

They claimed that this was to prevent criminal activity.

If they were that concerned, shouldn't they have verified *before* taking out the money from the other account?

I opened up a Chase Total Checking account online. I had a coupon for a bonus.

I followed everything as directed by them on their website. To fund the Chase account, I linked it with a checking account I had at a local bank. Chase deposited two small amounts and immediately withdraw the amounts. This standard for verification. Went to the webpage to tell the amounts, and everything was fine.

The next day, I log into and was denied access. They had a message telling me to call toll-free number that turned out to be their Loss Prevention Department.

They didn't even have the courtesy to call me.


I am immediately taking my money out after the required 6 months to get the bonus.

Very Bad Banking Experience With Chase

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I have dealt with several banks in the past 13 years or so. I would say that my experience with Chase Bank is by far the worse of all. I have had all kinds of problems with them, such as declining my credit card reward benefits, failure to send money on time, making mistakes in wired transfers, etc.  I DO NEVER recommend this bank. 

Why I'm Changing Banks

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I'm a long term Chase customer, before Chase I was a WaMu and was fine with their service all along.  I've had some very positive customer service experiences, so no complaint there.  However I'm rethinking my loyalty having gotten a 6 dollar service charge, unexpected and very quick action on their part because I lost my job and no longer had direct deposit.   There was no heads up or warning and I had just enough funds to cover utilities before that unannounced 6 dollar service charge.

I'm starting a new job in two weeks. I was going to set Chase up on direct deposit and close the second account at had at a bank practically next door to me.  That 6 dollar fee that is going to make a payment bounce made the decision that my business is going elsewhere.    In fact, my direct deposit will go to the local bank close to me and I'm shutting my account at Chase immediately.  


This is not my first experience with unexpected fees from Chase.  Its probably in some fine print somewhere.   Another thing that has happened repeatedly was the denial of my debit charges when I had the money in the account to cover those charges.   I had to leave the checkout counter call chase and ask what was going on.  They simply declined because they were unexpected charges on my usually very frugal account.   This happened 3 times, money in the bank, plenty to cover it, denied card with people in line and trying to explain I don't know what happened the money is there.   I had to go into the bank in person to verify it was me spending my own money.... 

OK By Me And I Was A Bank Regulator

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Despite bad rep, has given me more than a grand in various account and card bonuses. "Personal bankers" vary, mine have been both bad and great; watch for their cross-selling as they get bonuses for each new product type sold just like a car showroom.  Suggest to deal online for effecting many transactions and for answers which are provided rapidly.


My wife has a Chase Bank account.  When we found out Chase would convert some Euros we had to dollars with no commission since she was a customer, we decided to use them to convert the currency.  BIG MISTAKE!  While they charge no commission, they cheat you on the exchange rate, BIG TIME!  The going rate for Euros on the day of our transaction was $1.34 for each Euro.  Chase only gave us $1.25 for each Euro - basically charging 7% for them to convert our funds.  This is such an outrageous charge, the bank ought to be prosecuted for theft.  I will NEVER trust this bank again and we will close our account ASAP.   DON'T TRUST THEM AND DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Paid Off Home Mortgage Trouble Wish I Could Say Zero Stars!

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We refinanced our home for a much better interest rate(6% to a 3%) with another company because Chase would not refinance us. We closed on May 6, 2013. Funds released on May 10,2013. Chase loan was paid off May 12. Home Equity line as well. We recieved a late payment notice around May 20,2013. We called to make sure all was paid off and ok. Yes it was...showing no balance other than $100 odd dollars in interest from the home equity line of credit for some reason. Fortunately I forgot to stop the automatic payment set up and they got overpaid, but it was indeed paid off. We asked if they could deposit the money back into my husbands checking account they said no it would be paid by check and take about 10 days. Ok fine....Here comes the good part....I received 14 letters, 4 certified, today, June 14 ,that they were forclosing on our house. First off we owed 6,000.00 on our first mortgage that we had with them for 15 years, and 64,000. line of credit. House has over 100,000 equity....really??? You are sending me 14 letters and it has all been paid???? called to complain and find out what the heck is going on was told oh sorry , yes it looks like it was paid in full on JUNE 12,2013.......What??? Well who sat on the paperwork then? Who paid the late fee that would of accummulated? Who paid the interest that would of accumulated? Did someone use the money for a month? Did you automatically generate a letter to the credit reporting agencencies too? No answer, Im sorry you will have to write a complaint to this address they dont take phone calls. Ill show them how to report a proper complaint. We are pulling out even our checking accounts. Beware!!!

Attempt At A Loan

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I called chase about a loan, so i could finish my addition..

2 months of paperwork,several attempts to get a manager, and in the end they said they do not do these types of loans...

I can not believe they could screw up this bad!!!!

never use chase for anything,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love This Bank

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I still have the credit union account my parents helped me open when I was 12, but national banking is often necessary. I got a Chase Freedom card a few years ago after doing some research, and opened a Chase bank account this year when I started traveling a lot again. I think I've got the best of both worlds by banking with my credit union and Chase. Their customer service is as personal as the credit union's, teller hours are convenient, credit card customer service is prompt, friendly and solutions-oriented. I've banked with Bank of America and Western Union at times in the past, and the experience with Chase is much better. It's like flying Southwest instead of Delta.

Chase Bank Rob This Disability Person Of Many $$$$$!!!!

I am person robbed by Chase banking institution.  As a person with multi disabilities, I feel because of 9000 dollars set away for many services of medical disability, related to job incident, robbed and assaulted in classroom by gang of African student, and some other darkly skinned minorities, Chase think it could take my money and use the excuse that I was mentally incompetent.  But I am very aware of whats going on around me, as I am a publish author of many interesting book, and critically acclaim International artist of many beautiful painting.  Because of disabilities, my mobility ability has detered me from moving around like normal intelligent human being. 

Therefore, I have been ignore by Chase bank!!! On and about 2008,  I have been trying to get someone to listen to me about this injustices.  You see, I put 85 thousand dollar in Chase bank.  But through many mystery, all monies dissappear, before the year January 2010!  On June 2009,  I put my social security check in as well through direct deposit, which is electronic deposit.  But my money somehow all went up in smokes, in about three months! For some unknown reasons, Chase allow someone to enter my account, with my checking account number, and put in $250 So I try to get account changed.  But I was ignored, as Chase think person of many disability is of no value, like stray dog roaming street! In the year of 2010, someone call chase and cancell my debit card.  But Chase fail to obtain my proper permissions for this change to my account with many of my monies from disability payment from prior years! 

I found out when I tried purchase something, Chase was also double charging me; I have tried to set up appointment with the bank.  But I was ignored!!! I found in the beginning of this year, Chase deleted my account summaries, without my proper permissions,  after asking them not too!! No one contact me from the bank!!! Chase continue to tell me that thousands of my disability dollars was used with my debit card.  But that was impossible, as I believe in paying cash for all purchase! When I asked for investigation by security official, there was no letter informing me of investigation!  I told the bank and, they were aware someone in there office was stealing my money, some $45,000 dollars!  But Chase do nothing but ignore me & steal more of my disabilities check!

My Social Security check went so fast! I had thousand of dollar, when I added Social Security check through electronic direct deposit.  That money miraculously vanish into big air too! My identity was stolen! And Chase knew it!  But they think it's ok for criminal to scam me because I don't move around like healthy person working in Chase bank branch!

They knew it when they allow a woman on Nov 2011 go into my account and add money. I could not prove she added it, as it was deducted out of my account. I did not buy a purple car with giant rims & tires, or did I spend mult thousands of dollars.  So I ask for them to calculate the monies on my summary.  But they would not provide me with necessary assistances, as they think I'm stupid, due to my many obvious manifestation of physical impairment!

I was denied access to my account for one year, and was blocked from entering it. When I went to download it from another computer, most of my summary was blank, stating office use. I did save both summaries. Nevertheless, Chase delete the 2 account without my explicit permissions!!! My Social Security check should have not been touched, because I had a few thousands of dollars, before bank took moneys in bank account, as well social security, I have totally ignored by bank.  How does disability person get this unjust robbery reverse?

Chase Is Ok

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I like the fact there are Chase branches in very convenient locations so I can use the ATM at no charge. It has been years since I actually went into a branch though. I keep my checking account at Chase and use their bill pay. I have direct deposit, so it is a free account. I also get cash rewards, albeit small, for using my debit card at certain merchants. I didn't even know this until I saw a small deposit in my account one day. As far as earning interest, I keep my excess at an online bank and transfer funds to Chase when I need funds. This works well for me. Lastly, I have a credit card with Chase which I pay in full each month. I have no complaints.


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I am desperately trying to get out of this mortgage with Chase Bank, this has been the worst experience since I've taken over this loan since February 2011. The customer service does not help and they are very disrespectful, incompetent, argumentative and combative. When I went into the branch I had to deal with a bunch of one knew what they were talking about. When my mom passed away and I was trying to get her affairs in order this bank gave me nothing but heartache and grief. I should not have expected much less since during her last few years of her life they gave her nothing but grief causing her to get sick from worry and stress of their constant phone calls... If anyone out there is considering getting a mortgage DO NOT APPLY TO CHASE will regret it sooner or later...looking for a better bank anyone have any ideas of a stress free bank I've been doing some research, but I really need to hear people's personal experiences.

Worst Bank In Case Of Fraud

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I´ve been victim of a fraud, someone used on me a drug that makes you lose your will, so you do whatever anyone tells you to do and you tell them anything they ask you. The police has opened an investigation on this subject and has told me that is something that happens often here in South Florida. In my case they stole from me my debit cards both from BofA and Chase and used them in some ATM´s (obviously i gave them my PIN number, obviously against my will), and credited stolen 5,000$ cheks in both accounts through ATMs too.

Well, the thing is that just a few hours after the theft happened I cancelled my debit cards and the next day I made a claim at both banks both for the withdrawals and the credited checks. While in BofA returned my money to my bank account and opened an investigation on this subject, it just took two days to Chase to tell me that they considered the ATM withdrawals as authorized and that they where going to close my account!!! They did. So what am I? I think that I had enough beeing a victim of such a crime that involved a considerable danger and embarassment to me, but in addition Chase consideres me what... a criminal or something? In addition, this account cancellation is going to figure in my history forever... accesible for any bank

So as you can see I´m very disgusted with this bank, They can offer you the best but then when the time comes to help their customers to solve their problems I cant count on them so worst bank ever!!

"IT's A TRAP!!"

  Chase is terrible, I could write a whole paragraph or two describing my own personal experience of the nickle and diming, the payment protector having to be repeatedly cancelled, the "revolving intrest," and poor customer service represenatives who mumble trash talk about you while your on the phone with them. Rather than waste your time with the details, just take my word for it, stear clear of this one.

   P.S. I never wanted them in the first place. They bought my old bank.

Giving Good Rating, A Couple Of Years Ago They Would Have Got 1 Star

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have had a few experiences just lately, and they have all been positive.  were great with my credit cards, home loan, no problems......they are getting better i think.

Beware! Does Not Hyonor Offers. Assigns Personal Bankers Who Are Not There.

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Bank SENT me without prior knowledge, a bonus code for opening checking account for $125 bonus.  Tried to fund after opening,  Automated Clearing House collection could not find my other account at something called Bank of America.  Sent note asking to fix  to my "personal banker" assighed to the account.  He had left the Bank.  Tried to deposit checks at branch to fund, was told account had been closed.  Tried another offer, was told could not do business there as computer rejected me for having a closed account.

No Such Thing As A Closed Account At Chase

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I closed a small business checking account 9 months ago, and a recurring transaction for a merchant credit card virtual terminal that I only used once a year at a special fundraising event posted. The charge was $38 which is fine there was a mistake the merchant company did not switch the fee account only the one for receipts. This caused a $35 overdraft fee so I wire transferred the $38 and $35 in one wire to zero out the negative balance but then they charged me an "incoming wire fee" of $10 which generated another overdraft fee. Needless to say I think Chase is ridiculous if an account is closed a transaction should reject not reopen because now I have to have the 4 business owners sign another letter requesting the account be closed else there would be a fee for having a $0 balance - this is not easy people have busy schedules and this is a waste of my time. I love how Chase feels it is appropriate to do this kind of bull crap. Grow up and if you are hurting for cash why don't you just be direct and get rid of your "FREE" accounts and charge everyone $50 a month at least then there are no surprises and people can plan that into t their cash forecasts.

Insurance Company Check Payable To Chase And Me

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I received a check from an insurance company for a flood that occured 8/6/12. I went online to determine he process, and found very scary stories concerning Chase. I moved ahead and found the process. They wanted to know that I was current in paying my mortgage - okay - that makes sense in this "upside down" environment. They wanted the 1."adjustor's report", 2. the contractor's estimate,3. a lein waver from the contractor and an 4.affidavit from any other lenders with an interest in this property. A daunting list of requirements to be sure, but I have a check, so most of the work is done. No contractor will give a lein waver until his bill is paid, so I may have to borrow against this check. On 8/25 I went to the bank with the documents I had (1,and 2 and the check). I had no other borrowings on this property. I had a positive attitude and the knowledge that I will be talking to a person who knows nothing about the scary stories on the internet.

Twelve minutes later I left the bank with the check endorsed so I was able to use the funds that day. I spoke to an understanding, helpful  person and the process was positive professional and kind of fun. I acheived what I needed to do and it was just fine. The check was under $20,000. I will pay the contractor when he is finished, and hope to have this "challenge" behind me in less than 25 days. The bank does this work every day and they are good about it.

My Personal Chase Account

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Curious Prying Bank

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There is a difference between being friendly bankers and a prying bankers. Chase is a prying bank. I felt like they were doing an audit of my checking accounts, my own personal business and livelihood. It seems like if one banker is assisting you, they call in a least another banker either to advise or steer. I call it ganging up! I would not do business with them especially at the Polaris branch. They do have an awesome online quick pay, but not sure if you would want the low rates and the privacy issues.

They Don't Care How Loyal You Are. They'll Find Any Way To Screw You.

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I was a loyal customer of chase bank for ten years. I lost my job and asked them if I could keep my account but just freeze it until I get a job. They said no. After a few weeks I was low but not over-drafted, they charged me overdraft fees anyway. After I got charged those fees I really did have a negative balance. Since I couldn't pay the fees they kept adding more and more overdraft fees. I begged them to freeze my account and please give me time to get a job. They took one overdraft fee out but didn't freeze the account. The fee they took out didn't matter because a few days later they charged me another overdraft fee. The bank finally cancelled my account, but I still owe them a big chunk of money.

Worst Bank Ever!

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i called them to put a freeze on my account for some activity that i did not authorize and they said they could not do that, so they let the account accumulate 600.00 in over draft fees then they put a freeze on the account, then they freeze my primary i cant access my don't open an account with these rip offs...

Does Not Work Well With Quicken

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I have a checking, savings, and 3 credit cards with Chase. Whatever information they are downloading, Quicken cannot allocate my automatic and online payments to the correct account. I do not have this problem with any other financial institution with whom I do business. I have spent too much time reconciling my accounts. I am going to move my checking account to another bank, so they are not dealing with both checking and credit accounts.

Large Sums Of Of Cash Disappearing From Checking Accounts

Since Chase took over Washington Mutual,  cash has mysteriously disappeared from my checking account.  2 atm transactions will appear on my activity report, when only one atm transaction took place, therefore twice the amount is deducted from my account.  This has happened more than one time,  my adult son has also experienced the same thing.  When it occurred the first time, I was hoping it was just a glitch in the system, but when it happened to my son it became questionable,   because his incident took place at an atm located in another county. I've experienced this twice since Chase took over WAMU, never with WAMU.  Whether it's a glitch in the system, or someone within their banking  system who is finding it very easy to steal from unsuspecting customers because of all the advanced technology which is readily available to commit a federal crime yet difficult to trace,  it's  still a very stressful situation which I'm most certain will push their customers to switch to another bank.







Chase And Its CEO Jamie Dimon Stink . . . Can't Wait For JPMC To File For Bankruptcy Protection

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The THEFT of WaMu Bank is an outrage.

A common thief goes to prison.

But if you have enough stroke in Washington D.C., and enough politicians in your pocket, you get to increase Chase's dividend, and announces $15 billion buyback of its stock . . . right AFTER Washington Mutual Bankruptcy was signed, sealed, and delivered over to JPMC in WaMu's bankruptcy case. Literally within days of closing this authorized THEFT of the now defunct WaMu.

What comes around goes around, Jamie . . . here's to you and your bank . . . hope that you're the next one to be taken over by the feds and then handed (i.e., "gifted") over to another more deserving bank.

Please do NOT do business with these thieves.

Worst Bank Around,

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worst bank around, this pos bank suck they try and suck every little charge our of you that they can. I have a text alert that would text me if my account was overdrawn but now they seem to like text me the following day after they have collected their 34 dollar fee you p.o s, i call and they say welll it was over drawn before 7 pm and that is when the cut of time is to avoid the overdraft fee, well  thanks for the F n text the next moring at 630 am tellling me, your bank sucks will never bank with you again nor recommend you

Worst Customer Service I Have EVER Had To Try To Deal With

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Worst bank I have ever worked with. Maybe it's just the Boulder, Colorado branch, but I have tried writing several times via their website and still have not had any issues resolved. Since I first opened my investments with Chase, I STILL have not had anyone explain the enormous fee I was charged by the institution I transferred from, Chase just assumed I wanted to pay it even though they now say it was an unusually high amount that should have been questioned. Gee thanks Chase.
 I was told I had no fees on my investments for 1 year, at which point I was told to open a checking account to avoid any fees. Guess what, CHASE sold some of my stock to pay an annual fee in 2011. It's now March of 2012 and still nobody has resolved or been able to explain this to me.
And here I sit...literally years after trying to resolve the first issue, but employees there seem to come and go faster than I can keep up with. So it's I who ends up driving from Denver to Boulder (several times to try to resolve these issues) to the office, still with no answers. Only the same promise each time that it will be taken care of. I'm tired of waiting. I'm now sharing my experience on every blog and review site. I hope someone at Chase prints my message out and shares it in a meeting.


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I work for a company whose accounts are unfortunately handled by CHASE. I had been going to CHASE in Dover NJ for many years and let me tell you that ever since that branch was given a new manager (DAVID) the customer service quality SIGNIFICANTLY dropped. This guy has absolutely no idea how to handle a business. I can recall several instances in which I saw David walk pass by me and other customers with a rather distasteful look on his face as though he clearly hated his job. I was also there with my daughter on another day when he came out of his office and cursed in front of everybody. What a neglectful and uneducated individual. I changed banks and I could not be any happier with their services and customer service!!!

Bad Bank And Customer Service

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my account always in good standing in this what they call them selfs bank ? then i tried to get access on line and it gave me a message that my account in active , called customer service? hard to get human to answer the phone. if you lucky and you get to them a very bad customer service . bottom line they close your account with no explination and in top of all that they hold your money for more than 15 days ????????? 

they are just thieves wearing suits 

Chase Is Just Bribing You

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Chase will lure you in with cash back rewards and zero interest for the first six months. Once that introductory grace period expires you will be charged a high APY, and you will realize that you sold out too.

Website Is Awful...

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The most horrific and unreliable website I have ever seen. I would be afraid to put money near JPMorgan.

Customer Service

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I use a Chase in Lima, Ohio (Cabel Road). The personnel are always very helpful and courteous. I would rate them as high as possible. Now, ask me about the people who answer the customer service (probably from India or someplace far, far away) and I'd say at the lowest possible rating.

Took My Money

Stay away!

I had a credit card loan for which I paid the interest up front. You know the kind - pay 3% up front and no interest for nine months. After three months - during which I made all payments on time, of course - they started charging me interest anyway.

When I called them about it, they refused to refund the interest - AND refused to provide an explanation!

I paid off the loan early, and closed both my credit card and my checking account. I won't do business with ripoff companies.

Chase Bank, Great Service Worth The Extra Fee

I love Chase Bank. I have to drive out of town to get to my nearest branch but that has not kept me from leaving them since I moved. Recently I quit my job and no longer have direct deposit so I got slapped w/ a $12 monthly fee. But to avoid the fee I was told by a branch manager to simply have someone send $500 from another account each month. I haven't tried it yet but she said it will work. I don't mind paying the fees. They have great customer service. I love the online bill payment and person to person quick pay. You can make deposits at thier atm's & the check image prints on the reciept. You can use mobile banking and other features that just make CHASE better. I can view my statment history online for serveral years back (without a fee). I did get swayed by another bank in my town offering $100 to open a new account. I did not close Chase, just kept it on the back burner while I tried out ONB. Within 2.5 months I was putting my money back in Chase. The branch manager even refunded some of my bank fees because I decided to stay with CHASE.  

Do Not Complicate Your Life With This Terrible Bank..It Does Horrific Things To Americans

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Chase is a terrible corporation and will screw up your life without a thought. Go elsewhere, credit union or some such. But do read the Google comments on "chase complaints" or any of the other thousands of comments people make about this horrible bank.

Chase Closed My Checking And Savings Accounts And Sent Me A Check In The Mail, Without My Knowledge.

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I had a checking and savings account with Chase for one month.  While I was out of town, Chase closed both accounts and sent me a check in the mail, with no explanation.  I have three credit cards and a mortgage with Chase, so when I investigated this major error, I was told that they could not verify my address.  They said that they needed a copy of a utility bill with my name on it.  Well, all of our utility accounts have my husband's name on them, so I did not have one.  When asked why they could not verify my address from my mortgage, they said that they still needed a utility bill.

Well, when I got back into town, I went to the branch and they apologized profusely and were extremely conciliatory.  They did their best to remedy the situation, but the meantime, in order to have "free" checking, I had to jump through hoops and transfer money in, etc.  So I did.

Now that everything has settled down, I am closing my checking and savings accounts with them; not only for spite, but also on principle (like my checking and savings account balances really matter). 

Not Recommended - Very Poor Protection From Identity Theft

Last week the bank sent me an email alerting me to possibly fraudulent activity with my debit card.   Sure enough, the bank had issued a duplicate card to someone who called in by phone.  They sent it to a location over 100 miles from my address.

I called Chase immediately and waited on hold for 20 minutes before a person answered the call.  They transferred me to one department after another.  Each person I spoke to gave inconsistent information about what had happened and what I need to do to fix the situtation. 

One representative refused offer any information but simply repeated that they suspected a family member or someone with authorization to access my accounts had made the purchases.  I do not have anyone autthorized to access my accounts, so this made no sense.  Another representative told me that there was nothng Chase could do in this situatin - effectively that this was my problem to deal with - and offered no assistance.

After being transferred 5 times, the sound quality of the call degraded with each sucessive transfer.  Finally, the voice on the other end was so completely uninteligible, I had no choice but hang up.

I called back and insisted to speak with someone who could help,  after a long wait and multiple transfers to departments, I was told I would have to wait a few days to "see what happens" with the charges and then visit the bank branch where I originally opened the accounts.

It's been 3 days since I discovered the issue.  The bank branch has been closed.  And the identity theft has transferred funds out of my savings and gone on a shopping spree. 

I've been absoluely shocked by the total lack of accountability or aassistance from Chase.  Once this matter is finalized, I will never have any dealings with them again.

Good Customer Service

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My husband and myself were on vacation and celebrating our 2nd year anniversay. We visited a Chase branch in Peoria, Illinois at 2301 N Wisconsin Avenue on July 5, 2011. As we conducted our business, an employee by the name of Hurlestine Randle went out of her way to make us feel the most comfortable and welcome. We were really impressed. I will never forget that visit. I really feel like her efforts should not go unnoticed or unrewarded. It would be a perfect world in the banking industry if all tellers were as she is. GOOD JOB HURLESTINE AND CHASE!   From a very satisfied customer, C Y Golden in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thank you.

Horrible Service

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Every time I call customer service, they connect me to India. I can never understand the accent, and they keep repeating themselves over and over. This is annoying. I am considering banking with a small local bank that does not outsource to India.

Great Bank

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Love this bank, very friendly and helpful. When I go into the branch they make sure that my transaction is taken care of quickly.

My banker makes sure I am aware of all the services and benefits that come with my accounts. She gets to know me on a personal level and makes sure that I am saving time and money. Even when she is out of the office the other employees make me feel right at home.

Recently, I learned the auto rates had dropped and now I am saving over $4000.00 interest. Now that's what I call a personal banker always has my best interest at heart.  Check out their current promotions incluing checking account coupons, auto rates, mtg. rates.  I recommend my personal banker to everyone I know!

Chase Master Card - Bad Customer Service

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Very bad customer service. I had a dispute, they asked for documents ASAP, then they sat on the documents for a month, did not contact the other party. When I called them, they told me I got no case. Later I found out that they did not contact the other party at all. I had to use other means to resolve the dispute, and got my refund. No more Chase card, or bank for me, my family and friends.

Good Website

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With internet banking becoming a bigger part of banking over the past five years, it is important to me that the site is simple and easy to load on slower internet connections. Chase's dose that and more; they added features that matter to me like the ability to check my balance and history through text messages. They have links for safe on-line shopping, reporting fraud and E-mail scams. These are just a few reasons why I have stayed with Chase through the years.

Good Service Yet Hefty Fees

I'm currently banking with chase and I have to say they are one of the best banks in america. I have never felt more secure with my money than I do with Chase. I can actually sleep without constantly checking my account balance and one time I experienced some fraud on my debit card and I received a credit back to my account with no hassle. Definitely the best back ever. The only draw back is that they have hefty fees.

Totally Incompetent Organization - Run, Do Not Walk, From It!

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I was very happy with WAMU, and when they were taken over by Chase Bank I hoped for the best.  Haven't gotten it.  Nothing but problems due to their incompetent computer systems, restrictive policies, and argumentative telephone Customer Support.  Most recent event happened today, and I'm still steaming.  While reconciling my savings account I found a $3.00 Extra Withdrawal Fee.  I called Customer Support.  They asked me to verify my address, and I gave it to them.  They responded with "That is not correct".  Long story short on THIS incompetence is I moved 9 months before and immediately changed my bank address online, and never had a problem with prior calls for support until now.  It turned out the old address was still on file but had NO ACCOUNTS ASSIGNED TO IT, all 5 of my accounts were properly assigned to my current address BUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DATA WAS OUT OF DATE (even though there was no problem LAST MONTH when I called to have them correct yet another problem and the statement address was correct).  Had to answer a bunch of security questions to verify my account.  Forced them to DELETE the erroneous address.  THEN we finally got to my problem.  You're allowed 4 withdrawals before a fee is charged.  I had one, but they pointed out 2 TRANSFERS TO CHECKING which are NOW considered to be "withdrawals" even though the money is still in the bank.  I pointed out that was only 3 withdrawals. The rep said "but there's a more recent withdrawal".  I pointed out that there was a withdrawal one day AFTER the statement period, therefore it should not be counted and, if it were, it would STILL BE within the 4 withdrawal limit.  The rep begrudgingly reversed the bogus charge with a $3.00 credit.  I pointed out to him that Chase has the most incompetent Information Technology department I've ever dealt with.  I will be closing all 5 of my accounts at the earliest possible opportunity.  THIS IS THE MOST INCOMPETENT BANK ON PLANET EARTH!!!

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This is an extraordinary bank! They really try to please their customers, like me. They have the best hours of operation of any bank around. They are open on Saturdays until 3 p.m. lobby and drive-thru. They are so helpful like if you need something notarized or need a money order, they are free of charge. The people are very courteous and always acknowledge you the minute you come inside. Many times they offer coffee and pastries for the customers.

Chase Is Making It Hard And No Common Sense In What They Say No To


Chase bank is trying to change the good American ways!!!!! I am a contractor and have been for a long time... I pay for products out of my pocket in CASH, and ask my customers to pay me in cash so most of them write me a check to CASH and all other banks will cash it since they take a finger print and 2 forms of ID's with all the info they need on the person cashing it!!!!! I had the most HORRIBLE experience today at the chase bank located in Lake worth on N. 10th Ave and Florida Mango dr. 2601 10th Ave N, Lake worth FL - ( Ellen Burnelle) the manager that could not tell me if the account holders are even aware of the fact that chase bank does not cash check made out to cash, even with all the identification and finger print!!! I am a contractor how am I to know which bank has which policy... I am working hard just to get paid on the job I did and all they say it "NO" I swear this is what one of the managers at the location told me... "I am saying NO" just like that.... when I ask is there any other bank that does this she says yes there are plenty ... I ask name one.... she says nothing!!!!!!!! I ask if she can just this time call the account holder and make sure the check is in the right persons hand and she says NO!!!!!!!! What has America come to? How can they change the rules and ways we have been doing business for years in this country and also be so very mean about it!!!! I had my uniform on and was just coming back from a job and even dough she was not presentable with her hair flying everywhere and just the way she carried herself and talked with me was the rudest I have ever witnessed!!!! Of course if a guy like me loses his temper he is going to go to jail... But how can they make a hard working man feel like we are from a lower class, because they are the only ones trying to change the way all banks work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Losing Me As A Customer.

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Chase bank has hit my crap list. I have 3 checking, 3 savings accounts (1 credit card $0 balance), and they are going to start charging me $12/month on one of the checking accounts? $144 a year? It's my piddly little gas/allowance account I only put $240/month into. I hate the hassle of resetting all my direct pays and net billing, but they really are stupid to lose my business over this. 6 years as a customer.

Hidden Fees For The Poor

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As many people are in the current economic failure of this country, I have been having trouble finding work. Turns out Chase bank is perfectly willing to take advantage of this fact to charge, those who don't put enough money into their bank, an extra $10 monthly fee. This makes perfect sense right? A person who is dealing with financial trouble that the big banks created with their manipulation of the world economy gets to pay extra to the bank for the privilege of using one of the banks that caused the world this trouble?

True, $10 a month isn't much for me, but for others it is, and it adds up. I think it's disgusting that any business would take advantage of the already hard off in order to collect an extra buck.

I will be taking my money, and all money I will earn in the future to another financial institution. One that does not take advantage of their customers.

I encourage all of you out there to join in a boycott of Chase Bank's supremely corrupt business.

Chase On Line Banking Full Of Issues Not Made Public. Only Find Out By Being A Customer

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the chase on line system does not send e-payments to many standard merchants.  this has caused issues with late payments because there is a 5-7 day delay in the merchant receiving your payment.  it is a paper check mailed!  why have on line banking if paper checks are how they pay most.

Inept Online Service From Some Foreign Country & Out-Of-Control Automated Phone Calls.

I have been getting regular automated phone calls from Chase for the past few weeks. Last week, they stepped up their frequency. I am now getting TWO phone calls a couple of minutes apart every other day. They are identical. They say my account ending in 5511 has a balance of $-1.99, well below the minimum of $50. The problem is that I do NOT have a Chase account. Never have.

So I called their phone support. A person in a foreign country listened to me very politely explain to him the problem. Then he said he couldn't help me, except to put me on a do-not-call list, something that would take effect in about 30 days.  When I persisted, he asked for MY social security number.  I called again and talked to another person and they said I should try emailing Chase.

I emailed Chase, quite politely explained the problem, was emphatic in stating that I did not have a Chase account. The email said that he, Edward Silverio, could not do anything, that I should go online and log into my account.

Obviously intelligence is not a prerequisite for being hired at Chase for EITHER phone or email support.

As an aside, my girlfriend cancelled her Chase accounts a couple of days ago, citing "Three-Strikes" as the reason. I am not surprised their incompetence runs so pervasively through the company.

My Experience

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i personally love this bank i alway go inside to cash checks or deposit i dont wait in long lines, and if i have a question its answered accurately. opening an account is no big hassle either over recommend this bank

Difficulties Of Online Banking?

Today I set up my elderly mother’s bank account online so that she could transfer money to her grandchildren a few states away. Chase required a lot of information from her that she did not understand and since I was not listed on her bank account, I couldn’t help her set it up. I think chase should let their elderly clients have an option where they can add their children to their account in case of hard hearing etc. 

Not The Friendlist

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I have gone to our local Chase bank and have not had the greatest service. I feel they are extremely pushy with wanting you to open accounts and bank with them, and pushines only pushes me away. I have also found that their interest rates are among the worst in the area I live in. When I told them this, they explained that they have the advantage of having good customer service. I have never been treated with overall friendlines, and would definitely not consider keeping accounts with Chase.

Was Satisfied With Wamu, Now Satisfied With Chase

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I am a member at Chase bank after they bought Washington Mutual who I was very satisfied with.  I was worried that I would lose the excellent customer service and privileges that were offered to me as a member at WaMu, but not only did Chase retain those privileges, but gave us more.  I guess I don't ask for that much out of a bank, but for what I do, Chase has delivered.

Very Pushy Workers And Ridiculous "Deals"

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My experience at Chase hasn't been a positive one. Although i love the atm, and the check deposit, i have found that the workers are extremely pushy. I just have a checking account but every time i go, in they try to convince me to move all of my savings with them, even though their rates are identical to my current savings credit union. I don't understand why they need to be so pushy, always offering me fantastic deals. What i want from a bank is reliability and easy access, not lottery schemes.

Line Of Credit

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I got a line of creidt with this bank and they are the worst. The government must look into the way they do business. Every month one person says that I must pay so much to bring the balance current, then i get a letter saying i have fees, then when i call i am told that they have been accumulating fees for nine months and every time i pay late fees they put the money into the principal balance and then charge me finance fees for not paying my whole bill. Then when i call again, they tell me i need to send a check for almost one thousand dollars to a fee only payment center. What kind of animals are these people. They say they are trying to help us but every time they sink us deeper into the ground. Now they say that they are based in NY and that everyone's bills are late since it takes ten days to get from our bank in california to their main bank in NY. I think that our congressmen need to kick this bank out of california and that their banking practices are the reasons everyone is losing their homes.

Has any one had this same deal happen to them?

Chase Business Account

I am a small business owner who had a personal and business account with WAMU. They then got taken over by Chase.  I have been happy with the account. Nothing wonderful about it, but no reason to move to another bank either. However from March 1st 2011 they will be charging $15 a month for the account. I can avoid this charge by taking out a Business Card with them and then spending $1000 a month on it or by having a balance of over $7000 in the account.

I have an AMEX Business Card which I get cash back with, normally around $300 a year. I love AMEX and really do not want to start using another card. So I either start to pay $15 a month or move my account else where.

I am very dissapointed by this. I plan on expanding my business by the end of the year and I think it is very narrow minded of Chase to do this.

Of course I will be moving my bank account. Just have to decide where.

Chase Has Always Seemed An 'Expensive' Bank To Me...But

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The minimum deposit requirements at CHASE have always seemed steep to me. And I still think that's true. Reading the other reviews - definitely they should read when WAMU was gobbled up by CHASE and not the other way around! Having become a CHASE customer by way of having had a WAMU Free checking acct - I have come to appreciate that there are 2 branches that are very convenient for me. The one closest to me is tiny, but also has long hours - open till 6:p.m. and on Saturdays 9-3! I have decided to avoid the stiff ($8-9 per month) fee for the checking by depositing $5k into a roth Ira 13-month cd ... at a pathetic rate of .2%, I think, but it does qualify for meeting the deposit requirements and will allow my checking account to avoid the fee. One of the reasons I want to stay with Chase is that they appear to have great in/out bank to bank transfer capabilities, and I also hoarded up a LOT of those free WAMU checks! Hopefully I will still be able to use them for years - and THAT would be a savings. I definitely want to have access to a real branch with real people for working out any problems, and the people at the branch are quite nice.

Inappropriate Behavior

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We have a family owned company, that had accounts at Chase. When the family member that was running the company passed away, Chase refused to give the business, the surviving owners, access to our accounts. 18 Months later and after several discussions with lawyers and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, we were able to regain control of our assets. However, during the period of time when the accounts were locked down, Chase continued to service charge the account, essentially stealing money. Is this the kind of 'trusted' institution you want in control of your money?

Checking Account And Signature Cards

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My organization has an account with chase, and it was because we were with Washington Mutual. Chase took over WAMU, and apparently they didn't transfer all signature cards. They have lost them and in losing them, they say it wasn't their fault. They had possession of the signature cards and failed to post them on the computer. Where are the signature cards? That tells me that they are irresponsible.

Excellent Service

Chase bank always provides excellent service in person or via phone. I have never have had any problems with them and they are very prompt on getting any inquiry resolved quick.

Tired Of Chasing Chase For Good Rates!

Anyone ever notice Chase's strategy in getting new customers? By offering straight up cash! I lost track of all the offers saying they would pay me $125 if I got their checking or savings account. Doesn't that sound a little strange? Seriously, they have to PAY PEOPLE to USE their SERVICES!

Other banks advertise great rates that will keep working for you. Chase lures people in with one time cash and then makes money off that customer for the long term. Chase doesn't advertise rates because it's rates are 10 X below the national average. You can't compare Chase and Ally because their business model is quite different. I prefer banks with high interest rates. I have used Chase for other purposes other than banking and they have been decent. I have a mortgage with them and they did sufficient. I am just saying that for banking purposes, I would suggest someone else.

Night Deposit Security - Smalll Business Beware

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During January 1st holiday period, a deposit was made using the Night Deposit box at Chase branch office and they lost the deposit.

Chase at has taken no effort to reveiw the video tapes to see if it was stolen (either from external source or internal source.  They originally promised to perform this task but after a week of constant calls, they have yet to do this and now back peddling on completing this task.

The solution from Chase and only answer at this point is to call the dozens sources for the checks, pay the stop payment and re-issue fees.  .

As a small business, these deposits are the life line of the company.  This mistake is costing us thousands of dollars. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Negative Experience With Chase Bank

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I simply had a very bad experience with Chase. They often tried to charge fees on my account that were not legitimate. One time, they closed a perfectly good card while I was traveling and I was counting on that card simply because they did not renew an agreement with the PBS station I had got the card with at the beginning. That left me stranded in Europe without the financial means that I needed. They seem to be willing to invent new creative ways all the time to get money from the small fish like me. In some cases it was enough to call them and ask what a certain fee was to have it immediately removed by the person on the phone. Just incredibly negative experience.

Bring Back Wamu!!

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I wish they were still WaMu and offered good products.  WaMu cared about customers and even gave a little bit of interest.

Chase doesn't care and their customer service could care less about keeping your business.  I was told that "you'll be back" after I told them I might close my account in favor of my ally account.

Their banking side leaves much to be improved.

Chase Bank Is Terrible, Getting Out Soon.

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You will not believe this but: Friday I went to a branch office to make my online car payment (Laptop locked at office) as I would normally do. The "banking professional" "accidently" drained my checking account by using all of my money to make a $200 payment. They Could Not reverse the transaction. I Spent 1 hour there and they told me they credited my account $500 until it was resolved. I purchased $17.00 worth of groceries, and had Chase charge me $34.00 for insufficient fee's. Unknowingly I went to dinner with my son and my Chase debit card was rejected due to insufficient funds - Humiliating!..Checked my account online Tuesday, not only did they LIE about the deposit, but $0.0 was deposited. I again spoke to the manager, then corporate, they told me they are "working on it". Get this, they explained they will remove the "insufficient fund fee" but will not compensate me for my troubles, public humiliation, or lack of funds. Rather than that I could open another Chase Checking account and get $100.00 of free money....YEAH MY MONEY THEY STOLE! This still has not been corrected, but they promised me they are working on it....Once I get my money back (who knows when?) GOODBYE Chase, you are an embarrassment to the banking institutions of America.

LOVE My Bank!

I have been with this bank for years and years - starting back when they were Washington Mutual.  I have NEVER had a bad experience with this bank.  EVERY teller is friendly and knowledgable.  There are hardly ever lines at 2 of the branches that I go to, but when there is, they go pretty fast. There are NO fees for ANYTHING, except for overdraft fees, but that is my own fault when that happens.  I now have a debit card that gives me points for every purchase I make (when used as a credit card, not using the pin) AND points for all bills paid online (which, of course, is free).  I would recommend this bank to anyone and everyone.

Credit Card

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I have a rewards cedit card from this bank and have had no problems. They do what they say they will do and customer service is responsive. I forgot to pay on time once and when I called they waived the late payment fee of $39.

$125 Bonus For Chase Checking with DD - But...

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My Chase credit card has this offer page for $125 bonus if I open a Chase Checking with direct deposit. I opened the account online but had a few questions, so I gave them a call. First since I was not provided the account # when I applied online, it was long and tough to get to speak with a banking rep, since the phone menu doesn't provide the option (i.e. you must enter an account # to speak with a banking rep). The system transferred me to a credit card rep, then a banking rep, then an online banking rep. Needless to say it was annoying. Finally when I got to the online banking rep, I was so ready to cancel my application. But the rep told me that if I "close within 6 months there is a $25 fee!" Gotcha! "OK, then, please tell me my routing number and account number so that I can set up the direct deposit," I said. But the rep informed me that they don't give account number over the phone and I have to wait for their form to arrive. Although I was able to log in through my credit card account to see the checking account, the webpage only shows last 4 digits of the account number. So I have to wait for the letter now.

By the way if you want this $125 deal, go to the post office and get the change of address package thingy. It has the Chase coupon inside. I notice those coupon codes are unique.

I am looking at their Account Disclousures and it mentioned that the Closing Fee applies if account is closed in 90 days. The rep told me 6 months. Hmm...

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