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0.25%5-year CD60-83 Month CD - Standard
0.01%1-year CD12-14 Month CD - Standard
0.01%SavingsChase Savings

Overview / Commentary
1111 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240

Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in the United States as measured by total assets. It offers personal, business, and commercial banking products and services on both the depository and lending side. Chase has made strides to become an industry leader in customer service, with hundreds of thousands employees all over the world.

Chase Bank’s checking account offerings all have monthly service charges that can be waived if certain requirements are met. One checking account offers a certain number of non-Chase ATM transaction fee refunds. Savings accounts also come with a monthly service charge, but can be avoided by meeting minimum daily balance requirements. For the basic savings account, consumers under the age of 18 automatically avoid the monthly service charge. The bank also offers certificates of deposit (CDs) that reward higher account balances with higher interest rates. CDs can be opened online and range in term lengths from 1 to 120 months. Chase offers business and commercial banking solutions, as well as an array of credit cards.

Chase Bank online banking provides customers with free account management functions like online bill pay, paperless statements, mobile deposit, and fund transfers. Chase’s mobile banking apps are highly rated and offer a sophisticated platform from which customers can accomplish account management tasks easily on the go. Each app is specifically designed for different operating systems like iPhone, Android, and Windows, as well as tablet devices. Chase’s website is easy to maneuver and provides comprehensive information about bank and account information.

Chase Bank was originally established in 1982 as The Chase Manhattan Bank (USA). In 1996 it changed its organization type with the FDIC to a credit card bank, and in 2000 acquired JPMorgan, a financial services company. A year later the bank moved its headquarters to Newark, Delaware, where they remain today. In 2005, the bank changed its name to Chase Bank USA, and four years later acquired Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.

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Chase Short Term 1.50% -> 3.05% Callable Step-Up CD Via TD Ameritrade - 5/15/2017

I frequently get notices of new issue callable CDs from TD Ameritrade. This one looks like an OK deal, but not a great deal. My calculations indicate the blended rate over the entire term is ~ 2.16%. If you do not currently have an account at TD Ameritade, you may also be eligible for an account opening bonus of up to $ 2500 (for a $1,000,000 account). Issuer: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA Rating: FDIC Insured* Order Period: Until May 25, 2017 Coupons: 1.50% to 05/30/2018; 2.00% to 11/30/2019; 3.05% to 11/30/2020 Maturity: November 30,2020 Payment Frequency: Quarterly-Pay Call Status: Callable 05/30/2018@100, Quarterly-Thereafter Survivor's Option: Yes Price: $100

$300 Bonus - Chase Premier Plus Checking - 3/20/2017

From the promo page, Chase will email you a bonus coupon. This can be taken into a branch or you can apply online if you live in a state with Chase branches. Offer expires 4/16/17 Requirements for the $300 bonus: 1) Open a new Chase Premier Plus Checking account, which is subject to approval 2) Deposit $25 or more at account opening 3) Have your direct deposit made to this account within 60 days of account opening. Your direct deposit needs to be an electronic deposit of your paycheck, pension or government benefits (such as Social Security) from your employer or the government. Chase Premier Plus Checking has a $25/mo fee, but this can be waived with a $15,000 balance. Chase has a $200 bonus that’s still active for its Total Checking which requires only $1,500 to avoid a $12/mo fee. Promo page https://www.chase.com/checking/offer/q1-premierplus-aff-sub-offer.html

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Reviews (192)

Best Bank with the most availability

Posted by: tracyyates | Nov 7, 2017

I love banking with Chase Bank. I've been banking with them ever since they were NBD bank.
They have been my main bank from the time my parents opened a child's savings for me, until now. I have my personal and business accounts with them, as well as my savings accounts.

With the changes in technology Chase has been able to keep up. I remember when I first used their online banking app. It was simple to use. I'm really impressed that they've advanced so much. it really makes it easier to do business with my customers.

Their fees have been on par with the industry. I feel like if you are keeping good track of your account, you can avoid most of the fees.

I trust Chase bank to keep my funds secure and safe.

Operationally, Top Notch.

Posted by: Dummy | Nov 17, 2017

Chase has a very well run operation. I have used their products for many years. Online management operates very smoothly and telephone assistance is easily contacted. They post promotional bonuses promptly.

However, one word of caution. I won't use their Chase Pay service as substitute for using my physical credit card. The reason is the terms they make you agree to in order to activate the service. Most of those terms are innocuous. But there is an indemnity clause that is so vague and broad that it could arguably be used to nullify the protection against unauthorized use that credit cards normally enjoy under federal law. I will not take the risk that Chase might interpret that clause in that manner and act accordingly.

Consistency is the key to online banking success

Since I pretty do everything these days through my smartphone, the chase banking app and website has been consistent with managing my checking account and getting me answers to any questions I have asked in the past. I recall an issue where I was the target on a card number scam which was linked to my checking account. I was able to find the information very quickly on the mobile app and have it addressed mid application through their online customer service via chat and phone call. I also like the fact that all checks and debits are immediately posted and allow for me to trace their origins, which helps me whenever I need to know when my car loan check processed through (which is a monthly endeavor) or when my job pays me. These days, I think I may only have to visit a bank maybe once or twice a year for the occasional check I receive, but even chase allows me to take a photograph of the check instead. And now that chase has the quickpay option through their site and app, sending money to my wife or mother and vice versa just makes everything even easier. I use quickpay the most out of all the options offered on the chase online features and it really is a godsend. I cant say enough about how consistent chase has been ever since they acquired washington mutual.

Decent National Bank but Horrible Customer Service

I have been banking with Chase Bank for the past 6 years. I was originally requested to open and savings and checking about by a chase mailer that offered me $100 reward. The $100 was for opening a savings account that held at least $500, and a checking account that had direct deposit set up for 3 consecutive months. The requirements seemed doable so I opened the accounts and was happy with my banking experience at first. About a year later I received another promotional flyer that offered $500 on a 1 year $10,000 CD. I thought this return was too good to be true so I took the flyer into my nearest branch location and they confirmed the promotion. That same day I deposited $10,000 and took out a 1 year CD with Chase. After the year was complete and the CD period ended, the $500 promotion was deposited into my account and I decided I could get a better return on the initial $10,000 at another bank. So I went into the branch location to withdraw the money and it was nearly impossible. I understand they need to take safety precautions, but they asked me repeatedly if I was in trouble, if someone was forcing me to withdraw this money, and then refused to give me my money. At that point I was pretty upset, I didn't feel it was right for the bank to hold my money hostage. They called the branch manager in and she took me into a back room and made me explain in detail why I wanted to withdraw my money. She then made me sign extra paperwork confirming I was withdrawing the money. At this point the bank had made me feel like I was a criminal just because I wanted to withdraw my own money from their bank. From that day forward I have not opened any other CDs with Chase, nor do I keep large amounts of money in either of my savings or checking accounts. I don't trust them anymore.



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #628
Year Established1824
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.97%
Return on Equity - YTD9.9%
Annual Interest Income$23.00B
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$2,152B$2,051B
LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$800.1B$767.1B
DepositsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$1,539.8B$1,407.7B
Equity CapitalQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$210.2B$200.7B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$10.12B$11.40B
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$8.19B$9.98B
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$423.0MM$655.0MM
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

† The rates for some products vary by region. In these cases we have listed the rates for the region closest to the bank's headquarters.

Chase Bank Savings Account Rates

0.08%*$1m*-Chase Plus Savings - Standard
OTHER TIERS: 0.01% Up to $1mm
0.08%*$250k*-Chase Plus Savings - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.03% Up to $50k | 0.05% $50k - $100k | 0.06% $100k - $250k
0.01%--Chase Savings

Chase Bank Checking Account Rates

0.01%--Chase Premier Platinum Checking
0.01%--Chase Premier Plus Checking

Chase Bank CD Rates

1.05%*$100k*-120 Month CD Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.90% $1k - $10k | 1.01% $10k - $100k
0.70%$1k-120 Month CD Special - Standard
0.60%*$100k*-60-83 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1k - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $100k
0.60%*$100k*-84-119 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1k - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-42-47 Month CD Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% $1k - $10k | 0.45% $10k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-48-59 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% $1k - $10k | 0.45% $10k - $100k
0.40%*$100k*-36-41 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.35% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-18-20 Month CD Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-24-29 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-30-35 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-21-23 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.25%$1k$100k60-83 Month CD - Standard
0.25%$1k$100k84-119 Month CD - Standard
0.20%*$100k*-15 - 17 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% $1k - $10k | 0.15% $10k - $100k
0.10%$1k$100k42-47 Month CD Special - Standard
0.10%$1k$100k48-59 Month CD - Standard
0.05%*$100k*-12-14 Month CD - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $100k
0.05%$1k$100k18-20 Month CD Special - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k24-29 Month CD - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k30-35 Month CD - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k21-23 Month CD - Standard
0.05%$1k-36-41 Month CD - Standard
0.02%$1k-1 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-2 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-3-5 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-6-8 Month CD - Relationship
0.02%$1k-9-11 Month CD - Relationship
0.01%$1k$100k1 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k2 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k3-5 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k6-8 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k9-11 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k12-14 Month CD - Standard
0.01%$1k-15 - 17 Month CD - Standard

Chase Bank IRA Rates

1.05%*$100k*-120 Month IRA Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.90% $1k - $10k | 1.01% $10k - $100k
0.70%$1k-120 Month IRA Special - Standard
0.60%*$100k*-60-83 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1k - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $100k
0.60%*$100k*-84-119 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $1k - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-42-47 Month IRA Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% $1k - $10k | 0.45% $10k - $100k
0.50%*$100k*-48-59 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% $1k - $10k | 0.45% $10k - $100k
0.40%*$100k*-36-41 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.35% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-18-20 Month IRA Special - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-24-29 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-30-35 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.30%*$100k*-21-23 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.15% $1k - $10k | 0.25% $10k - $100k
0.25%$1k$100k60-83 Month IRA - Standard
0.25%$1k$100k84-119 Month IRA - Standard
0.20%*$100k*-15 - 17 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.05% $1k - $10k | 0.15% $10k - $100k
0.10%$1k$100k42-47 Month IRA Special - Standard
0.10%$1k$100k48-59 Month IRA - Standard
0.05%*$100k*-12-14 Month IRA - Relationship
OTHER TIERS: 0.02% $1k - $100k
0.05%$1k$100k18-20 Month IRA Special - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k24-29 Month IRA - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k30-35 Month IRA - Standard
0.05%$1k$100k21-23 Month IRA - Standard
0.05%$1k-36-41 Month IRA - Standard
0.02%$1k-1 Month IRA - Relationship
0.02%$1k-2 Month IRA - Relationship
0.02%$1k-3-5 Month IRA - Relationship
0.02%$1k-6-8 Month IRA - Relationship
0.02%$1k-9-11 Month IRA - Relationship
0.01%$1k$100k1 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k2 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k3-5 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k6-8 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k9-11 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k$100k12-14 Month IRA - Standard
0.01%$1k-15 - 17 Month IRA - Standard