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Yep Worst Bank Around

Posted by: Bettrdayz | Nov 10, 2019

Watch out for thm thy will credit ur acct after reporting unauthorized use.....thn thy will tak it all bac.....

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Miserable, Terrible, The WORST, TERRIBLE, DON't DO IT!

Posted by: stukey524 | Nov 8, 2019

If you want a MASSIVE headache every month or two, choose Chime. OMFG they are so incompetent and their system is unbelievably lacking. I've had fraudulent transactions wipe out my entire account through normal use. When I call to get it fixed, it is an absolute nightmare, which a high chance that it will be all for nothing and no progress will be made. Depositing cash, which is still used in today's world, is a massive pain in the *$$. Nothing works.

Chime Bancorp

Posted by: Mmmmmm | Nov 6, 2019

Chime is possibly is the worst bank ever. Not only are you dealing with incompetent individuals you have the added bonus of dealing with a huge language barrier....if you don’t speak Spanish you’re screwed. Trying to communicate with chime is like pulling teeth. They use filler reply’s to put you at ease when in fact they have not clue how to address bank concerns like the lates date breech they call technical issues. Take your money and run otherwise your money will be stuck in a 30-60 day black hole they call banking process..... I say it’s the last ditch effort to generate interest on your money when you realize chime is a joke....with nothing to offer. This bank is good for people who can’t open a normal account. If you have issues posting a bad review it’s not you.

Not Looking Like A Good "Bank" So Far

Posted by: Mike779 | Oct 30, 2019

Signed up with Chime mid October switching from Amscot which you get paid 2 days early as well, today was suppose to be my first 2 day deposit with Chime......suppose to be......suppose to be. Well I have been with my employer for numerous years and know exactly when they do the payroll and like I said Amscot always had my deposit in my account anywhere from 1am-3am 2 days early, Chime claims to not hold your deposits and just releases when they receive it, hell who knows this may be a giant scam and I may never see my money.

Neer Received My Card

Posted by: MCZ02 | Oct 23, 2019

I wish I could write about the functionality of this mobile bank however I never received my bank card. I think they might be a scam company. I lived in a house when I first opened the account in June of 2019. It is now October and they "attempted" to send me a card 3 times. In July I was living in a house and they claimed the card couldn't be delivered there. I moved in July to an apartment, requested a new card be sent to my new address, and they claimed, again, it could not be delivered there. Out of frustration, I had them try to send ANOTHER card to my previous address as my friend still lives there. And, you guessed it, they claim it couldn't be delivered. I double checked the addresses I entered each time and they are all correct.

The Absolute Worst Ever !!!!!!!

Posted by: Gotplayed | Oct 19, 2019

Finally I guess chime bank said their online app works now. Yesterday I had $216 deposited into my account this morning when I woke up it said my account was -$222.44. I looked on recent transactions and there were three ATM withdraws that I did not do. So I called in to customer service and waited one hour and 11 minutes and 42 seconds to speak to somebody. Then once some once a customer service representative got on the phone I could I could barely hear them at all it kept fading in and out. So I explain to the customer service representative that I could barely hear them that we had like a bad connection and if there was any way they could call me back. The customer service representative said no there’s no way that they can call me back. So I will explain my situation to the customer service representative and she said hold on I’ll get back to you another 33 minutes and 22 seconds and passed and I was still on hold but finally someone came back. So I had to explain the whole situation to her again and to make a long story short she said their system is all messed up and that my $422 that was supposedly withdrawn from My account would be placed back on my account and 2 to 4 business days. Now my balance is reading -9 dollars. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau today to see what can be done. If anyone has any suggestions for me please let me know.

A Bad Experience

Posted by: Gotplayed | Oct 18, 2019

Several months ago I was referred to chime bank by friend. Chime bank advertised that if you refer a friend and they set up direct deposit at the both of you would receive a $50 bonus. I set up direct deposit and met all the requirements so that the both of us would receive the $50 bonus. A few weeks went by and my friend and I did not receive the $50 bonus. At that time I called into chime and spoke to a customer service representative. To make a long story short they played us and never gave either one of us the $50 bonus. I still was willing to give this company a chance so I continue to get my checks directly deposited. A few nights ago I got off work at 2:30 AM and tried to order in Uber Using my Chime card I was declined from the Uber. I had to stand outside in the cold and rain until 5:00 AM and had to catch a bus. Chime States that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that all direct deposits and purchases along with ATMs could be used. I truly believe that chime bank was hacked and they’re lying to us about it. Yesterday I had confirmation that my check was cleared from my employer and it still has not yet been posted by chime bank. I called in and was on able to speak to a customer service representative. They told me to send an email with my concerns and that would be answered in a timely manner. I sent in a dozen emails and haven’t gotten a response as of yet. I went ahead and filed a complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau. I strongly suggest if anyone else out there is experiencing the same problems should also file complaints against this company With the Better Business Bureau. If I ever get my money I am withdrawing it all and closing down my John Bank account. I have a few friends and family and also use Chime and they’re closing their accounts down as well.

Chime Banking

Posted by: DSColey | Oct 18, 2019

It has been days now that your system somehow hasn't been accessable. We have received your email responses claiming our funds are secure & nor to worry. How can anyone not take offense to your claim knowing you can't even resolve the issue? This is the reason most people don't trust the banking industry because you can't even communicate the truthfulness of why it has been days your system crashed. This is totally unacceptable banking relationship!

Don't Do It

Posted by: Loura66 | Oct 17, 2019

My money is gone and every time I try to get someone on the phone it hangs up on me. I want to know where my money is,............

Chime Worse Banking Experience Ever

Posted by: Ram1181 | Oct 17, 2019

several years ago I had to have surgery to reconstruct my wrist which was completely shattered by the end of this experience I had lost my vehicle and ruined by credit recently I had to take a loan from a payday loan place now thanks to chime who systems went down and gave me no access to my money I am late on this loan 5 years of trying to rebuild my credit down the drain on top of this it is the worst customer service experience I have ever had take heed to my warning and don't consider chime I would do everything in my power to try to sink this company don't choose chime don't let this happen to you

Don't Join These Liars

Posted by: Qbpeace72 | Oct 17, 2019

Never received referral bonus. Everytime i try to check my account balance I am sent a verification code. What a hassle. Then today worldwide the chime online service is down and you can't use your chime card anywhere due to chime is having issues. I have never experienced this with any other bank. I wish i could give 0 stars!!

Horrible Place To Bank

Posted by: Sgrice | Oct 10, 2019

The worst experience of my life. My card was stolen and someone charged up a couple hundred dollars worth of gas I put in a dispute claim. Chime would not return my money as they said they did a full investigation. Investigation on what apparently they didn't send the people out to look at the gas station cameras to see that it wasn't me just filling up my tank with gas in a car that I don't have. Please I advise you this is not the place to let hold your money.

Unauthorized Charges

Posted by: Jon222 | Oct 4, 2019

When it comes to unauthorized charges, chime will leave you stranded. I’ve had 3 charges of $74.00 come out of my account within the span of 15 min at a corner store, which completely drained all my money I had in that account at the time. I reach out to chime, first I get put through a bot, which is completely useless. Then I’m put on the phone with the stereotypical broken English speaking customer service rep. I’m told there’s nothing they can do until the charges are no longer pending. 3 days go by the charges finalized, so I request a dispute. One day later i get an email saying my dispute has been rejected. I go through the hot again and finally get ahold of someone so they could explain why. All I’m told is that “we don’t have access to that information” and to file a “rebuttle” which could take up to 45 days for a response 45 days. Any other bank could have had this settled with funds back in my account within 2 days. Utterly ridiculous what chime has going on. Definitely wont ever store money with them again. Terrible and useless customer service.

Chime Is The Worst EVER

Posted by: Ziahfaith | Sep 27, 2019

I transfered money from my bank to my chime account ....9 BUSINESS days ago. I have talked, emailed pulled my hair out and still not even a straight answer just repeat if poorly scripted responses from customer support. Can someone ..anyone tell me where my money went? What's the deal seriously? Is this just a big scam? Get people to sign up provide what any 1of the 100s of prepaid credit cards out there provide just with slicker marketing then siphon off amounts from customers accounts with ploys like missing transfers, deposits, mystery company debits, and the old oh no some hacked your account ohhh but sorry fine print we don't reimburse for that :( There is something off here something doesn't add up. Reading reviews on multiple sites it's seems at least 3/4 of their customers have experienced some type of missing money from their account. I totally understand any system involving technology or humans is bound experience some glitches but that seems like a few to many glitches and the same type of glitch. If it was a issue with a program why hasn't it been addressed it's much more serious than sometimes the app crashes it's people's money the stuff they use to eat drink keep a roof over their heads.

Wow, This Sucks

1st they are not set up with Capital One, which means I can’t pay my car payment from Chime.
2nd they rejected a mobile check deposit that was filled out legibly and correctly
3rd upon trying to resolve the mobile check deposit, I found out you will NEVER get someone on the phone, only through chat in the app.
4th, you have to talk to their bot before it lets you chat with a person.
5th, finally got into the real person chat room. No response from the company, the bot, or the person.
Not worth putting your money into.

Unauthorized Atm Chrgs

Posted by: Bettrdayz | Jul 20, 2019

I left my wallet in the shopping cart at walmart. I notified Chime immediately. After viewing my online status I noticed the atm withdrawals three for a total of $265
I filed a disbute waited the ten days an was finally told the case was closed. Not in my favor.
I thought we were protected against such things like this. I filed a complaint with CFPB
I intend to close this acct. There is no protection.

Horrible Service

My debit card number was stolen. I called to get a new card. Was told it would be 3-5 business days until it would arrive. It has been that long so called and they had said that I was told wrong and it wouldn't arrive until July 5th (10 business days) or at the latest July 10th (14 business days). They do not send cards out in that time length. After talking to three different customer service representatives, was told sorry but there is no way that you will have access to your money unless you have a Venmo account and card, we send you a check which takes 10 days, another checking account that can link with Chime, or a friend who also has Chime and will pull your money out from an atm if you send it to their account. I have none of these. They will not transfer to my PayPal, which I have a card for or help me in any way. After being on the phone with them for over 2 hours all they could say was "sorry we have no other options for you. We cannot help you in any way. You have no other options, but to wait for your card." That is three whole paychecks and I have bills to pay and children to feed and gas to get in my car, so I can make it to work. I got absolutely no help or sympathy from them at all other them acknowledging that I was screwed on getting my money.

The WORST Experience With A Prepaid Card

Posted by: Ronbinokc | Jun 5, 2019

Do not EVER use this card for a hotel! they say they will release the funds within 7 days but they don't and what they put you through to get the funds released is a nightmare! They refuse to do anything you have to have your hotel do a statement and email it to them A copy of the folio from the hotel showing is 0 balance won't do. stay away from this card and away from their awful customer service that have no one you can actually speak with you have to email and wait for hours and hours for responses it's ridiculous this is the worst card ever!!!!!

Run Fast To ANY Other Bank Besides Chime Bank.

Posted by: james4556 | Apr 21, 2019

Big issues:

-You cannot export your transaction ledger as a spreadsheet. This is a basic feature every bank EXCEPT Chime will offer. They told me no at every turn. As a response, I filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve.

-You have to have a direct deposit to use half of their features. This is a no go for me because I'm self employed.

-Chime cannot connect with any web service that can pull in your banking history.

Terrible bank.

Terrible -- Better Options Out There

I signed up because I liked the "round up" option for microsavings.

However, I encountered the following problems:
1. "No fees" -- yet you have to search high and low and to find an ATM machine to actually get your money out otherwise they charge 2.50. Even if you take it into the bank and run it through as a charge, you are still charged 2.50.

2. 500 limit per day on getting cash out... they really want you to use the card for swipes -- I assume that is how they make their money.

3. Terrible customer service -- when I joined, they had no humans that you could interact with -- only "Chimebot" on the app.

4. Sketchy reputation among other banks -- because I set up a recurring transfer from another bank so that I could actually earn INTEREST on my savings (as opposed the 0.01 percent that Chime "pays"), the other bank flagged my account for fraud and froze it. I could not get ahold of a live human being to verify my account (see above about "Chimebot").

5. All deposits from another institution are held for 5 days regardless of how long you have been a customer.

I have now switched to Empower. It pays 2 percent cashback on debit card swipes. ALL ATMS are free. You get your direct deposit up to 2 days early like Chime. You get paid 2 percent interest for both checking and savings and it offers seamless integration and transfers with outside banks -- even my credit union. No 500 cash back limit on getting money out like Chime. Only downside is there is no website -- only an app.

Aspiration is also switching to a 2 percent cash back on debit card swipes and also pays 2 percent interest though their ATM network is more limited.

Completely Disorganized, Poorly Run, Inept Service

Posted by: Thomas777 | Jun 28, 2018

I feel like Chime is something that a group of "techies" made and rushed out to the general public without working out all the kinks. I didn't even get to use the account because of so many issues that came up with trying to link the account with USAA. The routing number Chime will provide you will likely register at your other institution as a prepaid debit card account. So USAA kept saying that the Chime account routing number is either invalid or does not accept external transfers... (USAA will not connect with a prepaid account due to fraud). Chime did not understand this and they asked to me tell USAA that they are not a prepaid account, which I did. USAA tried adding it again with the same issue. Chime's email support team kept sending me generic responses to this issue. So I finally called and spoke to two different reps who struggled to communicate in English. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for over 20min with no response. I finally hung up and emailed their support team to close the account. This account is honestly a complete waste of time. If you are looking for a mobile app type bank, stick with Simple.

Terrible support

Posted by: HeroSra | Aug 23, 2017

When I first heard about chime I was really excited about them. I love online-only banks because they are really convenient for my mobile life. When I signed up using the app, I immediately had a huge issue. It wouldn't let me attach my card to the account. I tried to contact support, as I was unable to utilize my account, and they didn't reply to me for over two weeks. When they finally did reply they apologized but it left a bitter taste in my mouth and I decided to no longer use them.

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