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Steal My Money

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I have been calling and emailing them for 24 days and still haven’t heard back from them they froze my account I send them all the information showing that it my taxes n still ain’t heard back yet They are taking everybody money we need to sue them

Does Not Fix Fraud Charges.

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On April 24, 2021 I noticed fraudulent activity on my Chime credit builder card. On April 22nd my card was used fraudulently 6 times at exactly 6:05pm at Targets in Las Vegas NV totaling $1,142.36. On April 23rd my card was used once at 7:58pm at Target in Henderson NV totaling $192.00. April 24th I noticed this activity and called to dispute these to Chime. I filed the dispute and sent back the dispute form as requested. Chime cancelled the card and stated that they would mail me a new card. On April 24th my card was again used fraudulently at Target 13 times at exactly 8:04pm. I again called chime to dispute these charges and again was told that the card was off and that the disputes department would look into this and that it could take up to 90 days. At this point I spoke to a members services agent who told me that the card had been used at multiple different locations around Southern California at the exact same minute. On April 27th I received and activated my new card and transferred $1.41 into my credit builder account. On May 4th at exactly 5:18pm my old card was used 4 times at Target totaling $824.00 and another dispute was filed with Chime and same steps were taken in changing my passwords etc. On May 5th my old card was again used at Target totaling $66.81. I filed yet another dispute with Chime and this dispute was resolved same day. At this point I had both my old card and my new card deactivated. No purchases should have been able to go through and a new card was being sent to me. On May 10th at exactly 4:55pm just as I was clocking out for lunch at work my first card was charged 11 times at Target totaling $2993.01. I reported this to chime on May 10. On May 11th I called the dispute department to make sure they had received all documentation and additional documentation that I had including screenshots of my location at the time of every single dispute, my target shopping history both in store and online and my clock in from work. All disputes were closed by May 12, 2021 stating that my dispute was denied. I asked for more information on why a dispute was previously denied and was sent an email containing a basic printout of the transactions and the time and station ID of transactions. To me this is not proof at all. Today I received an email that my account would be closed as of June 1, 2021. When I asked the Chime agent the reason he said that it was not listed. I do not want to be held responsible for these fraudulent charges. I have done my due diligence in reporting within a reasonable time. Changing my passwords etc in order to keep my information safe. The only helpful people at this company are in member services.

Read Reviews They Can't Be Trusted

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Go get a bank account please stay far away from these guys. They will fuck with your money and then say whoops. I called Friday inquiring about a mobile deposit. Asked can I cash my boyfriend's us treasury unemployment check if its not in my name. Can he sign it over to me. She said yes. As long as he writes for mobile deposit through chime only he sign and you sign. So I hung up and also looked on their faq about mobile deposit. I trusted them. And did as we were told. 2 days later I'm told it was not accepted. It was not accepted because the check has to have my name on it as well. Yet the agent knew that and told me it was fine. Also thr mobile dposit information says nothing about that. Says they offer mobile deposit and you can cash spouse's check if you have an account with direct deposit. Call them about the check being denied and I'm told we are sorry. We do see she misinformed you and we will let her know the correct policy. But we can't cash the check. So now the check can't be cashed anywhere and has to be sent back for a new one. Went to wells fargo where it's drawn. They said no because its signed already and says for mobile deposit only. Then check cashing and Wal-Mart. So because of them he has to wait another month. If they didnt tell me I can deposit it, it would have been fine. Would have went elsewhere. But instead I trusted chime and now its an issue that they wont resolve. Only a whoops. If you want a good bank, follow me and leave their asses. Ive never in my life seen such poor customer service. I recall waiting in a return to be refunded. I called them and try were same way. They can care less. Not their money. Not their family. Stay away from chime. Read the other comments and reviews. People being hacked. Them not doing good by their customers or providing the best customer experience.

Chime Will Steal Your Money And Not Give It Back

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I recently got my unemployment that I have been waiting on for months… 6000 dollars and they decide to put my account on hold and then close it because of some deposit agreement. Well that’s all fine they can close my account but then they say I’m not getting a refund of my money…. I have read a lot of reviews where this has happend to a lot of people… do not use this bank… a brick and mortar bank would never do this… and of course they don’t have a location you can fo to and talk to anyone… they won’t even take my calls when I call them. It says to email chime support… this is all legal for them to because they put it in the small print that they can close your account if they think you are using your account for anything they don’t see fit I am not going to stop until I get my mo why back.

They Steal Everyone Money

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We need to all get together an do something about this to many ppl are taking loses an nothing is done they took my whole tax check of 5000 told me they were sending me a check never got it. Closed my accounts for no reason i had chime for 2 years, i never got a warning call text or anything befor the accounts where closed.

Close My Account For No Reason

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I went though so much with chime they stole so much from me and not once did I get my money back I had about $167 in my credit account and over 5000 in my spending account then next thing I know my account was close I called them no answer did the chat they said we will send you a check in the amount in the account and guess what they sent me $10 am pissed I never cash that I ripped that shit up that’s how mad I was this is sad never again something needs to be done ASAP so many people being robbed for there money but if I rob somebody I go to jail what’s the difference for them.

Liars Won't Give Me MY Money!

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After banking with them for years,now they wanna close my account for no reason and still haven't give me my 8000 dollars STILL! CANT SPECK TO ANYONE GET A EMAIL BACK NOTHING! THIS COMPANY HAS GOT AWAY WITH TAKEN MY MONEY!

Unauthorized Transactions

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I’m going through this now has anyone had any luck. They got $4900 of my money. I’m supposed to get provisional credit tomorrow but after reading review I hope I’m going to get it.

Chime Beware

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They froze my account had over $500. I reported to bbb. I finally recieved check in mail for refund of $87 through bank of america today after it's been two months.. smfh.

Chime Bank Stealing Money From Innocent People

I used to love chime bank until recently these people have stolen $1869.92 from me they changed all my statements and made it look like i owed money even though every time i made a purchase i made sure to eitheri add money to my card or be sure my balance was positive this money came into my chime account and chime immediately stole it and claimed i owed even though they wouldnt explain to me why they did this. i tried to dispute but their comeback was due to their "policy" they cant wont dispute my claim and there was nothing they could do about it meaning they didnt care how or why my money was taken they refused to do anything to help resolve this situation, i have already reported them to the bbb this service needs to be shut down before more innocent people have their money stolen like they did to me. Beware stay far away from chime they make it look good but when you in it for a while they start stealing your money. stick to real banks

Chime Is Stealing And Doing Illegal Things!!!!

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT HERE WE COME!!!!!! I swear they will pay for everything that they made me go through throughout the month of March and this month now April they closed my account for absolutely no reason they talked about for me to send them photo ID proof of address W-2 form to prove that I am the intended recipient and they still do not want to open my account I have about close to 10,000 in there and don't want to give it back talking about no refund that it is an in compliance with this loads in my account it's not my fault that my stimulus check was 4200 why would you guys say to get our income tax refund direct deposit into chime but then again closed our account after I we get all our money you guys are trying to keep money you guys are misleading and chime will pay for everything and it should be shut down I wish I can give it negative -10 Stars if there's anyone interested in filing a class-action lawsuit please let me know we need to take action let the news know about this as well but don't just do it for yourselves do it for everyone that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to help everyone out add to sell things that has sentimental value to me just because of chime closing my account this is not right for me or anyone to go through this especially throughout the pandemic!!!!!! I will not rest until I see a judge and see them pay for everything chime here we come!!!!

Avoid If At All Possible

Just use your regular bank account if you can. I had a refund issued to this account which triggered something and now Chime has frozen all my cash and told me to screw off. Avoid at all costs.

Victim Of Chime

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I was gotten for hundreds my account went in the negitive 694 all in one min 25 to 50 charges 4 diff merchants from honking and chime said no error found forced transactions I’m disputing their decision but it has put me in hardship cuz they said if I had my dd go to credit builder it would not pay the 700 they lied ! Lucky I have one star

So Unprofessional

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ok so I’ve had chime for over 2years they we’re good , the out of no where I started receiving text messages an emails saying if i was trying change my pin call chime customer service, so i changed all my info so no one would be able to hack my account, then here it is February i file my taxes, my funds were deposited in my account march 1 same day they closed my account with no warning, so i tried calling i get no answer then i was told by the automated system to email chime because my accounts have been closed, mind u i had 151.00 in my credit builder and 4545.00 in my spending acc. I messaged them almost every day about my money starting from march 1, so today i reach out jus for someone to tell me they sent my checks out an the checks where cashed when i never received my checks at all something has be done i see they’ve been taking everyone money an nothing is getting handle.


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My account was hacked. I've called in at least 5-7 times. I get different information every time. The people I've spoken with don't seem to know what they're doing. I'm the customer and the victim and yet I'm the one being punished. 90 days to complete an investigation into disputed charges!? As soon as I get refunded, I will be closing my account.

Chime Is False

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Chime place a hold on my account a few days ago when I received my PPP loan of 10,650.00. I opened a savings account with Capitol one for $ 200.00 dollars, then I tried to pay for a bill that cost 1,119.00 but they would not let me do the transaction, so lastly I just transferred that amount to my Business Cash app,plus an additional $ 200.00 dollars. a few minutes later they place a hold on my account for suspicious activity. I called their customer service number and spoke with a Chime representative, who told me I needed to prove that I owned the account. She said she was very sorry that my account was on hold, I ask what's the next step to remove the hold, she fore I did not receive an email from chime. She said I should be receiving an email with instruction. So, I got the email with documents chime needed to see in order to remove the hold from my Chime Account. They asked for Driver's license/Government I.D, proof of address, and all documents proving that the money is mine and where it came from. So I sent all I had, but that still isn't enough for them. They now want more documents. They also stated that they will send my money back to the bank that send me the money. So now I am unable to pay bills and buy what I need. Chime is not worth the trouble. Please..please ...PLEASE DO NOT Sign UP With Chime.

Liars And Thieves

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I've had Chime for a couple years and just this month switched direct deposit over and got a credit builder card. My first deposit landed and 2 days later a transaction occured that I did not authorize. Filed a dispute and after 3 weeks of lies and the run around, the dispute was denied. I demanded a reason, they sent a PDF with a phone number and merchant name (neither I've ever heard of) with them saying my name and email was used to verify i made this $105.83 purchase. I called that number. They never had anything with my name, address, email or card number on file anywhere. So, Chime, where is my money? When I asked they told me to file a dispute about my denied dispute. 45 more days. My money should have been secured, they refused to stop payment while it was pending and refused to give me any merchant info. On a fixed income, $105 is what keeps the electric on. I would never just toss that much money around. I'm disgusted and worried about my next direct deposit because it can't be changed until after next month. No shame, care or concern from this company or the BOTS they use for everything. Wondering who the single human is behind all this

The Worst

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I've been with chime since 2015. It sucks ordering new cards with them. They'll send you one and say wait 5 to 7 business days. But after 10 days no card has shown up they will re-submit you a new one and there goes another 5 to 8 days waiting again. Something got to change!

Closed A Count A Day Before My Stimulus

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I have had chime since 2013 and now they closed my account. I had a deposit date of 03/17/2021 for the 1400 stimulus. They are not saying what is going on. I just want to know if it bounced or they took my whole funds. Im homeless and that would really help me alot if i just know where my stimulus went.

Chime Is A Joke

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Had this crap card for over 2 years now.. ABSOLUTE TRASH... Customer Service is worse than a room full of toddlers. A. they are legit unable to do anything logical. B. Forget actually speaking to anyone.. on hold an hour, get hung up on. C. they lost my last bit of patience when they cant even fix notifications for spend/deposit transactions that I have had for well over a year now. Simple fix and all they want is my drivers license, social security card photos. I think not. I gave it the VERY FIRST time and I am not going to keep doing it. D. Half the time the stupid card doesnt work anywhere. Not even the Credit Builder. The app is always jacked up also. I left an actual legit bank for reasons similiar, and I will not be using this crap card again once its at zero/ I transfer what money is left to the bank I used to have as a teenager. Also, their bs on early payday stops after 4 times.. Same payroll, yet they come up with excuses worse than a 2 year old. ZERO respect for customers.. RUDE isnt even nice enough for these jackwagons... Cant fix a simple issue, but can send me alerts for marketing? if you can do that, you can fix ALL notifications that I actually want to see. 1 star ONLY because I have to. Also, they get hopping mad when you can explain their job better than they can. I.E. they cant even read their scripted instructions properly, have a coronary if you tell them they are wrong and show THEM how to use their own computer over the phone.

Do Not Use CHIME

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I opened an account with the sole purpose of collecting rent from a tenant because they use Chime and I figured this would make their life easier.  After the first payment came in I set up my bank and attempted to transfer the money.  The next day they closed my account without any explanation.  When I tried to call they said I wasn't a customer and hung up on me.  Further attempts to call just got pushed through the automated system and of course you can never get a live person.  Each time it ended with them hanging up on me.  I emailed them and received a generic response stating a transaction was attempted that was against their policy.  When I requested further information I got no reply.  After numerous emails I am still being ignored.    I still do not know why the account was closed and I still do not have the money that was in the account.  It is clear that Chime does not care about their customers and make it ridiculously difficult to talk to anyone or get and issue resolved.  They have a complete disregard for the people they serve.  Just wanted to inform you and anyone else I can so others are not put in the same situation.

Also, my tenant paid someone else, they never received the fund, he never received the money back.  He had to close his account and open a new one, according to Chime.  And now he is missing that money and his last pay check too.  Most people need their paychecks for food, rent, utilities, etc.. and they are basically tell him he has to wait.  No explanation or answer to how long or any consideration for him and his family.  That is the company you rated 4.5 out of 5.  Thanks for your time.

Chime Is Sad

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My stimmy went here after closing of bank due to begin hacked by chime i don't know what to do

Try To Keep Your Money & Not Pay Interest

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I had a savings account into which I deposited $5,000 each month for the 1% interest rate they advertised that dropped to .05% immediately. I asked to put a second name on the account and was told I could not. I asked to put a POD on the account and was told to just put it in my will and have my heir go through probate to get the money. I then closed the account over a month ago. Multiple calls to their overseas call centers where agents barely speak English revealed that my check has still not been mailed to me over a month later. They are not paying interest, of course, while they hold and use my money. STAY AWAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY!

We Must Fight Back!!!

I'm a victim of Chime on 4/14/20 1,660 was stolen from my account I was given Provisional credit 15 days after the incident occurred only for them the say they found no error and reversed the provisional credit, now my money is set to go into this account even though I closed it!! I'm tired of Chime I wish I never got with this company, ?? it's like a curse and everyone is suffering!! We need help and now, tomorrow I will be contacting the IRS, News stations, and Attorneys! I'm so sorry to hear about everything you all are going through as well, A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE AND NOW! LET'S GET CHIME SHUT DOWN TOGETHER?I Give chime No stars?

Shady Business Practices. Bots. Unexplained Closures. Possible Theft Of Money

I received an email on March 5th that my account would be closed on March 7th due to a violation of terms about direct deposits. They could not give me further details as all their bots kept telling me there was privacy issues that kept them from giving me details on why. It's weird how that happens only 1 week before the stimulus package goes out and the email closure I received only mentioned savings account not that my credit builder or spending account also closed. My stimulus is due to deposit on 3/17/2021 and I am praying this is not some shady way for them to intercept people's pandemic relief funds. Their short notice of closure has left me in panic trying to get a hold of the irs because the stimulus is being direct deposited and my 2019 taxes were filed before I moved which is why I can't file still. My w-2 forms went to my old address. Screw you chime. Your affecting the lives of 2 struggling parents and 4 special needs toddlers who survive month to month on my direct deposits and the stimulus funds.

Chime Closed My Account

Chime closed my account with no explanation. I have money in there and now they get to keep it for free. I have pending ach payments that will bounce and now will have to incur a fee from my creditors due to late payment. How the hell they advertise themselves as consumer friendly and 'we got your back' with a straight face when they just close bank accounts willy-nilly. Why don't you advertise on how you close accounts? I regret ever tipping them for using their spot me services.

Disappointed In Chime Bank

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I have been with Chime for years and had nothing to complain about until the day I needed a representative to help me with a lost check.

A check I had them send was never received by my landlord and never cashed. I called Chime to place a simple stop payment on my account. The representatives (it took 5 of them) who barely spoke English, instead of placing the simple stop payment, "disputed" the check and I soon received an email stating the dispute was denied and would NOT be getting my rent money back.

I called yet again and spoke to someone else who barely spoke English, who told me what I already knew, that this is a simple stop payment and the money would be placed in my account within 3 days. I then looked in my account after 3 days and discovered that they had placed a stop payment on the proper check, and another check that had absolutely nothing to do with my original lost check. Chime was great UNTIL the day I needed a representative to help, these people are not trained properly to work for a so called "bank" and do not care about the level of service that a Bank employee needs to. I am leaving Chime so this never happens again as unfortunately I can never get back the time and effort I had to go through for a simple bank transaction to be done property. Watch out if your planning on going with them!!

-100 Stars

Chime is doing some shady and very dark weird internet money stuff...... I’m like the other THOUSAND of ex Chimes customers. Jus read the reviews below. This happened to me too .

Age Discrimination And Money Holding Scam

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My daughter recommended Chime. We were both to get $75.00 if I opened an account with $200.00 and arranged for direct deposit within 45 days. I arranged for direct deposit the same day I opened the account after arranging a transfer from my credit union. Social Security notified me it would take longer than the 45 days to set up. I notified Chime who did not take the delay on the government timeline into consideration. I transferred the account balance back to my credit union waited 2 days for the time the site posted the transfer would take. I contacted Chime regarding the closure. I never saw the money transferred back into my C U account . I called Chime who claimed the money was returned to them. My C U showed no record of this. Chime claims it waits 14 days when an account is closed and then sends a paper check. This outfit has found a way to hustle and hold onto money and especially with seniors. It fails to disclose upfront that social security may delay direct deposits to make incentives void and that it blocks transfers from leaving its account.

Worst Bank Ever

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Had chime for a few years, no issues. Heard other peoples horror stories. Was dumb and figured it wouldn't happen to me. When I checked to see if my unemployment had been deposited today couldn't log on to app, said my account was closed. So I check my email, said my direct deposit was in my account at 1:42pm, then I see the email titled, ACCOUNT CLOSED at 2:!3pm. Figured out how to talk to an actual person. Not helpful, gave me zero answers as to why my account was closed. Pretty messed up to take all my money on the 1st of the month. So screwed.

Chime Steals Your Money

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Chime steals money from so many people. I used the ATM and the ATM said no but still there was $520 deducted from my account! They are crooks!!

They Are Scam

Do not ever use Chime.

If anyone is looking into class actions please reach out to me

This Is Just Not Safe Anymore

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2/29/21 At 1:00 am I got an email that my Chime card was declined because I had international purchasing turned off in my settings. Super thankful I did, because I have no idea who that was trying to use my card. I'm also super glad in this instance I don't have shit because this is scary.

Chime Are Thieves

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they stole my rent got me evicted and my child is in icu as result of chime making us destitute. pure scumbag trash

New Account. 5 Fraudulent Charges!

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I opened a chime account recently and in the past three days, I have had FIVE fraudulent charges for I'm an Android girl and I don't do anything with Apple. Filled out the lengthy form that you could barely read the font on for each charge and we will see what happens. I want a safe banking app. I live alone, no one has access to my phone, computer, or my card. I don't give anything out to anyone. I am shocked!

Zero Customer Loyalty

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I have been with Chime over 2 years now, using it as my primary bank account, direct depositing between 4-5k a month. I began to get perterbed when I saw new customers getting $75 spot me coverages while I was sitting at $45 so I reached out to customer support. I was basically told, too bad! I was told it's based on multiple factors, well apparently not if a brand new customer of 5 minutes with no direct deposit history can get the max spot me but a customer such as myself cannot. I have tested this theory btw by having my wife who is unemployed open an account and immediately get a max spot me limit. So I will say this about Chime ZERO customer loyalty!

Awful Customer Service. Awful App.

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They make you write “for chime deposit only” on checks and if the system can’t read the check (they never can) then they tell you to retake the picture over a dozen times as if you cannot hear what they are saying. Meanwhile, they can see every picture you take and can see that you are taking clear pictures, they just don’t want to help.
I lost over $2000 due to these issues.
Then they tell you you’re dumb for not understanding them or give you false information saying a person will manually review the check. No one does that.

Chime Bank Are Criminals

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They closed my account two days after I opened my account because I entered the wrong pin in once. I had 400.00 in the account when it closed. That was 25 days ago. It took me two weeks to get an email back from an actual person. Now there telling me that a subsidiary company are they ones that have to cut the final checks, and when they receive it, it will be expedited to me. I now don't have insurance on my car because the money I allocated for my car insurance chime has conviently kept. Do not be fooled Chime is a criminal organization, and there needs to be a class action law suite.

This Has To Be Illegal Chime Is Stealing

Chime is stealing people's money who knows any civil attorneys. We all need to ban together and get our money back this is illegal

Chime Is A Scam

Any one know of any attorneys that will file a class action suit against chime. I opened a chime account deposited 500.00. In the account the same day and the same day they closed the account and kept my 500.00 then they cut phone contact and then said on 2 occasions that my money was expidited to me and it never came so now they won't respond to me thru email as well. This has to be illegal and how are they getting away with stealing people's hard earned money. Please help


Chime is THE WORST. I thought AMEX Serve was bad.. here's my deal. Never had issues. Been a customer for 2 to 3 years now. Well recently filed my taxes. Put chime as my DD acct. My phone BROKE. I have no money for a new one. So I contacted chime to update the phone number and since the new number was tied to someone else acct they couldn't update my phone number. They asked me to send my ID to prove it's me. I did as asked. Then I asked if they can send the 2 step verification code to the new number and I can verify it's me and I have that number. Of course they couldn't so anything about it. Pretty much saying I was SOL in getting into my OWN ACCT. Wtf Chime...I swear chime needs to be SUED. REPS ARE THE WORST. ONE LAUGHED AND HUNG UP ON ME. The rest couldn't do anything to help me. Smh. ZERO STARS

Hidden Fees And Fallacies

I had direct deposit on a chime card and at first it was great; then the bull began. I saw the commercial where they said you would get paid upto two days faster. Two days before friday is Wednesday. So why do I get my money on Thursday at 12-8am in the morning? But wait! There's more...I would often go shopping for house hold products and food just to be charged a hidden fee when I would use the chime card. I called to complain about the false advertising they displayed on TV and was charged for that call as well!!! They want you to stay calm while they lie to you and rob you of your money. No thanks Stride Bank, I must make noise. Don't fall for this scam like I did, use or or something like that. Do not use chime they are scammers that only care about taking your money and selling tons of wolf tickets.

Fabulous Way To Bank

I have had no problems with my chime. I have had it a year and I love mine! I have a checking, savings and credit builder! I can transfer money instantly, as many times as I want! This is by far my favorite banking experience. I get all deposits early and have never had any issues. I was the first person I know to get the stimulus checks! Both times! Chime is legit, the sh.. ;-D if you have direct deposit, you have the option to enroll in their "SpotMe" program. It will cover up to $100, and then you pay it back. I never qualified for more than $20, but even that came in handy MANY times in the past year. I would highly recommend giving them a try. I'm actually surprised that Chime's rating is so low on here. ??

Chime Theft!

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Chime closed my account without prior notice b/c they said I made to many transactions within a period of time. My child's child support was deposited into the account the day the account was closed.
When Chime closes your account they make it so you can not speak to a live person. A recording comes on and tells you to email customer service. When I did they sent me generic a e- mail. My money was Never returned!
I also informed Bancorp Bank however, they were not helpful either. Stay away from Chime! I wish I could give them 0 stars.

Worse Bank Ever

So I've been using chime for over 6 months now. I keep seeing money that I know I havent spent disappear. I try to talk to customer service that's a joke. They cant understand English at all. Well I have brought it to their attention my name needs to be change because I was divorce. I've sent my driver's license, my social security card all with my legal name. They refuse to change my name an now the refused my stimulus check because it had my legal name I carry now. Now my tax return is going too the account an they said they would refuse it too that they can only use my legal name. I have sent them all my identifications to show my current legal name. They refuse too change it. So now I will be screw on my tax return too. I'm leaving this bank an never looking back. Not to mention they say they have 38,000 atm for you too use that dont charge that is a lie. So everytime you use a atm your going to pay 5.00 to 6.00 in fees if you use your chime card.


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Chime needs to be sued for poor faith practices. They offer easily hacked services and our money is not safe. Hundreds have had their money stolen using chime. They cannot as an FDIC organization, continually lose people's money and close accounts without being investigated. I want to see a claims report for how many people in this year have filed fraud claims!!!
Violations of the FDIC policies...tons. SUE!!!!!

They Stole My Money

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These people are the biggest ripoff there is in banking. The froze my account because they wanted me to verify where I was getting my funds from. I sent the the letter from the unemployment agency and that still wast good enough. They asked for my ID, front and back, Social security card, a picture of me holding my identification card and my 1099 document. Then they asked for a utility bill which I don't have because I am staying with family. they tell me they want a check stub and a utility bill, and I informed them that I sent you my 1099 and I don't have a utility bill in my name. I tried to call them and received a message that they closed the account and that I would have to send an email if I wanted to speak with someone. I repeat DO NOT HAVE YOUR MONEY SENT TO THESE PEOPLE. I wish I had saw these reviews before having my unemployment money sent to these assholes. Do you know how many people money they have kept? This company is making out like a fat rat, and it seems that there is nothing you can do about it.

Run With Your Money To Another Bank

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been a customer for only 10 days, did a transfer from my bank to Chime and it took a week to get the money credited even though it took them 2 days to take money out. had my unemployment going there, normally i get the money in 2 days, been 4 days and nothing yet. They claim u get the money faster, but its a lie. will withdraw my money and run close Chime forever.


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This has been by far the worse banking experience I’ve had!!! Chime and The Bancorp Bank is a total rip off!! They have over 10,000 of mines that they are not wanting to let go of! Yea that much money because I received Pandemic Unemployment payment through them! As if it isn’t hard enough out here with CoVid and school closings!!! I’ve never heard of a bank so invested in you business that they actually hold your money for no apparent reason I’ve sent them all information to verify myself and my money which I shouldn’t have had to do in the first place! And I’m still fighting to get my money back I would not recommend them to my worse enemy!!


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So i thought they were cool until i wanted my money back for a purchase i made almost a month ago. Not only has Chime sided with the merchant but did not give me provisional credit when that was my last $66.05 until i get paid next Thursday. They are of no help and no use. Oh and if you are stupid enough to think they got your back, they really dont!

Dont get me started on their "customer service department"


They're Pretty Decent

I've been using Chime for about 4 years now and haven't had any major issues with them. I love that you can instantly receive and send money from/to friends. I also really enjoy not having to deal with a brick and mortar bank. The only thing I would say out of constructive criticism is that I wish they didn't outsource their customer service. The few times I've had to call in (to replace my card or discuss a dispute claim), the customer service agents usually don't know much about Chime or their job, and I often have a hard enough time knowing what someone is saying on the phone even without the speaker being new to English. Overall, a pretty good service, they've helped me get my money back in the event of Forever 21 trying to scam me out of a refund they promised.


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Chime will double charge you! I started keeping screen shots of every notification of every transaction. When I caught them,which was an hour and fifteen minutes of over seas transfers to another individual trying to beat me out of my money with question after question on the phone. They were literally making huffing grunting noises before saying I need you to speak to my supervisor. They still stole my money! They put the money back in my account for 136.63 than told the place I charged to I did not have the funds available but still on the original date of charge took the money from my chime account and deducted from my balance at the time. If I give you four stones to hold for me and tell you to pay Bob two stones and you give Bob two stones and take four from me. You than take two stones back from Bob and give them back to me I am still missing two stones!


Chime is stealing money and getting away with it!!! Chime stole $60 dollars from my account. I had $200 on my account and then I withdrew $160 from the ATM. After I got the $160 I moved the remainder to my Credit Builder which was $27 dollars because of the $160 I also had $3.00 atm fee. So, after the $25 was on my account I went to Walmart to load $140 on to my card and immediately moved the $140 to credit builder which made the balance $160. I spent $83 dollars at Walmart which should have made my balance $77 dollars but instead, it was $16.80 and I was like WTF!!!! So I called Chime for weeks asking about my money and showing them clearly where the money was missing and they agreed on the phone that I was right, but finally after a week of complaining, they emailed my back saying....that is was a glitch in their system!!!! Thats a DAMN LIE!!! My account was never below Zero EVER!!!!! LYING POS!!!!! Here's what they said below!!!

During your account review, I noticed that the balance dropped below $0.0 due to a glitch in our system. This glitch allowed you to make purchases when no money was available on the card (like the SpotMe). However, please note that the SpotMe feature is not currently compatible with the Credit Builder. Before the $140.0 transfer you made to your Credit account, your balance was $-43.57. To corroborate this information, here is the internal record of your account with the transactions that were made when no funds were available to spend in your Credit account:

Chime Is Trash...$#$#

I recieved a notifaction on my phone about my info being changed I immediately contacted chime and asked why? They didn't know ,so I requested that I wanted to Cease All transactions on my account ,that my email and chime account had been compromised .They we responded ok we can do that.The person that stole my money changed my email address 17 times in 3 days.I had 5,342$ in my account in 3 days I had negative 9$ 2 days later my account closed.And refused to refund my money.


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Don't bank with CHIME. I had direct deposit from a Fortune 50 acct deposited weekly and when I wrote a bad review, suddenly, my Bonus and regular direct deposit DID NOT get deposited. I had to call my corporate office who verified that there were no rejections on the routing and acct numbers and the money should be in the account. Chime said it had nothing pending. How? The acct was working fine for 5 straight weeks and suddenly NOTHING. That's only 1 issue. I would NEVER recommend their services. CHIME is GARBAGE!!

You Have To Be On Top Of Chime Work In.

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When she start building up money and time you need to be proactive with your chime account for security reasons. For one thing I turn all transactions off unless I'm using it then I go into the app and turn it on make the transaction once it goes through immediately then I turn all transactions off again within the app. I also update my password every week the two weeks. I now have the time credit card and so I'm able to pay particular bills and do certain things with my Visa debit card but then I move a great portion of money to my credit card that I don't use except for rare occasions that I need to use a credit card like car rentals and such... You have to be control of your security and your chime account and be on top of it and don't assume things or yes you can have your money stolen...

Chime Act Like Big Bank

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I don’t know if this bad comments for real or just like to destroy,
I’m ok with it though there some cons. No one is perfect when it comes to good or bad..??

Don’T Use Chime

At first everything is great!! Then they process mobile deposits slower and slower , even checks from the IRS. I’m so over Chime!!!!There is always a standard answer and your question never is resolved . I’m going somewhere else !!!!

Chime Had My Back.

No one who chooses Chime as their bank has their life together. Let's be honest here. We all chose Chime for multiple reasons; all of which includes the zero fees.
If THAT was the sole reason why you picked it then everything you are complaining about is on you. Yes. The costumer service is pretty awful. I mean, it's not the worst.... But not that much better. Yes. The limit on how much cash you can withdrawal is ridiculous. Over the summer I watched a friend of mine go into tears while trying to get out the money needed to buy a car within 48 hours before it was gone.
But we all knew what we signed up for. I have no problems with forgoing the perks of normal banking. And when I needed Chime the most they delivered. I fell pray to phishing a few weeks back that wiped my account. Going into contacting Chime, I was fully prepared to having to suck that one up as a stupid mistake. Privacy with Chime is pretty much only as good as YOU make it, and I got really lazy about that. Chime came through for without really any issues. It took a total of 10 days. I have another friend that went through a stolen card incident with a "legit" bank before my situation occurred and that person is still in the waiting process.
When I needed Chime the most, Chime was there for me. If you are that worried about if Chime is as good as mainstream banking service then I'd suggest just go with the big bank. I rely on Chime for my needs and they deliver. That's all I need. That metal Chime Credit Building card sure is a nice touch, though. I wanted it for the sturdiness, but the amount of compliments I get is really refreshing.


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Closed Account And Have No Access To My Money

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My bank account was hacked a few weeks ago, they changed my number, and transferred $2450 out of my account. I spent over four hours on the phone being transferred from person to person, all of which barely spoke English, and was hung up on once. I got some of my money back, but not all of it, so I submitted another claim. They sent me an email last night saying my account was being closed, and didn’t give me a chance to transfer my money out. Nobody will speak to me on the phone now because I don’t have an account, and all they reply with when I write is that I will be sent a check with what my balance was within 30 days.
I’m a single mom with a diabetic son, and bills to pay.. and now have no access to my money. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my sons medications all day. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen.


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Someone changed my transfer account number and Chime refused to investigate never again the worst customer service i think its time for a 2nd class action lawsuit

Bad Business

Chime has had my paycheck for a week now and not issued it. They lied to me on the phone telling me employer hadn't sent it. But I had proof in my hand that they did. I have even talked to my employee in person to verify. Yes my direct deposit was sent to my chime account. Then the guy says he needed to get his supervisor. Then told me that yes they see it the dd on the 8th and told me that it was from ford which is where I work. Told me that I should see it within a few hours it was being processed. That was Tuesday. Its Thursday. And still no check. Now tomorrow will be a 2nd check owed to me. I'm beyond livid.


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Beware!!!! I was paid today from work like always but after paying some bills and transferring to my credit builder account I logged on to see all my money was Gone! Someone by the name Chevis Pitts logged into my account transferred all my money back to my spending account then via pay friends sent it all to themselves it took my hours to get the dispute and information over to chime whom were not helpful and said it takes 45 days to complete and I may or may not get my money back! WARNING SIGNS! If you noticed that you’ve been logged out of your account or you go to sign in and have to type in your info again that means someone else has been logging in your account! I reported to the FBI & FTC if this has happened to you please report it as well so all these people can go to prison.


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Chime Bank completely ignores their customers and provides ZERO ability to speak with a real person even when money has been stolen from their account. I went to make a purchase Saturday morning and it was declined. I logged into my bank account to find that somebody had hacked into my Chime account, transferred all of my money from my Credit Builder account and Savings account into my Spending Account, and then used the Pay Friends feature to transfer that entire balance out of my bank account, leaving me with NOTHING. I proceeded to call Chime Bank and followed all of the prompts to get to a person, at which point I was told that there as an extended hold time due to call volume and to use the app and the call was disconnected. How is it possible to have a hold time if there isn't even an option to speak to someone? Of course, I went onto the app and reached out and submitted a request.

The irony in the fact that their chatbot tell you "I'm here you you 24/7" and then logs and completely ignores your request is not lost. That is just insulting. That money has now been missing from my account for 58 hours with ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONTACT FROM CHIME. There is no ability within the app to disable the Transfer to Friends feature, which I find ridiculous, especially in light of the fact that there are SO MANY COMPLAINTS online that this actually happens quite often to Chime Bank customers over and over through the exact same method. I've never used that feature before and have no need or desire to and I definitely think that there should be the ability to disable it and also a multiple authentication process required when transferring money out of the app to another person.

Even if someone had hacked my account, if there had been a second authentication required, it could have prevented them from being able to complete that transaction. I NEED MY MONEY BACK ASAP. Chime Bank needs to have human beings available for customers to speak with in cases of fraud at ALL TIMES. No person should have to wait going on 3 days to even get a response. I've got 4 kids to take care of and I'm a single parent, so getting this money back is of the utmost importance.

Chime Who?

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These clowns are really kicking people when they are down. I am working on getting enough people to qualify for a class action against them and there practices. We need to hold them responsible and the only way to do that is go at them as a force! Seriously though i have a ready been in contact with my state senator as well as financial groups involved in investigating and prosecuting companys that feel they will get away with this. There are hundreds of thousands of people still awaiting payroll deposits from last week, disability, ssi and stimulus. They are holding these funds so they can profit off the interest accrued from the federal reserve. Then they are slandering the companys we work for saying its the companys fault not theres. Well Chime, anyone with common sense knows that is not the case. In my decades of getting direct deposits, i have never experienced this so called problem your blaming on my company of 13 years. Also forward any email or communications Chime sends you stating this is your companys fault and not theres. I talked to the legal team at my company yesterday and they are working on what to do legally. The more of this that happens the easier it will be to pursue this and get Chime front and center of banking regulators. I will update info once i have everything setup for the class action lawsuit. Lets pay these thiefs back for thinking this is ok.
UPDATE 03/08/2021: i opened a new bank account with a real bank and have had ZERO ISSUES like I did with Chime. They always blamed my company for my week delayed deposits! 13 years without delayed deposits and then all of a sudden 2 deposits took over a week to get. Anyways. Get as far away from them as you can and you will experience the downfalls of dealing with shady , scam bank. At one point it was a great bank. Then they got to big for there britches. Only a matter of time before they go out of business. I still think a class action lawsuit is needed. Id like to put them in the position they put me in! Good luck everyone and get a real bank! I forgot how nice it was to have issues handled promptly and having actual people to talk to on the phone and in person. Not to mention i got a fat promo! $600 for opening my account after $5,000 worth of deposits.

Chime Stole My Money

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So apparently this is a practice that they do because I just read a bunch of other reviews that say the same thing but today I found out that they have close my accounts all three of them and they tell me that I might only potentially get my money back if I tell them with proof what was in it of course my Accounts were paper list when I told him I need to speak to somebody else who can actually tell me they told me there was no way that they could tell me why they close my account and then they refuse to answer me about speaking to someone else I have been raped for my money and now I don’t even know what to do and they don’t they don’t even care

Don't Use This Bank

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They close your account
And never send you your money its been since Nov 23 and have received my money they play to many games
This bank sucks


My account was hacked on 01/02/2020 someone got into my account and transferred all my savings into my checkings account then used the pay friend feature to sent themselves my entire disability check i had just received $1350.00 . I spent 7 hours on the phone trying to speak to someone when they finally answered they said it doesn’t look like an unauthorized transaction so there refusing to give me my money back. This was my rent money to keep a roof over my 4 kids and I . I filed a police report contacted the FBI and my attorney general office. Legal action will be taken

Do Not Transfer Funds From Bank Acct To Chime

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Here I am a week later and my money was not transferred from my bank to my chime card. Chime withdrew the money within seconds but has held the money for a week stating it will be available tomorrow, 8 days later. This is Corporate greed at its finest, they draw interest off your money so they hold on to it as long as legally possible. Notice they don’t hold money from one chime card to another but will from a bank. Why transfer funds, because you need funds immediately usually....hold my money so they can make their millions. That money was for baby formula for someone who needed it. I was also told this is the # complaint of Chime users, it will not change because of their greed so DO NOT DO IT. I can’t break chime but I can atleast warn others.

Chime Should Have Surgeon General Warning

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Use this Bank online bank at your own risk but I tell you right now you will be greatly and I mean greatly disappointed. Let me give you an example of some of the shenanigans that they do. First of all they claim that they will pay you your paycheck or you get paid two days early that is a lie. you don't get paid 2 days early what they do is they deposit your paycheck that was received earlier that day and they don't put it in until minutes before midnight so they can technically say you get it two days early. Number two one of the bigger scams that chime is running now is taking advantage of people who get paid on say a Friday and there's a bank holiday on Monday they will literally hold your money put a hold on your direct deposit until the following Tuesday so you have to literally wait almost 5 days to get paid when you should have gotten paid that Friday. I also noticed that every single person I know who has time they all get there paycheck direct deposited around the same time which is minutes before midnight so something fishy is going on here and I'm going to get to the bottom of it I already found the complaint with the New York State banking department and I'm going to file a bigger complaint with the Federal trade commission there needs to be a class action lawsuit for the joker's that's why I say you we need a surge in general's warning on the back of the time card because when you use it you will be severely disappointed it creates a great deal of stress and depression.


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DO NOT USE- I only out one star otherwise I couldn't leave a review. Don't waste your time or money with this app. It is too easy for someone to get into your account and they DO NOT investiagte and you will be relyable for the money taken.


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My roommate hacked my account while i was in the hospital away from my phone. 5,000 was taken from my account that has not been returned. They did not see any red flags when 100s of dollars was withdrawn from my account daily for 3 weeks. This is not normal behavior from me. I have spent hours on the phone and been transferred multiple times and still have not gotten any money back. No one will help me. I can’t pay my mortgage. Chime has ruined my life.

Chines R Stealing From The Poor To Fund The Rich

So chime got me for 7589. I started investagation myself well the despute was for 5000 they emailed me 3 weeks later saying we are canceling ny d
5000 dollar dispute i emailed back i did no such thing. They emailed said they are reopenkng my case do to erra on them ok they give me back 2800 then they took it back sent ne email saying sorry erra on there part once agail well when they stole my monet for the second time welm that made my Account say negative 2800 i was never negative anythkng so now they admitted to everything then week goes vy nothing call they sit me on hold 4 hrs eatcch time to switch me back and fourth i need a number to talk to. Someonenin mr kings office or we file suit i got all the data supporti g my claim

Chime Bank Is Stealing Stimulus Payments And Lying To The CFPB

Posted by: | I made this video they don't want this out. they know what they are doing is wrong but they know there is no resource for what they're doing so they will do it

Chime Is Unbelievable

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14 days ago I attempted to log into my account on a phone I hadn’t previously used. I was sent the verification code and it was accepted and then I was suspended for suspicious activity. The next day I emailed all documents needed. To this day I haven’t heard a word from chime bank. I’ve sent all documents twice, talked to over 20 people, sent over 20 emails, contacted Bancorp, etc. my account was positive and held literally every dime of money i possessed. This was 5 days before Christmas. My electric was shut off, I had zero presents for my kids on Christmas, my renters insurance was canceled, other transactions denied. Yet my direct deposits are hitting and staying. I’ve gotten emails telling me my statements are ready, that I’ve qualified for a higher spot me balance, etc. but still am locked out of my account, with absolutely no communication from Chime besides to be patient, 24-48 hours, no reason to be suspended... yet 14 days later I’m about to lose my home due to my direct deposits not being able to be touched to pay bills or pay the down payment on a home we intended to buy. No one is helping and this company has ruined my life.

The Verdict Is Still Out

I was the victim of fraud last Sunday 12/13. Someone called from the number on the back of my Chime account and was able to get into my account. I called Chime seconds after this happened. Chime has retrieved $100 but I am still waiting on $4300! Yes, $4300. That is the majority of my savings. I have gotten no sleep this last week and I am trying to be patient with them. The money was transferred to a Varo Bank account and I've been trying to tell them to stop the check. They are saying they didn't receive my dispute form and have pushed back the date for me to receive my provisional payment 3 times already. I gave them three stars because of the verdict is favorable I will have mercy but man this has been the worse week of my life and a week away from Christmas! Man, this is bad. Please any advice?

Half Of Paycheck

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according to my payroll i checked and have 39 hours entered. i only received half my paycheck from chime. had this ever happened to anyone??

The Score Is..

as of this date 115 1 and 2 star ratings to 18 ratings of: 3,4 and 5 star, I think the verdict is CLEAR on Chime, DON'T! IS there one even worse, or close?? ya think folks would learn some hard lessons from here and stay away from banks/or get out now from these "pseudo financial institutions without a reputation and having at least one physical branch, somewhere in the US, with humans, and a local phone number!!

Chime Has Worked Well For Us

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The only thing I dislike about Chime is that they don't have joint accounts yet. Me and my husband both have accounts with Chime and you can only pay each friend $2000 per month. He transfers most of his paycheck to me since I manage the money. Otherwise, they have been good. We've had to file a dispute before and as with all banks you have to wait until the item posts to your account, not in pending status. They have given provisional credit on a dispute we filled because my husband forgot to take the money out of the ATM. He had to do multiple withdrawals because the ATM at 7-11 only allows a certain amount in each transaction. He forgot to grab the cash on the last withdrawal and the machine took the cash back. Chime was helpful throughout the whole process process and completed the dispute in a timely manner. We've never had problems with our direct deposits and if a transaction looks suspicious, they send you a text to confirm if you authorized the transaction. You reply yes or no. If you reply no, they block the transaction.

Money Missing

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If I can help one person from going through the nightmare I am going through with this "bank" then it is a success. They closed my account and will not return the money in the account to me.. I have verified my identity and every deposit into the account. I can not get a return email or talk to anyone on the phone. Use Anyone but Chime ( owned by Bancorp and Stride)

Waste Of Time! Scam

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So my sister referred me to chime and I was supposed to get $50 and she was supposed to get $50 for the referral . I was due to get my deposit that Friday and chime stretched it out until Sunday so that I would go over the 45-day period to receive my funds. Chime never deposits on the weekend but they deposited my regular funds that Sunday minus the extra 50 . They are always late with my social security deposit. Social security administration sent my deposit to charm last Wednesday and here it is Thursday and I have not received it. My sister and I have the same last name and she also receives social security and they sent her funds over to her bank and she always gets hers 4 days before I do. I'm confused because I thought chime was supposed to send deposits over 2 days early smh. This is the last time I get a direct deposit from them I'm switching banks tomorrow. Pos

Not Good Online Bank

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I am thinking of making a deposit to my chime account. This morning something is wrong with chime online bank. Is not working. Hope, is not down again.

Do NOT Use Chime!!

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Do NOT use chime!! I have been using Chime for over a year with no huge issues until this morning!! I am honestly so furious!!! I received a email last-night 11/24 at 6:51pm advising my Chime acct will be closed 11/25 (never had any issues with my acct, never negative)!!! Part of my payroll for $1000.00 was scheduled to be deposited this morning (11/25) at 8am. My HR said they could reprocess my deposit into my other acct if chime rejected the funds-BUT THEY DIDNT!! Chime accepted the freaking deposit!!! Now I have to wait 30 days for Chime to send me a paper check!! Seriously complete BS. Horrible customer service-it would have been nice to receive SUFFICIENT Notice-so I could have avoided this horrible issue. I depend on my money & especially with covid & now the holidays! HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

Holds Nothing Happens Quickly With Chime

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Chime has put a hold on my account for an item from that was cancelled the day of purchase for $236.38. I’ve called Chime and to resolve this issue and did everything they’ve asked me to do and they keep saying I have wait 7 days. The order was Nov. 7th. It cancelled Nov. 7th. The hold transduction has been showing pending since Nov. 13th, six days after my purchase. Today is the 7th day and it is still on hold. Don’t use Chime Bank. You can’t dispute transactions, transfer deposits tal 7-10 to be applied to your account. Nothing happens quickly at Chime. If you don’t want use your money yeah use Chime! They suck!

Chime Has Been Amazing!

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I feel like people only take to these platforms to complain. So I’d like to offer my experience with chime. I’ve used direct deposit, cash deposit and mobile check deposits and have never experienced a problem with any. I get my direct deposits 3 days sooner than everyone else. My cash deposits are instantly available. My mobile check deposits are available within 6-8 hours after depositing.

Today is the first day I haven’t received my direct deposit on time. But it’s a bank holiday so it’s understandable. Customer service via phone & chat have been friendly and knowledgable. And I love having the Chime bot for quick questions. It would suck having to call & be placed on hold to ask a traditional bank.

I’ve had Chime for 6 months. In that time they gave me a credit builder card which is super helpful. They gave me a Spot me initial fund of $20. Last week because I’ve always paid it back they raised it to $30.

The best part is ZERO fees. Yes the site went down one time for about 10 hours and I was unable to use my debit card but it wasn’t the end of the world.

There are pros & cons to online banking but when you sign up you KNOW there is no brick & mortar location so it sounds like spiteful complaining.

Chime Is A Pioneer Bank To Financial Freedom

I have never had an issue with chime since I signed up with them. My biggest problem with banks was overdraft fees. Chime is very forgiving with going in the negative and even helps you out by spotting you. BoA PNC are not friendly to Their clients. Chime is not only friendly to their clients with this but they actually help protect you from it. I’ve never been more at ease in my life with a bank then Chime. They also pay me early never had any issue with this. I’ve never built up credit in my life Chime is also doing this for their customers with their secure credit builder cards. Every feature that chime has offered I have taken it and I really feel like they are doing it to help me. Chime will truly assist you in being better at managing and saving your money they care!!

Awful Phone Experience

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Their customer service is the worst. I called in to find out how to make a change on my account and the man at the other end continuously called me something besides my name. I kept telling him not to because I do not have a joint account or even know anyone by the name he was calling me. I asked him to check his screen and see what my name was and he continuously verified he was looking at my account with the correct name. Then he purposely started incorrectly pronouncing my last name instead after I corrected him. These people have major issues and I am concerned are fraudulently using information on customers especially if they are trying to call people names other then their own.

Chime Is The Problem With Digital Banks

Chime is a nightmare to use unless you get regular direct deposits from a payroll department or institution.

If you get paid in a variety of ways -- cash, check, money order -- then Chime will make your life miserable and you will waste hours trying to make deposits.

The worst thing about Chime is that it operates in a vacuum and "agents" know nothing. This was the breaking point for me -- that no one knows anything and can’t help. There is zero recourse if something goes wrong or won’t go through.

I tried to mobile deposit a bank check made out to me from a legacy brick-and-mortar bank.

The first time the check was rejected, I was told by the bot and the customer service recordings that, basically, it's a random mystery why checks are declined.

"Unfortunately, it probably doesn't meet our guidelines. For security reason, agents can't discuss the reason….”

Wait. What?? If customer service doesn't know -- then who does? Mr. Chime?

When I finally talked to a live person yesterday, I was told to try again, that the reason was “likely” because the check must be photographed on a black background and I used a wood background. I was assured the check was verified as real and it should be fine.

The check was rejected again, this time coming over with a message “Chime doesn’t accept cashier’s checks, counter checks, teller checks or traveler cheques, Do not attempt to deposit it again.” It would have been awesome if they would have put that on their websites and let their agents and bots know.

The check has to be destroyed now because I already endorsed it as a mobile deposit to Chime. So now I have to return to the legacy bank and get a new check or get cash.

But cash is also pretty much worthless at Chime too. You can only deposit $500 at a time for a $5 fee. I asked about money orders or personal checks, but no one has a definitive answer. There are no supervisors. There is no location. It seems like payroll direct deposit is all they are able to handle -- but they will never come out and say that.

And there is nothing that I can do except open a new account elsewhere and ditch Chime. I am going to write to the CEO, founders and any other person associated with this so-called "bank" so they know what is going on at the customer level.

Chime's valuation keeps going up and VCs keep throwing money at them. The tech media keeps singing their praises.

Perhaps someone should do a little research. Chime is no different that using any random fill-er-up money card handed out with unemployment and tax refunds.

Pretty UI, Horrible Bank

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In less than a month, the account stopped external transfer to my broker, ceased to allow me to transfer funds to an external bank from the Chime app, and best of all now is locked from moving funds from Savings to Spending account. If there were a negative star option. The phone reps are terribly uneducated about basic bank terminology such as accrued interest. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY A PRETTY UI, KEEP YOUR FUNDS AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE OF A SO CALLED BANK.

Returning To Capital One

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So I decided to give Chime A try because I saw that their interest rates for savings was better than capital ones right now so ended up moving all my money over to savings and since I am a stay at home house husband my boyfriend deposits a portion of his check into my checking account every two weeks so I have a little spending money well today is Wednesday so waiting to get the very first paycheck to days early like they stated I get an email saying that my boyfriends company is tried to deposit money into my account but chime rejected it and sending it back to my boyfriends employer and on the bottom it states chime only excepts direct deposits if the name on the direct deposit matches the name on the account never heard of that before so therefore I have to wait another week before my boyfriend gets it into his checking account Before it goes into my account so I would not recommend chime at this point moving all my money back to capital one PS nowhere on their website does it state that the name on the account Hass to match the name on the direct deposit

Two Days Early For Your Check To Be Deposited Have To See It To Believe It

I've not yet been paid two days early at all l it's always the day before just like all other Banks, so therefore if they say they pay two days early I'd love to see that cuz I sure don't believe it!

Chime Support Scam!

All my money was stollen from my account because of chime support fraud and they are claiming there is no error. Therefore I won’t be able to get back the $2,499.00 that was randomly Charged to my account To some company called “MCO” while I was On the phone with “chime support”. I called the ?(844) 244-6363? number to ask about A charge I didn’t recognize and was connected with A women who had my name, bank information and all my personal information. So obviously she seemed pretty legitimate. She said my account had been hacked and used TeamViewer to access my phone. Right after I asked what happened to my money she replied “your account has been hacked in Denton Ohio, don’t worry we will get it refunded” then it shows me transferring $1000 to Someone named @Mary-Pierre-2 Leaving me with $5 in my checking and $0.13 in my savings!! They completely drained my account!! Which she then replies saying there is a problem processing the request to refund my money and hung up on me!! I immediately called the EXACT same number back, where i was connected to a completely different person who didn’t seem to know what i was talking about! They then assumed me if i filed a dispute i would get my money back. So i did, at the 10 day mark they send me an email saying “ This letter is to inform you that we have made a final determination regarding the claim referenced above.

Based on our investigation, we have concluded no error occurred. Therefore, no funds will be credited to your account and this claim is considered closed.“
I have filed a police report and sent them the case number. I told them i don’t know this women. Somehow no one can tell me who she is or how she got all my money. Even though she clearly has a chime account! I told them if they won’t help me i want to know who she is so I can directly press charges on her. But I can’t get anyone to help. So somehow this bank is connected to A scam and won’t even acknowledge it!!


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I get unemployment due to the covid-19 pandemic and I chose chime to bank with well they started suspending my account for no reason and asked me to provide proff of where my money was coming from so I did give them the proof that they wanted even more and they closed my account and kept the money in my savings account! DO NOT CHOSE CHIME TO BANK WITH THEY WILL LIE TO YOU, KEEP YOUR MONEY, AND PRETEND THAT THEY DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON, OH AND THEY WILL BLOCK YOUR NUMBER SO YOU CAN'T GET THROUGH TO THEIR CALL CENTER!

Upload Never Posted

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Did a 400.00 dollar upload at Walmart on 8/20/20 noticed money did not post before I got thru shopping. Went back to the money center and they couldn’t help me said the transaction went thru. They told me to call greendot or chime been calling everyday filed a dispute with both companies sent my receipt to both companies with no help greendot said the don’t deal with Chime although the receipt says uploads thru greendot. Chime says the don’t directly deal with greendot because the receipt says uploads thru greendot. Been like a dog chasing it’s tell everyday since. Filed disputes with both companies only to receive no help in the end. One company telling me to call the other. I don’t understand why greendot can’t trace the transaction. This has been a nightmare. And just today someone used my card for 126.65 to and 34.36 to and never heard of these companies. And yet Chime couldn’t stop the transaction and when I tried to call the companies couldn’t find the numbers. 556.41 lost with no help n my husband had a stroke in June. I’m so over Chime I hate this company just wanted to WARN anybody out there never use this company been dealing with for 2 years and all this happened in weeks of each other and nothing has been done n this is the only time this has ever happened. But if someone can help please comment.

Chime Does Not Protect Customers From Fraud

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On 9/5/20 I received a text from Chime stating that my phone number & email address had been updated and to call immediately if I didn’t make those changes. I contacted Chime’s customer service department immediately and informed them I did not make those changes to my account as I’ve had the same email address since I’ve been a Chime customer. The representative asked me to email my driver’s license to authenticate my identity. I immediately sent over a copy of my drivers license and later my social security card to ensure they had all the information needed to validate my identity and update my account back to the proper login details. I went on about my day assuming that Chime had my back and would ensure that my account was protected from this weird activity before my money went missing. Later I attempted to request an Uber when I found that my card had been declined. I immediately contacted Chime’s customer service department again and was told that my balance was -$2. Someone hacked my account for over $2300 at Food Lion. I was very angry at that point, not just at the hacker but also Chime because they had all the information necessary to prevent this situation from happening but instead did nothing which had left me with an empty account. Then a Chime represented informed me that they can’t do anything about my dispute until the payment processes which could take days and the dispute even longer. I’d like Chime to get my $2300 dollars back.

Withhold Investigation Information

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Between 8\7\2020 and 8\8\2020, my account was fraudulently used to illegally withdraw a total of $965.50 at two different ATM's, though my physical card was in my possession.
I filed a dispute with Chime, for which they denied without reason on 8\13\2020. On 8\13\2020, I was told I would receive detailed information on the full parameters of the investigation, which would include the specific ATM sites so I can complete the police report filed in Sunnyvale CA on 8\13\2020. Yesterday was the 10 business day deadline given to me by chime bank for me to receive said investigation report. I have yet to receive the report, and when I spoke to Chime, they would not tell me when I will receive the report, all I got was a run around. As a result my police report is on hold, and thus I can't submit new information needed to reconsider my fraud claim.

Account Randomly Closed

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I tried to log into my account tonight because I have to direct deposits coming from my jobs and it said my accounts were locked. I emailed them and received a generic message that my account has been closed and that I’ll receive my money within 30 days. 30 days.. in the middle of a pandemic?! Jobs aren’t even promised & lord forbid I got let go of my job.. I could potentially have to wait 30 days to get MY money. I’m beyond upset and have filed a complaint with BBB.

Chime Has Stolen My Money 1000S Of It

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Their customer service has stated over and over that they have no contact with the department that handles "these type of situations". They have promised it will be fixed in the next 2-3 workdays for over 2 weeks. They straight stole my paycheck because the amount it was they though it was worth stealing. They have not answered a BBB complaint, or even the State of Delaware office of the state bank commission complaint. They refuse to answer emails or even give me their address to report them for theft. Do yourselves a favor run from them as fast as you can. If you get more than 5k in the account they will try to steal it. They are straight thieves. I have sicked my lawyer on them. It is a scam. Even their support supervisor says "he hates this system and he cannot even get that department to answer his emails and has no other way to contact them" They will steal your money if you let them.

I Have The Resolution So Please Read

Back in May my account was scammed for 600 by people pretending to be Chime to get my info and scam my account. Well long story short aside from the 600 taken I had 394 still in my accnt which Chime sent me a check for that amount but it was a long daunting process just to get that. Then I started to ask about the 600, they say fill out a claim form blah blah i did and few weeks later they said they found it in my favor and id be receiving the 600 check in the mail, well few days after that email a Chime member emailed me saying i didnt qualify for the credit. So i email back saying no no you guys already said id be getting the money back. Didnt get any response so what i did was emailed Bancorp who they are affiliated with and they took care of it for me. So i just want anyone reading this to know you can email Bancorp and they will resolve it for you. Bancorp helped me get the 394 then helped get my 60p so i encourage you guys to please contact Bancorp through email. I promise they will get your money for you. Chime is just hoping everyone will give up so they can keep your money.

Chime Is The Worst Bank Ever!!!

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If your thinking of opening an account please read these reviews. I have filed 2 fraud claims and both have been denied. One less than 24 hrs and he second one 2 months later. I call customer service and not only do they barely speak English, but when asked for a supervisor they hang up on you. Once they have your money and something happens such a fraud, they will not return it. I wouldn’t even consider them a legit bank.

Chime Took My Unemployment

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On June 28 2020 irs sent my unemployment check to my chime account on July 3rd. The account was suspended and it’s now July 23rd and they haven’t told me anything. I have tweeted the ceo and emailed the support team but still haven’t received an answer. I’m a small business owner on the brink of foreclosure due to covid 19. Anyone with suggestions or answers please contact me. Thank you.

They Will Mess Your Life Up

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I have my money and deposits going to chime. I reported a charge for $50 and in turn chime has made my money untouchable by me for almost a month now with no resolution in sight. They cancelled my card and said they would send a new one. Well that 7 days turned into 12 days and now they cancelled the replacement card I never received and I have to wait another week for another replacement. My rent and bills are coming due and they are playing games with my account. If you need your money this is not the bank option to choose. My business is suffering and my home is in jeopardy because of this. After one month and two investigations they found the charge was wrong and put the $50 back in my account. I just can't access one cent of my account.

They WILL Steal Your Unemployment!!

I don't quite know how they got involved in this scam, but Chime has been suspending accounts of people across the country who receive unemployment and then requesting a bunch of different IDs from them. I would guess they've targeted unemployment recipients because they tend to be poorer and poorer people are less likely to have valid government ID's. In my case, I had all the IDs they requested and I have submitted them all. They suddenly suspended my account and didn't give me a reason. Submitted everything they asked for--no response. Spoke to someone on the phone, couldn't get any explanation for the suspension other than a "suspicious deposit" which I repeatedly told her was unemployment. The ONLY deposit I get in this account. What legit bank wouldn't resolve an emergency issue like this within hours? I am told by her she's escalating my case and it will be reviewed 24-48 hours. 48 hours later, no response. Call back again, get the same work around. Oh by the way, they use an Indian call center. They intentionally ignore your emails too, I have sent over 20. I sent an email to them on through my email and got a response from a real person within hours, which shows they are just ignoring contact from my suspended account. Still waiting. Can't pay bills or feed myself. I contacted the NY dept of Finance and I'm hoping they will help me. Ignore the employees they send here to try and discredit the valid complaints of thousands of people who are suffering from their fraud.

Fraudulent Charges Never Resolved; Account Neglected

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I'd had a Chime Checking account for a few months with no issues. But on April 16th, 2020, I received a notification that an Out of Network ATM Withdrawal of $363.50 was posted to my account. I immediately reached out to Chime, as I was sitting at my desk at work, bank card in purse, and had not withdrawn this money. Chime support staff informed me that they could not dispute the charge until it posted. It finally posted to my account on Saturday, April 18th. The bank tacked on an additional $2.50 fee for an out of network ATM. I called Chime support and opened a claim right then, and they cancelled my debit card, issuing me a new card. They informed me there would be a provisional credit added to my account while they investigated the transaction. I asked where the ATM was located that this charge came through, and it was showing the location on the far south side of Chicago, where I have never been before. After trying to explain this to the representative, and asking if they could have someone check the video footage of the ATM, I was assured that "these things happen sometimes" and that it would be cleared up shortly. I received my new debit card in the mail 5 days later and activated it. I also was continuing to receive push notifications on my cell from the Chime app that transactions were being denied from my old card because it was reported lost/stolen. I took screen shots of these notifications and sent them to Chime via email with the claim ID# included to justify my case more so...there was no response. I followed up via phone 7 days after opening the claim to request a status update, and the representative informed me that I should receive the provisional credit no later than April 29th. Today, April 29th, no credit. Instead, I received an email from the bank claiming that they found no evidence of fraudulent activity on my account, and therefore no funds would be returned to me. Confused, and frustrated, I opened a complaint/case with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on April 29th, 2020. I finally received a response from Chime regarding their decision to not honor my case on May 13th, 2020: "Investigation result:
As you mentioned, card was in possession and pin was memorized during the disputed transaction occurred."

What a complete load of nonsense. To this day, I am still $363.50 in the hole, and I have since closed my Chime account. Let this be a testament or the reason to stay away from Chime bank. This happened to me, and I can only speak from my own experience, but do not leave your money in the hands of this bank. You may get your direct deposit a few days earlier than with other banks, but it's a dangerous gamble, as your money is not protected.

Chime Is Starting To Look Bad...

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I thought chime was great at first, no maintenance, over-withdraw fees, cool card.

Turns out they don't accept direct deposits that are in your business name, only your actual name. I find this a bit disturbing as in why wouldn't they? Money goes out all the time, why not accept all money in? Makes no sense to me.

They also don't do wire transfers! This is problematic.

And if you turn off/cancel your card good luck using any of those funds for weeks, until a new card arrives.

I would suggest using another service that is closer to a real bank.

They Are Thieves

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I was a customer of chime bank. They closed my account with no reason ...then they gave me the run-around just to tell me they was not going to give me back the money that was in my account. They did this during a pandemic and my unemployment checks was going into that account. So technically they have stolen government money. If anybody come up with a solution or a class action please let me know

Pure Garbage

Access to customer service via phone...good luck!
When you try to fund your account at Chime, wait until you see how long it is for your money to show up. You can literally have money suspended in limbo for week's. If there are any positive reviewers about this Circus institution, they are paid shills.

I Absolutely Love Chime

If you have any problems with purchases you can file a claim and Chime will definitely take care of it.
They allow overdrafts (Spot me) without any interest rates. I've Recommended quite a few people.

Deny Access To Money

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0 stars but that was not an option.My daughter account has been locked for days 5 days they are asking her to provide ID social security card N proof of her job that qualified her for unemployment in her state where she worked. That information was provided to their non secure email. The only place you could send the information after that they then requested more a picture of her holding her ID social security card passport and paste outs from the job that qualified her for unemployment. They also want a written explanation of her intended purpose for the funds she's getting deposited. That is not their business.She receives unemployment by direct deposit into Chime. We now have Attorney General involved banking commissioner and the FDIC. They have not returned any phone calls or emails and all of her money is in this account. Please remove all your funds from Chime before they lock your account too. She had committed no fraud and has been denied access to any and all of her money for 5 days Doing this P endemic.

Chime Does NOT Care About Your Security

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The only reason for the one star on this rating is due to the requirement here. There needs to be an option for zero stars.
On 5/28/20 my Chime account got hacked. The perpetrator transferred my money to their own account in several transactions. Then proceeded to use the remainder of any money left to make purchases and cash withdrawals at point-of-sale locations. They changed my phone number and security questions with Chime. When I contacted Chime to report this and to correct my info, I was told I was unable to change my info for 3 business days. They did not offer to suspend my account from any further activity nor to cancel the use of my card number. The fraudster cleaned me out. Chime was completely unsympathetic. The took me through the procedures to file dispute for these transactions. The dispute was denied.I re-filed the dispute. As of yet, no further contact from Chime. No more questions from them. Now I feel no hope to retrieve my money without taking legal action.

Chime Denying Me Access

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Hello, recently I tried again to get a chime account and finally emailed them, finally someone got in contact with me saying it probably has to go thru security to prove identity anyways I provided my identity few days later someone else replies I can't get account it's based on security, so I asked if my info is being used the reply No your info isn't being used best regards, fast forward I try again with a different email address when I tried to use phone number it stopped me said it's invalid or it's basically linked to another account, so I email them again with a screenshot and have not yet heard anything. Which is fishy if you ask me, seems my info is being used already smh.


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Love Chime. After reading some reviews I'd like to advise you guys to read up on Chime's newsletters about scams...1) Chime NEVER calls you to ask for info...2) Only talk to Chime verified account & they will NEVER ask you for personal info 3) Make Venmo private, remove FB pay unless you absolutely need it , turn on alerts. I'm so sorry you guys have been scammed but remember YOU are responsible for your safety. GL to you all!

I Was Refunded My Money 7/7/20 I’M So Thankful.

I was victimized in May 2020 and then again for $2000 just the other day 6/9/20 this doesn’t make any sense. Chime denied my dispute. How can we get our money back from this scam of a bank? It’s crazy how scammers can hack our account so easily. I can’t wait 45 days for a rebuttal dispute when the evidence is already proven. How can we find out who the person and the account that the fraud transactions are sent to? I never dealt with anything like this before. It’s nerve reckoning. I went to my local police station twice and they didn’t let me fill out a fraud report. Morgan and Morgan turned my claim away today. I’m just over it. I don’t know what to do. I already contacted the BBB, financial trade commissions and consumer financial. ATP from reading the other terrible reviews I’m at a loss of hope. This is sad on so many levels.

Love Chime

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I (knock on wood) have never had an issue, even when they were hacked. I love getting paid a day early and the ease of transferring between checking, savings, and credit builder. You can also set “rules” to where you want your direct deposit to go.

Frozen Account Over Not Changing Address, 10 Days And Counting

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So I sign up for Chime because I'm a frugal individual and don't like spending anymore more money than I have to, on anything. As soon as I sign up they have a HUGE issue with direct deposits and all account are not accessible, WHAT?!? How are you even in the ball game with other FDIC insured banking institutions? Months later because of all this Covid 19 I have my unemployment money put into their account because I like having money in multiple accounts, and don't want to mix things up. They freeze $5k+ for over 10 days(issue still not resolved) because I didn't change my address, having the same unemployment state & address that the money was coming from. What?!? I've been banking with you guys for over a year and a call couldn't have been done? Now my rent and many other schedules payments are going to have fines because they lock my money up without a simple call over an address change. Never banking with these people again! Oh Oh, the Support for chime is only via email!! Hahah, truly a joke man. I called and they told me I had to email someone in order to have access to MY money, pay my bills and you know, live... 10 days!!!! still counting. Aspiration bank all the way!!

Can't Be Used To Make Online Orders

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I ordered things online using my Chime card. The places I ordered from (ex: Amazon) doesn't charge your account until your items have been shipped. They place a hold on your account until they ship it. Today has been the second time that the money has been returned to my account. I am unable to make purchases online that require a hold. I am unaware of any policy stating after "X" days pending transactions will be canceled and never once was notified prior to expect them to be returned to my account. It's very unfortunate because the things I had purchased were crucial for me to return to work on time. The app also does not show the charges placed back into my account, it does show the new balance. If I didn't have a register it would be hard to keep track and seems a little shady. Has anyone else experienced something like this with Chime? Luckily I have a primary checking account, Chime was just a back-up.

Chime Account Hacked.

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So last night I got an alert from Chime that some had made a 750.00 purchase on Fashona Nova. What I don’t understand is how they got my CVV number and everything else. Now I should of had my card off but why would chime allow that high of a purchase at once is beyond me. I caught it 5 minutes later and I really need advice. Please help!

No Early Deposits In May

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Its now been over 31 days since my last deposit into my Chime account. I have been with them for 3 years. I get paid monthly and because of the advertised early deposit up to 2 days I have always gotten the deposit early. But yesterday I have seen so many complaints about no one receiving Direct Deposits. In fact the Chime bot is also acting up not replying with the correct information in regards to the questions asked. Also this sweepstakes they had the past few weeks ChimeIn has sparked a rise in Scammers. I got 5 messages from different scammers telling me I won a sweepstakes I never entered I am about fed up with this. Not only that no one would answer the phone, and they will not answer any messages on social media. They deleted any posts from members on Facebook asking about deposits. Something fishy is going on with this bank so beware

Fraud On My Account

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I am usually pretty keen on scams, but I have now become a victim. Someone with the chime logo and everything got my info and in minutes my money was gone I have submitted documents of the communication, and hopefully this will get resolved and if it's happening this much to their customers why not put an extra security step in place I mean they sent me a verification to my phone just like Chime would do. These are already dire times and nobody is working this is awful. I don't want to have to get an attorney involved but I will.

Account Hacked

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My account was hacked May 18,2020 for $2000, it's under investigation but reading these reviews I probably won't get my money back. Something needs to be done about this, has anyone had any luck with a lawyer?

Account Wiped Clean

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Today my account was wiped clean. Someone was able to transfer all my money even from my savings to a Christian B. This is crazy amd chime wont help me at all.

The Truth About All The Negative Reviews?? Chime REALLY DOES SUCK!

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I have had my Chime account for about 9 months and literally the only good thing I can say about it is they don't have overdraft fees. The customer service absolutely sucks! SUCKS!! SUCKS!! SUCKS!! I have had two instances now where I've needed to contact customer service and they are absolutely USELESS!!
I filed a dispute for a transaction using the chat feature and it gave me a message saying it would get back to me in a few days. I didn't alledge fraud, I just indicated that it was not an authorized transaction. I received no notification from chime ..nobody called me no email was sent. When I checked the status in the app it said that my claim had been denied. Then 2 days later they canceled my card without even telling me!! I didn't find out till I went to make a purchase and the transaction was declined. I then called customer service and was told that that is their standard protocol that anytime a dispute is filed against a charge they automatically cancel the card. That is absolutely ridiculous! Especially when I wasn't even informed and it's going to take over a week for a new card to get to me and until then I have absolutely no access whatsoever to the money in my account!!! This is RIDICULOUS!!! I am so done! I am closing this account and going somewhere else.

Horrible! Beware Of This Bank

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Echoing the experience of other reviewers. This bank has ZERO concern of data security. Save yourself the headache and go with an actual bank. These fintechs are showing their true colors.


On March 4, 2020 my personal debit card numbers were stolen. At approximately 11:12PM the first notification of many. I started receiving alerts that money was being taken out of my account. There were two places a liquor store and a gas station on the far south side of Chicago. I live in Cicero, IL roughly 18 miles from these 2 locations. Through the next few hours this person insisted and continued taking out money. Why Chime Bank didn't decide NOT to block these transactions I have no idea why? The bank usually had about $1,000 dollars as a daily withdrawal limit. The amount were from 100 to 200 each time. A total of $1,295.00. This money consisted of my direct deposit from my job and part of my taxes. This was just a few weeks before the pandemic. I let them know all this, and I made a police report. I have told them just about everything I possibly could. Attached is the complete set of paperwork I sent them. My dispute was denied the first time and then I disputed again with a police report denied. Total $1,295.00 that’s including the ATM fees. The worst part of all this is just a couple days ago they were trying again and they told me I couldn’t add that to my dispute since I had to get a new debit card mandatory. Which was a really pathetic reason. I don't know how a bank can be so selfish with everything that is happening in the world right to not hear people out. Fraud is real! I mad a police report since my first dispute was denied. I had never had to make a dispute for anything in my life. We all have dues. Chime Bank you went too far. To everyone considering Chime Bank this problem isn't worth anyone's time. I just wish CHIME BANK WOULD GIVE ME BACK MY STOLEN MONEY.

Protect Yourself From Scammers

Since Chime has been offering these "Chime In" giveaways, members are falling victim to scammers who are impersonating Chime and sending fake DMs claiming the members are "winners." Or, the scammers will send fake text messages or phone calls by cloning Chime's number. The victim then proceeds to give the scammers their personal information, such as passwords, card number, etc., only to later discover their account has been wiped clean. Or they will click on a link where scammers can access the victim's account information. This is not a matter of Chime's system being "hacked"; these are members who are willingly giving scammers their security information and then later claiming their account was "hacked." There's a difference between an account being hacked and an account being wiped clean because a member gave someone their private security information. Never ever give anyone your pin number, password, card number, account number, etc., unless you are signing up for direct deposit with a trustworthy site. Chime repeatedly says they will ONLY ask winners for their email address and their social media accounts have a blue check mark next to their logo. Disable your debit card transactions if you don't plan to use your card for a couple of days. Chime offers many ways for members to protect themselves, but you have to put in the effort to educate yourself against fraud and scams. As a Chime member, I was very concerned about my account after reading all of the negative reviews. Come to find out, accounts were not being hacked, but members were actually giving out their personal information in hopes of receiving a $200 prize. As with any bank account, your account is safe as long as you take the proper security measures and don't share personal information with anyone. I don't see how anyone could blame the bank when you clearly gave a complete stranger your login and password. Nobody, and I mean nobody has a right to your pin or password. Please protect yourself!!

Money Took Out My Account May 5 2020

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The same thang happen to me. I woke up the next day to pay my rent and my card kept declining. When I open up my account somebody went into my account and took 972.00 and sent it to somebody else.Now I am afraid that I wont get my money back because I see alot people saying they was deny. This is some shit.

I Wish I Can Give It A Zero! STAY AWAY!

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I decided to trust Chime with some of my money 3 moths ago. The reason I gave them a chance, is to have a little chunk of money in my account before payday. So I pretty much used it once at a HSBC Bank to get some cash out. I'm very particular when it comes to ATM's, I make sure I check the card slot and the whole machine before I do anything doesn't matter the bank. Two months go by, I get a notification on my phone for a withdrawal while i'm sitting at my house. Someone cleared my whole card and left me on $0 in the middle of a pandemic, there goes my emergency stash. For someone to have my card info and pin when I only used the card once is very scary to me! Chime tells me to file a claim 3 days later because it needs to post on the account. I think that is total BS because ATM withdraws get out of your account right away. One month later and me calling every other day, they give me the usual run around due to COVID no one is in give it 24-48 hours, our investigation team that we cant reach out to doesn't answer. At this point I don't know what to do, but file for a lawsuit. The sad part is just by typing Chime lawsuit, thousands come out with the same exact issue. So take my word and RUN! YOUR MONEY IS NOT SAFE HERE!

Someone Tried Making An Online Purchase But Got My Cvv Wrong.

After seeing an attempt to use my card n stumbling across all these nightmare of stories,, I think I might jus hit the eject button be4 I become what seems to be an inevitable victim..

Hacked Account

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I just can't believe this is happening! April 17, 2020 my chime notifications alerted me that ATM withdrawals were being made, 5 to be exact, total $987 from my spending account. I filed a dispute as soon as my anxiety allowed me to calm down to dial customer service, April 17th & submitted a Provisional credit application soon after. After several emails and phone calls with no update, today May 1st I was told that my claim was denied & I will not get my money back. I am to look out for an email from now till May 14th. This is absolutely unacceptable! My account was clearly hacked and the chime/Banpcorp bank investigation department is doing a horrible job at detecting fraud. Not only do I want my money, Someone needs to be held accountable. I reached out to an attorney with Consumer fraud legal services and I will be contacting the CEO of Chime and The Bancorp Bank, being that they own Chime. This is the absolute worst time during horrible pandemic that this could happen to me, to any of us. If anyone has legal advise or answers to getting this issue resolved asap please share information.

Just Isn't Right

On April 27th both my husband's and my son's stimulus checks were sent to my chime account but they still have not posted either of them. I received an email on the 27th telling me that I had to send verifications to prove their identities along with a copy of my husband's 1040 showing both of our names on it for which I complied immediately and sent them the information. Even though this is the account that my son's monthly SSI benefits are direct deposited into every month and the only account that the Treasury Department has on file for him they still have not released the funds from his stimulus check. It says in Chime's terms and conditions that they do not hold direct deposits but apparently that is far from the truth. I have contacted the customer support department every day to see what is going on but every time I do I just get the same answer. To wait even longer. It's not fair that these payments were sent to people in the hopes of helping them get back on their feet only to be held from you and then be tortured even more knowing that the bank has it but won't give it to you. It's not fair and it doesn't make any sense. Seems illegal even.

Hacked Account

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I had once loved banking with Chime. Until a week ago when my account was hacked. I woke up to 7 text messages that someone was trying to get into my account. I logged into my account and seen that $1074 was taken out of my account and sent to another. I have been trying to get the matter handle. The dispute team keep telling me that I sent the wrong dispute form and that I will receive another one in my email. I still have yet to get the dispute form and I have until May 7th to file my claim. I am very disappointed with this bank and how they are poorly handling my case. I will never recommend this bank to any again. I even had my family member close their account. Seeing how I am not the only one that has had money stolen from them.

Chime Banking

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I've always been completely satisfied with Chime.
Can't say that i have one negative thing to say about them.

Closed Account

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Believe me I will cut anyone who spoke negatively about chime until they dealt with me. Tell me why these people closed my account with no prior communication and with $5000 in it. I called customer service and the automated system said my account was closed and hung up on me. I emailed support and this is day 2 with no response. I don't know where my money is, I don't know why my account was closed. I don't know nothing. I am just confused I don't know who to talk to. My money is floating in a virtual bank. I think I got scammed.

Refusal Of Money Back

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I use to have chime bank. I ended up leaving them since they forced through an ATM transaction of $503.00 from my account. When this transaction occurred I had $99 in my account with a $25 over draft protection. The customer service team was extremely condescending and actually told me that they forced through the transaction at that time and to go ahead and report them to the BBB, FDIC and Bancorp. It has been 5 months and they still are refusing to get me my money.
I explained to them that I was in a different city and that I take public transportation to and from work.
My place of employment is also a bank and Chime REFUSED to get the security footage from them to prove that it was not me. I even have witnesses.
Whoever is daring enough to use chime- Don't. They treat their customers like crap!

Chime Hacked

Chime account was hacked on 4/20 for 3,198..00 and again on 4/21 for 925.63 they told me I would get my answer for the first one on 5/6 and the latter 5/9. I received an email today telling me no error occurred and I would not get my 3,198.00 back. I sent a Twitter message to both the CEO's of this be bank waiting to hear their responses. At a time like this it's terrible when something like this happens. I am not going to lay down and let them get away with this even if I have to seek legal counsel I am going to get my money back!!! What a bunch of DIRT BAGS!!! DO NOT BAMK WITH CHIME!!!

Chime Bank Paper Check Deposits

The only reason Chime Bank is not getting a 5-star review is because of the inability to deposit a paper check into my account. I received my state refund and instead of being directly deposited, a paper check was sent. I attempted to deposit it via the mobile app and was told that the issuer of remitted was not able to verify the details of the check. It's a state refund, what is there to verify? I was also told that I couldn't resubmit it into my Chime Spending Account, with no other explanation as to why. They make it really difficult to deposit paper checks into your account. If they would fix this issue, they would be an amazing bank and get 5 stars .

Dodged A Bullet

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I just recently signed up with Chime a few weeks ago. I still have not received my debit card and based on some reviews I have read I decided to not switch over my direct deposit until I actually had my debit card in hand. And now after reading all these other negative reviews I will definitely not ever have my paycheck direct deposited into my chime account. I do not want my money stolen and gone forever! And it looks like I'm not even receiving my debit card anyway! Time to move on phew!!!

The Truth About Chime And All These Negative ?? Reviews

If you are on the fence about joining chime , let me be the first to tell you . JOIN . Don’t be afraid of all these fake fraudulent reviews . These people are liars and tried to scam chime by saying they are missing money when they know they’re the ones that spent it ! They just know that chime had a minor glitch in the system and tried to counter on that and failed when chime didn’t refund money that they spent ! I’ve been a happy Chime customer since 2017 ! With not a single Mishap yet with money going missing . Good luck to your banking endeavors. Stop lying people . God Bless

Chime Customer Service

I made a chime account about a month ago and someone stole $1,300 directly from my account I filed a claim and waited on a response from chime and they denied my claim without explanation. A week later another $500 was stolen out of my account again I had filed another claim and still no response customer service is terrible and unreliable. When someone steals from your account chime does not take responsibility and you basically lose everything without a trace.


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Everyone, it seems that Chime was hacked because i am seeing the same stories constantly and they so happen to fall within a 3 day period of April 1 - April 3. We are all filling out dispute forms, waiting 14 days to hear back only to then get denied and wait longer. This isnt a coincidence, this is legit and no one at Chime isn't even acknowledging or sending an email.

Something is not right. Everyone follow this link and lets get this rolling. Chime needs to answer for this.
I would rather wait and report them to the government. They cant hide behind their scripted answers.

Makes me sad that during a time like this we all have to deal with nonsense, but i hope we all find resolution and can move forward. God Bless and stay safe.

Worst Bank Experience

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This "bank" has been the worst banking experience I have had in my life. From not being able to make deposits, access my account or get legitimate answers to questions, issues and even my balance. I question how this is a legitimate bank at all. My advice to anyone looking to open an account with Chime, DON'T. Save yourself the time, frustration and heartache by going to a real bank, one staffed with real people who can legitimately answer your questions as soon as you call. I have had plenty of horrible experiences with banks, but this, by far has been the absolute worst. And yes, after having an account with chime for over a year I finally closed my account, I only wish I had done it sooner.

Holding My Stimulus

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The IRS website states that my stimulus package was scheduled to be deposited into my chime account yesterday. I call customer service to get a fast talking run around. I just want my money chime ??

Chime Is SCAM And Steal Identity

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I have opened an online banking account with Chime yesterday. I very carefully entered my address information in the fields correctly. Right after I finished application, Chime automaticaly selecting a different address to display in my account!

I could not change my address online because it says the account has to be active for 30 days first. I try to change the wrong address via the customer support tab in the Chime app. It asked me to upload a valid government issued photo I.D., front and back and a letter proof of my address. A day later, customer service ask me to upload picture of my Social Security card. 2 hours later they ask me to upload a Bank Statement.

I ask them to close my account and I report it to the police. This is a traumatic experience with CHIME. I bet Chime will freeze your account for no good reason without notice. Stay away from Chime!

Chime Holding My Stimulus

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I have a chime account, and I didn't receive my stimulus like the IRS website stated, I however did get an email from chime support asking me for my taxes, and identification, on the chime website it states that as soon as they receive funds, they put them in your account. I really wish chime would have let us know ahead of time what the process was, or if this happens then this happens, nope, I'm stuck waiting with no response, hard to talk and get in touch with them, I had to call and on the automated Service, say I was calling for something else, instead of stimulus info in order for them to answer. I'm stuck waiting and not knowing how much I received, I'm in limbo, and nervous about the whole situation. Is this normal, maybe I'm wrong.

Fraudulent Transactions Out Of No Where!!!

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Don’t use chime literally had a notification from a company called pole systems a couple of hours ago and yesterday a notification from wwadawdargref Wewedwe and another one days before that and I had to cancel that card but I can still see when somebody attempts to use my card and yet at that you’ll click on the notification and it leads you to no where it doesn’t even show up in your transactions.. Do not use Chime all your money will disappear!!!

Account Frozen

So my stimulus hit my chime account last night and soon has it did chime froze my account.i needed that money and now its stuck there and cant get a answer from chime at messed up

Holding Deposits

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Everyone seems to have their stimulus payments as of yesterday and today. Chime even chose 1,000 randoms to send it to, while the rest of us have to sit and wait longer. They got the same direct deposit transmission alert from the irs as everyone else. Not cool at all Chime. Smh


I am not sure if I have funds deposited to my chimes account or not I haven't been able to log in and I lost my debit card is there any way I could get them to reach out to me

Direct Deposit

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I get payed every week . April 1st was supposed to be my last check . So much has been going on with vivid-19 . I forgot I got payed April 1st I go to chimes bank account statements and see I received my deposit check but the balance remained the same. Has anyone ever experienced this if so please let me know. Chime is a scam.

I Have Had No Problem With Chime

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My chime was added on fb pay and someone took $200 from me. I got up the next day on Friday April 3 & called chime to cancel my card on but they gave me 2 extra days to use it before they cancel it out completely. I was eligible for express shipping and I received my card on Tuesday April 7 I didn’t even wait a whole week. I am still waiting for my $200 to be replaced though I did dispute it and sent an email but I am also aware of the process and current status. Hopefully by the 17th like they informed me I should have my $200 back into my account.


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This worse bank i have ever tied to work with my home was broken into around te same time as i got laid off due to the virus all i have done for the last 4 eeks is email call or send more information everyday.chime will not send me a replacement card with my last paycheck on it after ive done everything asked of me my family and myself are still at home where the governor has asked us to do to stop the speard of this virous and now we are out of groceries when chime refuses to send me a card with the cash on it to get by..they have no cares or worries about the American public worse company ever

Horrible Bank

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Chime is a joke. You have to chat with a robot via messenger and they will deny direct deposits. They rejected my tax return because my husband was listed first on the return. I provided the requested documentation and still denied. I now have to wait 2-3 weeks for a paper check and i am behind on rent and bills due to covid 19. Bank anywhere else besides chime. use cash app or netspend. I will never back with chime again

Very Poor People Skills

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I cashed a check with chime as I commonly do with the mobile deposit. I deposited on 4/4/20 and heard back on 4/7 the day I expected my deposit that they had denied my check. Mind you they accepted it when I first submitted it.

They gave me absolutely zero reason and just told me they wouldn’t cash it and I can cash it elsewhere but not with chime. The check was a work check and from chase bank and it’s a very reputable company who pays tons of other employees and they have no issues with this.

Beware.!!!!! Frauds

Chime is letting people hack customer account they stole 1,900 outta my account and chime is doing investigation but I need my money now it’s shouldn’t Neva happened at

Extremely Disappointing

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I've been with chime for over a year and everything was great till 1300.00 was stolen from my account this morning. I had to jump through hoops to file a dispute but after seeing the reviews about fraudulent charges on a lot of peoples accounts, I have no hope of having my money returned to me. I honestly do not think chime cares about its customers. So now my account is frozen and all my money is gone and I have to wait 45 days to probably be denied just like everyone else. I'm homeless and just lost my job due to covid-19. This is just awful.

New Account

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I recently applied for the "Chime" card. What a joke. They don't tell you the process during the commercial just how great the card is. Well the application process should have been an inclination that it's for people with great credit. When they ask for your social security number source of income and date of birth, it's to run a credit check. Seriously? If your supposed to be a "debit" card it would be based on what a person have on the card not credit. What a joke!!!


I have no idea what happened to my direct deposit and I don't really know how to use this application. It could be more informative.

It's Been 3 Weeks And I Still Haven't Received My Card.

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What good is a direct deposit payment when I never get to use my money. When I called and asked they cancelled the first card(which I still haven't seen) and sent another one saying it's going to be another 2 weeks.

Chime Is A Hoax

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I recently sign up with chime thought it would be convenient for me to transfer n save funds but that is not the case with this bank. I made one transfer and come to find out there were two transfer funds made on my checking account thru my bank....i went to dispute the transaction that i didnt make the transfer funds but had a overdraft charge til the next day it was refunded. However next thing i know my chime account was closed without motice or any explanation to why they close my account but yet have my money. I email them 2x's no responce i call several times couldnt get thru n i even tried to log into my account which i wadnt able to bcuz its closed
I got an email from chime saying they no longer partner with me or somethin like that n my account is closed. Im very angry n disappointed with this bank n with so many bad reviews from other ppl this bank needs to be shutdown n out of buisness.

Chime Is A Scam

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This is one of the worst companies... I am so moving from this bank (So called)..Do you know their name the bank for a reason, and we trust him with our hard earned money most of us are mothers parents. I’ve never been so frustrated with the bank before they are not able to send any documentation they’re not able to release any information what are you there for. All I need it was documentation that the amount was approved and speaking to the people It’s just like picking up the phone and calling China. No one knows what I’m speaking of and I can’t make out what they are saying why are we done like this. One of the worst and most stupidest companies ever!!!!!All of them are a waste of time in the facility should be closed being that you have to speak with a robot to get concerns and when you call no one still is able to offer customer service.

Fraudulent Activity

Obvious fraudulent activity on my account with duplicate charges 2hrs away from where I live. I used the card to buy gas and 30mins later a total of 5 back to back atm withdrawals from a location 2hrs away totaling 980$. The atm location only list the city and no address, and Chime finds this not to be fraudulent? And still has not refunded my money. Once it's gone they dont care.


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Its takes DAYS to get any kind of response about missing money. Stories about my missing money changed everytime I finally ahold of someone. Have numerous emails sent with only a handful of responses, each with a different excuse. No one can seem to track my money at all and its been at CHIME for a week now!

Chime Direct Deposit

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4 other people at my job have chime... They ALL got paid today EXCEPT me . I called chime and they’re customer service is very dismissive. They have a prewritten response to tell you any time you have a direct deposit inquiry. “Chime does not hold your money, as soon as we receive it, we will release it to you. Your funds have to be approved and processed through the federal reserve, first.” Well that’s funny, because multiple people at my job received their money and i did not, so that statement is false. Then they say please check with your employer to assure they have your account number and routing number correct . I checked , double checked, and triple checked IT IS ALL CORRECT.... what is the issue CHIME? Then their response is “ok well just wait” WHY DID 4 OTHER EMPLOYEES WHO I WORK DIRECTLY SIDE BY SIDE WITH GET THEIR DEPOSIT BUT I DID NOT . It makes NO SENSE. I received my direct deposit email from my employer meaning that payroll was processed .. SO WHERE IS MY MONEY CHIME ?? terrible

My Chime Account On Hold

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I have sent them everything they asked for. They keep giving me the run around and asking for the same things. So I filed a complaint with the BBB and Federak Reserve. Now I have to wait for this. Has anyone else had this problem.


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I'm so disappointed. I switched to chime and have only been with them one month. My first check deposit is already late, not early as PROMISED and the app is not working properly.

Really Angry With This Bank

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My chime account was recently hacked and my money was stolen and there were also transactions I wasn't aware of regarding to my phone and personal information being stolen. I reported everything to chime that same day. I followed the instructions on the dispute form to report everything and mail it to them. I have even constantly sent them numerous emails about my claim and the next day I've got an email about my claim was dismissed and how they closed my investigation because they found " no error " in my claim.

Terrible First Experience

My account was suddenly deleted, I got an email and a notification alerting me that I had $483.00 deposited into my account before I could reach an ATM my account was closed. I’m not sure if I did anything wrong but I don’t think it was me and it’s been weeks since I’ve encountered this still no check in the mail and just bs automated messages. Help please!

Not To Good So Far

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I had green dot and my direct deposit was always there Tuesday no matter what. Even if Monday was a holiday the money was in my account tuesday at 6am. I changed to chime and here it is Tuesday morning at 7 and still no money. Never should have changed.

They Are Terrible

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When the card first came I was excited about the possibility of getting paid a couple days early. The first issue was the routing number printed on the paperwork that came in the mail with the card was wrong, so I ended up receiving a check from payroll. Now 2 paychecks later, and set up with the routing number shown in the app it is noon on the day that it showed up in every other account, still nothing in chime. Over it goodbye chime.


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I have been with Chime since 2017 and has never been so happy with a bank! Chime actually treats you like a bank customer, allowing unlimited deposits, transfers from checking to saving, depositing checks via mobile phone, funds being available right away, overdraft and even paying you and your friends for referrals! They even stay on top of things when there are issues. I had a loan with a company and had the loan deposited to my Chime account, I paid the loan in full and after I paid the loan off, they were still deducting money from my account, every payday! I notified Chime of this and they gave me a provisional credit right away and did an investigation, after the investigation, they sent me an apology and let me know that they had my back!!!! If you are a Chime customer, did you know that you can also link your account to your Cash app? What other prepaid company allows this? To end this, if you don't want to deal with the hassle of all the fees that banks charge to hold your money and the madness of paying overdraft fees, and YOUR hard earned money being kept from you, you may want to consider Chime!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!!! ????????????

Chime Bank A Bunch Of Lies

I will never recommend chime to anyone I know there are better places to bank with. They lie lie and lie some more. I have been getting everything switched out of chime to another account because I'm done being lied to by them so I won't recommend or continue using this bank myself. Sorry to anyone that has had to deal with the same bs

My Chime Banking Experience

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Wow! I've been reading all these other post about their experiences with banking with Chime and I'm so surprised by all the negative results.
I've only been with Chime a few months and before that I was with greendot and that was a terrible experience so I was excited to switch to Chime.
I get my direct deposit sometimes just hours later of my company submitting our payroll. And I've reached out to customer service many many times and never once have I had a bad experience. They've always been very friendly and helpful and thats something I definitely wasn't used to after being with greendot for so long. Im sorry so many other people have had some pretty horrible experiences with Chime, but I can honestly say I've enjoyed it so far and wish I would've switched sooner.
If you want terrible customer service call greendot and I promise you won't be disappointed.


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THEY DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST FRAUDULENT CHARGES. Once you deposit, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to withdrawal. They will hold your funds for long periods of time. They randomly closed my coworkers account which had $5000 at least and held the funds for weeks. Their customer service is a joke filled with people that barely speak English. SAVE YOURSELVES.

Terrible Service

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Also, one you deposit. You can never withdraw.

Chime- Awful Experience

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When they experienced the outage, all of their customers suffered. People couldn’t access their account balances, people’s cards were denied even though they had plenty of funds, and much more. This went on for days will really not many details of the situation. I personally was unable to buy shoes because my card declined. I wasn’t able to get a hold of Chime because I think they had their phone lines off. It took chime almost a week to get things up and running. No one saw compensation for weeks until they sent an email out saying they were going to give $10 to every affected and unable to make a purchase and so on. I never received my $10 compensation even though there is proof my card was declined. They wouldn’t get back to my emails for days. And if I called I would end up talking to basically a robot that said I didn’t qualify for the compensation. BEWARE OF THIS BANK. Customer service was awful. This outage that happened could have happened to virtually any bank. But the very poor handling of it on Chimes end. And time feeling worthless to everyone I spoke to caused me to have to leave this bank.

They Closed My Account Without Warning

No warn about why my account was closed. I got my friendly notifications this morning letting me know my balance. Around 6pm try to use my card and it was declined. Come to find out THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT. The customer care is a joke. And their 24hour support. Horrible.

Horrible Customer Service Stay Away At All Costs!!!!!!!!

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So at 1st like many others there was no issue with Chime. I loved the early paychecks which mine was 1 day early but still it was nice. I have had them for a year now until things went really bad really fast. So last week I notice my direct deposit is not in my account. Come to find out Chime rejected my direct deposit because of my employer did not include my employee number at the end of my name on the check. Chime stated that this number was on my checks previously. My employer stated this should be no reason that your bank should decline the check. So I had to have my check mailed to me. So I call them up today and wanted to confirm that next week my check will go through okay. Long story short I received service reps who do not care nor show empathy, many long pauses of silences, I had to speak up many times to just see if they were still on the line. Supervisors are a joke and the final straw today was from the escalations department. Still telling me my name does not match because of the damn employee number. Just unreal. Stay away do not trust your money with this company.

Do No Go With Chime

I registered to get a Chime card and I got one after doing all the information and everything. After trying to activate the card they told me the account was closed. So I’m wondering why it’s closed and I just registered for the stupid card. You can’t call the customer service because they tell you your account is closed and they hang up. You can’t email them. They respond but don’t tell me why my account is closed, they only say the information cannot be disclosed. So I’m confused to say the least. I’ve never done business with these people so why am I having such a hard time. I hate these Chime people.

BE AWARE!!!!!!!

The Chime team let someone hack into my account, Steal $800.00, make multiple transactions to Door Dash, change my email address on file, log me out of my mobile banking, and locked me out of performing any functions. My account is now negative $42 dollars due to this negligence. No one asked the individuals who changed my email address to send over a valid drivers license to make sure they were who they said they were to update that information like they have did to me on numerous occasions. I know have to wait 10 business days to possibly receive my money back once again due to this unsecured banking system.


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Yep Worst Bank Around

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Watch out for thm thy will credit ur acct after reporting unauthorized use.....thn thy will tak it all bac.....

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Miserable, Terrible, The WORST, TERRIBLE, DON't DO IT!

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If you want a MASSIVE headache every month or two, choose Chime. OMFG they are so incompetent and their system is unbelievably lacking. I've had fraudulent transactions wipe out my entire account through normal use. When I call to get it fixed, it is an absolute nightmare, which a high chance that it will be all for nothing and no progress will be made. Depositing cash, which is still used in today's world, is a massive pain in the *$$. Nothing works.

Chime Bancorp

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Chime is possibly is the worst bank ever. Not only are you dealing with incompetent individuals you have the added bonus of dealing with a huge language barrier....if you don’t speak Spanish you’re screwed. Trying to communicate with chime is like pulling teeth. They use filler reply’s to put you at ease when in fact they have not clue how to address bank concerns like the lates date breech they call technical issues. Take your money and run otherwise your money will be stuck in a 30-60 day black hole they call banking process..... I say it’s the last ditch effort to generate interest on your money when you realize chime is a joke....with nothing to offer. This bank is good for people who can’t open a normal account. If you have issues posting a bad review it’s not you.

Not Looking Like A Good "Bank" So Far

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Signed up with Chime mid October switching from Amscot which you get paid 2 days early as well, today was suppose to be my first 2 day deposit with Chime......suppose to be......suppose to be. Well I have been with my employer for numerous years and know exactly when they do the payroll and like I said Amscot always had my deposit in my account anywhere from 1am-3am 2 days early, Chime claims to not hold your deposits and just releases when they receive it, hell who knows this may be a giant scam and I may never see my money.

Neer Received My Card

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I wish I could write about the functionality of this mobile bank however I never received my bank card. I think they might be a scam company. I lived in a house when I first opened the account in June of 2019. It is now October and they "attempted" to send me a card 3 times. In July I was living in a house and they claimed the card couldn't be delivered there. I moved in July to an apartment, requested a new card be sent to my new address, and they claimed, again, it could not be delivered there. Out of frustration, I had them try to send ANOTHER card to my previous address as my friend still lives there. And, you guessed it, they claim it couldn't be delivered. I double checked the addresses I entered each time and they are all correct.

Superficially Great, Underneath It All, Not So Much

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Overall I thought Chime was great. It seemed consistent at first, but then on a couple different occasions I got my Direct Deposit later than when I'd usually get it. Then last week with the whole Chime system being down for a couple of days really threw me for a loop. Although they said ATM/Debit transactions were available, not all are created equal. The time the system went down was when I was supposed to be getting my Direct Deposit. Well I had no access to that. Couldn't pay bills, buy myself groceries, and best of all definitely couldn't order myself an uber. If this happened with any major bank, oh woah the fallout would be tremendous. Instead we get an email: sorry for the inconvenience, I know we've had a lot of complaints, rest assured we are working on it? My advice to you is, you want trust and access to your funds? Use a real bank, at least they are consistent. Yes there are more fees, but you don't have to worry about where your money may have went or why you don't have access to it. I loved Chime, but after these couple of strikes I definitely will be okay with waiting a few extra days to get my direct deposit with my usual bank.

The Absolute Worst Ever !!!!!!!

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Finally I guess chime bank said their online app works now. Yesterday I had $216 deposited into my account this morning when I woke up it said my account was -$222.44. I looked on recent transactions and there were three ATM withdraws that I did not do. So I called in to customer service and waited one hour and 11 minutes and 42 seconds to speak to somebody. Then once some once a customer service representative got on the phone I could I could barely hear them at all it kept fading in and out. So I explain to the customer service representative that I could barely hear them that we had like a bad connection and if there was any way they could call me back. The customer service representative said no there’s no way that they can call me back. So I will explain my situation to the customer service representative and she said hold on I’ll get back to you another 33 minutes and 22 seconds and passed and I was still on hold but finally someone came back. So I had to explain the whole situation to her again and to make a long story short she said their system is all messed up and that my $422 that was supposedly withdrawn from My account would be placed back on my account and 2 to 4 business days. Now my balance is reading -9 dollars. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau today to see what can be done. If anyone has any suggestions for me please let me know.

A Bad Experience

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Several months ago I was referred to chime bank by friend. Chime bank advertised that if you refer a friend and they set up direct deposit at the both of you would receive a $50 bonus. I set up direct deposit and met all the requirements so that the both of us would receive the $50 bonus. A few weeks went by and my friend and I did not receive the $50 bonus. At that time I called into chime and spoke to a customer service representative. To make a long story short they played us and never gave either one of us the $50 bonus. I still was willing to give this company a chance so I continue to get my checks directly deposited. A few nights ago I got off work at 2:30 AM and tried to order in Uber Using my Chime card I was declined from the Uber. I had to stand outside in the cold and rain until 5:00 AM and had to catch a bus. Chime States that they were experiencing technical difficulties and that all direct deposits and purchases along with ATMs could be used. I truly believe that chime bank was hacked and they’re lying to us about it. Yesterday I had confirmation that my check was cleared from my employer and it still has not yet been posted by chime bank. I called in and was on able to speak to a customer service representative. They told me to send an email with my concerns and that would be answered in a timely manner. I sent in a dozen emails and haven’t gotten a response as of yet. I went ahead and filed a complaint against this company with the Better Business Bureau. I strongly suggest if anyone else out there is experiencing the same problems should also file complaints against this company With the Better Business Bureau. If I ever get my money I am withdrawing it all and closing down my John Bank account. I have a few friends and family and also use Chime and they’re closing their accounts down as well.

Chime Banking

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It has been days now that your system somehow hasn't been accessable. We have received your email responses claiming our funds are secure & nor to worry. How can anyone not take offense to your claim knowing you can't even resolve the issue? This is the reason most people don't trust the banking industry because you can't even communicate the truthfulness of why it has been days your system crashed. This is totally unacceptable banking relationship!

Don't Do It

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My money is gone and every time I try to get someone on the phone it hangs up on me. I want to know where my money is,............

Chime Worse Banking Experience Ever

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several years ago I had to have surgery to reconstruct my wrist which was completely shattered by the end of this experience I had lost my vehicle and ruined by credit recently I had to take a loan from a payday loan place now thanks to chime who systems went down and gave me no access to my money I am late on this loan 5 years of trying to rebuild my credit down the drain on top of this it is the worst customer service experience I have ever had take heed to my warning and don't consider chime I would do everything in my power to try to sink this company don't choose chime don't let this happen to you

Don't Join These Liars

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Never received referral bonus. Everytime i try to check my account balance I am sent a verification code. What a hassle. Then today worldwide the chime online service is down and you can't use your chime card anywhere due to chime is having issues. I have never experienced this with any other bank. I wish i could give 0 stars!!

Horrible Place To Bank

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The worst experience of my life. My card was stolen and someone charged up a couple hundred dollars worth of gas I put in a dispute claim. Chime would not return my money as they said they did a full investigation. Investigation on what apparently they didn't send the people out to look at the gas station cameras to see that it wasn't me just filling up my tank with gas in a car that I don't have. Please I advise you this is not the place to let hold your money.

Unauthorized Charges

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When it comes to unauthorized charges, chime will leave you stranded. I’ve had 3 charges of $74.00 come out of my account within the span of 15 min at a corner store, which completely drained all my money I had in that account at the time. I reach out to chime, first I get put through a bot, which is completely useless. Then I’m put on the phone with the stereotypical broken English speaking customer service rep. I’m told there’s nothing they can do until the charges are no longer pending. 3 days go by the charges finalized, so I request a dispute. One day later i get an email saying my dispute has been rejected. I go through the hot again and finally get ahold of someone so they could explain why. All I’m told is that “we don’t have access to that information” and to file a “rebuttle” which could take up to 45 days for a response 45 days. Any other bank could have had this settled with funds back in my account within 2 days. Utterly ridiculous what chime has going on. Definitely wont ever store money with them again. Terrible and useless customer service.

The Absolute WORST!!!

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I opened a Chime account after seeing their convincing ad on TV. I really liked the idea of accessing direct deposit funds two days before payday (as they advertise), so I submitted their direct deposit form to my employer. Payday came, but no funds appeared in my Chime account. I immediately contacted my employer, who verified my Chime routing and account numbers, as well as the fact that my funds had been electronically transmitted. I then phoned Chime, and spoke to a customer service representative with a thick accent. I began by verifying my account and address information with him, and then requested his assistance to track down my funds. After verifying the information I gave him, he stated that Chime doesn’t have my funds, and suggested I wait until it (eventually) shows up. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The representative put me on hold for several minutes. He then returned to the phone with a little extra bass in his voice (same accent), and repeated what he’d told me earlier.

I’m missing an entire month’s pay, with no apparent recourse for recovering it. I very strongly suggest that you avoid Chime at all costs. If my initial experience with them is any indication, Chime is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Chime Is The Worst EVER

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I transfered money from my bank to my chime account ....9 BUSINESS days ago. I have talked, emailed pulled my hair out and still not even a straight answer just repeat if poorly scripted responses from customer support. Can someone ..anyone tell me where my money went? What's the deal seriously? Is this just a big scam? Get people to sign up provide what any 1of the 100s of prepaid credit cards out there provide just with slicker marketing then siphon off amounts from customers accounts with ploys like missing transfers, deposits, mystery company debits, and the old oh no some hacked your account ohhh but sorry fine print we don't reimburse for that :( There is something off here something doesn't add up. Reading reviews on multiple sites it's seems at least 3/4 of their customers have experienced some type of missing money from their account. I totally understand any system involving technology or humans is bound experience some glitches but that seems like a few to many glitches and the same type of glitch. If it was a issue with a program why hasn't it been addressed it's much more serious than sometimes the app crashes it's people's money the stuff they use to eat drink keep a roof over their heads.

Wow, This Sucks

1st they are not set up with Capital One, which means I can’t pay my car payment from Chime.
2nd they rejected a mobile check deposit that was filled out legibly and correctly
3rd upon trying to resolve the mobile check deposit, I found out you will NEVER get someone on the phone, only through chat in the app.
4th, you have to talk to their bot before it lets you chat with a person.
5th, finally got into the real person chat room. No response from the company, the bot, or the person.
Not worth putting your money into.

Unauthorized Atm Chrgs

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I left my wallet in the shopping cart at walmart. I notified Chime immediately. After viewing my online status I noticed the atm withdrawals three for a total of $265
I filed a disbute waited the ten days an was finally told the case was closed. Not in my favor.
I thought we were protected against such things like this. I filed a complaint with CFPB
I intend to close this acct. There is no protection.

Horrible Service

My debit card number was stolen. I called to get a new card. Was told it would be 3-5 business days until it would arrive. It has been that long so called and they had said that I was told wrong and it wouldn't arrive until July 5th (10 business days) or at the latest July 10th (14 business days). They do not send cards out in that time length. After talking to three different customer service representatives, was told sorry but there is no way that you will have access to your money unless you have a Venmo account and card, we send you a check which takes 10 days, another checking account that can link with Chime, or a friend who also has Chime and will pull your money out from an atm if you send it to their account. I have none of these. They will not transfer to my PayPal, which I have a card for or help me in any way. After being on the phone with them for over 2 hours all they could say was "sorry we have no other options for you. We cannot help you in any way. You have no other options, but to wait for your card." That is three whole paychecks and I have bills to pay and children to feed and gas to get in my car, so I can make it to work. I got absolutely no help or sympathy from them at all other them acknowledging that I was screwed on getting my money.

The WORST Experience With A Prepaid Card

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Do not EVER use this card for a hotel! they say they will release the funds within 7 days but they don't and what they put you through to get the funds released is a nightmare! They refuse to do anything you have to have your hotel do a statement and email it to them A copy of the folio from the hotel showing is 0 balance won't do. stay away from this card and away from their awful customer service that have no one you can actually speak with you have to email and wait for hours and hours for responses it's ridiculous this is the worst card ever!!!!!

Run Fast To ANY Other Bank Besides Chime Bank.

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Big issues:

-You cannot export your transaction ledger as a spreadsheet. This is a basic feature every bank EXCEPT Chime will offer. They told me no at every turn. As a response, I filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve.

-You have to have a direct deposit to use half of their features. This is a no go for me because I'm self employed.

-Chime cannot connect with any web service that can pull in your banking history.

Terrible bank.

Terrible -- Better Options Out There

I signed up because I liked the "round up" option for microsavings.

However, I encountered the following problems:
1. "No fees" -- yet you have to search high and low and to find an ATM machine to actually get your money out otherwise they charge 2.50. Even if you take it into the bank and run it through as a charge, you are still charged 2.50.

2. 500 limit per day on getting cash out... they really want you to use the card for swipes -- I assume that is how they make their money.

3. Terrible customer service -- when I joined, they had no humans that you could interact with -- only "Chimebot" on the app.

4. Sketchy reputation among other banks -- because I set up a recurring transfer from another bank so that I could actually earn INTEREST on my savings (as opposed the 0.01 percent that Chime "pays"), the other bank flagged my account for fraud and froze it. I could not get ahold of a live human being to verify my account (see above about "Chimebot").

5. All deposits from another institution are held for 5 days regardless of how long you have been a customer.

I have now switched to Empower. It pays 2 percent cashback on debit card swipes. ALL ATMS are free. You get your direct deposit up to 2 days early like Chime. You get paid 2 percent interest for both checking and savings and it offers seamless integration and transfers with outside banks -- even my credit union. No 500 cash back limit on getting money out like Chime. Only downside is there is no website -- only an app.

Aspiration is also switching to a 2 percent cash back on debit card swipes and also pays 2 percent interest though their ATM network is more limited.

Referal Bonus

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Customer Service was extremely rude. They also need to word properly about the Referal Bonus! Its not $200 deposited within 45 days of signing up! Its ONE transaction of $200! Very misleading and upset that i missed out on the Bonus i was waiting on! Customer service didnt care to fix this issue and when spoke to Supervisor he as well didnt care. Very misleading information. And for the fact now if i have $200 deposited in one transaction it will have been past the 45 days and will not honor it.

This is the best online bank

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No silly fees direct deposits and excellent app ...Only downside is the ATM fees when you are traveling international..The app is one of the best designed app I have ever seen ...Much better than the one in bank of america ...Also it provides more insights into all the transactions ...I wish they had the option of depositing cash ..They are working on it but its still not available ..I also love the mobile deposit options on their app ...

Terrible support

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When I first heard about chime I was really excited about them. I love online-only banks because they are really convenient for my mobile life. When I signed up using the app, I immediately had a huge issue. It wouldn't let me attach my card to the account. I tried to contact support, as I was unable to utilize my account, and they didn't reply to me for over two weeks. When they finally did reply they apologized but it left a bitter taste in my mouth and I decided to no longer use them.

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