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Citibank Unexpectedly Closed My Account Of Over 30 Years Without Any Reason.

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Citibank unexpectedly closed my account of over 30 years without any reason. When I tried to make a deposit, my card didn't work. Apparently, my account was being cancelled. The teller stated they couldn't do anything at the bank and advised me to call customer service. However, customer service told me that neither the representative nor the supervisor could help and that I should see someone at the bank, giving me the runaround.

During my visits to the bank, they always tried to persuade me to enroll in long-term CDs. But when I began withdrawing money, that ceased, and now my account is being cancelled. It seems they need your money to lend to others.

Upon researching, I found this seems to be happening to many people, particularly long-term customers. They are also replacing actual people with AI, which may be incorrectly flagging accounts for cancellation. In addition, they have terminated many employees recently. I will never use Citibank again as they do not value their customers or have any legitimate customer service. I will also be contacting the NYS Banking Department, etc., as this may be a case of discrimination.

I advise anyone using Citibank to leave while you still can. Branches are closing, accounts are being closed randomly, and employees are being laid off.

LEGAL Mafia!

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They are a bunch of crooks! My husband get direct deposit for his SS. If it is to be deposited on the 1st, it is ALWAYS available 2 days before the 1st. Not Citi, they hold it until the 1st to collect interest on MY MONEY!!!!!!! Going back to Capital One!


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We opened a savings account to hold our money while we were purchasing a new home. The money was in an account for 1 month. When we tried to transfer money out of savings to our title company we were limited to $10,000/day at no charge OR $50,000/day for a $25 wire transfer fee each time.

We spent over 6 hours (combined calls) on the phone with 5 different customer service reps and no one was able to help us until Jen (the 2nd Jen).

I had to enroll in the Acceleration program. I did this over the phone with Jen and supposedly this will work. We will see . . . .

This is like the Hotel California - you can put your money in any time you like but it can never leave!

Citi Account Bonus Is Fraud. Stay Away.

Citibank repeatedly sent me offers to open a deposit account with $200 bonus. Once I was enticed to go through the process, it was very clear the bank's offer is bogus. The process is very strange that requires answers to very intrusive, unusual questions. Then, it was denied without any reasons given. We are talking a basic deposit account that was promoted to be easy to open, maintain and satisfy the requirements for the bonus. Of course, Citibank has never wanted to make such offers to most. It is an absolute fraud by a big bank. Stay away from Citi by all means.



Citi Financial Fraud

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I took a loan out at citi financial for 6 or 700 dollars, this was in the early 2000's I was working steady but wanted to fill the propane tank as was in the fall and I had twin girls to keep warm.....never had a problem paying bills before this....They had an option to pay a few dollars extra and it would pay your loan if you legitimately lost your job. I had been paying it off 75 dollars a month and this was now spring, well it did not pay and they began harassing phone calls...I couldn't find my papers...but they should have them...right? I finally got a woman at the agency where I took out the loan who was checking on it...then as my luck would have it she had an accident and was not working....I have high anxiety caused by this company who called nonstop every day several times a day......they hounded me into a break down.....during this time I had other problems without my job....I was facing foreclosure and I had nothing worth anything to pawn or relatives to help me, etc.....One day when I had exhausted all my options. As anything Lucy can do I can do better....I went out in the lawn raised my arms and said I give it to you lord, I can no longer do anything...and the next day the phone company called me and bought a small piece of my land for a substation…and I payed the bank where my mortgage was nearly 3 months behind. I got another job, and this collector called on a Saturday and said if I payed 300 dollars today….my debt would be payed…I went 30 miles to town with the twins to a Kroger that had a my bank in it and sent them the money…and I guess I got screwed so then this company called gault called and I started paying this company called gault 75 dollars a month…they called and said it wasn’t enough, well I couldn’t poop money I had no luxury items…I did not even have satellite. I went to the library and checked out movies for the twins… Well gault kept calling and then a cop came and I signed a subpoena, I asked him did I need to go to court and he said no…well I should have but I was young and stupid with rampant panic attacks….as I had never done anything wrong…. This put a lien on my house …they sent another subpoena in 2022…I called free legal aid….and now I am paying off 1500 at 25 dollars a month….they caused my break down and now I am still scared when the phone rings, I guess I hate them. They really ruined my life, my credit, everything…and it should of been covered from the it go.....

Worried And Stressed

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Like many, I was attracted by Citi's high yield savings account promotion and had used their American Airlines credit cards for years. I started with $25, waited for it to clear, then deposited significantly larger amounts, totaling $70K. A few days later, I was paying my credit card bill and noticed that the savings account did not show any more. This was alarming! I called Citibank and was told that the account had been turned over to the fraud department for fraudulent activity. Over the next few days, I talked to four different people, all very nice, but difficult to understand on the phone. They were able to confirm the correct amounts in the account, but were unable to provide anything in writing. After several attempts, I was finally able to talk with a manager on the phone, who asked me some questions about where I had traveled to over the past two weeks and what devices I had used to access the account. She told me that a different device had been used twice to attempt access in a state that I had not traveled to during the time period. In addition, she told me that Citi had therefore decided to close the account. I asked when I would get my money back and she said Citi policies would require 30 to 60 days! What the heck...this is my money! She also told me that I could go to a branch location and, at their discretion, they MAY release the funds. I actually felt at several different times during this ordeal that Citi may not send my money back ever and that I would need to go find a lawyer to release the funds. I drove to the Palm Beach Gardens location, 2 hours from home and, after some persistence and working with a great banker named Rohan, received a cashiers check for the amount. Rohan was actually quite good and argued with the fraud department for me to get the interest owed, which he did. By the way, I asked my normal bank what their policy would be on this and they would have offered to open a new account and transfer the money there or refund the money on the spot. This whole experience caused me significant worry and stress and I will NEVER open a bank account with Citi again. Their policies are questionable and seem like they are designed to use your money for 2 months while causing you significant stress, and they don't have enough branches to allow easy face-to-face communications. This means you will be talking to people on the phone who may be hard to understand and are unable to communicate the real issue. The one positive was that the experience at the Palm Beach Gardens with Rohan was very good. I give Citi corporate 0 stars and Rohan/Palm Beach Gardens 5 stars, so that gives me a total rating of 1 star.

This Bank Is Trash!!!!

This bank is trash! I was told that I had to wait 2 days until my mobile check was available to me but it wasnt. Then I was told two weeks. I have called and spoke to numerous people and all they do is not help you and hang up in your face. Please save yourself the hassle and bank anywhere else. The best I would say is Arrowhead. They can assist you with any concern you have IMMEDIATELY!!! Even Chase is a good bank to, but banking with citibank is a waste of your time.

Stay Away From Citibank

I opened a new checking and saving account with Citibank attracted by their high interest rates.
I transferred $250,000 to savings and $10,000 to checking. I have no debt, pay all my credit card bills early and have an excellent credit rating.

My accounts were terminated without explanation. I called multiple times and spoke with various customer service representatives who were unable to give me an explanation. I was told I would get a letter of explanation and eventually return of funds in 30-60 days. I know have a significant portion of my life savings unavailable to me and no one to help. I have filed complaints with the the federal government and with me state. Stay away from Citibank.

Citi Just Lost A New Customer

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Trying to open a business checking account. Provided contact info on a form through their website. Received a message the next business day. Called back and am still waiting for a response. It's been 4 days. I guess I could keep trying but why bother. If this is their customer service at the start, I can't imagine it getting any better.

Holding A Disability Check

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I opened a new account because I liked the overall experience I had up until recently. I am homeless right now and trying to move to my daughters property. So I had my disability sent to my daughters PO Box. I deposited it through my mobile app, then a few days later when it was still not available, I started calling. They informed me absolutely nothing at first, but finally they said that they were closing my account and holding my check for 60 days. I called SS to put a stop payment on it and to see if they could send me a new one, and Citi bank already cashed it. So they had no intention of "holding" my check at any point. It was cashed 2 days after I deposited it.

After 3 days I finally got told that they consider it a third party check because the address I had it sent to does not match the address on file with Citi.

I understand fraud security but this is just beyond what is reasonable.

Why Is Citibank Banking So Different?

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For over 40 years I used Citibank credit cards and was very pleased with its service. This is the first time I used Citibank's banking - for the incentive of airline miles. And in two months I have had so many terrible experiences. I began to fear that I can't get my money out - currently my paychecks go to Citibank through direct deposit. But I can stop my DD any time.

I read a lot of comments about people who deposited tens of thousands dollars into Citbank. I suspect it's for miles, because many banks offer cash bonus for new accounts, and Citibank interest rates for savings and CD are poor. I was very tempted to deposit $50k into Citibank for another bonus miles offer. Thank goodness i did not do it due to the Citi's low interest rate.

I hope all of you who suffered from Citbank's banking will be able to access your funds. Meanwhile, I hope to gain some insight about Citibank. I read that Citibank got an F rating from BBB due to predatory lending. I thought Citibank would treat the depositors better, as we provide the funds for Citibank to lend to others. It seems that Citibank just wants to con everyone. But how can Citibank continue this practice? This is USA, a land of law and order.

For those who want cash bonus or high interest rate, consider online banks. I go to for the highest CD rates, and I have tried many of those banks. None has given me any troubles. Citibank indeed is a totally different bank!!

Stay Away!

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Had to call customer service about a promotional offer "Accelerate Savings Leveled Bonus" -- and after several hours of conversations with multiple people I can say that their customer service is absolutely useless. I don't care about accents, and generally I had little trouble communicating -- but the level of their ability (or desire) to help was an absolute zero. Basically "they don't see it" and that's that.
At this point I do not want to trust them with my money -- and getting the money out has proven to be impossible so far as well (best I could get from customer service -- "use alternative means". Meaning what???). So just stay away.


If I could give them 0 stars i would. I hate that I ever encountered this entire scam of a bank. I have lost so much money because of them. and they have the nerve to treat my money as if it is theirs. I hate this bank. Do not do business with these crooks. You will regret it.

Citibank Fraud Department Closed My Bank Account

DO NOT USE CITIBANK!! I opened a new Citibank account with savings and checking on June 2023. I used it to pay rent and bills. After paying the first rent bill, Citibank locked the accounts. I contacted them every day since June 24 until now. None of them can help with the problem. Then, they suddenly closed my account without any notification. Now I have no money to pay rent and bills.

Citi Closed My Account And Would Not Return The Remaining Fund

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I opened a new Citibank Accelerate Saving account back in March and successfully deposited $30,000 on March 20 from my Bank of America saving account. On April 1st, I received an email from Citibank that my account will be closed within 60 days. The email simply states: “Based on a recent review of your account, we found that you have violated the terms per the client manual”. There were no specifics given in the email as to what terms exactly I violated. I contacted Citi twice on April 1st and April 3rd, both Citi representatives quoted the same statement in the email without adequate explanation why the account is closed. When I asked them how to get the remaining funds back, they said I will be receiving a mail with detailed statement and a check of the remaining balance, which is around $15,061.21. ( I did transfer $15,000 back to my original Bank of America account before they closed my account)

Ok, no problem. But after patiently waited for 2 months, I still have not received anything from Citibank as of June 5th, so I called them again and this time they told me I will not be getting a check of the remaining balanced on my closed account. Imagine you asked me wait for 2 months and now telling me a totally different disposition. Citi rep told me I have to contact Bank of America where the funds originally came from, and they need Bank of America to file a “Hold Harmless Claim” and return the remaining balance to the original account. Again, there were no explanation from Citi representatives as to why they can`t just return the remaining funds to me, which is legit deposit from my funds in Bank of America account.

Anyways, I contacted Bank of America for this request of filing “Hold harmless claim”. After talking to 5 different agents in Bank of America claim and fraud department, they confirmed that BOA can only file the HHL claim upon Citibank's request (not via me). Since it was Citi who closed my account and is holding my money, It was Citi who suspected fraud in my transfer, so its Citibank`s responsibility to contact BOA to initiate the claim process BOA confirmed that the $30,000 transfer was legitimate and held no implication of fraud. They emphasized that Citibank should return the remaining funds directly to me, as the transfer had already been cleared by Bank of America, making it my rightful money in my Citibank account. Bank of America also provided a contact email address for me to give it to Citibank.

In the following days, I made numerous calls to Citibank again, informed them of the information I received from Bank of America, but I've faced resistance and indifference. Citibank deposit risk team refused to contact Bank of America fraud department to request a HHL claim, and insist that I contact Bank of America to file the claim despite my explanation of the previous unsuccessful attempts. And nobody from Citibank Deposit Risk team care to provide adequate information as to why a hold harmless claim is needed for me to get my own money back from a closed account, and nobody from Citi is willing to work with BOA to sort this out. The Citibank agents I talked to either find excuses to disconnect me or tried to transfer me somewhere else nobody understands what I was talking about and then transferred me again. Its been a nightmare dealing with Citibank customer service.

As a consumer, I have diligently pursued all avenues to rectify this situation, dedicating over 80 days and countless hours in attempts to retrieve my funds. It is deeply distressing to find myself in a helpless position as a result of Citibank's erroneous judgment regarding my account. I understand that the $30,000 deposit to Citibank and subsequent $15,000 transfer back to my Bank of America account may have triggered concerns within Citibank's system, but I can assure these transactions involved legitimate funds that belong to me. I have concrete evidence, such as my Bank of America account statements, demonstrating that the $30,000 deposit originated from my lawful salary and bonus payments from my employer. I am willing to provide any additional documentation, including my tax returns, to establish the legitimacy of these funds. Furthermore, Bank of America has expressed their willingness to vouch for the legitimacy of the funds if Citibank were to reach out to them. Yet, every attempt to engage with Citibank has been met with resistance, lack of cooperation, and a complete disregard for customer service.

I run out of ideas how to get my money back, I am stuck. I had to file a compliant to OCC see if they can intervene to help.

Citibank Fraudulent Customer Is Blocking My Check

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Hello I'm going to tell you my story I have got a settlement check for $3, 789.40 check says Citibank I went to Washington DC Citibank to open account and deposit the check on a Thursday so I waited on Tuesday and called the Washington DC Citibank am I okay to be able to withdraw manager says your checks been blocked gave he give me the phone number of Citibank fraudulent number I called and told them what's the problem they told me we need to verify this check by the company who sent it to you I'm like okay so I have the company legal firm that gave me my check call them to verify but one thing is weird is Citibank fraudulent number says that phone number is not a business number what's the business company that gave me my check.

Citi Bank Please Someone Class Action Law Suite

My account was flagged for fraud after I deposited a check from a employer who claimed to be paying for office equipment. Although I never touched the money and even called to verified the funds were actually in the account before attempting to purchase the office equipment at which time they explained the check was not real. I explained what happened and told them that's why I wanted to make sure it cleared before touching the half already available to use.
They then told me the account was being closed due to fraud and that it was actually already closed. I would receive a check in 30 days for the account balance.
However before this happened I had agreed to allow my son's direct deposit to be transferred into this account. The account was closed and 6 months later my son was approved for his unemployment.
The funds were posted to an account however I did not know the account they were referring too. I check the two accounts I had open both showed no pending deposits. A few weeks later I found my old citi bank account number on a statement. I then called Citi explaining what happened and asked if the deposit was sent to them. They refused to answer any questions due to not knowing the debt card number from an account closed almost a year ago. It took me 3 more months to find a piece of paper with the information on it. I called that moment and with both numbers the agent had to speak with me.
He lied and said the transfer was sent back to the original sender and the account was closed. It took 3 months to get an unemployment agent on the phone due to Covid. However they explain that the deposit was never sent back and I called citi whom lied again saying it was. The DOL rep. Then told me to request a statement with verification of the funds being returned at which Time they admitted the funds where in fact in the account. I said how is this possible when the account was closed they said it was not closed it was frozen they could receive all the deposits that came in However I was not allowed to touch the funds they left my account open for 6 months to see if funds would be deposited. After telling me it was closed. They then said that my son would have to verify ID so I sent the verification which they denied receiving. Then they refused to allow me to do so by mail and demanded in the highest part of Covid I drive my son to Atlanta to the branch. Which I did to find out it was closed indefinitely and the nearest one was states away, States. This was impossible. I would have to wait until a branch opened.
About 3 months later I receive a letter explaining my account was closed due to a zero balance in the account. I called the bank where is my son's money? They said it was put in a subledger and I would need a judge to issue a warrant to get the money. It's been 3 years now. I have wrote everyone I can. Tried attorney's and nobody will help.
What can I do?

Citibank Customer Service

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My money at Citibank (CD's and a savings account) are also tied up due to unknown reasons. Executive Response Team wrote to me (after receiving my BBB claim) that my account was now "unfrozen" and I could access it. I cannot. A call to the Executive Response Team just leads to more loops and nonsense. This customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced. To say they don't care is not accurate... I feel based on the way they respond that they are actually trained to keep you in this frustrating loop of non-answers and non-solutions. Is this their way of dragging out allowing access to your money? Someone mentioned a class action suit, and if it's started I'm all in. I have a CD maturing in a few days, and if I can't access it, it will roll into the same rate for the same length of time, and then I will have incurred monetary damages, not to mention the stress this has caused me. DO NOT do business with them. This is pathetic!

Don't Bank At Citibank!

You have been warned. They decided to freeze my account because I deposited my 20K check made out to me but Chicago Title used my office address on the check as C/O Keller Williams with my office address instead of the address on my account when I opened it. They triggered a fraud alert even though they confirmed that Chicago Title indeed wrote me the check. I will never ever do business with this Bank ever again. I have a funeral to pay for and a special needs child to feed. They froze my account and have the audacity to tell me that it can take 60 days to review.

I went inside the branch but they couldn't do anything. I went in with all the escrow papers and check stub and the branch manager's hands are tied because the imbeciles at the fraud department are just that. Citibank froze my account and holding my money hostage. They froze it because they said even though the check is made out to me (Real Estate Commission check) Chicago Title the issuer has a different address on the check which is in C/O Keller Williams , if they had any brain cells left, all they had to do would be to go into the Department of Real Estate's website to see that my office address is on there. Their automated system was triggered that it is a fraudulent deposit because the address on the check is not on my file for the account. I went inside the branch and spoke to the branch manager to assist me. Although she is helpful and think this trigger doesn't make any sense, her hands are tied and the Fraud department are the only ones who has the power to either hold or release my money. The fraud department told her to tell me that the only way they will remove the freeze off of my account would be for me to call Chicago Title to put a stop payment on the check and have Chicago Title to stop the payment on the check that I already deposited yesterday May 24th, 2023 at the San Ramon Valley Boulevard branch through the teller and then have Chicago Title reissue the check to prove that the check I deposited is not a fraud. I emailed and called Chicago Title to do just that, Chicago Title tried to stop it and they said they couldn't stop the payment anymore because Citibank already cashed my check. Chicago Title sent me a copy that it cleared the account and Citibank is refusing to rectify the situation and insisting that Chicago Title can still sop the payment. Chicago Title suggested Citibank call them to verify the validity of the check but CItibank refuses to do it. My entire account is frozen and cannot pay for my son't food, bills and brother's funeral and cremation. This bank is out of control and needs to be stopped. They already have my funds using and messing with people's lives. This bank is a scammer and a fraud! It old them I want my account closed and give me my money that they have been holding and they refused an keeps telling me I have to wait between 30 to 60 days! This is NOT acceptable. End of the month is here, rent and bills are due or this creates a whole different problem for me. Everything I have they are holding hostage. This is the number 1 bank that needs to be shutdown completely! Banks like this are the reason old school people still do not trust banks! They love taking your money but do not want to give it to you! Predatory practice!

Citibank Fraud Scam

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Like so many people on here the same thing happened to me. Exactly like everyone else I transferred over $14k from a Bank of American account to my Citibank savings account as they were advertising higher interest rates. Transferred the money on Tuesday, saw the money in both accounts on Wednesday and Thursday morning was locked our of my Citibank account. Same excuses they used with as with everyone else, some fraud investigation ad I'd get my funds in 30-60 days. I'm trying to follow the advice on here and file a complaint with everyone I can think of and those suggested here but has anyone gotten their money back in the 30-60 days as they promised or is this going to be a fight to the end to get my $14k back? hoping someone can shed some light of hope for this nightmare to be able to come to a solid resolution.

How To Get Your Money Back

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I see so many people posting with problems of mismanagement or fraud, (see last year’s reviews as well) that I thought I should post with some help to get your money back.
In October 22 we deposited a large sum from 2 different accounts, to receive Citi’s maximum deposit bonus. We later found out the second account we deposited from was dormant, so that bank put a hold on their transfer. With no notice until much later, Citi closed our entire account, placed a fraud alert on it, and froze it.
I tried to log in, was told the account was sent to the fraud dept, and they could tell us nothing. I called Fraud, explained what happened and they told me we couldn't get our money back for 3 months. We later received a letter saying that they would return our money by check in 1 month.
Weeks and weeks of hours long calls to every Citi dept I could find, as well as to our local branch manager ensued. I was told that I no longer had an account there; it had been sent back to the funding bank; etc. They had LOST my money. No one would or could help me—and many of them were unintelligible. Most were also unconcerned.
Finally, I complained to CFPB, FDIC, and OCC, as well as writing letters to every head of Citi I could find, with copies of my complaint. Between the government's contacting them, and I believe even more so, from my letters to the top, we finally got our money back 6 months later, with 5 cents interest. Citi had had free use of our money for 6 months!
It’s difficult to find, so here is the website with top Citi execs info:
When filing complaints, you will need to have dates, names, actions, etc, so if you even suspect a problem, it’s a good idea to start keeping a time log.
I hope this helps keep someone else from going through the extreme stress we went through.

Promotion Scam- I Want My Money Plus Interest

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Complaint for horrible customer service and consistently being lied to. I opened a new acct on 8/12/22 and confirmed the acct had the promotion within a week. I have called over 30 times to resolve this issue and spoke to several supervisors. I opened an account eligible for Citibank's new account promotion (4m36txpqge) on the phone. Criteria: Deposit and maintain a balance of at least $30,000 to earn a $500 cash bonus. After making the qualifying deposit within the first 20 days, maintain that minimum balance for a consecutive 60days after the 21st day to receive the cash bonus. I opened an account in August 2022 and transferred 30K from my personal bank checking account that is my main checking account. The customer service reps and supervisors confirmed that I’m on track from 9/22-11/22because I called to confirm if I needed anything because I've been doing this process with other banks. Over the course of 6 months while trying to collect my bonus I got nowhere. Citi reps were confused that they either don’t offer promotions or didn’t know how to verify my account. They opened a "Case" that was supposed to resolve the problem, but I still haven't seen a dime 3 months after I was supposed to receive the bonus. Even after the 90-day period I made sure I met all the requirements. Most of the representatives I talked to at that number had a very heavy accent and you can tell they didn’t understand. So, I have to repeat myself over and over. The worst part is that they didn't understand my words. I called at least 8 times a month and have several complaints and reference numbers after CITI said they are denying me the bonus but at least 3 reps said I was on track before 11/2022 for the bonus. I had one rep named Josette who said she promised me and my spouse will get the promotion and I met the requirements. Here are the complaints/reference # that were given to me and a summary of my complaints. R113438221025 (Josette) Supervisor Josette stated in 10/2022 (Ann confirmed also on 01/2023) that I will ensure me and my family member will get the promotion bonus and I was on track, 12/28/22 Mae (supervisor) started a dispute because she said I never was eligible for promotion and accidently started over the clock for the prev. dispute so the customer service rep was confused when I called back, 12/28/22 Hung up on me and filed a complaint but they didn’t give me a complaint #, called back same day and spoke to Lupita ref# 139752230113, 1/13/2023. Louis (supervisor) ref# 202302171316338431454 stated I need to send them a w9 tax form because the only way to get a bonus is if I have a tax id number. They even sent me $20 on 12/29/22 in my account because I told them they should pay to fedex the sensitive info because they could have told me this when I opened the account. Come to find out this was another lie because they denied me the promotion either way. I even sent in the promotion flyer that I got to the fax they provided. Finally on 3/2023 I complained one more time that I had the proper code and should have the promotion. I set up the same account with my family member and they got the account because they got locked out due to potential fraud issues. FYI. They sent me a flyer with a promotion to try again but you have to be a new customer. I have all my supporting docs. Latest ref number 5/23 karen ref# R105710230508. Resolution would be to give me my promotion and I was promised $500.

Citibank Just Left Me With No Savings Available

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I've had a 1 year long relationship with citibank having savings and checking accounts with them. Everything broke when I tried to deposit a $5k check from my another account in BMO bank. My citibank accounts were blocked, I was only told that the accounts are being closed and that would take 30-60 days to complete. No explanation, customer service people are very hard to understand, phone connection is poor, so it's hard to hear anything. I kept all my savings on that savings account and now I literally don't have access to any of the money I saved. This is ridiculous and totally unacceptable. Thanks for the other users for sharing the executive phone number. Will try that on Monday and see how this goes. Also looking to submit the legal claim against them. They just put people in very stressful situations for no reason. And the worst part of it is that you have no information of the further actions.

Bottom Feeders Of The Banking Industry

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I opened an online CitiBank Savings account to take advantage of attractive interest rates. After opening the account, I made two deposits on separate days, for a total of $11,000. The life of the account literally only had those two transactions.
After the 2nd deposit I was unable to access my account and was directed to their fraud department. During the correspondence I was informed the account was closed and not given any specific reason for the closure and it may take up to 60 days for my funds to be returned.
After further investigation I found that Citi is widely known for this type of predatory behavior among customers. During my research I found a number (210-357-4032) for the Citi executive response team. I talked with them, they were civil and polite, and I was able get a bit more information. They indicated the account can be closed without cause and they executed that right, but again, deflecting any real reason why the account was closed. They also indicated the funds may or may not be returned based on an internal investigation of which I have no idea what that investigation revolves around?
My concerns with all this are:
• I really don’t know if I’ll get my funds back.
• The secrecy of these transactions seems incredibly predatory given that Citi is given an interest free loan for 60 days from x-number of customers (including myself).
• If the account closure is based on a concern that revolves around fraud and is indeed for my protection, there has been no outreach from Citi to rectify the issue.
• There is no due process regarding the Citi internal investigation which involves the affected party, in this case myself. My sense this is an actionable legal item if pressed?
• With the state of the banking industry incredibly surprised any bank would act in this fashion considering I was depositing funds into the account.

Stay far far away!

Citibank Closed My Account After 2 Weeks- I Can’T Believe This..

I created a Citibank savings account which they offered to give 3.85 percent interest rate . I deposited some 40k in it and transferred some money to my Bank of America account after one week . I could not login the next day and when O called customer care, they said my account is in closure mode and I will receive the check for the money in the account in 30-60 days. The reason they told me was that I transferred money from Citibank account and that’s why they closed the account . I have no idea when I will receive the money back . This is the first time I am seeing a bank doing this. I can’t explain how much pain I am in.

Horrible, Protect Your Money From Them

I had used citibank for 6 years, things got increasingly worse. Right now I'm figuring out how to smoothly split up with this bank without losing money. Glad I got most of the money out years ago. Their website issues got increasingly worse and paranoid security policies became like Twilight Zone. Website does not track scheduled transfers, lost all linked accounts, etc, I had wrong transfers and many hours of calling useless reps in remote countries trying to resolve issues. But even worse are their horrible new security policies. If you need to change your phone number they'll literally lock you out of everything and keep saying they need to send a text to your OLD phone number you no longer have and hang up on you. I tried to do a simple basic task of changing my phone number recently and had to spend 6 hours on the phone with complete idiots, usless and who show they can care less. My account was locked, simply because I tried to change phone number, and I had to have phone customer service help to even change it because it wouldn't let me do it online, but first there were 4 useless reps who couldn't help even with updating phone number. At first they wouldn't even let me change phone number "unless can send text message to your old number" and would hang up. Eventually I changed phone number using phone app, and was able to do so only because I had the second, work number on file and was able to get "verification call" to that 2nd number. But it got worse and my account still was locked - only because I updated my phone number! - and at first they refused or were unable to unlock it. Multiple reps, like parrots were saying they only can unlock if I can get a text message to OLD number. Once you change the phone number it's no good for 14 days for them so it can't receive their stupid useless "text messages". The website says "call for a one time code", for every action, but when you can they can not provide you a code unless they text to your old phone number. My account with all the money actually finally completely disappeared from online login, I had no proof of even having any money there anymore. It reappeared after they reinstated the account after 6 hours of calling, but at first they kept saying that since new phone numbers aren't good for 14 days they can't text to a new number my account would stay locked. It's been a nightmare. I'm physically ill just after trying to change the phone number which these criminals. Getting the funds out and closing the account. Read other reviews on here, from those whose money are held hostage and I'm horrified, I might have dodged the bullet so far.

Thank You I Don't Feel So Alone

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At the beginning of February I discovered my personal accounts were closed by attempting to use my debit card, calling to clear any fraud hold as to which I may not have been advised and then essentially verbally abused by customer support ever since. According to the verbal abuse, I am being investigated for something that's a secret and was/am to receive a return of my funds in 30 to 60 days. In the week of March 6, I called and was told checks had been mailed but I wasn't allowed to know where. On March 24, I went to the post office. No checks. I called customer service who told me I needed to wait another 30 days and in the event the funds hadn't been received, would need to go in person to a branch. I live in Texas. There are no branches in Texas. So I called the corporate number at 212-559-1000 and got through to someone at the Executive Response Team. Their number is 605-331-1698. An investigator contacted me by phone on March 28 I thought to make arrangement to return my funds. In the process she became significantly aggressive with me and assured me it would be impossible to assure me the one account that remains open -- a California IOLTA used by attorneys to hold client funds -- remains safe! So now I'm apparently being investigated further -- for what, I have no idea save for the fact for some reason I've been deemed a liability to the bank. Um. These people are abusive crooks. Run like a mad dog is the only option. I'm scared, hurt, insulted and...on and on. Knowing others out there have suffered the same insanity is comforting. In my mind, yes, a class action and, moreover a request to Congress to enact protection. Thank you for listening!...A!

Avoid Them All Costs

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They truly are the worst bank out there. I opened an online CD couple years ago along with checking account after few years the CD ended and I left the money in my checking account. All of sudden they deemed my account in active even though I sent to proof to activate it they never did and I been struggling to get it activated for over a year. All this time they stealing all the interest (since checking account gets a juicy .0001%) and I have spent $$ sending them mail with tracking mails to activate my account so I can withdraw my money and close the god damn account. They won’t send the account to my state like they are supposed to for me to reclaim it. Whatever you do don’t get suckered in by their promo CDs and open an online only account there way better banks out there. I know I have worked with many banks.

Big Bank, Big Scam

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Opened savings account , deposited money ….
Got paid 0 interest !!!! Really???? Out of 350k - 3 month and didn’t got even one cent?
Biggest scam ever!!!!!!!!

Just Send It Back Plz

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Hello, I am having the same similar problem. I recently sold my car to Carmax and I mobile bank my check and Citi Bannk closed out my account because of the simple fact the address was not the same when I open up my account, Citi Bannk did not contact Carmax at all or even contact me about this matter they just automatically closed it and locked me out of my account. How long did they say it was going to take for you to get your funds back all I want them to do is send back the funds back to Carmax so they can re-issue. Another check. Carmax cannot re-issue me out another check until Citi Bannk close my account. This happened in February 12 to be exact and they barely close my account two days ago.but in a law suit when I get the funds

Evil Corporation

we need to start a class action lawsuit against them. they closed my account that i had less than a month because of "fraud" and refuse to give me all my savings back. it will apparently take over 60 days to receive any of my money. i have never had a problem with any other bank. there is no fraud. there is a huge problem if i can be on the phone with customer service and tell them that i will kill myself if they take all my money and they just say "ok" - they are evil, horrible, soulless people.

Citibank Aka Sh!Ttybank

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I can’t believe this bank is no being investigated or regulated. I opened a checking account with them to receive my tax refunds and they closed it within 7days of me having it, they locked me out of the app and when i call to ask why they said you account is being REVIEWED AND IT WILL BE CLOSED IN 24hours ok perfect i aske them what about the check i was going to receive via DD from the irs ? They said WELL DONT WORRY THEY CHECK WILL BOUNCE BACK TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ACCOUNT WILL BE CLOSE IN 24hours, days when by and they IRS send my check and so did tha STATE TAX when I contact SH!ttyBank to ask them if they received my check they said NO, so I decided to contact the irs and the state to ask them about my refunds they told me THAT IT WAS SENT AND ACCEPTED TO MY BANK ACCOUNT WHEN IT WAS CLEARLY CLOSED (KEEP IN MIND IS BEEN 4 WEEKS SINCE THEY SAID MY ACC WAS BEING CLOSED) when i call this “bank” they confirmed that they did received two check and that my account was BLOCKED NOT CLOSED AND IS BEING REVIEW STILL AFTER 4 weeks and that i have to wait 30-60 days to received a paper check to my mailing address with the funds BUT THE MOST RIDICULOUS PART IS THAT THEY DONT KNOW WHEN THE ACCOUNT WILL CLOSE BACAUSE AGAIN IS STILL BEING REVIEWED AFTER ALL THOSE DAYSSSSS… I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE NEEDS TI DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SITUATION THIS BANK IS STRAIGHT UP A SCAMM/THIEF WITH A BUNCH OF INCOMPETENT REPRESENTATIVES THAT HANG UP THE PHONE ON YOU WHEN YOU EXPLAINING YOUR SITUATION. SHUT DOWN CITIBANK ASAP

Bait And Switched, Everything Is Wrong.

I'm committing my loyalty back to Discover.

I was marketed a "Citigold" account and saw the "deposit x for y bonus". The 7-page or so pamphlet only mentioned Citigold and Citigold benefits as far as I can remember. I opened up the account in-person under this agreement and only then did they reveal that I now have a "Citi Priority" account and was handed a 20+ page pamphlet of all the details that actually mentions anything about Citi Priority account details.

I thought "okay Citi bait and switched me, but at least I will get the account bonus I want in 3 months from now". almost half a year passed and I did not get my account bonus after several complaints through phone, app, in-person, and email in the span of a month. Only until I filed a complaint to CFPB did they deposit my bonus THE VERY NEXT MORNING!!!

After all that BS I wanted to downgrade my Citi Priority account and was told by customer support that I never even had a Priority account and it was opened up as a basic checkings account this whole time.

Is anyone even working here?

SCAM - Just Stole My Money

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I was drawn to Citi because I've had a credit card with them for 15 years and I know they're a legitimate bank offering a high interest rate. Unfortunately, a week within opening my account they closed my account. I had deposited $5,100 through an ACH and $850 through a money order. I never even saw the funds clear before they closed my account without notice. It's fine that they closed my account, though they also closed my credit card account which will hurt my credit score because it will harm the history of my credit (as one of my older credit accounts). However, even with all that, the real kicker is that now they're just holding my $5,950. This is my emergency fund and now I'm just without it for 30-60 days. I don't have an account anymore and I never even saw the money clear so there's no way to have any visibility on where my money even is. It's incredibly disconcerting. The fact they can just hold my money for two months without me having any visibility to it anymore is ridiculous. I feel absolutely scammed. Don't go with Citi.


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Like all the other comments I was lured by the high interest on the account. I opened the account on February 25th and funded it with a $10,000 deposit via ACH transfer. after 3 days I checked and the deposit had been posted to the account so I transferred another $6,000 via ACH. The next morning i checked to see if it posted and the account was locked. I called customer support and they referred me to 844-856-8815 fraud department. The woman told me the $6,000 transfer triggered an investigation and the account was now blocked for 7-10 business days while they complete the investigation. She then said most likely the account will be recommended for closure and in that event, my funds will be returned to my mailing address via check in 30 to 60 business days. How on earth does a basic ACH transfer cause an investigation? I have a government job and an 814 credit. They now have my $16,000 locked up for 70 days. Just like you I read these reviews before opening the account and said it won't happen to me. Trust me don't do it unless you want your money held hostage for 2 months.

Accelerate Savings Closed 2 Days After Opening

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I opened a new Citi Accelerate Savings Account via the Citi website. Although this is a new account, I’ve been a Citibank credit card holder for 24 years, have a high credit limit, a FICO score over 800, and a spotless financial record.

The next day I funded my new savings account with a $26,000 ACH transfer from my Ally Savings account and $10,000 from my Capital One Savings account. I am the individual account holder of all of these accounts, which all have the same address, phone number and other details.

A few hours after my transfers, all traces of my savings account disappeared from the Citi customer portal, but my credit card account remained available. I immediately called customer service and was told there was a fraud alert and the account was temporarily blocked.

I called the fraud department at 1-844-856-8815. The person I spoke to couldn’t see an issue, but saw that Citi was in the process of closing my newly opened account. He told me he was escalating the issue for review.

The next day I was informed by email that, “based on a recent review of your Citi Accelerate Savings account, we found that you have violated the terms of your account per the client manual. As a result your account will be closed.”

I followed Citi’s process for creating and funding a new savings account, yet they arbitrarily closed it and are holding my $36,000. They will provide no details about how my funding of the account violated the terms of my account. In addition to holding my $36,000 hostage, I’m losing 2 months of the promised 3.85% interest - approximately $230.

I've submitted complaints to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at and also the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at If you have a similar situation, please file complaints. The online complaint process is easy.

Fraudulent Activity On Closed Account

I closed a credit account with Citi a few years ago. Over the past year, I've noticed "payment corrections" in the exact amount of the payments made on the card, leading to my statement balance never changing. I didn't notice this until about a month ago, when I noticed the balance on my statement didn't reflect that I would be complete in my payments this month. There are over 12 months worth of "statement corrections".

When I've called Citi to inquire about what this was, they were unable to tell me. From the dispute department, to the accounts department, to customer service and fraud... not a single person was able to clarify these charges or explain why they were there. Even supervisors were baffled. They sent me on and endless transfer route and I still have no answers and am still being auto drafted from my bank account.

Citi Fraud Department

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At the end of December 2022, I saw Citibank's new account promotion, "Deposit and maintain a balance of at least $75,000: $1,000 cash bonus," and decided to use it. I opened an account and transferred 75K from a Wells Fargo checking account that my husband and I are using jointly as our main checking account. When I tried to check if the money had reached the Citibank, I discovered that I couldn't log in. I called Citibank customer service and was referred to your fraud prevention department (844-856-8815 option 4). I called them, and my nightmare began.

Most of the representatives I talked to at that number had a very heavy accent. So much so that I couldn't understand half the words they were saying, but the worst part is that they didn't understand my words. I was advised that my account is marked for closure because of a "third party transaction." I tried to explain that I transferred the money from my joint account with my husband. We even pay our joint citi credit card from the same account every month for 6 years. It led nowhere.

The first representative advised me to contact Wells Fargo and reverse the transaction. I did, which turned out to be completely wrong advice because Wells Fargo determined that it was a legit transfer, not a fraudulent one, which they couldn't reverse.

I contacted the Citibank fraud prevention department again and tried to reach a supervisor. I've been promised a call in 48 hours. Nobody bothered to call.

Then I called again and was advised that I needed to go to the local branch with my husband and submit paper proof that he was my husband.

We went to the branch. The banker checked the notes on my account and discovered that a representative from the citi fraud prevention department wrote on my account that the funds were transferred from my cousin, not my husband's and my joint account. I guess, the language and cultural barrier prevented him from understanding that a husband and a wife could have different last names.

We submitted all the paperwork (our passports, marriage certificate, driver licenses, Wells Fargo checkbook with both our names, joint tax return for the last year, and our children's birth certificates) at the branch and were assured that the account will be reopened in the same magical "48 hours". 48 has passed, and nothing has changed.

As a next step, I contacted citi executive resolution team. They were eager to help, but they have absolutely no power over fraud department. They claimed that they received no documents (although I submitted them twice: in the branch and to executive resolution team) and they can’t reverse the course once they decided to close an account. I was advised to wait 90 days and expect a check in the mail sometime after that.

Then I wrote a complaint to OCC and CFPB.
It looks that this did the trick. In 2 weeks citi did send me a check for $75k.

Needless to say, nor I, not my husband will never do business with citi ever again.

Closes Your Account On Deposit - SCAM

Opened an account with them on Monday, Feb. 6th, 2023. They were advertising great APY rates and a bonus. I have a credit card through them and never have had any issues. They allowed me to transfer my money from my other account using Plaid's service. I have been checking each day to see if the money has been deposited. When I checked today, it said my account was blocked. I called Citi and no one could give me an answer, I kept getting transferred. The last line I was supposed to get transferred to were closed for the day. If I do not have access to MY MONEY the MINUTE I speak to them, I will be reporting them to the CFPB & FDIC. I will also be pursuing legal action.


Great Credit Card But Difficult Online Services

The 2% cash back credit card is very good, but you need their debit card in order to manually add an external account or to make an online payment from your checking account.

Bonus SCAM - Careful

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I was lured into transferring a large sum of money into this bank
by a 1500 bonus promotion. The banker that opened my account
in September 2022 took my address wrongly and it resulted in
my not being able to activate my account and fund the account. I
called about this multiple times, and I was told that I would be
granted a Sept 18th deadline to fund the account because of this
error. I deposited the amount on September 10th, right after the
address error was fixed and i was able to activate the account. In
January 2023, to my dismay, I noticed that the bonus had not
been paid. I called and they said that I wired the money two days
after the deadline. This is not true, as I was told that the dealine
was pushed to September 18th due to the delays that the
address error. I would have NEVER wired the money knowing
that it was past the deadline to get the bonus. Is lost a lot of
money in interest due to my placing this money in this account . I
want to get the bonus that was promised and I have the right to
because I funded the account immediately after it was possible because I funded the account immediately after it was possible
to do so. I filed a complaint with CitiBank:

Citi Response

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Have seen some FI respond to complaints here.
Would like to see a response from Citi regarding
these mounting accusations of scams on this forum.

Citibank Promotions/Bonuses Are A SCAM!

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I parked $200K in a new checking account with CitiBank for 90 days to receive a $1.5K promotional bonus. I was told I met all the requirements by several CitiBank customer service reps over the course of 1 month while trying to collect my bonus but got nowhere. Then they opened a "Case" that was supposed to resolve the problem but I still haven't seen a dime one month after I was supposed to receive the bonus. Every time I call, I have to start from scratch, meaning they first have to verity I qualified for the bonus before looking into the matter. I don't think the customer service reps work for CitiBank. I'm going to contact the BBB.

Horrible Customer Service.

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I would not use cutí bank as a choice. Every single time, and yes I do mean every single time I try and call customer service for any kind off issue I may have with my card. They NEVER know the answer. NEVER. They need improved management. Once I called to add my card to Apple Pay as. My apple wallet said to call them to verify. So I called and they asked me to verify by my phone number. So I have them my phone number (witch was new at that moment) that is the reason I needed to add new Apple Pay to a new phone. They said I needed to give them a number that was in my name. Like in my name with that company. I told them it is under my boyfriends name. I am not main person on our phone bill he is. Okay, so they were not able to help me, any other bank has any other way to verify. Anyways they said I’d get a letter in the mail to verify with in 30 DAYS!!! So their I was at the store without a way to pay thanks to a bank who is non professional in every way!

Another time I call. I called cause my debit card for some reason does not ever let me connect to my cash app. All they have to say about that is “oh I am so sorry to hear that mam I do not see that in our system.
They never know anything about anything.

Another time I called was cause I was at Walmart trying to buy something and it sent me a msg saying call Citi bank to confirm your you and not fraud. Okay, so I called. Idk why tho cause of course they said oh we see in our system their are no alerts. So theirs another time I just had to wait it out to unlock.

Another time I called was to see about getting overdraft as I have been with them for over 3 or 4 years. All they have to say is.. oh once your with us for so long it will just automatically have overdraft. And if it doesn’t yet we’ll keep trying, as one day it will appear. Ummmm…. Okay tf?

Another time I called I was asking why my bank was over drafted if I don’t even have overdraft. They checked my account and started mentioning some of my transactions that “made it overdraft, due to no funds when I made purchase” yet the transactions they are claiming are transactions from 2 weeks ago, when my account was very positive and I did many transactions after.

If you are here cause you’re deciding rather to get this bank or not. Id defiantly suggest not, you will never get help with anything. I honestly do not know why they have a customer service line. And I’m sure many other customers will agree.
Don’t mean to rat on so much. I just had to go out of my way to write this review. And that coming from me who never writes reviews no matter how bad something is.

Stay Away From Citibank

Like many of you I was scammed by Citibank with their checking account promotion bonus. It’s been 5 month and still waiting, I was told I would lose the bonus automatically if I closed the account, so still waiting. If you were also scammed by Citibank file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) it forces Citibank to respond at least instead of waiting in limbo. It only takes a few minutes online or by phone and it is part of the federal government.

Immediately Closed Account

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The account was easy enough to open. We had credit card accounts already. However as soon as we transferred our money to Citi, they blocked all access to all our accounts. When we called they said the account was fraudulent and was being closed, locking up our money, and making it impossible to pay our credit cards since we couldn't access them. When we complained, all we were told was to pay on the phone and have a nice day. There was no fraud. They wouldn't answer why it was flagged as fraudulent. They hung up on us 4 times.

It took 90 days and a complaint to the Controller of the Currency to get our money back. Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. Stay away from Citi!

Accelerate Savings Account Is Great With No Issues

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I've had an Accelerate Savings account for a few years and never had a problem. The interest is almost always the highest out of the big national banks.

I've linked the account to several others I have, and ACH transfers work just fine. I sometimes use my account to pay my Citi credit cards. I've linked to Mint and Personal Capital, it updates regularly with no issues. Citi does not charge excess transaction fees for more than 6 transfers/withdrawals in a month. I did get an ATM card for my account, but I've never needed to use it.

Lost $2,000 Of Payments In 2 Months, AVOID THEM!

In November and December of 2022 I made payments to Citibank using postal money orders. Each month, they failed to record my payment in full - shorting me $1,000 TWICE.

I have contacted them via email, chat, postal mail, and by phone - all multiple times beginning in early December 2022 when I realized my first payment went missing. A few weeks later, I saw that in my December payment I was shorted a second time.

As requested by Citibank, I obtained proof of these deposited money orders and sent them to CitiBank (via the email they indicated I should send it to on their letter acknowledging my first complaint about the missing November payment) prior to their assigned deadline of December 31, 2022. It was emailed on Dec 23, 2022.

I received a letter dated December 31, 2022 stating that my claim was closed due to lack of info.

I am not *allowed* to speak with the investigations department. They tell me an investigation is pending, but I cannot get them to respond stating that they have received the proof that they have deposited these money orders.

The missing payments were sent along with other money orders (in the same envelope) that were recorded. The payment that was lost in December was sent with a note stating that there were a total of 4 payments in the envelope - yet only 3 were recorded.

I have threatened to get the Attorney General's office involved if I could not at least get confirmation that my proof has been received. I get hung up on, I get told that my payments were applied, etc. and when I ask which ones they mean, they tell me about the ones that were applied correctly, rather than the ones that went missing.

I am getting the run around, and I am DONE.

This financial institution is not being responsible with my money, they are ignoring my requests, and I do not see any other way to get their attention than to get my state's Attorney General's office involved.

I have made payments by money order for the last few years and have sent a written request for an accounting of the money order numbers that were applied and their dates of application to my account. Needless to say, this seems like a pipe dream.


Impossible To Get A Real Person

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I have a citibank credit card. I use online banking and while paying my bill online, I notice that Citi is advertising a 3.40% savings account. I click on the apply button and nothing happens. Finally a screen pops up that my application is going under review. 10 days later I get a letter rejecting my application because they could not verify my credit report. Now, keep in mind I have an existing account in good standing with them already. They had no problem pulling a credit report for that. I tried to call numerous times because the letter said to bring in ID to a local branch to prove idenity, but there is no branch in my state. Impossible to reach a real person to get this straightened out. I finally gave up and went with a different bank.

Horrid. Just Horrid.

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Citi is a mess. Thier multi-factor verification system does not work with VOIP. The "secrets" seem to be immutable and live beyond account deletion. CSRs are incomprehensible and unable to resolve issues.

Worse than I ever could have imagined.

CITI Did Not Honor Its Own Promotion

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As so many others on this site, I signed up for a CITI promotion - open an account online and leave the money 90 days, earn $1500. Sounds great, but…
At the end of 90 days plus 2 months waiting period, no $1500. Customer service rep told me I had not entered the promotion code correctly (untrue) but that the promotion department could now enter it for me. Promotion department told me I can file a dispute if I can remember the code. Plus leave the money an additional 45 days (earning almost no interest) while my “dispute” is processed. No knowing whether the dispute will be decided in my favor.
Sounds like CITI has a habit of this type of scam.

Report Citi Bank....UPDATE

Many people are being scammed by Citi Bank and actually losing money!
Turn them in. I did.
Maybe if more people turned them in something would get done about it.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
P.O. Box 53570
Houston, TX 77052
Telephone: 1-800-613-6743

Since I turned them in I finally got this......
(Copied & pasted)
CC: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Case #xxxxxxxxxx
You recently reached out to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding your concern about Citi,
and we've reviewed your request.
Upon receipt of your inquiry, a review of Citibank’s records and the circumstances surrounding our decision to
close your banking relationship was completed. While we are sorry to learn of your disappointment with
Citibank’s decision in this matter, as outlined in the Citibank Client Manual for Consumer Accounts, Citibank
reserves the right to close an account at any time and for any reason, with or without cause. We apologize for
any inconvenience this may have caused.
A $xxxxxxxx refund check will be mailed to you under separate cover for your receipt in 7-10 business days. If
you do not receive this check, please contact us at the number below, Monday through Friday, between the
hours of 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (CT).
Additionally, please see the attached letter, which was sent to you on November 10, 2022, advising of the
account closure.
Thanks for your inquiry. We'd like you to know that it's important to us and we appreciate the opportunity to
Thank you,
Your Citi Executive Response Team
*For TTY: Use 711 or other Relay Service
[email protected]

Accelerate Saving Bonus Offers Are A Scam

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Like others reviewers, I was scammed by Citi. The offer I signed up for supposedly gave a bump up in the cashback credit card percentage if you opened and maintained an Accelerate Savings and a checking account. Never happened. I have pages of notes for all the customer service phone calls and online chats I made to both their banking and credit card divisions (they apparently don't communicate with each other and just pass the buck), trying to get my bonus paid. Like another reviewer stated, often they couldn't find the details of my specific offer. When I asked for their fax or email to send the screenprint I had saved of the offer, they said they can't accept external communications. What a bunch of con artists who unfortunately got the better of me and a lot of other people.

Horrible Customer Service And Support. Deposit Issues

I have a few credit cards with large limits. I have great credit. I’ve never missed a credit card payment. I was persuaded to get a Citibank card because of the cash back feature and ease of use. We intended to use this card 100% of the time for groceries, vacations etc. I recently paid a statement balance in full of $3545.12. My account was put on hold as fraudulent. My payment posted 2 weeks ago from my bank but they still have my account suspended. I was told not to make such large payments to avoid the fraud alerts. I then was told to get my limit raised as well. I tried, they said they could not because of a recent account I had opened.. that account was CITIBANK CREDIT CARD! My account is still frozen and I was told this is just what happens and to deal with. Use a different card in the meantime.. well.. I have a $20,000 limit on my Discover, it’s never been declined and the ALWAYS accept my payments happily. I guess I will do what CITIBANK says and go back to using my Discover card that is more customer friendly and dependable. I tried to file a complaint to no success so I’ll just write these bad reviews EVERYWHERE instead.

$1000 Bonus For 75K

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Took them two weeks to deposit after the 60 days. Better than three months. Good deal.

WORST Bank Ever!!

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Closed my accounts with no explanation and no notification. I had to call THEM to find out they closed my accounts.

I cannot log in to view balances or statement. Cannot access my rewards points. They claim they will send me my funds by check in 30 - 60 days but will not allow me to see how much my funds they are holding ( it's over $80,000 )


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EXTREMELY frustrated with Citibank after wasting numerous hours trying to resolve an account-link problem with an electronic bank (“Total Direct Bank” (TDB), a subsidiary of City National Bank of Florida). TDB was linked with my Citibank checking account, but I discovered today that transfers from TDB to Citibank were not executing, because TDB was mislabeled as a Savings Account, when it should be labeled as a Checking account. Citibank prohibited editing TDB to designate it as a Checking Acct., so I had to delete it. When I tried to re-link it, I discovered that Citibank will NOW only link accounts using “Plaid” (3rd Party Data Access program), and will no longer link accounts manually (using trial deposits). Citi's customer service made finding this info. EXTREMELY difficult. I filed a complaint with OCC yesterday. Can only hope it helps. Meanwhile, I CANNOT get my money to Citibank from TDB. Infuriating.

Stay Away From Citi "Reward" Offers.

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Stay Away From Citi, Especially Their "Reward" Offers.LIARES.

Stay Away From Citi, Especially Their "Reward" Offers

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Citi promised to pay $300 for depositing money for 60 days. At the end of 60 days, they said it would take 90 more days to get the reward. Called yesterday when the reward didn't arrive. They said they had no record of the offer to me. I said I had an email with the offer saved. They said well "you can write us a letter appealing the decision." I said "no thanks" and closed all my accounts and will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, deal with Citibank again. They are lying snakes or incompetent morons. Probably both.

No! Don’T Deposit Money. Citi Lies.

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Citi said it would pay bonus for new business account with new money. I deposited $50k, kept for 60 days, another 90 days passed I still have not received the bonus. Disputed but no response from the back office.


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Citi Bank is running a scam on its customers by luring them into opening a Citi Accelerate Savings account and a Citi Checking with promises that they will reward you with $300 for the savings and $2000 for the checking. Once you put your money in they can freeze your account, say it is missing, or just plain not pay you. I deposited $30k and followed all of their rules. I waited and waited for the bonus to get deposited and spoke to 12 different people who could not speak English as they outsource their customer service. They have no Supervisor to escalate your call and run you around in circles. You will never receive the bonus. I lost out on interest and was terrified I'd lose all my money in their fraudulent scam where they outright freeze your account and lock you out stating they detected fraudulent activity on your account. I'm warning you if you have your money in Citibank get it out now. If you are considering opening an account you've been warned.

Citibank Scam

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They advertise opening a checking account with them and receiving a bonus after three months. As soon as the money was transferred to Citibank, we were told the account was compromised and they close the account. Waiting for the refund check to arrive in "30-60 days" as they claimed never happened. Finally, they claimed the deposit money was disappeared and they CANNOT do anything about it. As you read the same stories shared on this forum, this is a scam. if you read these messages to prepare yourself to deposit your hard-earned money, DO NOT open a CITI Priority Checking. if you have this issue resolved for you, please let us know how.

Just Do Not Do It!!

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Opened a savings account to get additional American Airlines Miles. Posted more than the minimum, waited and the miles never arrived. Been on the phone twice now and they reps are less than helpful. Save your self a headache, find another bank.

If Only 0 Stars Was An Option...

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Still waiting on promised airline miles after having more than met all required flaming hoops for promotion--initial deposit, maintaining required balance and time. Citibank does a horrifical job of ensuring their customer service reps are knowledgeable--period, let alone in their promotional offers. I can state that after multiple calls--dozens--I've lost track (no other way to contact them--other than their equally useless chat system). At least if there was a customer service email one could have a record and attach files so that nothing could be lost in translation--literally and especially dealing with their non-US based CS reps.

Www.Citi.Com - Horrible Bank And Customer Service

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Have spent hours on several days just trying to get someone on phone to talk to for help. Such a nightmare, and I’m now trying to just close my account.

Citi Accelerate Savings Fraud

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I too was in a dilemma of thinking that my accelerate savings account was victim to fraud. Had an account and randomly couldn’t access account overnight because requested a debit card number that was never issued to me. Called several agents and spent many hours on phone. One agent even told me my account was closed. Asked to speak with manager and she said she has no manager. Thought all was lost and would never see my money. I filed a complaint with OCC and CFPB and literally the next day a legit Citi representative called and explained the ineptitude of their company. Horrible customer service experience prior to executive rep that called about complaint. Encourage you if having issues to reach out to these agencies cuz they work for us as consumers. Next step after that would be FBI or FDIC. Good luck!

Software_Customer Service

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I spent an hour on the phone with customer service to resolve my issue and was basically told the computer won’t let us fix your issue. Beware of opening online accounts. Even if it is bank software issue upon opening the account, either pay a large penalty or
Just live with the problem. In my case an issue with joint ownership.
Took an hour to get someone live on the phone and then unable to resolve. Most disappointing??

Need To Sue CITI For Ruining My Credit Score

I paid my Citibank credit card in full and closed the credit card account a year ago. Turns out the payment was recorded as outstanding balance and late fees. What's crazy is that this had put late payments on my credit report, and my score sank. I disputed it and then tried to pay it off to be done with them. But Citi was completely useless. My score went down 120 points because of their stupidity. Thankfully I found an online credit repair company,, and they got the late payments deleted within weeks, and my score has gone back up by more than 100 points already. If you are having any bad credit, or you have some negative items you need to get rid off, honestly, don't hesitate, go on They'll fix it.

Stay Away From Citibank Accelerate Savings Account

Never ever open Citibank accelarate savings account. They are highly un-reliable. I just had a terrible experience with Citibank accelarate savings account. Citibank seem to suck big time in every damn thing when it comes to customer service! They froze my savings account due to suspected activity when i trasnfered from my own salary accounts to Citibank savings account. I had to wait for 1 hour each time to talk to their fraud analysts for such frozen accounts and they asked me to visit a branch. But there is no branch in whole Washington state (this is ridiculus). Now they just want me to wait for 30 to 60 business days to receive the balance amount in a cheque and also return the transfers I made. This is ridiculus that I am unable to access my own savings. I had considerable amount saved there. I talked to atleast 6 different fruad analyst (1 hour + wait time every time) and they have a standard script to repeat everytime. They dont follow up if calls get dropped. They are not even allowing me to talk to their supervisors. When I googled it looks like many customers have faced similar issues. So completely stay away from Citibank offers on savings account. I have filed consumer compliants with both OCC and CFBP. Hoping to see some actions.


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I have a large sum of money at Citibank and I cannot get anyone to help me. Wire transfers don't work, MFA keeps stopping it even though they say they've checked the MFA. Customer service is non-existent. I easily wired it in but cannot get it out and there is no branch within a 10 hour drive of me. Horrific service.

I Was Naive

I made an account in hopes of warning someone else. Wish I read reviews and was not naive. Believing that Costco would not do business with crooks, I realize the Costco side is great but the other side (checkings and savings), is a nightmare.

July 16 we opened an account and were to fund it with 25k$ we had in our other bank. We figured if we would have a costco credit card with Citibank (easy to work with, no problems) we would bank all in the same spot. When we tried to fund the account from our savings account, from another bank, it showed that “the check bounced”. Well, we never wrote a check, just gave our electronic routing number and account number. Apparently you cannot fund using a savings account. This froze our account. The way to unfreeze it is to call the fraud department. Wait times are at least an hour. Usually 2 hours. When we got through they notified us the account was frozen. Kept telling us in 24-48 hours it would be unfrozen, it was a misunderstanding. Unfortunately it never was unfrozen even they told us it was. Mind you, at this point we have been calling every day for almost 2 weeks and waiting for about 2 hours every time. Finally we went into a branch. They were the ones that told us we have not funded the account. At this point, we did not want anything more to do with this bank.

Yesterday, the fraud department told us everything is unfrozen and we can now visit our local branch and close the account. Glad the nightmare was over, we visited the local branch only to have them tell us it was never unfrozen. The branch told us they would find out and tell us the next day. Today, I am on hold with the same department before visiting the branch and we are pretty sure that nothing will come of it.

Please, do not do what we did, and read the horror stories they are true. We consider ourselves blessed to have the funds not come through to this crooked bank. All we are trying to do is close the nightmare account. What about all those with money in the bank??

The call to the fraud department gives you people who are outsourced to another country and there is no one above them you can reach. Currently, the wait time says “greater than 30 minutes” after telling us it was “less than 30”.

This is unsustainable and I think they will go under.

Thanks, please dont be naive and save yourself from the nightmare

Citibank Are Thieves

I got charged $15 when I opened a checking account with them. I transferred $5000 to the bank to meet the minimum required for a no fee account. Of course banking is not magic and it takes time for money to appear, so they said it did not get there in time and charged me a $15 service charge. What a bunch of goons. No one should use Citibank for anything.

Bonus Scam

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$300 promo bonus for opening a new interest checking account was never applied. Extremely disappointing customer service experience. Was told multiple times when I called to check on status that all the requirements had been met and it could take up to 90 days for the promo to be applied. Account was opened at the end of December 2021. After 90 days had to call back again, and had an investigation opened. Never heard anything back, called back after 2 weeks, to be told I could expect the deposit to be made in 1 week. Called back, was told the investigation was never completed because the promo code was not submitted on the investigation, the customer rep then provided me with the promo code and ensured me the deposit would be made, but did not want to commit to a specific timeframe. Spoke with a supervisor today, 2 days later, and was told that if I could not provide documentation of proof of the promo they could not apply the promo bonus to my account. I explained I used a link that was on their website to open the account, which is now (6 months later) not active. I was told I should have received an email with a specific link that was tied to the promo when I opened my account, and I could use that as proof of documentation. I explained I never received an email with a link or anything that verified the promo was applied. It was outlined on the website the requirements were to open a new checking account and maintain a $15,000 balance for 60 days. I also explained I had spoken to several customer reps that verified I had met the requirements, but never received an email or anything in writing. Very disappointed, and will not be using CITIbank for my checking needs going forward. Account also required a maintained $5,000 balance, or a $15 fee is applied every month.

Citi Bank $700.00 Bonus.

Please, be careful. Citi Bank leads you through different links to make mistake and they will not pay you a promised bonus. Make a print out of any offer. If you can not make a print out of an offer stay out. They will trick you.

Citi Checking Closed; Stole My Money

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I opened up a account in Marc/Apr and deposited about 2600 both VIA Zelle and Debit Card. In about 2 weeks I could not access the account and was told it was closed because of fraud. I then received a letter that account was closed because of fraud and any money would be returned in 60 days, I called them around 90 days and they said account was closed and has a zero balance, When I asked about the money they took a while to see what they could do and then said they regret that they can do nothing more. I asked again and they said do you know why account was closed and I said no. and then they repeated the statement and said they had to go, I am out of option so it seems they have a free 2600 like they need it.

CITI Accelerate Savings. Citibank Stole Over $100,000 From Me!

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I've had a CITI Accelerate savings account about 2 years - linked to other non-citi bank accounts. I have also been using a CITI credit card for about 10 years.

With absolutely no notification of any sort, CITI put a block on my savings account, and canceled 2 transfers I had scheduled - one of them was to pay the balance due on my citi credit card.
I logged into my account to see a message that my savings account had been "blocked". Clicking on that message shows a phone number to call ... and then it initiates a forced logoff.

After calling many different citi representatives, over many weeks, the ONLY information I keep getting over and over and over is:

1) Your account is being reviewed.
2) After being reviewed, your account may be closed. "The closure process takes 30 to 60 days".
3) "If, at the time of closure, we deem any funds as belonging to you, we will send a check by mail".
4) "Citi reserves the right to close an account at any time and for any reason, with or without cause". No reason needs to be given.

Ok ... if citi wants to close my account, I really don't care. But in the meantime, I have NO ACCESS to my money. I have already been waiting 2 months - and citi still just keeps telling me "30 to 60 days".

1) I am not allowed to see my balance online.
2) I am not allowed to see any statements online.
3) NO ONE at citi will tell me the balance.
4) NO ONE at citi will tell me if my account is still being "reviewed". If, or when, my account will be closed.
5) NO ONE at citi will tell me when their so-called "30 to 60 day" timeframe starts or ends. This is an open-ended, non-defined, ongoing timeframe.
6) NO ONE at citi will tell me by what date I will be receiving a check for my balance - or the amount it will be.

Why does it take so many months for this process of theirs to complete? How can they suddenly block all access to my money for months on end?
Money that now appears I will probably never see again, because upon doing searches for other citi complaints -(like the "Citibank Sucks!" Group on Facebook)- I now see this is very common and very typical of citi. Many other people have been put through this same mis-treatment. Most of them NEVER getting ANY of their money back!

How can this ongoing grand abuse and blatant theft of the public by CITIbank continue - with no stopping it?

Citi Send My Check It Over 365 Days

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Citi have refused to closed my account, I have money in my account until one day I wasn’t able to login, till date I have called several times they will keep telling me 30 to 60 days, please I need help to get my money back

Never Been Inspired To Post A Negative Experience....

But I am now. I will spare you the details, but I spent 5 hours on the phone with customer service over two days. When I say they are apathetic and dismissing that is an underestimate. I got the following responses:
This account does not exist.
You need to create another password
It is a browser problem
The account exists but it isn't mine.
All I was trying to do was to log onto their website. Awful experience. Cancelling the card! Do yourself a favor, just go somewhere else.

Citibank Disingenuous On Promotion Reward Promises

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When I went to Beverly Hills branch of Citibank one of the bankers approached me and told me if I deposit $1,000,000 for 60 days I would receive a bonus. I forgot the reward amount - $1500 to $2500 range. I phoned the 800 number and made a claim which was denied. I then told the banker, who was extremely apologetic and said she would override the denial and resubmit under employee error.
I haven't received a dime. This all took place over the last year.

EARN UP TO $1,500

Open Citi checking account on 05/02/22 for promo offer. Funded 25k to account from four external banks via ACH transaction. Citi closed account on 05/04/22. Citi held all funds. Citi instructed me to contact external banks and have them submit a fund reversal. I was able to receive 15k but Citi will not release the remanding $10,000.05. I've called several times and Citi tells me they have no update and to call back in 48hrs for update. I'm told the same thing on all follow up calls. last follow up call was 06/10/2022. I filed a consumer complaint with OCC. (Office of
the Comptroller of the Currency)

Citi Will Deny New Account Promotion For False Reason

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Bad experience with the new checking account promotion. They denied me by made up reasons. There is no way to upload supporting documents, or email them. They just won't give you promotion. After I opened a case with cfpb. They finally give me the promotion I deserved. I spend 5 months and opened 4 cases with Citibank. Never bank with this bank again.

Competitive Products, Awful Bank

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They have excellent products/services (high APY savings, good credit card). The Website is okay, offers some nice features. Not hard to use.

But the customer service is like comically bad, like can't do the simplest thing bad.

You'll sometimes be outsourced, so there's language barrier. Then, the agents don't know basic banking stuff/haven't been trained (for example my wife was talking to one, and the agent was so unsure about something she asked, that the agent started asking my wife banking questions).

Worse, you'll call, have them set up something for you--and it'll just never happen. You'll call back, and they'll say something like "oh yeah, sorry we need to send/do that" etc. It's like shockingly bad.

Worse Banking Experience Ever

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I opened up a Citi checking account because of a special offer I got because I have a Citi card. It has been a nightmare. I kept getting an error when I tried to fund the account from my external (non-citi bank). After 4 hours and 22 minutes on hold (three separate calls), I was transferred to tech support. They got me to a different interface and had me connect my account and make the $10,000 transfer.

Today, I go in and the transfer is not showing - nothing. Even the linked bank account is gone. I check my non-citi bank and the $10,000 has come out. I call Citi and they say they have no record of the transfer. I give them the tracing number and the item number from the email sent from Citi verifying the transfer.

Their response - "We should be seeing it, but we are not. Just wait 1-2 days and it should show up in your account." REALLY!!! This is $10,000 that they have absolutely no record of me transferring to their system. They cannot look it up using the item number from the email that was generated from THEIR system!

This is total fraud.

Beware if you choose to get a checking or savings account with Citi.

Citi Does Not Protect You Against Covid Charges

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Very disappointed in the service I received from Citi. I am a Citi Double Cash card holder. I recently contracted covid while abroad in France which resulted in my having to quarantine in my hotel. I had to cancel a train ride that was planned while I had covid. The train company refused to refund me for a $500 ticket. I thought for sure citi would have my back. I sent in my dispute with proof of my covid results and everything. They refused the dispute citing the merchant was non refundable... Incredibly disappointing that citi wouldn't protect their customers from something they cannot use when they are suffering from COVID.

Citi Doesn't Want Your Business

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Tried to open an account online. Kept getting an error message saying they were having technical trouble and to call the Cusstomer Support number. They tell me I have to already have an account to open a CD. I've opened several CDs with several other banks in the last six months. This is the first time I have been told I need to already be a customer to open an account. Basically they are saying "we don't want your money."


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I deposited a cashier's check on 11/21 and that very day they closed y account. It's been 5 months going on 6 months and still haven't gotten my money. There excuses are we've been investigating but they can't give e any answers as to where my money is but they've been saying you will be getting your money sent to you in 60 business days. Now my business is spiraling downward every since. I WILL TELL ANYONE STAY AWAY FOR THESE MONEY ROBBERS THEY DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST ST HEART now I'm still waiting for my money when phone these assholes they tell me what I already know that my account is closed and I can't give any further information and rudely hang up. So if this how they conduct business don't see how they are in business. So please if value your respect and self worth DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS BANK. I thought they were a nice bank wish I would've seen these reviews before I put my money in this bank. So please people beware of where you put your money make sure it's not with this bank

Stay Away From Citi

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I wrote a check to my citi account from my other bank and mailed to citi bank. It was never cleared and I was told they never got the check and it was lost in the mail. The customer service agents were not trust worthy and I was pissed so I decided to close my bank account with Citi. The "lost" check magically showed up and cashed out from my Chase bank the next week and the deposit date was the date I closed the account. I kept requesting Citi bank send my money back for q week now and citi is telling me they could not deposit the check to a closed account, and the check was not processed successfully. I went to the Chase branch and Chase printed me all the approval document that money was cleared and went to Citi. However, Citi insisted they did not get the money. I think they would like to hold the money for the max time as possible. It is a very shady company. I filed a claim with comptroller of currency against them.

Don't Use It

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I opened a priority checking account in November 2021. Transfer $10,000 dollars from my own another bank account. Then Citi just blocked my account. They said they will review my account and closed it in 60 days. Then they will issue me a check to refund the money. But after 60 days, they say they can't verify the money and won't refund. This is crime! This is illegal! Why nobody, no regulation agaist them?

Mayhem Citibank Sending Fraudulent Cashiers Check

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This bank is helping to cause financial crisis for many individuals and their hard-earned money. They lie and steal. I was with this ill reputed place for 16 years and then fraud hit my account and this is where everything went crazy. Around 22 February this year, someone hacked my checking account. The account was closed and then Citibank sent me a cashiers check that was no good. I tried to cash the check several times and it declined. I tried to mobile deposit it to my other checking account I have with them and was told I could not do a mobile deposit for 90 days with a new account. I was then told I need to deposit this at an ATM or mail the check back for deposit. Why would I need to mail a check back for deposit that they had just mailed me? This is a%#^ backwards and then I suspected it was a scam on their behalf. I have notified them about this and only get more lies.’Finally I tried to go ahead and deposit this in a local bank account and it was immediately placed on hold for 7 days. The branch manager finally told me this was a blank check with no funds on it and it will be returned to Citibank.
Customer service is nonexistent, they place you on hold, and hang the phone up on you. Each time you speak to a different person, you get a different lie.They need to shut this place down as it is ranked the worst bank in U.S. This is disgusting as they continue to steal consumers' money.. These are White Collar Criminals and they need to go to jail!!

Citibank Is Committing White-Collar Crimes Against Their Customers.

Citibank Is The Worst Bank Ever. Help Me Spread The Word On How Bad Citibank Is To Their Customers. Share This YouTube Video With Everyone You Know I Have Actual Phone Conversations With Citibank Reps Lying. I Really Believe Citibank Is Committing White-Collar Crimes Against Their Customers. Citibank Has Locked Me Out Of My Priority Checking Account For Over Three Months Now Totaling Over $100,000.00. Help Me Protect Other People From These Corporate Thugs. Share This Video With Everyone.

Citibank Is The Worst

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They wait ones until my tax refund hit my account to close my account! When asked why they were rude hung up on me everytime I called! Then said it's because of fraud. They are bd bs! Saying I'll have my money in a check in 60 days!! I'm calling everyday until I get what's mine!


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One year ago--Transfer 100,000 in. Today tried to withdraw and told only 10,000 at a time. Will take months. Will file complaint with banking regulators but probably on payroll per Washington. Stay away from Citibank.

Citi Keeps Your Money And Limits Access

As other have stated do not use Citi for savings accounts, especially if you need the money quickly.

I tried to transfer $35,000 out of my account online and Citi would not let me. After trying several amounts I was "allowed" to access $10,000 of MY money to transfer to my external checking. 3 days later they canceled it stating it was over the limit. Apparently they limit you to $5,000 per day/$15,000 per month for external transfers. If you are saving for something big or need more than that do not expect Citi to give you access to your money to use it. Neither Am Ex nor Capital One impose these limits.

Spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to close my account at which point the rep argued with me, told me I could do a wire ($50,000 limit, $75 to execute) which I said no to and I could barely understand him at all. He refused to provide a confirmation number for my closure. Will not transfer to my other account and instead I have to wait 3 weeks for a check for $280,000. I lost out on what I was trying to buy because I could not get to MY money that I saved in a timely fashion.

They do not understand it is not THEIR money. Horrid for savings.

Stay Away From Savings/Checking Products

It is extremely difficult to move money OUT of a Citi savings account to another institution. Save yourself a lot of headache and wasted time on the phone with unhelpful customer service reps and go with another online bank like American Express. That being said, I have two credit cards with Citi and have never had any problems with them. But I will NEVER EVER EVER open another savings or checking account with Citi. EVER.

Aggravating Customer Experience

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I cannot overstate how challenging and aggravating Citibank has been to work with. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING CITIGOLD, STAY AWAY!

I joined in July 2021 on account of an attractive Citigold incentive bonus. Despite numerous efforts on my part to fund the account within the 30 day window required for the incentive, it took 34 days to resolve issues and get it funded. I called several times to query whether I would remain eligible for the promotion, and everyone I talked to assured me I would.

6 months and over 10 hours on the phone later, I have been repeatedly misled that "this would be resolved soon" until finally being told there was "nothing they could do about it." I would have far preferred honesty in the first 1-2 months so as to be able to reallocate my time and resources.

The combination of dishonesty and incompetence has been, at least from my personal experience with large organizations, unprecedented.

I offer this review with hopes that my time-wasting, capital-wasting experience can protect others from the same outcome. BANK WITH ANYONE BUT CITI!

Citibank Locks You Out Of YOUR Money

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The Citibank card is used with my Costco membership. Costco needs to disassociate themselves with the Citi. I wanted to transfer a sizeable amount of money out to another financial institution. Come to find out there was a daily limit of $10,000 and a monthly limit of $15,000. Based on this it would take many months to make the transfer. They will not let me have access to MY money. This seems illegal! This is what they call a Citi Accelerate Savings account. It is not a CD or other account where money needs to be kept there, Customer service says that is their policy. I explained if money is deposited in a bank the owner has access to their own is not theirs.

Citibank - Very Bad Experience

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I have a very bad experiance with Citibank and do not recommend their services. We opened up a new account with Citibank and transferred funds from another bank to cover our checks. Without any reason or any explanation Citibank blocked our account. They said that they will return our money within 60 days. Meanwile they are using my money but how we supposed to pay our bills? Is this the right way to treat customers?

Took Me 3 Weeks To Get My Money Out!

I have had to spend over 6 hours with customer service just to get my $50,000 back out of this bank. Still trying but it seems like putting money in is easy getting your money back is impossible. DO NOT USE THIS BAD BANK.

Don't Do It!

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Worst banking experience I've ever had. An unexpected and uncommunicated change to their "security policy" leaves me locked out of my accounts and unable to access my money until they send me a card in the mail that I have to activate! If I wanted activated cards to access my money laying around, I would ask for one. There are other banks that have the same savings rate. Pick another bank that won't force their ridiculous changes or poor communication and abysmal customer service. I'll be closing my account as soon as I can actually access it.

They Made A Nightmare Worse

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60-90 days to return 2k that was sent to help save me after being scammed 2 months ago. claimed to call me, didn't even lock account 24 hours before taking extreme measures. offered to drive 6 hours to the nearest branch with ID to get the money I needed weeks ago. It seems they may be a hub for internet scams, beware

Worst Bank Ever.

Got this card as an executive member at Costco. I love Costco but this Partnership needs to end. Citi is an UnAmerican as it gets. Wouldn’t credit my account for two weeks after a payment x4 has been made and deducted. My only guess is that they live off interest. Horrible customer serves. No one can do anything without a hassle. Worst waste of time and money ever. Don’t do business with these losers or you will be one.

I Have Their Credit Card...

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...two, actually. Because 2% cash back, unlimited, on all purchases, with no categories to keep track of and no real hoops to jump through, is as good a deal as you will find anywhere. The only thing I would ding them on is that they haven't always taken my side in disputes with merchants. I VERY rarely have a dispute with a merchant, but when I do, it's legit, and I expect my credit card company to at lest be neutral and side with who's right.

Any Negative Word You Can Think Of

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Any negative word you can think of, will describe this awful bank and experience. They really need to go out of business at this point. Do not change your phone number. Don’t try to purchase anything online that costs a large amount. They will find every little reason to lock your card and put your entire account under review over a phone number change. I understand security measures and fraud prevention at banks, but Citibank goes way beyond with their security that it’s an inconvenience to use the account. You’ll never know when your card or account may be locked..cause they won’t notify you. And they may send you a letter which you will have no access to your account until you receive a letter 7 days later. They have POOR customer service, and will talk over you and hang up on you.They act like they can’t comprehend, and the representatives have nasty attitudes.I swear I hate this bank! If I can give them NEGATIVE 1 million thumbs down emojis, that would be there rating. They don’t deserve 1 star.. Garbage ass bank

Good Bank But Branches Are Way Too Busy

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Citi Bank itself offers a good service. Average fees and no general problems. The real issue are the branches, at least here in NYC. They're way too busy and I don't have much time on my hands. Gotta get in and out

Do Not Bank With Citi!!!!

Lets start of with a general review on their service -
Customer service - One of the worst. The workers I've experienced just weren't nice or helpful, and gave me so much attitude.
Their app is pretty good, but again, if you run into an issue, you'll need customer service which sucks.
The reason I switched from this bank is because I found out that Citi invests millions of dollars into fossil fuels, which destroys our planets climate. They're using our money for these dirty investments, and we don't even know it! Just recently I found an article on all these big banks using our money for dirty investments.

Worst Banking Experience

I have opened a Citi priority account on 08/02/21 and maintained a balance well over 10K. I successfully linked my Citibank account with my mortgage company before 08/15. On 08/28, I made my mortgage payments as ACH payment from my Citibank account. Citi bank returned the ACH withdrawals without paying them, though I have 3 times more money in the account. Never notified me via phone, email or snail mail. They claims that my account on under 'review' at the time the ACH debit came in. Never explain why; never notified me either. When I tried to login to Citi bank online, my password is not working. I called c/s and after about 45 minutes on the call, they say all holds are removed (still doesn't say what was the hold for). Never told me the ACH debits were returned unpaid. After ten days, when I was notified by me mortgage company about this and charged me 'return NSF fee', I called citi bank and talked with one Angela, who keep on saying 'I understand, your account was under review'. What does that mean to me. I had available balance well over the ACH. I have opened my account giving them SS card, driver license and Citi credit card since 1990. Still they return the payment and cause me to pay 'return charges, late charges' on my mortgage payment. She hung-up on me when I asked what sort of service is this and who is responsible for my cost in this problem.

Citibank Does Not Allow ACH Transfers Out

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CitiBank does not allow ACH transfers out. They allow them into their bank, but not out. I setup a Citi Accelerated Savings account online. What a mistake. I am going to need to wire the money out to regain access, assuming they allow that. What a bunch of crooks.

Greedy And Lack Of Standards

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I always paid on time and paid over my minimum. I paid the card off in full $5000 and a day later they reduced my credit to $100. My credit and income are the same, no derogatory marks. They are cutting card holders due to Covid and predictions of a recession. They could care less about your credit, or payment history. It is all about greed and Citibank is the bottom of the barrel. I have other cards so, oh well but, it is the principle. Sleazy....

Please look at the real reviews, not the paid shills. Citibank right now how the worst reputation among lenders.


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I had a checking‘s in savings account open earlier this week I called so they can close both of the accounts completely. I had a balance of $2.24 in my checking‘s account while my savings was saying account closed via the app. I finally ended up withdrawing the $2.24 within the same week from my checking account. That same moment I see my savings account reopen and I was thinking it was just a glitch. Next day I see a balance of -$24.99 on my savings account and I only use to transfer money, never to make any purchases. I called customer service and their incompetence completely ruins any recommendation I have for the stupid foolish bank because I don’t know where I got it interest of one penny they have charge my account. They reopen my account and and charge me for a monthly service of $25 but before I got the stupid interest payment of a stupid penny my account was already closed so why in the world would they reopen my account just to take money from me stealing scamming this bank is for the fools who don’t notice their money is missing.

Huge Time Sink Opening Account (Giving Up Now)

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I have had the credit card for years, and I received an email to open a checking account for the bonus. I bit. Big mistake. No bonus is worth this much hassle. I will not bore you with all the details, but I have wasted a ton of time on the phone calling a variety of numbers and departments in an endless, futile quest to get the checking account opened. It's still locked as of now, meaning I cannot fund it or get online access. Their current claim is that they cannot verify my social security number and that I I must fax them a copy of my social security card. After reading the reviews here, I am going to abandon this effort. I feel lucky I have not put any money in yet.

Citibank Is A CIRCUS DISGUISED AS A BANK!! A Bunch Of Bozo’S!!

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Today I went to transfer and withdraw money from my newly 5 week checking account only to be denied access to ALL of my accounts. Not only was my online account deemed inactive but I couldn’t transfer money, or use the ATM to withdraw money. I never received any notification, phone call, or email stating they were going to put my account under review. The review is because of a $13,000 deposit that Citibank finds suspicious. ITS MY PPP LOAN!! What is suspicious about a loan deposit. I own a business, it’s a simple google search with my EIN number and name or how about calling the state licensing division to confirm this.

What is my money any of your concern, I could understand if it was over $50,000 but it’s peanuts compared to what I could deposit in my Real Estate bussiness. Will this happen every time I sell a property or vise versus withdraw money??? Blows my mind how the fraud department withholds my money without even notifying me, leaving me with limited funds for god knows how ling!!! Your not the IRS, and even the IRS notifies you when your money is being froze. Complete NEGLIGENCE!!

It gets worse!! I thought not having access to any of my funds, nor having any idea what’s going on and when I can access my accounts, but NO WAY!! So, I do something so expected and I call Citibank customer service like I was advised to at the ATM. But the reps must have all forgot there side notes and most importantly their notebooks of scripted responses with them that day.

They hadn’t a clue on how to handle my questions, completely making no sense of the matter at all, a couple of reps even lying and getting caught in their own lies, best off their phones were static and they were totally incoherent as if they were going through a wind tunnel on a cell phone.

I literally called 14 times in a matter of a 4 hour span, and I’m not exaggerating that 13 out of 14 representatives hung up on me either quickly talking over me and saying “call back another time bye” or bluntly said “hold on” and hung up after waiting 10-15 minutes to speak to someone every time. My frustration mixed with anger had my blood boiling. I wanted to jump through the phone and rip off every metal and aluminum limb that these robots they call representatives are made of. That’s all these reps are...paid robots with a small script in front of a them with a list of maybe 5 troubleshooting techniques that help NO-ONE!!

Im 100% getting this resolved, then withdrawing every dollar in my account and never looking back at this circus disguised as a bank!!!!!

One last thing BEWARE....Citibank’s security measures invite fraud and criminals to enjoy a plate of all of our accounts. In order to gain access into ANYONES account all that is needed is a text message to any phone that is capable of receiving a text verification code, any phone doesn’t have to be yours on file. Not a social security number or secret password or security questions. Just have a name and a cellphone for a text verification and BAM your in anyone’s account!! Thank you Citibank for being the biggest regret of my financial decision making ever in my life!!

Lousy Bank

If I could register stars going into the negative spectrum, I’d probably end up with in the infinity realm; everything is lousy about this bank, from the rates, lack of promotions, and overall horrific customer service ..... truly a dreadful bank.

Is Citi The New Well Fargo?

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I, too, have a similar horrible experience with Citi Priority.

I lived in Spain when I opened Citi Priority last year. Citi took my money and opened my account, then closed it a few weeks later and sent me to New Account Fraud. I sent in my US passport and my utility bill as requested by Citi New Account Fraud but my utility bill was declined because Citi said they need to see utility bills in the US. After several frustrating phone calls, emails and texts, Citi admitted in their text to me that they violate Patriot Act by failing to verify that I had a US address before allowing me to open an account. I asked Citi since it was Citi's fault, how will Citi correct the situation and return my money. I never heard back from Citi.

That was six months ago. We are now in May 2021 and I have moved back to the US since March 2021 and Citi still has my money.

I came across this post while researching for my article that I am writing for a financial blog. While I am glad I am not the only one, it is frustrating to see that one of the biggest banks in the US is getting away with this. It makes me wonder how many thousands of dollars Citi is keeping

In the Covid time, people are facing difficulties, I can't believe that this scam by Citi has not caught by the major news like what happened to Well Fargo. As of today May 16, 2021, there were 179 comments, 88 gave Citi one star, so if I assume that these 88 people have a $20k average balance, which means Citi is keeping $1.76 millions of dollars!

What can we do about this? Is anyone interested in sending an article to a major financial news site? Does anyone have a connection to a major financial news site that may be interested in investigating Citi practice? I am going to write but I think the more people come together, the better. Contact me if interested. Who knows, this scam could be bigger than Well Fargo!

Citi Is A Dishonest Company

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We deposited money into the citi miles ahead savings account. We have been trying to get the miles promised us for months. We have never received a reply. Avoid this dishonest company at all costs

Citibank Fraud, Lies, Incompetency On Priority $700 Bonus

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NEVER have I experienced a total fraud from Citibank until I opened a Priority Savings and checking with deposits in excess of $50,000 in August of 2020. Citibank promises a $700 bonus meeting necessary requirements. After calling for six months and being told by several of their customer service people that the $700 would come on recorded phone calls, the bank sent me a form letter, saying "Unfortunately, we are not aware of any promotions offered in conjunction with the opening of your account" I was given a CODE to the account when it was opened and they are DENYING any further claims!!! These phone calls are recorded, however, they pass you off with no follow up. I have names, dates, codes, faxed documentation supporting my claim!!! I will continue to escalate until this matter is heard and resolved properly! I will support anyone else that has had similar experience. What a disgrace Citibank handling a PRIORITY CUSTOMER with a credit card account of over 20+ years... THIS IS FRAUD!!!
UPDATE... Citibank has locked me out of accessing my accounts on line mobile and laptop!!!

UPDATE Miracle... Better Business Bureau comes to my rescue and on April 26, 2021 my check for $700 was overnighted to my home by Citibank. End of story.

Really Hard To Get Hold Of A Real Person In Customer Service

I opened a citi priority checking account recently. After receiving the check books and debit card, I did not receive the PIN. I tried various citi customer service phone numbers, to see how to get the PIN, but ended up in an infinite loop of the voice assistance system.
What's the point of having a customer service phone number if one cannot talk to a real customer service representative?

Refusal To Mail Check After Closure Of Account

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I was given money through zelle different amount then later I was notified that my account has been closed,okay a letter was then sent to me,which stated a check would be mailed to me within 60days and I have been waiting its almost the complete days which is less than 23 days remaining and I really need the money to sort things out they should mail me my check so I could move on with life
Citi bank should mail me my check,is it a crime to bank with you guys,its not a big deal to mail my check to me,I'm really tired of all this and why are they acting this way

It Takes Act Of God To Get Your Money Back

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I opened an account few months ago. I am trying to buy a property and need my money but they have a limit on transferring money and charge every time you wire. I have many other accounts but have had no experience as such. Their customer service are bunch of bimbos who have no clue of what their web site is all about either. They just send you round and round. They have no branches and no knowledgeable customer care online. I would stay away from them as far as I can once I manage to get my money back. They should not be allowed to do any business in US.

CITI Is Holding My Money Hostage

I will NEVER use another Citi banking account or credit card again after the experience I've been having. I deposited 4K in my account and now I cannot pay bills or transfer money. EVERYTHING I try to do is blocked and has been every single time I try to do something new. This has been going on for 3 months.


Hours Wasted

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Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a bank. After getting approved for a card. Three months ago I did not receive it after 2 weeks. I called to have it reissued. the woman I spoke with was great and offered to have it expedited. I waited another 1.5 weeks for a new card. These things happen so I wasn't too bothered. Then it really got difficult. I made about 3 purchases totaling no more than $600. Groceries, stuff like that. After about a week it started getting declined. I called customer service and they could not figure out a way to verify the card was mine. Not using my telephone number (the only one I have had and used for over ten years) and not using my security word. They then asked that I give them the phone number of a relative with the same last name that they could call to give instructions to reset my account. This is to me a bizarre measure that does not make me feel more secure in any way. And unfortunately, I don't have a relative with the same last name I trust to do this. Only at this point did the agent tell me WHY my card had even been declined - suspicious activity. Could I verify if for her? No. Not until I verified myself. Could I just pay off and close the stupid card? Not until I verified myself. Last option was for them to send a verification letter by mail (in a pandemic with notoriously slow mail times). I waited over another 2 weeks and did not receive a letter. I called again. Same drill. At this point I can't get into my online account to pay my bill and my due date is coming up. I ask if I will be charged late fees if I don't get it in time. Yes, they say. So they send another letter. I waited another 2 weeks. I finally received the letter today and called to verify my account. The automated answering system hung up on me 4 times after waiting on hold a total of 20 minutes. Finally I got through to a human being. After verifying the account I made the mistake of asking the agent why this happened and how I could prevent it from happening again. She "explains" that the "system" flags any activity outside of a normal spending pattern. I ask how it can establish such a pattern after 3 purchases. She tells my that this is my problem and it's not enough to establish a pattern. "How can I do this?," I ask; fewer, smaller purchases to start, for example? "Establish a pattern" she says again. At this point I can see where aren't getting anywhere so I hang up to promptly pay off my balance so I can cancel this lousy card. Evert part of the process was painful and everyone I spoke with - with 1 exception - was clearly an underpaid minion who did not give a crap. Was not able to communicate by email or chat until I verified myself; return to square one. Even Bank of America has better customer service, and that's saying something. With any luck and several more hours of phone calls maybe I can have my account closed in another 3 months. Nothing is worth this hassle.

Some Truths Citibank Checking & Business Accounts

I hold both a checking & business account with Citibank for many years so please read. Time to jump ship to new online banks. There are many online banks now that will handle your money much better. These physical banking locations are staying alive with fees and good gesture gimmicks to keep you. Two things, no way to access PPP loan information as a business account holder and a promise to waive service fees across all accounts was also false.

How and why??
Citibank has plummeted with genuine customer care since COVID-19. Many companies sent a COVID-19 customer concern letter when the pandemic started. Citibank did as well, a veiled COVID-19 email was sent regarding waiving monthly service fees. They didn’t automatically wave it, guess what, you had to call them EVERY month to get it waived.

As a small business account holder, they also made it extremely difficult to get a PPP loan during a pandemic. Their physical banks turned me away as a business account holder and mentioned everyone has to call for that loan. And when you call, they mentioned only certain people were emailed for the PPP loan. Like many other people, they went to other banking institutions for that loan and NOT their own personal bank.

Their customer service has turned into the Comcast of banking- loops, hoops and gimmicks.

Accelerate High Yield Savings Ugh

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NIGHTMARE to deal with.... They decided they would no longer service my account in 10/2020..... they have held my money hostage. Every deadline they give, they blow past that deadline. “ your account will be closed in 30-60 days.... 80 days later account finally closed. Despite closure in 12/2020 still don’t have my 50,000 back. Filed complaint with CFPB and in that response on 2/5/2021 they said “you should receive money in 5-7 days”.... still no money 10 business days later. Waiting almost 5 months to get my money back during a pandemic when they are the ones that closed my account is Infuriating!! Going to file another complaint. Wouldn’t wish Citibank high yield savings account on my worst enemy

I Give Citi The LOWEST Rating

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Their policy of bait and drop the rate trapped me for a week. I bailed and will never be back.
Way better options are Customers, First Foundation, Merchants and Paramount.


Citibank has been ripping off their account holders for years and in recent times, more and more otherwise good customers have reported Citibank freezing or locking their account access for invalid reasons. Citibank will leave many accounts open but locked in order to rip off the customer. Many times Citibank is in violation of federal laws, including consumer protection laws and many customers are now choosing to file complaints with appropriate agencies as well file lawsuits for damages. Citibank is large and many people that currently defend Citibank find themselves the victim suddenly without warning! I strongly encourage using financial institutions that don’t have such unscrupulous histories and further encourage anyone being violated by Citibank to take legal action, including filing complaints with both state and federal agencies.

Will Never Do Business With Citi Banking Again

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I opened a MIles Ahead Savings account, and as many others have posted, saw the interest rate drop almost instantly. That can happen, I understand that. My main gripe is that Citi makes it difficult for you to transfer your money out, and close your account. I merely wanted to transfer my balance from this account to my already verified/set up external bank account, and since I did need the money quickly, had to do it by wire transfer for a $25 cost (fortunately my receiving bank does not charge for incoming wire transfers). I feel a bit silly having to "pay" to get my own money but what's done is done. I also find the customer service help to be borderline useless, the woman quoted me a $15 wire transfer fee but in reality it was $25. Beware if you are considering them for your banking needs.

Caution On Bonus's

Look carefully if you are going after one of their many bonus's After you have satisfied all the requirements, on the $700 bonus, they have up to 90 days to actually credit you with the bonus. I am waiting right now.

Citi Bank - Worse Security Ever

I had 2 online fraud within 4 days!
While from the 1rst day i ve seen i had fraud, I called their customer service .. only robot and unuseful options. Then i went to my bank directly. I claim all the paiement unauthorized that was an amount over 1620$ . My card was blocked and i had a temprorary card with that one i couldn't purchase nothing online. 2 days later I get a look on my account, they just refund me around 400 so only 1/4 of what they were supposed to refund me and I had an other fraud !
I was feeling so bad that even having a stupid temporary card, locked my old card some scammer still being able to steal my money.

I went back again they put me a new employee completely incompetent she let me with a phone assistant alone trying to look for an online support alone !

Horrible. Then i try to find for an other staff more competente, he assisted me and i was again claiming the amount of the 2 fraud .. they just refund me few tens while it was around 200.
And i waitted for few more days for the first claim... Nothing !.

Just 0 trust on this bank, security system, and yes a company pretending to refund what they are gonna refund, with all the calls, official claim AND NOTHING it s called Scam.

The 1rst bank that i subscribe to and that has 0 security. It made me felt so insecure as I ve never been with a bank and also their employees incompetente made me feel more insecure and endanger when i was there. Fortunately i didn t trust really that bank since the beginning because tge advisor never answered to my few important emails, calls. So I didn t put much on my account. There is always an end to untrustworthy links.


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This bank is a total fraud! TAKE THEM TO COURT IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. OR IF MORE CUSTOMERS HAVE PROBLEMS with this bank, please consider to start a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT against this bank.

Citi Priority A Total Fraud

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Received letter from Citi asking me to contact them at phone numbers provided. Letter said department was available 24/7. Called the numbers and each time transferred to their call center in the Philippines. Besides a lack of product knowledge their diction is poor and their ability to resolve issues is zero. Unfortunately, I have called 16 times and they have disconnected the call over a dozen times. As such, I have no online access to my monies and a call center that frankly is a waste. Citi Priority advertises a dedicated service team however they simply do not deliver. Their unprofessional behaviors are outrageous.

Trans People Avoid

This bank made my legal name change nearly impossible. They had me jump thru incredibly exhausting and intrusive hoops, then reversed the name change a monther after approving the change. I closed my account with this bank when, after three hours of customer support calls, they refused to address my issue and misgendered me continuously.

The Worst!

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I have had accounts with 20 different online money market accounts. This is by far the worst. I signed up recently when they were offering a higher interest rate than most. As soon as the account was opened the interest rate dropped. I belatedly found out while you can transfer in unlimited amounts withdrawals are limited to $10,000 per day and $15,000 per month. I was able to withdraw $15,000 the first month. I scheduled two more withdraws for month two. The first to be sent on 11/2 and delivered on 11/5. The second one day later. Neither one took place as scheduled. I contacted them by chat. First I was told the first transaction had taken place. I noted it didn't show up in the transaction history at either citibank or the receiving bank. Then I was told, sorry it did not take place but it could take 3-5 days to occur. I asked if the first transfer had been initiated on11/2 as scheduled. The chat session was terminated without a reply. I intend to close this account as soon as I can get my money out. Who knows how long that will take?

Not A Viable Online Banking Platform

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I've opened a Citigold account package with Citi. Consisting of a checking account and a very barebones Savings Account (which internally is labeled as a Money Market account, and with a very low APY of 0.04%).

Where do I start? The online application process in itself was full of technical problems: I have applied while having a login session active, from my Citi Double Cash credit card login. Somewhere close to the end of the app process, I was kicked out of my otherwise perfectly valid, and active login session. And thinking that the Citigold app did not go through, I logged in again thru my same credit card account, and did the application again.

To my surprise, TWO Citigold account packages got created, 2 ATM cards and ATP PIN number letters have been sent out a week later. I had to call the new accounts team to close the 2nd / most recently created package.

Next problem: The online banking platform at CITI, is A MESS - basically unusable for day to day checking or savings transactions. The software developers who created this banking platform, including their leading Software Architect, should all be fired for incompetence. The application looks and feel like a "theoretical implementation". First of all, for ID verification and 2-factor Authentication purposes, it cannot send e-mails. And unless you have a REAL cell number (one with a REAL US mobile operator), you will be at the mercy of an ill-conceived software system which will try to automatically call your home phone number, to provide you with some verification code.

And if you make the mistake (like me) to add something like Google Voice as your primary cell phone number, instead of a home number, it will not recognize it as a valid phone to use for those pesky verifications. A Google Voice cell number otherwise seems to be recognized for Citi account alerts. So, if you make the mistake of not using a real mobile phone number, then any attempt at contacting the customer support to help you adding back your home phone number as primary contact number, will dramatically FAIL. Because they will ask you for your ATM card number and PIN. Which you do NOT have - they'll come by mail within 7-10 calendar days. Also, even if you insist, the idiotic customer support people from India, are so narrow minded and reciting from an inflexible script that doesn't allow for any deviation, and if you ask them to update your contact info, they'll tell that you still need to wait for 10-14 days for the change to be active - allegedly for "security reasons".

So, you will be unable to access your profile section of the website, and also unable to access the "Manage External Accounts" section of the same site, if you no longer have a true cell phone number, or landline phone defined on your customer file with citi.

Also, the ACH in or out transfers initiated from the Citi side are SLOW - taking about 6-7 days to show up money. Also subject to quite restrictive limits, of 100K / month.

The platform looks "theoretical", full of CONCEPTUAL gaps or design issues. Making it impractical to use.

The savings account that comes with the Citigold package is also deceiving. Because the promo mentioned that it would be a Citi Accelerate savings account with an APY interest rate of 0.70%. But in fact it was something else, with an almost nil interest rate, of 0.04%.

Also, lots of hassles with a W-8 IRS form, which Citi never sends you part of the "welcome package", nor making you aware that unless it's on file with them, they will withold tax for your interest income.

I have closed all the accounts and moved my money back to where it came from, i.e. SFGIdirect, which is a more practical and welcoming credit union. You also feel treated like a human, and with real U.S. customer support. Not the idiots from India that Citi has as "customer support", or being treated like a NUMBER at citi.

I do not recommend using Citi for its Citibank services at all!

Locked My Account!!!

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They locked my account for "review". Never specified what the review! I've spent over 10 hours on the phone for the past 3 days trying to unlock my account! I would NOT do business with Citi. As soon as my account is unlocked, I will be moving my money OUT! I've already filed a complaint with the CFPB. Stay away from Citi!!! Horrible customer experience!!!

Citi Accelerate Savings - HORRIBLE!

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When I saw this account advertised I thought just maybe Citi was trying to make a legitimate play to offer a good, competitive online savings account. I was wrong. One of my biggest problems is that Citi does not make it obvious that they impose quite low limits on both daily and monthly withdrawals. It is not possible to have these adjusted. If you had just a couple thousand in the account it wouldn’t be a big deal, but for larger amounts it means your money is basically locked up for a long time (remind you this is a savings account!) short of closing the account and waiting for a check in the mail. I have never heard of such a thing before.

Add that unacceptable fact to reliably horrible customer service and totally antiquated systems and you have one of the worst possible online banks. Stay far away.

The Absolute WORST

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The CS at Citibank is the worst I’ve ever experienced anywhere. They lost $1500 from an external transfer and after 3 weeks still can’t find it. Exceptionally rude when I call to speak with a supervisor. Several have lied to me saying the money will be in my account on a certain date but the dates come and go. The .9% savings interest is not worth it. I will be paying interest on back taxes as I will likely continue this fight for my money beyond my due date. Very unprofessional in each department, mostly speaking to people in the Philippines and no one calls you back. Horrendous.

Citicard Something Evil Afoot

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Something very wrong is happening at Citi especially over summer 2020. Have been with Citi for over 20yrs. I called to report something weird with their app. It would not let me make a payment the usual way. The man in fraud department checked hs own Android phone and said, That should not be there." So, I authorized payment over the phone instead. THAT SAME DAY fraudulent charges started showing up on my account. When I called back to report it, it was a nightmare. No one would listen to me. I could not stop the charges that were recurring. Then, more fraud charges came after I called that time. it was like after I made a call or chat, even more bad things happened to my account. I canceled the card, but they still did not take away charges. I got a new card and still more recurring charges. The advice they gave to fix did not apply, or it was redundant things that already did not work. Customer service, especially Chat has gone to hell and Indian reps are very rude. Going so far as to SCOLD customers for asking them to clarify themselves when they type bad grammar or ask for unnecessary info. They hang up on customers or put on hold indefinitely when the problem is too complicated or goes 'off-script' or they don't want to be bothered. The men are especially misogynist and demeaning. The women 'can't be bothered' and pass you around or leave you on hold. Was passed around to 6 agents in 60 minutes before because they did not listen to what I was asking and I was on hold more than half of that time with no one coming back to let e know they were even working on my case. They ASSUME to know and give the wrong answer. Then when you try to explain, you have to beg them to listen because they talk or type over you, and then they say, "You want my help or not?! If not, go call the telephone number" or "I'm trying to help you but you are not accepting my help" (because it isn't helping my problem!) and they rudely end chat without ever understanding the reason for starting the chat in the first place. They also ask for personal info like social security numbers and security words, and other info they are supposed to either already have or should NOT have. When you question them about this, they get rude and scold or bully. Calling the phone number is no better. They pass you from department to department and no one actually listens. They ASSUME your problem and never solve the issue. If you do find someone who sounds nice and caring, WATCH OUT! They are just trying to get you off the phone. Problems STILL not fixed. It has been nearly a month and the problems and fraudulent charges still on the account. I called to file a complaint against customer service, supposedly sent to the "right" department for this, only there was never a complaint filed and nothing was ever done. In other words, there is no in-house investigation or correction of bad reps. Finally, even when I log onto the account from the computer, the website acts funny. I think whoever Citi outsourced their customer service to this time is full of crooks and they don't care who gets hurt. As soon as the last set of charges clears, I am closing my account after 23 years. I cannot trust a company that mistreats its long time customers so rudely. Citi not only outsourced its customer service, it outsourced its loyaty to its customers - to hell.

Citi Never Paid $700 Bonus

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This bank doesn't care about its reputation. It never paid promo $700 bonus on $50K savings deposit. What a shame!

Worse Than Nightmare

Avoid at all costs! Deposited $250k into more than one account. Learned that we had exceeded FDIC coverage as they only cover $250k PER SS # -- Not traditional FDIC coverage of $250k per account.

Have been trying for 5 days to remove the $250k. Transfer after transfer, hold forever. Well over 3 1/2 hours on the phone and still haven't received my funds back. They have excuse after excuse.

Please save yourself time and energy and go somewhere else.

Beware Transfer Limits On Savings Accounts

Opened Accelerate Savings account to take advantage of better rate. Citi doesn't make you aware of a policy that is not readily apparent that limits your transfers out of the account to $10,000 on a daily basis and $15,000 in a 30 day period. If your going to fund this account with a small savings balance that is no problem...but if you want to fund a larger amount your money is tied up and it may take a very long time to reduce your balance (short of closing the entire account and waiting for your money). Also, signing up was more laborious than any other bank I've ever dealt with. Make sure to unfreeze your credit report if it's frozen or you will get immediate denial of an account.
Lastly, the customer service is in generally slow via phone or chat.
Bottom line, strongly discourage you from opening an account with Citi for anything but their credit cards...I have their Costco Visa card and am OK with their web site for that card. Better to look at Marcus, Synchrony, or Ally
Epilogue: Via Chat, I attempted to close out account and requested that check be sent. After 9 days of the account still being shown as active I contacted Chat again and they said the account had not been closed! They said they would close the if indeed they actually close the account this time it will be another 14 days or so before I get my money. This is 6 figure money that is being held hostage! This might be the worst bank in the world!

Terrible treatment

I’m writing about the experience of my 97-year-old grandmother. She needed a checking account so I opened one with Citibank for her online. I provided her land line, my cell phone, and my email address. She’s never used a computer and wanted me to take care of all the online banking. We would have opened a joint account but that requires you to go into a branch in person, something neither of us was willing to do during the massive Coronavirus outbreak here in LA since I’m a Type I diabetic and she’s old as dirt.
We never got a card or pin in the mail but didn’t think we really needed it since we had an account number and she got a checkbook. She transferred every penny she has into this account. A few days after this she went to stay with her sister in another town because of her failing health. Immediately we started running into problems with them wanting to call her house and give a pin every time we tried to do anything. They wouldn’t use my cell phone or my email or verify us any other way and didn’t care that she wasn’t home. We had to resort to arranging a time her neighbor could go into her apartment and answer the phone to text me a code whenever we wanted to send $20.
I spent many hours with Customer Service during this time explaining why this was a problem, but everyone told me a different thing. One person told me this verification business would go on for two weeks, another told me two months, another told me it was indefinite. One told me that it would stop once I activated the card and, when I said I already had, told me I had to get a new card and activate it again. We ordered a new card, waited for it to arrive activated it, but nothing changed. Another CSR told me we needed a pin and then this would stop, but we requested a pin be sent out three separate times and for some reason never got a single one. I finally got one to set up a pin with me on the phone, but again nothing changed. At one point a CSR told me she had opened a case for me and that the “higher ups” would be in touch to help, but the next guy told me that’s not even something they do. My grandmother and I were hung up on more times than I can recall, and not just when we were being nasty. It’s like they’re all trained to just hang up on you when they get tired of talking to you.
At their suggestion, I also went through a massive amount of hassle to get external accounts verified with trial deposits so we could make online transfers, but they blocked every single one. Later they told me it’s because the external accounts were not hers, which of course was the point of having external accounts linked in the first place. They also suggested I added ‘payees” and then I would be able to make wire transfers for free, but after going through that whole maddening process I learned that there’s a $25 fee every time you want to do that.
As bad as all this was, it got much worse last week when I got an email out of the blue saying that the User ID had been blocked and I had to call to unblock it. When I called they told me they couldn’t help us unless we had someone at her house answer the phone to get the stupid code, so we had to wait days until her neighbor could go back and await their call. That day we set up a time when I could take an hour off work and the neighbor could too and called them up, just to be told that they couldn’t call with a code after all. This time they told me we had to go back to the house and call from the land line. I explained that we were out of town and couldn’t go back just to use that phone, but every single employee I talked to just told me they wouldn’t do anything else. During this time, we couldn’t pay bills, couldn’t pay employees, and were racking up late charges and overdraft fees all over because Citibank wouldn’t let us use our money.
We had no choice but to pack up and go back to grandma’s house just to use the phone. This is all very difficult for her since she can barely move and we don’t have a car, but they would give us no other options so we packed up all her things and her wheelchair and got a very expensive Uber ride. When we got back yesterday and tried calling I was told they had to verify by calling me back on that number. So I hung up and waited twenty minutes. I called again and explained that no one had called me back just to be told that since it was “in the works” with that guy no one else could help me. After an hour I really had to get back to work so I called yet again and went through all the rigmarole of the system and being on hold for twenty minutes and being transferred back and forth for the third time, finally to end up being told by one of the managers that they can’t verify us over the phone at all anymore and that grandma has to go into a bank with two forms of ID.
She does not have two forms of ID. She does not have a car. She’s 97 and it’s painful for her to get to the bathroom, let alone into a bank. She’s in the group with the absolute highest risk of dying of Covid (I’m in the second) and we’re in the highest-risk cities in the US. I told this to so many CSR’s, explaining that they’re literally asking us to risk our lives before they’ll give us access to the account, and were repeatedly hung up on. Not to mention that many of their branches are closed because of the pandemic and we’ll have to go miles away. We don’t know what else to do, so tomorrow I have to take yet another day off of work, get another extremely expensive Uber ride, sit in LA traffic for an hour, go inside a bank and risk our lives, probably just to be told that she needs a passport or something before they’ll give her her money.
I honestly feel like they’re putting her in an early grave. I’ve never seen her so stressed out and I’ve felt like I’m having a mild heart attack for about two weeks straight. She was actually crying on the phone with them yesterday and they hung up on her. I tried to make this as succinct as possible and, long though it is, it doesn’t even go into all the problems we’ve had just trying to use a simple checking account.

Citi Bank Nightmare For Just A Week Because Closed Account!

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Beware .. this institution is a nightmare! They force you to have a Debit Card (threw away), don't even think about having access to your money for over a week... you MUST have Debit card!!! Closed account after one week of nightmarish consequences ... don't know how in the world they have any customers. Transferred out money only to have it returned to account at Citi ... NIGHTMARE!!

Oh My Goodness. Stay Away!

I wished I had read the reviews prior to opening a savings account with Citi. I'm beginning the process of moving my funds back to another high-yield bank, or maybe back to a brick-in-mortar branch due to ease. With low rates today, I'm almost tempted to forget high-interest savings entirely.

1. The main problem is what another reviewer referred to as Citibank being a "nervous" bank. When transferring funds IN to my Citibank, I have to get a code via text, THEN answer 3-4 security questions to complete the transfer request!!!! I've already logged in, and my accounts have already been verified! I'VE ALREADY LOGGED IN!!! The problem is a few times I've been asked questions about addresses from more than 15 years ago - EVERY TIME I transfer. Why? I have never been asked this from any other banking institution IN MY LIFE. In case you think this is no big deal - if you get the questions wrong, then no transfer. Rejected. And then likely the fraud alert some other review mentioned.

Imagine if my wife had to transfer funds if I was in an accident - to pay for medical bills or whatever - and she doesn't remember the exact address of some random question pulled from a credit report. Now, she cannot get to our money!

2. Second problem which is also referred to from other negative reviews - the length of time for transfers is far longer than any other bank I've ever used! Why? I can live with this if I have to, but it's still annoying.

3. When you transfer funds while logged in to City (from within Citi account), there is no immediate record that the transfer is in process. One time I completed the transfer, then went to verify it was done. I didn't see it. So, I did it again. But you can see the moral of the story - 2 transfers! I get it, this one is on me since I should have just waited for the 4-5 days for the transfer to account complete.

4. The mobile app uses different language for transfers verses the online website. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you try and transfer. I've verified my accounts on the website, but when I log in to the mobile app, NO EXTERNAL ACCOUNT VERIFIED. It is the same account! I'm the same person! Then try transferring. You guess it... doesn't work. Currently, when pressing the "transfer" button on the app I just placed back on the home screen. But still confusing since the website has a further transfer option called "Your External Accounts". But that phrase is not in the mobile app.

5. Yet to find this out, but now I'm mad it may be true. There is apparently a limit on how much you can transfer FROM Citi to your external verified accounts. I haven't begun transferring funds out yet, since I'm STILL WAITING for the original funds to become available (I'm on day 4). Again, I've been able to move sizable transfers between other financial institutions, but apparently not allowed with Citi. We will see on this one.

I've never written a review for a bank. But now I'm so annoyed and mad, I'm hoping others will actually read this, and move on to some other bank. Oh yeah, I finished the transfer, then the APR dropped! All this trouble for nothing!!!

Horrible Transfer Limits

Not sure what the point of having a high savings rate is if you're limiting transfers to 10k at most with 15k cap monthly?

Worst Customer Service Ever-Close You Account And Screw You On Promos

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Their customer service is AWFUL. And they will close your account for no reason and screw you out of promos. And you can never get a rep in the US.

To be fair to Citi, I have had their double cash credit card for years and great return for every day spending and I charge $15 to $30K a month in business expenses on the card and the balance is paid off in full every week, but their deposit accounts are another story.

I received an offer with an attractive incentive to open an account with at least $50K and to receive 2.5% cashback on my citi double card instead of the 2% for the first two years.

There were two times I tried to make deposits out of an external account and even though I have used that account many times for transfers their fraud department called and I had to go through a lot of hassle to get the transfers made.

Yesterday i go on to look at my account and see my savings and checking both have a zero balance and website says account closed.

I tried looking at the history and citi will not allow you to view history on a closed account. I had to place three calls to find out what happened since I was scared someone hacked my account. Finally talked to someone that said a check would be mailed and was closed by their complaince department and no one could tell me why.

Convenient they close it after 11 months when I was to receive my account opening bonus three weeks later. Still haven't received my bonus 1/2 percent on my mastercard either.

I Would Advise Heavy Caution Before Banking Here

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Here’s my experience banking at Citi, and hope it helps you make your decision. Citi is a Very Nervous Bank - I opened a 50K CD Account doing their promotion of $700 in 2019. The account opening process was okay, a little cumbersome, and did ask for a lot of info that seemed overboard and more than other banks normally do, including security questions from possibly decades ago like which street you may have lived on 20 years ago, with answer choices, etc…. But once it got opened, assuming you answered all of their security questions to their satisfaction correctly, I thought it would be smooth sailing from there. After opening, had to link external bank account with trial deposits, pretty standard nowadays.

Once the link was established, I did the next logical thing, tried to transfer money into the new Citi Account. After doing this, I ended up getting fraud alerts and started getting phone calls from Citi about my transfer. So, I had to call in to Citi Fraud Department, talk to a specialist, and then do a 3 way call with my bank to confirm that I initiated the transfer. Really? Why is it a fraud alert if I'm trying to put IN money into my account, not taking anything out. That was quite the hassle! Was a 3 way call really necessary with my external institution, after I've confirmed my information already online, and confirmed the external bank trial deposits? The money was finally settled into the account. Then, had to call in a few days later to ensure everything was set with the account and the promotion.

Well, I came to find out that I had to split my money up to have some in the Savings/Money Market and to have some in the Checking in order to qualify. So, the customer service associate did that for me, but had I not called in to ask, I would have never known nor would I ever been notified! I would have waited several months expecting $700 bonus and possibly never had received it. I did have to wait about 5 full months before getting the actual $700 promotion bonus. I did receive it eventually, and within the time frame noted on the promotion, I believe within 90 days from the end of the 60 days you have the $50K in your account. But I did inquire over that period about it, only to be told that if I did sign up for the promotion, it will be processed before the promotion expiry period.

Keep your promotion code with you that you signed up with, I can’t recall how many times I got asked what the PROMO code was that I signed up with. I would think Citi should have better records and it should be recorded next to the account information! So, fine, I'm happy, finally received the $700 after approx. 5 months of opening the account, and waiting. So, then I decide I want to take out my $50K and put it back to my externally linked institution on the account, because I’m getting a better savings/CD rate there at the time. So, I find out that Citi only allows up to $15K External ACH Transfers per Rolling 30 day Period! So, that means if I want to take the full $50K out of my account, I will have to do it over 4 months in a phased approach! What? That is crazy. Secondly, I could do a Wire Transfer which has a fee of $17.50.

Before I find all of this out, I try to do some small ACH transfers out of my account to my externally linked account, less than $5K worth, just to start the process of transitioning my money from my Citi Acct. to my External Account, and guess what more fraud alerts! So this time I get bombarded with fraud alerts in my Text Messages, In my Citi Online Account Messaging Center, and my Email, asking if I did this measly transfer of less than $5K to my external institution. Then, after clicking YES, I did that transfer, it still asks me to call into the Citi Fraud Department to verify my account and clear things. Over less than $5K! Are you kidding? That's peanuts. Then, I call in to the number it lists on the secure online email, I’m thinking directly to their Fraud Department. But, it happens to route me to their general customer service department after waiting 20 minutes on hold.

Then, he bounces me around to a different department, which happens also to be another Customer Service Department representative, who then tries to transfer me to the Fraud Security Department, only to come back and tell me that it’s the weekend and their Security Department is closed, and to call back Monday. So, I wasted almost a whole hour to hear that. Monday arrives and I call directly into their Fraud Prevention/Security Department first thing in the morning, thinking I can get this quickly resolved and move on with other things in life. After going thru their automated system, I connect to a rep., she asks me for my full debit card # and then asks to send a one-time code to my phone. Fine, both are done. Then, she tells me that all looks okay in the account, but they just wanted confirmation that I did the transfer, and noted that I had already cleared out the alerts by responding to the automated alerts already.

So, I found out, to get around all this, I did an ACH transfer initiation from my external account from my Citi Account, and that was done without hassle. So, if you can, do not try to initiate an external ACH/EFT transfer OUT from your Citi account but initiate it from your external account FROM your Citi Acct. That will save a lot of hassles and will bypass the withdrawal limits. All in all, if time and not having stress is something you value, I would advise to skip banking here. Don't be suckered in by their bonus promotions, they come with a lot of hassles and hoops.

In my opinion, I would have been better off at some online bank storing the $50K making nominal interest on a CD over those 5 months without worry or stress, even though it would much less than $700 in interest. Gladly, I stopped my family members from opening accounts with Citi for this same promotion, they would have been pissed dealing with the hassles of this bank. There IS a such thing as being too restrictive, secure, and nervous about your banking methods, so much that it makes it very inconvenient to do banking with you. Citi, please get with the program!

Run Away! Don't Even Think About It.

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I opened a high yield savings account with Citi in November 2019 because of its high interest rate. One day, somebody hacked into my account and transfered the money to Charles Schwab brokerage account. I was stunned about it which took me 2 weeks to fix the issue and finally got the money back. How they helped with me was pretty poor. Then, recently, I tried to transfer $3,000 from my primary bank to the savings account only to be rejected(!). Okay, I've had enough and am going to close down the account when my 6 months are up. I've never ever had a problem with other banks. Citi is really an inept bank with very weak security measures.

Closing Account Nightmare

It took almost 2 months from the time I called to close my account until I actually received the funds. In the meantime, I made over 10 calls to the bank and spent many hours on hold, to no avail. Regrettably, it took filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to get a positive response (and even then the official response was manipulated in a way that wasn't entirely honest to paper over some of their failings). If you plan to use them as a "one and done" bank that you will stick with for the rest of your life, it will probably be just fine. But if you view a banking relationship as something other than a forever marriage, look elsewhere.

Dispute Department

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Dispute department is horrible I’m not even going to go into detail I already complained on the cfpb.

Horrid Savings Account

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Stay away. My experience after 1.5 months has been horrible. To many things to discuss but here are some: no statements posted, no interest posted, customer service wait times of over 1/2 hour, no PIN number for card after 2 phone calls to customer service, $10,000 monthly withdrawal limit, extremely slow processing times on withdrawals. There are other online banks that do it better. Buyer beware.

Worst Online Systems Ever Encountered

I opened a savings account due to their good interest rates but trying to transfer money out has driven me to close the account. I have been fighting with their customer care for days trying to transfer $10K to my checking account at another bank. Their online transfer function does not work and their customer care is inept. I have had other problems with their web-based system which took them weeks to get fixed. I don't care how high their interest rate is I'm leaving and never going back; I suggest you do not open an account with Citi,

Transactions VERY Slow To Post

I initiated an EFT using the Citi Online Portal to take funds from my primary bank to Citi Money Market Savings on a Wednesday. The funds were removed from my primary bank on Thursday. They appeared and started earning interest on the following Tuesday. To be fair, Monday was a bank holiday, but that makes 5 days that Citi had the funds and didn't credit my account.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs credits your account the SAME DAY. Not worth a tiny bit higher interest rate when funds go dormant so long!

Even worse, their transaction limits make it very difficult to use them. Only able to move $10,000 per day out of the account, which I am now doing as I am done with Citi.

Unbelievably Bad

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I hardly ever write reviews but feel that I must in hopes of preventing someone else from being a victim of Citibank's horrible service.

Like others, my wife and I were lured by their high-yield Accelerated Savings account. Nine days ago we decided to transfer a large portion of our savings there. Seven days ago, AFTER our money had been transferred, we find out that our account is locked due to a fraud alert. I immediately pick up the phone only to find out that it is not actually due to fraudulent activity but due to them needing address verification - even though we have been a Citibank Visa card holder for years.

Anyway, needless to say, we immediately uploaded a utility bill as they requested. We were told to give them 24 to 48 hours to unlock the account - which is ridiculous, but I would take it at this point. Nine days later, our account is still frozen. I called again this morning and we're now being told it may take another ten, yes, as in 10 days for them to unlock our account. I told them that was unacceptable and that I wanted our money transferred back to our bank - as in to the same exact account where the money came from. I was told no, can't do that until the account is unlocked. So Citibank has in their possession a large chunk of our money that we can not get access to. Sounds illegal doesn't it?

So buyer be very, very aware. We have filed a formal complaint with the Federal Reserve. Probably won't do any good but at least we can say we tried.


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Worst banking experience ever!!! They will charge you OD and NSF fees even if your account is positive. They don't care about their customers because even if the fees are an error they just tell you it's computer-generated so they can't waive the fees. The best part is for one simple question you get transfer to multiple reps and no one speaks clear English nor do they take the time to understand your questions and concerns you have to be a you know what for anyone to help. Don't bother trying to calll them either because you'll be on hold for a long while and once you do get a rep. they have a strong accent, don't take the time to listen nor any intiative to help you out. Make you feel like they don't care aboutcustomer service. They also lack common sense when it comes to asking general questions like will my fees be credited back to me. I swear the answer I got from one rep is you have to file a dispute. Well anywho if you decide to bank with Citi Bank be prepared for tons of fees and horrible customer service!

Terrible, Incompetent

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Responded to mailer for credit card holders to open a checking account and receive bonus. On 11/23 received letter that account was open, stating I'd need an ATM card to access the account online. It never arrived. Called 4 times over the next four weeks asking for the status and was told by 4 reps and 2 supervisors that Citi was delayed in processing the ID documents I had uploaded and an extension on the bonus would be provided. During this time, I received multiple duplicate and conflicting emails asking for various permutations of ID documents. Two days before Christmas, was told everything was complete but they needed a signature card, which they had never requested, to finalize it. The first rep said she'd email it to me, and then didn't. A second supervisor from another call finally emailed it. Found a fax machine since this is the one document they don't take online, and sent it in. Crickets for 3 weeks. Then last week, I received 3 duplicate letters all requesting I complete the same signature card. I finally got an email today that the account was available and I'd be able to log in once I received the ATM card within 2 more weeks! Called in again and a rep and supervisor said the bonus period had expired, there is no record of an extension in all the call notes, and regardless, the account was actually open the whole time -- so I could have just made the deposit within 30 days even though I wouldn't have been able to access the account. This was the worst banking experience I could imagine and I will warn everyone about Citi's terrible service and incompetence. The final supervisor said they would initiate a formal internal investigation about why I had been led astray but that regardless, the bonus had expired. Having applied for the account, I'm not eligible for another bonus for 6 months. I wouldn't trust this joke of a company to hold my money.

Citi denied

can not for the life of me figure out why they cant open an account for me. i have not had any recent life changes, i didnt make any typo's in my application, do not have my reports frozen, have great credit, great chex report ( no negatives on anything), i even have an existing credit card with citi. i keep getting this error message when applying : Unfortunately we can’t approve your application and open your account at this time. Within 7-10 business days, you will receive a letter in the mail with more information regarding this decision. i came here to see if anyone else got this message, and i read all these terrible reviews, perhaps i should count myself lucky that they wouldnt open an account for me. stay away, avoid!!

Citi Accelerate

The only thing it accelerates it's the interest rate down hill. I just opened savings account less than a month ago and they dropped the rate from 2.2% to 1.85%. What a BS!!!

Bad Experience

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I opened a high yield savings account with no issue. When I tried to fund it the problems began. My online transfer from another bank was denied. I inquired at Citi and was told to wait a few days. When you call their number you are actually calling to a foreign country where foreigners with very broken english speak to you.I waited a few days and tried again and again was denied. After another difficult phone call I was told to try again another day. The third time when i was denied I called again and was told I had to fund the account from a checking account not a savings account?? After a rather difficult conversation I elected to put my $ in another bank. I never saw a bank that made it so difficult to take your money? if I could give no stars I would.

Citibank Is The Worst

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We opened a new account, transferred a large sum of funds to said account, after 3 days the account was denied for no justifiable reason. They said they’d mail a check with our funds, but they held our funds for over a month and did not mail the check. After anxiously checking our mail daily waiting for weeks for the check to arrive, bear in mind this is a large portion of our life savings, we called to learn that the funds were not mailed and were wrongfully sitting in our denied Citibank account. Every time we called we were on hold for at least a half hour if not significantly longer. Nobody we spoke with provided clear answers to our questions, and we were continually redirected to other uninformed people. We will never use Citibank again.

Really Pretty Awful Experience

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Opened a Citi Acelerate savings account in October of 2019. After continual issues with first backup withholding, then transferring money into the account from two of my other accounts, then continual locks on my ACH transfer ability (that I still don't understand), I've finally thrown in the towel and just put in a request to close the account. And I had transferred $50k into the account on it's way to probably around $200k.

Glad I didn't transfer more initially; I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever get my money back. Their fraud department sounds very much like some sort of offshore fraud boilerhouse call center; not the kind of folks you want to be knowing your ACH details with your other banking institutions. (As a sidenote, did you know that on a bank to bank conference call the banking industry has no way of verifying if the call participants are banks.) Not to sound all nationalistic, but when dealing with problems like this I sure don't want to be talking to someone I cannot understand, and they have trouble understanding me. The fraud department needs a wholesale remaking. And no one, once I threw in the towel (I didn't ever loose my cool.), even wanted to know why I was leaving after just a few months. Remarkably incurious. As a bank investor, I'd give C a wide berth. As a customer, a wider one!

Poor Communications & Poor Upper Management!!!

I applied for the 300$ bonus checking account program they failed to notify me what documents I need to turn in to complete the application and citi bank closed out the account. I applied within 60 days on a $400 program they advertised and fulfilled all the terms t. Unfortunately they still refuse 2 apply apply the bonus that I was entitled to. Based on my experience , best you park your money at another online savings that gives you a high yield or a local bank that needs your support. It was aggravating to tie up a huge chunk of funds. Not get my bonus and earn a meager interest of 1$ each month. Bank upper management isn't concerned about goodwill or honoring their advterised bonuses programs. Need ti file a complaint with better business bureau

Worst Process And Customer Service Ever!

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I opened this account and have had nothing short of a nightmare since funding it. One day my account is blocked, I call and then they tell me it's okay and will send me my debit card (almost 3 weeks after I opened the account). I activate the account, try to set up external accounts - the website to enter test deposits is so counterintuitive!!!!! Finally get an external account verified and although I asked if my account was blocked i was told it wasn't and I can make a transfer - wrong!!! Called again and the account is blocked because they are having back office issues and it will take at least another 10 days to authenticate documents. Is this 1999 or 2019??? One month and they still can't get their act together! Don't be lured in by the rate. What's the point if you are on hold at least 10-15 minutes each time you call customer service, get different answers to problems with the account and you can't withdraw your funds. And they won't even notify you if your account has been unblocked. You have to call them again and again and again. Worst product ever!! Your money will be trapped.

Worst Company Ever, Treats Customers As Dollar Signs Instead Of Humans

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If I could give Citibank 0 stars I would. They have virtually no desire to treat their customers as human beings. The bottom line is that they are a multi trillion dollar company who makes their incredibly large salaries by screwing the average consumer over. They have zero customer service skills and don't listen to their customers. Instead they send out form letters when issues arise and don't ever address specific concerns. Skip Citibank and all big banks for that matter and take your business to credit unions.

Citi Bank W9 Form Submitting Process

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This is the Citi specialty - form W9.
I don't remember W9 form for a requirement from any other banks or unions so far.
The process of submitting the form is taking already around four weeks. Mailed with a welcome kit envelope and faxed to a provided number. Checked a status - not on file. Mailed again to another provided address and faxed to another number. Checked the status - not on file. Called to local office numerous times - busy signal and instantaneous route to a call center. The same result if you choose a different language. I will drive to their local office. My hope is - they will allow to fill W9 form in the office. The bank immediately started withdraw Federal tax as it seen on my first statement from the Citi bank. I will update my review next week after my visit to their local branch.
I drove today to a local office. It took less than 5 minutes to fill out a new W9 form. Nice, efficient and helpful representatives in the local office.

Citi Bank Trap

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My account was charged fees for thankyou points that were not even set up $200 total when account balance went a few dollars down based on 13 years old account rules. I was not even set up to get them, none of the benefits justify the fees but now they cannot be waived.

Citi Bank High Yield Savings

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10/11/19 Do NOT consider!! I am returning to AMEX. This experience was horrible from the application process, and continued thereafter. Do not waste your time. Just terrible customer service. Citi is incompetent when it comes to banking.

Priority Package Is Major Hassle And Has Major Drawbacks

I encountered major hassles opening Priority Package accounts that include a checking and Accelerate Savings accounts, and linked to an existing credit card.

1. Web sign-up progress reset halfway through, after I've completed opening an account but before I could complete funding the account. Its site did not let me continue, so I couldn't link funding accounts and transfer funds until I received a debit card, and create an online account.
2. Even though I already have an online account with Citi (as I have two credit cards), it did not let me link my new Priority Package accounts to it, and required me to create another online account. But the new online account cannot link to my Costco credit card, so I have to manage two online accounts for Citi now.
3. The account opening process didn't have the option of adding a joint owner (not sure if it would have prompted if it didn't reset halfway through). I called customer service to add a joint owner, and they require a physical, notarized form to do so.
4. They automatically withheld taxes on interest earned even though I did *not* select that I'm subject to backup withholding. To change this, they require you to send in a physical IRS W-9 form.
5. Outgoing external transfers are limited to $10,000 per day, even though incoming external transfers have a $100,000 limit.
6. They require a $50,000 minimum balance or they'll charge you a $30 monthly fee. I was aware of this going in, but at the time their interest rates were higher than other savings accounts to make it worth it. Since then, their savings account rates have dropped to similar levels as other banks without such high balance requirements & fees.

To their credit, their customer service reps are professional and helpful, it's just their account setup and fund transfer process, and balance and fees requirements are poor.

Failed Experiment, Moving On

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I moved my savings to Citi via a special promotion and it has been anything but seamless. I set up my account online but it was not apparent how to add the account to my online banking (I am a credit card customer). Once I inquired, I was told that I needed to await my debit card. Once I had the debit card, I had to add my account like a credit card (odd interface). I'm pretty techy but the interface they have is not intuitive. Linked my checking account and transferred more funds in. It took a week for my funds to post despite being removed from my checking (much must worse than other banks I interact with). A few things I don't like: 1) statement comes in mid month 2) current rate isn't posted anywhere in the account 3) federal tax withholding. NOW THE BIG DEAL. Transfers back to your checking account take 3 business days and are limited to $10,000 ($15,000 monthly). A bit of an issue if you need all your funds immediately (ie for a down payment). There is a option for wire transfer for $25 up to $50k a day. If you close your account they will send you a check in 7-10 business days. I'm out of here, glad I don't have a real estate contract pending.

Mind-Bogglingly Bad

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Lured in by the 2.36% APR on the Accelerate Savings Account and the constant emails RE: same due to my long-standing double cashback Citi card I decided to open one of these savings accounts.
FYI the day after I applied the APR dropped to 2.21% APR.

That was 5 weeks and about 10 phone calls to the Philippines-based call center ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very patient person and have no problem with call centers not being in the US. I'm a blow-in myself, though a native English speaker. I think all but one Citi representative I spoke with had acceptable English.

But the systems. WOW. Just Wow. I see someone below titled their review "Clown Show". It really is that bad. I mean from having the double cashback card I already knew their website was iffy (improving very very slowly over the past number of years).
I can't even summarize all the errors I've run into in this process. Here's what I remember after filling in the online application:
1) Email arrives with DocuSign link (turns out you need a "signature card" and W9 filled out after the online setup process). The DocuSign process for signature and W9 had a bogus verification step. Cue initial phone calls. I had them reactivate the DocuSign form TWICE. Verification was first two letters of surname plus last 4 of social. Not rocket science. I do have an apostrophe in my name, the instructions clearly said to leave it out. I tried every possible combination of upper and lower case (on the two letters!) and spoke with call center people several times. All they could recommend were things like all-upper versus all-lowercase. Literally telling me the opposite of what the instructions Citi had placed on the DocuSign validation page and previous reps had said. You don't have to read in between the lines there to realize ***they don't know what's going on with their own processes***. At all. So none of it worked. I am a web programmer and asked them to please pass this problem along to tech staff to save future customers this frustration. No interest in that at all. I should have stopped the process at that point and skedaddled, but instead I agree to a package of documents sent by post to continue on.
2) A massive bundle of mail documents eventually arrived after several weeks. Buried in the massive ream of paper is the signature card and W9. Filled them in. You have to fax or snail mail if DocuSign didn't work. Used and saw that it would take a few working days on their side to process.
3) More time passes. No email about receipt of documents. I start getting some "please fund your account" emails. In the ream of paper they have a few options to fund.
- The mobile app funding option won't work cause you need your debit card PIN to add the account, but of course you haven't gone through the process yet, you don't even have a card, so that's chicken-and-egg. Their systems are full of poorly-thought-out nonsense like this. GRRRR
- Mail a check to Texas. What year is it?
- Call them and try to set up a bank transfer. I do this and verify that the faxzero stuff was all received. I was told it was. I handed over yet more personal info to do a bank transfer of $1000 and try to get the ball rolling on this. Was told it would be maybe 3 working days for the transfer to be entered and another 3 to get processed. Something like that.

That was about 10 days ago. So I rang up again to see why I haven't seen money move out of the Ally Bank account in question.
Eventually I get talking to someone and was told the account was closed because the documentation was not received. As I said I verified that was all in order when arranging funding.
She added "or maybe it wasn't received soon enough". You will get lots of uncertainty about their own processes when asking what's going on. And no wonder. It's a spaghetti pile, as far as I can tell.
No email was generated regarding the closing of the account, or any missing documentation for that matter. Amazing. Do they even want new customers? The only emails sent the whole time were the ones linking to the clearly-broken DocuSign verification page and a smatter of "give us yer money", a.k.a. "please fund your account" emails.

Now, let me tell you, I'm really glad they closed the thing. I was worried I would be told it would be a few more working days or some such and that I'd be stuck dealing with this bank for years.

Please take my word for it that you don't want the hassle of dealing with this bank. I've been using the double cashback card as my main credit card for years, without ever needing to call customer service, but am now thinking I should swap to another after seeing how the sausages are made at Citi.

The comparison with Ally, say, couldn't be more stark. A near-perfect website, online chat with short wait times, US call centers. My experience with them has always been fantastic.
I regret ever mooching away to try to get higher than the 1.9% APR their easy-as-pie savings account gives you. And guess what?... they have CD's (including a no-penalty one) that have rates even closer to the Citi Accelerate rate.
In fact, the 18 month one is higher at 2.30% APR (on $25k+).

I will think about opening one of those as I enjoy shredding the 50 double-sided pages of crap Citi sent me to open this non-existent account.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Citibank Has Stolen My Accelerate Savings

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In June 2019 I set up a Citi Accelerate Savings Account to obtain a higher interest rate. At the end of July Citibank closed the account stating I had not completed paperwork and my funds would be returned within ten (10) business days. (The only paperwork ever received were letters opening and closing the account). Nearly two months later the funds have not been returned, are not accessible to me, and are not earning interest. Calls to the main number are inevitably transferred and I am given different misinformation as to the status of my funds. I am never given a direct number to call. Most recently I was asked to provide a current utility bill with my address on it and I have complied. I am still awaiting the return of my savings.

Too Much Hassle, Bad Customer Service

I tried multiple times over a month to open a Citi Accelerate Savings account. Managed to get 2 accounts open (1 online and 1 over the phone) but was never able to get the accounts funded or get online access. Have waited up to 1/2 hour on hold to speak with a representative only to find out days later what they told me was incorrect. Since this process started Citi has lowered the interest rate about to the level of my other savings accounts so I am giving up on Citi.

Clown Show!

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Too many headaches to list.. I have accounts with almost all the competitive high yield savings and CD banks out there, Citi is by far the worst to deal with.

Transferring money in.. when you get an error saying that the transaction request was NOT completed... and there's NO record of it..

On 2 occasions. I had received this error and it still went through.

My external account was drafted two times for the same amount.

I called the clown show, and they could only see 1 request.

The second time this occurred, it put me at risk of over drafting my external account as it was a large transfer that I was not planning to have occur 2x's.

The customer service is beyond inept. They will hang on up you constantly , transfer you endlessly, and ultimately resolve nothing.

If you value your time and your sanity, stay away from these clowns. The amount of interest you earn is too little to deal with inept customer service and spending hours on the phone.

Speaking to others out there, I have heard nothing but horror stories and endless hassles.

Worst Experience Ever

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My Citi Accelerate savings account has been one hassle after another. I signed up about 8 months ago and it took three different attempts just to open the account. Then, linking my Citi credit cards with this account was impossible. I ended up having 2 different login's. I struggled with several attempts to get a portion of my funds transferred to an external account. I had to close the account just to get the rest of the funds I needed. Customer service is terrible. Hold times are excessive and you're usually transferred several times before you get to the right person, and that is if you get there at all.

Stay Away From Citibank!

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Saw the 2.36% interest rate online with no fees if $450 kept as balance so verified rate and terms with associate by phone before applying. Went online to complete opening of account. Got signature cards in mail but no verification of terms. Called Citi and it took very long time to get through to someone who didn't speak English very well and was told it was 2.16% interest with $1500 balance required to waive fees. He couldn't close account because transfer money not yet available.Called today, and closed account. Person I spoke to didn't care why I was closing it or that it took 15 minutes to get through today. She said she'll bring it to her supervisor's attention. Of course she will and then they'll fix all problems and no one will have to go thru all this crap again, right!!??

Closing Accelerate Savings

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Took 4 phone calls to close the account. After the first three, the account showed as reopened the next morning with no record that I had ever called. On my fourth call, I asked to speak a supervisor who closed for good (or so it would seem).

Worst Banking Experience Ever

It was the worst banking experience ever. I went with CitiBank due to the name but that was the worst mistake ever. I signed up for promo that would give me $600 bonus after keeping my money there for 60 days. I wrote some checks out after opening the account but they bounced, I called and they said well you have to send back a signature to write check which I was never advised of. I said go ahead and send me the card and I sign it and send it back, I never got the signature card. I called back but kept getting runaround through automated system to do it electronically. After I fulfilled the 60 day I called them when I would get my bonus, I was advised you get it with in 90 days after you met the requirements, I said ok. few months go by I get an email that states congratulation you have met all the requirement and you will receive the bonus with in 30 days. 30 days go by no bonus I called customer service then the rep says you get the bonus in 90 business day from when I fulfilled the requirement. No where in the email did it says anything about business days. They are very Shady I would never bank with them again. I have CC with Home Deposit and Best Buy which I will be closing because I want nothing to do with CitiBank. I could have earned way more then the bonus amount had I kept the money in High Yield Savings Account for the amount I deposited. I couldn't withdraw my money either because if it fell below the limit I would get charged high fees. I didn't want to close the account because then I don't get the bonus. It's going to take well over 6 months to get $600 with the amount I deposited I would have gotten double that just keeping money in high yield savings.

Worst Customer Experience In So Long

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I am not sure why would they advertise for saving accounts if they want to make it hassle to open an account in the eligible states. They request additional documents then you call to follow up an every representative tells you something different. It's so frustrating, a lot of choices with better customer service out there.

A Good Bank, Minus Account Opening Experience

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I opened a checking and savings account with Citibank in February of this year after hearing that in the 41 states where Citi has no branches, it now offers a high-yield savings account—Citi Accelerate Savings—with an APY of 2.36% (in comparison to my savings account at Chase, which has 0.01% APY). Unfortunately, account opening was very odd in that after opening my checking and savings accounts, I had to wait for my debit card to arrive in the mail (almost two weeks!) to be able to log in to my new account and add money to my savings account. Once I got my debit card, I activated it and was able to log in to my account. However, I had to log in to my account using the debit card number, my mother's maiden name, and password each time I wanted to check my account balances, instead of simply using my username and password. Also, my security passcodes had to be obtained by calling Citi rather than by getting a text message on my phone. It was like this for a couple of weeks until I finally called technical support, who told me that my phone number on file hadn't been verified yet—an option that wasn't available for me to do myself online. Once it was verified, I no longer had these issues.

Until this month, I had no more account issues. When I upgraded my account package, I got a notice in the mail of Citibank's deposit rates for the new package, but the notice was for Illinois (I live in Wisconsin). The Citi Accelerate Savings APY was listed as 0.04% on a horrible-quality document with a Citi logo that was pixelated and looked like one someone could've obtained from Google Images. I presumed the unprofessional document was sent in error, and when I called customer service, I was told that I was correct, and that I would still receive the 2.36% APY.

The Citibank app is probably one of the nicest-looking banking apps I have ever used, but I think the bank needs to work out all the bugs in the app and make account opening more seamless. For now, my Citibank account will be my secondary banking account. Chase may offer pretty terrible deposit rates, but I’ve never had issues with them.

Fraudulent Promotion, Poor Service

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Signed up for an account because of a great promotion. It took over two hours on the phone due to the agent typing slowly and not knowing basic answers. They got all my transfer information on Day 1, but did not mail me the necessary signature page until a month had gone by despite multiple phone calls. I returned it on the same day, and was assured that my account was eligible for the promotion. Fast-forward 6 months. They say I am ineligible because they didn't transfer the money until the 32nd day of the account being open (30 day window). I called several times in the interim to verify that the account was on track and eligible. I appealed and was refused. Deceptive tactics. Closed the account.

Incredible Patience Needed

I have to agree with most of the negative reviews. I started switching to Citibank almost 3 months ago. I'm still working out the bugs. Before I can write checks, they tell me I need a signing kit, but I don't have a local branch, and they can't figure out how to mail me the forms. Occasionally I get a competent customer service representative and a problem gets resolved. If you have actual bank branches in your state, I recommend this bank. If you're trying to do internet banking, they are not state-of-the-art and you will be extremely frustrated.

Horrible Experience!!!

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I made a savings account with Citi Bank and it has all gone horribly, because of their horrible customer service and website. When you call them, you get an automated person, who only helps you if you give them your SSN, banking number, or ATM card. Well, since I just made an account, I didn’t have an ATM card, so I gave them my banking number, which apparently didn’t work and I needed to use an ATM card number. So I asked to use my SSN, but of course Citi bank couldn’t find an account related to my SSN. Then I finally was able to contact someone via Citi Chat that told me that I would have to wait 24 hours to access my account fully. This is literally the worst experience I have ever had and I wouldn’t wish Citi Bank on my worst enemy.

The Worst Bank Ever. People Run Dont Open This Account Please

I have a citibank checking account and let me tell u. this is the worst bank I could ever open. they charge me $34 for overdrawn fee because I was overdrawn 0.30cent. I cant believe this all now, then they send a unauthorized transaction thru with my account already in overdraft so they could charge another overdraft fee, which they did. So am paying $68 for 0.30 cents. I hate this bank. Now am leaving the account to close in 60 days.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND NO-ONE TO TAKE OUT THIS TYPE OF ACCOUNT

Worst Banking Experience I've Had

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I tried opening a checking and savings account with Citi over a month ago. When I initially submitted the application they obtained several pieces of information from me. However, they did not obtain identity verification documents. A week and a half later I had heard nothing about the account so I called back to Citi's inept customer service department. At that time I was informed they would need copies of my drivers license, power bill, cell phone bill, social security card, and a signature card. I requested that a signature card be emailed to me but the customer service person told me signature cards can only be sent via USPS. The next day I surprisingly received an email requesting all of this information and it did include a signature card. I sent the information back to Citi promptly and called to see when the account would be open and available to use. I was told it would take 5-7 business days to verify my information. It has now been 3 weeks since I started this process and I still don't have an open account that I can use.

Terrible, No Customer Service

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I have a CD at Citibank which matured, had a 7 day grace period, tried to withdraw on day 5, it was inactive. Spent 4 hours in the bank that day and drove to three locations and could not get the account active. No manager on duty, no one else could do this, faxed to another branch no reply. Two days later got a call from citi saying it was now active, but I had missed the grace period for withdrawal and I’d need to pay a fee to withdraw. What a awful experience, unless your a millionaire don’t bother with this bank. Cd rates 4-2019 1 yr .25 rate, ridiculous, same as the prior year when rates have gone up a full 1.00 %.

HORRIBLE Customer Service

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I went online and set up a Accelerated Savings Account with Citi in February 2019. They sent me a ATM card a week later with a note that I would receive a pin a few days later in a separate mail. About two weeks go by and I never got a pin. I called in and asked if I could get one. First you wait on hold for about an hour, and then I got a person on customer service tell me that I would be receiving a pin and a new card. I had no idea why they were issuing me a new card. Another week and a half go by. I call back again. This time there is no mention of a new card. The customer service rep says I need to activate it online and pins don't come in the mail I told her there is no way to register it online without a pin. She would not believe me and made me feel like a moron. Onto another customer service rep. This time he said I did need a pin and he would overnight one for all the inconvenience.

The pin finally came in the mail over a month after the card came. Now I register it online. It worked! But now I can't access my account. It seriously just takes me to my Costco Credit card account and nothing with my savings account. I call back in, and they again have no idea or any way to help me. I spent another two hours on the phone for no reasoning or help.

I just closed the account before I could even access the thing. This was the most insane banking issue I have ever had. Simply trying to open a savings account and not being able to do so. It was unreal.

Not For The Little People

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Citibank is one of the worst banks out here they system is not real time. They system don’t update accordingly. The customer service depot is terrible they savings acct and checking acct balance minimum is outrageous obviously not for people making average salary. The interest rates on they savings account and cd is terrible. I hate everything about Citibank as soon as certain deposit come Im closing this acct one bank even TD bank is better then Citibank

Less Tempting Than It Looks Like

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It looks amazing until it's informed that the rewards wont be applied in another 90 days after you meet all the requirements.

Unless you do nothing with the funds for a total of 5 month otherwise fees applied.

So in general, based on a minimum of $50000 that's required, you are having a 5 month CD at 2.88% apy. Not that fancy.

Poor Customer Service, Low Saving Interest Rate, Slow Transaction

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Citibank used to be good. But last several years, the service got worse and worse.
1) The online chat banking service is not reliable. 2) The secure instant message don’t work anymore. 3) The telephone banking customer service is very poor. Most of time, the holding time is very long. Many representatives are not knowledgeable. They transfer you to several other agents and could not get simple questions answered. You need to call several times and spend hours for the same issue. 4) The products are not competitive and the saving interest rate is extremely low. 5) The transfer of money takes 3-4 business days. It takes 1-2 business days in other banks.
Other big or small banks provide much much better service and products than Citibank.

Worse Charge Back Policies Ever

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i have never ever won a dispute with them. even when there was fraud on my account and someone took money from my atm, they still did not credit me even though i did everything they said including filing a police report. they said if i filed a police report they can check the videos, and even then they didnt check the videos. they ask you to soooooooooooooooo many things such as writing letters and faxing and for what, at the end you lose and they dont credit you anyways. for g-d sake someone did fraud on my account and they still wouldnt credit me back.

AS Bad As It Gets

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I, have been 1 month back, in payment.Pay the late fee, and the previous month. I have been threatened +harassed, by the parasites that work for citi. Constant phone calls, sometimes 5 a day, calling at work, certified letters,usually a couple a week,.There is a possibility to foreclose, on+ on. They want me to restructure the payments. At a higher rate,and longer terms. Again, we are talking 1 Month Back. I just block all calls, told them Not to call my place of work, and throw all mail in the garbage. STAY AWAY FROM CITI, Interesting that these POS, got bailed out for billions..Should be Zero Stars...

Citibank Is Awful

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I have banked with Citibank for many years but their customer service has gone way downhill. Their mobile app works about 10% of the time. Their fraud early warning blocks an account on a Friday afternoon and then aren't open until Monday. I can't wait to close my account and find a better Bank.

Most Dishonest Bank -- Reported To Federal Reserve Customer

They offer many promotions very year recently. But don't honor it when you met all it was asked for. Which means: you put $$K in the saving account for 9 months, you get Nothing but terrible service and dishonest answers.

Review of Citibank banking

My experience with Citibank was fairly decent. I went into a local branch to open up a checking and savings account when I moved to Florida. Even though I called ahead, my wait time was almost 45 minutes before I saw someone to get the accounts open. Other than that the experience was pleasant enough. I only went into a branch 2-3 more times and that was to get documents notarized, which they did at no charge.

The rest of my experience with them was via ATM's and online. The online website was decent enough. I only had a few minor issues which were either resolved by time, or calling customer service. They only had a few local branches and ATM's, which ended up being a concern and the reason I left them for another bank about 4 months ago. They were part of a network that allowed me to get free ATM usage but it wasn't always accurate. Which led to a few calls to customer service to get fees refunded.

Calling customer service was usually a pleasant experience. But like most companies the phone menu and actually getting to talk to someone was beyond excruciating. My average time spent on the phone was around 15 minutes which I find unacceptable but not outrageous.

Lastly, the fees were above what I was used to paying.

Done with Traditional Banks

CitiBank was the last bank that I had before I switched over to Ally Bank. I feel that CitiBank just doesn't offer as much. I think like many of the other traditional and older banks, they think they just continue as is and not have to compete with new banks that offer innovating and exciting products. I had a checking and savings with CitiBank that I switched over. CitiBank didn't have competitive interest rates for its saving account. Now I get high interest rates on my savings AND checking account. CitiBank also did not reimburse me for ATM withdrawals at other banks besides CitiBank. Come on, its 2018, this should be offered by all banks. The web/mobile products also leave a lot to be desired in comparison to their competitors. The only thing I enjoyed when I used them was their customer service and abundance of physical locations.

Banking with Citi as a student was simple

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I banked with Citibank while I was a foreign student in New York City. I used the account to receive money from my parents who were not in the US. Citibank charged reasonable exchange rate and wire transfer fees. As a student, they allowed me to open a checking/ savings account with no minimum account balance required. They also provided me with free check books that really came in handy. After I graduated, I used Citibank to send money back to my Citibank account based in my home country to pay back a loan. Citibank never revoked my student status so I never felt the pressure to maintain a high account balance. When I did transfer funds internationally, I simply walked into a nearby Citibank branch and was always greeted by friendly bank employees. I have always had a good experience with Citibank.

Insightful banking experience with Citi

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I have been with Citibank for over 7 years now. After graduating from college and thankfully getting employed in the desired industry, occasionally I am obliged to travel with my supervisor overseas to meet with potential partners. I was very fortunate to have opened checking account with Citibank. Citibank is considered to be an international player in banking and have many branches worldwide. Thus, I manage to avoid many foreign transaction fees when using my debit card to purchase or get cash from ATM overseas. It has been very smooth, convenient, comfortable and satisfying to be part of this company. Wherever I go, I feel like there will be service that is managed by Citibank and I will avoid paying any unnecessary and extra fees on my banking transactions. On top of that, Citibank has an excellent customer service. Once, I remember I needed a proof of residence for one my application at different bank. I contacted Citibank and requested the letter from them as I had been with them for long time. In 24 hours, the letter was available online in my account and I was able to download it in PDF format immediately. It was very fast with high quality response to my concern. I hope I will be with them for many years to come

Citibank checking account

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I recently opened a checking account with Citibank. It was a very good experience. The website was easy to navigate and I never had an issue where I had to contact customer support. I was weary of opening another checking account, but it was really easy with Citibank. My favorite aspect of the experience was their mobile app. I could easily check my account balances and set up autopay. I rarely use a computer except for work, so it was very handy to be able to monitor my expenses while on the go. I'll be sure to share my experience with my family and friends, because they're always looking for an easy, safe way to hold their money. If I could, I'd open another account with Citibank.

I enjoy this bank

I have had a great experience with this bank, I have had no issues, We do all our banking online and the website is flawless and very easy to maneuver on. It is not cluttered or hard to understand either. I like that it is a cut and dry site, and It moves at a good size pace. My checks are direct deposited and I always get an email and a text when i have deposits go in to my acct, I have also had a rep call my when I had an overdraft and she helped me take care of it so I wont get t charge.

Easy to Use

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I've had positive experiences with CitiBank checking account. The online banking is easy to navigate and have not had any issues with accessing my account or using the online banking features. I use the mobile app on my iphone and like the features and security measures versus other online banking apps. I had fraud on my account and the resolution and communication about fraudulent charges exceeded my expectations. When I contacted citibank they immediately put alert on my account and the process of reimbursement was simple.

Citibank is one of the best banks

I've been banking with Citibank for a few years now. When I first made an account with this bank, I only had a checking account and since then, I've created two savings accounts too. I think that citibank is definitely one of the best banks I've been a customer for. In the past, I've had TD Bank. Citibank excels in customer service, cost of fees, and accessibility to ATMs. TD Bank only allowed you to take money out of ATMs without fees at their branches. If it was an non-TD Bank ATM then they would charge you $3, plus the fee of the ATM itself. Citibank does not to that, so I think that is one reason why it is a superior bank. Their website an mobile app are convenient and easy to use. It has everything you could need, such as the ability to transfer money from one account to another without having to go into a branch. It also allows you to deposit checks right from your phone, so you can deposit paychecks without having to go to the bank. Their customer service is unparalleled. They are always available to help you with anything you need, at any time.

Lack of Customer Service

I banked with Citibank for approximately 5 years and recently had to switch to another institution. My main issue with Citibank was the lack of quality customer service and slow response time to problems that had arose. At the time I had direct deposit from my employer and there had been three months in a row that there was an issue releasing my funds from a pending status at my bank. Using the telephone customer service line was monotonous, time consuming, and fruitless experience. Not only did it take several minutes to speak with an actual human regarding my issues, the ones I was able to speak with were unsympathetic and not understanding the urgency of having paychecks held for days after they were supposed to be released. I had one particularly bad experience with a phone customer service representative that refused my requests to speak with a supervisor saying there was nothing that could be done but just waiting for my funds to release. After about three months of circling with customer service leading nowhere I decided to pull all my funds and transfer to another institution. I was so fed up I even canceled my citi credit card and opened one with my new banking institution.

Customer Service is Outstanding at Citi

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The Customer Service provided with Citi is outstanding. I have had a business checking account and savings with them for
4 years. I visit my local branch to make deposits daily. I am on on first name basis with the managers and tellers at my
local branch in Coconut Creek, Florida where my business is. The bank will go out of its way to help you with any and all issues related to banking as well as community support for charity. I volunteer for a local charity and the bank has been a supporter for the local golf tournament that we have.

When it comes to security and going the extra mile, I can't say good enough about my experience with this bank. I have had issues in the past with some fraudulent charges and Citi has backed me to get them resolved quickly with the least amount of stress.

Their fees are very competitive, the staff and phone representatives are friendly. I would recommend them to any and all that need a bank who still believes in customer service.

One last thing. The lines stay low when you bank inside because they are fast and don't want customers to wait. if there is a line and there usually is not, they will take your'e deposit for you in line and email you a receipt.

Big Banks Make You Feel Small

I was a member with Citibank for over 4 years. During that time, I felt like a product with them. The tellers at my local bank never knew my name or recognized me, even though I came multiple times a week to deposit money from work since I was paid in cash. Citibank had low fees, good benefits, and a comprehensive online page. However, the customer service I received on site and over the phone were both lacking. Twice my account was shut down because they said someone else was using my cards, but it was because I was travelling for work and buying gas in different states which I had told them about in the past numerous times. I was a number instead of a nurtured member of their bank, and that is why in the end I had to leave.

Citibank Customer Service

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I have banked with Citibank for about three years and for the most part it has been a positive experience. The only negative comments I have is how customer service is handled. There have been times when a customer service representative has not allowed me to finish my sentences and has repeatedly spoken over me not allowing me to explain the situation that I am experiencing.

Nice bank, but too expensive for me.

I enjoyed my experience with Citi Bank, but the fees were too expensive for an average Joe like me. I am better off with my credit union, although, the options there are slightly more limited. If you're a business Citi is for you.

Good, for the most part

I started banking with Citibank in college. My bank at home didn't have any branches near my university and so I decided upon opening up both a checking and savings account at Citibank. For the most part I was satisfied with the bank. I was able to use direct deposit to deposit the checks I earned as a student worker. It was also easy enough to transfer money from one account to the other electronically. This was a huge plus for me. However, I did have one issue in which my account was overdrawn when it shouldn't have been. I had written a check (and absolutely had enough in my available balance) but the check bounced. Citibank informed me that I did not have enough in my checking account (untrue) and then charged me an overdraft fee. When I called customer service, I talked to someone who literally could not understand what I was saying. I had certifiable proof (a screenshot of my online checking balance the day that I wrote the check; no other withdrawals were made) and the person I spoke with kept telling me that my balance was short. I finally went into a branch to show them this proof and they were able to undo the extra charges. This should've been able to be taken care of with one simple phone call! But aside from this one bad experience, I had absolutely no issues with Citibank.

No Real Problems With This Bank

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Ten years ago, when I got my first job, I opened a new checking account with Citibank. Honestly, from the first day, I was very happy with how the customer service is at Citibank and felt like they took care of me carefully and really cared about my needs as a customer. I remember walking into that bank as a young man (18 years old) and not really knowing anything about banking or how I would go about opening my account. A woman brought me to her desk and went through the details of opening an account with them, telling me about how fees work, how many ATM's they had in my area, overdraft situations, etc. I was so happy that someone was taking the time to walk me through the way it worked because I was worried it would be too complicated for me in the beginning, but after talking to her she really helped ease my anxiety about it and make me feel like I had chosen the right bank for myself. I have been happy now for a decade with this bank, the website is very easy to use and functional, the fees are definitely reasonable, and the customer service is nothing short of excellent. I always recommend this bank to anyone I know.

Decent bank for a large company.

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A few years ago I decided to open a second checking account with a nationwide bank. I choose Citi for there sign up offer. I was traveling a lot at the time so Citi fit my needs. The only complaint I had was when I called I was always transferred to a call center and it would take for ever to fix any problems that I might have had. Over the years I stopped using the account for everything but I still have it open to use when I travel.

Great customer service!

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I really like this bank. I have had many big banks in the past, and this one is by far the best out of all of them. I switched to this bank about 3 years ago because they offered lower fees for my 3 accounts than the current bank that I had did. They made the transfer from one bank to another very smooth and effortless. When I did have an issue with some fraud, I was able to speak to someone on the phone who was really interested in my needs and fixing the problem. This was very important to me because I did not want to do this without someone on my side and I felt that with this bank. Great customer service, they fixed the problem and even followed up with me a week later to make sure that the issue that I was having was resolved. I will continue to bank her for a long time to come.

Citi Bank Response

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Citi Bank is actually one of my favorite banks. I have had an account with them for many years. I have always had positive interactions and have found that their "personal banker" program to be very useful. The individual that I was assigned to at my local branch, is very knowledgeable in both the bank procedures and product knowledge. I did apply for both a home loan and an auto loan but their interest rates were a little higher than my company credit union. All in all I have been very pleased with this bank.


At CitiBank, I had a savings and checking account. I normally withdrew money from my checking and would occasionally add money to my savings (from holidays, extra cash from paychecks, etc). The services were fair, which is why i gave a rating of 4. The customer service was best in person and wasn't readily available on the app (unless you wait on the phone forever). The web mobile experience was good, however I found other banks such as Capital One and TD offered better mobile options and features. I had a difficult time with the institution when I withdrew money abroad. I received such a high international withdraw fee, when others banks like capital one reinbursed me for all those charges. The charges made me upset and I customer service didn't help much with fixing my anger about the situation. Overall, it's an average bank but I'd choose others.

Citibank Is A Great Place to Bank

I've been using Citibank for years, and I've never had a problem. I haven't ran into any hidden fees and their customer service is top notch. Citibank actually provided me with the mortgage for my home. The loan officer was extremely helpful and I was able to get me a great rate. I also use the Citibank Platinum Select Elite Mastercard. This credit card has a great mileage program, and I was actually able to buy flights for a wedding next month with the miles I earned from the card. I work in a cash heavy business and the abundance of ATMs in my city make it easy to withdraw money whenever I need to. Compared to other banks I've used in the past, Citibank is a no brainer. I would never use Wells Fargo or Bank of America ever again.

Citibank Checking Account Review

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I've been a loyal Citibank customer for over 5 years. I have a checking account which connects to a debit card and several credit cards from Citibank. On the checking account, I have set up direct deposit with my employer. Citibank has never failed to deliver this deposit on time. I have used the debit card overseas and Citibank has one of the finest security systems. There were several occasions where I was immediately notified when I was using my card overseas upon instant transaction. Citibank's mobile and web functions are extremely easy to use and navigate. If there is one thing I wish Citibank could improve on is posting of pending transactions on checking accounts. There are times where the amount is deducted from the available balance but the pending transaction itself will not be posted until one or two business days later.

Citibank Money Market

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I have been using a Citibank Money Market account for some time now and it has been extremely useful for my day to day needs. I especially like that the account comes with check writing privileges. This came in handy when I needed to put a down payment on an apartment. I simply wrote a check from the money market account the same way that I would with my checking account. The benefit of the Citibank account is that the interest is better than my traditional checking account. I also have my money market account connected with my savings and checking account with Citt, which means that all of my banking records can be seen at a glance through their online Citi bank portal. All I have to do is log in and the site has all three of my accounts at a glance with easy access. Overall, everything has been pretty simple to use and understand from the web portal to the benefits of check writing.

Citibank CD

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Citibank has been one of the banks I have used for my certified deposit products. I have used it for about a year now and I am very satisfied. Since opening the account, they have been very helpful with all my questions and getting my account setup was quite easy. I did it online in about 20 minutes, though I did have to upload documents to prove my identity, this is normal in this industry. I think their rates could be a little higher to compete with other large banks, but I am satisfied with the current rates enough to keep my account long term. I am conservative with my money, so their CD product works well for me, knowing my money is safe while growing a little bit eat month.

Citibank is the Worlds Okayest Bank

I have been using Citibank for 2 years now. I have had at least two bad experiences with customer service in those two years. Both times I had to call the help line, the employee was rude and non-helpful. However, that being said, the cool features (like the mobile deposit feature which I use almost exclusively these days as opposed to other methods of deposit) are worth banking there and even though I have had rude 'helpers' from Citi, at least they have the same (if not better) features as any other bank. The fees are pretty much in line with other banks... nothing special. The online services and interfaces are great. The one time I had a REAL problem (three charges to my account that were not me) they worked it out in a reasonable amount of time and didn't make me feel like a criminal, so that's a good mark for them. Overall, I am pretty much satisfied with Citibank and their services. (I have a Citibank credit card too).

Citibank Experiences

I have banked with Citibank before. I hated them terrible customer service, extremely rude tellers. Hidden fees everywhere. Every single employee always acted like it was the worst day of their lives. It got so bad I finally decided to move my money elsewhere.

Decent Experience, Annoying Website

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My experience with Citibank was mostly positive. I banked with them only for a short time while I was attending college. I never went in to the actual bank -- I just used their online interface and a debit card. I never had any big problems with the bank, and they never charged me any fees or anything like that. My only complaint would be there website. It had an unintuitive interface and I often had to try and remember the exact login procedure, because Googling always took me to the wrong login page. It seemed like they had different login pages for different services, which was irritating. I also had some issues connecting my account to Mint, which is very important for me because that's how I keep track of all of my budgeting and track my expenses over time. Overall I would say my experience was just fine, but they could improve with their web services.

An average experience with CitiBank

I have been banking with Citi for about 3 years now. I have had a checking account the entire time. For the most part, it has always been very reliable. I can always look at my account online and easily see everything I need to. In a couple cases, they have had issues with transactions posting, and I have had to call them. The wait time on the phone is not the most ideal, but I am always greeted with a nice representative, who can help me with my issue. Their banking fees are about average and expected. Citibank has never done me wrong in any case. They have always worked their hardest to keep me happy and I appreciate that. I will continue using Citi in the future, because I have no reason to change. Overall, they are a very respectable bank and treat their customers well, and only have expected minor issues now and then.


I have a great bank, but I heard some awesome reviews for there savings department. What interest me was they have a fantastic interest program, which you can make a good amount of money just saving! The bank was very busy when I showed up, but one of the newer reps offered me some coffee. I think its always a nice touch when they do that. I spoke to a very nice lady that really knew her stuff. Transaction went very smooth and she was able to set me up a savings account in

Average Big Bank that Met My Needs

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I established a checking/savings account with Citibank when I went away to college. My primary motivation was to have a large national bank that would have multiple ATMs in my new home that would make it easy to access my money. As an out-of-state student that was most important to me. The savings account was more of an afterthought and I just kept a minimum balance. I believe the interest rate paid on the accounts was minimal, but given the relatively small balances I had on deposit, even a higher rate would not have yielded me much. Overall, the bank met my requirements for accessibility. This also was of some benefit when I was travelling around the country either on vacation or on job interviews. Closing my account when I settled in to a permanent home was painless and the service I received while nothing special, certainly met my expectations for ease and professionalism.

Convenient Website

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I have had a nice time banking with Citibank. Their website is easy to navigate and handle my money and online payments.

Citibank a terrible expiriance

I banked with Citibank for about 3 years. They where ok for the first 2 years, but in the last year I decided to close my account with them because I had my account hacked 3 times in a row and each and every time Citibank made sure the experience was horrific excruciating painfully horrible. On one occasion they allowed someone to empty my account by processing about 50 transaction on the same day. Citibank never called me or notified me and they failed to recognize the transactions where suspicious so they allowed someone to empty my account. Then they actually made me speak to some sort of detective to declare my innocence before they would consider reimburse me for the money they allowed to be stolen. Citibank is a crap bank and no one should ever use them. They are beyond irresponsible. This type of event happened on two more occasions so I closed the account and moved to another bank.

A timeless stalwart, but needs to get with the times

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Citibank is like that car you bought ten years ago that's still chugging along: reliable, sturdy, but sometimes you can't help but look at what the guy in the next lane is driving. The customer service is fast and helpful, especially once you get to the upper tier (read: higher bank balances). And the app feels fresh and new. But underpinning this glossy exterior are products that feel stale and outdated in 2018, particularly for millennials. Even as interest rates rise, you can expect to earn virtually nothing at all in return for giving Citibank the privilege of holding your assets -- even at the higher tiers. And in a world where Robinhood has made stock trading free for everyone, Citibank's nickel-and-dime fees seem truly archaic.

Mediocre web experience, fees not clear

I have a checking account with Citi and frequently use their website. The website experience for checking could be improved by making fees more visible. Instead of hidden away in footers and other pages on the website, the fees they are going to charge customers should be front and center on the main pages for your account. It seems like they are trying to hide very important things from customers. Also, the website seems to load slowly at times and I regularly get unavailable messages. The website could use larger fonts in headers. I'd like to be able to submit things in one click instead of multiple clicks. Just overall, make things clearer on the website and quicker to get done with essential tasks. When I need to do something I don't want to wait for the website to become available again.

Decent Service

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When I banked through Citibank I had a decent experience with them. The fees on some of their products were a little bit much and their online customer service was lacking a little bit so that's why I ended up switching to my local credit union. Overall, I probably would not recommend them to a friend because in my opinion there are a lot better banking options available that surpass Citibank.

Citibank is fine

My experience with Citibank has been fine. I had a small savings account with them for a short while when I moved to town. I went in to deposit money in persona few times to the local branch and everything was pretty much fine. The teller I worked with was sort of stand-offish, she could have been more friendly. But most the time I use the website and app, and it is great. I like being able to check my balance and transfer funds on my phone wherever I am. I ended up moving to a different credit union because of my job, but I did really like the website of Citibank. It made me feel like I had more access to my accounts. It was especially good when I was traveling.

Mobile Banking Deposits

I've been with Citibank for a few years now, primarily because it feels like such a total pain to switch to a new bank. I have had mostly positive experiences, but one area in which I think they could vastly improve is their mobile check deposit app. It's too much work to make sure the check fits within the defined parameters on the screen, and you wind up spending too much time fiddling with the placement on the screen in order for it to take a picture. You should just be able to take your own picture quickly, and then the app should be able to scale the check to its own parameters, rather than the other way around. It would just make mobile check depositing that much easier.

Citibank - a great International Banking Provider

I am a professional who began looking at an international banking provider because I was sick of the international fees I was being charged when traveling. Since then, I have moved from Australia to the United States and furthered my relationship with Citibank to ease the cost of working in both countries simultaneously. I initially chose Citibank because of their customer service. Calling was simple - Yes, you can talk to a real person who is knowledgeable and considerate. Secondly, their website is easy to negotiate and simple to join. Their loans are diverse and reasonable. I didn't need to apply for any but I know they are there. Here is one big plus for this bank as opposed to many I have dealt with; they do not call you every second day trying to up sell their products. I am not a financial wizard and I want my bank to be honest, upfront, and not try to hide fees and sneak in new charges. I would recommend Citibank to anyone who has international needs and who want an institution that is easy to deal with but also has all the modern conveniences.

Good Bank

I've been banking with Citibank for almost ten years. I have both a checking and savings account with this bank. They are well known in the Midwest and I have been depositing money and using them for banking for many years. The younger years I didn't know any differently and it was easily to deposit my checks into the accounts and use my debit card. As I got older and moved to the East coast I realized that I couldn't find many if any branches and so it became very hard to deposit checks with them so I had to turn to direct deposit. I have lost a card before had to call their customer service and there was a rather long wait and it was a pain to report it lost. They needed me to send them a copy of a police report and it seemed like a lot of work, but besides that issue I have been happy with them as a bank.

No Ridiculous Fees

I've had a checking and savings account at Citi for years. They have numerous branches across the US and a presence in many of the global destinations I travel to most frequently on business. Their CD and Money Market interest rates are competitive with other institutions (which admittedly isn't saying much these days) and I've always had decent experiences when I've needed to interact with their Customer Service department. Unlike many major banks, they do not hammer you with ridiculous fees for every conceivable transaction. The mobile and web-based online banking utilities are nothing spectacular (compared to, say Wells Fargo) but they get the job done. Overall, I have been satisfied with the products and services provided by Citibank, and will most likely continue to do business with them in the future.

Citibank is the Best Among the Big Banks

I've had money on deposit with Citibank for over 10 years. In that time my experience working with Citibank has been positive and I can't think of a situation where Citibank customer service wasn't able to resolve the situation. They offer a wide variety of products with competitive rates which I find suitable to meet my banking needs. Along with a good customer service team they have a good amount of branch offices to meet my requirements both near my home and when I'm traveling. The Citi app for my Android phone makes it easy to find locations when I'm traveling or otherwise need to find a branch office. If I were to recommend a bank to anybody looking to open up a new checking or savings account I could recommend Citibank.

Citibank great for handling large transactions.

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I had a bank account with Citibank some time ago. During the time I had that account I had to do a very large insurance transaction that my local bank refused to deal with. Citibank handled my transaction with no questions asked at all. They accepted the large electronic deposit and allowed me to distribute the fund to where I needed to be with an unlimited withdrawal amount per day and an unlimited amount of transactions per day which is exactly what I needed to get done what I needed to get done. They were so much easier to deal with than my local bank and they were so much more accepting of my situation. Even though there wasn't a physical branch near me they made everything as easy as possible.

No complaints

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I have been a member of citibank for 2 years and I have no complaints. Everything has been smooth so far an i have not had a bad experience yet. I appreciate the help they have given me when I was setting up the account, and I have no reason to have any issues with them. I am not sure if i am receiving the best services and price, because I have not banked with many other companies. I have noticed that I have received more cash back on purchases than I thought I would be. After only 2 years I have saved enough to buy a decent gift for myself or for my girlfriend. I have a credit card which I use on an almost daily basis on small items. I also like how there are many atms around my location. I don't have to travel far to get cash, so I plan on staying with citibank for a while.

Convenient online service

I bank with Citibank and having my personal checking account, joint checking account, personal savings account and savings accounts for my kids. My paycheck is directly deposited into my personal account. I their website to transfer funds between accounts and pay bills. I use their mobile app to make check deposits. I find that both the regular website and the mobile good enough to rarely ever visit a branch. I am a long time customer and do not have experience using competitor products, so I am not sure if the web/mobile experience is better elsewhere. However, it works fine and I have not had any problems or issues using them. My only complaint is that I have indicated that if there is an issue with my account, I would like to be contacted by text or email. They will call me and I will usually ignore calls from generic 800 numbers. I wish they would contact me with my preferred method so that I may quickly address any areas of concern.

CitiBank is good but not great.

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I've banked with CitiBank for the last six months. The decision to change institutions came when I got engaged. We opened an account with citi while engaged and the name change process was a nightmare. Whereas with my other bank account at Chase all I needed to provide was my marriage cert and new ID, citi required more documentation and took far longer than needed to get stuff corrected.

The fees themselves are standard. My checking doesn't accrue interest like my competitor bank account and there are requirements in order to keep the account free. The overall account experience is okay, not great. The customer service for my bank account is subpar though. Any issues or questions I have, I will call in and customer service can never give a direct answer to me and I wait on hold for a stupid amount of time. The only reason we haven't left Citi is because my credit card is with them and the credit card has great features I'm not willing to give up.

Finding ATMs is also not the easiest. For that reason I think 3/5 stars is accurate.

Overall, their products are standard and their customer service is decent but given the choice, I'd stay with larger banks like Chase where they actively monitor my account and are able to directly answer a question regarding my account.


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Citibank is one of my favorite banks. When I lived in Chicago, it was the best bank to visit because the people were so friendly and took the extra time to answers questions and work with me on my accounts. All the tellers were friendly and it felt more like a local hometown bank than a national institution. Unfortunately, I had to move away from Chicago and Citibank doesn't have branches in my state, but I wish it did!

Good starter savings account

I opened my first savings account with Citi and had no issues. They verified my identity with help from my parents (I was 15 at the time) and I was able to start a modest savings very early. The fees were minimal and I was also able to get some interest on the account. Not much, but more than some banks will offer. Never had any issue with customer service and everyone was always polite.

A Good Online Bank for Purchases and Miscellaneous Needs

I have had a pretty good experience with my Citibank deposit accounts. I use these accounts primarily for purchases and online activities. I appreciate how quickly my funds are deposited to my account. And, so far, I have had no major issues. I will continue to use these services, and I will reccommend Citibank to my friends and family members.

good experience with CITI bank

I've had a good experience using CITI Bank Corp. Their customer service is quick and courteous. Compared to other banks I have used, I can get on and off the phone to solve a problem with my online banking with them in much less time. I made a mistake in a transfer between my credit card and checking account the other day and would have been charged a fee but when I called customer service they worked with me to refund the fee to my account and also get my transfer to the appropriate account. Also, when I walk into their branch, I am always helped immediately and made to feel like a valuable customer. I will be using CITI for many years to come.

An OK bank for the Common Consumer

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This bank offers the average services for a bank and has been an overall pleasure to deal with. I have spoken with their phone representatives before for both losing my card once which they assisted with me very promptly and from weird purchases on my account. When I went away for vacation they quickly called me and made sure I was actually on vacation so as to verify my card was not stolen and I appreciated this a lot. Their mobile app could use some work however as it is clunky and laggy and that check deposit option can be buggy sometimes. But overall this bank has served its purpose to me. Another thing is their fees which can be a little overboard sometimes but that is also on me for not having enough money in the account at all times possible.

Citibank is great!

Citibank is one of my best banking experiences overall to this date. The deposits come through very fast, which is very good considering some banks. My experience was near perfect with customer service. I have had it once where a transaction wasn't getting through. I gave CIT bank a call and didn't get put on hold and was able to get the issue fixed within 15 minutes. I have had the bank able to fix issues in minutes that any other bank would take at least 1 hour to fix. Overall their customer service is fantastic. It is an easy and clean experience on the web. They show everything on their website and it's easy to navigate. Best of all their fees. I hardly notice their fees due to how small they take absolutely brilliant of them.

Good Service

Ever since l opened a checking account with CitiBank, I haven't had an course to regret. I remembered doing an international transaction for the first time from Africa, I was skeptical about it because I was scared l won't get the funds, the transaction was delayed a bit but after contacting my bank, everything was resolved timely to my amazement. I also have withdraw funds from my local savings account into my citi checking account and usually they indicated that the funds will be credited into my account with in 5 to 7 days but l usually receive it in less than 48 hours. I'm so much in love with my bank and no doubts, it's one of the best.

Checking account summary from Citi Bank

I opened a checking account from Citibank about 5 years ago and it was a pretty smooth process. I liked that I didn't need to have a minimum opening deposit because my prior banks needed about 50-100 dollars minimum to even get started. I originally was with Bank of America and wanted a new bank because Bank of America's customer service was, and still is, pretty poor, in my opinion. Citi greatly improved my overall experience and I love that most banks are allowing mobile check deposits and other phone app features. I also think Citi offers some of the best rewards/perks for their customers and Citi Bank keeps on implementing most of the latest cutting edge features for both your phone/mobile app and your online interface experience.

Great online bank

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I have a Citibank checking, a savings and two citibank credit card. Banking with citibank has been good for me. I find that they have great customer service and you can call with just about anything. I once forget to pay my credit card on time and they were able to remove the late charges and the branch is also very professional. If you go into the branch and you need something they will make sure they get it for you. There lines are not long and you can call your personal banker before going in to make sure your waiting time isn't long. I have been with citibank for over ten years now and I wouldn't dream of changing bank.

Citi bank is a good institution

Citi bank is a good institution
I have being a Citibank costumer for around 10 years until now; I have 3 accounts in the institution, I trust Citibank; it has a good online platform. It is easy to use and overall user-friendly. I just have one problem with the bank, very high overdraft fees. And it is hard to apply for a new credit card. That is why I don't have any credit card.


I started using Citibank for my checkings and savings about 4 years ago and I am overall happy with it. I put a good amount into my checking so that I can have money that is liquids able and I can easily access and spend. I also have a savings CD that I do not have too much money into. It is kind of just a emergency fund because the CDS that they offer earn very low interest rates but have very low risk. I wish Citi offered higher rates with a little more risk but it is only a bank so I understand. I put most of my other savings into investment brokers so I can earn a higher rate on them and save for the future. I have a roth 401k at my other institution that is doing well and I am pleased with it.

Banking with Citi

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I banked with CITI for about 3-5 years while my husband was working over the road. I loved the convenience of being able to use the card in many states as my husband was an over the road driver of our own trucking business. The one thing I looked at as both an inconvenience and an advantage was the company placing holds on the card when multiple purchases were happening in a day in different states. Lucky they would call me and let me verify that it was myself or my husband using the card in these purchases so they would go through but there was one time (the first time it was used) it did not and the card was placed on hold for 5 days. He was stuck over the road luckily with a spare card from another company that he was allowed to make a fuel purchase with. The professionals on the customer service line were very nice but there wasn't much they could do at their rank. Big inconvenience but we got through it. After that things were great. The card was used and transactions were approved at times of use. We did have to put on my file with them that it would be used in multiple states as my husband drives over the road so I think that helped.

Best bank ever

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I was turned down for my bank accounts. My credit is not great, and I have had trouble with banks before. I went through about 6 banks, one opened an account for me and then shut it down without notice with my money in it. I saw about CitiBank and figured that they wouldn't approve me but decided to try anyways. It was the best decision I have ever made. This is the best bank ever, I now have a checking account with a debit card and checks and have never had a single problem with them,

Citibank online experience

Using the citibank online account for savings and deposits is a satisfactory to good experience. It has a clean (if somewhat dated) interface and all the functionality required. I have been able to conveniently transfer money in and out of the account and set up bill payments (for utilities and rent) without issue. The chat help feature has been helpful when I have had questions about upgrading my account for new features. I will be looking forward to when they are able to update their interface to something a little more modern with better user interface flow, but am in no hurry as it does what it is supposed to now.

Citibank, generations of satisfied customers.

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I have been banking with Citibank for 10 years now, my parents banked there ever since I can remember. I decided to go with them as an adult with them due to the satisfaction that my parents always expressed. I decided to stay with them due to the exceptional customer service. The representatives at my location know me by name and make me feel more than welcome, I truly feel like a member there. The accounts that I hold have made me great returns on interest and I have never had any issues there at all. I would recommend this bank, and branch to anyone that was interested, without a doubt. For a short time I held a second account at a different bank and it gave me perspective on just how great Citibank treats their members. Citibank offers great accounts for children as well, I currently hold savings accounts for all three of my young children that are building great interest for their future. So not only has Citibank catered to my parents, and now me, they are catering to the third generation in my family. I suspect that will continue on down the line.

citi bank

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The bank is average, I like how I can do everything online, but do not like calling customer service. I think there should be a person answering the phone, to transfer me to the correct dept, instead of trying to navigate the phone menu. I find that annoying, and its not just this bank, but most bigger banks these days. I have checking account and a credit card through them. I think they also offer loans at competitive interest rates compared to the rest of the industry. I have not had a loan through them, but I do check on the rates periodically. If it's convenient I would recommend the bank to others, but I would not go out of my way to use them.

Best online bank

I have went through many different online only banks. I had some who I opened accounts with and then once I had money deposited into them they closed my account and took my money. Citibank is totally different from these companies, they have been quick to get me a debit card and check book. Their customer service is outstanding.

Easy bank to use

I have a savings account with Citibank. I have not been with them very long but I switched to them from Wells Fargo. Citibank customer service is better when it comes to helping customers over the phone than Wells Fargo was for me. They shipped me a new card out much faster when I lost mine last time. Also their mobile banking is easy to use and has more options of things to view on there without using the full site. I like that on Citi the amount you have to keep in your savings is low because sometimes I need to take money out but do not want to close my account. I plan on adding more services to my account since they seem to fit my needs financially.

Good Solid Bank

I initially opened an account with Citi Bank because a family member recommended it to me. I liked that there was no minimum deposit to open my account. In general I don't have any major complaints about the bank. The website is easy to use and I can easily move money between my accounts, which was a big selling point to me. However I can't say there's anything especially wonderful about them that stands out from other banks. It's a basic bank with solid account services and good customer service. I haven't had any problems but I haven't had anything amazing happen either. In general however I am happy with the service. The website functions well and I am able to talk to someone when I have a problem and need to call in, which has only happened a few times. I think the fees and whatnot are reasonable, everything is market standard. I would recommend.

If I Could Give No Stars I Would.

If I could give no stars I would. Worst customer service in the history of customer service.

Bank that meets all my expectations

This bank is very fast and useful for me since I can carry out all my needs at any time and in any place without many impediments, I can check my account and make transfers at any time of my day to day, since the accessibility is very easy And fast, do not ask for many security requirements and somehow I like this because I am always very rushed in my affairs and I need to develop quickly when entering this bank and use their services, I can also pay for the services I use In my house and a % of very good savings for the client. I really do not demand much more from this bank, it is practically perfect for me, it adheres perfectly to all the steps I want to take when I enter your website. It's a very different bank and very useable.

Account Opening Promotion Is A Scam.

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Citi had a promo for opening a SAVINGS account. I fill out the application providing all information and accepting terms. I get an e-mail 3 days later turning me down for a bad credit rating. First, I am not applying for credit, I want to put money INTO their bank. Second, I do not have bad credit as I have zero debt or late payments. Now they have all my personal info and turned me down for what ? I even have a credit card with them so they know I have good credit. The promotion is a scam . I even replied back to them with no response to my reply. They must sit on their brains.

Best Bank ever

This is the best bank I've ever worked with hands down. Other banks I've dealt with have been beyond terrible (looking at you Wells Fargo). The customer service is always trying to help me and the bank gives me the tools to make my life easier with their website and mobile app. I couldn't recommend this bank enough. Opening a savings and checking account has never been so easy and painless. Depositing money and withdrawing is also a very easy and fast process.

My Citibank Experience

Overall, my experience with Citibank has been overwhelmingly positive. I have banked with them since I was 18 years old, which was 12 years ago. As technology has improved, Citibank has been quick to adapt. I was among the first in the United States to receive a secure debit card with a chip in it. Citibank was also one of the first to offer free mobile deposits for checking. Depositing checks on mobile devices is very quick, as it often posts the same day if I complete it in the morning. The wait time to get a hold of someone on the phone is usually very short. My only complaint about Citi is the cost of the checks. I go to a 3rd party vendor to save money on my checking costs. I do enjoy that the branch has hours on Saturday as most banks in my area do not.

Online Banking

Citi bank is a decent online banking experience. I opened a basic checking account with them and it took them about 2 weeks to send me my card and checkbook. Money that I transfer from other accounts is wired pretty quickly usually within 2 business days and is available for withdrawal. My account is easy to access and the mobile app is pretty efficient too. The mobile snapshot on the app is useful as well allowing me to see my balance without the hassle of logging in. So far I have used my account for both online and in store purchases with very little problems. I am overall very happy with this bank and will probably look into opening a savings account with them soon.

they work with you

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I opened my Citibank checking account when I was 20 years old. I chose it because the branch was directly across the street from my law school. They were so friendly and helpful and explained everything to me (and there was lots to explain to my 20 year old self). I am now 41 and still have the same checking account. Over the years, Citi has changed their policies and tried to assess fees just for keeping your money with them. Every time I went into a branch to complain, they reassured me that my account was grandfathered in and no fees would apply. One time, they showed me how to set up bill pay to avoid fees. And now I use PopMoney all the time. It's so easy to send money to people. I like Citi a lot.

Citibank online

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As an international traveller I am finding my experience with Citibank has been quite positive. I get monthly updates sent to my phone to let me know of my current balance, which is password protected and I also have access whenever I wish when I go online. Transferring funds between my other accounts to this one or using these accounts at Citibank to pay bills has been very user friendly and I have not had an issue to date where I can fault them. There online service is easy to understand and they have a good directory of services to help you should you have any issues that can't be dealt with at that given time. I would highly recommend them. And I am advised via text alert if there are any suspicious events occurring with my account which is always a bonus, especially being overseas on trips.

The Worst Bank Ever! Your Money Is Unsafe With This Bank!

The worst bank ever! Your money is unsafe with this bank. When you have a hard time and ask this bank help, they will make your situation even harder, and they will try to cheat you if they could. So don’t have any deals with this bank even if it close to your house. If you are already a customer, leave this bank as soon as possible before you get in a hard time and this bank will take advantage of you! I had an account in this bank for more than a year and this is what I’ve experienced. Someone took about $300 from my account in Japan without my card, so don’t be impressed that this bank says that we have secure cards. The account security is so weak that hackers don’t need you, not your card for grub money from your account in this bank. And security system is so stupid that it can’t figure out that if I pay with this card a few hours before in Miami I can’t be already in Japan. And after I reported this fraud to the bank, they said that they will investigate this problem and if all is OK I’ll get refund within 10 business days. It sounds like this is my problem that Citibank gave my money someone in Japan! And I guess I’m lucky that they didn’t take all my money because it would be hard to be without money for 10 business days! And they try to cheat you if they can! For example I pay nothing for use my debit card if I make at least one registered transaction, otherwise, I have to pay $10. So I created an auto payment for my phone so I didn’t worry about this. But in several months I saw that I was charged $10 as monthly payment. I contacted bank through chat but they said this is because your money was sent later, so it wasn’t in my cycle period and refused to refund me my money! Like this is my problem that this bank sent it later though the money was available on my account. It was the auto payment, so bank sent it itself! And only after I called in bank did they refund me the money. And the worst thing from this bank is that if you have a problem getting your money and ask Citibank to help you with this, they will make your time harder.  So my recommendation is to never have any deals with Citibank and if you already customer of Citibank leave it as soon as possible for you and your money safety!

What A Mess!

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I chose Citibank because they have a presence with multiple locations all over the US. Due to the money laundering issues and other organizational issues. I don't feel comfortable with my money in that bank. So now things take forever to get done or even get an answer.

It just seems like procedures aren't up to snuff they don't keep up top of issues. They leave customer service to handle all of the questions. You never get a firm answer.

Customer Service is excellent. I'm not sure about the branches though. Yet there system and how they do things and how they follow up is frustrating. Seem like the infrastructure is not there.

Citibank review

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I have found that my relationship with Citibank has been good thus far. I get a monthly statement emailed to me, which is protected by a password that I have generated and it is clear and concise and makes access available to me at any given time. I am sent emails informing me of seminars and educative workshops coming up that are run by the company to help me in issues with savings and how to take advantage of services offered by the corporation. I have found this to be quite unique and am impressed with this available information. I have yet to take advantage of them to date but it is refreshing to know that I have options. I have not had any issues in regards to deposits or transfers and everything has been very satisfactory and in accord with what I would expect. The staff are always pleasant and very willing to help with any questions or concerns or are able to point me in the right direction with any queries that I may have.

Best Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced With Any Bank

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I have to say that Citibank has been the best bank that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I use the branch in Plantation FL and I have to say that the people that work at this location are the best. They always know your name and great you when you enter the building. They are always eager to help you with your needs. and they are never in a rush. The website for Citibank is easy to navigate and use. Whenever I have had to call the 800 number for customer service they have also been as helpful and professional as going to the local branch. I have always recommended Citibank to my friends and family and will continue to do so because the professionalism, products and services that Citibank provides are unbeatable in my opinion.


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Banking with Citibank is very easy. I would like to share my experience wherein our account was used by some fraud person to make payment for online purchases, twice. As soon as we got a message about it, we immediately called customer care. They asked us a few details, and they told us that it would be resolved soon. They told us that they have to block our card so that further transactions don't occur, and they would send us new card. They refunded the fraud transaction amount. The process was very quick, and they were very professional. I would recommend this bank to my friends and relatives.


Just spent 1h on the phone with EVERYTHING but useful. One of the reps didn't even know what a Citi Prestige Credit Card was. Nearly impossible to get someone on the phone if you don't have a Citibank account, also, which is kinda funny I guess they don't want new customers. I was to go with the Citi Prestige CC, but I might stay with my good Amex Experience and apply to their Platinum Card instead then....

A solid bank with plenty branch locations in NYC

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I have been a customer with Citibank since I was old enough to have a bank account. They offered a great starter account that was joint savings and checking several years ago. I haven't wanted to change since and even had my husband join in the account. Unfortunately, interest rates overall (not specific to Citibank but general to almost all reputable banks currently) are so low, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to shift money into one of their other products such as a CD. However, my husband and I did look into this at one point and we had a live human being help us right away and lay out the terms and rates and answer all our questions very clearly. They have a lot of good literature and well-designed informational pamphlets in their branches. I recommend going into your local branch and checking them out and you can get a sense for yourself whether this is the right bank for you.

Review Of Banking With Citi By A Happy Customer

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I would say I have had a wonderful experience using CITI Bank. I especially enjoy the mobile app I have downloaded on my Android device. I can access up to seven years of statements and this was helpful when i was purchasing a home because the mortgage company requested several years of banking history. Also another big thing I've seen many banks offering is the mobile check deposit. I have sued this feature and I found that the app works great but I had issues while taking pictures of the front and back of my check. I kept getting errors and had to take many pictures before they were accepted by the app. I know on the commercials it looks so easy, and it should be easy, the app is set up quite easy, I feel this was just my camera and having bad lighting. The mobile check deposit didn't work or go as smoothly and quickly as I though it would. I do love their website as well as the mobile app as I feels it's user friendly and easy to maneuver and find anything i'm looking for on their website. I am lucky enough to have a credit card with them as well, so what's great about that is when i'm on my app I can click a button that says pay my credit card and it allows me to make my payment, without having to leave the screen or go to a new app or website. I have also set up notification one time when I paid my plumber a check I set up a notification for when he cashed it. I also set up a notification when my income tax was getting deposited. It's nice to be able to set up these updates especially when waiting for a check to clear. I have set up direct deposit and a auto pay to avoid the $12 monthly service fee. I do think the fee is higher than most banks but it's nice that I had the option to set up direct deposit and auto pay to avoid the fee. Another nice service they offer for customer like me with credit cards is I can ask them to reissue a credit card, or even activate a new credit card right through the mobile app on my phone. I love that they offer so many great things I can do with my phone. I feel this is the way of the future technology is everything, and Citi is definitely keeping up with the future of technology and all that they offer. I have recommended them to my friends and family more than once because I just love all the features I get right on my phone. I also like I was able to go paperless with my monthly statement so i don't have to worry if it got lost in the mail. Now I get an email every month, and there is a link in the email I click on that takes me right to my statement. I have email on my phone, so I did have to download an adobe reader app to my phone I found this out the hard way as the first time i tried to do it I couldn't get the statement to open. I love that I can access all this information right from my phone, and that I am helping save the environment because they're not cutting down trees to send me a monthly statement. They do offer many different types of checking accounts I just have the most basics but there are so many options especially if you're someone that keeps a higher balance, unfortunately I am not. The interest rate is pretty low only 0.01% so I'm not making much in interest but again I keep a pretty low balance, and they do have options for people that keep higher balances. All and all I would say my experience with their banking and their credit cards have been quite nice.

CitiBank - All On Web!

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I have a savings bank account with Citi for the past 4 years. It is linked to my salary account, my insurance is auto debited from the salary account and I get a great rate. From my perspective, it has the most convenient online platform, all in one place. We never have to rely on interacting with the bank representatives on a daily or even monthly basis. The online and mobile platform is clear, unambiguous, informative and good enough to carry out 95% of the day to day transactions. I have not felt a great deal of transparency in the life insurance plans that Citi offers along with its salary accounts, I haven't been able to see the total premiums paid, the accumulated interest and stuff, but when I raised the concern, the bank staff's were polite enough to send out the detailed statements, month-wise. The interest rate offered on the savings bank account is quite good considering the fact that the savings bank account has rolling money in it. Overall, I am a pretty satisfied customer for the past 4 years!

Fairly reliable bank that I can trust

I have been with Citi for over a year now and I can say that it has gone fairly well. I have two other banks one is bank of america and the other is navy federal which is a credit union and not a bank. I have been with bank of american for about 2 years and compared to Citi, Citi is much better. I will start with the mobile app that Citi has. I never have any glitches when I use the citi mobile app, I always like that when I log into the citi app it tells me the last time I was on with the date and time stamp. I enjoy that it directs me to all my accounts without taking too long to load or having a glitch. When I pay my citi credit card bill the credit is almost instantly given back to me. The only one complaint that I would have is of course the customer service waits can be a bit long, however when I am greeted it is by a warm and friendly person. Another complaint I have is when I get gas on my credit card it can take up to two weeks for the final payment which I am not sure if that is the banks fault or the gas stations. The citi website is easy to navigate to and I even like how it has a nice layout. The fees are not bad at all compared to bank of america and I also have a credit card that I do not have any interest till 2017 and I have a larger credit limit. All in all I have enjoyed citi and I plan on keeping them. I also like the debit card and even when I lost it customer service helped me to replace it and it arrived less than a week later.

Great Public Service

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Citi Bank is a great bank because it has convenient locations all over the United States.It serves a very large population in my local community for a very long time.They provide excellent customer service and public opinion.They have a wide variety of services that meet the needs of all people.They continue to provide great services and new innovation throughout the U.S.

Worst Bank Ever

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Deserves a no star rating. They changed their policy's on April 17th, how does ZERO funds availability even on a payroll check. Unbelievable. If paid on Friday, not available (and only $200) until Tuesday morning. This policy is also effective on business accounts that have been open for even 2 years. They also shut down major branches, decreased hours and closed many on Saturdays. I'd rather have no bank than this bank. Screw this bank. They just lost a customer and 4 accounts.

Citibank review

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Site looks okay but it seems a bit laggy. The customer support page is iffy and there are so many different numbers. I guess that could be a plus. They have a variety of goods/services available. They have barely/no mobile apps available and that is pretty saddening.

Grace Period

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Why is it that if your paycheck is being direct deposited, and it shows up as pending. It is going through literally in minutes, but they put through the pending payments first and then peg you with a nsf fee?

CD Early Withdrawal Penalty Is Huge, Upto 1 Year Of Earnings

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CD Early withdrawal penalty is huge, upto 1 year of earnings, even though CD rates are high maybe 2% APY.

Transfer From Another Credit Card

To put my feelings into the vernacular, this bank SUCKS.  I have now notified my representative (who is ourSpeaker of the House) the attorney general of the state of OH, and am working on various banking associations.  What CITI is doing is simply illegal.  This came to my attention about 6 months ago when CITI bgan a relentless calling campaign to me.  The deal was that Icould transfer any amount of money from another credit card or simply call it an INTEREST FREE LOAN for 13months.  I pay in full each month and have an excellent credit rating and history but I am not stupid either.  13 months of using money free was not a bad deal and up front costs were minimal-maybe $300 for a $10K transfer.  Again--no interest.  however, when I received my next month's statement (which I pay in full to avoid any interest,)I see a $50 interest charge.  I called (Bangladesh or India) and said--"WHOA- I paid for all of my charges in full, on time, and added $1000 in order to begin the elimination of the free $10K."  I was told the interest charge was an error.  next month, same thing. and then the third time,  I went thru channels and got a CITI BANKER who explained CITI takes your payments and applies it to the outstanding (interest free) amount FIRST, and then with the remainder charges interest, so this 3rd time, my interest was $3. since then I have stopped using my CITICARD totally..The point is:  THEY CHARGE INTEREST TWICE:  FIRST ON THE AMOUNT THEY SO ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRANSFER, then THEY CHARGED A SERVICE FEE FOR DOING SO, and THEN THEY CHARGE INTEREST AGAIN ON THE UNPAID PRINCIPAL WHICH would mean a monthly payment EVEN IF you don't charge anything.  AND TO THINK I DID THIS TO GET 10,000 MILES ON AMERICAN.  ok, I am stupid.  But this is illegal

Horrible Web Design Of Citibank Business Site

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I have personal accounts with Citibank. I like their website okay. Some features are helpful, like the expense categorizer tool. And I often use the e-bill payment option, which I assume is standard with all banks. I also like that I can nickname my accounts so I don't have to remember which account is which.

Now, I just opened a Citi business account and after going through all the extra security measures to sign on with a token at, I was taken aback at how crappy the look and feel of the Citi business user interface is. It looks like a grade school project. There is hyperlinked text for everything, no graphical buttons. It takes about 4 clicks just to get to see your account's transactions. 4 clicks!! On the personal Citibank site, you sign in and you get presented with an overview of all your accounts right from the get go. But the business online experience is a totally different animal. It looks like it was done in the 90s and then never updated again (It still uses frames, which are no longer supported in HTML5).

I called the Citibank Business department and very politely let them know that I feel I've been suckered into using Citibank for my business needs because they sell you on the regular Citibank website that has all the bells and whistles. I spoke to a supervisor and he spoke to a level 2 guy, but at the end it was just "thank you for letting us know."

The sad part is that I get charged $20/m for the business account (my personal accounts are free). For what? For a lousy, half-assed online experience? Citibank pays its CEO millions of dollars but it can't even allocate the funds to get a web development/design team together that replicates or improves upon the personal Citibank website? I am very disappointed in Citibank. What we need is a company like Google to start a brick-and-mortar bank and shake things up in the online bank user experience field.

Cannot Wait To Close My Account

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I have had a horrible time trying to make payments onto the account I have. 

First off, we purchased my engagement ring at Fred Meyer Jewelers. Who are awesome and amazing! Unfortately Citi Bank screwed the pooch with Fred Meyer and they are no longer using Citi Bank. 

This is where my issue started... I tried and tried to make payments on my account by the deadline and their electronic check hotline would always say that they accepted the payment and three or four days later it would be returned. I would then call and speak with a representative who would give me the run around for about 45 mins till I was blue in the face. Finally I would get a manager who would be able to assist me and not have to speak off a script and yet not all my questions would be answered. 

I have tried 4 more times between calling and than be redirected back into their electronic check hotline to by a representative because I said I did not want to be charged the $14.95 fee for having a representative assist me with payment. I was only talking to them because their hotline kept giving me an error of" Sorry could not process that requested, Please hold one moment for a representative..." and I would then again I would be speaking with a representative who couldn't take a payment without charging me the $14.95 fee for payment. Yet their system wouldn't accept payment. 

After playing this game for about 5 rounds... I got a representative who directed me to their website to make an online payment. At this time, I am thinking.. "Awesome! I can pay off my $1100 remaining balance!" Unfortately it would not allow me access to make an online payment but then direct me to speak with a representative again. 

How in the world is a card holder suppose to make a payment if the customer service/billing will  not accept payment without adding another fee onto the account. 


I have found thier games to be ridiculous! Frustrating and right now mad hatter style. 




I bet you would get better customer service and assistance with any of your banking needs! 

Horrible Bank!!!

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I will start by saying, i would give zero stars if i could. This is the worst bank with the worst customer service, down at the bottom of the list along with BOA. Dont even think about joining Citi unless you want to here that there is nothing they can do at the moment. I have beenput up with Citibank for 6 years and I am done. Chase bank is now 1 person greater. I posted a recent conversation i had with a rep so see for yourself. They dont even know the answer so they feed you crap.



Moises: Welcome to Citibank's Online Chat. My name is Moises. It is an honor to assist you today!

YEZENIA: Thank you, I am online to view my bank statements from Feb 2011 to October 2011 and i requested them yesterday. It then stated they would be available the next day and they are not. Can you help me?

Moises: I am sorry to hear that. I will be happy to assist you.

Moises: Did you go to the account section?

YEZENIA: Account section then statements

Moises: Correct.

YEZENIA: Yes, and they are not available.

Moises: Does it have a Message saying why>

Moises: ?

YEZENIA: No it simply shows the statements that are available which i already downloaded however the ones that i need are now telling me, once again, that they will be available the following day, tomorrow

Moises: I am sorry about that, you can request form them again, I can also do it for you however we will have to wait for them either way. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

YEZENIA: Okay, well I need them today which is why was happy that it said yesterday that they would be available the next day. What other way am i able to request them because if the message stated when I would receive them then your company must follow the information given to me.

Moises: I am sorry if they are more than 90 days old there is a 24 waiting period on either end.

YEZENIA: Okay and does your message state that? No. The message stated that following: ordered for next business day. With that said they should be accessible at this point.

Moises: It is possible that the system had a glitch and the statements were lost. I apologize about this inconvenience. They would have to be reordered.

YEZENIA: If i did not need them i wouldn't mind wwaiting another day, but when I am told something by a company then I expect it to be done as said. A glitch is not my problem, that fault is on citi. I need my statements as i said when i was told they would be available which is today.

Moises: I am sorry about that. I can request that they be mailed out to you as soon as possible. I can waive the shipping fee.

YEZENIA: Do you realize that mailing something takes a longer process? There must be a way for them to be emailed or faxed over even if it is not your protocol to do so. There was an error on your company's end and i should be provided with my request by your company in any way possible if your ccompany cares.

Moises: What time did you order the statements?

Moises: If the order was placed after 8 ET it will take longer since it was past the cut off time.

YEZENIA: I am not sure of the exact time, after 5:30 PM PST, so most likely around 6PM.

Moises: 8PM

Moises: That is 830 PM ET

Moises: The statements will be available for you to view by tomorrow.

YEZENIA: Okay, now where on your page does it state that?

Moises: When you place the action it is stated on the fine print at the bottom of the conformation window.

YEZENIA: NO, there is no fineprint except terms and conditions, I read fine print if it is available and its not. I actually just requested it again just to make sure so the statement you just made to me is false.

Moises: I am sorry about that. I know changes have been made to the site. I have looked up the cut off time in our systems and the cut off time is 8PM ET.

Moises: The statement will be available tomorrow. If you requested it again just now it will not be available until Monday. Saturday and Sunday are Non Working Business days.

Moises: When you send a request some ones has to go and physically pull the files up. They leave at 7pm CT 8pm ET.

Moises: If the order was placed after that time they will not get the request until the next day Thursday, making it available on Friday.

YEZENIA: and that is my problem that changes have been made? It did not say it yesterday either so like i said before that is your company's fault. There is a very basic statement given which i already told you about and i simply want what is rightfully mine. My request was made and a response was given so I expect it to be completed as i was told.

YEZENIA: Im sure there are plenty of supervisors working with you, or at least someone with enough common sence to know how to pull up files and send them to me.

Moises: We can not pull them up.

Moises: Not even a supervisor.

Moises: The statements will be available to view tomorrow.

YEZENIA: So what is the point of your supervisors? To litterally watch their employees of citi bank tell their customers tat there is nothing else you can do? I have heard that plenty of times from your company. I want my files that i was told would be available today.

Moises: Some one has to pull them out of the archives. That takes 24 hours. Today the order was processed and will be fulfilled by displaying them by tomorrow.

Moises: The order was placed after the cut off time.

Moises: It is out of our hands.

Moises: It was just processed today and will be delivered by tomorrow.

Moises: They will be available by 6 am ET.

Moises: That would be 3 am your time.

YEZENIA: You just stated earlier: Moises: The statement will be available tomorrow. If you requested it again just now it will not be available until Monday. Saturday and Sunday are Non Working Business days. and you knowing i just requested it again are telling me tomorrow? I feel that you have no knowledge of what you are even saying.

Moises: The original request is still going to be fulfilled. They will be delivered tomorrow. The statements requested only have a 1 day life span after that they are deleted. The second request will be fulfilled by Monday if you do not check them by tomorrow.

YEZENIA: Whatever, I am not going to keep trying to get them from you, apparently they hire the best people full of crap to tell their customers, just like the phone reps do when i have called about issues with my account. Thanks for wasting my time and have fun getting paid to tell everyone that you cant assist them.

Moises: I am sorry you feel that way. They will be there tomorrow. Can I help you with anything else?

YEZENIA: Yes, let your supervisor know that this chat will be posted on your reviews so everyone thinking about joining citibank will think again.

Hands Down Worst Bank Ever. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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This is by far the WORST BANK that I have ever encountered. I had a mortgage with them, but could not pay it online unless I had a bank account. So I signed up for a savings and checking account. Then I get a notice that I will be charged a $20 monthly service fee, if I don't transfer $15,000 into my account. So I called to cancel my accounts. The Citibank rep told me that if I cancelled my checking and left the savings open I would not be charged. Not so. I was charged $40 in service fees. When I called to try and remedy the situation, I was stonewalled. When I asked for a manager, I was transferred to the call center for Chinese speaking customers. I was finally told that it did not matter that a Citibank rep lied to me. They will not credit my account back the money. The reason why, "because." WOW. I had records of the calls and everything they just don't care. They just wanted their $40. I am sure it was a very important $40. I would worry about their stability as a bank if that is the case. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK YOU WILL REGRET IT!


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Citi's Offers And Promos Are Confusing.

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I've heard of many "scary" stories of Citi offers and promos gone wrong. Occasionally, I've been victimized by these myself too much more than other banks. I'm closing my Citibank.

For example, last night I only wanted to add my new Citi Platinum Select Mastercard on, then I ended up losing 2 favorite login or user id because Citibank confused and lured me to link my CitiCards account to my Citibank checking account - rendering my old credit cards access - non-functional.

Beware of Citibank's confusing offers and promos. You may end-up like me who spent about 2 hours fixing the mess and losing 2 favorite CitiCards logins just because I want to add my new Mastercard to my existing web access.

Terrible Customer Service

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I've talked to 5 representatives before talking to somebody helpful. I just spent an hour setting up online registration, something that should take 5 minutes. I had one representative tell me I would need the last four digits (ext.) of my zip code to register, nobody even knows that information. I had another representative give me a phone number to a machine that told me everything I already knew and that would not quickly connect me to a different representative (I didn't try very long due to frustration).

Fair Weather Bank

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 Citibank should be boycotted because of their high interest rates, absurd fees and and complete lack of regard for their clients. They will ruin the credit of customers in EXCELLENT standing, by making decisions that they refuse to justify. I am totally fed up with this poor excuse for a bank and the incompetent management who took billions in bailout money, and paid huge bonuses to the executive buffoons, when they should have been left to crumble. And now they continue to turn their backs on clients. Thats what the goverment should have done to them, and hold senior management criminally responsible.

Atm Machines No Banks?

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There are no banks in Washington. You have to use convenient stores with ATM machines. Not what I wanted to use, and of course you don't know about the extra fees until it happens to you.

Citibank Not Even Worth 1 Star!?

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I am a former college student and single father. I graduated college over 3 years ago and have yet to aquire a job in my field. On the contrary, I do have a great job not in my field, but I could easily make more with my degree. However, jobs in my area are scarce.

I have made most of my student loan payments on time and my account is current. I owe $47,000 in student loans but I only make $30,000 a year. I have been on the phone with Citibank to discuss repayment options but they are very rude and refuse to work with me or meet me in person to discuss my loans.

I owe tens of thousands of dollars for my education and they will not even meet with me. When I call, almost all of the time the customer service reps are rude and very condescending. I do not have any other accounts with Citibank, but the way they have handled my student loans I will never ever use them for any kind of other financial services.

Citibank only cares about making money and could care less about their customers :(

High Fees And Fasle Promises

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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Fees if you don't maintain a high balance.

Fees to use ATMs. Citi hardly owns any ATMs; I don't understand how they can get away without reimbursing the ATM fees.

Fees to get checks.Fees for everything you ask.

Promises bonuses like $100 or $200 to open account, but you need to go through a million hops to satisfy the requirements, wait 6 months and then if you are lucky you may receive the promised bonus. 99% of the time, you need to be behind them after the 6 month period is over to get anywhere with those promised bonuses.

Rates suck, any credit union rates are much better.

Credit card department is different from banking department and they don’t care about each other. It feels like you are dealing with two different banks even though they are the same.


Not Impressed

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I had a Citi banking account for 4 years from the time I was 18 till I was 22. The online system and bill pay were easy to use and navigate, unfortunately my overdraft fees were 43 dollars each time, ridiculous. I am not rich or perfect with accounting and tend to overdraft my account a few times a year (my fault totally), but then on top of that they decided that my direct deposits and online bill pay were no longer accepted to have free checking. Instead, I had to have a minimum of $6000 monthly balance to receive free checking. I am sorry, I am not rich, I make 6000 every 2-3 months. I do what I can a month then they want to take another $7.50 from me because I don't have a lot of money. It was not good enough for them to have a Citi financial loan and a credit card through them, paying interest and fees, but they wanted to take my other money to live on.

Citibank Is Only Ok For Credit Cards

Citibank accounts are just not that great. They have lots of fees; they require large balances such as 1500 or 6000 or 10000 or 100000 to avoid ridiculous monthly service fees. Plus, they still charge you for wires, official bank checks, and to use a non-Citibank ATM without any reimbursements of non-Citi ATM fees. Plus, I find that everytime I call customer service reps, even for more banking questions and issues, are outsourced to India. They do not help. I had to go to my branch bank and have them go through some internal callings to follow up on banking issues.

Their credit cards are ok. The thankyou network is ok. Sometimes the thankyou points to gift card conversions is not 1-1, more like 0.833:1

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