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Kelvin Z Is The Rudest And Most Unprofessional Customer Representative/Manager

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Kelvin Z is the rudest and most unprofessional customer representative/manager I have dealt with. He reluctantly refused to help in any way. I will not bank with Citizens Bank.
DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS BANK AS THEY ARE BOUCH OF THIEVES. Even if, you have 2 to 3 times your spending limit, they will refuse to increase your daily spending limit.
Kelvin Z told me CITIZEN BANK does not have all my money available.

Citizens Bank Bait & Switch

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My Citizens branch manager talked me into taking a 3% cash back credit card promotion October 2022. I don't need another credit card but they talked me into it on the basis of 3% cash back. I received the card and started using it. First statement shows the standard 1.8% that I am already getting on another Citizens card that I no longer use. I get 2% from another bank. I have talked to 6 people including my branch manager that talked me into this bait and switch scheme. Each time I am told that it will be adjusted to 3%, but it is still only earning 1.8%. I stopped using it after the first statement. Today a Citizens representative had the nerve to call me to tell me the request for an adjustment was received on Jan 3, 2023 and told me that it will be another few billing cycles to adjust. I didn't ask them to call me, I already told them I won't do business with them any longer. I have phone record proof that I made the initial complaint on Nov 14, 2022. After complaining to my branch manager, my free quest checking account was hit with a $25 fee, first time ever. This has gotten to the point of harassment!


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I was ripped off by a scam companies. The company is Universal Health Share. They had been charging my credit card $344.00 every month. I went to my Doctor for a checkup and some Lab work. Bills were sent to Universal Health Share and they never paid one cent. After months and months of calls and bills being sent by the Doc. office and myself. I had to pay all the bills myself. I called Citizens to cancel the credit card and file a claim. The Citizens Rep said I was ripped off and this sounds like a scam and someone from citizens would call me in 48 hours. Citizens never called. I called citizens several more time and Citizens said each time someone would call me. Never got a call but did get a letter that said because I sign up for the service they found in favor of Universal Health Share. This is nuts. I talked to the manger at the citizens branch I go to and she said that was nuts and I was ripped off and she would get this taken care of ASAP. Citizens never did anything to help and I never got 1 cent back...

F Citizens

The automatic debit i has set up failed one month and I took a hit on my credit. Who all looks at their account every month to see an automatic payment went through? Well I sure don’t. Filthy thieves!



Fraud Hiding As Procedure

I had an auto loan with the bank. The loan was closed via payoff when I bought a new car and the old car was paid off. Then a week later the bank takes another auto-pay payment, even though the loan was already closed and they are refusing to refund the money, saying I have to go to the car dealer and ask them for my money back. This is fraud masquerading as procedure. They took my money, illegally, and now they are refusing to return it.

Horrific Customer Service

I am the POA for my elderly aunt who needs help managing her financial affairs. I visited a local branch to register my POA and was told that the document was not valid in the state. I was unclear why it failed to meet the legal standard when it was authored by an attorney in the state who's POA's have never been questioned by Citizens Bank I contacted Citizens corporate office who refused to provide guidance on why the POA did not meet the standard. I had to pay my attorney to contact Citizen's legal team to resolve the matter. I was told the document was approved however when I returned to the branch there was no record on file. Another wasted trip to the branch without a resolution. It has been well over a month and I am still unable to access her accounts. I'm sure the account has gone into overdraft because I have been unable to transfer funds into her checking account. A number of bills have gone unpaid which will result in accrued interest and penalties. I'm unclear why Citizen's Bank refuses to acknowledge a lawful and binding durable power of attorney. I am a small business owner and enjoy a number of relationships with prominent banks and I have never experienced such horrendous customer service. I am unclear why anyone would choose to do business with Citizen's Bank.

Love This Bank

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I enjoy everything about the bank. It's the best.

Do Not Try To Work With Them!

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For loans of a small amount you can now shop for better rates. They are ridiculous in the amount of daily requests. I have a high credit score and they put me through the ringer. I just found a lower interest that approved. I've not banked with them, but they seem to want everything to be resent over and over.

Online Shoppers Beware!

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Ordered a birthdaypresent for my son online .the selles website 2 days later was unavailible and i never recieved the item, so i googled the site it was a scam.but when ifiled a claim the bank says the item was delivered but i never recieved item and still cannot contact seller. So if you want a bank to stand behind you this is NOT the bank for you!


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I've been banking solely with Citizens for almost two decades. I have no complaints about fees or personnel, errors etc. All that has been fine. Maybe I've just been lucky, but my experience has been a positive one EXCEPT for ONE BIG PROBLEM. I do ALL my banking online. Checks, deposits, transfers etc. I haven't written a paper check in many years.

As the years have gone by, Citizen's online access is less and less accessible. Virtually no banking on Sundays, little better on Saturdays, late night is frequently inaccessible, and in recent months the old Monday to Friday 9 - 5 is failing.

I get my billing info lined up and am ready to pay a string of bills and, low and behold, Citizens Bank is off line AGAIN! What good is a bank if it isn't there when you need it? Today I got a more elaborate message than usual. Its a winner.

Citizens Bank Online® Is Temporarily Unavailable
We are sorry that Citizens Bank Online® is not available at this time.
Please be assured that we are taking every step to make Online Banking available as soon as possible.
All current and future dated transactions will be processed as scheduled.
Until Online Banking service is restored, please call our 24/7 Customer Contact Center if you need assistance.
New England and New York customers: 1-800-922-9999
Mid-Atlantic customers: 1-888-910-4100
Business customers: 1-800-862-6200
Again, we apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you.

As if that makes it better. Did you notice there is no projected time frame to have service restored.
And don't bother to call the alleged Customer Contact Center. It's an all automated computerized contact. So unless you are just checking you balance you are OUT OF LUCK!!
I can no longer trust a bank that can't keep it's website online. I recently opened another checking account with a competitor. Name also starts with a C. I have a LOT of data to transfer over, which is the main reason I have avoided switching banks up to now. But I am finally done. I will be moving my billers one at a time, shouldn't take more than a month or two. That is, if Citizens ever comes back online.
If you need a bank with a reliable website, keep looking.

Great Bank

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great bank great rates very good customer service .


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Not a professional establishment at all!As a customer at this bank I decided that it is an absolute disgrace!Wasted precious time trying to get fees reversed.Why should I even be told by this bank representative that she will be late to pick up her kids?Not my problem and maybe if they had better customer service in the first place I would not have had to wait excessively long and to the point that they are actually half an hour past closing!They really should rethink their customer service strategies.Just a failing bank.

Extremely Unprofessional/Look Elsewhere!

There are so many better options than this bank. My girlfriend responded to a marketing campaign where they stated$400.00 would be issued upon setting up direct deposit. Well sure enough she bit on this fraudulent bait, not only did she bite she switched all of her accounts over (bill pays, membership fees, EVERYTHING) over to Citizens. To make a very long story short (countless calls to useless customer service, insite branch visits, supervisor calls) they decided to "not do business with her" but not one person could say why. She makes phenomenal money, we ordered her bank history reports no negatives on there, but not one person was "authorized" to tell her why. Do yourself a favor, go to any other bank but Citizens, never heard of such a thing in today's day and age. I use CapitalOne and they're amazing.

Citizens Bank RI

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What a Great Bank! 5 Star if you ask me. The customer service at this bank is exceptional, not to mention the representatives. I can honestly say, that I really love this bank. Their customer service and quality in banking is superior. In addition, citizens bank has great security for their consumers and citizens bank even calls the customer if they feel a charge is fraud or not within likely habits. Lastly, although they do not have a location in NYC which I wish they did, they have 24/7 customer service so no matter what the reason you can always get ahold of a representative if need be. Only recommendation would be a location in NYC other then that truly exceptional bank and banking expierence for me. I first opened for a value checking -student account. However, after their acceptional service I’ll be staying here for as long as citizens bank is open. - Philip M. Cherry Hill, N.J.

Berry Good

I have had a fantastic experience with Citizen's Bank in general. My mobile banking experience is top notch, I am able to view my account, make payments, all the good stuff an individual would be looking for in a mobile banking experience. I especially like that I am able to submit checks into my account using my smart phone. The only downside is that it takes a day for the money to be added to your account, but it is convenient to say the least. With all that being said, they do need to make some changes with regard to safety measures. I once called about money being taken out of my account by a fraudulent provider and they required me to come in to set up a block. All in all, good experience.

Reversal Of Customer Written Check

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I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for over 10 years and am still appalled by the lack of customer service I recently received. I wrote a check to my brother-in-law and his wife to celebrate their wedding and help provide funds for their honeymoon. All seemed well as they cashed the check and it cleared prior to them leaving; however, a day later Citizens took it upon themselves to reverse the check. I noticed this and called customer service and am still dumbfounded by their ineptitude and lack of empathy for potentially ruining a newlyweds honeymoon. Long story short, their only solution was for me to write them another check. Despite them being out of the country and Citizens having the account information where they initially deposited the funds, their only remediation was for me to write another check. I am still awestruck. I am all for fraud protection; however, how is it possible to do something without even contacting the customer to verify that fraud existed? The first customer service agent had no clue why the deposit was reversed initially, which makes me feel real safe as a customer. When escallated to a supervisor their only response was that my signature didn't match what was on file. I am no handwriting specialist; however, I cannot imagine that my signature has changed that much in my 35 years...and even if so, I cannot imagine that it would be acceptable to do such a reversal without any contact with the customer. So imagine a bank that couldn't care less than newlyweds are out of the country with $1000 less then than think they have to spend; and claim to have their hands tied with no possible means to rectify an error on their end. If this is acceptable to you, by all means bank with Citizens. If not, than feel free to join Wells Fargo like I just did.

Cannot Close Account $400 In Overdraft Fees

Because of a $20 payment from Paypal, I had to pay $400 in overdraft fees.

I tried to close the account. I called them and paid the $200 fee. I asked them to close the account and asked 'are you sure it is completely closed?' They said yes. I removed the bank account from Paypal.

What do you know the next day, the $10 went through again. I didn't find out of course until a month later when I was billed $200. Apparently deleting your bank account from Paypal isn't enough (this is because since it is a recurring payment). This should be fixed on Citizens side. Because Paypal is trying to charge a closed account, should not be my problem.

So $400 because of $20 overdraft after trying to cancel my account. This is ridiculous I cannot get them to cancel my account.

My Bank

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I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Citizens Bank over the years. My original mortgage was through them and I currently have two home equity lines of credit through them. The rates I receive are very competitive. They have several convenient branch locations,most of them being in Hannaford supermarkets which is where I shop. They also offer IRAs which I have through them. I also have a savings account with a very competitive rate. I do most of my banking and bill payment through their website. When I do use the local branch, the manager and all personnel treats me like family. I highly recommend Citizens Bank to anyone in need of a good financial institution.

Citizens Bank Is Not An Honest Bank

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Citiizens Bank can not be trusted. I had several bad experiences with them. For example, when I was opening an account there, I was told I only need to make one direct deposit to my account each month, I won't be charged service minimum amount of balance needed, But turned out they charged me $9.99 each month. They said because I did not keep $1500 balance.; For example, they told me they have a promotion of savings account on a certain interest rate. But they only gave me 3 month of that interest rate, and then nothing. And some other examples. So don't use Citizens bank. They will just trap you in.


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Dealing with Citizens is like dealing with zombie drones. We had a pipe burst and had about 40,000 worth of damage which our insurance company paid quickly. UNFORTUNATELY we were required by the bank to have them named in our insurance policy. They deposited the check into an "escrow" account, and although we have spent more than $60,000 repairing the damage, they still have only paid us about $2500 from the insurance. They had an inspector come out to view the repairs, and we provided about $60K worth of our receipts, but still no more money. Our next step will be to have our attorney contact them. AVOID DEALING WITH THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS. It's been several months since they got our insurance payment, and we've had to pay all these repairs out of our own pocket. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


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We've been fighting with them for months to get them to release the insurance settlement our insurance company paid us to repair some damage to our house where they hold the mortgage (not for long). We've sent them receipts for more than twice what the insurance company paid us and they still have not reimbursed us a cent. We're talking almost $40,000 out of our pocket to repair the damage while they hold on to the insurance check. They are NOT customer focused, bureaucratic, and completely unable to do anything but follow a script. AVOID THIS BANK LIKE THE PLAGUE. They are horrible

Incompetent And/Or Just Plain Stupid

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Worst. Bank. Ever. They selectively provide information, maliciously apply account rules, and incompetently address customer service calls. Do not under any circumstances open an account here.

I had the feeling - is it sneaky or is it negligence? No way to tell but the effect is the same, and it's the unwillingness to fix things that made me decide to leave.

Terrible Terrible Bank Or Should I Say Crooks

Iv had terrible experience all the way around eith these shysters .. from hidden fees to account trickery to horrible customer service you name it... they do not value you as a customer. ,. Its all about how much they can soak out of your accounts n get away eith it ., the final straw was I had a 300 fraudulent charge on my account (online) and called customer service and they told they couldnt freeze the acvount and I eould have to go into my local branch if I wanted anything done ..well thats were itgets worse. At the branch they discover fraudulent charge had not yet cleared so im told id have to pay 35 fee to put a stop payment on the fraud charge that I didn't make ...needless to say I gave birth to a baby bird right thrre in the bank ..they finally reversed charges n I said im done with this bank forever ..

Accounting Trickery To Increase Number Of Fees

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I wasn't able to make a deposit to prevent an overdraft because the bank closed very early before a holiday, and my account became overdrawn that evening. The bank then re-ordered the posting order of the withdrawals so that I was charged three $39 fees instead of one fee. When I went into the bank after the holiday, they said they would refund ONE of the fees, meaning that I would have to pay two fees -- even though I should have been charged just one fee. I ended up yelling at the bank manager, and I closed my account. I had been a good cu stomer for six years, but that didn't matter to them. These people REALLY don't care about their customers.

Poor Customer Service, Lack Of Ownership

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  I've been using Citizens Bank for my business for over three years now, and now am beginning to have issues. I would not recommend them to anyone going forward due to their handling of this situation.

I run a small business, my accounts are linked to QuickBooks by data extracts that Citizens Bank provides. Within the past 4 months Citizens Bank made a system change that resulted in duplicate financial entries being created. When approached with this situation they refused to acknowledge that an issue was occurring and refused to accept proof from me that their applications were causing the issue. Instead they directed me to a topic on the QuickBooks site, #5033 which basically outlines a manual process for removing duplicate transactions... Oh boy as if I haven't been doing that already for the past 4 months working around the issue created by Citizens Bank.

It's amazing that such a big bank refused to take responsibility for situations they created, and also refused to accept verifiable evidence of the issue that could have been used by their technical organization to research the concern.

Accounts Closed And Money Given To Another Person

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I am assuming a happy ending to today's mess with Citizens, but I am still in shock this happened.  

My stepson went to the bank, Endicott, NY, I believe.   He closed all of his accounts.   He had 3 or 4.   I assume they gave him the money from his accounts.   They also gave him the money from MINE.....all 4 of mine.   I would not have known this happened had I not set up to receive e-mail when the balance on one of those accounts went below a certain amount.  When I went to my account online to check on the balance just mentioned, I found all of my accounts with a CLOSURE WITHDRAWAL leaving a ZERO balance in all accounts.  I just do not understand how this could happen.   I know they are working hard to resolve the problem, but I find this very disconcerting and disappointing.  

Nickel And Diming

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i have been a loyal customer to citizens for over 12 years, and even though they've done a few things and kept adding fees, i stayed with them. they have added fee after fee and changed some features that used to be free without giving me any warning that that was going to happen. i really regret the decision to stay with them and wish that i had switched banks a very long time ago

Arrogant People And Crazy Fees

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I took a $3900 check from a Citizens Bank customer. When I tried to cash it, they wanted a $9 fee, my fingerprints, and wouldn't give me the cash for 24 hours! When I complained to the manager I was told to adhere to the bank's policy or cash the check somewhere else. IT WAS DRAWN ON THEIR BANK! Why should I have to pay a fee or cash it somewhere else. This is a horrible bank! NEVER take a check from a Citizens Bank customer.

Poor Service. Maximize The Fees

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Like several other folks posting about Citizens, I have been a loyal 30 year customer through aquisitions, etc.  Over the past several years there is less emphasis on service, and much more about any way to get a buck.  Several recent issues will force me to leave as a customer.  It's bad business to provide poor service and expect customer loyalty in a competitive marketplace.  I'm looking at ratings on this site to make an informed decision on my next bank.

Don't Value You As A Customer

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This bank looks for every opportunity to charge you additional fees. Their free checking account is misleading and their customer service department on the telephone has no interest in listening to you or expressing empathy. They don't value you as a customer. Use another bank.

RBS Citizens,National Assn

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I lost $520 in non-authorized ATM withdrawals. I spent hours trying to find out how someone accessed one of my checking accounts. We only discovered this 2 years later. I prepared many pages of my reports and questions for the bank. Their only answer was that it was too long ago to know. There are many details to know which I will not go into now. I am withdrawing $700K of cash and securities from Citizens.

Beware Bont Go To This Bank

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Dont go to this bank , I agree very high fees , they dont care if you are a customer for 30 years they have no loyalty they are all about making a buck on the customer, I have been banking with the same bank even though they changed hands four times first it was albany sabings bank, then they changed to Albank, then it was Charter one, then Citizens now RBS Citizens , I actually feel bad for RBS getting involved in citizens bank . I liked RBS they always have been helpful and understanding.   Not Citizens bank if you are 50 cents short in your account instead of giving you the 50 Cents they will charge you 37.00 ,, also $3.00 everytime you dont use their atm. forget about customer service they dont care and they dont help. after all the loyalty you give them they dont care at all. I am going to take my mortgage , my checking accounts somewhere else as soon as possible < I have had it with this bank.  I will be sure to share the information with all my friends , family and the world until they get the message . I hope no-one out there fall for banking with them god help you if you do because they will rake you over the hot coals.   


Michelle A Plew

Horrible Phone Banking, Ok In Bank Experience, Online Banking Is Simple

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This bank is good overall except their new fee structure. Also the phone tech support SUCKS. The bank representatives over the phone are constantly saying one thing when the next they say the complete opposite. I have had a premium circle account with them for almost 10 years and I am being forced to close it and open up accounts at a different bank due to the new fees, removal of the points program, etc...  Overall this bank was a 5 star bank years ago and has slowly been falling into a deep hole that they are refusing to climb out of.


If you’re looking for a bank with no hidden fees, or a “free” checking/savings account don’t look here!


Not Customer Oriented

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I have done business with Citizens for over 20 years. In the last few years they have gone from a great bank to a "bad experience". All they want to do is sell you something constantly. Really annoying to cash a check and have a teller question why the balance in your checking account is "x" dollars and would you like to "talk with someone" about opportunities to better manage your money. Translation: can we sell you something today? An annuity, savings bonds, lock up your money at low interest? The fact that I can keep that much money in a checking account would seem to indicate that I have done pretty well at managing my money over the years. I don't need the aggravation this bank causes. Ask ten people at the bank the same question and get 10 different answers. I am now a former customer. I want a bank, NOT a constant sale job.

They Sent Me A Letter 3 Days Before Stating They Were Closing My Business Account.

I have been a loyal customer with RBS for over 5 years, and they decided to terminate my account giving me 3 days notice that my account was going to be terminated.  They would not provide me with any reasoning in why the account was terminated either.

Custemer Service And Bank Policy The Worst Ever

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I read lots of reviews and see lots of businesses that are running bed, THE WORST EVER IS CITIZEN BANK, WATERBURY,CT.....

the employees are rude, BANK POLICY SUCKS, THEY ARE CHARGING $7.00 TO CASH A CHECK (THERE OWN CHECK), you belive that, they are charging you doing there job 

I Will Close My Account With Citizens.

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I total agree the previous one star review.

Here is more. Citizens Bank starts to charge $3/mo for paper statement in June. The notice, which I missed, was given in April statement under a memo section that used to be filled with their useless product ads. I was told by branch manager that you should look carefully at your statement. The bank has the right to do the same kind thing in the future. LOOK CAREFULLY AT YOUR STATEMENT.

A Decent Bank, Except For Their New Fees Lately

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I have been with Citizens' Charter One bank in the Midwest for about 10 years, and overall I must say, if your needs are low, they are a fine bank. I write a few checks per month, deposit even less, don't do online banking, and visit the walk-in branch a couple times a year. For that, COB has always seemed nicely okay. They also treat (me) well: their fees are (not great, but) tolerable, I seldom get their sales mail or calls, and their in-branch and telephone staff have always been polite, if a little in-flexible at times. In fact, if not for some recent new annoying fees (that hopefully will be short-lived), I would have given them 4 stars.

Long-Term Account Holder, Mostly Satisfied

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I have banked with RBS' Charter One Bank in IL for about ten years now, and I can say that, for the most part, they are a decent bank. Granted, my needs are few; I don't write many checks, deposit even less, do no online banking, and only visit the walk-in branch a couple times a year. So, for my needs, COB has served me nicely. They don't hound me with junk mail or sales calls, their branch staff always seems very polite, and, until recently, their fees were (not great but) tolerable. In fact, if not some new fees lately that seem rather petty (and hopefully will be short-lived), I would have given them 4 stars.

Horrible Online Banking

Worst banking experienece ever. I have several other online banks and have never had problems with any of them.  I have had my account at Citizen's about three weeks and have been on the phone with their rude, unhelpful staff at least 20 times already.  Transfers from other banks either don't work or take a week or more for your funds to show up.  I have had transfer disappear.  I was given a confirmation number that I was told was a ficticious number from a department that didn't exist.  The supervisor told me I must have called the wrong number and given my financial information to a stranger.  Unfortunatly, there are no branches in this area so I have to use online banking, but it SUCKS.

Access To Funds

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I had several accounts that transferred from Albank/CharterOne to Citizens and I was very happy with the local bank and their customer service. In 2006 I relocated to Florida and have attempted to bank remotely with limited success. Citizens bank recently established a fee structure that is not at all consumer friendly so I consolidated all my accounts under on “Money Market Savings” account. I decided to transfer the money to a local FCU who has policies that are very consumer friendly and they still pay decent interest. This is where the nightmare started about 2 months ago. Because I can not walk up to the bank and withdraw my money I have tried the following without success. Transfer initiated at Citizens to the local FCU - failed. Transfer initiated at the FCU to extract the money – failed. And the last attempt was a bank by mail which also failed. Good thing I was not in a rush for the funds. I would not recommend this bank to anyone who can not walk up to a local bank.

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