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Coastal Federal Credit Union Car Loan

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I'm a long time customer of CFCU (checking and savings). I purchased a car from an out of sate dealer. My credit score over 800 so no problems getting approval. It took them 2 full days to process the loan. Once they finally completed that process, which they actually mailed the check to the dealer. I was told it was against their policy to wire funds. Found that hard to believe since they are in the business. So another 36 hours later I'm still waiting for the check to arrive and then the dealer will be able to arrange shipment. I would not recommend to anyone that they use CFCU for an auto loan.

Very Deceptive And Misleading

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This has been several years coming, but the experience remains the same. I opened a deposit account with Coastal a number of years ago to apply for a mortgage loan. They make you open an account before you can apply to see an actual rate. You also must make a donation to any number of charities to open an account. When I opened the account, not a word was said or mentioned about monthly fees or inactivity charges. I put $100 in the account to apply for the mortgage loan, and decided to leave it there in case I wanted to apply for any other loans going forward. Little did I know that every month, a service fee or inactivity fee was being taken from the account. This bank does not do paper statements, and I never received any emails about the account activity. Within about 6-8 months, the account was drained to $0 and closed without my knowledge. I went into a branch to voice my displeasure over the experience, and was basically told tough nuts, that's the way they do business. I will never use this bank again for anything, and will continue to tell others not to use them as well.

Coastal Credit Card Veteran Ripoff

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My wife and I recently opened a Coastal Credit union CC and while we sat in the guys office who worked on this with us I asked him several times if there were any fees? His reply NO None! Low and behold we get our first statement and there is a $445.72 fee for transfer service after this fellow told us several times there were no fees. He had excuses for the printer so we didn't actually get to see the paperwork at the time we were getting it done for this card. I have at least 5 times the amount on this card in the bank and would not have done the stupidity of getting this card if I knew I had a large fee to do so. This Company is a lying piece of work and we are in the process of leaving due to the blatant work to steal our money. On the street I would have been able to defend myself but these companies that get away with legal theft are unbelievable ALL I CAN SAY IS ONE STAR IS TOO MUCH FOR CCFU.

Terrible CU

Have been a member for many year but stopped actively using the account in 2016, it’s now 2022. I stopped using it because they were never the best rates when purchasing anything. Always found better at other locations. Then this year I get a call saying I was over drafted on my checking and was asked how I was gonna pay. Again haven’t used the account since 2016. They stated that Christmas Eve $500 from a synchrony account processed through over drafting the account that I hadn’t used nor did I have an active synchrony account.

I had to do much research and place lots of calls to determine, somehow my ex, who is no longer on the account had her synchrony account draft from my checking 6 months ago. Coastal Federal collection agent “Brian” saw no issue with this since she was once (6 year ago) on the account and had the account number. SMH

Do NOT Use This Sorry Excuse For A Bank

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This bank screwed my credit score due to a clerical error when I always paid on time. When confronted about it they apologized and told me that it would cost to adjust the information and wanted me to pay it. When I refused to pay for their mistake they refused as well.
Before that infuriating problem, they cancelled my auto pay without my knowledge. They did fix the records but I was not allowed to resume my auto pay option
Truly there is a place in he'll for all that work for this den of thieves. USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!

Coastal Credit Union - Nuts and Bolts.

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My husband and I switched to Coastal Credit Union a couple of months ago. We did this for the better rates, for the small nature of the bank, and for the 7am - 7pm teller services offered. We also did it because a new location will be opening in our town for this particular bank. The transition has been disappointing to say the least. Only after switching did we learn that they cannot handle joint accounts properly - Instead, they made my husband the account owner with the sole login ability while I feel like a little girl accessing her daddy's bank account. Sure, I have my own debit card, but I don't even know if I could write a check without it being denied. In addition to this, they did not make it clear what numbers we would need to use to set up EFTs, so we were pounded with all kinds of bounced check fees when paying our bills during the first month. I am hoping that when the new physical location opens that I will receive much better service. As it is right now, deposited checks are processed more slowly than at our previous bank, and there is just an air of uncertainty with every financial transaction that we make.

A Rocky Start, but Very Optimistic

My husband and I chose to try Coastal Credit Union after a lot of research and reviews from friends and family. Unfortunately, we had to pay $25 to join an organization that we don't particularly support in order to qualify to join Coastal, as we didn't already belong to any of the organizations that automatically qualify. We were also disappointed to learn that with joint accounts, there must be one primary account person - separate and secondary logins are not available, so I often have to do business as my husband. Aside from the rocky start however, service has been wonderful and you can't argue with the hours of teller availability (7am to 7pm every day!).

CFCU provides banking the way I need it

I have been a member of Coastal Federal Credit union for several months. So far, the experience has been amazing. Setting up the account was easy, as I was able to do it online. There customer service team was very responsive in answering questions that I had and was able to quickly get my accounts activated. This is not a bank in the traditional sense I was used to. The tellers, including the drive-through, are mainly accessed electronically through kiosks. I initially thought this would be awkward, but it was a very seamless experience. The feature I have enjoyed the most has been their mobile banking app. In addition to easy mobile account access, I am able to scan and deposit checks using their mobile deposit feature. This has saved me many trips to the bank. Their automated bill-pay feature is also nice as I can schedule my bills for the month and not have to remember to manually pay each one. This has saved me the headache of missed payments and late fees. Try out CFCU if you are eligible, you will not be disappointed.

Coastal Federal Credit Union is great

I really like Coastal Federal Credit Union. They have pretty good interest rates for checking and savings accounts, but the main reason why I like them is because the customer service is great. I also like that even though I live in a different state, they are connected to other partner credit unions so I can go to one in my area if I need something like a cashier's check or anything like that, or I can even do regular banking transactions such as withdrawing or depositing money into savings or checking at one of these pretty much the same as if I were at my home branch. I got my first debit (and credit) card at this bank when I was 16 years old and I was able to get set up with a very low limit and get started with personal banking with a checking and a savings account before many of my friends who didn't bank there were able to. Lastly as far as my personal bank accounts go, I like that they have a wonderful fraud detection system and as soon as there is even a hint of fraud on the account they are on top of things and notify me and take any other precautions to make sure that my accounts are safe.

Get that local bank feel with Coastal Federal Credit Union

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I opened an account with Coastal Federal Credit Union just over a year ago after having a few bad experiences with customer service at Wells Fargo. I have been very pleased with the switch. Although their web banking is a little behind in the times, their in-bank service is exceptional. Every time I go into my branch, the manager who opened my account greets me by name. That's impressive. I also feel welcome and the staff is super friendly. The fees are reasonable and they help me set up my daughter with a student checking account and a private loan when she went off to college. Although she has to pay a monthly fee because her balance is usually low, we're very happy with our banking experience. I would highly recommend CFCU to anyone who's tired of the big banks.

Love It! Great Credit Union!

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Zero things wrong with this place, love everything about it. Can't find anything negative about this credit union. Proud to bank with them! I'll tell anyone and everyone to trust their money with Coastal. Great people, great customer service. Very happy with them!

Coastal Federal Credit Union Unable To Give Balance, Stopped Home Purchase

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Coastal Federal Credit Union has an inside problem, looks to be more than a coincidence. This is not the first time this has happened. They held up a routine external transfer in for a day last week from another financial institution. I was trying to make a home purchase today and need the funds in one account. Today the systems are down online and in the service center and branches. They won't even give me my balance. I'm transferring out about $30,000--don't chance it. I can't make my purchase. The last time I sent a wire request, they said they never got it (have confirmation). Hard to believe this can go on.

Coastal Federal Credit Union

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I opened my CFCU account on April Fools Day 2014, after visiting a competitive large national bank that was within walking distance of my university the only people was that this bank wanted me to have a much higher minimum deposit and after a 90 day grace period would have started charging a fee to hold on to my money.

I choose coastal because while they are slightly further away I have a much better banking experience. My university is a member of the bank so my share price is only $5, but the benefits only get better. One of my favorite benefits is called 7/7/7 which means 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm the vestibule of every bank location in NC, SC, and VA open.(This is a small but growing, regional credit union) Not the entire bank but enough that with a swipe of your debit card, which recognizes you as a member, you can enter the Credit Union and use the ATM to make a withdrawal or deposit a check or simply use the Coinstar. Coastal make you feel like they are at your service.

One thing about the teller machines that is truly unique is that they are video tellers, there are not as many physical people at the branches but that change means that I can talk to a real person who can walk me through depositing a check, making a bank inquiry or opening an account. I had my checking and savings accounts opened, funded and even made my first coinstar deposit all within 15 minutes.

Their customer service is also stellar. I have forgotten my security question and been locked out of my bank accounts 3 times and every time I call Coastal I am greeted with friendly, patient professionals who do not charge me for their assistance.

The only thing I cannot give any review on is the mobile banking experience as my cellphone is not a smartphone but if the mobile experiences is anything like the rest of the portfolio of services then I have no doubt that it will be amazing. I am a very happy customer.

Sweet Rates, Weak Customer Service

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*debit card is free, in fact u can get interest on your checking if you have enough debit card transactions.

*Low interest rates on loans n stuff.


*Lousy customer service. If u can't fix it yourself using the internet, then they don't want you!

*Why do they have branches? They don't want you to come in.

*Applied for a housing loan (approved). But then sent some emails asking for advice, recommendations (clueless first time buyer) and received automated replies. The loan officer was not a human being- it was a computer with a lot of spam.

*If anybody writes u a personal check they will take FOREVER to clear it.

*Changed my address by going to CFCU branch in person and... it still was not fixed- I didn't get my new debit card. Oh- and this is the 2nd time this happened.

Well I sent email since going to the branch didn't work... maybe now I will get my debit card?... let's see... I'm not holding my breath...

For a good time call 1-800-WTF-CFCU.

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