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Horrible Rates And Almost Deceitful

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I have been with CA for over 40 years. For the last 10 years they have litterly cheated their account holders with poor rates. Right now, they are providing less than 1/3 the rate that other savings instutions are paying, 1% on a 12 month CD versus other banking rates of over 3%. Sure they offer Profit Sharing, but if you do the math, it pays about 1/3 profitt sharing amount that could have been earned with a competitive rate. Also after continued complaints, Community America refuses to show maturity dates for cd accounts on the web page. A convient way to get people to mis renewals at below average bank rates. YOU SHOULD SHOULD HAVE TRUST IN THE PEOPLE THAT ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT YOU INTEREST. I HAVE LOST MINE WITH COMMUNITY AMERICA CREDIT UNION.
Today I had several CD's come due. I had to switch to 9 month because that was what they chose for their higher rate. Now at renewal, they changed the higher rate to a 11 month CD. IT really seems that they change the term just enough on their higher rate offer to keep customers from being able to just let a CD role over at the highest rate. IT's as though they try to trick people into just letteing it role over at lower rate because they feel people won't bother changing it for a small amount. 9 month, 11 month, 13 month for their special rates but never 6, 12 or 18 month and never twice in a row. CROOKS not there for the customer. Don't get me going on the PROFIT SHARING the advertise. YOU loose tons of interest all year on your investment just to get a small portion at the end of the year, they made money on by holding it all year.

That's Sad!!!

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I thought this was a sick joke. I went to the Community America Credit Union Bank branches in Kansas City (Liberty, Antioch, and North Oak) to get a letter of verification that stated my account number, the date I opened the account and my current balance. I was told to come back the next day in Liberty. The next day, no one was able to do it because they’re waiting for some kind of confirmation. When I went to the other branches, I learned that process like that could take weeks. I am taking care of a project with a deadline that requires the verification.
My wife banks with Mazuma and U.S Bank; meanwhile she walked in those banks and walked out in less than half an hour with her account verification. I am not sure if Community America Credit Union is playing some kind of sick joke. This is ridiculous. I am very frustrated. Many companies, as soon as they start getting some big endorsement (NFL quarterback), start mistreating their customers. I was very disappointed. I will take my service elsewhere for sure…

Closing Our Accounts

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Let me start this off by saying I’ve been a member of this bank for almost 11 years now. The past year I have had nothing but issues with them. It’s almost impossible to even get your address changed or a new debit card activated correctly. The new system has also came with a flood of new issues. Long story short, my husband and I will be closing our accounts and going with another bank.

Crap Service

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So my wife and I just had our vehicle towed due to being 2 payments behind (Which we didn't know about) On the app it always showed our account as current. Anyways we called the tow yard and now we are being charged almost 600 dollars just to be able to get our car back and waste gas just to drive it over an hour back home. They are trying to say they tried to call but neither of us have any voicemail, emails, or texts from them informing of any past due payments. I would give a zero star if I could. And this is all after paying our bill last week when it was due. So there was no reason to tow it at all. Very poor company if they do things like this and screw their customers over. They said they will cover 225 dollars of it. But if they did their job properly and if their app worked like it was supposed to we wouldn't be stuck with this bill at all. Even the banks repo dept. customer service lady even said that the app shouldn't have let us make our payment last week and tell us to call and make a payment but never did and that it didn't work properly.

Do Not Trust The Employees Know What They Are Doing!

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Everyone needs to protect their family from Community America Credit Union! Do not trust that you are filling out the correct paperwork for what you are needing to have done. Make sure that you get as many employees as possible at the bank to review before you leave. My dad and I were there for 4 hours trying to get this taken care of, and then to find out that she didn't know what she was doing and what paperwork needed to be filled out.
When my dad knew he wasn't going to be here much longer, we went to the N Oak and 152 branch to have Power of Attorney and ADD ME AS JOINT ON HIS ACCOUNTS, not just as POA. He did not want anything to go through Probate, he didn't want me and my sister to have to go this. After alerting them that my dad passed away and taking them a copy of the Death Certificate, paying for the funeral from his account, making deposits for items sold from his house, multiple transactions, they are now telling me today that they cannot give me any information on the accounts. I cannot make any deposits or any additional transactions. Athena did not do all the paperwork when we were there on July 3rd, therefore, I have to go through Probate. When I brought in the Death Certificate, no one gave me any of this information. The manager just kept telling me today that she can't do anything about it, she wasn't here when my dad made these requests. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions and Managers need to make sure that their employees are trained. How can we trust a bank that had told me that me and my dad filled out all the necessary paperwork and there are no worries, and now to find out that Athena and the other person, who gave me a Debit Card after my dad passed away, knew what they were doing? We cannot trust that they know what they are doing. Please beware!

Worst Banking Experience I Have EVER Had!!!

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Ever since I spoke to the first loan officer or account manger at the Warrensburg Missouri location it has been one issue after another. I was referred to this location and thought since I was in the market for a new auto loan I would give it a shot since I had heard good things about their rates. This bank has neglected to notify me of changes until the last minute and couldn't even take a payment for my loan unless I start using their bank for checking. From the beginning the rate I was given via email and the rate that was on my paperwork was completely different along with my credit report. The number on my paperwork and the number I was given when calling in for the report directly per the instructions of the bank and their paperwork was completely different. If I could have backed out of the loan without going any further, I would have but they told me it was to late at this point to do so and I would have to refinance.
Keep in mind that the misinformation and constant changing of the information they provided started to make me nervous and would have preferred to move my business on down the road. They could not setup a ACH withdrawal from my checking account with another bank or take a payment from my debit without a $15 charge. I had to finally have it routed through my payroll so I can transfer the money to my loan. This being done after all my other payment options were exhausted. To keep myself on track to get everything setup with my employment to transfer the money to my loan, I mailed a check with the first statement and a note to apply to the first installment. THEY APPLIED IT TO THE PRINCIPLE after specific instructions were given. This is the worst banking experience I have ever had out of the last 20 years and I will not be referring anyone and will refinance myself with another bank as soon as I can without it effecting my credit. Good luck to anyone choosing this financial institution in the near future and I hope your experiences are better than mine.

My CACU Experance

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CACU (Community America Credit Union) is a Kansas City based credit union that focus on convenience and customer service. I have savings, checking and have had a auto loan in the past. The fees are clear and they don't seem to nickle and dime me like my old bank. Now that my kids have accounts, the technology allow me to manage transfer and bill pay with all account connected. The bill pay service is fast and effective. I have all my month bills loaded and once my pay check is auto deposited, the bill pay allow me to select and schedule my bills for payment all in one place. I like that fact that they will notify me via text when the bills received and when there is a large withdraw. It give me piece of mind! The one draw back is finding affiliated ATM when I travel. If they are not affiliated, the fees form the host ATM can get excessive.

Security For Online Banking

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Went into credit union this past week to set up a new account. While there the "Specialist" set up my online banking. I entered a user name and password through her key board and assumed that it was for my account. The next day I went to the online banking site, entered my user name and password that was set up and I immediately entered another bank's client account with full access. I called the help line and after 2 days my user name and password was reset, and I had access to my account. I am not very comfortable with the security!!

Lost Credit Cards And Out Of Town Business And Being An American Citizen.

As a long time member of CACU I was shocked by how little upper management at CACU in Lenexa cared about my account.
As an American I am free to travel the USA without restrictions. PERIOD
While traveling I lost my credit cards! The customer representatives answering the phones were very helpful and upbeat. However when I went to upper management for advanced help. I got a STONEWALL effect. NON helpful. Not understanding that a business traveler may not have full access to their accounts. Not understanding theft. NOT having computer access / losing corrective lenses / was a very big deal.
I was kept on hold running up huge telephone bills. I NOT told about or helped with OVER DRAFT FEES they just keep charging them against the business traveler.

It was a total disrespect of my goals and business
I don't know if they hate women or out of state business or are just callous at the top. But I am moving the bulk of my business away from my oldest bank.
the last month Permanently damaged how I view CACU.

Horrible Loan Service!!! (There Is 1 Star Only Because I Had To Select One)

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This is a horrible organization for a loan. I got a car loan from them and they and the dealer failed to inform me that with accepting a loan from them I was also opening up a savings account. Fast forward a few years, and the car is paid off with any overages I paid having been placed into this savings account, of which I knew nothing. Until a receive a statement informing me that I've gone under my minimum balance and that I've had $5 charges deducted from my account balance over the last 2 months. I called to have the situation resolved and the account closed with the overage amount sent to me. Of course they take no responsibility and say that they cannot reimburse me the amount they've already taken and then when I receive the check, another $5 has been taken out! Despite none of the customer service agents informing me of the additional charges at the time of my call.


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