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Required Savings Acct To Open A CD Acct

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If you don't qualify to be their credit union member, either through the place of residence, job, or school, you can give a mere $5 "donation" to become one, which will open up a savings account for you that is required to open a CD account. What they don't tell you at the time of opening a CD account is the $5 savings account will start incurring a $5 monthly maintenance fee if the account is inactive over time. This may or may not be waived if you have another account with them, but I don't know at this point because when I click the info to read more about it, it leads me to what seems like another landing page.

This bank might be a great bank for their union members, but I don't think it's for me, an outsider.

Connexus Issue

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I sent a signed IRA transfer request form to Connexus and left $100 in the IRA account to keep it open. They transferred all my IRA funds and closed the account. Afterwards, they sent me an IRA transfer form that they had filled out with different numbers, they checked the box to close the account and no signature was on the form they emailed me. I received a copy of this "newly revised" form a week after the funds were transferred. Has anyone else had this happen to them at any institution?

Warnings About Connexus Before You Use Them

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WARNINGS about Connexus: Read them before you go with them.
(1) Any CD penalty for early withdrawal CAN eat into the principal.
(2) You cannot ACH from their end, it must be initiated from the other bank's end.
(3) They will sit and ignore your request if it's in their interest to do so (and then complete it wrong in the end anyway). Wanted to move some IRA money from them to another institution. Once the FAX arrived from the other bank with the request, I was told they need 3-5 days to process it. However 9 days afterwards they still hadn't done anything so I had to call and get them to do their job. Otherwise it would've just sat there forever. Not only that, but the request was done wrong. On the request form, the "Completely Close" box was NOT checked. Instead, the "Keep Open but Send this amount" box was checked. Didn't matter. The guy who finally did it simply closed the account completely and sent everything to the other bank. Sent me the receipt only AFTER doing it wrong, once it was too late to stop it.
(4) Closing a CD (especially early) is a huge pain, and requires CSR #1 to transfer you to CSR Dept #2, who then needs to request it from Dept #3, who then needs to send you forms to sign, etc. A lot more hoops and hassle than other places.
(5) Phone CSRs will not be able to help you with anything other than generic stuff. If you need help with an IRA or HSA, it can sometimes be impossible to get ahold of the right department, and waiting for a "call back" that may never come, is the only option. Keep trying.

Sometimes Connexus has okay CD specials, but usually not the very best.

Their HSA Savings rates usually are the best for liquid HSA accounts (2% for over 15k currently), but note that if you don't need your HSA funds liquid, you can earn more money elsewhere with your HSA funds (Interior FCU, open to all, lets you open HSA CDs at their current CD rates -- currently 4.39% for a 2yr HSA CD -- with no fee. Or, if you want investments, Fidelity will let you invest your HSA funds in stocks/bonds, etc).

Basically, I'd only recommend them if they had a spectacular CD deal, or if you need your HSA money liquid and available. A lot of things are a real hassle with them.

NH Or No NH>

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Listed under "Best Rates" filtered by state" New Hampshire, Connexus is top interest CD. HOWEVER, when going to BANK LOCATIONS, no New Hampshire location is listed. So if Connexus does not have a branch in NH; they should be removed from all New Hampshire filtering.

Poor Procedure For Beneficiaries At Connexus

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Difficult to set up beneficiaries, and near impossible to confirm accuracy. Beneficiaries can't be set up online, or checked online, must fill out forms. No more CD's for me at Connexus.

Jason/ Joe Financial Preditors

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So I financed a camper through this group. The plumbing water sewer black and gray tank fell to the ground 30 days after purchase. It was being “ fixed “ for almost 5 months the dealer assured me I would be provided an extension for this time. Joe in collections would not budge he sent me info for Jason. I called Jason over a hundred times over the year of 2022 he never responded or answered my calls. Then 13 months later he sends me a real smart but message saying you got repossessed today and I want to be perfectly clear with you. We will not remove one penny from what you owe or make one adjustment! This guy went out of his way to contact me today with joe laughing to tell me that I had been repoed and to not expect them to come off a single penny and that i was actually still going to be charged 150$/ day per diem

Like I said the unprofessional Jason I would like to provide full name but I don’t want this to get removed I called over 100 times left probably 50 voicemails and emails for him to call me so we could get it taking care of I was told he is the decision maker

It took 13 months for Jason to contact me and when he did he was trying to rub in my face that my camper had been repossessed with Joe snickering in the back ground
He said Joe Joe much are we still charging him per day close to $150 a day with per deim I’ve got the call recorded and will be taking it to my attorney

Stay away from Connexus a bunch of crooks

Joe was not anymore helpful he replied 2-3 times over the year but he was not willing to offer any deferment or anything at all he just said bank policy is 1 month only over the entire loan what a joke of a bank and this took place during Covid


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I wanted to invest 100000.00 in one of there cds, said i had to join their credit union for 5.00 and open a savings account to open the cd. I am retired and trying to move money from saving account to profitable cds. Should be simple you would think. I chatted with several people to ask about status of my membership. got disconnected each time. I have a credit score of 842, no balances open but show i do have credit cards, house paid off for 15 years, paid cash for car. They declined me thru a letter. Unbelievable, I was giving them money. I was even thinking of putting another 150000.00 in another cd, They really do not know how to treat people, again i was giving them money.

Great Experience

Since interest rates had more than doubled since I opened my 2.2% CD's, I requested an early termination and knew I would be charged a 3 month early withdrawal penalty. Instead, Connexus offered me a 4.85% rate and they waived the early withdrawal penalty. Unbelievable! Yes, I took that deal.

Minor Irritations Jan. 2024

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Today received in the mail notification that my money market account is closed "for inactivity" and my low balance confiscated. Also it seems that opening a new CD by existing members now requires a hard pull credit check which would be insane.

Connects Credit Union Misappropriated Loan Payments

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Connects union misapplied two of my loan payment over 5k in payments to another individuals account ( they claimed but will not show us where the funds went). Connects stated that I was one number off on the loan number that I wrote my checks for. The checks had my full name, address phone number vin number of my purchase and loan account number . Connexus states that the member would have to agree to give back the 5k payments. Connexus had a rude man claiming to be connexus counsel call me to offer me $1300 for their mistake. I told connexus that this was illegal and fraud to apply my payments and credit my account. When I told the supposed counsel for connexus credit union that I was recording the conversation and that he could be disbarred and lose his license for fraud and other he yelled and screamed and hung up. Connexus is being investigated . If you have any problems with connexus you need to file a complaint with the Wisconsin financial bureau they will investigate your complaint and take action. They regulate connexus and other state credit bureaus. Stand up to connexus for their scams and misappropriation of funds and loan payments. Everyone should have their accounts audited to check where your fund are and if payments are being applied properly. Do not allow connexus to take advantage of you file a complaint with the Wisconsin financial bureau

Dividends Paid Quarterly

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Thought I'd point out that there's one glitch for savers who use monthly dividend disbursements to pay bill's, etc. It's that the Connexus 5 year CD pays out the dividends quarterly, not monthly. Confirmed by two CSRs. Obviously, not a problem for those who are compounding the interest through the whole term though.

Go Somewhere Else!!!!!!!

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Take your business somewhere else this poor excuse for a credit union is a bad joke. I bought a boat roughly a year ago through a different lender. Connexus bought my loan which I wasn't happy about but, it's just a monthly payment why would I care who I pay it to? Never dreamed making a payment would such a pain in the ass and expensive. You can set up your customer portal so you can pay online. It never works and when it does their is a few. So you don't want your payment to be late so you call and make a payment which has a fee...that's hire than paying on line!!! I wouldn't fix the portal issues either making twice the amount off of phone payments.

So I traded that boat in at a dealership on a newer boat (financed with RTC lending) already made my first payment happy as can be...still waiting on my lien release from Connexus on the first boat!!!!!!

Connexus if your customer service is this poor you shouldn't be in business.

Very Unfair Credit Union!

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On November 1, 2021, I received a call from Connexus Credit Union. I have a loan with this Credit Union. The Customer Service Representive informed me that I missed the June Payment and that I am behind 45 days and owe them $626.00. I had no idea that I had missed a June payment. Since 2013, I have not missed and payment with any of my bills. Connexus Credit Union has never reported me late, I have never received a phone call, email, nothing to indicate that I had missed a payment. When I asked them why I was not notified, the Customer Service Representive stated that when I paid the next month payment, they would apply it to the last month payment. The Customer Service Repesentive did not even alert me that they were going to report this to the Credit Bureau! So, I paid the entire $626.00 as fast as I could. Within days credit bureaus TransUnion went down 89 points, Equifax 89 points, and Experian down 60 points. Here is my problem: I am in the process of building a home, in about a month and a half, the lender with run my credit and there may be a chance I will not get financing on my new home, or the interest rate will be too high. I am looking to lose my Deposit and the new home. This is not fair because I had no Idea, that I missed the June payment! If they would have just informed me I would have paid this error! I worked very, very hard to pay all of my bills on time (8 years straight with no late payments) and this one payment will financially take away all of my work and maybe my newdream. My credit report was over 720 and that I have not missed no payments with any of my bills. I looked on my statement with Connexus CU and there was no alerts that I have missed a payment. Gunny USMC

Terrible Company

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I would stay away from this credit union. Customer service is rude and talks condescending. I open a account with no problems. I maintained account and then applied to open a loan. Loan was conditionally approved. They asked for documents and said I would receive call on why I have no mortgage or rent( house was willed to me). I never received the call and never received acknowledgement that documents was received. I sent in do, w2, and paystubs as asked. When rep called me she was very rude and said we are just not going to approve it. That’s was fine but then all my accounts were closed and my funds were withdrawn. No explanation or reason. Seems like same problem I had with other credit union, soon as they see a person of color on the drivers license they start to find magical reasons why the account should be closed. I still have not received funds or reason why my account was closed.

Some Good Rates, Watch Out For Unusual Account Rules

Banks are mostly standardized, but each credit union has its own specific account rules. As can be seen by other posters, Connexus has some unusual rules that can be costly if not known. For example, their money market only allows 4 schedule D transactions per month. Another Connexus rule is that ach transfer dollar amounts are limited for both incoming and outgoing ach's -- including new Connexus account funding ach transfers initiated at an external institution. It takes significant time to find all the rules as they are frequently not in Connexus documents or known by CS reps.

Better Savings Interest Rates And Friendly Service

I chose Connexus because of it offers higher interest rates on savings accounts compared with others. Connexus has also given me friendly and helpful service. It took me a while to make a connection with someone in the IRA section, but once I contacted Cathy, she was friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure working with her. I'm happy that I found Connexus.

$100/Mo Max ACH In & Out!

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After going through all the trouble of setting up a MMF account which requires a checking account too, they only set me invest exactly $1000, then told me to PAY to WIRE more money in if I wanted so put more in my account. I'm not paying to put money in a bank. Ridiculous. Now seeing what a hassle it will be to close these useless accounts.

Beware The Wording

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Connexus refers to ACTIVE CHECKING but that really means a REWARDS checking account requiring hoops such as 10 debit transactions.

Good rates, but could do a better job of clarifying these requirements.

Horrible Customer Service Cost Me $15K

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I had multiple small issues with Connexus in the past such as not wanting to apply additional funds toward principal etc. However that is nothing compared to the crap they have pulled the last 3 months. In December of last year I paid off my auto loan with them and asked they expedite the title so I could sell the vehicle. A week after I paid the loan off they still deducted the payment amount from my bank account. It is now the end of February and I still havent received the title causing the buyer to back out. When I paid the vehicle off I was told that it would take up to 20 business days to process however they stated they would "expedite" which is 10 days, 2 weeks later I called to confirm it was good to go and was told "No, the other rep didnt request a expedite however I will", another 2 weeks goes by and I still havent heard from them so I called again and was told "We can not expedite the process but the title will be released within the week" (we were now at the 20 days) 2 weeks later I called and was told it had not been processed, I asked to speak to a supervisor, which I was able to do 2 days later as they cant make calls out; only to be told that "they made a mistake and they hadn't released the title yet but since it was done electronically they would do it that day" they did tell me they would look into it to ensure it doesnt happen again. I called DMV 3 weeks after I was told by DMV they still havent received anything from the lender. So over 2 months after the loan was paid in full I still have yet to recieve my title, have no explanation as to why I was told so many different things and now I am out of pocket $15k and still have a vehicle in CA when we have since moved to NC as the buyer thought I was trying to pull something shady.

IRA Closure Fee

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Beware of Connexus Credit Union who charges a $30 "closure fee" on each matured IRA certificate. For many years I have been doing business with several other credit unions and banks and never been charged a fee to transfer/roll or receive my IRA money at maturity. I'm a senior citizen and with interest rates to all time lows this is a disgrace! I will never do business with Connexus Credit Union again!

IRA Transfer

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Great experience with doing business with Connexus.
Kristi Starzinski, the representative who was helping me out with the IRA transfer was very knowledgeable, efficient, reliable and doing her best in offering me best possible terms. Thank you for the great work!

5 Year CD Opened

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Opened a 5 year CD thirteen days ago at 3.35% APY and everything went fairly well. Process was more hoops to jump through than I was used to, not a problem to get the highest rates out there.

Poor Opening

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Tried to open a large CD and they just collect the info and then way too many days to hear from CS.
I do lots of CD's at various banks and credit unions. Connexus uses the worst website vender in the country. It took me many months to accomplish being able enter my website account and download my quarterly statement. They apparently expect customers to remodel their computers and PC settings to be able to see or download a statement. The website is confusing, out of date, and not user friendly. I also ran into one other credit union that uses the same bargain basement website vender and the same unworkable nonsense occurred. If your website security and user friendliness is important you need to reconsider doing business with Connexus. No one working at Connexus has any answers for how to correct the problems so be aware. The two stars I give is because their rates are fairly competitive.

New Cd 60Mo At 3.4% Apy.

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Can i open new cd 60 mo 3.4% by regular mail? Reply email to. [email protected]

Impossible To Answer Barrier To Joining

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Requires Date License Issued to join. Drivers Licenses in my state do not list that information. I cannot recall date issued which was more than a decade ago and not important enough to remember for rest of my life. Called to ask about that and the projected waiting time went from 2-4 minutes to more than 7 minutes while waiting; which most everywhere means half an hour or more wasted. Pass..

Worst Customer Service

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do not ever accept a loan from connexus
worst experience ever
Do not waste your time

Incompetant And Dangerous Around Taxes

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I contributed for tax year 2017 in march 2018. they told me to specify 2017 with a form, which I did. then they filed it for 2018, leaving me exposed to taxes, penalties and interest. I contacted them to get it corrected and they refused. whatever they pay you in interest - it isn't worth it. avoid like plague.

Devious. Deceptive.

Connexus is a two bit credit union that opened an account without my authorization so be careful if you deal with aqua finance because even though the terms are not agreed to in the contract they will assign the account to this 2 bit credit union, who will then open accounts that you never authorized ....and in today’s digital age that could be a real problem for you.

Great Experience Opening Cds

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Once again I was very impressed by the customer service I received opening CDs at Connexus. I called to verify the new rates and to ask some related questions. Jerri who answered the call jumped in and took over from end to end for my 10 CDs. She gave me her direct number, put me at ease in terms of access of support and called me back several times along the way to answered my questions . She was extremely patient and knowledgeable, worked through every little detail with me such as using beneficiaries to double the NCAU's max coverage, and eSign with authentication questions. As a fan of this site (and have CDs with many CU's) this is the second time I feel compelled to share positive review of Connexus, Hope this is helpful for others.

Great Customer Service

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I opened a jumbo CD online, and I was called by Sue at KS, who finished the process for me. The web opening is straightforward, except that it doesn't really open the CD. I chose the maturity while opening it, but I had to give that info to Sue, and she opened it. So, the web could be better.

But Sue was fantastic. She gave me her number for any questions I might have, and she helped me open another CD over the phone, which was great because the rates dropped by .5% a couple of days later.

Better Than All The Rest, Competitive Rates & Benchmark Customer Service

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I just moved funds into one of their IRA CD Accounts at a great rate; it was the easiest IRA rollover I’ve ever completed. The customer support received was outstanding. I was impressed with their professionalism, business ethics and patience with the unforeseen funding delay. Thank you to Cathy in Specialty Accounts and other co-workers who assisted in setting up the required Membership Share Account.

No More Paper Statements At Connexus

if you want to check your acct online. In order to check your acct online, they are now forcing you to forego any paper statements. I find this outrageous given ransomeware attacks, computer glitches, etc.

I Will Keep This Account

I love this CU. At this time, i only hope that the rewards account rate will go up. Opening was nice and painless

Good CD Rates And Customer Service

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Very competitive (often leading) CD rates, financially sound (i.e. good balance sheet), policies and fees on ACH and wire transfers comparable to like size institutions, and excellent customer service. My experience has been limited to savings accounts, opening/closing CD's and trust accounts.

Watch Out! Actual CD Yields Missleading

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While the CD rates look attractive, there are some big downsides here. Funds into and out of CDs get charged a $20 fee both ways or you have the choice of paper checks by snail mail or an ACH transfer policy akin to many South American countries monetary policies (money can come in, but not out) - unlimited ACH's in but only 5k a day and 25k a month out (and through an addtional separate account).

Don't Hesitate To Open An Account Here!

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This was the first time we opened an account outside of a bank/cu we could walk into. We were reluctant to try it after reading a few of the reviews but when we talked to Jerri Laswell at the Cincinnati branch (513-381-3869) we were at ease. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions and giving us information we didn't think to ask about.
We've opened several accounts now with Connexus Credit Union and after 6+months and we couldn't be more pleased. Great customer service! Thank you Jerri!


After 6+ years as a loyal customer, I was APPALLED by the way I was treated by customer service. I was told they would not even be willing to research an ERROR THEY MADE to my account because it was older than 90 days. I was then told if I wanted them to look into it further, I would incur a RESEARCH FEE. This bank is a joke. They lured me into this checking account with an interest rate that has steadily dropped over the past few years. The terms for ATM fee reimbursement are complex and designed to screw you over when you come up short at the end of the month. EXTREMELY LIMITED NO-FEE ATMS AND BRANCHES. The online banking system is pathetic, constant updates and down time, all for a product that is inferior to other leading banks. I could not be more dissappointed with the way this bank has treated me. I will be moving to a bank that ACTS WITH INTEGRITY.

Confusing Account Opening Process - Unnecessarily Cumbersome - No Shared Branching

Competitive rates but an unnecessarily confusing process to open remotely. Customer service agent did not adequately answer questions in email and had to ask for clarification several times. Responses seemed robotic and boiler plate without much attention to what was actually being asked. If it weren't for significantly higher rates I would have stopped mid-process and went with another institution.

Online Banking

I like online banking; it saves me time not having to run to a bank and it's easy to pay bills and transfer money. What I don't like and have a problem with is that it takes for every to clear changes I made using my card and any refunds that about a week to credit back. I have tried calling, but there is never anyone to take to and online chat is always down or take about 30 mins. to connect. The last online chat I had was about a refund that was not post to my account the store refund the money about 6 days ago and it stills is not post in system to my account, they have the money back but there accounting system is slow. Am going to go back a bank down the street from and do my banking online with them, so when I have a problem I can walk in to the bank and talk to someone in person.

Below Standard Customer Service

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I recently signed a family member up for an account to which I am to be power of attorney. The sign up process and banking experience with Connexus Credit Union was simple up until I needed customer service.

They seem to be very informal, almost as if they still operate as a local, mom and pop, credit union. The people are friendly and patient, but they all seem clueless as to how to handle things.

In order to add myself as POA, I needed to submit notarized paperwork. Unfortunately they sent me the incorrect paperwork which I had notarized and submitted. They are sending me new forms, but will not reimburse me for the cost of the notarization for the first set of forms. So they wasted my time and money. I'll be complaining to the BBB about this.

Although the issue above is unusual, even getting checks sent out was a disaster. The online registration form asks if you'd like checks sent out for your new account. I clicked yes, but had to call and inquire about their status. I was told I never ordered them and had to do so on the phone. This delayed my ability to change my direct deposit by a two months.

In addition, phone reps seem to tell you different things. I would recommend if you sign up to do everything via email through their web site.

Competive Rates, Bad Customer Service

I have been with Connexus Credit Union for several years with no issues, but very little interaction. Thus, I have been content with the company overall. However, I recently went through a move and did my mortgage through the credit union.

As expected with any move, we had plenty of things on our plate and did not think to submit a form to Connexus letting them know our address was changing. Mind you, they were well aware of our new address as they owned our new home loan, and we had given the mortgage department our new address multiple times. Nonetheless, apparently buying a home through the credit union is not enough proof to have your address updated in their system. Instead, my wife and I were rudely surprised when our debit cards stopped working just days before Christmas with no reason to believe they shouldn't be. Instead of giving us a call or sending an email, Connexus just locked our account and sent us a physical letter letting us know that they attempted to send us mail and it was returned to them. Not only that, but for each letter of returned mail, they charged us $9.95.
Immediately upon receiving the letter two days before Christmas, I sent back the address change form and called customer service.

I proceeded to explain that we had only just moved into our house a few days earlier and had no idea that Connexus had a specific form that needed to be filled out. We obviously updated our address with the Post Office and set up mail forwarding, but somehow mail had still gotten returned to Connexus. The customer service representative proceeded to inform me that they could not revoke the fees because of the level of inconvenience the returned mail was to them and she also could not unlock our checking account until they received the physical form stating we were changing our address. Despite the fact that I was on the phone, had proof that it was my account, and pleaded to change my address then, she insisted they had to wait for the physical paper.

So here we are in 2016, relying on the US Postal Service to deliver letters back and forth in the heart of the Holiday season. Pairing that with Connexus being shut down a couple days around the holidays, my wife and I have now been locked out of our account for a week.

I understand somehow and for some reason Connexus puts these policies in place to 'help' us protect our account, but it certainly feels like the opposite. Their process is costing us money, and wasting our time.

Very Competitive Products But Poor Service

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Connexus offers competitive rates on some if its deposit products but very lacking in customer service. Also, the website is very limited in functionality. There are better options in the world of credit unions

Hard Credit Check, Damaging To Credit

They do a hard credit check which is damaging to your credit. They also will not allow you to use mobile deposits for 30 days which is rather inconvenient for a bank I don't have access to. A good APY on my checking account was not remotely worth the hit to my credit.

Thank You...

For giving your customers a second chance. I have never been able to find financing without a cosigner, and Connexus gave me that second chance. My credit is "fair" and most places would not offer me financing; if they did, it would be with astronomical interest rates. Connexus was able to offer me financing with a reasonable rate and monthly payments that are completely manageable. My only complaint is that I cannot access my account online, and that if i wanted to make payment over the phone they would charge me $15, which is a rather high processing fee. Other than that, I am happy with the bank

Great credit union!!!

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If your looking for a quality bank that will actually help you earn on your money instead of having fees that will reduce your savings, this bank is for you. When I started with them, they gave me $100 dollars for just signing up and linking my direct deposit to this credit union. Can you believe that? You basically start off with 100 dollars with this bank. They are no fees if you keep the minimum amount of money in the account and they have great deals with financing auto and home loans. What else can you ask for in a credit union, they give you the best rates and deals for your money and the customer service is top quality, I would suggest this Credit Union to everyone.

Great Place to Bank

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I opened a checking account with Connexus Credit Union last year. They were very helpful when I opened my account and explained everything in great detail. When ever I have a problem, the CSRs have been very helpful and have resolved the situation quickly. Their fees are lower than any other place I have banked with, and they are very fair. Their web/mobile services are the best, but they work fine for my needs. They are not that competitive with their products, but they are still a good value and are pretty much comparable to others. All in all, I would have to say I made the right choice when choosing Connexus Credit Union and will use them for a long time to come. I have recommended them to many of my friends and several have made the switch and couldn't be happier.

Good Luck If You Sign Up

During the day, Connexus is great. But the moment 5 pm hits or the weekend, you are on your own. I went to a different state and got my card blocked because I made a purchase that they deemed 'suspicious'. I got it unblocked and accidentally hit the wrong button for my pin at the ATM. They blocked it again, but left no way for me to get a hold of someone. I was almost stranded in an entirely different state with no money and no way of getting home. I was pissed.

Now I got a new card and I can't activate it until Monday because the number they gave me to call to activate my card, says they can't help me. I'm considering switching banks.

Worst CU Ever ,,

No after hours or convenient locations, really no locations where I am that i don't have to drive 20 mins. or take off work early or use my lunch time no after hours deposit options. Decided to stop letting me pay my bills with this account with no notice so now i can pay a lot of bills online because of the declined payments. UNACCEPTABLE. Im waiting for my last DD and Im out.

Awesome Credit Union

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Great product offerings and great service!

Requires "Active Checking Account"

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According to their website, "The below (CD) rates require an active checking account." And by "active" they mean direct deposit, minumum monthly transactions, etc., etc., etc. So unless you're ready for all that, this is not a good investment.

Great Customer Service At Connexus Credit Union

I have been a member of this credit union for four years.  Without exception, every CSR I have spoken with over that time has been pleasant, polite, professional and very helpful.  When I have needed additional documents to complete my transactions, they have Emailed them promptly, and even followed up to ask if I had any questions.   

Three years ago, I opened an IRA CD with them, and the process was simple and straightforward.  Two weeks ago, I contacted the credit union to begin the process of transferring those funds at maturity.  I was mentally prepared for an experience as frustrating as it has been in the past at other institutions, but happily, it was totally different at Connexus.  The associate explained the paperwork requirements and the process to me clearly, and was friendly, pleasant, and very easy to work with.   She sent me the necessary paperwork promptly, I completed it, scanned and Emailed it in return, and she confirmed all info was legible.  The CD matured today, and to my very pleasant surprise I received an Email from her confirming the details of how the funds had been handled.  No other institution has ever done that before.

I have recommended Connexus to friends and their experience has been equally positive.   Although our accounts only have modest balances, we have all found their customer service is consistently terrific. 

Love Connexus Credit Union!

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Absolutely love them! If you follow the rules there aren't any problems getting the higher rates. Very helpful!

Poor Customer Service

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Beware: The auto bill pay you can set up will take the $$ out sooner than the date you understood it was coming out. This happened to us and it threw our account off and we incurred bank charges. I called to explain this and asked that these be reveresed and the rep I spoke with was CONDESCENDING and told me what she would have done, telling me I should not write checks if I don't have the $$ in the account. This lady made me very uncomfortable.

Our balance was low and I had set up for the deductions to come out ON PAY DAY, when the funds would be in there. They came out several days early.  I did not appreciate being talked to this way as it is completely unprofessional and inappropriate. 

We are good customers with excellent credit ratings and have several accounts and loans through Connexus. This has put a bad taste in my mouth and most likely will move all our business to our other bank.

Was Misled And Treated Poorly

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This CU used to be a great place to do banking. However, during my divorce, things changed. First I needed my ex-wife removed from loans that she would not be responsible for. I was informed I had to get a LOC loan at nearly 20% to pay off the one loan (had two months left to pay) or it would not happen. On another loan I was told I had to pay down before they would re-write the terms of the loan, which I did. After I paid this amount down I was informed by another loan officer I could have my ex-wife removed from these loans by simply filling out a form and having it approved by the loan officer. Why was I not told this on the previous occasions by the other loan officer? Is it a disconnect in training or is it something more than that? The divorce was difficult enough, being treated like a piece of garbage when you need help makes it that much worse.

Great Rates AND Great Service

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I agree with previous posters that take full advantage of their relationship with Connexus.  They are always willing to help figure out the best way to take care of your finances.  Also, it's way easier to only deal with one financial institution instead of keeping money at several different ones!

Keep up the great work Connexus!

Connexus Front Line Staff Can't Be Beat

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Since moving back to Wausau in 1999 I have been a member of Connexus Credit Union. I have always found the front line and drive through staff to be SO friendly. You never feel like a "number" but truly feel appreciated to be a member of their credit union. When we have had mortgage needs; buying two homes and then building another they have always had products to meet our needs.


Seconding "Beware" And "Be Careful"

I too had issues with Connexus.  Mine involves fees which the CSR either knew or should have known in advance as we spoke of what I wanted from the account and my frequency of use (or lack thereof).

If you are not diligent with this Credit Union, meaning if you do not want to hunt for any changes Connexus may or may not have made on a WEEKLY basis, then I would recommend steering clear.  You'd be better off going to Bank of America or Wells Fargo... if you know what I mean.

My Thoughts On Connexus CU

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I have used Connexus for years with nothing but the very best of results. Connexus continues to have "personal service," which is something that is pretty much absent from our world.

Rates/programs are nothing short of the BEST.

Friendly And Informative

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Just recently opened a checking and savings account and from the time I met with staff I felt very comfortable.  The staff was very knowledgable and helped assist me in making my banking transition smooth and effortless. 

I was able to take advantage of a special checking rate offer and have been back to visit on several occasions even though I do all my banking online through their online banking.  Very happy with the move.

Couldn't Be Happier!

I have been banking with Connexus for years I really couldn't be happier!

To start, this is a business! Of course they will advertise the very best rates....doesn't every business do that? And the "gotchas" people are listing are their way of rewarding loyalty...those who are making Connexus their primary financial by opneing an active checking are benefitting by getting the best rate. They aren't just going to hand out the very best rates to the random people who just open one account with them. I actually am happy, since I think it's a bit more fair to those who are loyal to Connexus. People who are getting upset are not looking at Connexus' moves from a business standpoint.

I am continually getting great rates and they always have awesome promos, like a referral program.

Their loans are also great, I just refinanced at 2.99% with no payments for the first 90 days. I filled out a loan comparision form, which is free and only a few questions long, and got $25 just for filling it out!

Above all else, I love the customer service here! I used to go through a local bank, and I grew accustomed to being treated without any enthusiasm, etc. The first time I went through the Drive Up at Connexus, I was blown away! Today, I am greeted by name and everyone is always smiling, and they make sure my questions are answered. If I ever have an issue, they figure out what went wrong and go above that and make sure we take the right steps so it won't happen again.

If you are looking for amazing financial products with customer service to match, Connexus is your choice. I have gone from someone who only looks at the numbers on a rate sheet to fully appreciating what a banking experience can be!

Almost All The High Yield Rates Are ONLY Available With Active Checking Account

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I opened an account with them but the rate keep dropping very fast.  It's not good for those who don't use debt card for more than 10 times per month. The rate I got from them for YES money market account are as follows(not list on their website): 

$50,000 to $100,000+ --> 1.00%;   $20,000 to $49,999.99 --> 0.75%;  

$10,000 to $19,999.99 --> 0.50%; $1,000 to $9,999.99 --> 0.25% 

The rate list on their website: Deposit Rates | Connexus Credit Union Online | Wausau | Wisconsin - WI

Be Careful When Opening Accounts At This Institution Based On The Rates They Are Advertising

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Be careful when opening accounts at this institution based on the rates they are advertising. CD rates listed on their web site are for higher balances even though their minimum balance for a CD is $500. They have 3 rate tiers and only list the highest one on the web site.

This is very misleading and is unexepected from a credit union. You expect this type of behavior from a large bank. Make sure you call the credit union first. Their staff are very friendly and will give you the correct rate based on the balance. This is the only reason I gave them two stars instead of one.

Buyer Beware

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Buyer beware. May be good for families who make high annual contributions and have many bills they can pay online, but not for singles, or for families who don't fund to the maximum. I have been very disappointed by the "gotchas" listed below.

HSA accounts at Connexus do NOT pay 4% UNLESS you have a balance over $15,000. This is not published anywhere (good marketing move)--you need to call, or find out the hard way when your interest payment is only about 2.3%. I'm still not sure if it is only the amount above $15,000 that collects the 4%, or whether it applies to the entire balance--I'll probably never find out, because it would take 4 years of maximum contributions (and only about $1,000 in total expenses over those 4 years) for a single person get a balance over $15,000!

HSA accounts are subject to a $5.95 online billpay inactivity fee if you don't use the online billpay function at least once every 90 days. It isn't trivial to arrange a regularly occurring bill that can be paid online, so think about it before you act.

If you open a new HSA account, you will also need to open a normal savings account with a minimum deposit of $5. If you fund both accounts with a single check that includes the annual maximum HSA contribution $5 for the normal savings account, be sure to specify that the entire check be deposited to the normal savings account first, then pay for any checks ($12.44) from the savings account, THEN transfer the remainder (less $5) to the HSA. Otherwise, you will end up over-funding the HSA (max $5) AND getting hit for unqualified distributions of $12.44 $5. After I pointed this out to Connexus, my overfunding situation and $5 distribution were changed, but the unqualified distribution of $12.44 for checks remained.

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