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After 6+ years as a loyal customer, I was APPALLED by the way I was treated by customer service. I was told they would not even be willing to research an ERROR THEY MADE to my account because it was older than 90 days. I was then told if I wanted them to look into it further, I would incur a RESEARCH FEE. This bank is a joke. They lured me into this checking account with an interest rate that has steadily dropped over the past few years. The terms for ATM fee reimbursement are complex and designed to screw you over when you come up short at the end of the month. EXTREMELY LIMITED NO-FEE ATMS AND BRANCHES. The online banking system is pathetic, constant updates and down time, all for a product that is inferior to other leading banks. I could not be more dissappointed with the way this bank has treated me. I will be moving to a bank that ACTS WITH INTEGRITY.

Below Standard Customer Service

Posted by: sliso | Feb 9, 2017

I recently signed a family member up for an account to which I am to be power of attorney. The sign up process and banking experience with Connexus Credit Union was simple up until I needed customer service.

They seem to be very informal, almost as if they still operate as a local, mom and pop, credit union. The people are friendly and patient, but they all seem clueless as to how to handle things.

In order to add myself as POA, I needed to submit notarized paperwork. Unfortunately they sent me the incorrect paperwork which I had notarized and submitted. They are sending me new forms, but will not reimburse me for the cost of the notarization for the first set of forms. So they wasted my time and money. I'll be complaining to the BBB about this.

Although the issue above is unusual, even getting checks sent out was a disaster. The online registration form asks if you'd like checks sent out for your new account. I clicked yes, but had to call and inquire about their status. I was told I never ordered them and had to do so on the phone. This delayed my ability to change my direct deposit by a two months.

In addition, phone reps seem to tell you different things. I would recommend if you sign up to do everything via email through their web site.

Very Competitive Products But Poor Service

Posted by: coureur | Nov 10, 2016

Connexus offers competitive rates on some if its deposit products but very lacking in customer service. Also, the website is very limited in functionality. There are better options in the world of credit unions

Hard Credit Check, Damaging To Credit

They do a hard credit check which is damaging to your credit. They also will not allow you to use mobile deposits for 30 days which is rather inconvenient for a bank I don't have access to. A good APY on my checking account was not remotely worth the hit to my credit.

Thank You...

For giving your customers a second chance. I have never been able to find financing without a cosigner, and Connexus gave me that second chance. My credit is "fair" and most places would not offer me financing; if they did, it would be with astronomical interest rates. Connexus was able to offer me financing with a reasonable rate and monthly payments that are completely manageable. My only complaint is that I cannot access my account online, and that if i wanted to make payment over the phone they would charge me $15, which is a rather high processing fee. Other than that, I am happy with the bank

Great credit union!!!

Posted by: TopCat | Aug 3, 2016

If your looking for a quality bank that will actually help you earn on your money instead of having fees that will reduce your savings, this bank is for you. When I started with them, they gave me $100 dollars for just signing up and linking my direct deposit to this credit union. Can you believe that? You basically start off with 100 dollars with this bank. They are no fees if you keep the minimum amount of money in the account and they have great deals with financing auto and home loans. What else can you ask for in a credit union, they give you the best rates and deals for your money and the customer service is top quality, I would suggest this Credit Union to everyone.

Great Place to Bank

Posted by: AXEN | Jul 12, 2016

I opened a checking account with Connexus Credit Union last year. They were very helpful when I opened my account and explained everything in great detail. When ever I have a problem, the CSRs have been very helpful and have resolved the situation quickly. Their fees are lower than any other place I have banked with, and they are very fair. Their web/mobile services are the best, but they work fine for my needs. They are not that competitive with their products, but they are still a good value and are pretty much comparable to others. All in all, I would have to say I made the right choice when choosing Connexus Credit Union and will use them for a long time to come. I have recommended them to many of my friends and several have made the switch and couldn't be happier.

Good Luck If You Sign Up

During the day, Connexus is great. But the moment 5 pm hits or the weekend, you are on your own. I went to a different state and got my card blocked because I made a purchase that they deemed 'suspicious'. I got it unblocked and accidentally hit the wrong button for my pin at the ATM. They blocked it again, but left no way for me to get a hold of someone. I was almost stranded in an entirely different state with no money and no way of getting home. I was pissed.

Now I got a new card and I can't activate it until Monday because the number they gave me to call to activate my card, says they can't help me. I'm considering switching banks.

Worst CU Ever ,,

No after hours or convenient locations, really no locations where I am that i don't have to drive 20 mins. or take off work early or use my lunch time no after hours deposit options. Decided to stop letting me pay my bills with this account with no notice so now i can pay a lot of bills online because of the declined payments. UNACCEPTABLE. Im waiting for my last DD and Im out.

Awesome Credit Union

Posted by: n0077599 | Jan 22, 2015

Great product offerings and great service!

Requires "Active Checking Account"

Posted by: budryerson | May 2, 2013

According to their website, "The below (CD) rates require an active checking account." And by "active" they mean direct deposit, minumum monthly transactions, etc., etc., etc. So unless you're ready for all that, this is not a good investment.

Great Customer Service At Connexus Credit Union

I have been a member of this credit union for four years.  Without exception, every CSR I have spoken with over that time has been pleasant, polite, professional and very helpful.  When I have needed additional documents to complete my transactions, they have Emailed them promptly, and even followed up to ask if I had any questions.   

Three years ago, I opened an IRA CD with them, and the process was simple and straightforward.  Two weeks ago, I contacted the credit union to begin the process of transferring those funds at maturity.  I was mentally prepared for an experience as frustrating as it has been in the past at other institutions, but happily, it was totally different at Connexus.  The associate explained the paperwork requirements and the process to me clearly, and was friendly, pleasant, and very easy to work with.   She sent me the necessary paperwork promptly, I completed it, scanned and Emailed it in return, and she confirmed all info was legible.  The CD matured today, and to my very pleasant surprise I received an Email from her confirming the details of how the funds had been handled.  No other institution has ever done that before.

I have recommended Connexus to friends and their experience has been equally positive.   Although our accounts only have modest balances, we have all found their customer service is consistently terrific. 

Love Connexus Credit Union!

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 22, 2012

Absolutely love them! If you follow the rules there aren't any problems getting the higher rates. Very helpful!

Poor Customer Service

Posted by: offended | Jun 12, 2012

Beware: The auto bill pay you can set up will take the $$ out sooner than the date you understood it was coming out. This happened to us and it threw our account off and we incurred bank charges. I called to explain this and asked that these be reveresed and the rep I spoke with was CONDESCENDING and told me what she would have done, telling me I should not write checks if I don't have the $$ in the account. This lady made me very uncomfortable.

Our balance was low and I had set up for the deductions to come out ON PAY DAY, when the funds would be in there. They came out several days early.  I did not appreciate being talked to this way as it is completely unprofessional and inappropriate. 

We are good customers with excellent credit ratings and have several accounts and loans through Connexus. This has put a bad taste in my mouth and most likely will move all our business to our other bank.

Was Misled And Treated Poorly

Posted by: Anonymous | May 11, 2012

This CU used to be a great place to do banking. However, during my divorce, things changed. First I needed my ex-wife removed from loans that she would not be responsible for. I was informed I had to get a LOC loan at nearly 20% to pay off the one loan (had two months left to pay) or it would not happen. On another loan I was told I had to pay down before they would re-write the terms of the loan, which I did. After I paid this amount down I was informed by another loan officer I could have my ex-wife removed from these loans by simply filling out a form and having it approved by the loan officer. Why was I not told this on the previous occasions by the other loan officer? Is it a disconnect in training or is it something more than that? The divorce was difficult enough, being treated like a piece of garbage when you need help makes it that much worse.

Great Rates AND Great Service

Posted by: BillGreen | Apr 25, 2012

I agree with previous posters that take full advantage of their relationship with Connexus.  They are always willing to help figure out the best way to take care of your finances.  Also, it's way easier to only deal with one financial institution instead of keeping money at several different ones!

Keep up the great work Connexus!

Connexus Front Line Staff Can't Be Beat

Posted by: GJackson | Apr 18, 2012

Since moving back to Wausau in 1999 I have been a member of Connexus Credit Union. I have always found the front line and drive through staff to be SO friendly. You never feel like a "number" but truly feel appreciated to be a member of their credit union. When we have had mortgage needs; buying two homes and then building another they have always had products to meet our needs.


Seconding "Beware" And "Be Careful"

I too had issues with Connexus.  Mine involves fees which the CSR either knew or should have known in advance as we spoke of what I wanted from the account and my frequency of use (or lack thereof).

If you are not diligent with this Credit Union, meaning if you do not want to hunt for any changes Connexus may or may not have made on a WEEKLY basis, then I would recommend steering clear.  You'd be better off going to Bank of America or Wells Fargo... if you know what I mean.

My Thoughts On Connexus CU

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 29, 2011

I have used Connexus for years with nothing but the very best of results. Connexus continues to have "personal service," which is something that is pretty much absent from our world.

Rates/programs are nothing short of the BEST.

Friendly And Informative

Posted by: haner | Jun 20, 2011

Just recently opened a checking and savings account and from the time I met with staff I felt very comfortable.  The staff was very knowledgable and helped assist me in making my banking transition smooth and effortless. 

I was able to take advantage of a special checking rate offer and have been back to visit on several occasions even though I do all my banking online through their online banking.  Very happy with the move.

Almost All The High Yield Rates Are ONLY Available With Active Checking Account

Posted by: prmc | Oct 24, 2010

I opened an account with them but the rate keep dropping very fast.  It's not good for those who don't use debt card for more than 10 times per month. The rate I got from them for YES money market account are as follows(not list on their website): 

$50,000 to $100,000+ --> 1.00%;   $20,000 to $49,999.99 --> 0.75%;  

$10,000 to $19,999.99 --> 0.50%; $1,000 to $9,999.99 --> 0.25% 

The rate list on their website: Deposit Rates | Connexus Credit Union Online | Wausau | Wisconsin - WI

Be Careful When Opening Accounts At This Institution Based On The Rates They Are Advertising

Posted by: jeff | Apr 26, 2010

Be careful when opening accounts at this institution based on the rates they are advertising. CD rates listed on their web site are for higher balances even though their minimum balance for a CD is $500. They have 3 rate tiers and only list the highest one on the web site.

This is very misleading and is unexepected from a credit union. You expect this type of behavior from a large bank. Make sure you call the credit union first. Their staff are very friendly and will give you the correct rate based on the balance. This is the only reason I gave them two stars instead of one.

Buyer Beware

Posted by: gmshedd | Mar 10, 2010

Buyer beware. May be good for families who make high annual contributions and have many bills they can pay online, but not for singles, or for families who don't fund to the maximum. I have been very disappointed by the "gotchas" listed below.

HSA accounts at Connexus do NOT pay 4% UNLESS you have a balance over $15,000. This is not published anywhere (good marketing move)--you need to call, or find out the hard way when your interest payment is only about 2.3%. I'm still not sure if it is only the amount above $15,000 that collects the 4%, or whether it applies to the entire balance--I'll probably never find out, because it would take 4 years of maximum contributions (and only about $1,000 in total expenses over those 4 years) for a single person get a balance over $15,000!

HSA accounts are subject to a $5.95 online billpay inactivity fee if you don't use the online billpay function at least once every 90 days. It isn't trivial to arrange a regularly occurring bill that can be paid online, so think about it before you act.

If you open a new HSA account, you will also need to open a normal savings account with a minimum deposit of $5. If you fund both accounts with a single check that includes the annual maximum HSA contribution $5 for the normal savings account, be sure to specify that the entire check be deposited to the normal savings account first, then pay for any checks ($12.44) from the savings account, THEN transfer the remainder (less $5) to the HSA. Otherwise, you will end up over-funding the HSA (max $5) AND getting hit for unqualified distributions of $12.44 $5. After I pointed this out to Connexus, my overfunding situation and $5 distribution were changed, but the unqualified distribution of $12.44 for checks remained.

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