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Member For Over 20+ Years

No Loyalty. Customer service has severely gone down hill.

Watch Out - Unscrupulous!

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Stay away! This bank is extremely unscrupulous and possibly even bordering on fraudulent actions. We applied for an auto loan with them but went with a different lender, because of DCU's long wait times, dropped calls, and cagey answers that changed with every different person. We NEVER SIGNED A LOAN with them, but when we got the car title in the mail DCU was listed as a lien holder. Multiple loooong phone calls ... they said they didn't know what happened... it was an error..blah blah. They blamed the dealer - which is not possible as the dealer never had DCU's name. Finally they said they'd issued a letter to release the lien, but 10 days from when this letter was supposed to be mailed we have not yet received it. Watch out!

Digital CU Uses Chexsystems To Stop Dedicated Savers From Joining!

Tried to join Digital Credit Union (DCU) last week and was denied because my chexsystem score was "too low". My credit history is excellent too and I have never had my checks stolen or ID stolen either.

DCU wouldn't tell me what their threshold score was to be allowed in. Chexsystems says I need to wait 30 days for them to send out a report about why my score is low in general. Of course Chexsystems won't even explain how their scoring system works to me.

This is ridiculous! What am I supposed to do as a saver? Just park my money at a megabank paying 0.0000000......1% interest?! What a joke!

Guess Digital Credit Union doesn't want to offer me $61.70 per year on a teaser 6.17% interest rate on my deposit. I will make it my lifelong mission to warn others not to waste their time with this place.

Worst Bank Ever

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The "digital" in the name is a misnomer. Their mobile app and especially website are very janky and bad. A very badly functioning website logs you out and locks your account for unclear reasons at the worst time. Withdraws don't work at random European ATMs with no explanation. Overall a terrible experience.

Froze My Checking Account

New customer, set up a wire, when I called into to verify apparently it was flagged, after talking with the fraud department and being placed on hold for 5 different times, he said they will do the wire within a week, so I told them to cancel the wire, I was on the phone for more than an hour. Later that day I checked my account, and DCU fraud department froze my checking account.

They are on the east coast so hard to get some things done when you get off work from sunny California, like getting an account unfrozen, as some staff leave for the day,...................Phone support is anywhere from no wait to 3 hours, there website and app is very busy and hard to navigate, it's like the IRS designed the webpage from back in the day, with tabs and drop down menus everywhere. I should have listened to the other negative reviews, live and learn.

3-4 Hour Phone Wait Times !!! Completely Inept

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Paid off 3 yr car loan. Needed to call for title. They told me they sent me the title 3 years ago. ( before I paid off car?) Told me to apply to the state of MA for a new one. Need a pay off letter. Hold time 3-4 hours to speak to someone
Overnight letter to CEO. No response.
Call again 3-4 hours wait.
What is the matter with these people. They can't be embarassed into doing their job.

Do not bother

Customer Service

Not sure what has happened to this bank, but I have had 45 minute wait times when calling customer service since the beginning g of 2020. Everything went downhill since covid. Can anyone explain to me why in October you must have an appt to do bank transactions when every other bank in the area is open? To make things worse, to get an appt. You have to go through the horrible customer service. This is a bank holding my money hostage- I'm not calling a utility where long waits are expected. There is no direct line listed on my online site to call to even make an appt. Customers should not have to jump through hoops to get to their money. I'll be changing banks shortly. This situation is scary .

Worst Bank To Deal With

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Got set up with this bank for our solar panels. They were unable to draft from our regular checking for the loan payment for the first 3 months. Never bothered to contact us. Then all of a sudden they stopped drafting. Called and got it set back up, still doesn't draft. Called them and there is a 3-4 hour wait time to talk to someone. A joke of a bank

"LOW Fees" "LOW Interest" Reality Is Its A LOW Quality Organization!

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Had a checking account, savings account, and credit card with DCU. The credit card I had a high balance and I began paying it off. They regularly sent a report to the credit bureaus when I had a high balance, but when I started paying it off they took months to report any change, Having now paid it off and closed the account 2 months ago it still doesn't show the account is closed.

In the past I had fraud on my account for around $120, they said it was too little for them to investigate and didn't give reimburse me.

Lastly, I closed both savings and checking accounts and have record of all my accounts being closed. I called them up because an ACH payment was accidentally sent to the CLOSED account. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes they said "this usually doesn't happen, but your checking account was reopened because an ACH was sent to it".

They wouldn't send the money back nor transfer it to my new bank. My option was to receive a treasury check that takes 7-10 business days to receive. The money should've been sent back when they knew my account was CLOSED! To add insult to injury, instead of just taking care of the matter they continued to push me and asked me not to leave the credit union even though I already left months ago!

Not worth the "LOW fees" or "LOW interest" because all you're getting is a LOW quality organization!

DCU - Delinquent Debit

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DCU website was stating that my deposit payment was declined but they were actually debiting it. They have debited more than 150$ on my checking account and I am still cannot register.
This company has the worst customer service. I have got 9 different phone calls summing about 10 hours and I my issue has never been solved.

I would like to know the procedure on how to sue them and get my money back.

HORRIBLE ... Just Horrible

20yrs member and DCU has become the WORST EVER cu. ;;

1-my last 3 wire transfers you delayed them,I almost lost buying a house;;

2-now I called and the answering message says 50 min hold time ;;

3-car loans I used to get them very easy, now I got zero response for a week ;;

4-numerous time you automatically re format my address and drop the unit number. ;;

Today I scheduled a 25k wire transfer... called dcu... waited on hold for 40 minutes... talked to several people including a manager and they blew me off saying they can't help me and I need to wait for the wire department to call me
And it's almost 2pm eastern and the cutoff for today's wire and NOTHING
wire transfer confirmation S-1994215
B Dumitrescu

Missing Balance

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DCU has been my bank for long till last month when I lost trust. On the August 9th I made three deposits cash $470.00, cash advice $1376.30 & money order $819.00 on my checking which ends with ....8668 was told by the teller that the money will get only $200.00 the rest of the balance will be on Tuesday August 13th. Was cool on that very day aug 9th I made online purchases overstock $486.59 and Amazon $28.17,10.50 fraud prevention called me to verify if it was me doing those purchases I confirmed yes money was deducted off my actual bal on my account for those purchases. On August 13th I did an ATM cash deposit in Andover of $620.00 because was topping up to do another purchase from Apple which was of $1797.00 I didn't have any pending purchase/payment on my account. I was supposed to make payments to Qater airlines on the 14th aug 2019 so I deposited cash $208.00 atm Andover ma then I did TWO payments to Qater airlines $250.00 and $200.00 did some other transactions uber.On August 15th 2019 received cash app of $492.50 then the bank takes my $486.59 that it was paying overstock purchases. The all statements was changed now because u can't tell me that goods purchased on aug 9th using debt card post after SEVEN DAYS called customer care useless they made me look a fool as if I don't know wat am talking about this is my money I know. Actually u wanna tell me that overstock shipped goods without being paid because I received my stuff aug 14th 2019. Something is wrong some were.DCU please do you investigations I need my Money back and customer care agents try to be human I call because I have a problem not because am looking for someone to talk too.
I have account with DCU Andover ma i reside in Andover ma.

ATM Debit Card PIN Security Issue

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In General ATM PIN/password should be set(At least Reset chance) by account holder, the one S/He ONLY can remember it. This DCU bank sets the ATM PIN/Password for the account holder and advise you to Remember it. This DCU bank would not allow you to reset your initial ATM Debit car PIN/Password, where as ALL other banks allow you to reset it. This DCU bank follows very poor security processes.

Terrible Customer Service

The customer service was not helpful ......made 4 attempts to fix the situation after they made a mistake, then I gave up, seems so much easier with other online banks that I have used.

Not The Best Credit Union

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I've had a few accounts over the years with DCU and they are by far the worst credit union I have used by far. Their processes are too beaucratic and feel like they are stuck in the 90's. You need to go through so many steps just to get a PIN/debit card mailed or to get help with customer service issues. Some customer service reps want to help but others could just careless.

Opening An Account Online

I have been trying to open an account online for some time, first by ID would not upload so customer service gave me a email to send to ...when no response the said i need to send to another email, then they tell be i have to remove my fraud alert on my credit agency that is there so no one can open a fraudulent account in my name, this has never been an issue with any other banks or getting loans....All I wanted to do was open a saving account...way to much trouble, seems like someone there who has all my information was trying to do something and was stopped by my fraud alert...guess it worked.

Horrible Customer Service

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Stay away from this credit union! Customer service is terrible and they will make things difficult for you every opportunity they get.

Worst Bank

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DCU is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They will block bank card for payments and have no problem leaving you stranded to until you meet their demands. DO NOT bank with DCU. They will screw you over any way they can. HORRIBLE BANK!!!

I Tried Twice - I Give Up

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Extremely difficult to deal with to open the account.

1. They claim photo id is not clear. First time I tried a couple months ago, I took the photo with my cellphone. Ok, I can appreciate it may not have been clear enough and was prepared to resubmit. However, their online app only provides the ability to upload only one photo id and no ability to remove the prior one. Between that and two to three days for every round-trip reply to email/inquiry, I had enough.

2. They raise the rate to 6.17% and I figure I'd give it another try. So, I get an email back that I need to unlock my credit freeze. What? Sorry - this is a deposit account, I'm not applying for credit. I'm not unlocking.

3. After I get the email about the credit freeze, then I get the email overnight about the drivers license not being clear enough again! Well, this time, I used the high-end flatbed scanner. The person reviewing must be clinically blind.

Not worth the hassle.

I had high hopes and gave it my best shot, but not worth the wasted time and effort.

Absolutely Horrible

Don't walk yet run away from this credit union. Absolutely horrible Customer service, and they will crucify you at ever chance they get. Member since 2001 I'll be switching.

Horrible Customer Service - In Person!

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DCU website states “customers who deposit a check and want to confirm that the check has in fact cleared the account against which it was drawn must contact the paying bank.”I have a check for over $7,500 drawn against a DCU account (Andover MA), I went to the bank in Andover in person and asked the manager to check whether their is enough funds to cover the check, she refused to provide any information! She argued that since I do not have an account with DCU then I am not entitled to their services!!!!

I deposited the check and two days later went back to the bank and asked the manager to “please confirm whether or not the funds cleared their account “, once again she refused to provide the info! She stated I need to ask the financial institution where I deposited the check (Santander Bank) to call DCU in order to get a response.
Santander Bank called the same manager and asked her whether or not the check has cleared, still DCU manager refused to provide any answer!

They Are Useless

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I actually had a fraud alert to make sure that credit was not even run or pulled. Equifax told me that when DCU has someone like your ex that might know your info that this would prevent DCU or any other bank from even running the credit without calling to verify. They did NOTHING! They ignore fraud alerts from a credit bureau. I was told by the police this would be all I needed. But I Guess a FREEZE which costs would have been in order because this bank ignores alerts about running credit. They are a JOKE!

Great Place to Bank

I have been a member of DCU for a few years now. My experience has been wonderful. The free checking is defiantly a plus! There is no need for a minimum balance and no monthly fees are applied. You can even get your pay check 2 days early when you apply for direct deposit and you can even pay your bills online.
I also opened a saving account when I opened my checking. The interest rates are good but you must keep a minimum of $5.00 in the account at all times but that is easy to maintain.
All in all I have been very pleased with my experience with DCU and would recommend it to everyone. I have even been thinking about opening a money market account but as of yet I have not.
Another reason I love this bank so much is because of their customer service. They are always friendly and helpful with all of my banking needs.

Great local credit union.

This is a great local credit union. I have been a member for over 10 years and have not experienced any issues. Their online banking is great and their website interface is really user friendly. I have savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts and a CD with them and have never run into any problems. I have set up both a checking account and money market account with them all online and they are in your online account access immediately so you can access them right away. Their rates for the money market account are better than you would find with a bank. They have several branches where I am located as well as ATMs that are free to use. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to switch.

My experience with DCU

I opened a savings account with dcu and the experience is quite positive. I like it because it has good saving plan. They have a very attentive and friendly customer service, quick web access and are fast at resolving the client issues. Before opening the account, everything was well explained to me in a clear and easy way with the help of a knowledgeable, professional staff. It was quick to open.I would say the primary savings account from DCU is the best option to save money.
Another thing I love about this DCU account is the free checking, no monthly fee or maintenance charges.
I highly recommend DCU to friends and family.

My summary of banking with DCU

I have been banking with DCU for three years. Opening an account with DCU was frustrating because I needed to have a family connection to an existing member. The lady who opened my account was able to let me use my fiance, but was hesitant about it. I like that this bank has ATMs all over and is good about giving a reimbursement for ATM fees. I don't like that the nearest branch location is about one hour away from me. I have had my debit card number stolen once and felt like the person I talked to didn't believe that I had nothing to do with it. Other than that, it was very easy to get a new card printed that day. I have a free checking account and savings account. I also have a Money Market account. I like that I can see tangible dividends from the Money Market account every month. It was very easy to open the Money Market online.

Dcu banking

DCU is local around my city and it is a great bank! I would recommend it to friends or family. I have had a great experience every time. They have a drive through ATM where you can make deposits into your savings or checking account. You can also deposit a check when you go through the drive through ATM as well as take out money from your checking or savings account. I feel as if it is very secure with a camera on the drive through. I have also had a good experience going inside the bank and their hours are great. There are days where they are open later so you can go after work. I have called DCU and had no problem talking to anyone and I LOVE their mobile banking app. It had never gave me an issue. The only thing I do not like it the over draft fee is $30 but compared to other banks that is half of what other banks charge when you over draft. I stated before highly recommend DCU!

3+ Years Of Good Experiences

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Back when my credit wasn't great, I had a car loan with a terrible interest rate. (I think 15-16%) I found out about DCU through a credit discussion board. At the time, a 680 (EQ Beacon) score would get you their best rates. I was just below that, but I still got somewhere around a 2.99% rate, shaving a huge amount of interest off my loan! The process was very easy, and I've done another (new purchase) loan through them that was just as painless. They also gave me a credit card that at the time was my highest limit. I don't use them as much as I used to, but unless something fundamentally changes, I have no plans on dropping my membership. I keep $1k in the savings that earns ~5%, and when I'm ready for my next car, I'm sure I'll be back @ DCU!

Online Only is No Problem

I found DCU after searching everywhere for a bank with no fees for checking. I was a little nervous about the "online only" factor, especially when signing up and putting very personal information through the internet, but after being with them for over 2 years I can say I've never had an issue with it. They have a ton of no-fee ATMs you can use, and even depositing checks is easy if you have a little tech savvy. The wait for customer service on the phone can be a bit long sometimes but it's still better than my previous big bank, and the reps are always super friendly and helpful. The website is easy to use as well, and transfers to/from my other bank go through in a timely manner. I'm glad I got over my initial worry about an online only bank because it's the best one I've used!

Not Friendly

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Tried to open up account using promotion. Got return in mail stating, and I remember the rejection word-for-word. "Digital Credit Union is not interested in opening an account for you." Never had a financial institution say anything near that. No red flags in any payments or accounts.

Exceptional Service; Long-Time Customer

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I have been a customer for 10+ years. The experience over the years has been exemplary. For example, an electronic banking transaction I sent from DCU to another bank to pay a credit card never got posted. I called the DCU, and they assured me it was processed. 15-min later called the second bank. They explained, in an annoyed manner, that the DCU had already called them and confirmed that the DCU sent the payment. The second bank sheepishly acknowledged they had made a mistake and it was fixed. They have a very wide range of accounts and services including special accounts for your children. They offer high-rate/high-balance special savings accounts etc. Couldn't be more pleased with the service.

Another "Freeze" My Account Disapointment

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I too experienced very poor customer service. Not even a month and I received a call that my on-line access was disabled. The rep (in Risk Management) treated me like the criminal not the victim. Spoke to a supervisor who informed me no one else could help. Took five days to fix issue.

Frozen Membership Was Hard To Deal With

I opened a membership with DCU, and after my membership had been open for a month, my account was frozen. The experience of getting my account unlocked was pretty bad - I was treated like I was a criminal because they suspected my account was fraudulent, and they weren't really interested in helping me prove that I wasn't.

DCU Experience

I have a DCU free checking account, and it is great because there are no monthly fees or anything. I also have a savings account. Because of my relationship to the credit union, I get certain benefits, which are very helpful. I get reimbursed ATM fees, so if I go to a bar and take cash from an ATM with a $2 fee, at the end o the month DCU reimburses me that $2 into my checking account. Customer service can be a hit-or-miss, the automated phone system at times makes it difficult to get through to the proper channels, but most of the time the service reps are very nice and helpful. I use mobile banking, too. The DCU app is very easy to use and helpful to access my account during the day.

Horrible...Pathetic Credit Union....Period

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Please do not waste time by going with DCU. This is most horrible credit unions I have ever had accounts with. I have been a loyal customer past 18 years, yes, last 18 years. Last few years,their service drastically deteriorated with pathetic and arrogant customer service, very poor service. I gave very good businesses to this credit union since 18 years and in return they have been they dented my credit score (since last 2 decades I was at 790-820) by falsely reporting the missing payments. within couple of months, came down to 600+ because of DCU reportings. Even though I had automatic payments, always paid off full amount since last 18 years, but, since last few months, they are falsely reporting to credit bureaus though it is their flawed and automatic payments caused the issue. I have disputed with DCU with proof and the customer service was arrogant, pathetic service and not willing accept their fault (even after showing the proof of automatic scheduled payments) and never reversed false reporting to credit bureaus and not accepting their fault, which was falsely reported to credit bureaus. Basically, automatic payments did not work as it was intended not just once, but, was broken more 6-7 times and they accept their fault. That shows how ethical this credit union is. I have used most of their products home equity, car loan and credit card...Never do business with DCU..its just waste of time, more importantly, you bring in business with good credit score from elsewhere, but, they will dent your credit score within couple months...not worth your time, money with DCU...period

Terrible Customer Service!

I originally applied for an unsecured credit card back about a year ago and was promptly turned down by one of their "Loan Officers" using the excuse they wanted to see no more accounts applied for (inquiries). I just applied today for a secured credit card and their system instantly approved me for a maximum of 10,000. 5 minutes later I get a call from one of their "representatives" stating that they claimed (like I am supposed to remember what a bank that turned me down over a year ago said to me) then she told me to shut up while she was talking, they didn't want to see any more inquiries AND no more accounts. Then she starts yelling at me like I'm her little son and was mad at me for getting more credit cards (from those companies who wanted to give me a card and not make excuses not to give me a card.) I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS CREDIT UNION FOR CREDIT, ESPECIALLY when they turned me down and then REVERSED THEIR DECISION AFTER APPROVING ME ONLINE! I tried complaining to a supervisor and they hung up on me! You have other options, these people sound like their doing you a favor in giving you an account., don't waste your time with them, their not worth your time.

Miscommunication And Mistakes

Me and my parents have been DCU account holders for over 10 years. During this period the Credit Union has made so many irreparable mistakes and never took blame for it. Once they, out of no where, started debiting my fathers auto loan over my mothers account. Recently I was told to open a credit card account with them to avoid overdrafting, so i did. But they never told me that I would have to fill out another form allowing them to take the funds out of my credit card. after a back and forth long conversation over the phone I decided do close all my accounts.

DCU Is simply the best "big" credit union

After having a terrible experience with a bigger bank, I switched to DCU simply because they advertised NO / LOW fees, and no hidden fees or "got-ya's". DCU has an AMAZING mobile app and website that competes with even the big banks, easily. You can easily do transfers on the app and deposit checks just by taking a snapshot from your smartphone! Also you get free checks and you can get a credit card and debit card right at the branch location. They print it out for you on the spot, no fees attached. Truly an amazing "big" credit union. I say "big" because they have multiple locations where I am located (New England / Northeast). They offer the same exact services a big bank would offer (i.e. mortgages, credit cards, loans, etc) without the big bank fees! Big banks are for-profit, credit unions are locally owned. It's a no-brainer. A Credit Union like Digital Federal Credit Union is simply amazing. It doesn't matter if you need to stash 5$ away for your child or stash away your life savings in one of their many accounts offered, DCU is the best.

Great Credit Union

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I have been with DCU since I was an employee with DEC back in 1994. They have always been ahead of the curve in technology and customer service. The only time I ever had an issue was in 2010 when they started charging Overdraft fees to people who had overdraft protection. (Everyone was doing then.) So many members complained including myself that the fee was pulled in no time. I have had this LTD rate a few times. Its not bad. You have to have 25K so that does not always work for me. I recommend this credit union to everyone. I even have my business checking with them. NO FEEs ever.

DCU is worth it.

The only not so good thing about DCU is their interest rates. Perhaps it is because DCU is non-profit or because they don't charge any fees, but their loan rates are a little higher than those of their competitors. Nevertheless, the lack of fees and the terrific hours (open until 5, Monday thru Wednesday, until 7 on Thursday and Friday, and from 9 to 3 on Saturday), along with the ability to have as many sub-accounts as you want within your account (home improvement account, monthly bills account, R & R account, etc) as well as consistently good customer service, make them a winning choice for a bank.


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The rates DCU publishes on it's website are for customers with a "relationship checking".

This is only available if you have a loan or credit card, activate e statements and set up a direct deposit of net pay only.

Tried another source of direct deposit and DCU failed to mention that it was invalid, so no promo certificate rate.

Without that cd rates are 25 basis points (.25) less than published.

Some words of warning, regular accounts can not be designated POD.

So one must make the account a Totten Trust in order to have a beneficiary.

However, if you do that, you can not have any credit card or loan.

Stupid rules that serve no good purpose & misleading rates...

Frustrating experience.


Re. Checking Account Requirement To Open A CD

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Nutgraf - I'm planning to open a CD with DCU.  I contacted them and they said that a checking account is not required.  The only requirement is to open a savings account with $5.

Keep This As A Last Option

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They give the loan that you want. They give good interest rate. They do most everything well. But very poor customer service. They give you the loan you want, but not so easily. Once an associate asked for one document and when we called him up again and talk to another associate he asked for another document. What all I can say is the poorest, worst, terrible service offered by a bank I have ever seen.

CD Rates Posted Are Slightly Misleading

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DCU requires that you have an active checking account to get the rates that are posted on Deposit  If you do not maintain that account and meet it's requirements, you get .25% less interest.

I Think Some Of The Bad Reviews Were All By One Person

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DCU is a good credit union. I ave been a member for many years. The only fault I would find with them is their interest rates on savings are a little low compared to some other credit unions,

I am writing this review because I read several bad reviews here that had two things in common. They didn't make a lot of sense, and the English was terrible. I think they were probably all written by one disgruntled person, so I hope people reading them take that into account.

Digital Credit Union

If you have a DCU account, you can get your free credit score (from Equifax) every month. Once in a while they also have good CD promotion. However, the free credit score is the main reason that I have this account.

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