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DCU Fraudulent Fraud Alert

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This afternoon, a representative from customer service informed me that even after receiving a fraud alert text and my confirmation that a particular charge was unauthorized, the payment would not be canceled. They did block the card, yet proceeded with the payment for a transaction I had already disputed.

The representative further explained that while some banks might follow this procedure, DCU does not.

Upon inquiring if there was any possibility of assistance from their side, I received a negative response. The tone was dismissive as they asked if I needed help with anything else.

Having been a loyal customer of DCU for over a decade, I've observed a noticeable decline in their commitment to customer loyalty over the last two years. Regrettably, like many others, I find myself contemplating leaving their services.

The Worst Bank For Small Business Accounts

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I can honestly say that DCU has been the absolute worst disaster of a small business banking account I can possibly imagine. After many, many, frustrating issues with this bank we are going to have to move all of our accounts, personal and business to another bank. Just today I was trying to do an ACH transfer to pay a vendor out of one of our business accounts, and after hours and hours of trying to get it done, including being on the phone with a customer service rep who was trying to see why after adding the vendors name to my "move money" recipient list, and working with her for 20 minutes, the phone disconnected and she didn't call me back. She had already told me that she needed to put me on hold because she couldn't figure out why after adding the name to the list I kept getting an error message that said I had to open a retail account and she needed to talk with a supervisor. We already have a number of personal and business accounts with DCU and we needed to pay this vendor out of one of the business accounts because it is for a business expense. She told me that she didn't understand why I was getting that error message and that's why she said she would have to put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. After being disconnected and then waiting over 20 minutes for the person to call me back and not hearing anything from her, I called back and told the new person what had happened. He very quickly told me that one can't make ACH payments out of a DCU business account. This is the last straw, with many difficulties already preceding this one. SO, GOODBYE DCU, FOREVER! I WILL BE CERTAIN TO TELL ANYONE WHO ASKS ME ABOUT BANKING NEVER TO USE DCU.

Another Leave After 10 Years

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I have a few accounts with DCU (2 mortgages, 2 cars, and a checking account with direct deposit). Things became worse around 2 years ago. The processing is always delayed, the mortgage refinance took 45+ days with daily calls to them (obviously, no one was replying).
No clear turnaround time for servicing requests. They just close one ticket and open another one.
The last issue is the worst. I tried to pay a DCU mortgage from a DCU checking account. Due to technical issues, it wasn't processed properly - the money left the checking account but hasn't reached the mortgage (yes, within the same bank). It takes more than a week to resolve it and hasn't been done at this point.

Unfortunately, I can't easily transfer to another institution, but stay away from DCU if you open a new account.

Nearly Member For 10 Yrs ! I Am Leaving

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after nearly ten years this bank has decided to restrict my membership
long story with the death of my fiance who was also a member - my brother who became a member and my personal 2 checking and one savings account they have decided to restric my membership to do finaicial hardships post covid.
i was out of work for 18 months...recovery financially has been difficult and this bank does not 1. notifiy you when your membership becomes restricted - they just do it - then judge you based on black and white informaiton only - no exceptions - THIS IS A HOMETOWN bank ?? this is a bank who wants to see its members succeed ???
i have had numerous small quick loans that have always paid off... over first year post covid i had nsf's take place that never went over the required time to be fixed as my pay check went in EVERY OTHER WEEK yet i am now denied the opportunity of the quick loan for being a member -
AGAIN all loans were paid off not once was there an nsf for my quick loan payment !!!!!

this is not an empathetic bank - this is not a bank the supports its members - fee's have increased ... you wait on hold for long periods and although they say we are sorry - or we wish - its hollow words.... i will be moving my funds to another bank immediately - and keeping my savings only in the interim ... great job dcu .. NOT

Leaving DCU Just Like The Masses

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If I could I'd leave negative stars for a rating.

My husband and are leaving DCU for good. My husband has been with them since early 2000s anf myself since 2006.

Their "home town" service is non existing and when they allowed a cyber security fraud happen on our account, with no help to resolve after days and they 800 number cal center stated it could take weeks for us to access out account, I wasn't having it. I actually looked up all the executives online abd emailed all I could. Low and behold, I actually had someone call me back and my account issure was resolved that day after not having access for 6 days!

Long are the days you can call a branch and when I attempted to get info from a branch to call they gave me a card and I hsd no responses to my emails nor was there an extension to reach that person.

We are so done they are a terrible credit union...stay away!!

I Made An Account Just To Leave A 1 Star Review

the worst
customer service is terrible
site and features are broken
so many issues and stresses you out

DCU Is Great But The New Site Needs Allot Of Work

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I see allot of people leaving harsh reviews of DCU and the criticism is really petty and simple minded. There problems will surely multiply when they shift to a main St bank, or if there needs become a little more sophisticated. I have accounts with several banks and DCU is by far the best. The complainers dont know how good they have it.

The only issue I have is the new site requires work.

Leaving DCU

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Same as the others who once loved DCU and now have left. Just opened with a new credit union plus a larger bank as well because DCU has become a disgrace. So sad...18 years with them and now I can't trust them for anything. 2 international wires both short 12 dollars in the receiving end....scheduled transfers randomly just don't happen one week for no notification. Then they resume the next week. Shut off the "round it up" feature on an account but still kept getting deposits. Just ridiculous what's happened to this credit union

My How The Mighty Have Fallen

Been a member of dcu since 07. Used to do all my banking with them, moved away slowly as their service deteriorated. I decided to refinance an electric car with them. During the same time I purchased 3 other cars for my business. 0 Issues with title / insurance with any of the other purchases. Constant hassle and pain with DCU. CS departments sound like they want to be there as much as I want to call them for the 1000th time trying to resolve things. This will be the last transaction I have with them.

DCU IS The Worst Please Avoid At All Cost

After being a member for about 9 months I have had several issues regarding wire transfers , Cash advances , Cards were reported stolen and requested new ones and its been about 3 weeks and no new cards . Can zelle money cant use apple pay . just the worst experience ever please save yourself and keep away from this dying bank.

Plummeted To A Disastrous Credit Union

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I have had an account with DCU since 2017. In the beginning they saved me by giving me a Visa when my credit was hovering in the high-600's. Within a year from 2018 onward I have had a stellar credit rating in the 790's+. DCU is not my primary financial institution, in fact nor is it my secondary. It is third in-line from my primary banks. Nevertheless, I expect to be treated as a "real customer." My account was hacked and hijacked twice from June 2022 until present day. You would think that they would do whatever it takes to help me get my account back. After eight emails ALL initiated by me and several fruitless phone calls, I have been unable to access my account! I am locked out and all I want to do is pay my Visa! They have made ZERO attempt to rectify the assault on my account. My account now shows names of people I do not know and a banking institution that I have never had an account with, yet DCU has not even as much as written me ONE letter or responded with ONE email to let me know what the status is on their investigation! I only know about the added names and banks because I turned on alerts by email on any changes to my account. This credit union is clearly in jeopardy. Fortunately I owe them and my cash accounts have a minimal balance but I want to do the right thing and pay them but it falls on deaf ears.

Saying Goodbye After 39 Years With DCU...

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Painful to write this review, and never thought I would be looking for a new banking partner, but DCU has gone from one of the best to the absolute worst.

I had noticed that reaching DCU had become very difficult even before the pandemic, with very long hold times, but I found that it was rare that I needed to contact them. Interest rates went from some of the most competitive to the least competitive for savings accounts.

Earlier this year they rolled out new software for the website and app that clearly was not tested, has a horrible interface and did away with so much functionality that it was truly hard to believe.

I am seeing bugs and glitchy behavior with transfers not being made, and others complain of missed payments. If you need help, it can take 2-3 days for DCU to return your call. It is unacceptable, and I can't trust them to be my bank any longer.

Sadly I closed my home equity line of credit, visa card, redirected by direct deposit and moved most of my funds to another bank. I am also exploring another smaller credit union in the area.

While I used to strongly recommend DCU to anybody who cared to listen, I now will warn you to stay far away. This is an institution that seems to be in a death spiral.

Also Done With DCU After 20 Years

We've had it.

My family has been loyal DCU members for nearly 20 years, but it is time to go. DCU used to be an amazing organization. Great accounts, great benefits, great people, great culture, and amazing customer service where the customer was always #1.

We noticed things started changing about 5 years ago. It started to become harder to get a hold of folks in customer service. Wait times started to extend for phone and chat support.

Over the past 2 years it has gone from bad to worse. Wait times can now be more than an hour, even when calling DCU's Fraud Department and trying to lock a credit card due to fraudulent activity. And when you do happen to get a hold of someone, they are incompetent and unhelpful.

The last straw as DCU's new "Digital Banking" platform. The old website was great. Fast, clean, simple, with an excellent Bill Pay system from Metavante. The new "Digital Banking" platform is garbage. It is slow, dates don't filter properly, you have to scroll endlessly to find data, and the Bill Pay system is like stepping back in time 20 years. Instead of paying all of my bills via ACH like the old system used to, now the vast majority are sent via Paper Check, which takes upwards of 10 days to process, mail, and clear. YIKES.

It is truly sad how terrible DCU has become. This is entirely al leadership / culture issue. The tone at the top is rotten, and the overall culture has changed as a result.

We've just moved all our banking to another, smaller local Credit Union and couldn't be happier. It's like DCU used to be.

Horrible Bank

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They can't get anything right , and I've been with them since 2009 , moved out of state and they always mess my address up , I'm done with their A I phone B.S. as well !!!
Done with them !!!

Was The Best, Now The Worst

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Been a member since 1981. Up until recently would have rated the DCU 5 stars on all aspects.

In the last couple of years things started going downhill. Interest bearing checking and savings accounts have not been very competitive. On-call wait times increased and sometimes reps on the phone were not capable of addressing problems.

In early 2022 the DCU upgraded its internal systems, web site and apps with software that was not ready for prime time. Lots of functionality was lost, other functionality did not work as expected. The user interface became more difficult to use. Members that needed assistance found the wait times on the phone to speak with someone often took hours.

The DCU has acknowledge issues with the apps, web site and call center wait times. Some minor positive changes have been made but the root problems will likely take quite some time to resolve and recover from.

Completely Disappointed

Watch out! Agreed that this bank is in an unprecedented decline. Good luck getting through to anyone in customer service. There is actually no service. What's worse is their new online bill pay application is apparently not paying the bills even though it tells me they're paid yet the nothing clears. My mortgage has been late both months since this new fancy bill pay application has gone live. I've never been late in my life until now. I've been a member at DCU since 1998 and this will be changing immediately. Find a better bank elsewhere - even those most basic of services like paying a bill can no longer be counted on....

Negative Stars Would Be A Better Representation

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DONE with DCU. A member since 1990, I've never seen a bank decline so quickly. I tried for 48 hours to reach them, their phone lines disconnect after holding for over an hour, and their online CHAT disconnected when finally becoming #1 in the queue after starting at #43. When I finally connected customer service was not able to help and asked me to call back in an hour when they were back from lunch, after waiting on hold for 40 minutes. My son's bank card was delivered to an address that was changed over 6 years ago. It took over 24 hours to complete a same-day wire transfer. The new & improved online website doesn't work. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK.

Luckily there are many choices for a better bank.

Gone To Dogs And Management Does Not Care

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The word "Digital" is in the name of this CU - it had built a reputation of being one of the first successful primarily online bank.. Irony - the so called "New digital platform" is so buggy and horrible!
Combine this with terrible customer service and you have todays DCU.
4 hours wait time on phone calls. Unsupportive frontend workers. No issue gets addressed.
The management does not seem to care! There is no response from the ivory towers.
I am done with them .. moving on!

Waste Of Time

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I was intrigued by the 6% interest on their savings account (even though there is a $1000 maximum at that rate). So I decided to open an account online and deposit $1000. I spent nearly an hour trying to set it up. When it came time to fund the account, I provided all the info (routing and account #s, etc.) to fund it from an existing account at another bank. After entering all that information, and then providing all my security question responses, a message appeared stating that the new account couid not be funded by direct electronic transfer, but that I could use a debit card to fund it in the maximum amount of $250--but the Catch-22 was the online process didn't provide any means of using a debit card for funding even this smaller amount. The whole application process turned out to be a complete waste of time, and I had shared all my personal banking info for no reason.

Low Fees And Low Customer Support

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Online and mobile app is horrible; customer service is terrible. Fees are very low and you get what you pay for.

Dcu Is Awful

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app is awful and I'm leaving as soon as I find a better CU. Its as if they made zero decisions on the customer experience. Customers receive zero benefit from this new digital app--the only "improvement" is now DCU has the ability to link to financial accounts from other institutions--no thank you. Just need to pay my bills and thats it.
These changes are clearly only for the benefit of increasing overdraft fees. The "new" bill pay now take 10-12 days longer to have the funds deducted. Sending paper checks snail mail is now faster...thats a problem in 2022.

Another gem--depositing checks via the mobile app was ok in the past. Now they decline any deposit that isnt endorsed with the phrase "endorse via mobile app" Really DCU?--get your business together and stop making your loyal customers jump through hoops to make your internal business processes easier..its more of a hassle for customers. Again--zero interest in how the customer will benefit from these changes.

I'm shopping for a new bank..they were great for so many years but now feels very much

Dcu Bad Cess

I've been a member for a long time and have defended them, but the new website sucks. It is hard to find things, some functions are no longer available, and get this in some places it rounds balances to whole dollars.


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Member since 2005. Since DCU decided to move to their new platform, I have been locked out of my account for over a week. Tried calling, was put on hold for (4) hours and refused to wait that long. Tried emailing, did not get a response, tried the chat option, was #75 in the queue, when I got to #21 the chat was terminated and I could not get back into the chat. I finally was forced to go to an actual branch just to get into my account. Several bills were late causing penalty’s and DCU is refusing to take responsibility. I’ve received multiple emails from DCU about the move to the new platform, but once on it there it’s impossible to set up the new bill pay & ebill options. IM DONE WITH DCU

Too Much Hold Time To Reach Customer Service

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I think they need to improve on staffing more people to serve customers. Every time i call them, I am always on waiting for more than 1-2 hours which is unfair for any banking service.

Horrible App And Service

Ever heard of the phrase, "if it isn't broke don't fix it?"
Still holds true to this day! The DCU app was flawed but not to the point of aggravation. It was simple and easy to navigate.
They changed the entire app and even signing in has become a every day hassle for me

The customer service agents are being paid to tell me that they don't know what's going on and that I may not have completed new registration for app AFTER I tell them that I have actually signed onto this new app a few times. And they actually don't have the greatest attitudes either.
As good as the bank is itself, if it were to make a other change for the worst as far as dealing with online banking,(which I mainly use), I will no longer be a member.


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This bank doesn’t even deserve half of a star. I had an issue back in January that involved my savings funds being stolen. It was money I worked very hard for and tried everything I could to get it back; DCU did not! Their fraud department is a fraud itself; I had to get in touch with them numerous times to try and get my funds back, and I was often given (false) hope that I would see my money back in my account within “7-10 business days”; that day never came and it had been 3 weeks at that point. They would NEVER follow up with me about my case, it was me who had to do that, and the wait times were absolutely horrendous! On the last and final day I called them to check on what was going on, they denied me my funds and basically said “too bad, deal with it”. The person that handled my case was incredibly rude and offered me no other options, no financial relief or assistance of any kind. This bank is only in it for themselves and their “customers” are beneath them. Since then, I’ve had nothing but issues with this credit union and I am fed up. As of tomorrow, I will be switching banks and never looking back. Worst bank to date, and if you value your hard earned money, steer clear.

Bad Customer Service & Bad Business Practices

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I'm a relatively new member to DCU and I had high hopes for them given their great rates and minimal fees. However, I've cut all ties with them except for my auto loan. The experience I've had with them has been disappointing at best.

Their hold times over the phone are consistently over an hour for any type of assistance you need, and at times it has been "greater than 4 hours." And like others have mentioned, their callback system sometimes hangs up on you, causing you to lose your place in line. It also takes two to three days for them to respond to emails. They claim they're trying to staff up, but if you look at their NCUA call reports, they've lost 39 full-time staff between June and September.

I also had an issue with my auto loan. I specifically applied for a 48-month auto loan, and when I received the contact, it stated a 60-month term. I called in and they adjusted it accordingly and I signed the paperwork, but what they did not tell me was that they had already opened the loan with the wrong term (without my signature) and proceeded to close it and open another loan with the correct term. I found out about this when DCU reported both on my credit report and then started sending me threatening letters stating that I had not provided them with the title or proof of insurance for the incorrectly opened loan. I had to fill out a form for them to rescind the first loan from each credit bureau which, again, was opened in error and before I signed any documents.

For those reading this, what I will say is that DCU offers great rates and has low fees, but their customer service and general business practices are unacceptable and far outweigh the benefits of banking with them, and they in no way embody the credit union mission of "people helping people."

Horrible Member Service

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Been with DCU for 25 years. Sadly just about to close my business with them for good. DCU has lost sight of their members being number one and what made them at one time a great credit union. They have no option for a joint account. My wife who is the "secondary" on our account wanted to purchase a car, they needed my permission for a $20k loan yet she could go write a check on our account for $100k without my permission. They have no option for a 50/50 account. If I was out of town on business or on my death bed and my wife needed a loan she would not be able to do this without me being available. They're wait times are in the hours and they have said they are trying to hire still after two years. Here's a tip DCU: stop spending millions on promotions at the DCU center and focus on your members (Customers) and hire some staff.

Answer Your Phone

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1 hour on hold and still holding.

Worst Service EVER!!!!

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Stay away. DCU service used to be good and now it is absolutely horrible. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone at this point.

Member For Over 20+ Years

No Loyalty. Customer service has severely gone down hill.

False Advertisement

DCU is a FRAUD. On their website for auto loan, in mentions in order to qualify for Plus benefits, I need to maintain ACH. This is the fine print: "How to Qualify: Add and maintain direct deposit (qualifying direct deposit is a recurring electronic credit of your payroll, retirement, Social Security, or other recurring monthly income). If at any time you fail to maintain these qualifications, your benefit level will be automatically adjusted without notice and you will no longer be eligible to receive the associated benefits." However, now they say I need it's ACH w/NET PAY. This is very misleading and fraudulent marketing in order to attract new customers. Definitely don't bother opening an account with them if you don't plan to deposit your entire paycheck to obtain the Plus benefit discount rate.

Watch Out - Unscrupulous!

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Stay away! This bank is extremely unscrupulous and possibly even bordering on fraudulent actions. We applied for an auto loan with them but went with a different lender, because of DCU's long wait times, dropped calls, and cagey answers that changed with every different person. We NEVER SIGNED A LOAN with them, but when we got the car title in the mail DCU was listed as a lien holder. Multiple loooong phone calls ... they said they didn't know what happened... it was an error..blah blah. They blamed the dealer - which is not possible as the dealer never had DCU's name. Finally they said they'd issued a letter to release the lien, but 10 days from when this letter was supposed to be mailed we have not yet received it. Watch out!

Digital CU Uses Chexsystems To Stop Dedicated Savers From Joining!

Tried to join Digital Credit Union (DCU) last week and was denied because my chexsystem score was "too low". My credit history is excellent too and I have never had my checks stolen or ID stolen either.

DCU wouldn't tell me what their threshold score was to be allowed in. Chexsystems says I need to wait 30 days for them to send out a report about why my score is low in general. Of course Chexsystems won't even explain how their scoring system works to me.

This is ridiculous! What am I supposed to do as a saver? Just park my money at a megabank paying 0.0000000......1% interest?! What a joke!

Guess Digital Credit Union doesn't want to offer me $61.70 per year on a teaser 6.17% interest rate on my deposit. I will make it my lifelong mission to warn others not to waste their time with this place.

Worst Bank Ever

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The "digital" in the name is a misnomer. Their mobile app and especially website are very janky and bad. A very badly functioning website logs you out and locks your account for unclear reasons at the worst time. Withdraws don't work at random European ATMs with no explanation. Overall a terrible experience.

Froze My Checking Account

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New customer, set up a wire, when I called into to verify apparently it was flagged, after talking with the fraud department and being placed on hold for 5 different times, he said they will do the wire within a week, so I told them to cancel the wire, I was on the phone for more than an hour. Later that day I checked my account, and DCU fraud department froze my checking account.

They are on the east coast so hard to get some things done when you get off work from sunny California, like getting an account unfrozen, as some staff leave for the day,...................Phone support is anywhere from no wait to 3 hours, there website and app is very busy and hard to navigate, it's like the IRS designed the webpage from back in the day, with tabs and drop down menus everywhere. I should have listened to the other negative reviews, live and learn.

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