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Delta Community Credit Union is NOT customer friendly. This institution watches, manipulates & holds back checks and drafts until a customers bank account is low enough to trigger an automatic overdraft fee of $35. Want proof? In my account I have a regularly scheduled draft of $46.17 that withdraws on the 16th of each month, unless it's a weekend then it drafts the day after. In December, 2018 the 16th fell on Sunday, draft didn't come out until Tuesday the 18th. I don't have much money & I HAVE to monitor my account closely to avoid fees. Today is January 16th, 2019 at 7:30 A.M. EST. Bank is not even open yet. The $46.17 is already drafted and I had a check for $59 come through last night throwing me a few doolars under the $46.17 & BAM! over draft fee of $35. This isn't the first time this sorry institution has done this. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!.....Delta Community Credit Union is a CROOKED Bank.

Delta Credit Union Is A Not Funny JOKE

Delta Credit Union.....has really went the way of a company who cares nothing about its customers ....nothing works and if you go to a branch they cop this atatude that they could care with this so called upgrade to their on line services Quicken will not be working ...have tried all day to prepare for next week As per the instructions posted on line...we’ll all the information posted on line..not any of it works in fact the person at the Newnan branch was no help...they were like so......after 15 years as a customer today I started the process to close my account.... goodbye to what use to be a great company......Bye....Bye....

Banking with DECU

DECU (Delta Community Credit Union) is a great way to bank. They offer friendly associates who are helpful and anticipated my needs since I joined.
Once I had my children we contacted DECU to create accounts for them. The bank assigned me a point of contact and a meeting time that worked with my schedule. During the meeting we discussed the best Saving options for my children. Once the accounts were created they presented a variety of piggy bank options that were a big win with my little ones. The cost fees are low or non existent and I am able to bank for me and my family with assurance that my money and time are respected. Banking with Checking, Savings and investments at DECU has provided me to focus on my short and long term goals for financial success. The only part of the DECU that is under improvement is the Web/Mobile area. They are fast improving this process and I am looking forward to the benefits.

Delta Community Credit Union Response

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I've enjoyed my time with Delta Community Credit Union. I have been a customer with them for almost 7 years and have not had a poor experience with them. Every time I have had an issue with my accounts or, as of recently, my direct deposits for my new job, the customer service has always been easy to comply with and have gone over and beyond my expectations in helping to fix the problem. I enjoy the rewards program that comes with my debit card, and the prizes come in a wide variety including cash back. The biggest complaint (that I'm sure that many other credit union account holders have) come from the lack of options for banks when there is not a branch around. I lived far away from a DCCU branch for the past 4-5 years, and would have to drive to another credit union approximately 30 minutes away from my residence in order to deposit cash or checks, or avoid outrageous ATM fees. I also applied for a credit card, and feel as if this process goes a lot slower than many other financial institutions. Still, the benefits tend to outweigh these negatives.

Absolutely HORRENDOUS!!!!

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Absolutely horrible!!! I will preface this by saying this was partly my fault. I had opened another checking account, transferred my money into it and left a little money in my other checking to cover coffee costs while I waited for my new debit card in the mail for my new account as I'm not near a branch. Well, I inadvertently went over. However, I caught the error of my mistake and called to explain hoping to resolve the issue only to be told we can't help you by a very rude customer service rep., including a manager. I was charged $585.00!!!!!!!!!!! in overdraft charges within a 3 day period. Was not contacted once about it because I had signed up for "Courtesy Pay" which covers you in case of overdraft. What they don't tell you is its $35.00 per transaction. Please explain to me, how the hell that is a Courtesy? Oh sure, we'll allow the $5.00 transaction but we'll bend you over on the overdraft. A "Courtesy CALL" would have been much better and would have stopped the bleeding. Was told they would reverse 2 charges but that there was nothing more they are "able" to do. These weren't $60-70-80 charges, no, these were $4-5-6 Dunkin Donut charges they were tacking on $35.00 to.

These are the people who are supposed to be looking out for your financial interest. No so. That is nothing more than "FINANCIAL RAPE and THEFT"

Again, horribly disgusting way to treat people!!!

Will DEFINITELY be looking elsewhere for a new credit union.

Free checking account

After I graduated college, my bank started charging me a fee for my personal checking account. This is when I decided to look elsewhere, specifically in a credit union. I had heard good things through word-of-mouth about Delta Community Credit Union and decided to sign up. Their personal checking accounts were free, which was the main drawing point. After signing up, I saw there were many other benefits that have never existed at my old bank. The debit card I used offered reward points. Since I didn't have a credit card, earning rewards for purchases was a huge benefit and made me really love banking with Delta. The customer service was another strong point. Dealing with Delta with issues or mistakes on my part was met with sympathy. At my old bank they treated me like the number on my checking account. They rarely worked outside their strict guidelines or accommodated me with anything. At Delta, if I wanted to get free checks, they did that once a year. Overall, Delta showed they cared about me as a customer rather than just the money I deposited into their bank.

This Bank Is Worthless

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I had just got paid and I had a service that was month to month, I knew I would not be using the service any longer but I paid them by a card in the past I had closed down the card to keep them from getting to my money and delta community allowed the service to go back into my account and get my money even though I had called and cancelled the service for the month and my debit card associated with that account. The people went into my account got the money after I cancelled and after I had went to the bank to prevent the withdrawal of the money. When ever a company gets money out my accounts it takes weeks and still there is no action by delta community credit union for recovery of the funds. The chip security is crap if the bank is giving away your money. The worthless bank with unethical issues.

2016!!! Alert

I do not like Delta Credit Union!! My son just went through Basic Training and now in AIT! I have power of attorney and they still have gave me and him nothing but hassle's I really hope he transfer's his account to an Military loan account instead of Delta!! No respect, knowledge, or help after asking what else they need for helping our kids as they go through Military fighting for us!! Not acceptable!!

Will Not Do Business With Delta Community Credit Union Again

I have been a loyal member for over 10 years and haven't been late or missed a single payment in over ten seven years. I had a six figure job with perfect credit. Then my wife became disabled and I went three months unemployed. I was rehired by a new company. I asked for a signature loan to allow me to relocate for my new job. The credit union at first approved my loan, based on my credit, but when they found out that I hadn't started my new job yet they disapproved it. They did this despite my new company providing them with my offer letter and all information that the credit union requested. They then changed the criteria and said they needed at least two pay stubs from the new job. In the end, it ended up causing a big inconvenience and significant expense for me. What is the point of having perfect credit, if you can't use it when you need it. I am now employed again and making decent money. I will not entrust Delta Community Credit Union with money again due to their disloyalty.

Delta Community Credit Union: Much Better Than a Bank

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My first experience with Delta Community Credit Union was in 2011. At the time, I was working over 30 miles away from my home, and it was the closest credit union to my job. Although I had credit union relationships elsewhere, Delta Community Credit Union is part of the CUNA (Credit Union National Association) network which allows members (of other credit unions) to utilize their services. This means that anyone who has an account with a CUNA-affiliated credit union, can utilize Delta branches to do deposits, withdrawals, and wire transfers. In addition, they handle balance inquiries. At one point in time, one had to be a Delta Airlines employee in order to setup a Delta Community Credit Union account so, the accommodations that they provide for CUNA members is wonderful. To date, I have received excellent service from the employees at 3 Delta branches all located throughout the Georgia metro region. I am pleased with Delta and highly recommend them. I think they are much better than a bank.

Delta Community Credit Union is awesome!

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I have been with Delta Community Credit Union for over three years now and I really love it! They don't charges a whole bunch of fees and even give you one to two times overdraft forgiveness where you don't have to pay a 25 dollar fee for overdrafting your account. You can deposit or withdrawal money with them through the ATMs at each facility. Or you can deposit or withdrawal through their outside drive thru or go inside. They do not charge a monthly fee to bank with them like big companies such as Bank of America or Wells Fargo. The only thing I wish is that they had more ATMS that linked to their Credit Union. They have really good customer service and a nice and friendly staff. They also have nice facilities that are mostly new. I would recommend to many people and have already recommended them to a few of my friends. They also give you 25 bucks for every referral you bring!

Good Credit Union - Terrible Website

I've been with Delta for over 10 years and have had nothing but good experiences with support and had no issue with savings/checkings. The problems I have encountered were not the fault of Delta, but from some obtuse regulations that make mobile banking frustrating (such as the account transfer limit). I have had issues with my debit card's magnetic strip, but support has always been quick to resolve that.

The website is a whole other story. They attempted some changes that seem mostly positive, but overall they do not have a serious security mindset when it comes to their website (sadly the case with most online banks). They did not respond at all nor send notification of response to the heartbleed zero day, not even a recommended password reset. The website was ugly and obtuse to use, but recent changes have resolved this somewhat so my rating for web/mobile experience is 2 stars instead of 1. General navigation used to be bad, but has improved.

The fees are fairly standard and does include the unpopular "courtesy pay" fees, which can become quite expensive. Interest rates for savings accounts are low and disappointing, but nothing that that is abnormal to other credit unions and banks. I have been hit with the ugly $35 courtesy pay fee. Sadly, these overdraw fees are described as a "feature" that you can't opt out of, but you can opt out of the courtesy pay plus.

Great CU!

Delta Community Credit Union is one of the best CU's I've ever used! I've been with them for 5 years, and my experience has been fantastic. From the first day I opened my account, the service has been top notch. I love the fact that they can make your check card right at the branch locations. No more waiting for cards in the mail! This is especially handy when your check card wears out a lot, like mine... The only draw back from Delta, is that their iOS app isn't great. It's good, but you can do mobile check deposits (at least not yet). Aside from that, I couldn't ask for anything more from them.

Great Credit Union

I love having an account at Delta Community Credit Union. They are always very nice and understanding with questions I may have. They have helped me a lot when something goes wrong with my account and have always been able to fix the problem at a fast pace. If you refer a friend you get some bonus cash and if you are referred by a friend you don't have to put $5 in the savings account for your membership. They have a great program for young adults to help establish credit. Overall this Credit Union is the best!


Delta Community Credit Union is a credit union headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Their customer service is great,fair and competitive. I may take a little longer to speak with a representative but I don't mind because they are very attentive to your needs. They handle or resolve customer service issues immediately and accurately. Delta Community Credit Union do not have many branches in the Metro Atlanta area, but their locations are fairly positioned to serve their customers. I am pleased to be a Delta Credit Union Member.

Great Place to Bank! you feel like family

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This is a great place to bank! they really treat you like family there.
when you enter a Delta Community Credit Union you feel like you are entering your friends house, they knowledge you and they salute you, nothing like big banks that they don't even realize you are there. opening account at DCCU is extremely easy, it takes about 5 minutes. I love going there with my children, they never mind that I am with them. I will always bank here!

Would Not Recommend

In the last year, or so, there has been a definite drop in the quality of service. Long time employees who were super friendly and community oriented are no longer with the company. Instead, I continue to be frustrated by employees who simply don't know what they are doing. I have spoken with a VP about my concerns. I don't get the impression he has ever worked in a branch because his answers are vague and he sounds unsure of what he is saying. I would go down the street and not subject yourself and your money to people who aren't competent.

Have Been A Member Of Delta Community Credit Union For A Quarter Of A Century.

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Have had accounts at various financial institutions since I was a preteen, and have had very good service with Delta Community Credit Union for a quarter of a century.     I have used my accounts online, so I rarely have been in a branch.    Many Americans use the internet to do their banking all around the clock.    Since branches cost money which customers pay for, it is cheaper to use the internet and ATMs.     I hope Delta Community Credit Union keeps up the great service.   Thank you.  

Wonderful Credit Union

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I have a daughter who lives in Atlanta. I had her set-up a checking and savings account at Delta Community CU. Then, once she was a member, I was then eligible and I also set-up a savings account there. They have an office in the Cincinnati area since Delta USED to have a big presense in Cincinnati.

But I can easily do most banking using the Internet. While their system is not the greatest, it is very adequate. When I am visiting in Atlanta, I can go to one of the branches there and conduct business. They have a lot of branches in the Atlanta area.

Plus, I can transfer funds from my account to my daughter's accounts when the grandchild needs something.

I also have a Visa card with them that provides rewards for using it.

The service has been friendly and excellent. BTW, right now at .25%, their savings interest rate is one of the highest around on a basic savings account.

Nothing But Good Experiences!

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I've been using this CU for years, and I've always had good experiences. The customer service has always been good, they've always been very accommodating, and all of my physical encounters have been fine. A few of those that work at my local branch recognize me and are very kind- I would recommend them!

Its Obvious Big Bank Employees Write These Reviews

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Delta Community CU is the best. They pay me interest on savings and checking. As an economics teacher I teach my students how to save their money. I refinanced my auto loan for 3% cheaper at DCCU than i had at a big bank even though i had the same credit score.

All Big banks care about is executive pay, paying for buildings and paying shareholders. Which is why DCCU is the best!

Great CU, Awful Website.

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I love this CU because they have great customer service reps and always have snacks in the lobby. I like the convienance of full access to my other CU this is a huge plus.  Also they have very convienant locations.

But their website is awful.  It is clunky, you must dig and dig for even the most basic things.  I often find myself searching for the same thing each time i need to use it.  But the worst is the Online Bill PAY.  OMG! this is garbage!  No billing lookup, no catagories, no electronic billing statements, the money is pulled from your account days before it is sent and on and on.  Just a load of garbage. 

I am keeping my other CU just to do ONline bill Pay.

The Best Credit Union In Georgia

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Delta Community Credit union gave me a car loan at 4% cheaper than a Bank would with the same exact credit score. I also get way more interest in my savings and checking accounts and there are no monthly charges or minimum balances.

Really Outdated Banking Site And Services, Poor Customer Service, Only Here For The Great Rate That We Got On Home Equity Line Of Credit.

The application process is slow.  The staff is based out of Georgia and is slow to return calls.  Everything is done manually, on paper.  The worst part of this is the terribly outdated website and online banking system.  When I questioned the staff on this one of them had the audacity to disagree with me!  Hello Delta Community Credit Union, please join us in the year 2011 and update your banking website.  I don't doubt there are security holes in the site.  I tried several times to get auto transfers set up on the site to pay my loan and only got it working when I spent an hour on the phone with a "customer service rep" who was the one who disagreed with me.  Hmm, I would bet I was hitting some bug that was "nudged through" when I complained about the issue.


Bank Rating

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We went from a bank to the Delta Community Credit Union, and it was the best choice for us due to the incompetence of the banks we were using.

Terrible Service & Support

After my wife and I married we decided to merge our separate bank accounts.  She had used a credit union several years ago (in an adjoining) state and was very happy with it, so we decided to open accounts with DCCU because it was near our home (for convenience).  We should have paid attention to the warning signs when we first went in - the place was set up like the old "Wa-Mu" (Washington Mutual) open concept/design where you had a central desk to clear first and then went to separate teller desks (we both HATE that operation and look).  Once we waited for nearly 1 hour to see someone about opening an account we nearly left because they couldn't "find" my SSN in the "system" (we were told something was wrong with my credit report - later I found out that there was nothing wrong with it), so we used my wife's (without any issues).  After setting up everything and getting the bill-pay accounts set up I noticed how bad their online software was (compared to other "big" banks like Wachovia or Fidelity Bank) - it looked amateurish and was very clunkly to navigate.  Next problem was their "system" kept cancelling our login and we had to reset it 7-8 times in the first 2 months.  My wife decided to inquire about a car loan and wound up getting 3 different quotes from different people (2.5% to 13.75% rates - HOW does that happen??). The last straw just happened - their bill pay system did not pay a credit card (the system shows a date and an amount, but nothing was processed AND they did not notify us) - I found out when my delinquent credit card statement showed up. I called their online/bill pay 800# only to be told that they couldn't access my account without a SSN - when I inquired why they couldn't just use our account number the operator said they were an outsourced call center. I finally had to call the general 800# and was switched to 4 different people just to find out what happened (the last person was going to call me back because their "IT people were in a meeting").  

We're done. We're moving our account to a "real" bank. How are these clowns still in business???


They offer no protection for fraudulent charges on your account and have the worst customer service of any bank I have ever used in 30 years...I have told all friends and family to close their accounts.  They do not respond to calls, requests, and lose any disute information you fax or mail...Caveat emptor!!!  I wish I had never started banking with them and actively qorking to find a better CU like wings financial!  I cannot stress how awful they are in every way!  Heaven help its members...I have also heard numerous stories fromother Delta employees...they also share personal information with your employer...or at least Delta...I am filing complaints with state of GA office of thrift supervision and suing them!!!

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