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Bate And Switch

My husband opened an account at a Desert Financial branch. He had (or so he thought) acquired a part-time advertising opportunity and the company had sent a check so he could go get the merchandise branding artwork put on his vehicle. The day he went into the location to open the account he inquired with the staff to ensure the check was valid. He was told by the woman that it was good and she had seen other patrons with checks from the same bank come in before so not to worry. So they deposited it and made a small amount available to my husband right away. Well, a few days later the nightmare came to light. The bank the check was drawn off from retracted the funds and deemed the check fraud. The branch contacted my husband to discuss this. Of course, he advised that this matter would get cleared up within the next 30 days and asked if he would lose his account over this because he wanted to switch his SSDI check over to Desert Financial. He was assured by the staff again that all would be good as long as the account was corrected within 30 days. This all occurred between Aug 2 and Aug 5th. Today, my husband walked into the branch with the full amount needed to correct his account. Less than 30 days later, and the representative he spoke with told him both is checking and saving accounts were closed, that he was not allowed to have an account with this credit union again. WHY DID YOU LIE? There are laws that allow you to take action against people who default so why lie to someone? If you were going to close the account anyways just say it. You are not the only victim here. My husband lost more than the few dollars owed to you (which was paid back with funds he didn't have, had to borrow because it was important to him to make it right with you). You are horrible for your deceit just as the person who lured my husband in is. Disgusting!

Terribly Incompetent!

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Absolutely incompetent! Before driving 20 miles to the nearest branch, I called and asked them what documents I needed to bring with me in order to open a business account. The customer service rep told me what to bring and I asked four additional times if he was sure this is what I needed, as I didn't want to make a second trip. I even told him that if he was incorrect and the branch required additional paperwork, I would take my money and go elsewhere. He assured me, so my business partners and I made the journey to town, only to find that they did indeed need additional paperwork. I took my money (several hundred thousand dollars) and walked right out the door. If they can't competently handle the basics, why in the world would I entrust them with my hard-earned money????

Great customer service

I had to run into the bank to take care of a debit card situation. My card was no longer working because it had been suspended by the bank for potential fraudulent charges. This was the second in time in two months that someone had gotten a hold of my card information. Not only did the CSR issue me a card on the spot, she also upgraded my account so that we were not paying the higher cost of fees. It was an appreciated gesture since we had been long time customers and had not asked for this do be done, she did ti if her own accord. We were surprised that she had offered to make this change since we were just there to get a new debit card issued.

Caught in the act

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In a matter of a two month time span My debit card was shut down twice for possible fraud charges. Though this was frustrating to have to deal with, the credit union was very helpful. When I was originally notified that there were possible fraudulent activity on my card I ignored it thinking it was scammers. Because I did not immediately contact the bank as requested they locked down my card for further use, which I found out as I was trying to make a purchase and my card was declined. The store I was in happened to have a banking location in it so I stopped in to take care of the issue. As I was dealing with the teller, she pulled up my account info and while we were waiting for my new card to generate she noticed the type of account I had and informed us that she could switch our checking account over to another type of account that would lower the fees associated with the current account. Though I was irritated to have my debit card info stolen, the thieves were not able to purchase anything using my card and I ended up with an account that had lower fees associated with it.

Great Bank

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This credit union feels like a small town institution. When we go to the bank it's never been a bad experience, all the staff from managers to clerks are very friendly and knowledgeable. We have used this credit union for checking and savings. The services provided are professional and useful, and our rates in savings are very favorable. The checking account has a service charge, but not too bad. The online services are user friendly and easy to use. We are able to do a great deal of banking online which is very useful to us. There are some times that we can do the majority of our banking from home. We have been very pleased with the services provided and will certainly continue to use their services for the foreseeable future.

Awful Service

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I've tried to work with this bank, but they seem to be dead set on charging fees for everything. My main bank is BofA and I'm moving everything there today. I work at Maricopa CC and I've heard similar stories from fellow faculty who refuse to bank with them. For one, I took out a low interest auto loan. I typically pay double what is due so to pay it off early. Today they phoned and said I was 14 days late and needed to come in to pay a $28 fee. WHAT!? I went in and explained I pay double so what gives---a snarky young girl said I must be 3 months ahead in payments only or face fees or be turned into a credit agency. Since Jan 2015 I'd paid about $1500 when I owed about half that. Wow. I'm done with them as they are Fee Monsters!
In other states CU were nicer and worked with customers. I should have listened to my co-workers and avoided it. In the next few weeks I will remove all accounts and be done with them.

Desert Schools makes my day!

Every time I start to research something I need, I find out Desert Schools probably offers the service.

I've been able to consult with Will and Trust attorneys, Retirement planning advisers, car and home insurance agents, all in addition to my regular banker. And all for free.

Always helpful and knowledgeable, without nickle and dime-ing me in fees!

Desert Schools is Great!

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I have banked with Desert Schools for about 17 years--I joined just after I became a teacher because, at the time anyway, it was only open to educators. Now, though, DSFCU is open to anyone I gather.

I have found that the credit union has been consistently excellent in service both in person and over the phone. Their website is easy to use, secure, and constantly available (that is, rarely down).

The one negative I would say is that their mobile app is a little hinky--when I try to deposit a check via my phone it doesn't always work. I think that is because their app doesn't allow me to take a picture of a larger than normal check. Thus, I have to go to the physical bank which I do not like to do. Other than that, I would highly recommend DSFCU to anyone needing a credit union!

Awful, Just Plain Awful

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Wish I had never started a bank account there, I have found each subsequent bank and credit union better. They are dishonest with their fees and how they administer them. I was very poorly treated and disappointed by their policies. I have never written a single bad review in my life, but I felt like my relationship with desert schools warranted such a review.

Desert Schools, the best ever

Desert Schools is a great Credit Union to work with. I have banked with them for around 10 years and have never had an issue with them. If ever I have a question, they are quick to want to help so I'm left feeling confident in them. It is the kind of place where they remember your name and seem sincerely interested in helping you with all of your banking needs. Lately, I have used their online check cashing and have been happy with this new service. They have a great online app and website that makes banking easy day or night from home or while I'm out. I'd highly recommend Desert Schools to anyone looking for a bank that is reliable and customer friendly.

Good overall customer service

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Desert Schools is well known for experienced services and a friendly smile. All the basics are here for a good customer experience. Thanks for going the extra mile.

Super Nice and Helped Me Out!

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About 2 years ago, I called Desert Schools Credit Union to apply for a car loan. I had just "OK" credit and wasn't sure I would get approved for any car. A friend of mine told me that Desert Schools is the best. I had thought that you needed to be a student or already have a bank account with them to be accepted, but I was advised that is not the case. So, I got their phone number from the website and gave them a call. The lady who helped me was extremely nice and made me feel important. The process was painless (even though I was scared I would be declined a loan). She gathered my information and was just as excited for me as I was for myself. I could tell that she really enjoyed helping people get loans. I told her that I was hoping to get this awesome Mercedes Benz that I found from a private seller and wanted to see if I could get a loan before I wasted the owners time even test driving. The car was about 3 years old at the time with only 23,000 miles on it, but again I was worried that my credit score would make me ineligible for a loan. She put me on hold to see if I could get approved. I was biting my nails in anticipation, but the wait wasn't very long. She came back on the phone and cheerfully told me that I was approved and to go test drive it! I could not believe it! She gave me a number to get back to her and secure the loan. I would also need to open a bank account with them so I could get a further discount on my loan rate and have the bill automatically withdrawn from this account. While I did not end up purchasing that car and using Desert Schools, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to call them again when I buy my next car. Heck, maybe I will call them on Monday and see if they'll refinance my car! If anything, they gave me the confidence I needed to walk into a dealership and get a great deal.

Trying To Get A New Account There And Was Told No

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Every time I go in there for some thing they tell me they have to check my credit even is I open a new account want their today to open a business account and was told they could not do it so I'm taking my business to chase been there going on 6 years and can't get anything but a old checking account there trying to get a loan from them if you don't have great credit you will be told no that place the bigger it gets the worse they are and are slower and lazy people working there I would not go into open an account unless you have great credit I'm done with that shity cu worse service in town so I'm pissed and done with dsfcu there worthless to me it time to move on can't get a loans and account there give them for a business a -100 if I could all I'm saying that the longer your there the less you can get so go to some were else for banking and financial services not dscu

Bill Pay - Double Payments Sent In Error

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I scheduled a reoccurring payment through the bill pay system. It was the same amount every week for just about a year, then all of a sudden the payments were doubled up, causing a domino effect of NSF fees. I called the bank multiple times, and emailed as well. They kept asking if I disputed the charge. I guess calling and emailing about it over and over doesn't justify a dispute, although when I asked if there was a "special" form I needed to fill out they didn't respond. Long story short, the bank owed me $350.00 and third time I called and talked to 3 different supervisors over a 2 hour period resulted in them only refunding a total of $154.00. They insist it was not a bank error.

Poor Customer Service

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Worst customer servioce I've ever experienced.

Don't ever dispute a merchange charge, they will side with the merchant every time costing you time and money.

Stay away from this credit union, terrible to do business with.

Terrible Bank

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Joined them back in 2002. Loved them at the time. Flash forward 10 years, and they are no different then a Wells Fargo. No longer care for the customer.

Desert Schools

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I have been with desert schools now for over 3 years, started with a personal account and then later opened a business account. I was happy with the Friendly service. It is now almost June of 2011 and I think this has been the worst year and experience ever with Desert Schools Credit Union that I have seen. When I set up my business account I was told that I was not able to draw money when the account had a lack of funds, well come to find out when I opened My e pal account that I had around 9 NSF charges on it. I then went to the Local Desert Schools to bring attention to the issue in which a familiar teller tried her best to take care of the issue removing 3 of the NSF fee charges know that I am not supposed to be able to overdraw on the account. The teller spent hours on the phone with the main branch of Desert Schools letting them know that I never authorized any changes on the account. well 1 month later we are back to square on the Date is 5/30/11 and I logged in to my e pal account and discovered a almost the same problem that happened.. over $300 in NSF fees alone...If you are starting a small Business I would recommend staying away from Desert Schools at all costs..if you have had a similar problem please post 
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