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Good customer service.

I've been banking with ESL for a little over 5 years now and although it has some negatives which all banks do for the most part I enjoy the customer service I have always been given. If I ever have a question they are more than happy to answer and if there is a problem with my account they are right on top of making sure the issue is fixed fast. On top of that they are very friendly and I feel treat me with a great deal of respect.

Great local credit union

ESL was the first bank I ever used to open up a checking and savings account. I have been with them fr almost 5 years now and have no complaints. Every time I have had a problem their customer service has been wonderful. For example one time I used the check depositing feature on the app and accidentally submitted $100 instead of the $1000 that was really on the check. I panicked and called customer. They were very kind and fixed the problem immediately. ESL has things the big banks have such as an app in the apple app store and online check depositing. They also have a great owners dividend on savings accounts. So, in January I receive my owners dividend which is a n ice amount of money. This company excels above some of the national banks that I have used. Their customer service and advanced technology is why I will stick with this bank for a very long time.

I Can Not Belive How I Was Treated

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I have been with ESL Bank since I was 18 and I applied for a loan when I was 20 and was denied. (That's cool I expected that I was young). Now I'm 24 and I applied for a loan and a credit card to "HELP BUILD MY CREDIT " and I was denied again. How do they expect me to ever build my credit??? But the sad part about it is they weren't even bold enough to call me and tell me I wasn't approved they gave me the run around. When I called they talked down to me and talked in babel. I will not have any accounts there as of next week!!! Thanks for nothing !!! I am done with you ESL. They love to give money away in the community but for me the member, I get the shaft and nothing. No loan and no Visa. Their "we answer to you" is a joke, should be "once we have your money, its ours" to do as we please with. I need to find a real credit union, not one in name only! They make me sick.

Beware Of This Credit Union!!

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Some representatives in Greece branch and Main office downtown were not professional, lack sophistication and common sense.

The managers did not return my calls and an assistant manager told me that her manager was in a meeting with all managers. In other words, there was no one to address my concerns and help me resolve an issue which arose from these personnel. The assistant manager talked to me in baby talk.

I am very disappointed and it is time to say goodbye to ESL! I am appalled by the treatment which demonstrates to me that they have way too many people doing absolutely nothing. It is good to employ people, but maybe they should choose better people. Their new greeting asks you how they can make your day better? Stay away... Summit FCU has great service and I will be moving there.

Its Banking Only Worse

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ESL truly does not care about their customers at all. If I could I would give this bank less then one star. My whole family has this bank and when I call customer support because I see problem on my online banking, they are not ready to help at all, they are ignoring what I'm telling to them and after I'm done talking they just continue whit what ever they were learn to say when somebody call. On top of that they were arrogant, mean and were trying to make me feel like I'm idiot the whole time I was on the phone with them. It would truly be better if ESL would not offer customer support at all than offering such a bad one.

I talked to two people when I call them. First it was a lady that was very mean and was cutting me off when I was talking. When I asked her to talk to someone else it took some time to talk to other person. When they pick up it was clear that lady I talked to told him what was going on because when I explain him her unhelpful and mean behavior he did not even apologize or react, actually he was just quiet. Very unprofessional. If I recall correct he said he was manager of customer service. I can't say I'm surprise that customer service is so bad, after talking to him.

Well after one hour of calling them and getting no help at all I decided to send them message. I explained what happened and asked them if they can help me. I got no respond at all. I guess ESL Bank is incapable of apologizing to their customers, but they are very well trained in ignoring them.

I was always planing to stay with ESL because as I mentioned my whole family is doing banking with them, but they leave me no choice but to search for new bank. And the sad thing here is, that when I mentioned to them I will have to leave ESL because I got no help from them, they still did not respond to me...because I guess they do not care at all.

Not The Same ESL I Used To Know

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I've been with this bank for many moons and my account number is one of the old Kodak numbers. As of late -- last 2 or 3 years -- I've noticed a change in approach and attitude towards customers. Previously, whenever I asked for help, ESL was right there for me. Lately I have asked them to work with me while I am going through a difficult financial period, and the response I got from the customer service rep was, "I'll send you some register books to keep track of your account." Let me add that the tone was condescending. They just do not care anymore. I do not even know the employees anymore. Its churn and burn. They are gone in 6 months or less.

Thanks but no thanks, ESL.

Not A Nice Place To Bank Anymore

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This credit Union only cares about image in the community. Service and customer satification is second. Their rates are not good, employee turnover high in branches, very rude an pushey tellers trying to sell me something, long lines cause the branches are not staffed well and no personal touch. Dave Feidler the CEO is out passsing money out all over town and trying to be a media star while his credit union is falling apart. Not sure how anyone can say this is a great place to bank. It was a nice place top bank when I worked for Kodak. In the last 10 years it has become horrible. This Credit Union is going the way of Kodak because of the leadership.

Best For People And Small Business

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  Best in the Rochester Area. Excellent Customer service also available by phone in early evening.  They don't charge unnecessary fees.  I had children bounce checks and they forgave them the fees. They also share some profits with the customer based on total interest you paid on Mortages and Loans.

The Best Credit Union To Deal With.

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I have been a customer of ESL since the mid-1980s. In that time, I have had checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages, CDs, and lots of interactions with the staff as well as the website. I regularly pay all my bills using the internet bill pay. ESL does a nice job of updating the site and making it even better from year to year.

At the same time, I have had to deal with the banks of family members to manage their accounts, so I have a point of comparison. In a nutshell there is no comparison. ESL is great.

Hands down ESL continues to impress me. They also, in our area of Rochester NY, have many branches and ATMs, so when I need cash, I don't have to pay to get it. I have convinced many people to switch to ESL and they have thanked me.

The members reward benefit is always a nice surprise this time of year as well. It comes just as the holiday bills come in and eases the way into the new year.

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