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Local bank offers good service and rates

Posted by: jaymebuck | Oct 15, 2017

I've been banking with a local bank, Fidelity bank, for several years. I originally signed up to get some free luggage but found that they are convenient and competitive with much larger banks. I hold a checking account there and do use their ATMs; there are two branches with ATMs within a couple miles of where I live. And they usually have out fresh cookies so good motivation to go to the bank! Their checking fees are competitive and they compare favorably with any other bank I've used, and they are great at customer service - never a line and always friendly. I've had to wire money overseas and they are efficient and professional, which helps when doing something I'm not too familiar doing. They offer several types of accounts and seem open to meeting offers from other banks, so there really is no downside and a lot of upside to bank with Fidelity.

Fidelity Bank - Georgia's go-to, small town bank.

Posted by: mistihahn | Apr 27, 2017

Fidelity bank is a local bank to Georgia residents. They provide all of the typical services a bank offers, however, they offer a level of small-town, local feel that you just don't get with big banks. When you go in, every one knows you. They know your name, where you live, what you do for a living, etc. Their rates are on par with all other banks. Nothing really special there. Their loan services are also fairly average. Their customer service is where they really shine. They are a favorite of local residents and companies.

Worst Bank Ever

Posted by: John Smith | Jan 3, 2017

On top of the fact that this bank randomly freezes my BUSINESS check card and requires me to call in to unfreeze it so that I can spend MY MONEY, they do not have 24 hour customer service. So, on Friday night as I was taking a client out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, my card was declined. The bill was only around $50 so I couldn't understand what the problem was. Luckily I had cash to pay the bill, but when I called into the customer service number they were closed for the weekend! Froze my card and then closed for the entire weekend! On a business account no less! I should have known right then that this wasn't the bank for me, but I persevered and chalked it up to a one-time thing or so I thought. Since then (about six months ago), they have frozen my card at least twice and have made me call in to unfreeze it.

Additionally, I had a charge on my account from a vendor that didn't deliver the services that were promised so I told the bank's rep on the telephone and he told me the only way I could dispute it was to go into a branch and fill out a form. So after having to physically drive to the bank, fill out a form with an entire written explanation, and providing proof of the incident I waited...and waited. The charge was for $55 so I didn't think it would take that long but after 20 days I finally received a letter in the mail stating that they had 'investigated' my case and had closed it because the vendor had delivered the service. I was flabbergasted. I called the local rep who spoke with the correct department who informed me that the charge was correct. I told them that it wasn't. We disagreed. I lost. But in the end, I've switched banks and that $55 was the straw that broke the camel's back. Good riddance to this dinosaur.


Posted by: BB123 | Jul 27, 2016

I had fraudulent charges totaling $1,117.50 on my account dating back 6/27/16 to 7/5/2016. I went into the branch on Howell Mill rd 7/5/2016. I spoke with James and completed the paperwork. He assured me the money would be back in my account in 3-5 business days. on 7/15/16 I received a provisional credit of $625.47 for 15 items. I called James again to let him know it was incorrect. He asked that I come back into the branch. For a second time I took off work to handle this. When I arrive to the branch he can't find my paperwork. He and the other employees are looking in drawers and everywhere and do not find it. So we start the paperwork over. I ask how much the total is for the charges he is submitting. I get a calculator, add the fraudulent charges and subtract the credits and tell him that it is incorrect. He proceeds to tell me that I am wrong. I Calculated it again for him and tell him that it is $31.06 short. I also let him know it is short by 2 charges. He divides $31.06 by 2 and tells me there are no charges for that number. I am shocked at the incompetency! All the other employees are leaving even though the branch is not closed and they see that I am visibly upset. I tell him that this is ridiculous and it should not take this long to get my money returned. He goes on to say that these things take time. I tell him that I previously worked in banking for 10+ years and have never seen such ridiculousness. He then said I should know that these things take time. I leave very frustrated. On July 20, 2016, I still had not received the funds so I called the branch on Ponce de Leon and spoke with James M and described the situation and told him that I prefer not to deal with the Howell Mill branch. I send him a spreadsheet of the charges and he said he would take care of it. Afterwards James S calls and says he is still working on it. On July 18, 2016 there was an additional provisional credit for $35.49 and on 7/20/16 I receive another provisional credit for $425.48. I email James M back with the spreadsheet and the credits added and inform him that I am still short $31.06. I get no response from him. On 7/27/2016 I get an email from James Simmons and a list of the charges that have been credited back and he also said if I have any additional charges that I need to go into any branch to start the process. I email him back my spreadsheet which I have added which charges were taken care of and which were outstanding and ask him to fix it immediately. He emails back "Per my management team please follow steps from last email to file claims for items." This all should have been taken care of 7/5/16. A simple calculation would have worked.

Online And Mobile Apps Quite Frustrrating

The online website requires a separate Username and Password for billpay. The website asks for a new Password at almost every signon.
The Mobile App does the same. Check deposit is very unreliable. It will accept a deposit and the next day you may receive a message stating that the check image is not good enough.
But this bank is that it has accounts with no fees, so one has to weight that into account.

Great Bank

Before moving out of state, I had an account with Fidelity Bank for many years. The tellers were always pleasant and looking up my information online was always a breeze. I had a situation where I wrote a check to someone in a private transaction, but the product I was buying ended up being a complete scam. Within 24 hours of writing the check, I contacted the bank to see what my options were and if there was anything I could do to recoup my money. I had already returned the product (dropped it off at their location), so the bank suggested I put a stop payment on the check. I went ahead and did that and luckily that worked (the item was $2000, so not something you would want to just let pass). The customer service people at the bank gave me great advice, and they didn't give this guy any of my information (new address or phone number) so that he could take any more advantage of me than he already had. Long story short, Fidelity Bank really cares about its customers and I loved being a customer of theirs.

Bugs In Their Software

Posted by: lpainter | Sep 24, 2013

For the life of me, I cannot understand their system when it comes to posting transactions. They seem to have A LOT of bugs in their software. Ledger Balance, Available Balance, Current Balance... Oh my! What does it all mean?? I've been banking (both professionally and personally) for over 20 years, and I've never been so confused in my life. I've banked with the big banks to online banks, and I have never in my life been so freakin confused. I make a deposit, and it posts but there will be a negative balance, but there shouldn't be. Oh, and be careful if you transfer money to a savings account. Make sure nothing is PENDING, or they will ding you with a fee. Then you call their Customer Service, and they can't explain anything because what they see on a customer's accout (via their internal system is far different than what a customer sees on their online banking) So you have to go to the branch, and they will agree that their system has issues. Their internal system vs online (what the customers use) are very different  I like banking locally, and they seem friendly, but seriously, get the kinks worked out!  I'm over it! 

I Love My Bank

Posted by: dtd711 | May 17, 2013

I've been with this bank specifically the Roswell branch for about 10 years and it rocks!!!  I have always had great service!!!  Beth, Mary and Kathy are the greatest.  if you want a bank that knows and remembers you by face, name and helps you when you need it go to Fidelity Bank!  And my checking is free and all these other banks want to charge me for checking.

Poor Customer Service

Posted by: Kellie | May 4, 2013

I have been with this bank since the 1990s and have been a great customer.  With this history, they still provided me very poor customer service during some recent transactions; if it wasn't such a hassal, I would dump them.  I don't really know what other banks are like, but I would not recommend doing business with this bank.


I had this bank for 2 years I always had account issues, people are so rude, my card gets blocked all the time can't even make any purchases, I have to call to unblock my card by re setting my pin, and now I haven't used this card for about 4 or more months and I tried to make a deposit to my account the lady said ur account is closed they closed it because I didn't spin my money how stupid, and they asked if I wanted to re open the account, I said no hell way, they treat people so wrong I hate them, don't bank with them.


Simply put... If you are trying to use your card from outside of the state, it may be declined. When you call to discuss the issue you get a message that is useless. Don't open an account with this bank if you plan on using the card out of Georgia, on weekends and before and after bank hours. They DO NOT HAVE 24hrs HOUR SUPPORT with a manner that you can speak to somebody. Luckiily I use more than one bank... and no longer will do business with such a meager institution.

Just my 2 cents

compliance guy

Terrible Group Of Imbecils.

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 22, 2011

I have a loan out with Fidelity through no choice of my own. They have lost so many checks I have mailed to them because they do not have online bill pay. They are incredibly inept and have charged me a couple of hundred dollars in late fees, and waited until it got that high to tell me my payments were late. I changed my pay date, and the late fees continue to originate on the same date in the first part of the month when my due date is at the end. The person who deals with all their auto claims barely speaks English, and barely understands it, and has screwed my account over numerous times. I sent them a check for $3000 that they put to principal, and then the next month told me I was 2 months behind on my payments and they were going to repossess my car.

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