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Holds Funds Hostage.

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In all of my entire existence on this planet I have had many experiences with customer service for a variety of organizations and institutions. Most have been positive.
Yes, I had some trouble with AT&T insulting my aging parents ability to manage a cell phone, but I dumped them within minutes and never looked back.
Of course Comcast comes to mind with their terrible reputation and I would even give them a C- minus after dumping them and never looking back.
By far, and I do mean by far the worst, absolute worst, like absolute zero worst experience I have ever had with customer service over the course of the last two months has been with Fifth Third Bank.
Their policies and conduct and personnel all need a major overhaul.
Will they do it? Of course not. They have to many "assets" to ever think something is wrong.
So maybe I can't just dump them and never look back but as an avocation, I can tell the truth about this dismal failure of Bank as far as my voice can carry until the last day that I ever have to interact with them. That I can do and that I will do.
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Worst Bank Out Of My 19 Credit Cards

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I have a 100% history of payment in 18 credit cards. Only one credit card I have issues with, 53 bank. After I had the second issue with them (due to the long process compare to other banks to link an external account so no automatic payments possible) I went to a branch, paid all the balance, but surprise it seems like the person at the bank made a mistake and for just 1 dollar I have 6 MONTH LATE PAYMENTS. A credit of way more than 700 is now at 589. THANKS 53 BANK!!!!
If there were a ZERO in the rate that is what I would have rated you with. I will take my business other place.

Branch Would Not Break A $50 Bill

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When I was visiting a relative in Tennessee, I walked into a branch to break a $50 bill. The teller told me they cannot make change for me because I was not a customer. Um, what?? It is a $50 bill, cash, to be broken into 2 $20's and a $10 or 5 $10's - cash for cash. Nope. I have never seen such poor service and a petty refusal of a reasonable request. I vowed right then and there that I would not ever do business with this bank. They are expanding in my state and good luck with that if the service is that poor going forward.

Fifth Third Fees

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For the last several years Fifth third was pretty good. However that changed especially with the credit card. I always use it pay it off every week. Evidently they figured that they will stop me from making payments until they charge interest pretty sure it should not be legal

Worst Experience, EVER

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This was the worst experience I have ever had, with any type of support interaction, for anything in my life.

I work at a software company and deal with customer issues all the time. This is beyond bad.

This bank is totally unprepared to handle customers. They are unreachable and unprofessional. I believe it is an empty warehouse building with a few servers and illegal immigrants answering phones.


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I am an assistant of a local attorney and have been a title researcher for 28 years. I have NEVER had the trouble speaking with an individual as I had today in trying to speak with a representative of 5th/3rd. I am attempting to clean up a title for our client but because THE BANK is unable to find out who their customer is, the title will remain in limbo. This is an unacceptable solution to a very simple issue that every other bank we work with would have NO problem solving. Customers beware!!!

Fifth Third Bank Making This Year A Fifth Third Worse

I've been with fifth third well over 20+ years and used to love them but not this year.
I love their early assess my advance feature.
But this year it's definitely a fifth third worse.
They closed our local branch. The nearest now an hour away. Not to worry the ATM is still open. And I received a letter stating that I can still use the ATM for most banking needs.
So the wife waited weeks for her retirement withdrawal as we struggle since she's no longer able to work. Fifth third closed her account due to this since she could no longer deposit.

Well she finally gets a small check in may which with no account signs over to me. Which I deposit in my account with no problems. Went right through. Which sets a precedent in my mind.

When the retirement check comes. She signs it over to me the exact same way. I deposit it without a worry. Remember? A fifth third better.
Nope. The next day it didn't post. So after talking to 2 chat reps then calling a customer service agent. I'm told they are sending it back and I can drive an hour for simple deposit and back. A fifth third better for me? How?

Also do you think they are sending the check from the ATM back? Nope. Some kind of replica that they will honor after I make my 2 hour drive.

Will my other local bank honor it so I can take care of it locally? I'm told they don't know but they will honor it. So that must mean no. So this check was deposited the 21st here it's the 28th still waiting to get the facsimile check back in the mail. A fifth third better.

If I'd took the wife to the local bank and opened up an account it would have been deposited.
So I no longer recommend fifth third bank. Nor do I trust it anymore. That's a bad way to do a customer who has been with them and supported them decades.
Don't cash checks with fifth third bank ATM unless you want to wait weeks or a month to get it back.
Very disappointed.
Opened an account at the local mid southern bank for check cashing and pretty much everything else. Won't be using fifth third like I used too.


Over a year ago someone stole our identity and took out a loan from Fifth Third. We have two letters from their corporate office absolving us from the loan, but they keep sending us bills and turned us over to a debt collector who dropped our case because we had documents from the Bank proving we did not owe that money. Fifth Third is still sending us the bills every month. We have tried calling and calling. There is no resolution from them. It is now simply in their computers to bill us and they could care less. Harassment. It's not our loan. They even told us they caught the person. Do they really need to be harassing us? Are there real people who work there who care about the middle income person?

Fifth Third Cancelled My Credit Card Account Without Notice And Kept My Reward Money

I was a customer in good standing for several years. Due to Illness and COVID, I did not use my account for six months. Without any notice, Fifth Third cancelled my account due to inactivity and kept all my cash-back rewards points. I explained my situation but they couldn’t care less and stated they had a right to do this. I asked them to reinstate my account but they refused and also refused to pay me for my cash rewards, effectively ripping me off for them. I suspect they are doing this to customers so they can forfeit and keep their rewards. Fortunately I only had $37 in cash-back rewards but I could have had hundreds of dollars if I hadn’t regularly cashed them out.
I have been banking for over four decades with many banks and have never been treated in such an appalling manner. I would stress avoiding any dealing with this bank like the plague. The worst treatment of a customer I have ever heard of. They should not even have a banking license. Keeping customers’ reward money earned in good faith is nothing short of legalized theft.

New $500 Promo Account

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Walked to a local office with a self-emailed promo code.
It took around 20 minutes for a local representative to set my account. The bank staff is very nice and professional. I was suggested to increase funding up to $25k, leave $600 on my checking and move rest of the money to 1.90% Money Market Saving. This rates should be stable up to 02/2020. According to the representative it will be counted together for $500 bonus. Finished by a push ACH transfer.
So far all looks good.

5/3 Bank Customer Service Failure

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Unable to do even the simplest task. I've been trying to have them update something on my account for many years. I did everything they asked of me, brought in all the documents. Multiple people told me it was handled every time I brought it up. I went to multiple physical locations, called, and emailed. Yet it still occasionally appears on my account. If they can't manage to update simple information I fear what would happen if I had a major account issue. I would not recommend 5/3 Bank to anyone.

Bad Service

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I've been banking at MB bank for 45 years. However Fifth Third bank recently bought MB bank 3 months ago. Management has reduced tellers and officers to the point of IMPOSSIBLE SERVICE. Tellers are back up for 20 minutes waiting in line. I am in the restaurant business so $ are deposited 3 times a week. We try to call first for a change order and that is impossible to contact them. 50% of the time you will get a recorded message. I send them a letter telling them of my dissatisfaction and never got a reply. They really don't care about their customer service. I just opened up an account with First Midwest Bank in Highland and Wow---Great personal service like I never saw before

Low Value For Your Money.

Closed convenient downtown branch. Obsessed with fees. CD rates are not competitive.

Poor First Showing

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Fifth Third just took over MB Bank and are making a mess of things. They screwed up my bank transactions so that they are not able to be received in my Quicken. They told me I would have to do it manually. In other words, I can't use Quicken to keep track of my expenses, but must do it manually. What a crock! They also screwed up on disseminating precise instructions to users on how to access their accounts once they make the changes. Bad start and this is a warning that I must move my money from them.

Love To Lose Your $? Then Sign Up With Fifth Third

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Double charged and left with a $1,200 overdraft by Fifth Third.
Lots of apologies. No action. Took 2 weeks to get my money back.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg of incompetence.
Since they bought my mortgage, I spend an hour a month on the phone clearing up their screw ups.
Avoid like the plague!

Best For Me

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Walked in after corporation collapsed no job 63 years old. The Bank VP went right into action and got all my money out from the investment Co. that was trying to squander it for themselves. It is all mine now and invested in conservative and secure accounts .Not making a ton of money but 6% is guaranteed.for life. I now have more cash money than before I retired. As an investor I don't pay any fees.

Absolutely Totally Not A Good Customer Service Provider

I have banked with this place for years. I knew that there system isn't as up to date as others.. for example my direct deposit doesn't show until 9 am while my husband's bank shows his direct deposit at midnight. I never really cared until you need their help in a dispute/fraud case. There response isn't professional at all. I have never had a dispute until now and after hours on the phone and personally going to bank my account has been debited and credited multiple times all as a result of an "banking investigation error"... so I am just out 181.00 dollars due to banking errors since October. They don't play by the rules! We trust these people with our money and they have given me the raw end of the deal. So after hours at the bank and being on the phone to every person and every department I am just waiting to see how much more is taken out of my account. They have lost my accounts as well as my 3 children's. I warn you to watch your account daily and never expect your disputes to be handled correctly.

Good Deal

I saw an internet ad for a $200 sign on bonus, I opened up an acct. @ the 192 branch by DZNY. Got $200 added to my acct. in 6 wks.
As we all know DZNY prints there own $$$ now and has big projects. In 2011 DZNY cried the poor me and all the contractors werent paying benefit to employees because it was a """market recovery"" job. After the new dumbo rides/tents , etc. were all done ........... Guess who got their market recovery??? DZNY............jacked up ticket prices another $5-$10.
Get ready for a new hike.............

Bad Customer Service

I had an emergency surgery last year and thought I had some of my bills set up for auto-draft. Something went wrong and the bills weren't paid. Once I got out of the hospital I contacted the bank to see what happened but they weren't completely sure. The bills didn't get paid on time so I had to deal with the companies needing paid. It was quite a mess. I eventually got things fixed but it cost me several hundred dollars in fees both with the bank and with the missed bills. The bank never could explain exactly what happened.

Not worth it anymore

I used to bank with Fifth Third Bank. They were okay to bank with in the 90's and early 2000's until online baking came around in my opinion. Banks like Fifth Third charge money just to have a bank account with them. Now, there are way better options like Capital One 360 were there are no fees for anything. I didn't see the point of staying with the old style banks anymore.

This is MY bank, I'm happy

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I have been a customer of fifth third bank since 2007 when I got a car loan thru them. When I got my car loan I also started banking thu them and eventually even got a mortgage thru them. There customer service has always been prompt and thorough. I have never been let down by them, if I have a question I do not hesitate to go in an ask someone or give them a call. I've especially been happy with my checking account. The fees are nominal and I've never had any issues with access to it. Their online banking is easy to use and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a bank.

Why change a good thing?

I am all for updating systems, but sometimes familiarity works best. I have banked with Fifth Third for years and have always enjoyed their easy to navigate online payment system. However, recently they have "updated" the site to a new format and I am not impressed. While the update is not terrible, it's layout is not very good. For starters, the main page which displays all of your accounts is bland, wasting tons of usable space on the screen. The navigation panel has been moved to the left of the screen and there is no longer a selection of links at the top of the page. It seems to me like they are trying to copy the design of Chase Bank's online site (which is much better), but have fallen far short. Overall, I don't really see what they upgraded besides moving everything around to different places on the page. They certainly have not optimized the experience.

Fifth Third Bank is great

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My husband and I have had a joint checking and individual checking accounts with 5/3 Bank since we got married over 8 years ago. We have had very few issues with our checking accounts and, when we have had issues, they were resolved fairly quickly. We also have 2 savings accounts and an additional 2 savings accounts in our children's names'. There has been no issues with the savings accounts and my children loved the goodies they received when we opened their accounts. I have spoken with Customer Service multiple times over the year regarding overdraft fees and when my debit card number was stolen and unauthorized purchases were made. Customer service at 5/3 is excellent and they have always worked diligently to correct anything that has gone wrong. I like how, if you have certain types of accounts with 5/3, that you don't have a monthly fee, which, in our case, we have multiple checking and saving accounts as well as our mortgage. I have been very happy with our choice to bank at 5/3 and would highly recommend it to others who have access to a 5/3 bank.

Good bank gone bad

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Fifth Third bank is a regional bank with online banking options. Online features are limited but ever growing. The bank does offer tons of fraud protection and decent enough online banking features, just nothing spectacular for setting up new accounts or features to achieve goals. Often times you even have to call them to simply change your password! The bank has amazing customer service, but overall terrible/sub standard products. They have fees for $$$ falling below a decent level ($1500) or unless you have direct deposits. Fees for multiple different services. In exchange for your fee you get nothing new over any other bank. No higher interest rates, no new exciting investment vehicles or services... just regular run of the mill banking services you can get from anywhere. The bank offers average or slightly below rates for interest and slightly above or average rates for fees. All in all the bank is a bit sub standard. I will reiterate it does have amazing customer service from employees, but its online banking features and its service offerings are all standard or below.

Fifth Third Bank

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I've been a member of this bank for about 3 years now. Every time I've called their customer service I got great service. I don't think they ever put me on hold for more than one or two minutes. They've always stayed on the line with me until all my problems were resolved. They go out of their way to provide their customers with exceptional service. The first time I was thinking about getting a credit card I went into one of their branches and one of their financial advisors sat with me for nearly an hour answering all my questions and providing me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I ultimately decided to get a credit card and received it in the mail well before they said it would come. I've never had a negative experience with Fifth Third Bank.

Fairfield Ohio 53 Bank A Nightmare

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Fairfield Ohio Wessel Drive--I would not recommend this bank. Bank manager advise personal banker to set up our passing father's account into a personal account instead of an escrow account. Per the bank error, they sent back all the checks made out to our father back to the payees and would not honor these checks. We discussed that there would be checks and we would be using this account to handle his affairs and they assured us that there would be no issues. Can't wait to close out this account with 53 because they are a nightmare to deal with.

Not To Be Trusted

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I have banked with 53rd for 3 years now, ever since I moved to Ohio and bought a house, and it has been nothing but problems. The mortgage process with 53rd was slow and frustrating, much worse than when I bought my first house with HSBC. The closing date constantly had to be pushed back because they did not have papers ready when they said. Since closing on my house they failed to pay my home owners insurance out of my escrow account for 9 months, I had to be told by my insurance company that my bill had not been paid. Also they underestimated my escrow requirement, and then overestimated it paying out to me $300 from my escrow and then a month later telling me I owed $2400 to my escrow account or had to increase my mortgage payments $200 for the next 12 months. Yeah that was fun. Additionally online payments are constantly delayed, taking days to post to my account after the bills had been paid. Recently I had a bill payment go through that was an order of magnitude higher than it was supposed to be($2k instead of $200) and although I reached out immediately was told there was nothing they could do. They said they would wave the $25 overdraft fee, and then charged me $150 in fees, but said they could only wave $75.

If you go into a branch they are always nicer and courteous, but I question their competence with every transaction. I would not recommend them for a mortgage or checking account to anyone for any reason. I have no experience with them for loans or credit cards.

Fifth Third Bank

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I am currently the holder of a Fifth Third bank account, debit card and credit card. I have been with this company for over 3 years now and I love it. I have never had any problems with money, fees or any other bank related issues. The one reason I first chose to even open up a bank account with this company was because at that time, they were offering $100 to any new person who opened up an account. Me, being a huge guzzler for savings and money, I automatically took advantage of the offer and opened up an account. I have not regretted it since. There are plenty of ATM's and Fifth Third places where I live and never have any problems transferring, depositing or retrieving money. I definitely recommend this bank.

They STOLE My Money!

I've had nothing but problems with this bank from the start. Recently, they STOLE $1000 from my ATM deposit. They claim that I'll get the $1000 back but it may take a while for it to be "processed and returned." This place is a joke. Save yourself the headache and go to another bank.

Insulting Customer Treatment

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I have been a customer since about 1975. Never had a dispute with them about money amounts. Recently I withdrew cash from an ATM at their branch. One of the twenties I was supposed to get was a five dollar bill instead. After wasting too much time with them, I got a provisional fifteen dollar credit. Then the credit was revoked! I know what I got, but they would not believe me.
I have run a very large amount of money through my accounts over the years but they would not trust me about fifteen dollars!! No 'customer good will' at all.
I closed my accounts.

Fifth Third Bank Surpasses Other BANKS

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My husband and I walked into 5/3 Bank in our neighborhood. We have seen many locations for the 5/3 Bank in our city in South Western Michigan so we thought that would be convenient for us to bank with them. We waited for a person to explain the checking and savings accounts and in a few short minutes our banking professional was calling us to her desk. She looked very knowledgeable and was very warm and accepting to us. We sat and told her we were there to open a new account but wanted to see their plans. She asked us our age which at the time was 58. She smiled broadly and told us about the senior account that starts once a customer turned 60. She said we were close enough in age to qualify for that account. She explained the features which included no charges on the account. Even the checks were free. We were happy about that because we use printed checks. The other features of the account included debit cards which when we used them had no fees for withdrawals. That was a good feature for us. We had on-line banking which is great for me, obsessive as it is, I balance the checkbook almost every day. The best feature that I like is that there are student checking accounts available that are connected to our account. We have two sons that are students and like to transfer their cash right into their account. We can log on to their accounts and see what they are paying for and what money they have available to them. We made our first deposit and walked out with our debit cards and some generic checks. We put an order in for printed checks which we had in one week's time. Free. That was a big plus for us. I do on line banking and pay for the house payment, car payment, insurance and many other bills. I save money on postage and do not have to wait for the mail to deliver the payments to my creditors. I love the locations of the banks. There are five within a mile or two of my home. When we are out of town I can always find a Fifth Third Bank. We went to Boyne City and asked where the bank we wanted was and they pointed out the window a few doors down, even in Northern Michigan, our bank is available and convenient.

Great Back overall

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Fifth third back satisfies all my needs as consumer needing to store my money while still having easy access to those funds. The locations are convenient and easy to locate as well as having an easy to understand layout. All my experiences with employees have been nothing but positive. At my local fifth third the bank tellers are so nice and helpful. I once had an accidental overdraft and I received nothing but helpful tips and eventually my funds were restored. If you are on the fence between what bank to choose I would highly recommend fifth third. I can promise that you will be satisfied with your banking experience as well as the customer service available. They also have many different options for banking that you are bond to find a service that fits what you are looking for. Stop looking for another bank and sign with fifth third! you will not be disappointed.

Technically Weak

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I work as a bookkeeper for two non profits with a total of 6 accounts at Fifth Third.

The tellers and branch employees are their strong suite.

Technically they are weak:

Fifth Third Direct is a disaster. It has lots of glitches and weak technical support.

Their security in all areas may protect them, but cause difficulties for us as customers.

Great service, if you can afford it

I have banked with 5/3 Bank for about 10 years. Whenever I walked into the bank, the tellers would recognize me (no matter what location) and be very friendly. They were always attentive and kind. When I needed euros and pesos to travel internationally, they were able to able to get them in a matter of hours. The service was excellent.

When I was a student in high school and college, I was never charged fees for having checking accounts because I was young. As soon as I graduated from college, they started charging monthly fees for my checking account. I would be fine with that if the few were less than five dollars, but they were 15-30 dollars! I asked to get the fees removed, but they told me that I needed to have a 1,000 dollar minimum in my checking account in order to not have fees. I'm not sure how true that is today, but I was flabbergasted then. As a college student with a lot for debt, how could they expect me to have that much money or to pay the fees? I closed all of my accounts there a while ago and am now banking for free with a credit union.

Fifth Third Bank Unsatisfactory Teller Service

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I had a Fifth Third Bank account in Pittsburgh, PA. I made a deposit last month thinking it was fine. I had been paid by a company I had worked for and deposited the check. The teller accepted the check and gave me a small sum out of it as requested and deposited the rest. Later the bank called me and said that it was a fraudulent check. I had no way of knowing this. I returned the money I was advanced from the check and explained what had happened with my employer. The bank closed my account. I feel the teller should have caught the fraudulent check before I deposited it. And, since it was a teller error, I feel that my account should not have been closed after I had explained what had happened and paid back the advanced money. I don't recommend this bank to anyone.

fifth third is first in my mind

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I have banked with the 5th Third Bank on Richmond Road since the day they opened. I LOVE this bank! They are highly efficient and very friendly. The employees treat me like family. They are efficient and very helpful.

Fifth Third Bank - Worst I've Ever Worked With

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I was unfortunate enough to have Fifth Third Bank purchase my mortgage. They are not able to provide me with any visibility to activity online and to even receive paperless statements I have to get an ATM card ?!? Now they are telling me I have to come into a branch! I live in VA and closest branch is hundreds of miles away. Other problems with this bank too numerous to mention. Avoid at all costs!


I am starting a small business, I went to Fifth Third to set up company financials with them.. BIG MISTAKE!!! First off none of my cards would work and then they got blocked. I had done one transaction! Everyone I spoke to gave me a different story and I even called the corporate office. They all assured me that everything was fixed. Next day not only were my business accounts locked but they merged everything with my personal accounts and my husbands. That took a whole day to correct and several tellers plus a supervisor. I then started ordering product for my company and my credit card got declined, WHAT!!!! Oh yes, brand new card they blocked once again. So after two weeks, bad rep with my vendors and some won't do business with me, I am going to post everywhere I can the warning of doing business with this bank. If you are thinking about starting a business and you want to succeed at it do not take your account to them. We are pulling all our finances out of that bank first thing tomorrow morning.

Fifth Third Bank Renigs On Interest Rate

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I was informed today that Fifth Third has refused to honor a mortgage refinance loan rate commitment, because they didn't want to absorb the extra cost due recent increases in rates.. I intend to report this unethical behavior to the Federal Reserve. Truth is the application process dragged on and on, and in the meantime interest rates went up. The loan officer kept extending the Good Faith Estimate, but his superiors chose not to honor the officer's verbal and written commitments. I would not recommend them as a lender.

Fifth-Third - Not Very Good.

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I've been a 5-3 account holder for 12 years running, including ten years of mortgages and checking account.  I continue to use them as a checking account only now.  Through the years I have found them to be mediocre at best, and at times just awful.  They seem to think they a good job, and at least I have not lost money because of them, but they are far from desireable to me.  I have several other banks I work with more than Fifth-Third, and I have just let the checking account remain there as it hasn't caused any problems. 


Overall, I suppose you could do worse, but I wouldn't recommend them.  I think you will find that as long as there are no particular problems, then all is happy happy and polite smiles.  Once you go to them with an issue you might find a turn in attitude.


I am closing my acct there soon as I find the other banks far superior in attitude AND in products.

Fifth Third Excessive Overdraft Fees

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I have a business and personal checking accounts with Fifth Third based in St. Charles, IL.  Have found the local branch staff to be helpful and friendly, but beware of their corporate policies.

One policy is to maximize overdraft fees whenever possible.  They seem to manipulate their transaction processing to short as many customer transactions as possible.  As an example, one night I had multiple debits hitting my account along with some credit card processing credits.  Four debits were all over $100 -- with only one being $9.  When checking my account the following morning, they had charged me $74 for two overdrafts.  Looking into the numbers, they charged me for the $9 debit ... plus a shortage of 15 cents on another debit.  Still haven't received an explanation as to why the $9.15 wasn't handled as one overdraft with a $37 charge against one of the larger debits.

I recently had a $37 overdraft fee hit my personal account one morning at 11:00 AM -- but my online statement clearly showed a deposit (tax return) hit the account at 1:20 AM that same morning.  Apparently it doesn't matter if the overdraft amount is only there for a matter of seconds before the credit hits the account ... the customer still has to pay the $37 overdraft fee.

Seems like white collar crime to me.

Donna Chipp

Banking Fees

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Kevin T. Kabat, Big Cheese of Fifth Third bank just got a raise from $7 million a year to $9 million a year in one year. All they had to do was add a $3.95 a month charge for having a debit card, a $15.00 a month fee if you don't use multiple services, and a $2.00 fee for transactions from a non-fifth third ATM. Oh yeah, they also have "Early Access" so you can borrow money as a payday loan and charge $10 for each $100 you borrow.

 I'm urging a boycott on Fifth Third Bank. I want some of Kabat's millions given back to the people he stole it from.

Fifth Third Bank Ohio -The Worst I Have Ever Seen-

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    Do not what ever you do, trust them to do a credit card bank transfer.. The number of the account was double checked not just by myself but others, Well they cant be trusted to type in a number correctly.  Or even take responcibility to reimburse the fees that incured as they had to send this out as a check..Which they did but to a wrong account.. Then after a month we found out it was typed in wrong. So after fighting for a week they canceled it to return to the account. So they could reissue it....Still  has not been not received by  the buisness expecting payment.. now into 5 weeks and still incurring late fees and interest that they dont care about...The accounts we have will soon be moved.. AND NEVER will I use them again..

Worthless Fees!!!!

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I am writing this as a young person who is doing pretty well for her age, a customer Fifth Third Bank should be striving to please!  I had thousands of dollars in different programs at Fifth Third Bank, and always received excessive worthless fees, for credit cards, accounts, brokerage,ect.  I have since found a credit union that actually splits it's profits with me and gives me money each year!!!  My job recently forced me to use Fifth Third Bank for my employer HSA.  Fifth Third was charing me more in monthy fees each month than I was making in interest, just to have the account open (they were doing nothing for me)!  Then when I decided to transfer the account to my credit union, they charged me a $25.00 closure fee!!!  The customer service person did not even care that I was upset, and did nothing to try to make me any happier.  When you close your accounts at Fifth Third Bank, they tie up your money, so the institution you transfer to can't get it for months--this was true for my brokerage and my HSA account.  Take my advice, find a good credit union, and a good investment company and stay away from Fifth Third Bank!!!

Late Fees Over Charge

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I had a car loan with this bank and the payment was mailed 10 days before it was due, yet they said it was receiced late. I did a test and mailed a letter to the bank and it was received in 4 days.   I called and complained about the late charges andI was told they hold the payments in the in box so they can make them late.  The employee said do you know how many late charges we add on monthly and thats a lot of $$$... They hurt my credit rating,  they didn credit may last payment to the account and when I called for the title they they would mail in in 30 days ...60 days later I get   repo notice and they tried to use ON STAR to locate the car and sent the repo people to my home and work... I had the ON star disconnect when I 1st got wind of their dirty  tricks...It took 60 days of hiding the car and trying to work out a payment plan for the late charges,  The repo guys came on my property several times looking for the car when they said they would work with me.  DO NOT TRUST THIS BANK  THEY LIE, 

The credit card of the past two years had un explained late payment charges too, I CANCELLED ALL MY ACCOUNTS WITH THEM

BEWARE....Before You Use You Debit Or Credit Card Through Fifth Third Bank, Read This.

     When using your credit card with a logo of mastercard, visa, etc.... Fifth Third bank will not protect your purchases, as stated in their contract with you.  This is fraud to encourage people to use their bank card, but not stand behind their promise to protect you from products, or services  you never receive when purchased with your credit card.  I purchases airline tickets through Direct AIR, and soon afterwards, direct air filed bankrupcy, and shut down all their flights.  My tickets became worthless, and Direct Air instructed all that was effected by the shutdown, to go through their credit card company for a refund.  I have filled out paperwork that Fifth Third requested me to do, and faxed it back to them.  They sent me an additional form in the mail, and ask for additional information, which I filled out and again, faxed back to them.  They said it would be 30 days before I could expect a refund.  It has been over 45 days now, and nothing.  I know of 8 other people who were effected by this as well, and they received their refunds between 3 days and 2 weeks.  Hurray for banks like Chase Manhattan, PNC and credit unions that stand by their committment to protect their customers who bank with them.    You certainly don't know how good your bank is, until YOU need them.  I have been a good customer with Fifth Third Bank for a long time, but I soon will be withdrawing all my accounts, and will find another bank or maybe a credit union that stands behind their promise to their customers.   

                                                               NO LONGER A FIFTH THIRD FAN


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AVOID THIS BANK! Hidden Business Account Fees And A Final Gotcha

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I have had my business and personal accounts with Fifth Third both for 20+ years. In January, I noticed a nominal $3 monthly on the business account. When I went to close the business account, I was slammed with a $50 account closure fee - and a $3 monthly fee.

NOWHERE in 5/3 account holder documents, or revisions to those documents. Does it state a new $3 fee for written monthly statements, nor a $50 account closure fee.

I had decided some months ago to close my accounts and move to an entirely different bank because of substantially declining customer service over the past three years. The teller and branch management staff has been nothing but a revolving door in recent years, and no one recognizes me from Adam anymore. Cashing one of my own low-value business checks became more like running a gauntlet than a routine business transaction.

The company has clearly no loyalty to long-time Customers, and it's time to move own.

I'm seriously pissed at the situation and at the bank - far more than can be revealed by words, simply because I want this comment to be posted and not deleted.


The Worst Company I Have Ever Done Business With!

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I have had multiple accounts with Fifth Third, going on 12 years now. To explain, everything would take hours or days, so I'll keep it short and to the point. Fifth Third is the worst company I have every had the misfortune of doing business with. They are just now sending out checks to customers from the 9 million dollar settlement because they cheated customers out of extra overdraft fees. My claim was denied for reasons unknown. I have called the Fifth Third overdraft settlement line, the customer service line, the corporate office, and went in to my home branch. Not one person could give me a reason why my claim was denied. They just said "sorry we cant help you." Please, if you are looking for a new bank don't consider Fifth Third as an option. I don't know why I stayed with them so long. I guess because of convenience. This is just one of many strikes and like I said, it would take all day to tell you about them all. This is just the most recent and one of the worst. Next week I will close my accounts after finding a new bank. With the worst luck in the world I will find a better bank than Fifth Third.

Excellent Bank & Excellent Customer Service

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We have been banking with 5/3 for 2.5 years.  We also have our home mortgage through them with an excellent interest rate.  We do our online banking with them as well without any problems.  They have excellent customer service at their West Chester branch.  We have never had a problem with them, but then we have never written NSF checks.  If you are looking for a friendly, community bank that values their customers then Fifth Third is the bank for you.  If you want to write NSF checks or have a bank account that you never monitor, then maybe its not the bank for you :-\

Great Service

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I have been a customer at Fifth Third for several years. The staff has been fantastic to deal with, and the return on my savings account has been the best in our area. The staff knows my wife and I by name, and makes us feel confident about our banking relationship. If I had one complaint it would be very minor and that is the slowness of their computer system. Sometimes takes longer than it should to transact business due to the computer system. But, that is minor. I do business with three banking institutions, but Fifth Third is by far my favorite.



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Everything About This Bank Sucks.

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Customer service is horrible. Nobody at the call center speaks English. It takes at least 30 minutes to make a payment for a car loan. They ask your whole life story when you call there and verify everything. This bank is so ridiculous I can't even explain how bad this bank stinks. Please, nobody go to this bank. I wish I could vote for no stars.

Underhanded, Sneaky, And TERRIBLE Customer Service Wish I Could Pick NO STAR

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My son opened a 5/3 checking bank account when he went to the University of  Dayton (UD) as it was readily assessible at the college and convenient in his home town so that mom could deposit money.  He spent 5 years at UD and is now presently in medical school at the Uniformed Services of Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, MD.  All students have to commit to a branch of the armed forces.  He decided to leave his "student" checking account open in case he ran into issues and mom needed to help out as it was a joint account.

Neither of us has had any contact with 5/3 bank UNTIL yesterday when I received a letter that the account was closed and sent to collections for an amount of $40.91.  I called my son and he has not used the account.  Multiple phone calls, shuffling of phone calls, and long is what this bank did WITHOUT notifiying either my son or me via email or USPS.  As of his last birthday, they switched the account to a "regular" account, even though he is still a student and began withdrawing $7.00/month for maintenance fees.  We were never notified of this or an overdraft.  First communication received was from the senior vice president stating that the account was closed and sent to collections for a total of $40.91.

Main issue is that  it was done without communication, an easy way to make money and now, ruin credit.....


Fifth Third bank is the WORST bank I have ever done business with. The will harass you NON-STOP. You can complain, but nothing ever happens. Their people are rude, insensitive robots. PLEASE save yourself from a lot of anguish. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH FIFTH THIRD BANK. If you do, I promise you will regret it. Even if you pay all your bills on time, they will still make your life a living hell. I would gladly pay a higher interest rate to be rid off these a** clowns.

Where Do I Start?

Recently I found out an employee of 5/3rd bank gave personal and confidential information about my account to an acquaintance who had no business in my personal affairs.  This was unbelievable to me and no one at 5/3rd will do anything to the employee or employees in the branch that this occurred.  After 20 plus years of using their bank, I wonder how many other people have been subjected to having their personal information told to anyone that asks.

New Customer

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I recently moved to another state, and had to set up a new checking account. I went with fifth third. First of all, I was told my checking account was free, and it is not.. Second the online banking they have is new, and has "kinks". I have never been late on my mortgage loan payment, and now I have. My mortgage company got my payment 4 days after the "guaranteed paid by date" fifth third had listed on my account. It has been a week and hours on the phone with them and it still has not been rectified. They keep telling me sorry there are kinks they are working it out on the online banking, and that they have had phone and computer problems. They will have somebody call to correct the problem as soon as they can to have all my late fees taken care of. I am just glad I have not started my new job yet, or I don't know how I would have had so much time to waste on the phone with them getting this taken care of... My other bank, Regions, I have been with for 17 years and never had a single problem! I will most likely be looking for a new bank soon!!!

I HATE Fifth Third

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I've been with Fifth Third since I was 18 (in 2005) and could open a checking account. I've had a credit card with them since then (has been close to maxed out since 2008) I've made maybe 2 or 3 accidental late payments, and went over my limit once (this is out of 6 years). Recently I made that 2nd or 3rd accidental late payment, I payed the fee and crazy interest and that was that. On the 19th I made an emergency transaction and came in under my credit limit, it was posted on the 20th as my statement says. The new statement period started the 21st. When I got my new statement, it said that my credit limit was decreased and I was now over my limit. I got no warning or anything, and the purchase had been made prior to the decrease. NO WHERE on my statement before that had it said that my limit was decreased. They made my minimum payment $300 instead of the usual $100. MY TRANSACTION WAS BEFORE THE DECREASE!!!! I tried to explain this to them, and that I could not afford the $300 minimum payment, and that they decreased my limit AFTER I made the purchase!! They pretty much said FU. Not to mention I was transfered FOUR times while trying to get this resolved and everyone had a tone with me, yes I had a tone, but when you are trying to please your customers you should do it with a smile even though said customer may be pissed! I'm sure they have dealt with much worse than my "tone". 

Another time, I was trying to find a better way to save money and put all of my money into my savings account that I wasn't going to use. Unfortunatly things kept coming up and I had to keep taking out of it. I was then charge a $10 "excessive transaction fee". I went to the bank  and demanded my money and to close my accounts (this was the third time I've had an issue with them), they talked me into staying though I was still pissed! They could atleast give you a notice before they apply an "excessive transaction fees". But they don't care about the customer, they just want their money!

They recently had a class action settlement that I unfortunatly didn't take part in because I wasn't sure it was ligit and didn't feel comfortable giving out my account number. I have had three instances of their overlapping overdraft fee's etc, and have probably forked out atleast $1000 in said fees.

DO NOT USE FIFTH THIRD! They don't care about their customers, they just want your money!

Long Time Customer - Treated Like Dirt

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I moved to Western Ohio and opened an account at 53 about 10 years ago. I have rarely had issues (maybe 3 or 4 over 10 years) and each time they treated me like dirt.

The first instances was an overdraft of like $1 that they assessed $25 overdraft fees for. The customer service was rude but they removed it...fine I suppose.

However, the last straw was when a decimal error on an electronic payment caused a temporary overdraft. 53 wasn't hearing about human error and assessed about $175 in overdraft fees over a 2 day period. The accidental over-payment was promptly credited by the other bank at the 2 day mark. Customer service this time around wasn't rude but the bank employees were.

Furthermore, I work with a lot of ex-53 employees including corporate office employees. Every one of them hated their former employer with a passion and called it "Evil Empire". Note that these employees were not fired - most of them were sick of what they felt was the abomination of corporate greed and poor quality of life.

Caveat emptor.

Fifth Third Is Trying To Make Me Help Pay Its Settlement Fees

I had an account with fifth third until the end of 2008 when I moved to an area where they had no branch banks.  My account was in the red so I had to call and settle what I owed with them before I closed the account.  I had thought that my time with their bank had come to an end and I would not have to deal with their funky overdraft fees and generally unhelpful phone service, but alas I was wrong... this morning, almost three years after I closed my accounts with them, my father called me and said that an attorney's office had called.  I called back and came to find out that fifth third is claiming that I owe them over $1200 on an account that I had thought I closed.  I never recieved any correspondence from them, no phone call, no email, no letter or invoice... so I went to a local branch to inquire about this.  They told me that indeed, that card was carrying a balance, but there were no transactions, just overdraft fees from the checking account that was closed.  Now call me paranoid, but I feel like they are trying to pass some of the bill of their recent settlement onto a customer who isn't even a customer anymore.  All the staff at the local branch gave me some very confused looks as we tried to sort out what exactly was going on, but in the end no one knew anything...  I still have no idea whats going on with it, but I will post when I figure out what has happened, but am generally unsatisfied with the lack of service and notification from fifth third bank.  I would not reccomend this bank to anyone.

Ridiculous With Fees.

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I give Fifth Third Bank one star because there is no option for zero stars. First of all they will charge you overdraft fees for pending charges even when there is a pending deposit that is sufficient to cover all of the charges. We had less than a dollar in our account but a direct deposit was pending in our account when we decided to rent a movie at our local Redbox. We had a free movie code that we used but they still ping your account for a dollar to ensure that it is indeed an active account. This "ping" was pending at the same time our deposit was pending, but we still got charged an overdraft fee. They are absolutely no help in this situation either. In all, because of this charge, it costed a ridiculous amount of money because our rent check had already been mailed out and there were no launder enough funds to cover that so it bounced and not only did we get charged a bounce fee, but our landlord charged us extra as well. We, as a good portion of America does, operate our life paycheck to paycheck and every dollar is extremely important. Once behind, it is a several month battle before we can stabilize our finances.

Great Till You Need Help.

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I've been a customer of 5/3 for about 5 years.  I chose them because they are in a lot of states where I have family.  My experience has been that, as long as they're selling you something they're very nice. On a day to day experience almost everyone is pleasant.  In the Ohio branch that I deal with they are wonderful.  There is no prioblem that they can't handle and correct.  In the Florida branch that I deal with they are on average dumber then rocks.  In this branch there is NOTHING that they can handle.  This, in my opinion has to be a mamagment problem.  My point is, it really depends on the manager at the branch that you do business with.  I thought about switching banks a couple of times, but you know what?  They're all pretty much the same. 

Fifth Third Fees

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My mortgage was sold to Fifth Third Bank. Since I live on the west coast, I had never heard of the bank. When I called to arrange to have my monthly mortgage automatically withdrawn from my local bank, I was told that there would be a fee for each transaction. Imagine my indignation that a bank would charge a fee to get their money automatically each month. When I called to get a payoff amount, they wanted to charge $30 just to read the computer screen and tell me an amount. I said no thanks and computed the amount myself based on my interest rate and date. Needless to say, I paid off the mortgage as soon as I could, and hope I never hear of Fifth Third Bank again, and offer my sympathy to those who bank there.

Low Rates, But Otherwise A Good Bank

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I have been banking with Fifth Third for nearly ten years. I have never had any trouble managing my checking and savings accounts with them. They are efficient and thorough. Their online banking can be a pain, but I know that a lot of that deals with issues of privacy, so you cannot really blame them for being vigilant about fraud. All in all I have a great overall experience with Fifth Third, although I wish their savings and certificate of deposit interest rates were a little higher; but don't we all?

No Problems

I have been a member of 5/3 bank for almost 10 years now. I have not had any troubles with them. I have a checking and saving account and have had CDs in the past. Throughout all of my experiences with the bank, I have continued going there and enjoyed the service I have received.

Would Not Recommend To Anyone...

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I had a long standing relationship with Fifth Third of over ten years. Throughout those years, their highest level of care and customer service reached "average", but its median grade would reside closer to "poor". I handled their errors as pleasantly as I could, I even kept an open mind and account when my checking and savings account numbers were stolen and drained due to a leak at Fifth Third. This past month, human error caused an account overdraft, and I foolishly thought they would be willing to help me since I have more than enough funds deposited with them in a separate account to cover the expenses in red--this has never happened before. I was ridiculed at the branch I went to for being incapable of handling my personal finances, offered no adjustment or concern and mocked my new bank choice. I am extremely disappointed and hope they find a way to improve customer service and account alerts. In the meantime I am extremely happy with the perks offered with my new bank and the customer service is tremendous. I will never recommend fifth third to anyone I know, and I will actively ensure people are aware of the better quality of service and ease of transfer to a number of different banks. 

Fifth Third Bank General Review

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I have used fifth third bank since it bought first charter, about three years now. I have had very few issues with the bank and find my transactions to all be smooth. My only problem was that one of their advertised programs wasn't real according to the bank managers (or the terms were weird enough that I couldn't qualify for the rewards. However I have had a very pleasent experience overall. Their online banking is a breeze and when I go into my local branch I am greeted by name and know all the workers. It is a very wonderful experience. 

Fifth Third Bank Review

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So far I've never had a particularly bad experience with Fifth Third. The staff is friendly, and they seem to really care about my needs as a customer. They helped set me up with a checking account that was suitable for me. I would recommend the local Fifth Third to my friends and family.

5/3 Bank Lacks Support And Friendliness To Its' Customers.

I must say, to begin I was happy with the service from 5/3.  But as time progressed, they slowly began lacking in support and help for customer support.  I was constantly finding that I was being charged for many different fees and was not alerted about many of them prior.  Ultimately, this led me to close both of my personal accounts with 5/3 and switch to a different bank.  I don't think that I would ever give them another try, nor would I recommend them to any of my friends or relatives.  I have never been happier since switching from 5/3 bank.

Good Service, Good Enough

I opened an account with Fifth Third because they were the bank inside of the grocery store where I started working as a high school student, and it was easy.

I have never been thrilled with their services. But that isn't to say I've ever been disappointed either. They have always been reasonabily friendly and reachable, helpful enough.

I would reccomend them.

Another Unhappy Customer

My mother and I were major depositors for many years, but that does not seem to matter.

(1)  My mistake my balance was low.  I was glad a lady from my branch called to say she had a $500 check I wrote that would be returned if I didn't deposit enough money to cover it before close of business.  I deposited more than a sufficient amount into an ATM two hours later.  They still charged me for returning that check, the charged me for returning another check (by now I had deposited enough to cover all my checks), and charged me an overdraft fee.

(2)  I knew my balance was too low for a $450 check I wrote that the bank would receive any day.  I hurried and sold some gold for which the dealer wrote a generous check.  I immediately deposited this check so the $450 check would be more than adequately covered.  I asked the teller if that  money was in my account "right now" so if they received a $450 check that would be paid from my account, it would be covered.  She assured me it would be covered.  They received the check that day and still charged me for an overdrawn account.  A customer service person said it counted as an overdraft because the check was pending and the $450 was not available that day.  He said the teller gave me wrong information, but he did refund this overdraft fee.

(3)  I asked my branch to wire transfer money to a friend's account in State Bank of India.   Not all foreign banks have standard internatonal bank numbers.  Because State Bank of India did not have that number, but uses something different, Fifth-Third's computer system could not handle it.

Not Pleased

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I was very unhappy with my experience with Fifth Third.  I have been a client for some time now and when I received a $74 over draft fee. One was for 1.00 so they charged me 37.00 another for 11.00 and they charged me another 37.00. I tried to call the 800 number and the girl was not nice.  I then went to my branch and they were no help at all.  All I wanted was for them to drop the $1.00 overdraft and I would pay the other.  They would not even talk to me about it there so I canceled my account! 

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