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I am very happy that they have been able to change the policy regarding reporting to credit agencies when you use your ITIN number, I firmly believe in banks that if they take the oppositions and suggestions of their clients, thank you for having made it a reality, you have helped a number of people who will have more opportunities to continue building their credit and maybe why not a second home.!

Not A Serious Bank For Online Cds

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I imagine FNBA is fine when banking personally at one of their branches, as many other reviewers have noted. But for online CDs, they are not a serious bank.

I opened up an online account for a 1 year CD on a Friday morning. After filling out the usual information, I hit the submit button only to get the message, "Your application is being reviewed - we've received your information and should get back to you within 2 business days.

So I waited the 2 days until late Monday afternoon and decided to give them a call. First of all, most of their phone numbers just eventually deposit you into a voice mail. Second, while you are navigating through the menus, they try to sell you stuff. Anyway, I got so frustrated trying to call that what was going to be a simple inquiry into the application status turned into a desire simply to withdraw the application.

I finally called one of their branches and did get a human being. Of course, she wasn't in the "right department," and was about to transfer me to another voice mail, when I told her to take a message to cancel my application to the "right person."

Now what is amusing is that about 5 minutes after that phone call, I got an e-mail from FNBA that said, "We regret to inform you that we could not open your bank account at this time. This could be due to any number of reasons, ranging from ID verification to missing or inaccurate information."

It could have been that they acted quickly on my cancellation request and just sent me a stock message to confirm it. On the other hand, it could be that I really was denied an account for missing and/or inaccurate information. Kind of strange since they never bothered to ask me for any information.

In summary, if you like beating your head against the wall, consider FNBA. Otherwise, I would run away fast.

Grateful For Their Excellent Work.

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Thanks to FNBA for their work, we are very grateful to Erick Andrejack and Maria, who were the people who helped us in the process. Very kind and responsible, we recommend their work and the Bank, We got our house in less time than planned, every time I called for any questions they were always there
Thanks for everything.

CD Certificate

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Walked in branch bank with COVID-19 mask and received immediate service. Friendly and efficient. Business accomplished w/o delay. Thank you, Doug.

The Best Place For My CD Money

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First National Bank of America is a great place to place your assets, since I haven't needed to use them for a loan. Their CD saving interest rates are typically better than other financial institutions in the area. They have been very flexible to meet my unusual needs and provide the "medallion signature guarantee stamp" I needed. Jodi Harrand and the entire staff are experts in the financial arena. The staff in the greeting area take care of all my financial questions and needs. I recommend FNBofA to anyone interested in great service and excellent return on their CD investments Wayne

PPP Loan For A Small Business. A Bank That Cares.

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Jodi Harrand was instrumental in helping me get my PPP loan application started. After hearing of my woes with other banks prioritizing their larger clients, Jodi put me in touch with their loan manager, Scott Raymond. I was able to speak with him over the phone, get the necessary info to him and I had my loan money in a matter of 10 days. Thank you First National for your personal service and care during these times.

The Best!!

First National Bank of America has been a pleasure to work with! Very Professional and kind! Always greets you with a smile and will go above and beyond to help you with your banking needs! Special thank you to everyone at my local Traverse City branch!!

Jodi Harrand - First National Bank Of America

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First National has the best deposit rates hands down... as well as outstanding and highly personal customer service. Jodi is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. She and First National have earned our confidence, business and highest recommendation!

Kassandra And Renee Are Angels On Earth

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I began my cash out for my manufactured home before the Covid-19 lock down. Once it hit, I knew that my loan process would collapse right along with the economy. But Kassandra at FNBA stayed the course with me and made sure that everything that the underwriters were asking for, we aware able to provide. Once we got into the final phase Renee joined the group and the two of them were relentless in their pursuit to make sure my loan closed and closed quickly. They were professional, efficient and hardworking despite the obstacles they faced while working from home with the limited resources compared to working from their offices at the bank. I can't say enough about these ladies and how they made a tough situation, much easier because I felt like they cared and wanted to make sure I finished what I set out to do.

Review Of Jodi At First National Bank Of America

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Jodi at First National Bank of America made opening my checking account for the PPP loan as easy as a phone call. The next day the papers were ready for me to sign and the account was open. How cool is that!


I'm in the process of creating a CD Ladder. I very much appreciate Ms. Susan Glass's professionalism and helpfulness. It has made my banking experience with First National Bank of America, a pleasure.

Great Interest Rates And Great Sfaff To Do Business With.

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My 90 year old parents have accounts at this bank and when my father died my mother had to change names on their accounts, which was not easy since she can not drive due to blindness in one eye. Doug at the Grand Rapids branch made it really easy for my mother to make all the changes she needed via mail.

I have an IRA account at this bank and when my wife and I decided to put most of our assets in a trust account I contacted Doug regarding setting things up. Since we don't live in Grand Rapids Doug and I conversed via email and though the US Mail. Again a very super easy bank to deal with. The added plus is that their deposit rates beat everyone else in the markets they serve. I would recommend this bank to anyone. This is a family owned bank, which is uncommon these days, maybe that is why they are so customer friendly.

Good Bank Overall

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Just opened an online CD here (got it done a day before rates dropped...whew).

I have to say I was a little concerned because earlier negative reviews had me worried especially about the application process but it was one of the quickest/simplest I have opened and I've opened many (maybe over 100) over the years. I did have an image of my ID ready as well as anything else I would need, might have taken me 15 minutes and within 48 hours I was able to login and the CD was there although the funding took a few days.

Mentioned the reviews to them and they said they did have some minor issues with application process that they now worked out and also said they will be moving to a slightly different process in the near future.

Customer service was excellent as well so don't worry about the signup, it's fine.

Good CD Rates

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I shop around for CDs with the most competitive rates. First National Bank of America is always in the hunt, most often at the top, and their service is professional, prompt, and friendly.

Kassandra Is The Best!

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Kassandra Bellingar, with First National Bank of America, is absolutely amazing. I applied for a mortgage loan online and instead of dealing with a bank, I felt as though I was working with a friend. She is half a world away, yet she went above and beyond anything that was necessary in order to make this a wonderful experience for me. She was professional, knowledgeable, informative and very kind throughout the entire process. I was very blessed to have her as a part of my home purchase and I couldn’t have done this without her. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust her with my future banking needs. I would also like the thank Renee Olson, who also went out of her way to make this happen.

Excellent Bank

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We are very happy with the First National Bank of America. We have several CD's here and we are very satisfied with the service.

CD Has Great Rates.

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I've used National Bank of America several times for CD's. Their rates have been the top rates listed at Now that I have an established account, it is easy to add another CD to my ladder. While the website may not be the top of the line with the newest technology, I'd rather have the extra earnings than saving a minute or two on the website.

Bank Does Not Send Proper Quarterly Statements

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NOTE: This is an amended review with a lower rating. Over time, I built a CD ladder. I was informed statements will be sent quarterly in the mail. In the early stages, a one page statement did the job just fine. However, over time as my ladder grew, the accounts ran clear to the bottom of the page. I wrote to say this was not appropriate in quarter one of 2020. To remedy, I was sent multiple pages of detail. This was an o.k. temporary fix since I was certain a proper statement would be sent in quarter two. To my surprise in quarter two, another single page statement arrived. Again, the remedy was to send me several page of detailed account information. Not acceptable and definitely not professional. For sure, this would be fixed by quarter three, right? WRONG! Still a single page with one account missing.

Trying To Open A CD

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Trying to open a CD at this bank was an adventure and hopefully, it failed - I was told on the phone two different things by the same person so I won't know for a few days if he manually approved my account or not. I usually don't spend the time reviewing banks on this or other sites but this experience inspired me to warn others.

First thing I noticed was that the online application was identical, page for page, to a different bank were I also opened a CD recently. Apparently there is a third party that runs the app process for both banks though they don't indicate this anywhere. Same application except for 1 or 2 lines. One of the lines was a question asking if I wished to enroll in something called FirstLine. No explanation what FirstLine was so I chose NO. The other line came at the end where I was asked to confirm my email address. On the other bank that page actually wanted me to click a button to start the confirmation process. FNBA indicated they had already sent the confirmation and I needed to enter the code they sent.

But I did not receive ANY emails from them, not even a note saying I had filled out their application.

After 15 minutes I called the bank and the receptionist decided she couldn't help and transferred me to what she called "an online specialist." He was very polite and explained to me that that part of the application didn't work for "some reason" and he would confirm me manually. While talking with him I logged out and tried to log back in on the same page but ended up on a page showing FirstLine. The credentials I had created for FNBA didn't work there and the bank rep said that was a different company they worked with and if I wanted to actually see my account page, do banking, etc. I would have to enroll with them. What???

The rep, who was very friendly and constantly apologetic about the problems, sent me a personal email from his account that had a link to what he said was the login to my FNBA CD account. Yes, it seems confusing because it is. I logged in there and guess what? That page wanted me to start the application process over again. The rep said no, they had received my application and I had been approved. I asked about the two small deposits to my local banks checking account where the funds were going to be transferred from and he said that wasn't necessary. I just had to provide a scan of my state driver's license, which would go to another company called Docu-something and when I asked what that was he said don't worry it would be stored on the FNBA server. When I said no other online bank account I have (and I have 10 of them) asked for stuff like that he explained that Michigan state laws required this. He also said this third party company would also require me to digitally sign three documents. I told him no other online bank I had dealt with recently required this, esp. since I had already given them a heap of personal info in my application, but he said state law required it. And he apologized some more.

At that point I said I didn't want to open an account anymore but he said not to worry, everything was approved. (Methinks that is unlikely.)

So there you go. Apply at this bank at your own peril.


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6/23/19: Started Q&Answs. Then got thru the tedious application forms, got approved,& got more forms.
7/7; Funding for jumbo CD becomes available.
7/9: CD funded @ FNBA & drawing interest!. More forms "in mail " .
7/13 Advised FNBA that ACH transfer had not really occurred .
7/17: Expiration of CD grace period @ funding bank.
7/16;Frantically emailed FNBA -again no response. Two phone calls later was belatedly
told that my account was now closed & I would have to start all over.
In short the sloppiness & unresposiveness @ FNBA cost me three + wks of effort/frustration & worry plus some $500 in lost interest which
was all completely unnecessary . Cann't wait to see their sad excuses.
I also submitted this disaster to the Federal Reserve Consumer Help.

Impossible To Buy A Cd

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Just spent half a day sifting through various banks with reasonable qualifications & decided to give 1FBA a whack. So whilst laboring thu the CD application process I got mostly thru but they "timed "me out while in the midst of answering all the Qs. Then had the gall to tell me to start over.. This is the sixth bank attempted today. You would think the banks are trying to avoid our money

Excellent Service!

We are so please with the service we received at First National Bank of America! I really recommend using them for a mortgage loan.

Cash Payoff

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Trying to payoff my high interest rate loan after paying for 17 + years. You would think after FNBA got all there money and more they would be willing to negotiate a lower cash payoff on the balance. Well my friend's, no, they won't budge. It's sad to know that FNBA a billion dollar company does not care about us. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BANK TO ANYONE , I would rate bank no stars. 0

Not Ready For Prime Time

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Website process for requesting a CD was pretty standard, but that appears to be the end of automation for FNBA. After that, the archaic funding process is the worst I have encountered. Numerous followup contacts are required, and after a week the CD still had not been funded.

They don't use the automated deposits and withdrawals that any established online bank does, so be prepared for significant delays and slow responses to your communications. Wouldn't bother going through that pain again, wouldn't recommend FNBA.

Online CD Setup Was A Breeze

I established two CDs with this institution online over the past weeks (with no other prior banking relationship with them).
I did not experience any of the delays in communication referenced in another recent review.
FNBA has invested in pretty sophisticated software to manage the application process; I was impressed for what is obviously a small bank. Prior to initiating the application, I emailed them to make sure I could transfer proceeds at maturity via ACH (some of the smaller, high yield banks won't do this, you need to ask to find out). FNBA (promptly) assured me they provide this option, so we are off and running. The online CD application process provides a written overview of what to expect during the process. You would think such would be obvious, but almost no other online bank in fact does this, rather, with most others, you just blindly stumble forward at the mercy of the programmers and their undisclosed procedures.
The FNBA approval process includes several steps interspersed with an actual review by humans (so it is not solely automated). The only glitch is that as each stage is completed, they send you an email that instructions are ready for the next step, at the secure Message Center (you set up access as part of the initial application). Unfortunately, my internet service provider interprets these automated messages as "spam" and sends them to the spam folder. I couldn't over ride this, so if you are using Comcast, be forewarned.
FNBA does NOT use test deposits with your funding account. Once they have approved your application, they withdraw the funds and send you email notification the application is approved (and send you documents to sign electronically using a service called DocuSign). The good news is that your CD starts on the day they notify you and initiate transfer, not when they get the funds, so you don't loose any interest. The bad news is that you had better have the funds available in the designated funding account, as you have no control over when they approve/fund.
Subsequent CDs have fewer steps to approval. You don't have to set up an online banking account with them to get this expedited processing (still takes several days from application to funding).
Some other internet banks have you start all over from the beginning for subsequent CDs, unless you have set up online banking with a transaction account. I hate that because I'm trying to invest in CDs below the FDIC limit, not set up lower paying transaction accounts littered all over the internet.

Great Service And Great Rates

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Super service and great rates. Thanks so much!

Poor Customer Service

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I have an unreturned voice mail into a Doug Johnson, a branch operations specialist, that is 4 days old and counting regarding a CD application. I mention it here since I get feedback from the bank quicker on the DepositAccounts’ user forum than I do when I leave voice mails or send emails to the bank! Let’s see what happens with this complaint!

Wonderful Bank

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Working with the staff at FNB has been a true pleasure. They are always helpful, informative, and friendly. The only thing they lack are more branches for easier access. We have several accounts with them and would highly recommend them.

Personal Service

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Over the past three years our family has moved a significant portion of our resources to First National Bank of America. We made our decision initially because FNBA had competitive CD interest rates and still continues to have the best rates in town. We knew we made the right decision as time passed and have had several occasions to interact with the great staff at FNBA. We would encourage everyone to give FNBA a try.

Great Bank

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Everyone is always friendly! Amanda is very helpful.

Great Service

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I started banking with FNB because it has the best local interest rates. Their tellers give personal, caring attention. I have recommended them to family members and now they also bank with FNB.

Relationship Banking

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In conjunction with our business we rely on Relationship Banking. I have known Scott Raymond for a number of years. Over that time we have had the opportunity to work with him on financing for our commercial properties. Scott understands the role that relationships play in attracting and retaining customers. It is always a pleasure to work with Scott and his support staff. They are always professional while still displaying the people to people skills. We consider Scott to be a friend in addition to our banker. We look forward to a continued relationship with Scott and First National Bank of America.

VP Of Operations

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The beauty of having a smaller bank firm for your business is the level of customer service you receive. If there is a concern, it is taken care of immediately. Amanda Mattson at the Grand Rapids branch is great to work with and we at Redstone Properties appreciate her promptness and attention to detail.

Can You Actually Love Going To A Bank?

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I have been a member of the Traverse City FNBA for a few years now. Right from the start I was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere and physical appearance of the bank. The tellers and local manager always make you feel welcome and take the extra time to "get to know you". I have been in customer service for many years. FNBA really knows the "definition".

Personal Banker

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We enjoy the personal, professional and knowledgeable service we receive from Jodi Harrand and her staff at the Traverse City branch. They offer a very comfortable approach to banking.

Great Service/Great Bank

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My husband and I recently opened up some CD’s at FNBA. We found they had the best rates in town so between that and the great customer service given to us by Jodi Harrand at the Traverse City branch we couldn’t say no.

Executive Assistant

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I stop in to FNBA a minimum of 2 times a week. Always very professional, helpful and friendly when I come in. Over seeing about 100 accounts can get very confusing at times, but Britten Krieve set up everything in a way that makes life easier. She is also always there for my questions whether it's a phone call or email. Overall banking with FNBA is enjoyable and pain free.

Review On My Experience With Britten Krieve

We have a few accounts with FNBA and I found this bank just excellent because people -especially Britten Krieve - so professional, so nice with customers, promptly respond to any inquiry and immediate solve any problem, that was arise. Around managers like Britten all employee took her as example and act professionally too. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend this bank to all my friends.
Joseph & Rita Slutsker

Business Owner

I have banked at FNBA in Traverse City for several years with my business and it has been an awesome experience, when my account was hacked they worked with me to take care of the issue, returned my money to my account with no delay in my banking. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable of their products and if they need to get me an answer on something they get back to me promptly. I love working with these guys and would recommend them to anyone.

Business And Personal Accounts

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I am very happy with the accounts that I have with FNBA. What really makes a difference is the service at the Traverse City branch; they know my name, they are professional and are always helpful. I can honestly say that the customer service goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend FNBA and Jodi Harrand and her staff.

Great Service

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My family has banked with FNBA for many years at the Traverse Branch. In contrast with the large impersonal banks, FNBA's customer service is personal, helpful, and timely. Jodi and her team are first rate. They will always have our business.

Commercial Mortgage

Seven years ago I was renting a building for my business with the intention of buying it from the owner. Our rent payments were always timely and I thought nothing of investing 40k in reconstruction to support the business we were doing.
One morning I arrived to find a 'notice to quit' tacked to the door. The long story short being the owner took my money but failed to pay the bank and we were never notified of the pending foreclosure until that day.
We tried working with FNBA to purchase the building at the fair market rate but that was not to be.
Taking full advantage of our lack of leverage they forced a closing less than 60 days later for the full amount owed by the prior owner plus penalties and interest, well in excess of what should have been paid. To further add insult to injury, FNBA assessed an 11% APR due to the fact that the company had no "credit history" that they found acceptable, primarily because I did not use credit to operate the business nor did I have so much as a credit card in the name of the company. Now we are nearly half way through the 15 year mortgage with no missed or late payments and they will not even discuss a refinancing of the buildings in spite of our considerable equity in them. The representative I contacted rudely announced that they "we're not going to refinance that property" When I asked for an explanation the reply was simply "we're not going to do that." I asked him one more question which only seemed to annoy him further to which he replied, "I'll call you, back." Naturally, he never did. We are now seeking a commercial re-fi through other banks and will likely close this year at the low end of the commercial lending rate.
So, instead of getting a fair interest rate for the duration of the mortgage, they will simply get 100% of nothing. FNBA seemingly has no further interest in the customer than to line their pockets and has no sense of doing what is right. The sooner we can be rid of them, the better.

Wonderful Mortage Company

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My husband and I bought our mobile home and land through this bank. They've always worked with us. We have a really high interest rate but, we are working on getting that lowered. When my husband was out of work for a layoff they were always so nice! They worked with me to try and keep the mortgage paid! Wonderful wonderful! It's good to have someone who understands and works with you! Thanks for you help!

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