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Single Dad with full custody, recently lost his job! My bank account was hacked through an ebay scam. I have never been hacked before, I notified my bank ( FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PA ) at once. Did everything they told me to, filed a police report, had my devices cleaned. Closed all my accounts. Reset all passwords etc. $2500 dollars was pulled from my account funneled through Coinbase app. That was all the money I had and my unemployment has not kicked in yet. Everyone told me not to worry that it had happened to them or someone they knew and their banks all refunded their money. Not one person from the bank reached out to me, I emailed the fraud department asking what else I could do. They never returned my emails. And they denied returning my money. They banks are insured through the government when stuff like this happens. Anyhow their reasoning was, because I had used the Coinbase app in past ( to buy small amounts of cryptocurrency) that they would not help me out. I we ( My daughter and I ) are now being evicted from our home. My car loan is through FNB, they will probably repo my car!! I have never ever been scammed or asked a bank to stand behind and protect me and my daughter! Do not trust this bank with your money or looking out for you as a customer! They only care about themselves !! You have been warned!


Don’T. Just Don’T.

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Worst bank ever. I can’t write everything here, there’s so much, but basically we signed something saying no more overdrafts or fees and now we are at the Christmas season and $200 has been taken out of our account for overdrafts. We have called and called with no one returning our calls. My husband is disabled, we don’t have much to spend on Christmas in the first place and now we are without the $200 we desperately need. I recently lost my mom which I knew would make this holiday hard, but this is making it that much harder. This is not the first time they’ve screwed us over and I’m officially done. Please do not trust this bank with your money, especially if you already struggle to make ends meet.

One Star Is Not Low Enough.

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Do not EVER bank through them. It was a massive mistake and resulted in the worst financial problem that has ever occured for me. In one year, between fraudulent charges on my account and overdraft fees (caused by fraudulent charges) that they refused to help me fight, they siphoned over $500 out of my account over the course of a few months. I was told at one point by customer service that they themselves could do nothing about helping me fight the charges, and they suggested that they keep my card active so that the businesses could refund my money back to me. Without a single warning after that, my card was deactivated, AGAINST what I had asked previously, effectively killing my chances of getting any of the rest of the money that was stolen from me back. They never even told me the card was deactivated either, not a single letter or email. I had to find out myself and ask for a replacement so that I would be able to pay my bills. This has been an absolute, soul crushing nightmare and I wish First National Bank the worst.

Outrageous Overdraft Fees

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I was overdrawn on my account with first national bank of Pa a total of 129.00..
They charged mev 404.00 in overdraft fees..
I tried talking to branch manager Kellie she pretty much said nothing she can do and hung up on me
The government should investigate this bank for excessive overdraft fees charged
The overdraft just happened on nov 22 2022

I tried to email or phone president of fnb of pa
UNREACHABLE for people like me

Customer Service Is The Worst

I purchased a cashier's check for my sister in a large amount of money. It was stolen from her vehicle. I contacted the branch two weeks ago to report it. They have refused to give me the phone number or email address for the fraud department. All I was able to obtain from the branch is the customer service phone number which has not helped. Here it is two weeks later, and the only response from the branch is the fraud department is still reviewing it. I have yet to receive any fraud forms. I have never dealt with a financial institution that does not want the customer to contact their fraud department.

Absolute Clown Show. STAY AWAY.

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These guys are BAD. Really bad.

Ho ho, this experience was so screwy it was actually funny. Wish I had known of the reviews here. FNB apparently went to some time and expense to mail me an invitation to open a checking account. It was quite an attractive offer, so I thought, "oh, it can't be too bad, why not do it." I was wrong.

I thought about it and I bet I have been with at least 24 banking institution in various cities in the past 40 years. I've set up the online banking, done the direct deposits. Its not rocket science.

But these guys are BAD. No wait, bad isn't the word. That would be an insult to the MERELY bad. This is a higher level.

My first attempt to open a checking account actually failed. Yes, failed. I received nothing, then finally a message five days later, stating only "your request for a checking account was declined." Declined? I have sky high scores, employment, and well, everything else. Stupidly, I even phoned to find out. This took an enormous amount of time, and four attempts. Finally, the guy says "try again." Second attempt, numerous hassles online, several freezes and fails, then an account number appears. Fortunately, I save it. Later, I hear.... nothing at all. Ok, phone again. The guy says "no account showing." I now READ HIM HIS OWN ACCOUNT NUMBER. He still says, "no deal, wait a few days, we'll see." Eventually they send a message with account opened. I stupidly make a transfer for a deposit.

But they can't do the online banking. It still will not complete. Back to the phone. She says "oh, um, that will take another day, try again tomorrow. Next day, still nothing. It will hang you up when it asks for your debit card number. Which they never sent. So no verification. So I stop again. Now they have my money. And I can't even see it, much less get it.

Ok, they are bad.

So.... ninth phone call. And these people DO NOT ANSWER THEIR PHONE. Ever. Each call was averaging 50 minute wait times (this was October 2022). She says "ok, ok, we'll send the card." (snide) Thirteen days later, card arrives, hooray. I activate by phone (no online activation available). Debit card even LOOKS like a joke. It seems it was printed on a low res matrix printer by a ten year old. Printing was sloped down to the right. Day 35 of opening an account. Ok.

Short end of story, I got the debit card number, then went back to online banking, and.... still won't set up. Stuck again. This time it is "wrong phone number." Just fix it, and....oh wait, you can't correct it. Its just wrong. Forever, apparently. No online banking.

So they have a total of one ATM in my area. Its a good ways from me. Its a rainy night. I drive there, take my $100 back out, and chop that card. My only transaction. Goodbye FNB.

Oh, did I mention they were bad?

Don't Get An Auto Loan From Them!!!

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So, they can't change your address over the phone even with verification. You have to send in a letter like it's 1982. Then once you receive a letter back saying your address is changed, guess what, it really isn't & then your title gets mailed somewhere else. Horrible experience. Be warned.

Wish I Would Have Read These Reviews First!!!

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This bank is AWFUL and treats it’s customers like prisoners! I had a branch manager from Erie, PA call me regarding an overdraft issue I had recently and would not offer to do ANYTHING to keep me as a customer. I have never in my life been treated so poorly! They find that charging you (or stealing from you in my opinion) is perfectly fine, despite you doing everything they advise you to do! I told this branch manager of how appalled I was and that they just lost a loyal customer…he did not care one bit! If you think you can “trust” this financial institution, I would advise you STRONGLY to reconsider that decision! Four years ago I decided to refinance my mortgage with them because of an actual “nice” branch manager that was employed with this bank at that time. He is not working with this bank any longer and I say good for him that he got away from these crooks! I can NOT wait to refinance with a bank that I can actually TRUST! If you’re money is important to you, then do NOT get involved with this bank because they just don’t care and will chose to screw you over! Being a great & loyal customer means nothing to them…run away as fast as you can!

Poor Financial Guidance

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Mark Stockard put his own needs above mine. A financial advisor should add to peace of mind not add worry.

This Bank Does Everything To Take Your Money

This is some of the worst customer service I have ever had. They literally told me to go to another bank because they let charges go through when I had no money in my account. They just want to get all of the money they can. Never go there.

Why This Bank Even Exist

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I have never been so frustrated with any bank as much I did with FNB. The website sucks so badly that to transfer funds to this account from other banks you have to pay 0.50 $ unbelievable. The customer service is rude, nonprofessional & lack knowledge. This bank deserves minus 1000 stars. Stay away, shitty bank

Horrible ! Horrible! Horrible!

I used to work for a bank for years and I have decent knowledge of how bank accounts work in regards to processing charges and fees but this bank has very different policies and procedures. I was charged an overdraft fee when I didn’t have a negative balance on any transactions that posted. The overdraft fee however overdrew my account and they gave me some ridiculous explanation that a processing charge the day before that fell off the account NEVER POSTED probably because it was a merchant error but I can’t see proof of this because apparently only they can see the mysterious charge they speak of so pretty much even though I only authorized charges that there was enough money to cover and when the transactions posted I had a positive balance and the only reason it went negative was because of the fee they don’t see an issue and told me they wouldn’t return it. Then I had an unauthorized charge that overdrew my account and caused two fees. I contacted the merchant who returned the charge but the bank didn’t even offer to replace my card and refused to return the fees. They also hung up on me when I wouldn’t accept something so ridiculous! So I’m going to bank with a financial institution that doesn’t steal my money and then treat me like crap for daring to question them

At Your Own Risk

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I have been banking with FNB for over 10 years. During my experience with this bank, my checking account has been hacked 3 times. The security issues are unsettling, to say the least. Recently, I experienced an "accounting error" which has devastated my personal finances. My checking account is set-up for a weekly automatic transfer of $200 to my flex-spend account. This weekly transfer is in order to provide funds for a monthly auto loan payment of $776, from the flex-spend account. I consider myself a conscientious, financially responsible person, and am diligent in monitoring my accounts via online banking. The status of these accounts are checked daily, especially considering FNB's track history of security issues regarding my account. All transactions and transfers show that the $200 was moved to the flex-spend account, as scheduled, for 3 consecutive weeks. Apparently, that was not the case. FNB transferred the $600 from my savings into the flex spend at once, leaving my savings account overdrawn nearly $600. I immediately visited the local branch and spoke with an account services representative. At this point, I have no cash on hand and a household to support. Imagine my frustration. It was explained to me that there was an "accounting error" and the funds were never transferred for the weekly $200 installments. FNB simply transferred funds in one lump amount of $600. I received no phone call or notification from FNB. Now, I'm being charged daily overdraft fees for their accounting error. I refuse to be the victim of FNB's shady business practices and flawed systems. I will fight this and plan to consult a lawyer.

Pros And Cons

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I have been banking with this bank for a long time the pros for me are free checks atm fees refunded for up to 10 foreign atm transactions per month and the are 2 miles from home and have arms in a lot of stores

1. If you like to travel and go outside your state of residence you have to get permission to go it's called a travel notification I have been embarrassed by this bank and there procedures my wife and I decided to go somewhere and it was out of state and we stopped for dinner and when I tried to pay my card was declined and the waiter wasn't so nice and made it known that the card was declined and I had more than enough to cover my bill so you have to call.the bank and to me this is an invasion of privacy they want to know where your going where your stopping how long your going to be in that area what's the purpose of your travel ( on that I told them it's none of there f#$&ing business I am an adult I will go were I want ).

2. they never informed me that there was a monthly charge for paper statements almost 10 dollars a month it's in the paperwork but you need a magnifying glass to read it so to avoid being charged went with electronic statements no fee for that

3. They will move transactions around to overdraft your account this has happened to me I was hit with over 300 in overdraft fees in 1 weekend I made a cash deposit on Friday afternoon by Monday I was in the negative and I had to fight to get my fees back they try and make you seem like your stupid and dont know what your talking about a cash deposit is immediately available they told me it wasn't and I showed them there own policy had to get the branch manager then when I started to get loud they agreed and refunded my fees

4. The only reason I stay is the atm fees being refunded free checks and there online bill pay is the best part of the bank


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BEWARE: Privacy Issues With This Bank

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This bank is very competitive in the local (NC) market, but it has some SERIOUS privacy problems. I have been their customer for almost a year. Went there to open an additional account, and I was shocked: the customer service rep could see ENTIRE social security number (not last four digits) of mine and EVERY account holder in the bank. No security if the service person is unscrupulous. In my case, they started filling out a new customer intake sheet (even if I am already their existing customer) and entered the ENTIRE ss number on it as an identification. This paper could be easily manipulated or misused by the service person or the next client who happens to glance at it while the paper is on the desk of the service rep. Also, EVERY page printed by the bank for my new account had my ENTIRE ss number printed. NOT the last four digits. This bank appears to have a very lax security for clients' personal details. BEWARE.....Unlike other major banks, they do not appear to have good safeguards or common-sense measures in place to protect our valuable information.

Best Bank Ever!!!

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This is the best bank ever!! Easy to do banking without a lot of hoops to jump thru, I bank at most local banks and some larger banks and first national wins hands down!!

Horrible Bank

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Their baking practices are unethical if not illegal. They told NSF fees when their app, account detail printout that they printed for me, and the NSF letter all show that I never had a negative balance. They told me if you rearrange how the transactions are listed on the statement then you can see the negative balance. You don’t get to rearrange the order of transactions just so you can tack up fees. They refuse to give me my money back.


I became an FNB client because my nice community bank merged with FNB. From day one there were problems. But most troublesome - The fees FNB charges are outrageous and how they apply their fees is, if not illegal, certainly unethical. I worked in the Community Banking Industry for many years and I NEVER saw any bank doing what FNB of PA is doing. My electronic deposit was sent on Friday, 7th of the month at 4:00 AM. Any bank worth its salt should be able to process an electronic deposit the same day from another well-known financial institution. NOT FNB of PA. They choose not to receive it until the 10th of the month. On the 8th of the month I was charged an overdraft fee because FNB, who could process overdraft fees on a weekend, could not reconcile that the deposit was made the day before.

In addition, their website and online banking are problematic. So while their staff maybe very helpful, that fact that you have to call or go into a branch to get matters corrected is totally unacceptable.

I am changing banks, which is a huge pain in the neck to do for someone who does most of their banking electronically, but will NOT continue treated in such an unprofessional manner. And, I plan to tell everyone I can, not to bank with this institution.

Worst Bank --Do Not Bank Here

Do not bank here unless you enjoy unreasonable fees on fees on fees. This bank probably has the worst customer service of any bank I've ever belonged to. it almost appears fraudulent. They'll shuffle you around and around and give you non answers for days until your fees rake up higher and higher. Once your fees have peaked they'll then answer you with a payment plan to pay everything and threaten you with a charge off. I've never experienced this from any other bank I've belonged to and caution everyone i know away from this bank. Especially if they like to keep their money.

Save Yourself The Headache Bank Elsewhere

I have had nothing but problems with this bank since I opened the account. I have already taken my business elsewhere.
Even if you check and make sure that you have the option checked for them to pay something they don't. They bounce it back and have no problem charging you all the fees. They have no customer service skills.
Your wait time to speak to someone on the phone is ridiculous.
Good luck if you keep banking with them!!


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If I could give this bank a negative 10 I would. Was getting close to paying off my RV 2 years early and tellers at Chesterland OH branch gave me the wrong payoff(which was more than they first told me) because I paid in cash. Over 30 days go by can't get a straight answer when I will get my title so I go in to the Som Center location in Mayfield Hts Oh to get an idea when I would get my title and a pay off note.
Branch Manager there was acting like she was doing me a big favor by printing it off her computer that I was paid in full. Makes excuses about the holidays then tells me it will take until March to get my title. Any other bank I have done business with has always sent me a letter thanking me for my business and letting me know when I should receive my title.
Called there corporate offices and asked for a call back got none.
I have financed in my fife well over 2 dozen vehicles and I have never had a more unpleasant experience.


Impressive Staff & Rates

So far, so good....Branch staff are very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. 1st National's CD rates are the highest in my local market and I am pleased to benefit from the increased income.However, in this 11/2019 update I find a concerning disconnect the local (NC) branch computer/telco communications has with their main office in PA.

First National Baank of Pennsylvania

This bank bought my local bank (OBA Federal). I thought that the service will decrease after the takeover (Personal was replaced) but to my delight the customer service is still great. I go to my local branch at least twice a month and I am always happy with my experience. There are very courteous and always letting me know about new products. The new web site is an improvement compared to the previous bank and also they offer a phone app to view your account using your smart phones. They offer a great variety of financial products such auto and home loans and wealth management through Investment Advisory Services, Financial and Estate Planning Service and Insurance Advisory Services. Note that some of these services are through a partnership with Cetera Investment Services

Poor Service, High Fees

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A couple months ago I went to First National Bank to cash a business check written on one of the bank's account holders. They refused to cash it because it was just over their $500 limit. Today, I went back to cash another check from the same business that was under the $500 limit. But they told me that they would only do it for $10, or I could open up an account with them. I don't need another bank account. I just need you to cash a check written by one of your business account holders, without being overcharged.

Worst Bank, Ever!

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I have never dealt with any bank or any company in general as uninterested in and unwilling to work to assist customers. It is patently obvious that the customers are not valued.

I believe they pay poorly, and/or don't properly train their employees, who are mainly- save for the rare exception- lacking rudimentary customer service and communication skills. Trying to get an answer is akin to dealing with a government agency;you are sent to another after another person without receiving an answer. Inept, cumbersome and inefficient, with long phone waits.

The website is archaic, the verification system is Rube Goldberg, doubtless a low bid Bangalore lash up, and it's just all around the kind of bank everyone hates. Read the reviews here and check those on Yelp; abysmal! Learn from others unfortunate dealings and find yourselves a good bank; FNB is not only not a good bank, it's like a textbook example of how not to conduct business.

FEES/Customer Service

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Fees outrageously high, charging :$3.49? for a monthly paper statement, that i should received anyway? Customer service are nice but not encourage to further assist the client. i had a question about online, while dealing with that i had ask a question about their foreign exchange, and her answer was: "i dont know, i guess i can have someone call you back" finish with the Online access and she never offered assistance on my second question. i understand that there are protocol for every case but it is part of CS to answer all of your customer question.

Ridiculous, Excessive, Inflexible Fees For Good Customer

My account got overdrawn by $2. It has never been overdrawn before. The day I found out about it, I made a cash & check deposit and called their "customer service" department to complain that $49 in overdraft fees for a $2 overdraw is excessive and unreasonable. Their answer - it's the bank's policy and they would not reverse even some of the charges. Since they bought Metro Bank they have cut hours, cut services, and have inflexible policies even for good, long time customers. I'll be finding a new bank and recommend you find a different one.

Disorganized And Costly

It started with a mortgage refinance for which I was required to open a no-fee deposit account with them. Right from the start they couldn't get auto-payment from my external account correct. Calling HQ was useless so each of the first two months I had to visit the branch. Each time I had to write a check for the mortgage, re-explain where the money should be coming from and make sure they refunded late fees. Once they fixed that all seemed well for a couple years until I noticed that the no-fee deposit account showed a $10 dormant account fee. I only opened this account because is was required to refinance and didn't use it otherwise. This fee had been charged monthly for almost 2 years. Not worth the hassle.

Not Family Friendly

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My young daughter had a custodial savings account at a bank prior to FNB taking over the branch. In it she had $20 and did not have much activity with her account as she had been saving her money at home. This week, we went to deposit her money in her account only to find it closed. Apparently, it was assessed a $10 fee for inactivity, then another $10 fee for inactivity later, at which time it was closed as there was no more money left in it. Although the bank had my correct address I received no notification of any of the fees or of the account closure. The clerk at the bank said that this has happened to other people as well. My older children had accounts at this bank, prior to the takeover, that were inactive for long periods of time with no fees ever assessed. I’m sure many other children’s accounts remain inactive for long periods of time and assessing them a fee is poor customer service in my opinion. Be that as it may, I should’ve received some notification of the fees or closure. I’ve been very dissatisfied with FNB since it took over the branch and this just secures my negative opinion. Taking money from children whom you should be encouraging to learn to save and become future customers! . Removing the coin counters from their branches was also another poor decision as the children loved to use them. I will be closing my other children's accounts at FNB as well.

Setting Customers Up For An Overdraft Nightmare

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I'm leaving this bank ASAP. I was a longtime customer of Omega Bank prior to FNB's acquisition. I just overdrew my bank account, which was my mistake completely. I had three charges posting, but had only accounted for two of those. The last charge should have posted, I get a $37 overdraft fee, over and done with. However, instead of the debits coming out in chronological order according to the day and times they were made, the debits were all reordered from largest dollar amount to smallest dollar amount in order to incur additional overdraft fees. So instead of getting hit with one simple overdraft fee, I'm nailed with three separate overdraft fees thanks to them adjusting the order at which the debits post. I looked back over months of my bank statements and see that they do this day after day - this readjusting of the debit order - clearly in the hopes that if you do overdraft, they have a better chance of charging multiple overdraft fees. No thanks. If that's the way you want to conduct business, I'm out.

WAS A GOOD Bank NOT Anymore

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This was at one time a GOOD bank, the fees were reasonable and the employees were NICE, this is no longer the case. Now they are charging Overdraft charges when the account has a balance of $5,000. this is not the first time it has happened and even though I am an ACCOUNTANT the manager told me I was making a mistake. I took 3 months of statements to the manager and SHE could not find a problem with the account yet the charged me overdraft fees three times in those three months. This is a small business account and the charged for an overdraft is $37.00 per transaction. I have closed my personal account for the same reason in addition to being charged a SC for using paper as opposed to an internet account. I will be closing the business account as well and taking all of my business elsewhere. If I could rate them at a negative I would do so. I strongly recommend that you find a reputable bank to do business with.

Terrible Service

This bank overcharges for everything. It'll say you will have money in your account then the next day, it'll give you overdraft fees through the roof. They also take a long time for things to process and they'll say it's the company that causes that but it's not because I can purchase the same thing through another bank and it go through right away. The employees are rude and just care about getting all your money from you and nothing else. Just terrible overall experience with the entire bank. Never going to be banking with them again.

Literally Choose Any Other Bank !!

Over 15 years with First National Bank of PA and these past years have easily been the worse banking experience I ever had, plagued with changes and charges that getting explanations and fixes require you to speak to management who isn't available, who will send you online to file a complaint, which they will late respond that you need to call.. and when you call they say that they can not help and you need to speak to your branch manager.. weeks of messages and stress and additional charges!!! AVOID THIS BANK LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Literally choose any other bank as it is getting worse as apparently they are were acquired by another company.

They Create Overdrafts By Altering Your Transactions

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Intentionally caused overdrafts. Every point of sale transaction is held in a pending status until the following business day. I had a government payroll check that's backed by the federal Reserve that would have been deposited Monday. The same day I payed a bill on the same day. Instead of the debit pending it was processed immediately ahead of my deposit ca using overdraft. They then processed pending debits from the week prior ultimately causing 300$ in fees. They then credited my deposit. All those where processed on the same day starting with the overdraft causing debit even though the consumer agreement states it will process highest transaction first which was my deposit. Also my deposit was made photographing the check through their app. For a fee which according to fdic regulations requires the funds to be made available immediately. Immediately meaning the open of business on Monday given it was done after business hours on sat.

Beware!!! Horrible Experience

Banking there for many years and got bought out. Originally Commerce Bank then Metro and now these people. Such a horrible experience trying to close an account which they tried to keep open and slapping all kind of fees so much so that I had to let them close it and now have fees to pay but that's the only way that I knew it would be closed ..tried closing twice with no success.

Great Bank!

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I have been a customer of First National Bank for 5 years. I have a checking and savings account with them, I have always been very satisfied with the customer service. You get treated like a person and get very personal service. They treat you the same whether your account has the minimum or a lot of money in it. Any time I have had a problem they have been very cooperative and understanding and have tried to fix the problem. I recently had signed my daughter up for her first checking account she could get up to a $200 bonus depending on certain things she did. She did all of them and was not given the bonus. I called and they investigated and realized the person who set up account had used a wrong code. They had the money in the account the same day and she personally called to apologize to us for the delay. I would recommend this bank to anyone. They have convenient locations and I get free checking with direct deposit.

Terrible Bank Nothing But Problems

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This is the worst bank I've ever dealt with. Metro was a great bank and the only way fnb could get customers was to take them over. The fees are outrageous and mostly hidden. They've taken so much money from me in ridiculous fees and they're rude and impersonal. I never write reviews about anything but hopefully this saves somebody from this banks greed. Who charges a fee to check your account by phone?!

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