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Loans Dept

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I'm so disappointed. I was denied a loan with my bank.I have been banking with for over 15 years.When skip was loan officer I received 4 or more loans.Fsnb was like a family to me.I started with fsnb making 8.40 per hour.now I'm making 25 per hour. I applied for under 2k.an was denied for the 1st time.i am disappointed I was in a rut.dealing with bone cancer.but I still had my checks faithfully coming at fsnb only.

Don't Get Sucked In By The Rate

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I jumped on this bank because of the 7% interest rate on their savings account. Simple enough to open an account but then when I was looking to transfer money from an external account to my FSNB account, that is nowhere to be found. I chatted with a rep that says they don't have the ability to link external accounts (even though I had to go through a verification process with my external account to fund the FSNB account) and the only way to withdraw the funds was through Cash App, PayPal, or a cashier's check which comes with a $7.50 charge.

This bank is probably ok for people that live near a branch, but if you are looking to get the best rate, don't bother with FSNB.

Their app is archaic, the chats are less than helpful and the fact that they don't have a way to send money to external accounts or transfer in from sources outside of their own ecosphere makes it a big flop.

FSNB Checking Acocunt

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Don't ever get an account with this bank because ever since I have been with them fro mday one I signed up they have declined e ery transaction because of fraud. No it is not visa or my other visa debit cards would be doing the same thing. It is the bank
I have been stranded before trying to get gas and they decline transaction.

On Line Check Depositing Is A Scam

You start depositing checks with their online banking the first field go through with no problems and then they'll start saying they can't get in touch with certain Banks so they put a 7-Day hold on your check which is about 10 regular days cuz it's 7 working days, they will then offer you a chance to pay $15 to get your check to go through in seven regular days, literally holding your check for ransom, then they will start doing it to every check, when you start to ask questions they'll say all you're getting too many checks we're going to report you as a business and you can no longer put checks in our bank, they are complete fraud buyer beware!

FSNB Banking

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This has to be the absolute worst bank I have ever banked with. They have the rudest customer service representatives, their policies are all over the place and they are big believers in giving their customers a hard time. Very unsatisfied with this bank. Been banking with them for almost 2 years now and my over draft protection was taken off my account because of a statement made out of frustration( but no actions on closing the account was made). Haven’t done anything to satisfy this customer for over a year. Very disappointing.


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They blocked my card for suspicious transactions and I instantly called to let them know that it was me, they told me I have to send them a written document stating it’s me- which doesn’t make sense because I confirmed that all transactions are legit i never filed any claim with them. why would they require me to write a statement to re-activate my card. That was just the beginning of nightmare.
This all happened when am at work yesterday . I told them I need Uber to go back home and I couldn’t send them a written statement because I was just leaving work:( long story short they refused to activate my card. I used taxi to go back home when I reached home. I wrote a statement and sent it and they told me the statement is invalid. I ended up sending 8 statements and on the 8th,the representative said they have reactivated the card after calling them over 15 times.
I wish I can upload all the screenshots of the statements I sent to them. This is the most inconvenient bank THEY ARE SCUMMERS. I have missed work today because of their stupidity

Worst Bank I’Ve Ever Had An Account At

After talking with the specialist yesterday as to why the claim was denied makes no since I did have my PIN number in my wallet on a piece of paper. If the person had access to my account you state the pattern and amounts and there was no attempt to take anything after the card was reported stolen which I could not reach a customer service rep until Tuesday and when I used the lost debit card option when calling the bank Friday they told me that you were not affiliated with them??? I reported my card lost Saturday the only way I could which was on the website. Just because the person didn’t try to withdraw more money makes no sense because they would be given the balance on the machine that they used I would think. My American Express was taken as well and I didn’t receive such an issue but I guess like the customer service rep said you are a smaller bank with different guidelines. Bottom line my card was stolen all money gone hurricane hits and fsnb did absolutely nothing to help.?


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Only reason I’m giving a 1 Star is because I HAVE to!!


I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone ever. The automated phone service always has problem with access to my account when I want to know my balance on my card. Rude employees when I call. I have been lied to about transactions when I use my card more than 3 times and I'm being charged more than they had told me. Money has been taken out of my account from FSNB in the $100's for service charge I had no idea about. This is terrible banking!! DO NOT USE FSNB!!

Pitiful Customer Service!

I just took a 401k disbursement check to my FSNB for deposit. The teller, after several minutes, tells me that the Amerifunds check, from Northwestern Mutual is coming up on her terminal as UNC Healthcare, and that I can either take the check to Well Fargo and let them cash it for free, wait 7 days for FSNB to verify the check, or they can CHARGE me (an account holder) $5.00 to manually verify the check. If The error is on your computer, why do you think I should pay to fix it? Your customer service has gone from bad to totally incompetent!

Worst Bank You Will Ever Go To DONT DO IT

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They are no in the business of helping you save or make money they are in the business of taking your money. They dont care who you are or what you have done they will find a way to charge you service fees or take money from you. There is no reason what so ever that you should open an account with these people. and if you have one close it now and switch!! I didn't listen the people that told me they are terrible. I really wish I would have now.

FSNB Cares About Their Account Holders!!!

They will send you messages if there are charges going above your normal pattern of purchasing. The tellers are friendly and always smiling. I have never had a problem at this bank, this is a real American Bank!!! It has military history and their families what more can you say. Thank you FSNB!!!


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This is the worst bank that I have ever dealt with! They are scammers and thieves! When I first opened an account with them, I was told that there wouldn't be a monthly charge for the Basic account, but surprise, surprise, they charged me. When I asked them why I was charged when there shouldn't be a charge, I was told that the type of account that I had, which wasn't a Basic account, charges $7.50. I told the lady that I had a Basic account, she said that I didn't and was very rude. I was very frustrated and just told her to switch me to a Basic account. the following month, thinking I had a Basic account, I still got charged for it. My mistake was, I took my son there to open a student account and I specifically told them NOT to give him overdraft. At the time, my son was only sixteen, just got his license and started his first job. For the student account, there would be no charge as long as he used his debit card four times in the month. Well he did and he was charged $10.00 per month anyway!! AND THEY SIGNED HIM UP FOR OVERDRAFT AFTER I TOLD THEM NOT TO!! After this, my son and I went to the bank and closed our accounts and now we bank with the Credit Union and couldn't be happier!!! THIS BANK STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorriest Bank Around!

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Worst bank and workers ever! Two weeks ago someone somehow made transactions across the U.S. from me. Took all I had and overdrew me by $293. The bank alerted me to this. Now they have to investigate it first, which I'm told could take 3 months. It should take no longer than a few days to get my money back. I was assured that when my work check got deposited, that nothing would be taken out to cover the overdraft. But it was. The overdraft this person took was the banks money....not mine. But they took my money to cover what the thief took. Not one of the 10ish people I have talked to act like they care one bit. I have a family and bills to pay. This is the most ridiculous mess ever! Please, if you want to trust your bank, NEVER EVER USE FSNB!!!!!


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About 6 months ago I had an account with them, and I receive a monthly check, and they stole my entire check (not once but TWICE)!! I have a family, and we didn't have money to pay our bills.

I called the company to see if they can resolve the situation, and the representative had an attitude with me. Afterwards, I asked to speak for the supervisor, and she was just as mean and rude as the representative.

Please people, do not bring your business to them; they are scammers, rude, and uncaring.

You all have been warned

WARNING!! Do Not Enter!!! Worst Bank Ever!!

DO NOT go to FSNB at least in Cookeville Tn. It is the bank in some Wal-Marts. Fraud is apparently an easy thing to get caught up in with them. The staff is extremely unprofessional, and if you have any problems with them you might as well wait till hell freezes over for them to figure it out lol SERIOUSLY BEWARE.
Me and my fiance have just moved into a new apt out of state. I lost my job, because I was told I could transfer and they didn't even have a position available. We have a three yr old daughter and on top of being tight on funds now my fiance has experienced the worst thing possible to happen in this time of need. My fiance had 113 dollars in his bank account cus he had checked that night. That morning I went to make a 8 dollar purchase at the gas station and it declined. When I got home he called the bank and it was -$96.00. We then drove straight to the bank. Apparently a $220 western union had been taken out which he has never used. The attendant then looked more into it and found five more western union transactions which one was all the way to Jamaica. He was never notified and they never even thought it to be suspicious. We called western union and then made a fraud report. We had to make a police report too. On top of that a week later we call to see why we hadn't received the paper they were suppose to send us in the mail for the dispute, and they said we should of but we hadnt. He then just told us to go to the branch and they could fax it over...why they hadn't done that in the first place is beyond me. We leave right away and when we get there after waiting half an hr for the rep to fax it over it's a paper telling us what HE needs to do. He had to write all the fraud transactions down on a sheet of paper and faxed it back over. Just a big waste of time. They make no sense how they do things. We have to wait till the money is put back but as soon as it is we're leaving the bank. Nothing about this bank is right. If you see this bank...run run very far away.

Never Again.

Changing banks today. Nothing like getting locked out of your bank account randomly and finding out there customer service is closed. This bank has been nothing but problems for me.

Banking At FSNB Bank

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Everything about this bank is misleading! They open accounts and make false claims as to their services. They treat you with disrespect when making deposits. Why does it take 20 minutes to make a deposit. Walmart needs to rethink their relationship with this company. The employees look miserable and are afraid to speak too much. Not a good choice for a bank!!

I Would NOT Bank With Fsnb

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I would not bank with fsnb....... When I opened my acct. It was just me on the acct. well i fnd out tat they also issued a secondary debit card to my exhusband because one of his friends works at the branch that I had been banking with.... Remind u I was the only person on this acct. After our divorce went through then is when he got the secondary debit card which in return screwd me out of my money. I had my bi-weekly checks from my job as a nurse deposted into this acct. He took me for a ride for my money.... I went to go talk to the teller nan they told me they couldnt give me no info.... I replied why not this is my own personal acct. She said no there are two cards that have been so both parties will have to be present..... I asked for the president of the banks phone and she even refused to give that number.... NEEDLESS to say I do NOT bank with this bank any longer and if I hear someone ask about this bank TRUST me I WILL TELL THM NOT TO BANK AT THIS BANK THEY WILL SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!  They lost alot of money when they lost me as a customer and i personally will NOT SEND them any business and I HOPE AND PRAY to GOD they close this bank down completely 

Horrible Bank With Little To None In Customer Servive Skills.

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I won't even go into detail about all the problems I've had with them, but it's rediculous. DO NOT open an account with this institution, and if you have one already get out as fast as possible. I suggest USAA if you can, or even Bank of America.

Unprofessional Staff, Obsolete Banking Services

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I recently started an account at FSNB located at my local Walmart in Shreveport, LA. My previous bank was through my college, which was convenient at the time, online banking, onsite ATM, direct deposit and cash back rewards. After graduation I found it inconvenient to have to drive an hour away for make withdrawals and having to mail in my deposits, so I switched to FSNB because it was less than 5 minutes away and plus I'm always shopping at Walmart. Setting up my account took longer than expected especially after the clerk misplaced my drivers license, on the upside I was able to get an ATM card immediately, but it had the look of some generic gift card you'd bought off the internet or at the end aisle of a store. Afterwards I would told I'd have access to online banking within 24 hours, and to use my email address and my temporary password to log in. 24 hours later, I couldn't log on, 72 hours later same thing. I pulled out the mounds of literature I was given about my account and online banking but no information on how to log in for the first time, no option to enter your email address, tried my account # no go, social security # no go. Finally I called in to Customer Service and was given instructions on how to log on, logged in, and lets just say the website is far from impressive or user friendly, and its set up in some obsolete text format, with red messages cluttered all over the screen. No option to save information, so you have to constantly re-enter your username and password, and the online bill pay option is just confusing, no explanation as to what the Pay Date is (payment due date, date payment will be made) nothing, no information on how long payments take to reach the payers. I've done online banking for years I assumed all payments that went electronic took 3 days and other took 5, WRONG, it took 10 business days for my payments to reach their payers and although they all read electronic they were mailed paper checks, UGH!!! If the website wasn't bad enough, the ATM at my location is never in service, and the staff there are very unprofessional and ghetto (yes I am too African American) multi-colored weaves and nail polish, fllp flops and excessive jewelry. None of the staff appears as if they ever worked in a bank before or let alone any professional setting, not the sort of thing you'd care to see from a place whom you'd entrust with your hard earned money. Needless to say I'm taking my business elsewhere, I'd be willing to pay some extra fees to be greeted by professional staff, with a working ATM, a more genuine looking bank card and a more user-friendly and updated banking website.

Froze My Account

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I am a disabled veteran and retired from the military, maybe that may not matter, but I have all my deposits at the beginning of the month going to FSNB. With saying that, I pay my bills on time and all of them at the beginning of the month, so I have a lot of transactions coming from account. I have been with FSNB for eight years, never a problem until I started paying my bills online. I understand about fraud protection, but the main problem here is proper notification, but if you are on vacation and don't like caring cash and then out of the blue your debit visa card is denied because this organization did not take the time to give you a courtesy call about your transactions, and that we are about to lock your account if you did not authorized these transaction, nothing of the such by this bank. They cause my payments to be late, even though I had the funds. I call this BAD business. This has happen to me 4 months in a row, I am tired of this, I will be closing my account with this so call bank this month.

Horrible Bank

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Don't go to this bank. Too many fees! Charge you overdraft fees even if you have enough money in your account! Horrible bank.

Fort Sill National Bank FSNB

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I tried to open an account that was free if you had direct deposit but the teller set the account up on a plan that cost 7.50 per month, I advised that I would waite a week to come back and try again for the correct account, a week later the teller set the account up and had the last name spelled wrong but this was easy to fix and they did issue a new debit card with the correct last name, the day that my first deposit was supposed to be in the bank I could not access the funds due to the system being down..I'm not sure that this instatution is ready for any large scale accounts. I have changed one direct deposit back to my old bank and will check the progress on this bank next month and if problems still exist I will close the account.

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