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The absolute worst customer service in the history of mankind! Ive never dealt with a company who does not even try to make their customers happy! Xiomara didnt even attempt to correct the issue I had. Talk about being arrogant! Im in disbelief on how horrible customer service is! PLEASE BANK WITH YOUR LOCAL CREDIT UNION!!! You will regret banking with Fulton bank well atleast the one located in Rosenhayn, NJ. Someone needs to teach their staff what customer service is because they obviously dont have a clue. PLEASE DO NOT BANK WITH FULTON BANK.

Worst Customer Service On Earth!

This is the worst bank I've dealt with in my entire 40 years life. The customer service is beyond horrible and their representatives is extremely unprofessional. I've spent the last 3 days on the phone( 5 hours totals of calls & wait time), spoke to 15 different agents who kept giving me the run around and had me call 5 different phone numbers. They kept transferring my call and putting me on hold, only to be placed in the beginning of the queue. I spoke with Shane who has the worst customer service agent you can get. When I told he has no customer service skills, he gave me an attitude and his response was, " I don't work in customer service, I'm the supervisor from the fraud department". I had provide my info, answers security questions and SMS verification text code. My credit limit was $18,000 but they kept declining my order for $7,000 stating my account was too new and I was deem a fraud risk to them. I've been told they've closed my account after having it opened for a month and they've sent me a termination letter in the mailed. I should have read the reviews before applying for their credit card and would have known there's a lot of other customers with bad experiences. Avoid yourself the headaches and hassle, stay away from this Fraudulent Bank.

Horrible Online System. Always Down.

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Fulton Bank has the WORST online banking system! It’s an every day/night occurrence. I’ve called and brought this issue to their attention multiple times and not only did they not care, they seem to think it’s not a problem you can’t access YOUR account.

Business Service - Checking Account

I love Fulton Bank! I opened my checking account in the branch, the staff was phenomenal, professional, sweet, and very knowledgeable and answered my questions and concerns immediately. The process was easy, stress free, and quick! The mobile is really nice, easy to navigate and use. (It does need some work done on it because "Zelle" tends to have issues here and there.) - No problem though.
The wait for customer service is pretty long which I don't like but there knowledgeable and professional and extremely helpful every time I call. I have the simple checking account and absolutely LOVE IT! I do not have to maintain a certain balance, no fees/monthly maintenance fees, and I can maintain rewards for the card when I shop and spend over $5.00 which, is GREAT! The locations are pretty convenient and I have been with them about 6 months and I only had 1-2 issues and they was resolved immediately no hesitation which I loved!
Staff at the branch I use is very friendly, helpful, and really professional. I love banking with Fulton Bank!
They've been so great to me and treated me so well which, I absolutely love and admire as a customer. Customer service remains a #1 priority and so far they've met that.

I never encountered money issues, or rude staff since I've been with them. I do recommend them for people with bad credit, new people looking for a super easy and good bank account, and anyone who has a Fulton Bank branch near or in there area. Good bank!

Horrible Bank - Stay Away

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Worst online banking experience that I’ve ever had. Fulton will readily take your deposits, but it’s oh so difficult to withdraw your monies. They place low limits on the amount you can withdraw but not on the amounts you can deposit. Then they also charge fees to make withdrawals from your savings account while other banks do not. I eventually had to get a “notarized” letter to close my account and withdraw the remaining account balance - this was the most absurd thing that I’ve ever experienced in a banking relationship. It then took Fulton over a week to process my account closure and then send me my money. I’m so glad that I’m no longer doing business with this bank. Stay Away!

Auto Loan - No Statement

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I just accepted a 7 year auto load through the car broker with Fulton Bank. Received the coupon book. Called to request a first statement (rate of loan, length of loan, etc). They do not provide hard copy or online access to this information. Would only agree to answer any questions I had.

Horrible Customer Service

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We had been customer of Fulton Saving Banks for over 16 years , because of the mortgage. Just had recently a situation, when I asked for some written policy to verify some information, which was given to me verbally. In respond, no written information was provided. Manager at the local branch had NO idea, where to look for, spoken in a rude mode and acted as she was so bothered with my request. I was advise to call to head Customer service at the main office- Deb Braden, who barely would speak with me , because she thought that information, which I requested was just "common sense". I tried to explain a specific situation and why I was asking for written explanation, but no result. This organization should really think of improving their customer service big time. Very unprofessional, do not treat customer with CARE. I could not wait until we will finish to pay our mortgage with this bank to get out of there!!

Poor Customer Service

Fulton Bank's employees give me the impression that it's the first day on the job for each of them. Their knowledge of their bank products and procedures are little to none. Very frustrating

Done After 10 Years!

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I've been with this bank for over 10 years. So for basic banking (regular deposits, check payments) it was fine.

However, when put to the test, Fulton Bank fails! I'm currently in the beginning process of divorce. I made the move to pull my money out of joint checking and move it into personal accounts that I set up new with them that day. Fine so far.

However, my estranged husband and I needed to sign together to have my name off joint checking (STRIKE 1). They failed to do 2 stop payments from the old checking account over a period of 48 hours claiming "the systems were down" (STRIKE 2) Because of this incurred service fees due to being over drawn on the old checking, when it was in THEIR ERROR! They keep "reversing" the fees, but are messing this up as well placing them the "reversals" in wrong accounts (STRIKE 3). Finally after 2 weeks from opening my new account, I get my estranged husband to meet me and sign off that he's taking control of the joint checking account and it should now be all balanced with no over drafts. But Fulton can't do this right either. They gave him BOTH checking accounts meaning our joint checking and my brand new personal checking to which my direct deposits now go!! So now I have no access to my own checking or current paycheck! (STRIKE 4 - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!).

At this point I'm beyond upset with them! As soon as I can, I will be closing everything with them and taking my business elsewhere! I've also been disappointed with there slow responses. It took them 36 hours to tell me they never process my stop payment, which was too late by then.

Interest Statements

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Every year for the past 3 yrs, it takes weeks for us to get our loan statements. We were told we have to open a checking and/or savings account in order to get our interested statements processed quickly. We have a loan account!!! Why can't Fulton Bank process these statements either online or within the guidelines of 1099s, W2, etc. We have to go into bank to get the interest statements. It's ridiculous!! I will never open an account with you and if I could move my loan account, I would!! Get with the times!

Management Problems

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We are appauled at the way Fulton Bank Commercial Loan Dept. has handled our business account.  We have numerous business accounts with them, commercial mortgages, and personal accounts and credit lines.  We have always met our obligations and payments with them and have never gone into any kind of a default situation.  "Out of the Blue"  we received a letter from Fulton Bank's Attorney that they were "calling" our Line of Credit Note and demanding immediate payment within 10 days.  When asked "why" ?  I was told that...because property values have gone down...they feel that there is insufficient collaterial now to cover the loan.  Never did we receive a call to "discuss the situation"...or have a "sit down meeting".....just a letter from their attorney stating "pay" the note or face "foreclosure" or "Judgement".   I have been a customer of this bank personally for 40 yrs.  i don't deserve this kind of treatment.  Planning to get note "paid in full" and moving all accounts to a different bank.

Only reason for giving one star is because local branch personnel are very nice and responsive.  The Fulton Commercial Loan people, though, are "Sharks" and should be avoided at all costs!

Horrible Bank - Their Errors Have Affected My Credit

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The only reason that I gave them a one star rating is that I couldn't give them a 0 rating.  They incorrectly changed my address, so I missed getting a statement.  When I called them about the missing statement they apologized for the error and when I asked if they were going to report the late payment they assured me they wouldn't.  When I received their statement I made the payment and it was appliied to the most recent installment, not the one past due.  Through a whole series of mistakes, I am now 2 months ahead on my mortgage, with 2 late payments.  I will never deal with them again.  I'm convinced that they specifically made the "error" on purpose, hurting my credit rating so that it would be difficult to refinance my 6 1/2% motgage.

I'm though with them, where they are not incompetent, they are just inconsiderate.


Jumbo Nonconventional Mortgage

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Fulton Bank is the worst bank for Jumbo Loans and is untrustworthy.  They have avoided our repeated request for help to lower our rate because since we built our house the value has decreased by more than 50%.  We are currently paying them more for our house than it is worth. They should be invested by the FDIC because of these unscrupulous methods of banking.  

Fulton Bank

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I agree with most of the others posts. This is a terrible bank to do business with.

Horrible Bank

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I banked with them for years when they were "The Bank of South Jersey" and they were great. Once they became Fulton Bank it became horrible. They started giving me outrageous fees. They would charge me to use a free ATM at Wawa! The fees were just too much.

Like Watching Grass Grow And Paint Dry

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Agree 100% with Pintman's review: Fulton's loan process is "Glacial".  Spot On!  We'd established a great, long-term working relationship with some wonderfully responsive Fulton Bank personel for our commercial investments (the only reason Fulton got 2 stars instead of 1).  The loan process was always seemless, and quick. 

Recently, our contacts have been shifted around here and there, and the once respectful, timely business process went static.  Now, it seems that the "powers that be" at Fulton's decision table work an awkward 1-day "production"  week:

Thursday:    Reserved for setting up foursomes and tee times.  No decisions made
Friday:        The weekly "hit the Links!" outing with the pals.  No decisions made
Monday:      Breakfast-brunch-lunch with the golf buddies to review Friday's game.  No decisions made.
Tuesday      Review loan requests not completed on Thursday and Friday. Paper shuffle. Procrastinate 1 more day.
Wednesday: Actually make a decision on a loan request, or two.  Leave all other requests sit until next week.

Recommendation:  If you're a serious commercial investor looking for a business-like, congenial, and respectful relationship based on a win-win situation, look elsewhere.  Fulton Bank seems more interested in nickel and diming granny out of her checking account than acting like a grown up business lending institution.  Sorry Fulton, I'm leaving, and taking my investor network with me.

PS Fulton on-line banking mirrors their loan process: novice, cumbersome, and time-consuming to use.



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It took me over four months to close my money market account at Fulton Bank.  They attempted to charge me 100’s of dollars before I finally got it close.  They owed me interest that I never did receive.  They kept writing me letters saying I owed them money.  I called/wrote letters/emails before I could get them to close my account.  They are a HORRIBLE BANK and I would advise everyone not to bank with them.


A Great Bank If You're Nostalgic For The 80'S

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In my mid-50s, I'm down to just two personal checking accounts and a home equity LOC. I stuck with Fulton for too many years simply because they have a ton of branches in Central Pennsylvania.  But I gradually got fed up with their stodgy service.  Feature-deficient online banking that was hard to set up, hard-to-read line of credit statements, glacial loan application processing, indifferent service, limited branch hours.  I always got the feeling this bank really doesn't want to be part of the 21st century, and doesn't want walk-in customers like me.  I'm reminded of that old TV commercial about the Lethargic National Bank. 

Big City Stuff

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Never one to be friendly, I assumed when my husband died and I needed a notary, my bank would be there for me. Wrong. In the state of PA., a bank mgr. doesn't notarize for anything other than mtg. or loans.  Although I go there weekly, they always act as if they have no idea who I am.

Not a good bank.

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