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Opened a CD and savings account about two weeks ago..The service member was told that I lived 2.5 hours away so it was imperative that I receive and ATM card so that I could deposit funds into my savings or open more CDs without having to travel or use the internet (don't do finances over the PC)..Went on a trip the following week expecting the ATM card to be delivered before leaving or while vacationing..

Expectations however were sadly NOT fulfilling..I returned to find no ATM card...Called the 24 hr. service number... Waited on the phone for over an hour...Tried calling the branch number twice... both times having to leave a return call message to which NOBODY responded to.. Once again called the 20 hr. service number to have to wait on the phone for 20 minutes to get a human rep.... Frustration was the operative condition... He "said" he couldn't reorder the ATM card because the application was never filled out in the first place when I opened the accounts.. and that I would have to have the application sent to me in "snail mail".. You can understand my frustration..
Instead I had a relative with 80K in savings talk to the branch manager on my behalf... She assured me, when I called her, that I COULD get the ATM card without the application through "snail mail"

But this should not have been a problem to begin with..If I could give negative stars

Decline In Member Services

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10 years ago we would have given Alaska USA 5 stars. After 25 years we are ready to leave them. They have closed branches, taken out ATMs and are part of a network which doesn't seem to always work with their cards. We are going to find a credit union which is part of the Co-Op Shared Branch Network (all of the other credit unions in Fairbanks are in this group). I would definitely not recommend Alaska USA right now. They do not seem to currently care about serving members!

Alaska USA Is Superb CU

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I have been banking with Alaska since 2011 when they financed my car loan. I also bank with US Bank (just okay). Alaska has low fees, no monthly checking account fee cause I have direct deposit. I have a very low interest rate credit card. Customer Service is fantastic and they are friendly and always eager to help. I am dumping US Bank and plan to keep Alaska USA. Their website is easy to navigate. I would say that mobile app needs some updating. Not sure why the negative reviews as I don't feel that way. I keep a good amount in my savings to cover expenses in checking when I am low that month.

Very Pleased With Alaskausa

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I've had an account for years. Just miles away from my home, several times they've had among the highest CD rates in the nation. I have been very pleased with their efficient, friendly, helpful customer service.

ATM Problem

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Went to deposit my son’s money $600 in the bank for his rent thru the drive up ATM in Victorville and the machine malfunctioned and returned only $120, it glitched for about 3 minutes attempting to return the rest (i’m recording it), it then print out a receipt saying it was unable to return my deposit. I try again to check if I would see my money stuck in the machine, but it says deposit wasn’t working. I walked into the branch and explained what happened and was told there was noting they could do because the ATM belongs to a third party and because my name was not on the card they couldn’t talk to me about ‘it’ and I would have to have my son call membership services. They smiled and pretty much said ‘next.’ No call to the Third party, no I’m sorry for your loss, just ‘cold blank gaze’

Good service

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I have always used credit unions rather than banks after a bad experience with a bank. Credit unions have lower fees for everything. They are always lower than bank fees. I find it helpful to go to the credit union and talk to a person about my specific needs. They always come up with services that I did not know were available from the online services. They also are helpful to teach me how to make the online services more beneficial to me. I love being able to track my spending any time on line. It helps me keep my spending in check. I am able to make monthly payments on line and this is quick and it is a free service. I save a load of money on stamps. I just wish they had stock investment services available.

Waste Of Time

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This place is run like an Alaska wilderness trading post. They don't do ACH transactions at all. Every time I try to reach customer service they are either closed or can't seem to help. Their own ATM's let you withdraw $500 a day, however their "network" ATM's only let you withdraw $400 in my experience.

Rates below average, customer service none to speak of.

Online website forces you to type the password, even if it may be very long. Very limited transactions available online and reminds me of a bank from the early 2000's.

My savings account at Alaska Fed Credit Union

I have been a customer of Alaska Federal Credit Union Bank for over 5 years. The service is great and convenient, since I have a Navy Federal Credit Union ATM close to where I live in Coronado. I can make regular deposits and an occasional withdrawal when needed without having to drive long distances to a Bank or ATM. When I decided to purchase a vehicle I used their services due to their lowest interest rate. Overall I am very pleased to have Alaska FCU as my Savings Bank.

Lost This Customer

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Prior to visiting my local branch, I called to confirm that they could notorize some paperwork using a power of attorney and I was told as long as "I" was a member. I got to the bank and first the teller had to call and find out if she could notorize the paperwork. 15min later the answer was yes. Then she said she couldn't do it because the person (my elderly mother) was not a member as the paperwork required both our signatures and for her's I utilized my legal POA. Now my mom has no bank accounts because she is dependant on me. This bank lost me over this. 8yrs as a customer, 4 car loans, and they forgot that "I" was their customer.

As good as it gets

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Credit unions in general, good. Alaska USA FCU, great! I have had a savings and visa credit card with them for many, many years. The credit card I have is great, because it has a low limit (only $500 so I can't get too crazy) and it is linked to my savings account, so i have to keep at least $500 in my savings to keep my card. It was really great when I was younger and trying to build up credit, and I still continue to use it today because of the great points program they have. Downside- no branches in my area. Always have great customer service, never had any problems, and recently got a great loan for my new used car.

Unreasonable fees

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I was highly disappointed in Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. Upon first coming to the state I picked this Credit Union to bank with but discovered that they charge monstrous fees after the age of 25 despite how long being a client of theirs. In recent years I had to switch to Wells Fargo Bank because service was disastrous!

For example one day I had to quickly run to the bank to deposit checks (no convenience there!) and quickly pick up my son because I had to pay rent. The total amount the teller deposited into my account was only $300... the checks I had totaled well over $900!! It was terrible weather and the moment I got inside my car and having to turn back... and having to wait in line again was a pain! They fixed the problem all was forgiven but then a similar event happened at another branch but this time accidentally putting someone else's money in my account!

Customer service was really unhelpful during these happenings. I am not sure how they train their tellers but apparently you get really good ones or really bad ones that screw up your account. I had to close down my accounts because it was too much of a headache. Bills after all needed to be paid. Overall I will not be back to put my name on an account with Alaska Federal Credit Union. Very much wasted my time. Although maybe now they have things to make it "convenient" for their members... I am reluctant to believe their new convenience methods are as glitchy as their tellers brains!


I used AKUSA for about six years. Branches were conveniently located throughout my area. I could always find one without going far out of my way. Employees were always knowledgeable and helpful. Worst thing I could say would be that the lines got a little long some afternoons/evenings.


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I made a check and cash deposit in the ATM at the Apply Valley branch on Friday January 18, 2013. The machine posted that it was not able to process the cash transaction and did not return my money. I immediately went into the branch and spoke with a teller who had the manager assist her in filing a dispute. I gave them the exact denomination and what bills I had placed into the machine. I was told that it would be resolved in 3 business days. The following week I contacted member services and was told that the dispute was misfiled and that it would take up to 10 days from her receiving the dispute. My dispute was not expedited even though it was their mistake in sending the dispute to the wrong department. That alone got the resolution process with her off on the wrong foot! I was told that an outside servicer does the money pickups and maintenance on the machines once a week. The following week I received a credit for half of the amount that I deposited as they said that it was all that they found.  I have talked to several employees and been given different information each time.  The person in the dispute department has been frustrating to work with. It seems like she doesn't believe me so she is not trying to resolve the problem. I have already proven that the machine did not work properly. I think they should also look into the service that checks the machines. The money was put in the machine and now it is gone! Someone should be held accountable. 

Long story short, it is 3 weeks later and I still have not recevied the rest of my money.  I asked the person handling the dispute how she would feel if this had happened to her? She told me that she does not use ATMs! WOW, that is assuring! I was with Bank of America for nearly 20 years and only had ATM banking and never had a problem with their machines. Now I have to go into the bank to do deposits because I no longer trust Alaska USAs  ATM machines! This has been a major inconvenience and I am now late paying bills because of the missing money. I am going to be filing complaints with agencies to get this resolved and closing my account. 

Dont Bank With Them

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This is the worst bank ever, dont waste your time and money. Bank elsewhere.

Poorly Managed

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I tried to open and account at two different branches (Victorville and Apple Valley), only to walk out of both of them.  This place has no one there to open a new account.  First I went to the Victorville office, which had a line of 15 to 20 people (it's a small branch) with only what looked like 2 tellers.  No one to talk to, to open an account.  

So, I thougth the larger branch in Apple Valley would be better. Boy was I wrong.  The line was at least 30, if not 40 people long, with it looked like again, only 2 tellers.  This branch has a kios to talk to someone, so I entered my information.  I was helped in about 5 minutes, so no ocmplaints there.  Except, I was instructed to go stand in line to talk to a teller to open an account.  I told her that I wasn't interested in standing in line for 40+ minutes just to open an account.  Especially, when I can open an account anywhere else and they have someone to handle new accounts (since, it's true).

She even admitted, that they where short tellers.  This is a poorly managed credit union and the first one I've ever been to that does not have someone for handling accounts.  Alaska needs to temporarily increase there staff (even banks know this) to hanlde the days you where closed after a major holiday.

Mind you that I'm not a fan of banks at all (epsecially, since they received bail-out money). but I went to 3 other banks that day.  All of them had at least 4 tellers, a line of no more then 5 people and at least one person to talk to for handling accounts.

Open To Residents Of San Bernardino County

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Per phone agent, open to residents of San Bernardino County.

Amazing Service

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My credit union, Alaska USA, has amazing service. Recently we had an issue with someone making a fake copy of our card and attempting to use it. Before we even knew there was a problem they had called us to inform us. They walked us through the steps to recover our money. This made me very grateful to them for their fast methods in identifying wrongful use. Alaska USA also has fantastic hours. They have many branches and most are open on Saturday. They even have some open on Sunday. This is extremely helpful when we're trying to deal with things on a weekend. Alaska USA has been a great credit union to us, meeting our needs for checking, savings as well as car loans and other loans. They have great rates. Their online banking option is also extremely beneficial to me. I pay almost all our bills that way as well as my loans through them are easy to pay with transferring the money. I really appreciate having a wonderful credit union in Alaska USA.

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