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Total Scam!

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So I had never even heard of this card before this week. They allowed someone to open an account in MY name without any type of identity verification! Totally sketchy!

Not Secure--Accounts Can Be Opened Without Verification

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I received two unsolicited debit cards in the mail. They were tied to accounts that SOMEONE ELSE opened without my knowledge. Clearly they do not take personal identity and security seriously. I called the customer services number and they started requesting personal information such as social security number. The rep claimed they could not look up the accounts by account number(!). I think I managed to get the accounts closed, but I am still very suspicious. My recommendation is to AVOID THIS "BANK".

Absolute Fraud

Received an email this morning pretending to be from an employee of mine asking to change their direct deposit, provided me a copy of a GoBank check on which the name was altered to pretend to be my staff member. Multiple calls to GoBank, they refused to take any information about the fraud attempt using their account !


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So, in my case, I received a text message alert stating they just received a change of address to my account. I never signed up with them, however, I am a victim of identity theft, and I thought this may have been the case. So, I called CS, and they had an account when I verified my ssn and date of birth. Strange....I spoke to a rep who kept trying to verify my email and mailing address and what I keep telling these nuts is that I cannot verify something I never set up an account with!! Was told the account was canceled, then I get another text saying they're printing new cards and a new trusted device has been used to log in to my account!! The most recent text message I received was that a new card is on the way!! SMH!! DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFO!!!!!! IT IS ALL A SCAM!! DO NOT LOAD OR DEPOSIT MONEY!!!!! This company is a fraud!!!!!


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I received a debit card that i did not apply for and was told it was canceled....within 2 weeks received another debit card different number. Why when you customer service number the 1st thing the automation ask you for is your SSN#..VERY STRANGE...I dont have an account with them and this is the only way i could speak to somebody...i was afraid if i put in the card # or my SSN they would activate the cards i received. I had to put in a bogus SSN multiple times to finally get through to someone and the person I talked to didnt even seem concern about my issue. I ended up hanging up...HOW CAN YOU CANCEL A CARD UNDER SOMEONES SSN# BUT STILL MANAGE TO KEEP GENERATING NEW CARDS UNDER THE PERSON SAME SSN#. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE

Class Action Lawsuit Needs To Be Filled!

I literally had $436 to my name. I banked with Chime and my card was compromised. When Chime canceled my card I had a car note due the next day that was already 3 days past due. I was afraid that they after going to turn my car off then come get it. When I called Chime they told me that I could transfer money out my account even thou I didn’t have a card yet. This was a Monday 3/8/21. I’ve been carrying around a GO2Bank card in my purse for months never had any intention on using it but I kept it just in case. Tuesday I transferred a $100 out of my Chime account to GO2Bank. The app did that it would take 3 business days before it posted to my account. Today is the 3rd business day and my money still had not posted to my account. I called the several times after being on hold for over 40 minutes at a time I was hung up on 3x. I’ve chatted through the ap then emailed. No response from the chat option and the email I got said “You’ve already spoken to someone so my issue has been resolved” I just want my money back. We are still in a pandemic I can’t afford to just loose $100. It may not seem much but it’s a lot to me. I’m a single parent, I’m unemployed and everything is either due or about to be turned off or disconnected. Something has to be done about this. I don’t want to give this company a single star but this forum says I have to choose one.

Do Not Add Money To Go2 Bank

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I went to see where this card came from and almost thought i had signed up for it. Instead, they had some fake email address attached to my name and last 4 digits. When i went to speak with the representatives they said i was picked in some marketing and i can throw the card away if i didnt want to use it. How can i report this company which obviously is fraud. How do yall have access to my social and address?? And why would i load a card with money i didnt sign an application or ask to have??? This is def a scam and it looks like a lot of people fell for it.


FBI should swoop in and arrest all these this crooks scammers right away this crooks and must be arrested right now and shut down website massive corruption, these murders deserved to be locked up in prison right now any minute now the FBI should arrest all these crooks and customer abusers, assholes.


this is the worst thing ever! I had lots of money loaded onto that stupid card just for them to take it all, I will definitely be going off on somebody!! Sick of ts.

Do Not Use Go Bank

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Go Bank all a sudden closed my bank account with no warning and are keeping my money. All I deposited into it was my work check. I am disabled and $300 isn't much to some people but mostly being physically unable to work $300 is a lot to me :( they are very crooked and non caring.

This Bank Is Not Safe With Your Identity And Shady.

I was offered a GO2 debit out of no where in the mail. I tried to sign up and activate it but I was told that they couldn't verify my information. How did I get a debit card in the mail to activate but at the same time they can't verify my identity. Don't trust these new digital banks that come out of nowhere.

Unbelievable! DON't USE Gobank!

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I've been on the phone nearly an hour. My account was closed, they said, unusual activity. I have last visited this account 9 months ago when Covid began. The person on the phone asked me what my LAST transaction was. Since my account was closed, I could not access my transaction records. I told her, how was I supposed to remember my LAST transaction 9 months ago. I did give her other transactions that I had a record of transfers to another bank but they kept asking for my LAST TRANSACTION which I clearly was unable to provide. It is now over an hour trying to get some kind of resolution. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST! Now she just transferred me to someone else and I am on FOREVER HOLD!

Run Away!!!

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Absolutely worthless. You can only send money to other people that have a go bank account. Customer service representatives hardly speak English and will hang up on you if the tell them you do not understand what they are saying and ask for someone else. Just absolutely worthless!!!

What A Joke!

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This is not a legit bank at all. I have been trying to get into my online account for six weeks, and i have two deposits missing from my account. Customer service is absolutely ridiculous, with reps who just stop talking or put you back to the automated system when you ask for a supervisor. Zero stars!

Stole Money From My Account And Now Pretending To Be Confused

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This bank is a complete scam. BEWARE. Don't give your hard earned money to these thieves.

Scam Be Aware

Do not get with this bank it's a fraud been with them for 3 years and now all sudden block my account and everytime I call,agent hangs up. Or I get told to send my loan agree for my sba to verify my identity. My small business loan is not anyone concern besides SBA and me! This loan has been received 5-6month ago been used and now you want a me to send you a loan agreement to proof who I am? What kinda business does this? TO PROOF INDENTITY YOU USE A SSN CARD,BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PASSPORT OR DRIVERS LICENSE! OF COURSE no one is willing to even conect me with a supervisor Don't trust them! Can't get my hard earned money!


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I drive for uber so I got the uber business card through GoBank so that I could get the rewards for gas and car maintenance. I just received my card a few days ago so I activated the card, loaded the account with money that I made with ubering. Went to use the card for the FIRST time at an Exxon gas station, for GAS, at the selected gas station (EXXON) to get the rewards. And they RESTRICTED my account, after ONE use for GAS. I'm already frustrated and confused because there is no reason for them to restrict my account. Then I try to un-restrict my account by submitting a photo of my drivers license like they are asking and the website doesn't work, won't let me get past the point of putting my card number in, also won't work by putting in my name and other information. So I try to call the number on the back of the card, expecting to talk to customer service, (an actual person) and all it is, is an automated message that then tells me that my account is locked and I have to submit the required documents. I TRIED submitting the documents and it DIDN'T work so I was trying to talk to an ACTUAL person. NOPE, no way of calling an actual person. It took me calling 4 different customer service numbers (all automated messages btw) and googling ways to contact them to finally find an email address, no response, then found a different e-mail assist, sending multiple requests because I couldn't receive an answer. Then someone FINALLY emails me back to say "to check my internet and try using chrome and if I need any more assistance to call the number on the back of the card." AGAIN, the number on the back of the card is not a person and did NOT help. So NO HELP because I had already mentioned that I tried on multiple devices, multiple times and tried several phone numbers (including the one on the back of the card) that are all automated messages that just tell me that my account is locked. I responded to tell them that they weren't being helpful, they FINALLY took my phone number and said they would call me. But WHEN?? Why couldn't they just give me a number that actually reaches a person? This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced, this is no way of running a company especially a bank, and I work for a bank so I know how things should properly be handled. All it takes is having an actual person to talk to with customer service. As soon as my account is unlocked (IF THEY ACTUALLY HELP ME) and I'm going to be pissed if I loose my hard earned money for no reason. I am cancelling this account. DON'T USE GOBANK!!!!!!

Do NOT Use This Bank

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GoBank is a prime company for fraudulent accounts.
They have NO customer service and purposely make it difficult to work with them. Once you sign up you can NEVER break fee.
Any positive reviews on this blog are placed by employees to try and make them look like a legitimate bank.

Gobank Is A Nogo Bank

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Ppl if you can stay away from this bad news business do it.

Have gobank for 2 weeks. Now they want to verify my c.

Not A Real Bank.

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I have had this card for 5 years. I have been trying to use the remote deposit feature but my old phone just wasn't cutting it. I got a new phone and 2 checks so I decided to use the remote deposit feature. I took the required photos signed the checks and hit deposit at which time it tells me I have to wait 7 to 10 days for the money to be credited to my account. I wait and finally get an alert the money has been deposited and I can spend. I pay the bills. 6 days later I get a notice that 1 of the checks has been returned. This is a check from a large financial institution that would never "bounce" a check. I contacted them immediately and they tell me Walmart and GoBank always kick their checks back. They reissue me a new check and tell me to go someplace else to cash it. I try to log into my gobank account and they now have locked me out. I call, explain I am trying to make a deposit to correct the negative balance but they say it is under review. I have been trying to correct this issue for a week now and all anyone says is it's under review. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. I am calling the BBB and the credit reporting agencies because I know they will be giving me crap on my credit report.

Fake Investigation Department

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I was a loyal customer of GoBank/GreenDot for 3 years. On April 22, 2020 my account was hacked, there were several transfers made from my account to another that I did not authorize. A GoBank rep suggested to block my account and label my account as an account take over. 5 days later I received another card which I did not ask for. When I filed a claim to investigate the situation, in which they investigated and after waiting 10 days i received a letter stating a denial to refund what hackers stole from my account. So when I asked could they provide me with the information to where my funds were transferred to they told me they do not have that information. So if the GoBank does not have information to where transactions/transfers go to or come from then how can GoBank investigate something they have no information on? I asked the rep to provide me with the investigation dept # or transfer me over to them the rep stated they do not have that information. How does GoBank have an investigation dept but the GoBank reps do not have contact information. GoBank have a fake investigation department, there is no way to investigate something if you have no information to go off of. I will be taking legal actions.

This Bank Is A Scam

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I never signed up for this account and they send me a debit card out of the blue. Someone set me up with this bank. I can't get ahold of a live person. There is only an automated system. I have certified mail a request to close the account immediately and will be sending the paperwork to my lawyer. This is a huge mess. I also froze all of my credit reports. Stay away from this bank!

This Bank Is A Scam For Your Money

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This card is a scam! Do not proceed with opening an account. No customer human assistance which means no resolution. Impossible to cancel and will steal $8.95 from your card immediately after activation even though they say it's a monthly fee (if you haven't had the card a month why are you being charged) Report them to Consumer Affairs Shut them down! They have your ssn#! Smh

Great If You Like Paying Fees

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Fees are exorbitant. $8.95/month maintenance fee if you don't have $500 in direct deposits monthly. $5.95/cash deposit at ATMs and deposits are limited to $500/deposit. They don't have their own photo check deposit app, you must use Info app which charges its own exorbitant fees.

The App functions well but there is NO customer service. You will never talk to a live human being.

Overall a disappointing customer experience.

REFUSE To Reimburse For Fraudulent Use

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I've had my card for over a year. The last 4 transactions were fraudulent. GoBank has refused to reimburse those transactions 4 times giving a different reason each time. Each denial takes up to 15 working days before they respond. First denied claim because I needed to change my password, then because they needed to send me a new card, then because I needed to file a police report. Finally they approved and I didn't receive the money. Called, they said denied because the person who skimmed my card used my pin number. WHAT? That's where this claim is right now, I've escalated it to corporate. This dispute has been going on for OVER 2 months. If you're using the card, best luck if you need to file a fraudulent claim. Sadly, yesterday I filed a complaint with www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint department. Hopefully, this will resolve my dispute.

Go Bank Issue

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I am on day 3 of trying to get an issue resolved with GoBank with no success. I had a deposit made on Friday and it's Sunday and I still don't have access to it. I sent an email to try to get this resolved after not being able to reach an agent via a phone number and she explained to me multiple times that my account was overdrawn which resulted in my deposit not being available. This is a prepaid account without the ability to be overdrawn. Not at all happy with this issue at all,lack of knowledge of representative doesn't make me feel better. I have been waiting on a call back from a supervisor and tech support since yesterday. Let's see if someone Will ever resolve this matter for me.

GOBANK Customer Service

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really terrible.
I get one message of how to reactivate my card for example: Picture ID / driver's license and a photocopy of check with "VOID" written on it. Which I did!

Then days later when I tried to use my card on an ATM and it failed to be used. I called again and this time I get a different message that the check "VOID" written on it, along with the bottom stub that it came with and picture ID and then resend.

Now because of their screw up, they are holding over $500 in my account and WILL NOT cooperate, these "representatives" sound more like a machines and not very helpful in finding other solutions.

Either they deliberately while on the phone or NOT being 100% honest.

Nice Basic Card, But Watchout For Gotchas

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I have enjoyed using the debit card, but there are some “gotchas” with GoBank. I had made a purchase on my debit card, and the vendor cancelled the sale minutes after I made the purchase - the cash went into reserve, but the charge never posted. One week later, I don’t have access to my funds. I called GoBank Customer Service (another “gotcha”) and I was told it can take up to two weeks to gain access to my funds again. Unbelievable.

Offshore customer service representatives and you are forced to listen to advertising while you figure out the right menu choices to select in order to talk to someone. Kind of a joke, but not funny if you are concerned about a transaction.

Lastly, it is a crap shoot as to whether or not you can see your transactions after 8 PM EST. Balance is incorrect or I have “No Transactions Available Yet”.
Grow up - you are a financial institution. I should be able to see all my transactions all of the time - or you should have a disclaimer on your site. Please note that this is not a web browser issue; I consistently got inconsistent balance and no transactions regardless of platform or browser.

Other than that, I love GoBank and you will too.

Bank Holding My Direct Deposit

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Had a direct deposit sent in my middle name(that is what I usually go by) but my account is in my first name. They blocked my account and won't let me have access to my funds (even the ones before the deposit). It has been a week and the only response is 'It is being reviewed. Please wait'. No matter what question I ask that is the answer. My employer has tried pulling the money back and resubmitting. It i not working and I asked if the block is preventing it and I get 'It is being reviewed. Please wait'.

Horrific Customer Service

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The absolute worst customer service on the surface of the Earth. Good luck speaking to a human. I am certain that their automated phone system is designed to prevent you from doing just that. And if you finally do be prepared to get a human that speaks broken English on a phone line so poor that you only end up getting disconnected. Don't even bother calling back because the system recognizes your number as a call back and prevents you from even getting the option to speak to a human. I sure wish I could give them a zero (0).

GO Bank Mobile Check Deposit Not Good

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I am very disappointed with Go Bank mobile deposit. They advertise that mobile deposit of a check is easy and user friendly, but they did not say it would take 5 business days for the money on the check to be available. I did the mobile deposit on 12/26 and received a notification saying the deposit was a success but the funds would not be available until 1/4. That is 5 full business days and over a week including wknds and holidays. Who wants to wait 5 business days for their money. And when I called to try and cancel the mobile deposit, customer service said they could not. I have never heard of a bank that takes this long to process a check. Never again.

Deceptive Reviews

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On a few sites like this the reviews are good but on most sites gobank reviews are not. They are a terrible company with no physical address and they like to lock accounts and block you from calling. They say things like "we've noticed suspicious activity on your account as a result we have locked your account." Leaving you with no specific details and no access to your money. It's been 10 days and I've got at least 3more to go maybe more and I have literally no money. I'm barely surviving with no food. And I've still got to wait. Customer service gives me a recorded message. They are an awful company and I suspect fraud because they don't say what activity they noticed never checked with me to see if it was me and are holding my money I have filed a complaint with the fdic BBB and will file more today. They have my money and the money of many and we can't hleven contact them. I will persue this year after year till everyone is warned about gobank. Use at own risk. Look around the internet read ALL reviews for this bank. They are horrible.

GoBank.com The No Fee Alternative

I first heard of GoBank when I was looking for an alternative to a traditional checking account. My ex wife had wrote a bad check on our joint account.
The check had been reported to Chex Systems. So, as a result, I couldn't get a regular checking account. I needed a way to have my Social Security check direct deposited. A friend told me about Green Dot cards and GoBank. I signed up and am glad I did. I get free checking with no overdraft fees. I can deposit cash at any Walmart store. I can also use the card like a credit card to book travel, hotels, etc. Sometimes I can even get direct deposits a couple of days early. If you do have issues, though, it's hard to get a live person to talk to. Also, the person on the phone is usually in India and doesn't understand English well. Sometimes, I've had to be on the phone for over two hours to get something taken care of. But, overall they are pretty good.

This online bank values customer service

I have used Gobank for about three years now. In those three years I have only had one instance that gave me any trouble. The instance in question was when a fraudulent charge appeared on my card out of nowhere. This charge was to a foreign website that I had no way of knowing about or even understanding. I called in with the bank and they were able to get me my money back after filling out a simple form. Their customer service was really helpful.

Other than that instance I have never had a problem with them. I am a fan of the no monthly fees and love that I can load up my account at any Walmart or 7-11 store. It is easy to transfer money between my savings account portion of the website and back to the checking in a matter of clicks. When you sign up you will receive an account number and routing number so this account can be used for any traditional banking needs.

Simplify your money

It is a great online bank to be a customer with. I installed the banking app, where I could open accounts, order debit cards, and pay my bills too. And the best of all, the app has a transparent fee schedule.It means that I had to decide how much I want to pay each month between $0 and $9. The voluntary monthly fee shows the creators are pretty sure you're going to love them and find it worth your money. Money transfers are really fast. The only problem with this bank is I wanted to earn higher interest rates to establish my savings for which purpose this bank didn't seem the right option. Another convenient thing I found about this bank is that I could go at any nearby Walmart and deposit money into my account without any fee or extra charge. This bank was also proved convenient for me because I send money every month out of country for which this bank proved to be great. It only takes a couple of minutes to send money anywhere in the world.

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