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IRA CD Requires A Physical Visit At A Branch Location

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You are not able to open an IRA CD online. Per the representative, the IRA CD requires a visit to a branch location.

READ! Greenwood Good -- But Be Aware Of Things

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Greenwood CU is a small CU that offers very good rates that anyone can join. But they're small, so you just have to KNOW a few things beforehand, which might mean some extra work or preparadness on your part. Just do what they ask you (even if it seems repetitious or unneeded to you) and everything will be fine.

(1) Their system does not allow you to do ACHs from THEIR end. However, you CAN ACH into them from OTHER places. I was able to tie two different local CUs to my Greenwood Savings account, doing the test deposits. I don't know if you can "pull/withdraw" funds from your savings account or just deposit, but for what it's worth, one of the two OTHER CUs that I tied to my account always tries to get its test deposits back, and Greenwood allowed the deposit, then allowed them to pull it back. Finally, note that if I remember right, it took an extra 1-2 days longer for the ACHs to show up at Greenwood than at other places. But it does work.

(2) Greenwood is also part of the Co-Op Shared Branch Network. So if you have any CU in your area that's Shared Branch, instead of ACH, you can just go to any local Shared Branch CU instead.

(3) When opening a new CD, Greenwood offers you the options of either pulling from another account, funding with a credit or debit card (however this will be done as a CASH ADVANCE, so probably best not to do it this way to avoid fees from your credit card), or MAIL IN A CHECK.

(4) If you choose to MAIL IN A CHECK for funding the account, the CD will still have the date you opened online as the date (not the date the check is received) -- and they will hold the interest rate for you while they receive the check. There IS a limit as to how long they will wait (I forget what it is, but they told me)... but as long as they receive the check within maybe 7-10 days, they'll honor the rate at what you opened it as.

(5) They DO require a lot of paperwork. Even if you already have an account with them, and are just opening up additional CDs, they still require you to submit paperwork for EACH NEW CD you open. If you open up 2 different CDs on the same day, you've got to print out and submit 2 signed forms (and if you want, beneficiaries) for each one. Evem if you go into a shared branch to make a deposit instead of sending a check in the mail, they'll still need you to send in the paperwork to them for each new CD you've created. A hassle, perhaps, and the "long way" of doing things, sure, but it's not that big a deal. It'll take 5 minutes. Big deal.

(6) Beneficiaries: there's room only for one beneficiary on the form you'll send back to them, but you can just put as many as you want on a separate sheet, and they'll honor that. Note that you need the SS# and DOB of your POD beneficiaries, as well as the % you want each one to get. I know some people have complained about this, but Greenwood isn't the only place to require SS#s. The way I see it, is if someone's going to be a beneficiary and get money if something happens to me, they can provide their SS# (they always have in my case).

(7) Their online banking leaves a LOT to be desired, true. There's not much you can do except see your balanaces and transactions. But remember, they're a small CU. And again, they're also part of shared branch, and will hold your CD terms while your check is in the mail (up to a certain amount of time).

So... downsides: they ask for a lot of paperwork (though nothing anyone shouldn't be able to provide after an extra 5 minutes), and their online system can't do much. But on the upside, their rates are excellent, they're part of Shared Branch, and their CSRs have always been friendly on the phone. If doing 5 minutes of extra work isn't worth the extra $ from their higher rates, that's your choice. They'll even "hold" your CD rate and term while your check is sent in the mail (as long as it comes some point soon).

So know what they are. Don't expect the world from them, and expect to do lots of (normal) paperwork. Just follow what they tell you to do and what they need, and everything will work out fine. I have multiple CDs there and I wouldn't have opened more than one if I wasn't satisfied.

Don't Bother With Greenwood

I applied in late November to open a membership and fund the 3.75% APY CD. I gave permission to link an "external" account to fund the CD. I completed signature cards for the membership and the CD and mailed them in. A waste of a stamp. I was told I would receive two trial deposits. That never happened. I called a couple times and customer service didn't seem to know how the trial deposit process worked. A month later I received a letter saying I would have to restart the entire account funding process because funding verification failed. This place is not ready for prime time.

Slow And Poor Application Process, Could Not Honor CD Rates

Tried to open a 1-year CD. First, their online application seems to timeout quickly and without a countdown, and you could discover this after proceeding through each page quickly but taking time to go through all their pages, only to find out at the end that your application timed out--without warning--and having to restart the entire application again.

Furthermore, they don't make it clear upfront that they require a credit check to open a deposit account, and that you should unfreeze your credit report. After I completed the online application, and filled and sent in a paper form they required, I later received a letter--by snail mail--that they could not open my account because I have a security freeze on my credit report. Yes, this was placed after the Equifax breach, and I've opened other deposit accounts since without problems.

Adding insult to injury, they won’t continue processing your application even after you unfreeze your credit report, requiring you to re-apply again. By this point, the rate on their 1-year CD has been significantly decreased to a point they’re no longer competitive, and they could not honor the original rate that led me to open an account in the first place. Way to lose a customer.

Funding The Account ...

I did everything that was required to op a joint account online .. then at the very last page where they wanted to know the amount that would be funding the account I tried to put in the amount for the CD ... computer rejected it 4 times. I called the CU and received a very snippy rep telling me that any amount over 100K must be funded with a another check through the mail. That defeats the purpose of
a wire transfer or ACH transfer. No where in their website is this disclosed ... my money goes elsewhere!

Terrible Customer Service And RUDE CS Personnel

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Avoid this credit union because they are rude and incompetent. I opened up a 15 month 2.50% CD on 5/30/18 and verified the 2 ACH test deposits from the funding source on 5/31/18.

I waited until today, 6/5/18 to call Greenwood to ask why the account had not been opened. They explained that the account opening transfer from the funding account was rejected, which turns out to be the case since unbeknownst to me that account does not accept ACH debits.

However, the problem I have with Greenwood is that they rudely say that it was NOT their responsibility to inform me that the account opening was halted due to the funding bank's policy and then hung up on me before telling me how to close for good the new account. I did not want it to be in limbo unfunded.

I called back and closed the account.

I have 1 other CD with that I opened a month ago and wanted to close it due to their unprofessional behavior, but there is a 6 month interest penalty for early closure after a 60 day hold on the funds is released. I decided to keep the CD but will NEVER do business with Greenwood again.

They are a tiny CU with only 50 employees, and the way they behave illustrates what a rinky dink bank they are.

I suggest you avoid this CU.

If You Don't Have Your Beneficiary's SS Number, You Can't Add Them

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All was a go, to join and open a CD -- until.

Then it turns out this is one of the very few banks or CUs out there that absolutely requires that you supply the Social Security number of other people, or someone you want to name as your beneficiary. I can't get that, a Social Security number is highly private, and it is not needed for the beneficiary, only for the account holder.

So, they lose my business.

Most places ask for it, but most of those do not actually require it, you can leave that blank. And in most places where you cannot leave it blank, I have found that a supervisor can get it done without the SS number, they can and are happy to get around it. But not at Greenwood, the supervisor won't even talk about it, so they are in the maybe 2%, certainly no more than 5%, of banks and CUs that require you to provide SS number of beneficiaries. (A beneficiary does not even have to have a SS number!)

A Bit Deceptive Membership Process

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The signup process was easy enough and the first rep I spoke with (who answered quickly) was courteous and helpful.
The deception is this: their Field of Membership page does not clearly say that an office visit to RI is necessary.
When I go to the end of the application process (after answering all the credit check questions, and starting the funding process) and had a question, I phoned. The rep basically told me that I had to go into a branch to join or no dice. Then she sounded angry at me, as though I committed a breach, and then just hung up. No apology for having a vague policy ON THEIR OWN SITE or wasting my time.

Very Strange And Scary Online Application

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You must leave Greenwood'S website and are told that they don't have responsibility for their 3rd party application website, which my mcafee antivirus said was unsafe. When I called to ask Greenwood about this, the woman refused to talk to me or allow me to talk to a manager unless I told her on which website I found out about their new rate. She had asked me that question when I initially called to inquire about opening an account and I said I didn't remember the link. She finally said that if I didn't tell her, the online application would be blocked; though how they could accomplish that without knowing who I was seems impossible as I didn't see a place on the application for it.
Needless to say if they are this rude and the website into which I have to input my information is unsafe, I won't be opening an account.

Great IRA CD Rate

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The two year IRA CD at 2.8% is a really good deal. Too bad you have to open it in their offices. This is NOT available nationwide unless you really like to travel.


I like Greenwood Credit Union. While It is very competitive I think that the size is a little bit of an offset. Only being able to access my funds in one location is a little stressful but again overall I like this Bank. The friendly staff make up for it entirely.

Great alternative to regular banking

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I have accounts with various financial institutions. While I came to this credit union first as a loan customer, I stayed for the great service and product line up. It was even a bit of a drive for me since they only have one location. This however is worth it. With online banking and phone service it's not necessary to go into the branch. It is however a great experience when you do. Not only is the physical branch very professional and clean (i've been to some retail bank branches that are disgusting) but everyone who works there is very hospitable, friendly and overall helpful. As soon as I walked in the door someone leaped up from their desk to greet me and ask how I needed assistance. I wanted to talk to a specific representative about my account so I had to take a seat and wait for just a couple of minutes. It wasn't long at all and there is a tv in the waiting area which also helps to pass time and provide atmosphere. I was having difficulty with my debit card but they assisted me right on the spot and it was fixed immediately. I asked about their CD rates too, and although those are low, they are low for all institutions and I was happy to see their 18 month CD still beats what I'm getting in an online savings account which is often higher. Great place to bank.

Allways there to help

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I go to Greenwood Cedit Union several times i any givin months and every time I get a warm welcome like it was my first time. I have been with Greenwood for about four years now and I have had nothing but the best service. Both my wife and I have several account with Greenwood and always feel like they have my best interest in mind 24/7.
In 2004 my wife had left her purse in a taxi while on vacation and we were in fear of our banks accounts being used. After several hours trying to locate her purse without any luck my wife had called Greenwood regarding the bankcard(Debt Card)and the checkbook being lost. The wonderful person at the bank was very reassuring to my wife that our account would be frozen and that they would take care of ordering all of the new cards. The worst thing to ever happen on vacation had happen to us but Greenwood was quick to act and stop our day from getting any worse.
After returning from our two week vacation the people at Greenwood had already ordered all our new cards and checkbook and had them waiting for us upon our return home.

Terrible Customer Service And Banking Practices All Around

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I have my current car loan through Greenwood and I've had nothing but trouble with them.  There was a banking error or their part, that went unoticed for over three months.  My orginial account info was factored incorrectly.  When it was finally noticed on their end, I was informed I had to pay the back-due amount and I had to do so immediately.  I was then informed the Credit Bureau had to be notified of my "lack of payment" beyond thirty days.  Again, this was completely an error on their part, and yet, my credit score was affected!

As far as their Customer Services skills, they leave must to be desired.  I've worked in Customer Service my entire life, and therefore, I understand it can be difficult to deal with upset customers.  During one of my phone conversations, I was spoken to in a condesending tone and was passed along from one person to the next.  A second conversation, on a different day, I returned a missed phone call to the bank.  Upon informing them I was returning a missed phone call I was given all of my current account information.  NOT once did they varify any account information!!!  I was given account balances, amount due on my auto loan and past payment history.  They didn't ask for so much as how to spell my last name before providing all of my account information and details, including acount number!!!  Last I checked, there was a serious fraud problem in this country, perhaps, they should be a little more diligant with verifying information. 

Finally, as if they haven't already been difficult enough, I requested that I be sent paper copies of all statements via the mail.  This was done directly after my first negative encounter, where I was informed to pay up for their mistakes.  It has been three months and yet, not a single bank statement has come in the mail.  But I recieve their newsletters, so I'm sure they have the correct contact information!!  When I requested this a second time, I was informed I could do online banking.  I informed them, I understood, and would still like paper statements instead of online.  Again, nothing has come in from Greenwood!! 

I would not advise anyone to do business with Greenwood until they change their banking and customer service practices!! 

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