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Grow Financial Federal Credit Union Is Garbage

Grow Financial Federal Credit Union is a Joke.
Wanted to close my auto loan with them the other day. Went to their branch to pay with my debit card and partially with a credit card. They ran both as cash advance without even telling me. I ended up with cash advance fees on both cards.
This is so far the worst experience that I have had with financial institutions.

Grow Financial

Posted by: Stephanie3 | Oct 5, 2014

I have completed loan applications with this credit union. I found their forms to be quick and easy, I appreciated their great customer service.

Grow Lies - Covers Up

They have an open investigation by regulators into their deposit and loan accounts due to mismanagement of their application of payments made in person at teller windows.

Go elsewhere.

Read the many, many complaints against this credit union and make up your own mind.

I wish I had!

Grow Financial

Posted by: mydawgz | Aug 22, 2012

Take your money out of Grow Financial Credit Union and find another bank. They will REFUSE to help you when you really need a little help. As a professional in my community, I will tell every person that I know to not bank with Grow. You can be a great customer for several years and it means absolutely nothing to them. They deserve a zero star rating.


When this was Macdill FCU it didn't seem as bad. Since becoming Grow FCU it has turned into Ebenezer Scrooge FCU.

I have been with Grow/Macdill since 98'. My whole family has been with them since the 80's.  I had many Auto Loans through them in the past with no problems. Then 2 years ago I traded in my car and let the Dealership handle the financing. I didn't go to Grow in advance.

When I was signing the contract the Finance Manager tells me that Grow Declined to finance me and that Pinellas FCU approved it. A CU that I wasn't even a member of.  Now this week I tried to get a personal loan and was thinking of also Re-financing my home loan with Grow.  The Personal loan was declined and that was it for me.

That was the last straw. 

My sister has already become tired of Grow and has left them. My parents are considering it.

I am switching my Direct Deposit and closing my account. I will never do  business with them again.

i will go to Pinellas FCU where my Auto Loan went through and see what they have to offer. 

Customer Service

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 27, 2011

Been with them for six months and never had a problem. Every time I have gone into a branch, I have always received great service. Great rates too.

HIDDEN Fees With Grow Financial Federal Credit Union!

Imagine you go into your federal credit union (Grow Financial) where you have been banking since 1986 to withdraw your money market funds, and get hit with a “very hidden” fee of $885.00! Nobody bothers to tell me about this fee, no paperwork is signed, not even is my identification checked. They did this without my knowledge or consent, by secretly going into my “checking” account to take (steal) what they have labeled as a “cash withdraw fee”. I would have never even known it was missing until checks started bouncing, or by checking my account(s) online. Luckily I did go online and was able to spot it before checks began bouncing.


I have gotten nowhere in my complaints with the branch manager(s), and have written the CEO ( Robert Fisher ) a letter that was received months ago and has went ignored.


I thought there might be some public interest in this story, with just how safe our money really is in the bank. What do you do (or can you do) when the financial institution you are trusting with your money- decides to rob you? I have contacted the NCUA and Grow just lied to them and said I was informed.


The reason I decided to withdraw my money in the first place was because of thier inferior service when I went to get a pre-approval for a mortgage loan. I would be happy to share more details but I'm not sure if I can list my contact info here? Please let me know if you're interested when you respond (to this thread) and I'll get back to you will complete details of what happened to me with this nightmare of a credit union.


Robert Johnson


Posted by: BB | Aug 26, 2011

A member since 1995 w/Credit Score of 815, no late paments and only $1,000 debt.  I stayed w/this small guy to support it, instead of Mega Banks; however, as other customers and after 45 min in waiting (several times), the FCU was unable to give me a personal loan.  Also, in the past while trying to solve claims charges, they never get back to me, and $ was not returned (only $30).   Next step: yes, I'll move with a bigger bank, despite my effort to support the little guys.

Terrible Loan Assisatance.

The customer service agents just read from a prompter every time you call them. They were quick to give a loan but no help was given after years of payments and wanting to refinance. Speaking with a "manager" didn't help at all either. Managers just act like their hands are tied by "Company Policy".

Take your money to a better Credit Union and avoid the headaches.

Closing Accounts

Today after many years of being a loyal customer; I am closing all of my accounts with Grow Financial. I have a excellent credit score, over 800, no late payments, or other factors that could hurt my credit. However, I am unable to get a loan from this bank. The government has bailed out banks, but the banks are making it very hard for those of us who have made our payments on time and played by the rules.  I am taking my business, loans elsewhere. With a health rating of only 3, Grow Financial will only continue to look after it's bottom line and not it's customes.