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Would Not Recommend!

My husband and I opened our bank account with First Horizon about 2 years ago. Everything seemed fine until our bank card information got stolen not once... not twice... but THREE times... in less than 2 years!!!! The first 2 times, I paid the $8 for a cute card, but not the third time since it was a waste of money (literally)! This morning, my husband woke, looked at the online banking app, and yelled, “WHAT?!” as he saw what looked like a balance of -$99,999,995,471.51 in our bank account! Several calls later (some rude customer service representatives and one super sweet one), we learned that our account was placed on hold because of a “suspicious” deposit... DEPOSIT... not transaction! On top of scaring us to death, we were told that it could be either 2 days or 2 WEEKS until they resolve the issue. Meanwhile, ALL of our money is on hold, we don’t have any cash out, we can’t take out any money, I need gas, we have to pay for a tux rental for my brother’s wedding in FOUR DAYS, AND we were supposed to go grocery shopping this afternoon... SO WE HAVE NO FOOD! Needless to say, First Horizon will not be our bank for much longer.

A Scam Bank

I made a wire transfer back in February 2020.
I was notified in March that the wire could not go through as it might be a scam. Citibank refused to allow it to go through. So would I like my money back? Yes!

They called in April to confirm they were still working on it, they hadn't forgotten me.

In May they ask me to report the undeliverable money to the police as it was a scam. I said ok, who do I report being the scammer? First horizon or citibank?

They said they would get back to me.
In July they changed their story saying money was delivered even though citibank said it wasn't.

Please note, they agreed they told me all this but placed the blame on the employee who gave me said information. They not only failed the customer but failed their employee as well by blaming their mistake on the employee!

If you do banking with them you deserve the poor service you will get!

First Horizon Aka First Tennessee Is AWFUL NOW

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First Tennessee use to be a great bank! Now they are a disgrace. Poorest customer service and Try to tell you how you can use your own money. 40 years doing business and I would be a shamed to be a customer of theirs now.

Wish There Were Negative Starts

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First Tennessee bought the bank we had been with for years (and were very happy) . The change has been AWFUL. Terrible mobile online banking. Bank mistakes (wrong check numbers). No photos of checks on monthly statements. The final straw - opened a debit card to use with a vendor who gives special deals with debit cards. The debits I made showed pending for days. I called and after the manager called headquarters, he embarrassingly informed me they wouldn't honor the debits because they "don't do business" with that vendor. This is not an illegal, pornographic or any other such site - it is Coinbase.

First Tennessee Banking Nightmare From Hell

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Stay as far away from these people as possible !!!
I gave one star because it won't let me select zero.

Spent 3 months dealing with First Tennessee trying to get my late mother’s account unfrozen.
They had screwed up the status of the account that my mother had planned to pay her medical and funeral expenses.

They freely admitted that it was their mistake but no one at any level would correct it.
We finally had to go through probate at our own expense to get access to the funds.

The account had been “Payable on death” until 2 years ago my mother set it up as joint with survivorship, in the bank with me there in person to sign the documents.

After her death we discovered they had taken off the POD status and listed me as a check signer, not a joint account so access ended with her death.
They had lost the paperwork of the transaction changing the status of the account and the record of my signature card.

A comedy of errors.

Finally with the legal documents mailed & reviewed they agreed to release the funds through a local branch.

The branch manager closed the accounts then told me their check printer was broken so she would not be able to give me a check today.

Me: “Can you do a direct transfer to my bank?
Her: “No because I just closed the accounts.”

Drove ½ hour to another branch and picked up a check.


Great bank with friendly customer service

I was drawn to First Tennessee due to a limited time promotion they offered on their money market and checking accounts. I struggled to create and fund an account initially, so I spent a fair amount of time on the phone with their customer service department. Over a couple days, I talked with several different representatives - all were very kind, courteous and helpful. In the end, I did get my accounts successfully opened and everything has been running smoothly.

I'm very pleased with both my money market and checking accounts. First Tennessee was prompt in payment of the initial sign up bonus, and has delivered on the other terms of the signup promotion. They have done some significant improvements to their website and mobile app over the last few months, which are now pretty good - but still need a little bit of work to be more aligned to most of the other more technologically advanced online banks.

Outrageous Fees And Bad Customer Service

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It's a privilege to bank here, I guess. Atm fees are unreasonable $2 fee on top of the atms fee being charged already. Froze my credit card account because my credit score took a hit. The interest was 18% so I've even been making extra payments prior to this happening. I still have a Simmons bank credit card with a 7.25% interest and they are troopers haven't changed my rate or anything. I've got a decent amount of money in first Tennessee bank but I'm fed up with this lack of customer service so it's coming out. Lived my whole life in Florida. Credit unions down there put banks like this under. It's the people's money. You use my money everyday but you're gonna freeze my credit card account?

Bank With A Local Feel

I have been a customer at First Tennessee Bank for 12 years. I have always been very pleased with the services for my bank. The mobile banking is convenient and easy to use. I also enjoy the First Tennessee App. It is very easy to use and convenient. I particularly enjoy the ability to do mobile check deposits. This is easy to do and very convenient. The customer service at First Tennessee is excellent. The representatives are easy to talk to and are willing to help in any way possible. While First Tennessee is a rather large bank, it has a very local feel. When you visit the branch, you feel like you are just working with your neighbors. They will work to get the most for your money. My main concern with First Tennessee is the monthly fee. It isn't super high, $12 a month, but I don't feel that this type of fee is necessary. Other than this small issue, I feel First Tennessee Bank is an excellent financial institution. I would recommend them to other looking for a good bank.

First Tennessee Does Not Put Students First

First Tennessee Bank was a name that I had grown quite fond of over the years. I had used this institution with the help of my parents to start a checking account when I was 11 years old, and continued to use them to meet my banking needs as I grew older and became better versed with finances. Things changed when I started college. I was no longer a minor, having turned 18 that September and thus had to change my account to a student checking account. At the time, student checking accounts were free as long as you were signed up for paperless statements and did not make any teller transactions. Things were going smoothly and I was enjoying my banking experience until monthly fees for outrageous things I had never even heard of started popping up. The customer service representatives were always swift and efficient in their efforts to correct any errors on my account, however I was not willing to continue using a bank which I had to constantly monitor for unnecessary fees. I ended up cancelling my account with First Tennessee just months after I had changed it to a student account.

Solid Bank

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First Tennessee is my type of bank. They have everything I need. Low fees, convenient branches, great customer service. I just love feeling the connection that I get from the representatives. With this bank being small and local they take care of their customers and actually get to know them. The customers are not just a dollar sign to them. They displayed this when I was looking to sign up with them. I was looking for a local bank that I could build a personal connection with and they swept me off of my feet. I came into the branch and they genuinely greeted me even though they never seen me before. They immediately asked what they could help me with and when I told them I wanted to know information so I could see if the bank was right for me. I was quickly able to sit down with a representative that explained all of the ins and outs of all of the accounts and I was convinced that this bank was right for me. Ever since then, it has been pretty much smooth sailing. I have received nothing short of exceptional service and I will remain with them as long as I don't move out of state.

DO NOT USE THS BANK IF YOU CAN HELP IT! We Have Had Terrible Customer Service 75% Of The Time. Too, They Are Inefficient In Every Area But Charging Fees For Everything Possible.

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DO NOT USE THIS BANK IF YOU CAN HELP IT!!! We have had nothing but problems any time we have dealt with them. Their customer service was terrible 75% of the time...They are inefficient except in the area of charging you fees for everything imaginable. So glad we have ended our account with them! Worst banking experience of our life!

Best Bank Because Of Their Employees!!!

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Banks have been dealt a lot of Regulation from the Federal Government, but First Tennessee continues to deliver EXCELLENT service and banking services.

I have heard they are very well positioned for the future! This is good news considering I would not bank with anyone else!

A Community Bank feel with a Big Bank's wide array of banking services!

Horrible Website And Customer Service

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Tried to set up my online banking enrollment.  Three phone calls and over an hour of my time later, was transferred to a "technician" who informed me that the website everyone else in customer service told me to go to was the wrong website.  Then when filling out the information, was told that selecting "no" for "would you like online bill pay" will result in an error screen and that I can't select that (which no one else in customer service seemed to realize).  Terrible education of the employees, horrible website, and rather rude reps who make you do the same thing 3-4 times, all the while when you are trying to explain technology and how ot do their job to them. Total waste of time, only bank here because my corporate HSA requires it.

Why Is A Hold Placed On Large Deposits?

I made a $12,000 deposit @ 3:45 PM, Thurs., 1/20/11 into a First Tenn Bank personal account that I've held since '94.  This deposit check was written on another personal checking account held at a solid Greeneville regional bank; to pay a First Tennessee Visa Card payment due on 1/23/11.  As always, I went online on the Fri., the 21st to pay my Visa payment via transfer but the money was 'not available', as tho I had never made a deposit.

I called a lady that I've been doing business with for years at the E Branch First Tennessee Bank and her first question was, "Did you deposit that here or downtown and before 4?"  Told her I happened to be downtown and knew it needed to be in by 4 PM to get into my account the next day so that is where I deposited it.  She said, "May I call you back?" and I said okay.  Waited a couple hours and called her so she said because made the deposit downtown that I needed to talk to them, so she would transfer me.  Also, informed me that $4,900 on HOLD til 1/24/11 and $7,000 on HOLD til 1/31/11.

The lady that answered the phone down at the Main Branch said the lady that actually PUT the HOLD on my deposit was at lunch and would be gone the FULL hour.  She asked if she could help me so I told her my problem and she wanted to know if I had $12,000 more to pay off my Visa card!!!!!!!  I was getting stressed at this point and asked, who has $12,000 extra just laying around?!!!!  She stated, "don't scream at me" but was as tho she wanted someone in the room with her to THINK I was screaming.  Then, she said that if I had brought a cashier's check from my other bank, there would not have been a HOLD in the first place.  Now the bank whose check was on hold is right beside the bank holding it!  I asked if there was somebody else to whom I could appeal and she said, you can hold for the Main St Branch Mgr.

He gets on the phone, I explain my problem and also, that I've made these personal banking deposits before with no problems what-so-ever at the E Branch on AJ Hwy.  With no humanity, he stated that several years ago the federal gov't changed the rules for HOLDS to be put on large deposits so that would include ALL large deposits.  Told him I felt as if $12,000 intended for a bank visa payment had been stolen from me.  I had already been on the First Tennessee Bank website and to the Question: Why is a hold placed on large deposits?  It answers:  On a case-by-case basis, a hold may be placed on deposits more than $5,000 to verify funds.  You get the picture but by this time, my blood pressure was up and I knew that I needed to get off the phone and fix my own problem but for sure, stay away from this bank, so I said, "Thanks so much, God Bless you" to which he said, "uh-huh", and hung up.

I then took just about all money out of my interest bearing acct to pay my VISA Bill.  This is not the first time that the main branch has rigidly refused to do what would be right for the customer on a 'case by case basis'; but this will definitely be the LAST. 



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