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Never Again. No One There Knows Anything.

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My CD came due and they will not send the money back to my bank. I’m out of the country and can’t get my money until I come back to the United States. This is the most incompetent credit union I’ve ever seen in my life. I ladder CDs through various credit unions as not to exceed the $250,000 limit and never has this happened in eight years of doing this. They sent me the wrong paperwork to apply for a PIN number that is needed to get my cash back, I had it notarized online and overnighted it from Mexico and I get a call today saying they don’t accept online notaries. and every person I talk to there gives me a different story four people four stories. I checked with Arizona state law before I used the online service since I’m out of the country and they do approve of this service. They’ve now held my money for over a week, I’ll need to buy an airline ticket to fly back to the US so I can get MY money. Ridiculous.

Worst Bank Ever!

I had problem opening a CD 3 years back when they refused to give me promised interest rate. It was resolved about a month later after I reported the issue to BBB.

Two days back, my account transfer was rejected because they wanted me to keep minimum $50 in the account. That's not a specified requirement per,daily%20minimum%20balance%20of%20%2450.00

Because of this reject, my main bank froze my account transfers.

Yesterday, I tried to close the account via encrypted message and they asked for a written application with wet signatures. I just did and hoping they send my check promptly. Hurdles at every step. So relieved I won't have to deal with Hughes anymore.

Dissatisfied Member

I totally regret entrusting Hughes Federal Credit Union ("HFCU") with my hard earned retirement savings and opening up an Jumbo Money Market account online last January. Their Ultimate Money Market was advertised with an APY of 0.75%, with no restrictions. Although the process was effective and the staff was responsive, they failed me where it matters the most. When it came to returning my money, they refused to pay any dividends accrued during the current quarter. They claimed that if you close your account before dividends are credited, you will NOT receive the accrued dividends. In my case, July, August and 20 days in September was apparently forfeited. I was instructed that if I wanted to dispute this "final" decision, I was to do it in writing addressed to the HFCU Board of Directors. After writing them a certified letter, they immediately credited said earned dividends to my account. I got my dividends but this aggravation was a very stressful experience for a customer that acted in good faith and was only asking for what is rightfully his.

Gertrude Mcqueen Experience With Hughes Credit Union

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I posted a review about one of Hughes employee by the name of Isabel she uses her authority to disqualify you for a loan that you're more than qualify for. She lies to customers and make up her own rules. my question is how can she work there if she's making this credit union loose business I simply don't trust her with my personal information. Oh someone took down my post I will not be surprised if it was her because I'm letting everyone know what type of person she is stay clear of this this person [email protected] what a awful way to treat a existing customer.

Horrible Experience, I Would Not Do Business Here

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I worked with Manny Urquidez and Alejandrina Annerino and they both were a nightmare to work with! I've been in banking for almost ten years and would never treat a customer like this! They ignore emails and they are never on the same page so it makes working with this credit union horrible!

Going Downhill

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I received a payment not received notice in December. I call the bank, lady says she doesn't understand why, I'm good on her system. Received another notice in February. I check their app, credit card says $0.00 owed. Call the number, lady won't transfer me to branch, can't access my account, assures me a credit specialist will call me today, doesn't happen. I drive like 20 miles to the branch, speak to 3 ladies. One of them says that others have had problems with their app too. The lady at the teller and their credit specialist, blame me, saying I should have verified their faulty app was accurate. That the credit card was not them, that it PSCW or something, that I wasn't given a document to allow for automatic payments that should have been given to me and concludes with, oh you should have opened the mailed statements to make sure our app is accurate. They wouldn't contact the credit history agencies saying it was their system failure that showed inaccurate data, because I should have made sure their system (app) and paperwork showed same data.

Hughes Federal Credit Union

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I composed this message about a month ago, but I am not positive that it went through. I am re-entering it now. There were a series of fo-pas that happened, which resulted in Hughes reporting non-payment to my credit on at least 2 occasions. I was given the wrong information to send my online bill pay payments to. I was in fact making my payments, but Hughes never received them! Needless to say, I was super upset. During my subsequent phone calls to Cerner, a number of employees helped me, they were so kind, knowledgeable, cancelled the payments that went out to the wrong location, and I was refunded within 2-3 days. I spoken with Kristen who went to her manager Amanda and explained my situation. All employees in my file over the last couple of months, have helped me more than I can say. Amanda also ended up looking into details from a car dealership for me and involved a VP to help my situation. I know her name, but wasn't sure if I should list it. Hughes treated me like a human, like a person who was suffering, and they all went above and beyond to correct the situation. Amanda is reversing my derogatory credit marks, my husband and I were approved for a car loan, and I would recommend HFCU to ANYONE at ANYTIME! I feel that Kristen, Amanda, and everyone I spoke with deserves praise for their, beyond exceptional customer service. Not just that, but literally changing my life and my credit and my situation overall. I will stay with HFCU, hopefully forever. My opinion about Hughes and Credit Unions in general has changed for the better permanently due to my positive experiences recently with Hughes! Thank you so very much to everyone who helped me and my family to reverse every negative thing that occurred. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hughes....YOU ROCK!!! I am happy to elaborate more for anyone who wants to contact me with further questions!

Nice Customer Service And Communication

HFCU had some nice CD rates in June 2020 but, I didn't apply online until the 29th. However, they contacted me by phone AND email, explained I could wire in the monies and what credit bureau to unfreeze. They even opened the CD to get the better June rate before they even ACH'd my membership account. I was 3 time zones away but, I had the CD in less than 16 hours! Website is a bit confusing but, it works. Recommened if they continue the good rates!

Stuck In The Dark Ages

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In trying to transfer my CD funds from Hughes to another credit union, Hughes refused to accept my request by either fax or by secure email from their website. They insisted on hardcopy requests by US Mail. Even asking for a supervisor/manager to override this policy, I was again refused. This is the 21st Century now. This is on top of their co-mingling of my IRA and personal funds against my specific instructions to not do so. Clueless people, a clueless organization, customer-unfriendly policies. Caveat Emptor.

Awful Process To Open An Account

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They make it very difficult to set up and fund an account. I filled out the application, provided copies of drivers licenses, provided all the additional info they asked for in multiple requests, and that still wasn't good enough. It's like I was asking them to send me money... it was a nightmare dealing with them. I canceled my application and will never deal with them again.

Hughes Federal CU

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Just Kudos to Jennifer T who helped me set up
a 36 mo jumbo CD. I had applied and was approved
the day before a rate change. She was very personable and the rate was honored. The set up
took a few days not due to inefficiency but to
their thoroughness--one of the question had to
do with an event 40 years ago!--so I guess if you
do not remember events in your past that can
lead to frustrations and denial of your application.
Very competitive for CD's.

My Experience Was Five Star.

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I opened two Roth IRAs in August and was so impressed with a technically advanced application process that I felt my investment would be secure at this Credit Union. The representative helping me saw that the my funds were transferred properly and in a timely manner, which is so important with IRAs. I experienced good communications by very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful people. I feel very fortunate that these CDs (great rates) became available when I had other CDs maturing.

Great Rates And Experience.

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I opened several CD accounts at Hughes in August. (Regular, IRA, and Roth). If they continue their 3 year promotion I may open another.Their rates are excellent. I like that there's a representative assigned to me for personal contact by phone or e-mail and she usually gets back to me within a day with good communication to my many questions. I like their excellent health rating. Their website is good. When I couldn't find maturity representative let me know quickly. To add POD beneficiaries they mailed a form that I had to have notarized and mail back. I don't mind the added security. I'm guessing that they're fairly inundated with customers due to their promotion right now which is understandable. I find that if you're chasing the best rates in the country you have to be a little more patient due to that.

Horrible Customer Service

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Called to open an account. Over 10 minutes on hold, got a third party vendor who knew nothing, said she could take a message for bank to call me back, then hung up on me when I tried to ask more questions.

Another Questionable Institution?

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Happy to do the very first review. After collecting all my information during the application time they simply sent me a cold message (not even bothering calling) that they cannot open a savings account! How ridiculous and such a waste of time. Do not bother.

Follow up from previous review above: they are still ridiculous, I applied to open an account for a 2nd time (based on their advise), account still not opened after 1 week. Obviously they do not need my money or any one else's for that matter. Blaming a "3rd party" for the call center experience is also a ridiculous and simply pathetic excuse (and obviously they have not improved that). I suggested to them that if they cannot handle new applications they should not then allow people to apply - it is a simple as that!

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