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Variable Rates

I've had a few issues with this bank but not at first. I've tried to set my account up with other banks for the purposes of being able to do electronic transfers into and out of the account through other banks (because they have transfer limits through their interface) but when my other banks try to do those small verification deposits, I never receive them even though my bank says they were able to deposit and withdraw those funds. So I can't seem to verify this bank for that purpose even after talking to customer service and re-verifying my account data, attempting the small deposits multiple times. It seems like they don't want you to be able to make withdrawals on purpose! Then their money market accounts are supposed to be a "variable rate." When they decide to lower it, they have no problem getting that done as quickly as possible but when the rate goes up, you have to complain before they will increase it. All other online banks I have dealt with have just automatically increased the "variable rate". I'm DONE with this bank.

i go banking experinece with deposits

Posted by: Mandatrac | Dec 7, 2017

My experience with I go banking checking account was and is truly great. My credit is not the best and I had no problem with getting a checking account with them. The best part of having a checking account with them is that with my pay check being directly deposited into my account it goes into my account a day early! Wow, what is better than that? Plus if I get a check and I wanted to deposit it into my account I can use my cell phone to deposit it and it goes right in, so if I'm traveling poof I can deposit a check in to my account. Plus the bill paying service online is great! I am not one to go to a bank in person, so to have a great online bank works great for me and this I go bank is perfect!

Would Never Recommend This Bank!

Posted by: PSinPS | Oct 31, 2017

iGoBanking is still in the dark ages. What is the most amazing to me it that I can not change my ATM card pin! They offer no way to change it to a pin of my choosing! I have never heard of that.

Their phone service is awful. Because they are owned by Flushing Bank, even though I was careful to pick the correct option on the sizable phone tree, I still got to Flushing Bank customer service. Even when they transferred me to iGoBanking, I still got to Flushing Bank.

The process to open an account is slow and cumbersome, like it is their first time in banking. I have to image that just about every other online bank has far better service than iGoBanking.

Great So Far!

I don't understand what these other people were dealing with. The mailed password took a little long to receive. I "forgot" my username to the online banking (that I didn't realize I was not yet signed up for). Called them and after about 1 minute on hold, I got to someone to help me out. She walked me through the signup process while on the phone. No complaints yet! Also, the interest rates are pretty nice!

Can't Believe It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Al Scott | Dec 14, 2016

I have had an online savings account for years. I tried multiple times to open a money market account on line. It timed out before you were able to submit all the information. After two times, I gave up. Fast forward about 6 months.

I tried to open a CD to be funded from my saving account. I was excited that I got the info in before it timed out.

Ten days after applying online for the CD, I was denied opening the CD account, I've had a credit freeze for several years. Since I had a credit freeze, they requested some additional information. We submitted photocopies of our drivers license and replied to their emails as they requested. I had phoned in to customer service yesterday to see what was going on, they said it was still in process. I explained that I have current saving account with IGO and had applied for a new CD. I had submitted the information that they had requested in regards to the CD application. He checked my application and saving account. He said I should hear something soon. It looked like they had everything they needed. Today, I received an email denial of my CD application. I can't imagine how hard it will be to withdraw my money if they won't even let me transfer funds it to open a CD!!!!! I don't know if a banking regulator can help me with this. IGO does have good rates, but customer service is non-existent. This bank is scaring me, after having an account for years with them. My original account was opened in 2007. This is no way to treat a long time customer.

igoBanking - Good Products, Barebones Interface

Posted by: RyneG | Dec 1, 2016

I've been using igobanking products for over 7 years now. Specifically, I've had a savings and checking account, although I abandoned the checking account long ago. But I can't say I've ever run into any problems with the bank or any of my funds. It's a pretty straight forward Internet-only bank. The set-up was minimal and the rates were some of the best I could find at the time (over 1% on savings), although still nothing that will really make you any money. I've been able to link to all my numerous other accounts and freely transfer money in and out as needed. I've changed addresses a few times with no problems and have received all necessary documents (tax and otherwise) as needed. The interface is a little clunky, but you get use to it fast enough. If you know what you're doing and have experience with Internet-only banks, I think the rates are good enough to give it a try.

Worst Bank Ever!!!

Take almost forerver to open CD account. I had to send my gas, electricity bill anf otger unnecessary documents.

When I need my funds, they dont want to release it. They do everything to delay my funds. It has been e weeks now and I still hace not received my check. Im now looking for an attorney to sue them.

Dont trust me? Send me an email and I will forward the emaol string I had with then to show you how ridiculous they are


Horrible Customer Service, Avoid

I did not think it was possible to have such poor, abusive customer service. Whenever you call, you go to voicemail. No matter what your message, you get a passive aggressive return call no way connected to any time frame you say you are available. No matter what your message, the return call is always Hello, this is unintelligible returning your call. Bye.

This is how they treated me when I was trying to open an account for a lot of money. Can you imaging if they already had it?

Customer Service

If you are used to dealing with Ally Bank or American Express bank or Discover bank etc, do not expect same service from IGo bank. Customer service is non existent and reps not knowledgeable. Customer service hours- Few, Wait time very long.It is a regular brick and mortar bank which wants to dabble into on line banking. Good rates bad service. Very bad service. Reps have no knowledge of on-line banking side.

Read All Fine Print

Posted by: carcpa | Dec 19, 2015

The set-up is easy. The rate very good. BUT your withdrawals are limited. I noticed there was a limit to the number of withdrawals in a month but not a limit on the amount.
I asked for a waiver and am still waiting on a response (2 weeks). Finally asked them to close the account at the end of November. Now December 17th and no communication, no money and they have locked my online access.
Revising to a 2 star, simply because of the rate. There are other banks with similar rates and much easier access of YOUR money.

They Hope You Are Confused

This is a really bad bank. They make it very difficult for the average person to figure out that their CD will automatically renew at an extremely low interest rate. If you don't stop it in time you have to pay a penalty to get out- one year's interest for a 5 year CD!. I have had many CD's and never dealt with a bank this shady. Where is the FDIC?

No Check Writing

Posted by: samsilver | Feb 1, 2014

This money market does not offer check writing

If I Could Have Given Zero Stars I Would Have

On-line access to your accounts from an unregistered computer requires that you receive a security pass code at a phone number or via text.  If you don't have immediate access to a phone or text-capable cell phone, you're out of luck.  They do not allow or have the capability of sending an email with the pass code - gave me some BS reason like email isn't secure.  And I'm thinking "and phone calls texts are (guaranteed secure)???"  Because I don't have access to a phone or text capable cell for incomming calls during the time and days I'm doing my banking I advised the CSR Manager (Maria) (after speaking to the snotty and very unhelpful CSR) I'd have to use a friends cell for the text.  Now, they're going to send this pass code to a phone that is neither mine nor on record for my account.  (Maria assurred me that this phone number would be used only one time for the one-time passcode...we'll see...)  I have multiple CD accounts with iGo.  Sure, at least at this moment in time, they're rates are among the best.  They have to be.  That's likely the only way they can lure in customers.  They probably have a pretty low retention rate.  As soon as my accounts mature I'll be closing them and will do business with banks that are more customer accommodating and friendly.

Seems Good To Me!

I was really surprised to read all the bad reviews for iGo Bank and thought I'd post a positive one. I read that the website is awful, but I found it really easy to navigate and it took very little time to complete all the necessary steps to open a new account - far shorter time than I have had with some of the other on-line banks. Perhaps they have updated the website recently, but it seems good to me and very clear.

The messages back to me on completing everything seem concise and detailed, and I have the account # and all the other information such as contact telephone numbers and e-mails (again, you don't always get that with some of the other banks). I know I need to wait for a PIN # to arrive before I can access the website, but that's OK, and I was advised to actually open and acknowledge all the terms for the account.  

It all seems very clear and easy to me, so I am posting 5 stars for ease of access, good rate (best as of today for the CD I was opening), and clear and concise messaging. If I have problems with any customer service in the future, I can always come back and revise this review, but for the moment it's all good so far.

Horrible Verging On Criminal

Customers service is either pathetic or willfully malicious.  The terms on the CD's ought to be illegal.  If you withdrw early, you have to pay them the entire interest the CD would have paid over the term??  I am now locked out of my accounts and have been calling customer service for two weeks trying to find someone who can reset it.  Sort of like ground hog day.

They Make It Very Difficult To Get Money Out. Perhaps Even Criminally So

Posted by: JimSmith | Nov 20, 2012

They automatically renewed several of my CD's even after they assured me that they would not.  Another thing they do is force you to contact them regarding CD maturity through your regular, unsecure 3rd party email (say Yahoo or whatever you use).  Absolutely horrid and rude customer service.  

Notice Of CD To Expire

Posted by: maggie625 | Nov 8, 2012

My CD expired and I didn't want to renew so I called and was told that I cannot cancel over the phone I would need to send an email. So I sent an email through online banking requesting that a check be sent to me and a confirmation sent to my email address.   Apparently this is not good enough. They do not want an email sent though their online banking, (you would think this would be a more secure way of sending), but they want a email sent straight from my email address. I did this and 3 days later still no confirmation email. I had to once again call to find out what was going on as the 10 grace period was just about ending.   The rep was quite snippy and I am not please with the way the whole thing was handled. It seems to me they were dragging their feet in order to hang onto the CD. I do not like making multiple phone calls and emails in order to get something done.  I believe if I hadnt called my CD would still be sitting there and no check would have been cut.  I wont be doing business with them anymore.

Poor Customer Service, Lots Of Hassles

Posted by: Anonymous | May 17, 2012

I have had an account with iGObanking for over 5 years. When I first joined I used it as an online savings account. Then their rates got progressively worse over the years. Obviously all rates have dropped but they were near the top of their competitors when I joined, now they're offering a measly .25% for an online account. My biggest gripe is that I've been hassled 3 times over "security concerns". After 5 years I don't know why I'm all of a sudden a threat. Most recently I transferred money into my account from one bank, followed by a transfer out the following day. I do this several times a month to move money between my bank accounts. They accepted the money in from my first account, then suspended my account and did not allow me to transfer money out. This happened at 6 pm and they have nobody working customer service after 5 pm. So I had to wait until the next day to inquire about it. After talking to a very rude customer service supervisor (every conversation I've had with them has been extremely rude customer service reps). I was told that my account was frozen and I could not have access to my funds unless I sent them bank statements for the last 90 days from every bank account I had linked to them. After I tried to explain that my bank statements were none of the their business (I tried, but was cut off by the supervisor), I told them I'd be closing my account. As with everything else there, it will take a week or more to get my money back from them. So, in my opinion, they've just stolen my money from me for the next week. Horrible, archaic, system they have.

Very Rude Customer Service

Posted by: elwick | Dec 10, 2011

Stay far away from this bank. They have the worst, and the rudest customer service i have ever dealt with. It is really not worth the hassle of dealing with these people.

Gifts For Banking

Posted by: ricsue | Nov 22, 2011

I opened two $25k gifts for banking CD's, I did receive the promotional rate. I have another CD at IgoBanking, yet they are asking for my proof of address to be mailed to bank? CSR stated don't worry, but I sent it anyway to make sure that nothing holds up the process.

Initially, I was told by CSR that a few days afte the account was funded, would receive an email to select gift, and gift would take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Today, I called, since it's been 4 days since funded, I was told that the email to first select the gift will take 3 weeks and then up to 3 weeks after ordering, for delivery.

I was hoping to have these gifts for Christmas, but does not look like that is going to be a possibility, if in fact, it's 3 weeks to first receive the email to select a gift! The CSR advised this is stated on the website. I've looked thru the FAQ and do not find a 'timeframe' of when the email will be sent, it merely states, after the account is funded you will receive an email. It should be clarified on the website that it will be up to a 6 week process to select and receive the gift.

Problem After Problem After Problem

Posted by: Emma9 | Jun 6, 2011

Stay away from this bank if you want good customer service and any sort of control over your account.  I have been with this bank for 2 years.  It took almost 30 days to get all of my accounts set up because their system is so archaic and Customer service is only available 9-5pm EST M-F, so if you are on the West, you only have until 2pm.  They have no overdraft, and if you make one mistake, their bill pay company Metavante will freeze your account for 5 business days which cancels all pending payments.  Recently their system duplicated a payment which overdrew my account, but Metavante still won't unfreeze my account even though the bank asked them to.  Now suddenly I am locked out of my online account with no access at all and of course customer service isn't available because it's 3:30 PST.  Not worth the aggravation.  I just moved everything to Ally where they have overdraft, 24/7 customer service and equal interest rates.  All of my accounts were set up in about 2 hours compared to 30 days with iGo.  iGo elsewhere and can't get there fast enough.

OK, If You Have A Lot Of Time

Posted by: Anonymous | May 26, 2011

Either their software is buggy, or they change your application after you submit it. I applied for several of their "Giftsforbanking" CD's and they processed as normal CD's. After several months wrangling, it was worked out, but I had to deal directly with a manager. The customer service person I was supposed to deal with, was far too rude and uniformed (dangerous combination) to even get the process started.

Gistsforbanking.Com/Igobanking.Com Customer Service

Posted by: UBY63 | Nov 22, 2010

Gistsforbanking.com/Igobanking.com customer Service

Reading all your concerns about these banks, I decided to e-mail them some of your and my concerns. I sent the e-mail Sunday November 21 at 9:13pm est. They responded Monday November 22 at 10:47am est.

Their responses are in Bold.


My concerns as stated by others is the time it takes from when I first open the Cd till you actually open it. As one person describes a 2-week gap and then got a reduced rate...  Your rate is locked in at the time of application date.  Should you start an application today, and the rate lowers you would be guaranteed for the higher rate.  In some cases there were gaps in opening due to documents that we may have required from the customer and they have delays in sending to us  
Also asking access to my outside funding account vie my password with that bank...    ·         We have 3 different ways to fund your accounts.  They are as follows real time deposits,  trial deposits and check deposits.  Should you  opt to transmit your  transaction real time you can input your financial institutions online id and password and they confirm via real time which eliminates time delays etc. This is a total electronic process and no person is involved and we are unable to obtain the information from that real time transaction for your security.   Trial deposits are when you input your routing number and account number and we try       deposit 2 credits into your checking of savings account, you go into your account  verify the amounts and revisit our application and validate the amounts.  Check deposits- good old fashion check is mailed to us.  You make the check payable to yourself  and mark on the back for deposit only and mail via US postal mail to our address 1979 Marcus Ave LL C103 Lake Success, NY 11042 Also heard story's of terrible customer service, with the inability of getting anyone on the phone, email etc.One even stated he hasn't heard from you in 3-weeks since he opened his account and is WORRIED about his money  Our normal turnaround time is 24- 48 hours not including weekends or holidays.  I am unable to validate your concerns at this time. Without specific persons, or email address etc.  Sorry I cannot elaborate more on this question.

I Have Two CD's With This Bank

Posted by: Anonymous | May 1, 2010

I have two CD's with this bank, and the first one was opened fairly easy - The second, being funded with $10,000 at a 3.15% rate took over 2 weeks for them to open and then they opened it at 2.75% - They say the rate is at the time they fund the account.   They ignored ALL requests for a status until they lowered the rate and now I am stuck losing .5% for 5 years.   Their customer service can really suck.

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