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The Worst Credit Union That Keeps Your $

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Horrible customer service and probably doing illegal practices. They will not let you have access to your money. RIP off and need to be reported.
Try calling them...good luck. Tried today and was number 76 in line. Tou have questions? It better be between 8 to 5 and no wkends bc they you cant call their 1800 number on wkends or after 5pm during week. Fed govt needs to look into them.

Terrible Credit Union, Pretty Much Just Another Bank

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I used to really like this CU and was considering a new loan with them until their new fee schedule shows a minimum balance requirement of $300 in the share savings. IT IS A REQUIREMENT to have the savings account as part of the membership. I previously liked to have a portion of my direct deposit sent to the savings account and then once a month disbursed to pay my loans, but with a monthly minimum you cant do this. Who ever decided to have a minimum requirement on a mbr savings account has lost their mind. The fee is only $5 but the principal is the account is required, this is a CU not a bank and to add this to generate fee's is ridiculous. I know I'm only one person and I don't carry a big balance with them but they have lost my current and future business for sure.

Terrible Service

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If I could leave 0 stars as a review, I would. This institution is absolutely terrible, and is a joke of a bank. The help line people are rude, do not call back when they say they will, and have hung up on me on multiple occasions. Some may see the following as a plus, but I see it as a major disadvantage: I have been living in multiple cities and states over the past 7 years and always make sure to notify the bank when I am moving or traveling somewhere new, but nearly every time I have traveled or moved somewhere new the bank's system automatically thinks that this is 'fraud' and will hold all of my cards and accounts. This is incredibly infuriating, as I always make sure to put a travel notification on my card and it still doesn't seem to work. This bank has caused more stress and hassle on me than anything else in my life. Extremely incompetent in every single way.

Great credit union

I had used banks before. While they seemed fine, I had a disappointing experience with a bank. I was offered the opportunity to join a credit union. I hadn't, at first, noticed much of a difference. But over time I found myself glad to have done so. If I overdrew my checking account, it just took the rest of the balance from my savings without charging me anything. The amount that needed to stay in the account was a reasonable amount that I have always been able to keep in my account. It is easy to keep adding money to my savings, by setting up a regular transfer of funds. I also had the option to set up a payment service for life insurance through the credit union. Quarterly I make payments into that. It's easy to bank online, to make online payments, to manage my deposits, and keep up with my accounts. I can acess my account online, through apps, and go to local credit unions to bank with mine although it is located states away. I find it's a great option for me, has become my favorite way to manage my money, and was the best option for me.

In Touch is good

I have been a member of this credit union for years. I moved over to a credit union because it I had bad experiences with banks. Over the years, it's been great. I don't have to have a large amount of money set in my account, the basic balance is 5 dollars for the checking and savings account that I have. If I do enough transitions in a month with my debit card I gain a small interest rate that adds up over time. I have the ability to pay directly out of my bank account for a life insurance plan that the credit union offered me.
I am called quarterly to be asked how I appreciate my service and if I need anything. Online banking is easy, and most of what I do is online. I often get my bank statement via text message. It helps me keep up with my balances without having to keep a transaction booklet. They also provide an app for the things I cannot do through text message banking. I get all my statements digitally, through email, so my account is paperless. I feel I have a modern account that is easy to access this day in age with a modern company that provided me what I need.

Very customer focused

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I've been using InTouch Credit Union in Sterling, VA for several years now. Each visit has always been a good experience. It's rarely very busy so I can get in and out and get exactly what I need in just minutes. I like the fact that when I walk in, I'm always greeted and acknowledged by the employees there. They do this for everyone and it just sets the right tone. They're also very professional, helpful and friendly. I've used other banking institutions where the employees seem to be overwhelmed and unhappy to be there, but not at InTouch. I usually come in with several checks for deposit. Many times as I've begun filling out a deposit slip, if an employee is done helping the customer they were with, they call me over and assist me right away even without having completed the deposit slip. They're just efficient and make you feel like your time is important. Their lobby area has water and coffee, seating, and a bonus for me - crayons and paper for children waiting for their parents to get their transactions done. My kids actually look forward to going to the bank with me for this reason. I think this says a lot about this credit union. They want you to have a pleasant visit. Also, it's occurred quite often that when an employee sees my children and I approaching the front door, they've come to hold it open for us to make us feel welcome. It's definitely a great institution and I'd highly recommend it to anybody.


This bank is a JOKE. They are the worst bank I have ever had to deal with. The customer service is horrible, and they talk down to customers as if they are stupid.

The banking app is terrible. It will lock you out all of the time, and when you call in to find out why they are hard to even deal with. If you don't memorize your bank acct number and have to call in, they charge you $5 EVERYTIME to ask you questions to verify its your account.

They will bother you relentlessly if you are even a day or two late on a loan. I left this bank and it is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. They will kiss your tail to get you as a customer then they will treat you like garbage once you are a member.

Used To Be Great -- Now Really Bad

I was a member here for about 30 years. It used to be a very good place, but over the last 10 years or so, it has gone downhill steadily.

Recently, due to a terrible ITCU policy change, I decided to close my accounts. I wrote a letter, giving the 3 accounts to close, how much was in each, etc, saying I wanted all 3 closed and a check sent. They closed 2 of the accounts and ignored the 3rd one. I had to call, they emailed me a form, and I had to send it in. They couldn't research my original letter because "the back office shreds everything". They won't stay in business like this!

Bad, bad place. Go elsewhere.

If I Could Give A ZERO Rating I Would

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I've had nothing but terrible experiences with this credit union. On multiple occasions they're late opening the drive-thru windows. They also have really poor customer service. The people are nice, but the process is cumbersome and the hold times are way too long. They work hard to sell you on something, but that's when the great service stops. Once you're locked into a loan, they could care less.
I finally traded in the car that I had financed through them and I'm so excited to be done.
There are more options out there if you like credit unions that have much stronger customer service for their members.


By far the worst credit union I have ever felt with. They consistently shut off my card, if I made a purchase in a different state or did two separate transactions, they would shut my card off for fraud and I would not be able to access my money nor could I call them! They make you go in to deal with them. I had this problem just recently and called to talk to the supervisor, they were not available and the lady eventually hung up on me after giving me rude remarks!! They transferred me back and forth between the bank and the card holder customer service because they didn't know who is supposed to deal with this. They are very rude, HORRIBLE customer service. Switching out today.

Pretty Bad Experience Of Late

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Hard to tell where to start. First it was a wire transfer that couldn't be found until I gave them proof then they tried to violate Regulation CC and hold all but $200 on a certified check for 7 days. Then when I needed to get a debit card reprinted I had to go to THREE locations before I found one that worked. Today again I had another wire transfer issue where they just couldn't find it until I once again proved it was sent.

I've been with them for 25 years now. It won't be 26.

Screwed After 25+ Years

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Refused to deposit a single signature rent check on a joint account from my childred after accepting it for 2+ years with no problems. Upon closing my account they reversed a mortgage payment and closed a Roth IRA for a 6 year loss. Idiots didn't bother to work with me. Worst experience of my life. Steady decrease in competitiveness and services. Hope HP tosses this credit union out of our building. Don't trust these people, they will screw you in a heartbeat. I had to scrabble to keep my 800+ credit score intact.

Intouch Credit Union

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I have been with this credit union for about six years now, and it is so much better than my previous bank. The customer service at Intouch is excellent; employees attend to you as soon as you open the door. They are completely transparent with their customers. No hidden fees. The only thing that needs a little bit of improving is the online banking. I was helped by a very nice employee to sign up for home banking, but my password did not work when I got home. Overall, I give Intouch Credit Union a 5 out of 5.

ONE ATM. ONE! And It's Always Broken!!

I am forced to use this credit union as part of a co-op service with an out-of-state credit union. I have been so upset for driving out of my way so many times when their ATM is out of service and it takes days on end to get it fixed. As of today February 20, 2013 their ATM has been out of service for at least five days. I spent 26 minutes on hold waiting to speak to a service agent to see if the ATM was fixed before driving out of my way to go there. The entire building is also surrounded by double speed bumps so if your car doesn't have at least an 8 inch clearance you can't even go into the parking lot. Be ready for whiplash! I also received a quote for a car loan that was twice the APR of our other credit union. The loan rep complained the entire time that she was supposed to be off work (it was 3pm), and that we were lucky she stayed for us while her boss was late getting back from lunch. This entire place is ridiculous!!! RUN. FAR. AWAY!!!!!

Very Disappointed In Intouch!

Had been a very happy customer until the recent account changes.  

I can understand the need to charge more fees if needed, but InTouch is making its customers change their account numbers!  This means the customer has to order new checks, change payment credit cards accounts, electronic deposts, and numerous other electronic accounts.  It's just like changing banks, which is a HUGE hassel!

Am extremely disappointed in InTouch and do NOT recommend them as a place to do business with.

I am pLanning on changing banks sometime this year, as they have lost my trust. 

Intouch Is WAY Out Of Touch!

I am a 15 year customer of InTouch Credit Union, and I'm officially done with them.  Their service has steadily decreased over the years and is now impersonal and often rude!  They close branches left and right last year, including the only California branch (my branch) and several others in order to "cut expenses", and start charging fees for everything that doesn't already have one!  And now as if everyone has forgotten their "need" to cut expenses, they're opening new branches like nothing ever happened!!I wonder how other customers of the California branch feel about that?!  Or the (still unemployed) employees?!  

The last straw happened the other day when I deposited a large check into my account.  I've never written a bad check, and never had a hold on my account...until now.  I was assured that there would be no hold "because of my account standing", so I paid several bills against those funds and thought nothing of it...until I discovered that there WAS a hold on the deposit and now I would also be forced to pay their new and improved (i.e., increased) fees when they were the ones who told me there was no hold!!! 

Hmmm...lemme see.  Used to be friendly and helpful...which has been replaced by indifference and rudeness.  They used to have competitive prices and very few a credit union they charge for everything.  "Cutting expenses" but opening branches, and customer service that is uninformed and comparable to one of the big banks.  Maybe they should change the name from Intouch Credit Union to B of A?!  I'm outta there!!!

Do Not Ever Work For This Company

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In the very short time I worked for this company, it was by far the worst experience I ever had. How this company can even be a credit union is beyond me with the level of how horrible this company treats their people. If you're in the know with the "elite" of this company, you'll be fine, but if you were hired off the street, they will run you into the ground. It is no wonder why they are always hiring for "personal financial associates". The only positive I can say is that they are competitive pay-wise, but for what you expected to do with the very high stress of sales, loans, dealing with the angry service calls, maintaining a teller drawer, and putting up with the management's never-ending garbage, the extra dollar per hour isn't worth it.


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I opened an account here in California and they closed the only bank here last year with very little notice. I am now charged for getting my bank statements...Really??? I do keep the min. required balance, but they charged me close to $2.00 for a statement...I called and they told me to sign up for e-statements, the only problem with this is my $2.00 bank statement does NOT have my account # on it, so it makes it impossible to sign up for e-statements. I had to call back and they told me to fax long distance and ask them for it and they would sent it to me in an e-mail...Just give me my account # or at least if you are going to charge me for the statement, put the account # on it. I too work for a bank for over 27 years, never have I seen a bank statement without an account #... How stupid is that. They did tell me I could go into a branch, well HELLO, you closed my branch and I live in California, kinda hard to do that when the closes bank in in Texas. I wish I could close this stupid acct, but I have a loan against my own money. Once I pay it off, I will never do business with this credit union again!!

Shop Elsewhere!!!

Fees are out of control.  When you agree to merge or buyout another company, you should give your customers the courtesy of grandfathering in any perks or lower fees and not just jack up all the fees and rates.  Shame on you!!!

Dropping This Bank ASAP

InTouch Credit Union (formally EDS Credit Union) *was* in the past an excellent bank to deal with. They are no longer.

I'm an online customer, I started off as a mail customer. EDS was my company at the time and InTouch (EDSCU) was my company's CU and offered good rates to employees.  It seemed natural to go with them.  Since they broke off into INTouch CU their fees have flown out of control and the people who work there have forgotten that the word 'customer' is part of "customer service".  Apparently they can do just fine without us...

Back in Oct 2011 ITCU sent home a mailing detailing new fees - lots of them that were being added come spring 2012. I don't need reading glasses, but the print was tiny and I admit I had trouble reading it. I remember scanning the info, but missed the one line stating a change to my $50 minimum daily balance savings account would change to a daily average balance of $250, otherwise encur a fee. That's a 500% increase on an account who's only purpose when it was opened was to feed my loan automatically for a quarter of a percent reduction on my loan rate (as suggested by the rep who opened it for me back in 2008.) No other information regarding this change was sent to me online or via mail.

I've been trained as a customer service rep and know what one should and should not say in any conversation either to the cllient or back to the service agent. The rep I spoke to today was rude beyond belief placing blame on me for the fees and not offering anything positive to help retain me as a customer. I was not asking for refunds on the fees, just a polite conversation explaining the fees and ways to avoid them in the future and hopeful outlook so we might continue to to business with loans. His attitude reflects on ITCU and their attitude toward the customers. I think it's worth repeating here - I was not looking to have the fees refunded... I knew I messed up, simply and calmly asked for some explainations regarding my accounts and how to keep the fees from accruing in the future. What I got back instead was an earful of anger. I dont need or want that in my bank.

Although I still have just over a year to go on my loan, I'll be paying this loan off this month and closing both accounts down. Good bye Intouch CU.

Since The Merge..

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Since the merge of Ensign to InTouch, this place has become terrible....laying off people and bringing in new people from Texas to Las Vegas. No more friendly faces, never had a problem getting approved for anything through ensign but InTouch, NOPE they don't approve ANYTHING, and have these ridiculous fees on everything. This so called credit union is becoming a big name branch in terms of lending and policies...will be leaving them soon.

Be Careful If You Do Not Have Time To Babysit Your Bank!!!!!

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We have an account with these people and they recently changed the rules to the accounts by sending out a note in the mail.

They will begin charging for a LONG list of services, not previously charged for and the few optional ones can not be avoided unless you physically go into the bank to get it done.

What was once a good idea, has become a very expensive liability to me, and is now costing time and effort I don't have to go correct a change they decided to make.

If you do not have extra time and energy to babysit your bank, this is not the place for you, as it will not be easy for you to take care of on the phone or online (if you want to do anything online, you have to go into the office first as they do not provide your account number to you through statements or any other means beyond showing up in a branch)...

What a pain...

Bad Credit Union

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Stay away from these people, they are terrible! Rude employees and bad cutomer service. Bad practice!

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