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Stay Away; Bad Customer Service And Poor Leadership

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If you are thinking of getting a mortgage with them, please DO NOT. I was dealing with Richard Recile at the Metairie Branch, who was rude from the very first conversation we had. I had multiple questions about the process before submitting my app and he told me that he have a problem if he has to keep repeating himself. These weren't repetitive questions, so I was confused. I had a construction loan with another credit union for a home I was building & wanted to get more information on the process for permanent financing. He was so ugly to me every time I called. There is a branch located in the building I work in. I am familiar with the manger because I have worked here nearly 20 years. I went down to talk to about Mr. Recile's behavior & she was in awe. I wanted to work with someone else, but was told he was the only loan officer at the time & the mortgage branch in our building had closed & I had to go to the Metairie Branch for mortgages. At this time the rates were rising & JFFCU was offering a 3.125 interest rate. I called him back again and asked for details and he said that the rate would be good for 120 days. This was very good at the time, so I decided to submit my application. After being approved & the rate lock docs were sent, I noticed the date did not reflect the 120 days. So, I called him. He stated that they typically don't put the 120 days on the document, but if an extension was needed, one could be granted (LESSON LEARNED for being so trusting, especially of someone that had been so unpleasant). I was in the process of building a home when material shortages were common & laborers were scarce. It literally took me 3 months to get windows & doors. This is why I was concerned about the time granted. Things happen... and things did happen. After I thought I had everything wrapped up, I applied for my occupancy permit. After the parish inspection, it was granted and emailed to me. A couple of days after I received the occupancy permit, my husband and I went to the house and discovered a foul smell and contacted the parish. After getting the plumber back out the following week, it was discovered that the plumbing for the sewer clean out wasn't tied into the public sewer line and was missed by the parish inspector. We should have not received the permit & needed to get the sewer tied into the main sewer line. We had to wait for the plumber, as he had other jobs. With Memorial Day coming that Monday, we could not get it fixed until the next week. I contacted Mr. Recile & explained these issues to him. The week of June 6th I called Mr. Recile & I asked him about the appraisal & closing processes. He said it was about a 3 week process. I said that my rate lock would expire on 06/23/2022. He said no it had already expired in May and I told him it had not. He verified that it had not expired and told me that if I needed an extension I would be granted one but I wouldn't need the 120 days, maybe a week or two. Well, just know that he did not honor the 120 days originally guaranteed. I spoke with him on the 16th of June. He told me to submit my docs. I did so. He responded & thanked me, asked who would be the contact for the appraisal & verified my title company. Well, the following Tuesday, he sent me an email informing me that the rate would be 5.125%. I called & asked why the rate wasn't honored, he blamed it on his superiors. None of them would even take my calls. He blatantly lied to his superiors & me. He even lied to his boss about calling asking me certain questions, but this man has never called me; not once! NEVER! After all I had dealt with from him, I started recording our calls. The phone recordings that I plan to release on every media outlet possible exposes of all his lies & how he promised to reach out to his friends in lending because he felt like what happened to me was his fault & he needed to do something, he didn't do it on purpose, he should have made his superiors put it in writing, he's going to repent, .. blah, blah, blah! JFFCU doesn't know who he is, but recordings don't lie. I would respect the people in charge more if they actually cared about what the member has to say, I stead of hiding behind the lies. There is such poor management and leadership! Thank God my bank of 20 plus years was able to give a rate in the 3's (not 3.125 though). To them I am forever grateful! STAY AWAY!

Wow, I Love Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union

Everyone I have meet at JFFCU is great! They have the best rates in town, hands down! I used to deal with the big banks, but never again.

Awful. Absolutely Awful.

If you are thinking of opening an account at JFCU, you will probably be okay, just NEVER CLOSE THE ACCOUNT.

I got married and switched banks to a joint account with my husband, which meant leaving JFCU. His brother is a banker so of course, family loyalty, had to go elsewhere despite not really having any major issues with JFCU prior to leaving.

Anyhow, I left the account open for a while to let any pending/automatic transactions clear out. At some point I received a letter saying that the account was negative because I forgot about one auto-draft. Knowing that was the last one, I sent a check for the amount due on April 14, 2014.
With that check, I also sent a signed request for them to close the account immediately.

I didn't hear from them for 2.5 years, so one would assume it was all good. No statements, no junk mail, nothing. Account closed, end of story, right?


Fast forward to Summer of 2016, when I receive a bill for $48.29 from a collection agency claiming that I owe this money to JFCU. Clearly this is an error, so I kindly write back wanting an explanation.

Turns out PayPal still somehow had that account # listed in my account, and Netflix decided to try and pull from that account. Had the account been CLOSED like I requested back in 2014, this would be a non-issue - PayPal would just receive an error and that would be the end of it. But no. They never closed the account! So, they treated it like a NSF transaction, declined the charge, and added on some lovely fees & tried to collect.

Despite my repeat attempts to reason with these people, since it's their error, they now placed a "past due" account of $90 (magically increased from $48.29) on my credit report.


Always Troubles

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Do not waste your time with them. They always have trouble with every single check you need to deposit or change. Don't do it. Don't tell me I didn't tell you after all. 


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I was 32 or 34 days late on an auto loan.  I went to the branch to make 2 payments: one for the past due and another for the one currently due.  The teller said she couldn't accept my money, handed me a piece of paper with the name "Joe" on it and a cell phone number!  JFCU turned me over to an UNLICENSED repossession company for being ONE month late.  They also did this without providing any kind of notice which is in BREACH of contract that I signed when I purchased the vehicle (and is also in violation of state law - La RS 6:966).  I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office in an attempt to peacefully resolve the matter.  I expected their Compliance Officer to respond and address the issue of the laws they violated and reimburse the "collection fee".  Instead, I received an elementary-versed letter by their Collections Manager!  It was packed full of lies and allegations of deceipt on my part!  The letter ended with a "good faith" offer to credit my account a portion of the fee.

I am considering my options at this point, but whatever you do - DO NOT CHOOSE THIS INSTITUTION!


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I have been banking with Jefferson Parish School Board Employees Credit Union for over 15 years now, and I have never had a single problem with them. Now that Jefferson Financial has taken over, I have had nothing but problems.  Over the last year or so, I have sent them  3 different emails, and they have not responded to a single one. When they started with the new online service, they failed to notify me that they changed my account number. I "accidentally" figured it out by playing with a combination of numbers. One of my emails was regarding this matter, which I feel is a pretty important matter. Another email I wrote was to notify them of an error I received from their online site that told me to contact them and give them the error code. My email with the error information was obviously not important enough for them to deal with because they have not responded and the error has not been corrected. I have to make SEVERAL ATTEMPTS to log in before it MIGHT actually sign on to my account.  Just this week my husband and I endorsed a check, went to the bank (together), and offered our ID's to make this deposit. Because the account was not a JOINT account, but yet the check had both our names on it, THEY REFUSED TO TAKE THE CHECK!! For years I have been able to deposit a joint check from taxes or from other similar means into my SOLO account with just us both endorsing it. We weren't asking for cash from the check nor were we trying to scam anyone. We had our STATE ISSUED ID's with us as proof. I have had so many friends and family members tell me of their many problems with this company. They charge a penalty fee for pending charges that do not even exist.  HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM US AND OTHER FAMIY MEMBERS BECAUSE OF PENDING CHARGES THAT NEVER EXISTED!!  DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY! THEY WILL NOT RETURN YOUR CALL OR YOUR EMAILS!! 

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