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The Absolute, WORST, Banking Experience EVER

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This bank has caused me so much emotional distress and embarrassment, I’ve had enough. When I became a member, certain things were not fully disclosed in my member packet that would have allowed me to make the best decision when choosing banks. This last incident in which it was out of my control and I was totally unaware of, I was penalized because of an error my job made, and once again I’m told no we can’t help. When I ask for information to write to their corporate office I’m given the run around. If you can help it, Run to another bank.

Check Image Feature Not Working

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I have been trying to download a check image since July 11, 2022 and print it out to no avail. I finally got a copy emailed to me from customer service, but I have been doing it myself from home for the past 10 years or so. THe service has been out since before JUly 2022 and I can't seem to get an answer as to when the feature will be working again. I like to download and print out certain "cancelled" checks every month to show proof of payment for my records, from the privacy of my residents and not bother KFCU employee about it. Surely there is a reason why the check image feature is not working properly? I Have been a loyal customer for about ten years of longer, never had over drafts, never had a bounced check, always paid my loans off, etc. So, why such bad service, with no "explanation"? can't seem to find out "WHY" the check image feature no longer works? Seems to me that KFCU would notify its customers of any impending feature changes instead of just leave them hanging.....Poor customer service to say the least...


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Applied for a new acct online after donating to cancer society. Rec'd a notice that i would get a call from customer svc in 48hrs. No call... checked status a week later - pending. 2 weeks later checked status...pending. I sent them email asking if there was an issue and no one has contacted me. No reply. 1 month later, no calls, application still pending and no response to the 3 emails i sent inquiring into the delay. My last email, 45 days after application, I told them to cancel my request as there is no way in h--- I am going to deposit a penny of my money into a bank that cannot open a new account, respond to active emails or communicate with a potential customer. I have never heard one word from this so called "credit union". BE VERY WARY OF THIS BANK

Unprofessional Service

Walked into local bank to pay off and close a credit card. Payed off balance and representative informed us the credit card was closed. We continued to get various charges which we were unable to verify because our online access was revoked. Called in to inquiry about charges and rep could not give a clear answer. I reported the charges as fraud but after following up into the case three times, I had to start the case over with each phone call because no one had made any progress into the investigation. Finally got sick of dealing with it and just payed off the remaining charges to be done. Called in to request a 0 balance statement and they said I had another late charge, which was not true because the payment due date was 4 May and the check I post marked for 25 Apr. Overall, very unprofessional service. Get receipts and verifications on everything because they have some serious quality standard issues.

Hidden Fees

I had a car loan with them. The terms were 3 years payment. I played over 2 years of payments and the loan was for $10,000 I still owed over $8,000. After over 2 years of payments. Unreal.

Policies, Procedures, And CS Are POOR

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Keesler is VERY difficult to do business with, even after you have established accounts. Any new CD or product requires NEW ACCOUNT handling as if you have never opened an account with them before.

AND, they continue over and over to demonstrate poor customer service and failed processes to follow instructions. The customer is left to bird-dog the entire process.

They have good rates, but it is NOT WORTH IT at KEESLER. Just please be advised before you try to do business with them.

Not A Good Experience

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Saw that this CU had exceptional CD rates so applied online for account, including donation to qualifying non-profit. Was called by a rep to whom I explained my desire to set up a 30 mo CD. She advised depositing check with local, sister CU, which I did that day. No further word from her, but a week later the rates went down. When I called back, she was out of office and my call not returned. When I called again, she said that she didn't set up CDs, that I would have had to speak to someone else. Furthermore, there was no way I could get the preferable rate at this point. Very disappointing. How is a phone customer supposed to know that the customer rep she is speaking to doesn't handle the service she wants unless the customer rep advises that she needs to speak to someone else or, better yet, transfers her to the right person?? Lost a month's use of my money not to mention lots of wasted phone time/local bank/CU trips.

Do NOT Deal With These People

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Warning: I had the worst experience ever with this credit union. Their website says you can join by becoming a member through joining a cancer organization. I went through the online application process and got an email that I was approved. Then someone called me and said I had to live in Mississippi to be a member and my application was canceled. I had disclosed my address in the application!
The kicker: they still went ahead with a hard credit pull AND they withdrew a $5 opening deposit from my checking account at another bank. What kind of operation do these folks run? It’s outrageous. I do NOT recommend anyone deal with this place. BEWARE!

Excellent Customer Service - A Pleasure To Deal With

Opening my account online was very easy. Approval was quick. Only downside was the hard pull. I made a deposit through a shared coop branch and was able to open the CD the day I made the deposit, even though there was a 2 day hold on the funds. Everyone I dealt with at Keesler was helpful and knowledgeable.

Something Not Right /Membership Issues.

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ACS CAN does NOT have State chapters, BUT KFCU requires that you send your membership fee to the Mississippi chapter using a form from KFCU. RED FLAG !!!
My DL was never received, then "found".
NOT impressed and quite concerned about the legitimacy of things.
UDATE; I was asked for a copy of my DL for the second time in two days by the same rep that admitted to overlooking it on day one !!!! . KFCU --u NEED to implement mandatory random drug/alcohol testing......with your csr and hr people. You offer a competitive cd rate, but when you can not keep track of my DL, there is NO WAY I will trust you with my $$$.

Worse Than Wells Fargo And BOA

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Impossible to rate lower. I started a new account. My deposit from my other credit union cleared in less than 48 hours. They held the money 10 business day. Would never explain why. Customer service sent me the wrong contact info multiple times. the lsit goes on. worse than wells fargo and BOA. Avoid!

7 Month 5% Deal Was Very Good For Me

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They did not lose any of my paperwork and the free wire out after the CD matured was nice. Initially I had a problem getting them to open the CD prior to my check clearing but finally they did.

I feel like I should probably open a small follow up deal...19 month at 3% just in case 19 months from now they have a follow on deal for holders of the prior promo. (Where I could presumably add more money)

Most of their CSR reps are very friendly.

Great Credit Union

I've been a member of my local Credit Union for many years, and my experience with them can only be described as excellent. I never even remotely consider changing banks. Now, I don't have a lot of money to rate them on money investments or anything like that, but I know that I can have only $5.00 dollars there for years on my savings or checking and they won't charge me any penalties or fees for that. They offer coin machines for members, which motivates me to keep a piggy bank that I deposit on my savings every year, and I think that's great. In addition, they offer free notary for members and I needed to use their notary services at least twice last year.`Honestly, though, what amazed me the most about my local Credit Union was how simple it was to manage my account and have access to my money while I was overseas. I informed my manager that I would be travelling all over Europe for 6 months and I NEVER had a problem with that. I could transfer money from my savings account to my checking account online and use my debit (not credit) card to access my money pretty much anywhere; even in Poland! I thought it was funny that basically all my friends had trouble with their fancy banks, and I never had one ounce of a problem with my local Credit Union, so I intent to remain a faithful customer.

Keesler is great!

I have been banking with Keesler Federal Credit Union for nearly five years now, and I would highly recommend this bank to anyone in the area who finds themselves unsatisfied with their current banking situation. Both the checking and savings accounts are free of charge with no hidden fees of any sort. I actually make a little interest off of what is in my savings account, so if you think about it, my credit union is actually paying me to bank with them, very minimally of course, but it's still profit. ((90))I also must commend Keesler Federal on the fact that they tend to be open and available on more holidays than any other local banks. Just this past Veteran's Day they were open all day on Friday the 10th of November when every other banking institution in the area was closed for the entire day. My experiences with this Credit Union are all very positive. I honestly cannot think of a single complaint.

Keesler Federal Credit Union is my bank of choice.

If anyone were to ask me my opinion on which bank is the best, my answer is Keesler Federal Credit Union. If you live in south Mississippi and some parts of south Louisiana you are in luck because you have the option to bank with Keesler Federal Credit Union. I have been banking with them, both a checking and savings account, for over five years. I have never encountered any sort of problems in any way with my bank. I do not have to pay a fee of any kind to maintain my account and I even gain a tad of interest in my savings account each month. I have never had to worry about overdrafting because I signed up for a service Keesler offers to protect me from that. If I do end up in a situation where I overdraft, the bank would take the necessary funds from my savings account to cover the difference. The customer service is fantastic. Everyone is always so kind and willing to help. I would highly recommend anyone to bank with Keesler Federal Credit Union if they live in the area.

5 stars for KFCU!

I would not change banks if someone paid me money to do it. I love Keesler Federal Credit Union. Their customer service is amazing and always friendly and ready to assist you in any way they can. I have taken out a loan with KFCU in the past, and I have a savings/checking account with them. I have never had a problem with my account other than one time when I had fraudulent charges on my checking account. When I reported it, KFCU took action quickly and refunded my account within 2 business days. They have waived late fees and overdraft fees for me, as a courtesy, as long as I do not abuse the privilege. They even have a kids club that my kids love because KFCU makes it fun and gives them prizes when they deposit money into their bank accounts!

Wonderful staff

My husband and i have a joint checking and savings account with with Kessler Federal Credit Union. We wanted to start saving for our children's college. We really had no clue were to start so we just walked in and asked a teller. She pointed us in the right direction and a representative explained all our options and the pros and cons. She made the experience so much easier and now we understand exactly what we're doing plus on our way to a great savings for our children. The employees at this bank are friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. I'm so thankful we have them.

KFCU is the best!

I use Keesler Federal Credit Union (KFCU) as my bank, and I absolutely love them. Not only are they people working there ALWAYS kind, but they are more than happy to work with you and answer any questions you may have. You gain interest on your savings account and there are ZERO fees to set up a checking account. They even waive 2 NSF fee's per year at no charge (most people don't know that!). I would recommend this bank to anyone!

Trustworthy Credit Union

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I have been a member of Keesler Federal Credit Union for over a decade. I have both an account with the Credit Union and a big bank, and I deal with Keesler whenever I can. Keesler is willing to give me loans and assistance that Big banks are not. Their rates are more reasonable. I find the receptionists much more friendly, too. Occasionally, their log-in web service goes down, but does not seem to stay down long. This glitch is why I rated them a 4 instead of a 5. Once logged in, I have no issues with the banking website. I plan on staying with Keesler for a long, long time.

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