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New Customer-Horrible Bank!

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Transferred recently to this back, thinking of all the things they offered sounded great. NOT. Warning! This bank is a scam, my account was overdraft once, but they didn't send any notification stating it was overdraft, so I move money from my savings to checking to cover any negative balance, then they proceed to charge me $240 in overdraft fee! When I made sure I paid the negative balance and even had extra money just in case. Do not open an account with this bank, they will take your money and leave you hanging dry! and no, they will not reimburse you the money, they will tell you they can't help you with anything.

Predatory Practices By Keybank

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After discovering the fraud of Wells Fargo in opening fictious savings accounts in our names, my terminally ill husband and I decided to close our accounts with them and were looking for a new bank. We received an offer of “KeyBank Promo Key Checking Account - $300 Bonus”. We decided to try KeyBank believing that they couldn’t be any worse than Wells Fargo. We were to discover the hard way; how wrong we were.

I explained to the KeyBank employee why we had closed the Wells Fargo accounts and why we were going to open an account with KeyBank. The first problem we ran into was that KeyBank was not forthcoming about giving their new customers the so called $300 bonus. I spent weeks contacting KeyBank to see why they did not fulfill their offer and wasting valuable time that should have been spent on my terminally ill husband’s care. After many excuses, we finally received the bonus.

Believing that was a single problem that occurred, we continued our business with Key bank. During a couple of inside branch visits, it was strongly suggested that we move most of our money from the checking account to a savings account as it would be ‘safer’ in the event of our debit card being stolen. It seemed a reasonable explanation, so we did that. The irony is that our monies weren’t at risk from stolen debit cards, they were at risk from KeyBank ‘nickel and diming’ us to exhaustion. I describe to people that it is like “asking the fox to guard the chicken coop.”

During the time that I was full-time caregiving for my husband as he was dying, I was having to ‘babysit’ our KeyBank accounts after finding more fees charged to our savings account. It appeared to us that this was the strategy to make back the $300 bonus that was offered to KeyBank customers. After seeing the charges to our savings account, I contacted the bank, and our savings account was switched to another type. There should not have been any issues to begin with as I explained explicitly what the savings account was going to be used for.

Thinking that the savings account issues were resolved, I was able to attend to my husband and then upon death, begin planning his funeral. A few weeks ago, I discovered that our savings account had more fees charged to us. I decided that I no longer wanted to deal with these ongoing issues and called the bank to arrange closing the account. That same day, I called several other banks (local; national; large; small) asking about their policies regarding fees, in particular, “The Federal Reserve's Regulation D”. The banks told me that they were aware of The Federal Reserve's Regulation D however, Because of COVID, Reg D has been temporarily suspended, and no resumption date has been announced.

I then called the Federal Reserve Board in Washington DC, to confirm and they did so. I was also referred to the 10th District, Federal Reserve Bank, and the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Board. I received the same confirmation. A couple weeks ago, I went to the KeyBank branch to close our savings account. I asked the employee, facetiously, “There isn’t a fee to close the account, is there?” He actually paused and was calculating. It was explained to me that they “didn’t have enough money at the branch to give me cash”. I told them a check was fine as I knew I was going to deposit at a bank that was following the Federal Reserve Board guidelines about suspension of Regulation D. Again, I asked facetiously, “There isn’t a fee for the check is there?” I was speechless when the employee told me there was. But they “graciously” waived it.

To this day, I am utterly amazed and still cannot believe this bank, that I thought was going to be more honest than Wells Fargo, turned out to be so much worse. Duplicity is never a good business plan and my husband, and I have always tried to avoid businesses that use duplicity as part of their business plan.

I’m also thoroughly disgusted that upon receiving a call from KeyBank which I thought was to settle the issues, I was instead told that The Federal Reserve's Regulation D and suspension of it didn’t apply to KeyBank’s policies. Interesting that the other banks are following the suspension. I even said, “So the Federal Reserve Board is lying? They were confused and didn’t know what they were telling me?”

It is a shameful, that KeyBank has no qualms about draining their customers’ accounts by nickel and diming’ them along the way. Even worse, is that they were financial predators with seniors, on a fixed income, and dealing with a spouse terminal illness. Our file on KeyBank is an inch thick. I wish we have never allowed ourselves to be ‘reeled in’ by a so called $300 bonus for opening a new customer account with them.

I feel that the three charges and money that Key bank deducted from our savings account should be refunded, especially in light of “The Federal Reserve's Regulation D-Reg D has been temporarily suspended, and no resumption date has been announced.” I also called Washington DC and the 10th District, and Denver Branch to advise them that according to KeyBank, the Federal Reserve is confused, doesn’t know what they are talking about, and that KeyBank does not have to follow their rules of suspension.

Horrible Experience With Key Bank

I opened my account a few months ago and last week had about 200$ of fraud on my account that made my checking go into the negative. I was informed it could take up to 10 days to refund me the money which means my checking account is still negative so I have been charged multiple overdraft fees, and on top of that I'm being charged more overdraft fees for not paying the current overdraft fees. I then get my pay check and decide to deposit it into my savings account because I want to have full access to my paycheck and not pay the negative balance in my checking that is due to fraud. I've deposited checks from this employer before but for some reason when I do mobile deposit it says my funds will be available the next day, I then get an email saying they are not gonna be available until the 15th. This morning I go to login to my account and it says my accounts locked and to please call customer service which I do and then I'm informed I have to go into a branch to resolve whatever issue is going on. I'm just fed up with this bank, it's pathetic they don't offer instant refunds for fraud like most banks do. I mean what if that was all the money I had and there gonna make me wait 10 days to get my money back? My checking account is negative 500$ now and 300$ of that is overdraft fees which I hope they will reverse after my fraud claim is completed. Has anyone else had issues like this with Key??

Key Bank Needs To Be Fined Or Put Out Of Business By Bank Regulators

They continue to try to put checks through on my account even though I didn’t authorize them to pay overdrafts and charge me a insufficient fund fee they continue to put the checks through and are trying to charge me $38 for 1 and 2 tier overdrafts on money they don’t pay out anyway. I talked to customer service today and they said my account overdraft restriction that I placed on the account only apply to debit transactions I said that’s hilarious since I don’t have one of your debit cards because there was fraud on my account and the replacement card you sent was also hacked within tow hours of me activating it

The Worst!

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I will absolutely never take out a car loan through Key Bank ever again. I was in a pinch and needed to get a new car immediately and didn’t have much of a choice who I took the loan out from. They were horrid to work with.

I originally set up my account to make auto payments every month. I never got a straight answer as to why, but at some point they just stopped taking money out of my account each month. I got a call when I was almost 4 months past due asking why I was behind…I had no idea I even was! I had not gotten any calls or documents prior to that.

I ended up paying the entire loan off early just to stop dealing with them. The past 3 (almost 4) months, they did not send me my statement at all. For 3 months, I called asking for a statement and was told it was just lost in the mail. For 3 straight months. There was one time I made the payment on time and it was delivered late, but with a time stamp from the post office proving I did my part to get it in on time. They still charged me a late fee and would not budge.

The general experience just felt like them setting me up for late fees. The amount of people I had to argue with over the past 4 years was absurd. I know they probably deal with people not paying on time for a lot of reasons, but there was never any accountability on their end. Never again. Absolute nightmare.

Terrible Bank!

I’m on my second time cashing a payroll check that they’ve decided to hold all the funds for 10 days. And didn’t notify me about doing so until the check already went into processing mode. And the $200 to open an account is a scam. Never got that. So I would highly suggest against using them!

Don't Do Business With Key Bank

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I have had an account with Key Bank for several years. There customer service has is the worst and at this point I will be changing banks. They are unable to give you phone support or online support so you are forced to go into a branch to resolve issues. I was trying to stop payment on a check they had issued two months ago, the was never received by the creditor, and it was impossible to do over the phone because they decided to put a special security word on my account that I have no clue what it is. I called the local branch and was told there is no special security word on my account. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Bank anywhere but Key would be my advice!

Do Not Use Keybank!

They are the worst bank I have ever dealt with. They’ve actually charged me over draft fees because I left my balance at $6 even though there is no minimum required. So after charging me $38.50 for overdraft they charged me again because their initial overdraft fee made my account overdraft. I did a mobile deposit with a cashiers check, and it wasn’t made available to me for 7 days!!! When I called to ask about it they just basically too bad you have to wait.

Keybank Stinks. Particularly Customer Service.

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Zero stars isn't an option.... bummer. They are disorganized liars. Signed up with a promotional offer. 3 months later haven't received bonus. I call. After long wait times, and a good 15 or 20 min on the phone with the rep, they tell me it will be deposited by the end of the month. Beginning of next month, still no bonus. Another call. Still long wait times, but this time, the rep says it will be there in two days. Fast forward to today, (4 days later). Still no bonus. I call again. Now they say that I don't qualify because I had had a key account to close previously to the offer. The offer was mailed and addressed to ME! Why would they make an offer they wouldn't honor? Why would two reps tell me the bonus was coming. This bank is a complete shit show. I will never put another dime in a key bank account. I wouldn't even put YOUR money in a keybank account. You're better off sticking your money under your mattress (not that I'm actually advocating that, find a bank, just not Key)

They Are Not Reliable.Bait And Switch

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They make all kinds of excuses not to abide by their ads,so that they do not have to pay opening account bonuses.

Customer Service Is Below 0. Horrible And Unprofessional Customer Service

I have never spoken to anyone so unprofessional, rude, and basic. Especially not to someone that works for institution such as a bank. Customer service is below 0. Not sure how they stay open. We were transferred few times on the call and only 1 out of the 3 representatives introduced themself. The claim department lady was the worst. Very rude and obviously had no idea how to do her job. Might be because they don’t give them enough training or just the bank doesn’t care enough about their reputation and level of competence of their employees.
Not only that they screw big time now we have to wait for 2 weeks to receive letter to let us know the outcome of the dispute. Every other bank gives you temporarily credit until they complete their research and come to understanding of the facts.
Well... Not this one! Key bank doesn’t care at all that they misplaced almost $1400 and that will make us whole 2 weeks to get our own money back. Pray to God we Never ever have to deal with them again!!!


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I went into the bank on August 28 to withdraw money and to let them know that my Card was lost. When I withdrew $1100 from my account they neglected to turn off my card. I was in Vegas the whole weekend. When I returned my account was -$900 and when I called in I was transferred four times before I was assisted. The last woman I spoke with I had to yell at her to get her to pull up my account because she was trying to transfer me without even knowing my issue. So as we go over the transactions she continues to basically blame me and use the worst tone known to customer service. Tells me to go in to fill out an affidavit understandable but I should be able to have a provisional credit because it is not my fault that someone else was dishonest and withdrew money out of my account. So when I finally go into the bank they let me know after giving me the information to call and complain about the woman that I spoke with that I would be able To get a temporary credit because mind you at the beginning of the month I need to pay my bills. As my bank they should be able to apply that to me for the inconvenience. I got no alert I got no notification only notification that I got is when my account was already -$900. I was not notified of suspicious activity until I looked upon it. So when I call on September 3 the gentleman on the line Continues to yell at me and tell me that it is not there fault why my account was overdrawn and my debit card was stolen it is my fault. I have never heard that in my life I went off. Continues to yell at me and tell me that it is not there fault why my account was overdrawn and my debit card was stolen. I have never heard that in my life I went off. As he argues with me we are going back-and-forth I start cursing because he blames me for the negative things in my account I he hangs up on me

Corruption In Government And Banking

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ihave tried to contact KEY BANK to resolve issues i have not recieved debit card to access my unemployment benefits they remain unaccessable so my monies are in LIMBO ( NO FOOD ON TABLE ) an NEW YORK STATE DEPT OF LABOR not only seems to be in cahoots with KEY BANK or complisate with this practice of holding money of applicates of unemployment for what ever reason


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Key bank allowed an unknown person to access my business checking account by way of paypal to transfer multiple transfers on the same days for a period of about 9 days to paypal until 6000.00 was taken. When i called and reported the fraud Keybank required 10 days to post a provisional credit in this amount and that the account would be closed which did happen. Today I received 4 letters stating that paypal transactions were not fraud and Keybank immediately posted a negative balance on my other business account. This is terrible Keybank authorized these transactions from some person that is not in anyway associated with my business account and never was but this is not fraud. ( ARE YOU KIDDING ME ) now they over drew my other account and i was forced to transfer money from a line of credit to cover the overage and charges associated with fraud transaction.

This is all on Keybank they allowed an unknown person to open a paypal account linked to my business account and verify it. meaning they had to log into my bank account to get the deposit amounts from paypal (Does this sound like it could be an inside job?) Well it does to me. but as of now im out 6000.00 plus overdraft and now they are charging my line of credit interest to correct the mistake. I AM LEAVING THIS BANK THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW. They have been horrible since they bought out FIRST NIAGRA and lost all of my account info. They promised this was just merger issues but obviously the bank has some kind of bad apples somewhere and they need to investigate and find out where it is.



Staff Rude

Went in to open a savings account at the Carmel Branch. The account rep. I spoke to was not friendly and somewhat rude. Not a good way to treat the public. I left and will never go back there again. I did go to another bank and opened an account there with no problems. As a matter of fact, they welcomed me with open arms.

Steer Clear!

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Key Bank is a horrible bank. Not only do they have insane monthly charges, but they run a scam to get people to create accounts. They promote opening a bank account to earn a cash incentive. However, they have no intention of paying that and will find any loophole to get out of it. DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT!!! The customer service is the typical runaround with no progress to be made and the local branches do not communicate with the larger overarching bank.

Do Not Bank Here - Unethical

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Terrible experience, $1000+ of hidden fees due to their own clerical error that I the customer did not catch. Do not trust them to do the right thing.

Stole Money, Closed A 10 Year Old Account.

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This Bank is horrible run away. Had 2 accounts with Key. one with a business and 1 just a money market acct. Closed the business account when I found out they were letting a partner deposit company checks into his personal account. Partner stole 80k doing this and Key Bank was complicit in the fraud. Unbelievable. Wife had a money market account with her own money that she used as a rainy day fund. Maybe 1 or 2 transactions a year. She logged in to see her balance and all info was gone. Come to find out they closed the account citing 90 days inactivity. NO Notification. Gave money to the state unclaimed property fund. was a $16,700.00 balance. State says they have $15,800.00 Where did the other 900.00 go? Key tells us nothing. Worst bank I have ever dealt with, They steal money and allow others to do the same, then give you the run around and treat you with disdain when you ask questions as to how it can happen. Zero resolution from Key on both incidences. If you like your money do not use Key.

Stay Away At All Cost Especially If Your Account Is A Trust.

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10 years ago, Key Direct/Key bank had great rates over 5%, so opened 2 CD's for 10 years each. After opening, maybe a year later got a letter saying before I can close or transfer funds from any Trust account I would need a Certified copy of the Trust sent to them. Well, only a hand full of States allow Notaries to Certify a copy. I was told by CSR that the Notarized Certified copy is only good for 60 days so don't bother until CD's are close to Maturing. So about a year before they were going to mature I did research and Calif, where I'm from does NOT allow Notaries to Certify a copy, they will only Notarize a Certified Copy by Document Custodian, so in other words they are Notarizing that the person who created the Document is saying it's a copy of the Original. And Key Bank who is located in Ohio and their legal team is located in New York, and those States don't allow Notaries to Certify Copies. So the fun begins. Oh and they also want directions on what to do with the maturing CD, within the 30 days to be Notarized. So I sent the first directions along with Certified copy by document custodian, 10 days for them to tell me No. I explained that Calif, Ohio and New York doesn't allow Notaries to Certify copy, he told me to send my Original Trust. And he wanted both my husband and I to sign the Notorized Instructions because they didn't like how my Trust read that either one of us can act alone. I think they didn't want to give me my money back after 10 years. So So had no choice, sent in Fedex $32.00 so they would get this in 2 days, as I only had less then a week until it matured. Heard nothing saw that they renewed my CD for another 10 years at .002%, called CSR and she said that Legal gave the ok the Monday after it matured to close the account. So took another 2 days for funds to be moved to my Money Market, wrote a check and deposited into my local CU. So when I sent in the 32.00 Fedex directions and Original Trust, I also sent in the Notarized instrctions for the 2nd CD. The CSR told me it was ok to send in. Well, the next CSR I spoke to after the first CD matured told me to do it again, as it was sent in 13 days too soon. So I counted the days on the Calendar and made sure both husband and I Notarized another instruction letter 29 days before the next CD matures. So 120.00 worth of Notarized documents (free at my CU) and 32.00 Fedex and another 3.50 USPS to get my money out of this Bank. Stay away...

Key Bank Wow

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This is the poorest excuse for a bank. I deposited a check into my account it was from out of state so a 10 day hold was put on it that it expected. Now 22 days later the hold is still on it and NO ONE can tell me when this hold will be released and MY money will be given to me. My balance reads that it is available but the hold blocks any transactions from happening. So here I sit with 3300.00 in my account that has been cleared and paid for over20 days now. Lets hope they release my money sometime this century. Just floors me NO ONE has a answer for me when I may have MY money! Sad bank!!!!

Nice checking account

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Two years ago I opened a Keybank Online checking account. They were the only bank that approved me due to my horrible past credit issues. It is an online checkless account. I have it set up for direct deposits for many of my income sources and payroll deposits. I also have a debit card with them, there is a zero fee for the card and the checking account. Which I love. They also have an option to easily transfer money from my account to another Keybank checking account belonging to a family member, to which I owe money too, so that makes it very easy, and again, it is free. I use the online bill pay for bills, the money is usually always in the payee's account exactly when Keybank says it will be, and it also is a free service. The best thing is, that they have the online check cashing option that I use on my phone, I've done it many times and never had any issues, it's free, and the money is in my account the next business day. Overall I'm very happy with them. Although if I forget my password 1 time, I hafta call them to reset it.

Banks, Why Use Them?

Yet another example of a bank only out to screw over it's patrons. Time-and-time again they messed up our account, from the very creation of it, something has been wrong. A number of overdrafts that took place because of this, and countless times of having to explain to a banker that this was technically on them, and for them to tell me they don't normally do this.

Apart from that, what finally has been the straw to break the camels back. I recently have had an overdraft, the first actual overdraft on my account for over a year that was actually my fault. And they come back to tell me on top of the outrageous fee for it, I'm being penalized for the next six months by them putting a 5-day hold on every check I try to deposit.

So, let me get this straight. I have a moment in my life where I'm unable to cover all the automatic payments coming out. I take care of the overdraft asap, with my consistent income, and they still want to penalize me. They tell me that because I didn't have enough money this one time, that I have to go the next 6 months waiting an additional 5 days for every deposit? How does that even make sense for the consumer? You're specifically setting up your customers to be without money when they need it most, making it so they're more likely to overdraft again and stay with this penalty until they can some how stop being poor all of a sudden?

No, I'm done with this bank. I'm done with them all. Bank account is being closed, and I'm going to make sure anywhere I can rate you, everyone gets to hear about this.

STAY AWAY FROM KEYBANK! They're thieves and crooks, and unless you're part of the top wealthy class, they're just going to do what they can to keep you poor.

Key Bank Review

I enjoy working with key bank. I like that as long as I keep my account active they waive the monthly maintenance fee. I do however wish that they offered free checks for the account that I have. The mobile site is easy to use to set up online bill pay.

I Am Warning You Dont Open And Account Here

This is the worst bank ever , they have really went down in their customer care and listening skills. My hubby and I opened a checking account and they ended up opening to many of them and then they put a account with wrong address, Also they will have bank fee over charges that our their fault but they wont take accountability for them.. We where told there are banks all over Oregon as we travel for work and that is not true. Just remember I warned you awful bank and customer care service I would give it a 0 if I could.. Worst Bank Ever,,,,,,,,,

Worst Bank Ever

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My Account has been open for 17 years and has been through 3 mergers...Customer service does not even understand what type of account I have. NOT A CLUE,,,,,,POOR.... POOR..... training at that place. I will be closing my account today.

It's a bank...

I would say that for the only reason why I am with Key Bank is due to me not being able to stay with other banks due to my old credit past. I chose this bank more so because it was one of the few banks that accepted me. There is a lot wrong with this bank such as, hidden fees when you withdraw money from the machine. I get charged at least $1.75 for just a simple withdraw from a WaWa, which is what everyone uses in the Northeast. At Wawa, this is usually the ATM to go to for free fees. I do not like that I have to physically have to go to my personal bank to take cash out if I want. Also, there customer service is so-so. I just have recieved vague answers and not sure if most of their support is the most sufficient in answering questions. I think their bankers are very very nice but that is about it. I also do not like their mobile app. It includes a pin that you can use to get into the app and there was a full week I could not get into it because the connection was too slow to catch up with what I input. I lost my ID and I had to request a new card three times. I was not happy. Overall, it an ok bank. I wouldn't use this bank if I had other options.

Terrible Bank

I had problems a few years ago and I will never go back to them.
CS are totally incompetent, caused me a lot of grief and aggravation due to serious errors on their part.
Fortunately I had kept copies of all original paperwork for proof. Stay away!

Terrible Bank That Will Not Care About You

Stay away from this company, in fact run from them and get a bank that cares about their customers. This bank has been the worst on every level. When I was offered an "upgraded" account they gave me two savings accounts and began charging me for not having a checking account and kept charging fees which took weeks to resolve. Most recently when purchasing a home they had just instituted a new rule in which you could not wire money without going to a branch. My home purchase was in a different state and I was unable to do so which almost cost me and my family our new home. They would not accept any notorized information from the title company or bank which left my family homeless while I had to at my expense fly to Cleveland to simply sign a piece of paper. This bank does not care for its customers and are not willing to help you regardless of the personal cost to you. Stay away!!!

Service varies.

I have banked with Key for about 5 years. Originally I was drawn to them under the recommendation of a friend. He had strictly used the bank in person but recommended them based on speed of transactions and efficiency. Originally, I was not a fan. I got caught up in the Target fraud situation and they waited several months to tell me, then closed my bank card and sent me a new one. Only problem was they sent it to the wrong address. I had updated my address via the web profile but it didn't sync. I consistently get locked out of my online account. Not because I entered the wrong password but because I didn't log in through the app. Now, they've recently updated the app and I'm able to do much more. I'm still bothered by the system not working with all the air pay options. They're customer service is usually friendly if not always as sure or direct as they could be. Still, I've banked with worse.

Very Bad Experience

It is times like this that I hate this bank. We were trying to purchase online ticket for flights as ticket prices can go high within 5 minutes. Card got declined as it was a big amount compared to what is used usually. It was under my mother's name and I had her with me. We called customer service and they could not verify and they would not help or uplift the ban on the account. I asked them to provide a translator if I am not good enough and they said they could not provide translator. I said my mother can give authorization so I can talk on her behalf and they said it cannot happen. If this is customer service. I am cancelling all my accounts with this poor bank within the next 1 week. Simply appauling.

Stay Away From Keybank!!!

My bank First Niagara was bought by Keybank last October. Instead of mailing me info on this banks policy's and fees and doing the right thing by having me sign a policy agreement I found out last Friday that this bank just helped themselves to $25 of MY money because I did not use their atm. This should have been clear at the time they became Keybank. Instead they get rich off of customers who have no clue about these fees. And this has been going on since October, I just found out. They're crooks. Be very careful with them.

My thoughts regarding Keybank

Keybank is bank that I trusted most...this is why Master Card is Keybank card. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years, and in return for my loyalty, Keybank has proven themselves to merciful and forgiving when times were tough. When my Mastercard was stolen via me having used it to make an online purchase, Keybank understood my situation and refunded all of the stolen money - which was a considerable sum. I shall continue to use Keybank in my future...they have been good to me, and I shall be good to them in return :)

Lied To Me And My Son

My son opened an account so he could have direct deposit from work. We were told by the manager that after he gets $500 in deposits, he gets an additional $150 from Key. Never got it. Now they say since my name is on the account, he cannot have it. Shouldn't the MANAGER who told us that know he would not get it? Horrible public relations.

I Hate Your Bank!

I have never had such a hard time getting to MY MONEY! Your hours suck! Who works til 4pm! You have fees for everything. I closed my account. My last experience was trying to cash a check my husband wrote from his account (which I am POD on) and you wanted to charge me because I did not have a "depository account"! Seriously I took the check to First Merit and I got it cashed!

Your customer service sucks! You do not process deposits first so I incurred overdraft fees constantly! Did I mention your bank Sucks!

Absolute Con Of A Bank

I should have listened. Before my wife and I opened up a Home Equity Line (and corresponding Checking Account), my brother warned me that this bank was not to be trusted.

Odd Quirk Re: Balances
So, you know how, when you receive your statement from your bank, it lists the transaction amount, and your balance? KeyBank won't show you your balance alongside the transaction. This, in itself, is reason enough not to use this bank.

What happened to my brother:
He had closed an account with KeyBank. A few weeks later, an automated deposit had subsequently been sent to his - now closed - account. KeyBank reopened his account without notifying him, then started charging him monthly $10 account fees, until the small deposit was eaten through. Then they started charging him $10 plus overdraft fees. It wasn't until he received notice on the overdraft fees that he had any idea that he even had an open account with them.

What has happened to us:
In the past several months, KeyBank has done everything they can to extract overdraft fees from us, with no improper action on our part.

We have had a recurring deposit from another bank (BECU) into KeyBank to cover the payments to the HELOC. There has never been a problem with the BECU account transfers, and BECU is a highly respected credit union. Recently, they started "holding" our transfers to BECU. They had never done this before, and had no reason to suspect that there were any problems with the account, but in holding the balances, our loan payments overdrafted the checking accounts (two payments per month, two overdraft fees). We've since had all of the fees rescinded, but I'm sure they were hoping that we wouldn't notice, so they'd be able to get us for more fees.

I have absolutely no faith that this bank has my interests in mind, and if it didn't cost thousands of dollars to apply for a loan elsewhere, we would be out of there in an instant.

Horrible Online Bankind

Online banking will show nothing except current balance. Stay away from this bank.

Worst Bank Ever

They will show you offers and attract and when you open account they will say that you are not eligible coz of blah blah sometimes the most stupid reason.
Stuck with this bank for 6 moths . Worst decision ever made. Stay away go with real offers.

The Worst Bank EVER!!!

Their online system never works, they keep changing URLs, without notifying you, phone system does not work, you can't even pay your account when you want to. Getting anyone on the phone is next to impossible. I closed my account, and three weeks later they took money out of my bank account. Now I can't get in touch with them to get my money back! Thieves!!! Stay away from this Brady bunch! Not worthy of the name "bank."


they offered a $150 bonus for a new account and instead they took out of me $9 a month and didn't gave me the $150 prommised, and when I asked to close my account they said "you will have to pay a early termination fee of $50"

Fees For Everything, Horrible Customer Service


Customer Service Sucks

I have lived in the small town of belfair wa all my life. This bank has been here since forever why i have no clue. They are rude every single time you go there for anything you doing. Deposits, payments dosent matter. If you like to be treated as a second rate citizen talked down to and by snoody stuck up employees you will enjoy this branch. Otherwise drive to any other town to bank with them if you must. This has been going on with them for years..... when my home equity is paid for i will never be back what a day to look forward to.


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This is the absolute worst bank I have ever used and or heard of anyone using. It took me three tries to get my debit card ordered and during that first month they almost closed my account because they "lost" my deposit. Once that got cleared up I finally received my debit card 42 days after opening my account. They had tacked on monthly bank fees because I had not used my card the twice per 30 days requirement to waive them.  That got refunded after 10 days of "looking into it". Fast forward 5 months with no problems until I go to check my account only to find that my account has been closed. I am informed that it is closed because they did not have a signature card on file. (I filled out everything including a signature card with a branch manager who had conveniently relocated to Portland) I received no notice, and no phone call. They claim to have sent out the letter September 3rd giving me 30 days notice that my account would be closed. Not only did I never receive a letter, my account was not closed until October 30th. They then had the balls to encourage me to open another account with them and that they will make sure this time that everything is correct. No one involved with this bank can ever answer any questions they always have to ask someone else over the phone. This occurs over the phone or in person at the branch locations. I wish I could give them zero stars. A ceramic piggy bank with a ferret guarding it would have better customer service and probably be more competent than Key Bank.

HORRIBLE Online Banking -- And THIEVES To Boot!

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I was a loyal KeyBank customer for 20 years.   But their online banking has ended all of that.

The security checks are flawed.  It prompts you for information from public record (mortgage payment amount, relatives names, etc).  However, my answers were never correct.   Evidently, Key knows more about my family members than I do, and as a result my account would be locked.

This went on for a few years...  getting locked out of online banking every few weeks and having to spend 15 minutes on the phone getting it unlocked.   Finally, I gave up with them and just stopped using the account entirely.

I just learned that they started assessing a $5/month maintenance fee on my account due to inactivity.   Once they finally sucked all of my money from the account down to a zero balance, they closed my account.   WITHOUT EVEN NOTIFYING ME.


Banks Dishonest Practices

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My son opened a student account at Key bank and direct deposited his checks, including his student loan check.   The bank increased its charges and informed him in very convoluted language at the end of a statement.  My son found that every time he checked his balance the bank was charging him and they were charging him an additional fee for checking at an out of state ATM.   He could not access his online account to find out why his money was disappearing and repeatedly contacted help to figure out why access was denied.   It cost him a lot of money by checking his balance on an ATM in an attempt to do his due diligence and avoid overdrafting.  Of course, it cost Key bank nothing for him to view his balance, they charged as much as $5 for this "service" at another banks ATM.  When he came home in May, he spoke to a service representative and closed  his account and withdrew his balance.  Unfortunately, the bank personnel did not bother to actually close his account.   We received robo-calls, with nobody on the other end, directed to nobody's name, saying to call Key bank.  Since none of us had accounts there any more, we thought this was a promotion.  When we did call the number that was left we found the bank had charged him $45, because they hadn't closed his account.  We spent another half hour at the bank, we were told this was corrected, but it wasn't until we contacte the consumer protection agency and they contacted the bank.  Terrible service and dishonest banking policies that treat their customers like they are there to be robbed.  I recommend you never use this bank, no matter what the promotions they offer, such as a student account.  They will change the rules, without clear notification and they will try to rob you.

All Banks Are The Same, But Customer Service Is The Differentiating Point.

Before Key Bank, I had accounts with Alaska USA credit union (whom I still have for savings), Wells Fargo and Chase. Key Bank lacks on certain areas with technology and exceeds within others. The employees in any branch I walk into make me feel welcome and even when I have an issue I don't expect to have solved within the branch, they each go out of their ways to advocate on my behalf to get it solved or send me in the right direction. They have all the convenience and technology of a large bank and have the neighborhood feel of a small bank. Unlike some of the other commentors, I read my disclosures and asked the important question a financially responsible person would ask before opening my account and the bankers always answer honestly and even make suggestions on how to avoid financial issues. I would recommend Key Bank to anyone living within their footprint and think those with negative experiences stop blaming the bank and perhaps look at what THEY did wrong that could've kept them out of the current situation. On a final note, I have banked with many banks and credit unions and I must say Key Bank's fees are low for the market and in some cases are not charged at all compared to larger banks. If you are smart with your money and finances, this bank will do the rest for you!

Just Short Of Hijacking

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The only reason I gave them 1 star is because they do at least answer the phone ... well at some locations anyway.

Keybank is absolutely terrible. Tried to close an account for my father who needed this money desperately for his care. I have Financial Power of Attorney and faxed over all necessary documents to them. After 10 days, they confirmed that they received those documents but have not added me to the account. In addition, they have no idea when I will be added to the account and will not notify me once they do. All they will tell me is "Call back next week and check". Seriously? Once I am on the account, that is not the end of the ordeal - from what I understand. Then I will have to send a notrized letter requesting withdrawl.  They state this is for "security". I wonder how long that letter will take to process. Never Never Never deposit your money with this company. If how they paractice is legal, they must be walking on the edge of legality.

Key Bank Management

I have received very poor customer service by the local management as well as the regional managers.  I was given misinformation about my home loan, and on one occassion inaccurate figures.  The local manager has been terrible at follow up service. I am surprised that Key Bank is still operating in Lambertville, Michigan. The worst overall experience with service and help I have ever recieved from a bank in my 30 years of using a bank.

Frustrating Customer Service Experience

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I am just about pulling my hair out after trying to have a simple customer service question answered. I fought my way through the miserable website (which had issues loading several time) until I found a telephone number. That number led me to the dumbest computer loop conversations until I gave up and hit 0 for the operator. It then said, "I'll give you an operator, but first let me finish this sylilloque about how entering all the information makes life easy." The human was about as helpful as the machine. All she could do was tell me to visit a branch to ask my question there. Arrrg!!!

And don't even get me started on the nagging for "paperless" statements...

Tired Of Paying Fees

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Over the last 6 months at Key Bank, I was getting changed insane fees because I missed one transaction in their 5 transactions minimum policy, or I wanted an ATM card instead of a debit card, or worse an overdraft fee for being $2 shy when I was assured that I was set up with overdraft protection. I can’t even count how many times I had to call them to make sure they got my home address right, and time and time again they got it wrong. To top it all off, there customer service was extremely lacking. One woman even had the nerve to call me irresponsible when I went to close the accounts I had there (which there is yet another $25 fee to do for each account, which is actually cheaper to do then to stay there). Stay far away from this bank.  

Bad Banking Practice

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I had a CD with Key Bank that matured in August. Weeks before the maturity date, I completed a form requesting that half the money be sent to another bank and half to remain in their bank.  They took slightly more than half to retain and let the other half sit in their bank for 2 months without forwarding it and without notifying me that there was a problem!  When the other bank contacted me to say they had not yet received the money, I called Key Bank and really had to jump thru hoops to get the money transferred.  First, they said the amount on the request form was off by a few dollars and needed correcting (they had not notified me of this). Then it still was not transferred, nor was I notified of a problem util I called.  They said I owed a penalty fee because the request was after the maturity date and I had to FAX them a letter agreeing to have the penalty fee subtracted from the amount transferred.  I was furious because the original request was well before the maturity date. I FAX'd them the requested letter (actually 2, because first they gave me the wrong amount of the "penalty").  The $65 penalty was an outrage and I told them so, but they were not going to forward my money until I agreed to pay it.  I have dealt with many banks over the years, but have never experienced such poor customer service!!!

Terrible Banking Practices

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I had a CD with Key Bank which matured in August. I notified them weeks ahead of time that I wanted to move half the money to another bank and keep half in their bank, converting it from a traditional to a Roth IRA. They took a larger share of the "half" for their bank. Then it took me 2 months to get the rest of the money transferred, and I would not have even known it if the OTHER bank did not notify me. When I called Key Bank they told me the amount on the request wasn't exactly right (by a few dollars). I corrected this. Then, a month later, I got a notice from the other bank that they still had not received the money. I called Key Bank and they said I owed a penalty fee because the final request was after the maturity date. They never bothered to notify me of any of these problems and the $65 penalty fee was an outrage. I have never had such difficult dealings with a bank before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Absolutely Horrible Mortgage Experience

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Every week there were new forms to be signed and new documents to be provided - new hoops to jump through.  They provide a website to track the status of your loan - what documents you still need to get to them and what they still need to do before you can close.  I applied for the loan 7 weeks prior to the date I wanted to close.  I provided all requested documents promptly.  Four weeks after I had first applied and three weeks before I was supposed to close I called to inquire about the numerous red flags still showing up on the website.  Many of these flags were items I had provided weeks ago; others didn't make any sense; still others they had never even asked for.  The agent in their mortgage "service" center assured me that that would all get taken care of soon.  The loan should come out of processing any day now and when that happened the flags would all get cleared up.  He seemed quite irritated that I had even called to ask.  Two days before I was supposed to close I called him because I still didn't have final numbers.  He said it should be done "today".  One day before closing he called me to request yet another document and - in passing - mentioned a "small" issue with the home owner's association.  But, still it should be done "today".  3 hours after I was supposed to close the local mortgage specialist called me to tell me that there was an issue with the HOA and they needed a letter that the HOA was not providing to them.  Both she and the agent in their central mortgage service center were actively hostile when I put the blame on Key for the loan not closing on time - they had had 7+ weeks to get it done.  Both blamed the HOA, my Realtor, and the seller's Realtor for the delays.  I was especially upset at their refusal to take any of the blame because everytime I spoke with them I was assured that everything was fine and they always made it clear that I shouldn't have been bothering them with these concerns - the loan would close on time.




The issue with the HOA that was revealed 3 hours after the closing should have happened was with the delinquency rate on HOA fees; it required an exception through Fannie Mae to get the loan approved and that would cost me $200.  In addition to costing an extra $200, it was also going to take at least a week to get the exception.  I was very upset about this because everytime I asked about the status of the loan I was assured everything was on track - right up until the closing time came and went without closing!  She informed me that I didn't have to go for the exception; of course if I didn't the loan was declined.  In my mind that's really not a choice.  Just like when your computer crashes and says I've lost your data, press OK.  No, it's not OK, but I don't have any other choice!!  She refused to acknowledge that the "choice" she was giving me was really no choice at all.  The only good thing I have to say about Key comes here - the exception got approved very quickly.  They turned it around in less than 1 business day!  But, from what I've seen of their business practices at the last possible moment is the only way they do things so I guess they've gotten quite good at it!




I could go on and on and list the numerous other things that they got wrong throughout the process, but I hope by now I've convinced you to take your business elsewhere.  Their fees were lower than other lenders, but you get what you pay for.  And many of the fees they advertised at the start of the process ended up being much higher in the end (those are the numerous other things I could go on and on about; suffice it to say the "surprises" added up to about $700 in extra fees by the end). I'll never get another mortgage through them; not even if they paid me!


Beware Of Prepayment Penalty And Poor Customer Service !!!

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We had been with Key Bank for some years now, but we closed our account this week because of poor customer service and the prepayment penalty clause which was not disclosed to us verbally on a commercial loan. Also the loan was not set up to receive the 1098 automatically even though it was a mortgage loan. It is very hard to get issues resolved in a timely manner. It takes sveral phone calls and emails for every small thing. If you do business with Key Bank, please be sure to read everything, as the most important things are not disclosed verbally at the time of closing.

Annoying Practices And Not Small Business Friendly

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I have banked with Key Bank for almost 20 years and have found them to be mediocre at best and recently to have gotten signiificantly worse.  As other reviewers of this bank have noted, they have one of the worst and most arbitrary policies regarding funds availability of any bank.  None of their funds availability policies make any sense, and appear to be determined by who you are talking to.  I was closing on a house and had a cashiers check for $100,000 from another bank, which Key Bank said would take 4 days to become available.  The issuing bank told me it should be hours, or at the most 1 day, and said "no bank in the country will hold this over 1 day."  Recently, I brought in a check for $4500 from a mutual fund company with well over $15,000,000,000 in assets.  The Key Bank clerk fumbled around and then gave me a written notice that the funds would be available in 4 business days.

Even worse, they claim to be small business friendly.  Guess again.  After giving a detailed business plan to three business bankers at Key Bank to get a loan to expand my business, including to Key Bank's head of SBA loans in my region, and being told by all three that this was "the best proposal I've seen in a year,"  Key Bank corporate turned it down totally.  I guess, like many banks, they had better things to do with TARP funds then invest it in the expansion of small businesses, including on a proposal that was felt to be "the best in a year" by three of their own business bankers.  None of these three bankers would discuss Key Bank's decision with me (I guess because they were so embarrased by what they had said).  I have a friend who was a senior VP at Key Bank who left them and told me it was the best decision of his life to get out of Key Bank.

Like many national banks, Key Bank is beaurocratic, inefficient, unfriendly, arbitrary, and not conducive to consumers or small business.  Find a different bank.  Maybe companies like this partly explain why the US economy is falling behind. 


Key Banks Future

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Seems Key has lost touch with its customers. I guess the days of society bank have faded. The decreasing deposits have not sent a message to management that people want to feel like a client, not a cog. In my view, the bank management is grooming the bank for a takeover that will be very profitable for them but not the bank's deposit clients.

Key Bank Service Fee

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In June 2011, Key Bank began charging a $5 service fee for accounts that do not make at least 5 transactions per month. I was not aware of this change as it was posted in small print on their statement and I do not read that. I maintained two accts at their bank for many years- one main checking acct for all my business where I kept an average balance of $3,000 and a second POA acct for my daughter. The one for my daughter was hardly used. In June, I saw that I was charged a $5 fee on that acct. I called the bank to inquire and I asked that they waive the fee as I was unaware of the change and I was a good customer for so many years. I spoke to a number of customer service people, including a manager and they refused to waive the fee.

I have never experienced such poor customer service at any other bank or institution. I do not recommend doing business with them.

Not The Best

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As with all large banks, Key gives you the feeling of being a cog in the wheel. They charge for being the keeper of your account, and fees are numerous, even for those who are in good standing. Their new buildings go up left and right, and there is no feeling that they give back to the communities they are servicing. My advise: go with a small local bank or a credit union.

Horrible Service

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I have gotten horrible service from this bank. Not only in the branch itself, but also from a lot of the customer service reps in the call centers. I have been lied to constantly and nobody can ever get their facts straight. I have yet to have 2 people give me the same information, and every time I ask for something they say there is nothing they can do to help me. This morning was the last straw. Monday morning I am going down to close my account. I haven't been treated this poorly by a bank and Chase was pretty awful after they bought out Washington Mutual.

A Banking Adventure - Key Bank

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This is honestly the worst banking institution I have ever dealt with.

Example: When I opened my account, I opened a checking account which was then used to fund a CD. But somehow they transferred the money to the CD before my account balance was available and they charged me an overdraft fee!!

Any simple activity or transaction takes on a whole new sense of adventure. They don't seem to have the most basic banking processes down pat.

Again when closing the account, I went into the branch and asked to close the account. They withdrew the balance and said the account would be closed. Two weeks later I get a statement in the mail, with a negative balance because the account is still open and they have charged me an account maintenance fee.

Ridiculous incompetence. I will never bank with them again no matter what interest rates they offer.

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