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Stay Away From This Credit Union !

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Recently, I opened a 14-month CD, and deposited $5 in Savings for membership fee, but could not change the funding amount for CD, as they set the $500 as minimum in the amount box, no way to add more funds. A note said customers can add funds after approval. I waited until approved, but was told I could not add any funds, because any term beyond 12 months would not allow adding funds. It does not make any sense for me to invest only $500 with all those hassles, including the difficulty to log in the first day, when I spend hours on the phone with customer service to find out the problem. Finally, they agreed, as an exception, that I could add more funds to the CD, but I rejected - I do not need any exception to make any investment.
However, when I tried to get the money back, it became extremely difficult, as they can spend 30 minutes on verifying my account, and afterwards told me they could not access my account. And when I signed into my account, the deposit was still not available after a whole week. Now waiting for their specialist to call me back to see what happened. Horrible experience!

Process/Wait Time Too Long

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If it's not for the promotional rate they offer, I would never do business with them. When I first applied, they told me my application was denied due to a credit freeze on my report, which was never the case. After multiple attempts, they finally approved my application for membership, and I proceeded to open the certificate account. I was not able to link my external account and I had to link another one. Now I had to transfer to my savings account first and fund the CD from my savings. It's been 5 days, the transfer is still processing, and the money has already left my external account. Not to mention, I've been calling/emailing their customer service almost daily about the external account not being able to link and the transfer process update. At this point, I would rather take my money and bank elsewhere without all the hassle. This is not worth my time.

Don't Waste Your Time, CD Rates Are Not Valid

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The 22 month 5.35% that is all over Langley CU website is no longer offered. Of course you don't find that out until you spend an hour trying to open a account. How bout taking the offer off the website if you don't have it. Langley doesn't care about people's time?

Stay Away --

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Really awful credit union. Long wait times, no transparency plus they will lose your personal information (even though they claim that they use a "secure message" system"). The worst thing is that they will do a hard pull on your credit history. So, be warned and stay away, do not waste your time. This is a B+ credit union afterall.

Friendly And Effective Customer Service

I applied for account 4/14/23, next day ,they ask me to msg in id and utility bill. today I got rt# and act#. I createed online id , even connected capital one external link . cd already bought and post in my langley account. Most pleasant part is customer service, waiting time is long, but britany is pleasant, get my info right away. I am here to stay.

Awful Experience

Like others have said, we have excellent credit and jumped through all their hoops. Unlocked credit freeze and waited. We applied over the phone with the rep and was on hold forever while she claimed she needed a senior rep to o.k. the application. We then emailed the drivers licenses and utility bills. She said she would call back yesterday morning. No call. I then decided this morning to apply online and was informed "Unsuccessful Account Opening" by email. We have never been denied anywhere either. A time consuming and frustrating experience. I'll let you know if they ever call back.

Surprisingly Glitchy

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In an effort to anticipate issues I chatted online several times more than once both this past Monday and Tuesday. Credit report was unlocked and we've always had excellent credit. Stable residence, no debt.

I was told to submit the app online and then email a utility bill which I did. Tuesday get a secure email separately to both of us asking for photo ID and utility. Since we both got the email we sent individual replies with the attached docs. No response Wed. I called Thurs and they had no answers.

Shortly after the call I got a secure email asking for the back of the id for me and asking for the id and utility bill for my spouse which had already been sent on Tues.

Forgot to add, on Tuesday attempted a phone call and after 15 minutes trying never could connect or get by their bot, Leigh.

We've used depositaccounts for years and have or have had online accounts at a variety of places and never waited more than 24 hours for a reply.

Perhaps they've only recently delved into online accounts but it isn't worth the half percent difference to pursue it further and we withdrew the application.

One Of The Best Credit Unions

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Easy to open and fund new CDs / certificates once membership secured, no hoops or hassle, phone wait times brief. ACH transactions posted promptly.

New Money 15 Mo Certificate

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Courteous staff just informed that there is no max/cap (as opposed to listing here saying $25,000). We certainly appreciate your ongoing efforts,

Refused Membership, No Explanation

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I tried to juon and was denied membership (as well as my wife). Sent an email that said sorry and maybe try again in the future.

Denied Membership

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Applied for membership online. Received email denying membership with no explanation. Called for help and explanation. After long unproductive and contentious conversation was told identity could not be verified. Told to reapply online with different email. I am member in good standing of 5 other CUs with CDs. Was willing to provide passport, drivers license, voters registration, etc., to verify identity, but to no avail. Representative was curt, unwilling or unable to help.

Not Worth The Effort

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I applied for a new account in order to move an IRA within a 10 day window. A Langley rep told me that it was normal not to get an email confirmation upon completing the application and told me the approval would take a couple of days. It has now been a month and still no response.

1 Star Is Over Rated For Langley FCU - Untrustworthy!

I have never had an "unsuccessful" bank checking, savings or CD account application experience, except with Langley FCU. My credit is excellent, with scores all well above 800. The problem occurred due to the fact that during their "flawed" online application process, it did not require photo identification, prior to submitting. Submitted as required, but informed it was unsuccessful. After a lengthy wait time, and subsequent almost 2 hour "chat" session, I was told to submit valid photo ID for identity verification via a secure email they provided, I did that. I called the next day for an update, and for 2 or 3 days in a roll. I was finally told they did a "soft" credit pull and my information could not be verified. That's a joke, I have lived in my home for over 32 years, and I checked my credit report and no soft pulls were listed, plus my credit reports are frozen. So they have lied more than once. Long story short, they don't deserve my business. If you want a very frustrating and a totally unnecessary waste of time, it's your choice.

Declined Despite 800+ Credit Score

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Despite having a credit rating well into the 800s, owning my home free and clear, being a multi-millionaire and owning a multi-million dollar company I was declined, not once but twice. I inquired by phone as to which of the 3 credit reporting agencies they use for new accounts. They replied: "Equifax". I asked "are you not aware of the class-action lawsuits against Equifax due to data breaches- why on Earth would your CEO use Equifax? "No", she replied. "I've not heard about that", as if it was something recent she was unaware of. Mind you, all the online app asks for is your name, address a phone no. and email along with your SS no. Nothing else. Honestly, is this how pathetically far down the rabbit hole our banks and credit unions have fallen? No wonder a recent Wall Street Journal article said Americans are unhappy with their banks and marching with their feet and their money.

So Frustrated And So Disappointed

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Constantly locked out of my account. After answering all security questions and not being able to view my acct balance online and being told I can't use my debit card for almost 2 weeks because of an upgrade in their system that they're working on. I now have to go in and prove I am who I am. No suspicious activity just bull crap. I work a 9:00 to 5 job and have a toddler and a single parent so with their hours being so limited and then cutting back on Saturday is really puts me in a jam. I'm so unhappy with them. I feel like I'm being gas lit

Langley Federal Thieves In Sheep's Clothing

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Yes, that's right, thieves in sheep's clothing. The marketing is excellent, the promise is great and the bank is clean and has very nice people. However, what you get behind the promise are mob-like business tactics.

Here's my tip for you, RUN and RUN fast. The way my family was treated after the fact was amazingly terrible, I'm literally shocked they are still in business.

I can't believe they can get away with business practices like this but they do.

Again very nice people but the procedures and policy in the fine print demonstrate professional theft.

RUN and RUN fast.

1.5% 22 Month CD

In mouse type @ bottom of page says: "To qualify for the offer, certificates must be funded completely with new deposits or new members in VA, NC, MD, and DC. "
I'm going to email them to see if that quashes new deposits & new members from outside those states.
Can't really rate as I've not done business with Langley yet.

Too Much Trouble

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Tried repeatedly to open a membership account online. Once an effort was unsuccessful, I would call and have to hold on the first member services line for about 30 minutes, then on new membership service for about 30 minutes to talk with someone. Each time I followed their instructions only for the next application to be unsuccessful. Eventually i was told the I would need to come in personally and that requirement had been established after the first unsuccessful attempt to join online(and after I had called before my first attempt to be sure online membership existed). Since I don't live close the location of this institution, going there isn't possible. I simply wasted a bunch of time for NOTHING.

Difficult To Open Account

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I tried to open an account online over the weekend. The good news is they require very little information. The bad news is they could not complete my account opening, and I would hear from someone in 2 business days. I called them Thursday morning and was told the account would be open by the end of the day. Nothing. Called Friday morning and was told I would have the paperwork in an hour. Got the paperwork, and my name was spelled wrong. I was on hold for 11 minutes, after speaking to a customer service rep, just to get my name spelled correctly. They sent a corrected docusign, which I completed. Then I kept getting docusign notices to sign the one with the incorrect name. I will say that I completed a survey and spelled this out, and a rep contacted me. She was able to cancel the incorrect docusign.

Langley FCU Charges Fee To Move Your IRA To Another Institution

Opened an IRA CD when they had the 1% CD special recently. When I received the certificate in the mail, I discovered there is a $20 charge to move the IRA to another institution.

New 14 Month 1.25% CD Max Amount Is $10,000

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What a disappointment. The fine print says if you deposit more than $10,000 the balance goes in your savings account.

CD Rates June 2019

CD rates for Langley can be found at:

I don't know why they are not listed on Deposit Accounts.

Could Have Been Great - If They Followed Up On Communication

I joined Langley about a month ago, and soon after saw they had a promotion for auto refinance: $250 cash, and they also give you back 10% of the interest you pay. The rate was the same as I'm paying now, so I decided to do it. Unfroze my credit report since they said a new pull was required for auto (even in the 30 day window from joining), and did the online app. It sat there for about 2 weeks as pending, with no communication from Langley at all. I called a few times to check on it and was always promised someone would get back/reach out to me, but no one ever did. I was definitely unimpressed at this point so I decided to see if email would be a better avenue. After some googling, found a VP of Consumer lending and sent an email explaining everything to him - no reply. Finally the status changed to DECLINED, reason: Not eligible for membership in this CU. WHAT?! So I called them yet again, and explained that I was already a member, and I applied through online banking so my member # was on the application. The CSR was as confused as I was, but they promised to have a supervisor look into it. A few more days passed w/o communication, so I called in again. A very nice and apologetic gentleman said he really wanted to help me and promised he'd call back within 24 hours or so - this was a week ago, and I still have yet to hear from anyone. I tried emailing higher up just to see if anyone would follow up with me, and 4 business days later, no one has reached out. I can't imagine continuing to do any kind of business with a credit union that so blatantly ignores its members.

Langley FCU Smart Checking Account

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Langley Federal Credit Union has a smart checking plus account that offers me multiple benefits over the regular checking account members. These benefits include mobile banking, online bill pay, and eStatements, all of which are free. Also there is not a minimum balance and there are never any member fees or service charges. One of my favorite features that they offer is the early payday deposit. I can generally have my full paycheck available to me a day before most other people that I work with. Another benefit is that when you use their debit card they deposit $0.10 into your checking account. Also Langley waives ATM fees at other ATMs. Their interest rates for savings and checking accounts are not very good however. The best that I am aware of with them is around 1% and that is only for lower amounts. Upgrading from smart checking to smart checking plus was almost automatic, the only requirements that I remember were signing up for online statements and maintaining a minimum of $500 in your account. Overall I have enjoyed dealing with Langley Federal Credit Union over the past 12 years that I have been with them.

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