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Like Every Other Financial Institution In The World, Legacy Does Not Care About Its Customers.

Posted by: Katrina | Sep 20, 2012

Legacy is out to "grab all the gusto" just as every other financial institute in this greedy country. Their care for customers is a front.

Over Draft Fees

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 25, 2012

Legacy held a out of state insurance company (large, well known company) check for 5 days. One day before funds from check were to be available, had over draft fees of $64.00 charged. Long term customer with never a over draft. Would not have had one here if not for their hold policy. Legacy would not waive the fees. The entire time I am on hold on the telephone, I am hearing how Legacy does not charge frivolous fees.

Awesome Service

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 9, 2012

Legacy is just awesome. Never had a problem.

Attorney's Fees

Posted by: Andrew_R | Dec 28, 2011

We had an account for 26 years. Temporary financial hardship delayed our ability to pay the Mastercard on time for 2 months. Legacy handed our account over to attorneys. The statement that was $2,914.32, now is $3,892.96, with Attorney's Fees of $971.43. That's like a 33.5% interest, but it's not the "members" who are getting it. It's attorneys. Nice customer service! And to think we were about to move all our financial accounts over the Legacy... whew! 

I Agree With The Poster Above

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 7, 2011

Concerning the credit check. I have heard of them running a telecheck check among other banks, but this was ridiculous. Also I had an issue with them concerning a stop payment. I cancelled a service and applied a stop payment for future withdrawals as this company is known to go back and try to extort money. Legacy refused to honor the stop payment because according to them I did not give them written authorization (as if the stop payment form and paying the fee weren't enough), and then told me that I had to pay another fee in order to have the stop payment reinstated. When I went to the bank, they told me that I couldn't request a stop payment with this company because they have an "iron clad" contract with all their customers. So basically, a customer can't get out of the contract or terminate service. This is not a credit union. They operate similar to a bank. Consider elsewhere.

Very Good And Safe Financial Institution

I have done business with Legacy for 10 years and find their products very useful and financially beneficial for me.  I have never had any problems with sensitive information and their staff is very friendly.

Beware That This "Credit Union" Requires A 650 Credit Score Or Higher In Order To Open The 4%

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 21, 2010

Beware that this "credit union" requires a 650 credit score or higher in order to open the 4% Premier checking account.  I asked why and couldn't get a straight answer, so I decided to go elsewhere.  Why should I have to get a credit check just to give THEM the my money? 

Also, they carelessly pass around paperwork with sensitive information on it (DOB, SSN, etc.).