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Their Word Isn't To Be Trusted!

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We asked for a equity loan to have a well drilled. Interest rates were at an all time low so naturally they were busy. We were approved for the loan, so we put our driller to work. 2 months later they were still to busy for us. Our driller was working away and needed money for pipe and other supplies. Their rates had started going up so we weren't happy! We talk to our local branch and they immediately put a signature loan for enough to hold us until they got caught up in their mortgage dept. Another 2 months and the mortgage dept wouldn't return our calls. When we finally got through, the loan was denied with the debt to income ratio being listed as the reason why. We explained the problem to them. Their personal loan to us was what caused that. Plus we had intended to pay off all our credit cards and pay the driller. They didn't care. I can't help but think the much higher interest rate had a little to do with it. So instead of being all paid up with a 390. payment, we were farther in debt to high interest credit cards and a high interest loan with a nearly 500 payment, not to mention all the card payments! So it ended up being over a $1000 per month more. It's put us in a horrible position.

Our local branch is really nice, helpful, etc. But their mortgage dept has been a nightmare each and every time we've dealt with them. I refinanced our first mortgage with them because I was late on a house payment and 15 days before the next payment was due, I got a letter saying we were being placed in foreclosure! When I took the letter they sent me to our branch, the manager was at a loss. The letter was clearly dated, we were not even late. I had paid the late payment for the previous month and we weren't even legally responsible for a late fee, but we were in foreclosure??!! They was also the time the mortgage officer gave my financial information to an attorney who represented people I was suing! That's always great fun! Did she get in trouble? She got promoted! She's the head hauncho in that dept now. I think she has a problem with me even though I've not met her three times.

Another little trick they like to play is stacking payments. Pay a bill and get a confirmation #? So you're good to go? Think again! It may be two weeks before they deduct the funds. So your total balance may drop substantially quite suddenly! The answer is always, "We have to wait for the request to go through, then transfer the funds. It takes a couple days!" Who are they kidding? I respond with obvious statement, "BS!!! That happens instantaneously, just like it is supposed to!" I was right, but I didn't get all the bounced check fees back and it continues to happen.

Is you choose to deal with these guys because you know the people who work at your branch, remember that they don't call most of the shots! And I'd wish you luck, because you're going to need it!!!

Pass This One By Too

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Different reps will tell different and opposite stories.

Easy Opening Account By Phone

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Spoke for a long time to a very pleasant woman who patiently answered all my questions and opened the account. I refuse to login to my checking account going through another bank so I'm waiting for verification amounts to show up in 2 days. I can transfer the money in at that time. The account could have been funded by phone but they have a $5000 max.

Pleasant Experience With Mountain America CU

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I went online to open a savings account (required) so that I could open up two of their growth CDs (60 month 4.25% and 24 month 4.75%). Very easy process online took less than half hour to open joint account and fund with 5$. Very slick looking website.

Since they have branches here in Arizona, i went there to open both growth (add-on) CDs after creating savings account online. The lines were long but they had lots of help and I was quickly served. They opened both accounts at the counter with $10/each.

I asked about setting up the auto transfer of $10/month which I assumed was required. They told me it was not required. I received papers with the terms for each CD. When I got home I read them and the terms specifically stated the auto-transfer was required. So I went back to the local branch and was served by someone else. I asked and they also assured me the auto-transfer was not required. I had them set each up anyway, as this was never a deal killer for me and I wanted to make sure there was no reason in the future for them to deny the add on service.

All in all this CU was great to work with. Reduced one star only for the confusion on the monthly growth CD auto-transfer requirement. If truly not required they need to change the terms on the paper that I had signed at opening of each CD account.

The people at the branch I went too were very pleasant to work with.


Any Interest/Dividend Withdrawal Will Cost You With MACU FCU

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I spoke with a rep who confirmed the following with a manager today:

Any money taken out of a CD INCLUDING dividends/interest will generate an EWP dependent upon the length of the CD. I have not found this policy to be in effect at most other banks/credit unions which allow customers to withdraw any interest earned without a penalty as long as you don't touch the principal.

Back Again!

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I originall opened a cd with Mountain America in 2019 and loved the rate and customer Service experience. I closed the cd in 2021, sadly due to better rates elsewhere. I currently need ADD ON CD's and was thrilled to see the current offer of 3.93 4%apy on 60 month. Today I am back again with Mountain America and the rates as well as the customer service is top knotch in my opinion! Thank you Nadia!!! Thank you DA participants! I have learned so much from you!

I also opened a 24 month apy 4.50. I have a rental property and this is a great place to put those unneeded monthly payments. Happy!

Really Uninformed Staff Regarding IRA Transfer

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IRA department staff are unavailable to talk with customers, so I had to relay my IRA transfer questions through the CSO. The information I received was erroneous. Also, I compared the 2 year IRA rate as posted on to the CSO's rate sheet. The APY's differed by over 2%. I do not recommend Mountain America CU, at least as regards IRA transfers.

60-Month 3.75% Growth CD

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Easy to open over the phone. They take care of membership requirements. Currently, they are working to fix a glitch with scheduled once in a month minimum transfer from an outside financial institution to the Growth CD. Instead of the CD they transferred money to the savings account.
Fun part is the history of the transfer displays successful transfer to the CD. I will update if they fix it

3 Year 2.65% Add-On Certificate.

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Opened an account this morning, took about an hour. Very good customer service.

This Bank Has Gone Down Hill With Leadership Changes

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I have been a customer of the bank for 4 years, it has become clear for sometime that the banks focus has shifted from customer service to profit.
1 The representatives on the phone are not trained to the job, the simplest of tasks are complicated and do not seem to get resolved.
2 The hold times are insane and unrealistic.
3 The branch managers are cocky, arrogant, and don't care.

I hope no one banks with them and everyone leaves.

Incompetence On A Grand Scale

1. You can easily wait to talk with someone for 25 minutes or more. Plan on spending an hr of your time at least. Then, that person doesn't know enough and has to transfer you elsewhere and that takes more time.
2, My latest disaster there involved their losing an IRA transfer form which I know they received, since I sent 3 in in one envelope and they had the other 2. There was even a cover memo saying there were 3. After I finally got to talk to someone about it, he was going to look into it and get back to me. Never did.
5. The only way I would bank here again is if they had a spectacularly good interest rate.

VISA Card Replacement Fee

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I had to have my Visa card replaced because my account had been compromised, better safe than sorry according to the credit agencies. I visited MACU to explain my situation and they said it would be no problem replacing the card. No fee was ever mentioned being that I was a long-time customer and a senior. After business hours they charged my Visa $5.00 for the replacement card. What gives MACU the right to place an unauthorized charge on my Visa. If I would have opened a new account they would have given me $100. This is how they treat their existing customers. They’re becoming just like Wells Fargo!


Absolutely atrocious customer service. They're all amateurs. I've never had such a terrible experience at a credit union. And it's consistently bad. Been here for a couple years now.

They Will Not Issue New Credit Or Debit Cards.

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MACU has always treated me very well up until 30 days ago. I've been working with them to try to get my credit and debit cards reprinted after a bout of fraudulent charges. I've had them send 3 cards in the mail, none of them showed up. I've gone to their branches on two occasions to try to pick them up. Neither time was allowed to speak to an employee. I even setup an appointment to meet an employee to have both cards printed, but they just had me stand in the line of cars and wait for a drive up teller window while I was on foot. After 15 minutes of embarrassment, 3 trips to branches and 30 days of checking the mail, I've finally decided it'll just be easier to switch banks.

Maya At Provo

I went in to the Provo branch to open an account this afternoon. There was a couple waiting ahead of me (Don't know how long they'd been there) & another one behind me. I waited for over 1/2 an hour. Maya finished with the clients she was working with but as she was walking over to call the next people in line she saw a friend & stopped to chat. I waited about 10 minutes & then went over & let her know that she has 3 clients waiting & that my son who has Autism was waiting in the car. She told me that she would be with me shortly. I responded that she is at work & that there is someone ahead of me & that she had been talking for over 10 minutes. She very rudely denied it & told me that she would talk for 1/2 an hour if she chose. I looked to see what her name was but her hair was covering her name tag. I gently moved it aside so I could see her name. She became violent & started yelling at me not to touch her (I didn't) & to respect her. This is extremely unprofessional & immature. I would have turned & walked out right then if it wasn't that I felt like I was supposed to open an account there.
I wish it would let me do 2 seperate reviews. I would do 0 stars for Maya & 5 for Maddie.
Maddie Bergstrom helped me to open my account. She was AMAZING! Very friendly, thorough & professional. She showed interest in me & went above & beyond to make sure I got exactly what I needed & everything was done right.

Back Office Confusion

The three stars represents the good CSR people, but the back office people (the ones who do the paper work are careless). The CSR people are friendly and helpful.

Here are the problems I encountered:
1. In setting up an IRA CD, I was told I needed to deposit money into an IRA savings, then fund the IRA CD from the IRA savings. So I had to fill out paper work for the IRA savings, then more paper work for the IRA CD.
2. When the IRA money was moved from the savings to the CD, they neglected to also move the interest accumulated in the savings to the CD. So I had about $35 sitting for a long period of time in saving without interest.
3. The CD did not show up when I logged in to my account and they said "it was on the old system", but resolved that issue..
4. In a trustee-to-trustee transfer from MACU to another CU, I followed up to insure they received the paperwork. It took a day for them to find the request, but it had been "archived" (whatever that means). They said the check had not been sent, but they did resolve the matter and sent the check out the same day.

In conclusion, you need to stay on top of all activities with this CU. The CSR people will get issues resolved. In fact, one CSR agent stayed beyond her normal hours and called me back with the trustee-to trustee transfer matter.


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I don't usually leave bad reviews but after this horrible experience I just had to. It was pretty bad. I have had a checking account and credit card for about a year and a half now and i've never missed any payments or overdrawn my accounts i'm a pretty loyal and great client for the most part. I was approved for an RV loan found what i wanted and then all the sudden a personal loan would be a better option so I waited ALLLL DAY after i told I WAS ALREADY approved just for them to tell me that i needed a cosigner. I was also told that i would get a call back in an hour, didn't, so i called and then was told i would get a call back in an hour and didn't. I kept having to call back and follow up. Once i was told i needed a cosigner (after i was told i was already approved and didn't need one) I found a cosigner, and they once again told me they would call me back in an hour and guess who didn't call back? lol so i got jerked around from LEGIT 9 AM -6PM when their underwriting department closed just to be told that they couldn't approve me. I'll tell you what i will be paying off that credit card and closing all and any accounts that i have with them. Not to mention the only reason i have accounts and a credit card is because somebody stole a check from my mail box and mountain america credit union cashed it for them under some fake account and it took them months to get me my money back and as if they were doing me some favor opened an account and credit card with a ridiculous interest rate for me. SO, with that being said PROCEED WITH CAUTION ! Do not trust this bank. Customer service is AWFUL and they treat their clients like disposable trash

Fraud Victim

My wife's father set up her account with MACU when she was in high school. As a result he was cosigned on her account. Now as we are in college doing our best to not have to go into debt, some how her bank info was stolen and some fraudster stole the 1000 dollars in the account and overdrew the account 5000 dollars. This happened in the course of three days. We noticed it and reported it to MACU. We were directed to the fraud department and our service was terrible. After a month and many phone calls we learn nothing about how it's going. We also filed a report with the police, but before they could make any headway on the fraud, MACU's fraud department concluded their investigation and said we needed to pay it back. MACU threatened to pay it off with my wife's father's other accounts including the ones he set up for his other children. MACU strongarmed us into signing over the fraud into a loan. Now we have to pay back 5000 dollars we never even had. We felt like we were being scammed by MACU. The police said the fraud department wouldn't let them investigate and it felt like MACU just wanted to rush out case out the door and into a loan. Don't trust this Credit union. They jump at the chance to screw their customers.

My Experience

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I tried for several weeks to open Term Plus Accounts. I spoke with numerous people (after being on hold for over 15 minutes each time). It seems no one has a direct # so you are starting from scratch each time. I am told to ask for a specific person and then find out he is at lunch and did not have the foresight to say "Call me anytime EXCEPT between ---- and -----".
I have received a welcoming kit except I do not consider myself a member since no accounts have been funded. The rate is great but the hassle is not worth it!!

This CU Is A Wire Transfer Bait And Switch Scam! You Will Be Hit With Hidden Fees!!

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They will talk smoothly and setup your membership and later tell you you cannot use ACH and you can only use wire transfer for deposits. Why? Because the Credit Union makes $10 each time a wire comes in vs. ACH transfers which are free and don't make any money for them.
This credit union is a total scam!! Don't fall for it. They just try to steal money in the name of fee and fraud protection.
I signed up for membership after seeing their high interest rates on this website.

Good Experience So Far

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I joined MACU this week, and had an overall good experience.

As others have noted, the sign up process is very manual, and not terribly streamlined. I'm out of their usual market area, so it might not be this way for everyone. After filling out the online application, they called (same day) to confirm all of my information and request additional documentation. Once that was received, there was a second phone call to answer ID confirmation questions. Once that was confirmed, they send the membership agreement and other paperwork. Then a third phone call to set up initial funding.

The initial funding is limited to $500 over the phone. Anything additional must be deposited at a shared branch. Thankfully, at that point I was able to access online banking, and setup external account transfers. Opening a Term Deposit (CD) or Term Deposit Plus (CD w/ add on) could also be done very easily online.

Though the setup took some effort, I'm glad I did it. The representative I worked with was very helpful and responsive. Their rates seem very competitive, and the add-on feature is a great option, with only a $5 minimum deposit.

A Consumer Oriented bank

My experiences with Mountain America Credit Union have been superb. The fees are low, the customer service is excellent, and they seem to enjoy taking care of their customers. Having dealt with big and semi-big regional banks in the past,, MACU keeps their fees and rates low by comparison. For someone with my limited income, this is a welcome change from the past. They also offer a very reasonable overdraft fee in case you overdraw your account. In the past, if my account was overdrawn by only a few cents, I'd be hit with a large penalty. That's not the case today, and in addition to the lower penalty,, you're not hit with the fee until the next day, in case all you needed to do was transfer money from your savings into your checking account. Again, this is another BIG plus for me. All in all, I'm VERY satisfied with MACU, and I'm happy I switched to them over a year ago. I would'nt hesitate to recommend this credit union to my friends.

My Favorite

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Mountain America Credit Union has been one of my favored banking institutions for over 25 years. When I first opened an account with this credit union it was called Smith's Federal Credit Union and was linked to a previous employer of mine. The branches were small, the experience personable, and the transactions felt like you were dealing with a trusted friend rather than an aloof business. Eventually, as the business expanded, the credit union was absorbed by another local institution...Mountain America. The personal style of dealing business has remained. I have a checking and savings account with Mountain America. I have also held personal loans with them and at one time a savings account for my now grown son. Whenever I need help any employee is professional, friendly, and provides very prompt and accurate service. I am very happy with this company.

I'm happy with MACU

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In fact, I'm MORE than pleased with the credit union I currently belong to. My paycheck from my part time job is direct deposited into my account, and even though payday is technically Thursday, the money is always deposited into my account on Wednesday evening. It makes a big deal to me as I usually do my grocery shopping on Thursday mornings.

In addition, this credit union offers a "perk" to members that does not penalize you too severely if you should overdraw your account. The fee is $20 per transaction that you overdraw, and the daily amount you are charged is capped at $100. I have not had to use this feature yet, but it is comforting to know it's available to me if an emergency should arise. Plus, you are given 30 days to pay it back, which I imagine would be a great relief if you suddenly found yourself unemployed.

Finally, the credit union is open until 7PM, which is a great feature if you work during the day. And, I have never had a bad or uncomfortable experience while dealing face to face with one of their employees...

Excels in service

I have banked with Mountain American Credit Union for nearly two decades. They began as a smaller credit union and took over a smaller institution that was owned by a previously employer of mine. I decided to stay on as a customer and have always been treated extremely well. Each employee is gracious, kind, friendly, and very professional. The products are top notch and I am very happy to be a customer.

Mountain America Credit Union

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I have been with my bank for almost a decade. I continue to stay with them because they have convenient locations and their customer service is amazing. I had overdrafted in my checking account after I had miscalculated my balance one time. I had over $80 in overdraft fees. I called them up and explained it was a honest mistake and they reversed the charges. This is the reason I will continue to stay with them.

No Bump-Up

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Just spoke to rep. She said that 5-year CD does not have a bump-up feature.

Poor Customer Service

All I wanted to open account. I was putting money in bank. They wanted my credit history. It never happened.before. I was told that I could add my wife's name later on. I sent the information along with check. The check was cashed but the name was not added. After 3 phone calls (that is not easy) I decided to close the account and the agent said she will close the account and send the money. After waiting foe 2 weeks the account was still active and the agent said yesterday he is sending the cashier's check.

Absolutely A Great C.U.

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I would recommend this place any day of the week, in spite of a few shortcomings. On the whole the Customer service reps are extraordinarily friendly, with most able to help.

One shortcoming is their preferred mailing address to send the $ to fund a CD. My experience is that mailing it to one of the branches in West Jordan produces more rapid results, whereas one time it took them 3 days after racing my check to credit it to my CDs. I was told that they received so many checks that it took them from Monday to Wednesday to get caught up. Hmm, I thought. Does this seem plausible. My conclusion was that it was possible, but extremely unlikely, that is unless only one person was doing the work.

Be Patient: Ask Many Questions

The 5 year cd rate for out of staters is worth the trouble: Do not deposit into your local credit union share account and transfer it to them as they recommend to fund your cd. Because the IRS considers it a cash transaction. The reps think they can do an ACH transaction (no can do) its only for bill pay. Have a supervisor produce a deposit slip email it to you and mail a check to them with it and wait like I am. We shall see!

Fix Your Atms

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I have visited the atms in provo an orem a total of 8 times since December and 6 out of 8 times they are unable to dispense cash or unable to accept a deposit.

Not Your Ordinary Credit Union

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We have been with America First Credit Union since 1994 and just opened an account with Mountain America a little over 3 yrs ago. The difference between these two in customer service, products, and fee's is night and day. Great rates, low fee's and I especially love that when I lose or damage a card, I can just walk right into any branch and get a new one... with AFCU I usually have to wait 7-10 business days which is such an inconvenience!

Clobbered For Partial Closure Of Cds

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Reading their disclosure. Essentially means you are clobbered for partial closure of CDs.
"If your term deposit has an original maturity of 48 months or greater, the penalty may equal 365 days dividends on the full amount of the term deposit."

Avoide If You Are Apply From Out Of UT

After seeing good rates for 5 year CD I directed to apply for an account at Mountain America CU. I was able to get hold of customer service using 800 number. First time a representative said that you can open an account online and set up the CD online. So I applied for a membership savings account to become a member. BEWARE - They do a hard pull on credit. After applying, an email was sent with application id. Nothing happened for a day so I called and was directed to new application department. The representative said that I have to get my application notarized since I am out of state which was not an issue. Then when asked for opening a CD, the representative said that I will have to wire transfer a fund for CD. NO ACH TRANSFER WAS AVAILABLE TO OPEN CD. I asked to cancel the application with a hard credit pull on me and my spouse credit report.

Answering Phones

For two days in a row I've called different branches. One in St. George Utah and one in Hurricane Utah. In both locations I've had people pick up the phone after about a 10-15 min. wait to just hang up the phone! One time they answer and told me we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours to resolve your issue (easy) and 24 hours later no call and I'm having the same issue with anyone picking up! I usually do my business through the ATM machine but that has his broken numerous times in the last month in the Hurricane area too. Up to now, I'd really like this bank but they are really struggling with answering their phones and hanging up on a customer is just unprofessional!

Awesome credit union

We absolutely love working with Mountain America Credit union. We have had a checking account there for over 6 years. There currently are no fees associated with owning the account. There are overdraft fees etc but none with just having the account which is nice to not feel like you are wasting money. Every time I call to ask a question such as adding an account holder or how to do a foreign wire they have been so helpful. We recently added an additional account holder and the representative was extremely helpful. I called to see what information we needed and the she told me all of the items without me having to ask. She preemptively knew what I would need and when was the best time to come in. Getting the person added to the account was a breeze. We love working with MACU because they are always helpful, their website and bill pay is great, the accounts are good and their representatives are efficient and nice.

Great Services, But Terrible Customer Service And Do No Get A Mortgage Loan From Them.

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I know this is my first review on deposit accounts, but I am just wanting to let everyone know to stay away from Mt. America if you are doing a mortgage loan. We have been with Mt. America for years now. We have had two auto loans. A personal loan for school as well has many other accounts with them. During our home loan we have had the worst service and have been completely flat our disrespected when going through the process. After being told we would not have to pay anything and it was a 100% mortgage and that we would be able to close three weeks early. It is now a day after our official closing date and we have to come up with close to $3,500. This was never mentioned during the entire 2 month process to us until this day. So make sure you have plenty of savings to pay for hidden fees and last minute changes to your agreement. On Friday when supposed to be closing our mortgage person told us we would be able to close at 5pm and he would send the documents over to be signed. Around 5:30pm and not receiving any documents we called the branch to find out our mortgage guy just left and didn't handle anything at all on our last day to close. After multiple calls and a few messages to the Mortgage person. Nothing was completed and none of the calls or messages were answered. Very unprofessional! Lastly after messing up everything, surprise fees, extra payments, no notice, no follow up and missing our closing date. I had to contact them this morning in order to have anything started. Now we are waiting until 4pm today to close and will not fund and record until tomorrow. This may not be the worst story out there, but after being handled this way I would never want anyone to have to go through what we went through to buy a house. Look elsewhere

Review Opening Account

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Was pretty straight foward was 4 calls total as of 3/20 best easy rate going. Starterd online application called in with # of application. Was help with establishing rest of application given choice to electronically signing documents and disclosures called back given Account# went to share branch deposited money called back and was told 2day hold called again and asked to fund CD out of share NO problem hold one min came back DONE will send in mail thanked her and left



after establishing share account CD's can be openned through online banking with ACH

*Wish I knew ahead would of saved me the 2 day hold

Though not sure how fast Mountains ACH is?

10 day grace at end of term


POD go for all accounts or set indiv allowed more than one if needed  


All in All very helpful Customer Service answered every question I had

Mortgage Service

I gave them 1 star because 0 was not an option.  If anyone is even considering getting a mortgage through mountain america please stay completely away.  I would not wish the headache they have caused us on anyone.  You can not believe anything they say.  First when we went to close on our loan, they had made a mistake and one of the draw lines for our construction shouldn't have have been there.  We had used the money that we thought was available.  If I had known the money wasn't really available, I would have made changes to my house.  It was there mistake, but they did not care,  I had to pony up 19K that I did not have in order to close the loan.  Since I had no choice, I ended up going into my 401K.  It has been nothing but a nightmare since.  Everything from customer service to you name it is terrible.  Another thing if these people tell you something on the phone I suggest you get it in writing.  The bottom line is if anyone reading this review goes on with mountain america for a mortgage, then you deserve every bit of headache coming your way.

Horible Mortgage Department

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I have had bank accounts for 20 years with MACU and have liked their service. So when I decided to refinance 2 home loans I naturally thought I would go with MACU.

What a bad decision. They are slow, don't follow through, make error after error, will not give you the amount to bring to closing (even up to an hour before closing), change the closing date and time appointment without notification... I could go on and on.

I will never use their mortgage department again.

Our "Approved" Mortgage Refinance Was Denied After Mountain America Credit Union Officially Approved It In Writing Three Times.

Horrible!!!!  Don't bother trying to get any mortgage loan at Mountain America Credit Union!!  You won't qualify!!

I am a member here (not for long), so I thought I'd have them refinance my house.

My wife and I earn plenty of money, have no kids to pay for, and have no other debt except small student loans. We don't carry any credit card balances, we don't have car payments, and we both have excellent credit scores (near 750).

As for the house, we have owned it for nine years and we have plenty of equity in the house; we owe much less than the house is worth (75% loan to value).

Since the new Harp law went into effect this year, allowing people to refinance even if they owe more than the house is worth, and with interest rates so low, I figured now would be a great time to refinance our house.

It took SEVEN MONTHS of emails, paperwork, and many delays and mistakes on their end (entering our information wrong, telling us one thing on the phone and something completely different in an email, signing us up for the wrong program, asking for paperwork we already gave them, taking many days off and long vacations, saying we were approved and then asking for more paperwork, saying we were approved again and then pulling our credit again and asking for even more paperwork). Apparently, when Mountain America says you're approved, it doesn't actually mean that your loan is approved.
Finally, after they approved us for the third time (!?!), we got the final paperwork and they asked us if we could sign them that day (with two hours notice). Turns out, this is because they were about to have to pay to extend the rate lock, AGAIN. But since we were exhausted by their process and ready to just be done with it already, we moved appointments and meetings and agreed. We arrived at the title company and signed the loan.
You'd think it was a done deal at this point, right? WRONG!
Mountain America denied the loan ... AFTER we signed!

I would NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend Mountain America Credit Union!!!

Quite Sloppy For A Bank

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Account mistakes are much too frequent. I have tried for over 5 months to download my eStatements and have yet to be successful. Interest rates are a joke, as are typical of the industry. On several occasions I have gone to withdraw cash and they did not have enough on hand. I rate them poor and am seriously considering closing my accounts.

Great Service

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I have been with Mountain America Credit Union for 10 years now all because of the excellent customer service they gave me about 6 years ago. I had had my car broken into and they took everything my Viza cards, my checkbook and all the cash I had. I immediately called my bank and shut off my cards but it was too late they had already used my checks and cards and spent over $500. I was devastated. This all happened on a Friday after closing time, so on Monday I went into my bank to tell them what happened. They immediately changed my bank account number helped me total up all that had been spend and instantly gave it all back to me no questions asked. And as for the rest of the checks they put a stop to all the rest of them and notified me when one tried to come through. Thanks so much Mountain America Credit Union I have enjoyed being a member of your bank and will continue to.

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