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M And T A Pain In My Xxx

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Thanks for nothing.The bank was upset with my accounts because one account went red. Not their fault, it is what it is. The problem is they decided to suspend the account and close it April 8. But they stopped the direct deposit on April 1. So the monthly check got rejected. It is now lost in space. They didn;t stop the direct debits. So nothing was paid. The check is lost. The account is suspended. And 3 weeks later my credit score drops 150 points. I get the last laugh though. I owe them $876.75 to clear the account. I will write them a check for $876.99. Then the 24 cents has to be sent to me. It will cost them a few bucks to clear the quarter. Screw them.

They Treat Family Of Their Deceased Customers Horribly

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Don’t work with MBT bank. My father in law passed away and he had a solar loan through them. The bank was horrible to work with, it was so hard to get in touch with them, they refused to work with us on the loan as we were trying to sell the house, sent us threatening letters demanding full payout of the loan, and the. They gave the title company the run around when we finally did get a buyer on his house. Not worth the headache!

Use Anybody Else

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I had no choice but to go through this lender as I was attempting an FHA assumable loan that the original buyer had purchased through this mickey mouse outfit. Patrick Santora and his staff were highly inattentive throughout the process. It was difficult to get him on the phone and he acted like I was wasting his time when I did speak to him.

After 45 days of not being able to even obtain a pre qual (yes you read that right) the sellers and I agreed to mutually cancel the contract and move on. Then I get a letter the next week claiming I was denied credit due to a collection that was illegitimate and literally had already fallen off my credit report during this lengthy process due to how old it was. This is after we submitted paperwork stating the deal was canceled and I have an 814 FICO. I can't think of a worse lending experience. Please use anybody else in this time when mortgage originators need your business more than ever.

Lost Contact Information

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My mortgage was just sold to M&T bank and the experience so far has been horrible. When they assumed the mortgage they lost my information, so when there was a payment error I did not receive word or notice. I found out from Experian that I had a missed payment.

When I called to have the issue fixed, they misled me to believe that we could dispute the charge through the credit monitoring services, and then nothing changed when we did so. The decision to fix my credit is actually %100 in their hands.

If you have any choice (unfortunately I do not get to decide who owns my mortgage) I would strongly recommend picking any other bank

Backwoods Bank

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This bank is pretty lousy, they love to charges fees for everything like $3.00 to ach funds out for example.

Many items they are unable to do online but want you to go into the branch in 2023 - Do yourself a favor, Go anywhere but here... you will regret if you do anything here...

Worst Banking Experience Ever...

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Deposited $70k into a new account. Every time I try checking my account via phone app, it forces a 2 factor auth...so an email with a code is sent. Sounds great right? Yeah, well half the time the email either never shows, or shows after the timer runs out on the code.
After 3 attempts of just trying to get that damned email, they shut off your card.
Then I have to waste time calling to turn it back on. This has happened more than half a dozen times in just 45ish days.

Now, it's 10,pm est and trying to get gas in another State and like clockwork, card is shut off with no way to talk to anyone in CS because....banker hours.

Folks, this is the worst bank I've ever dealt with ever. The idea that a bank can just decide to shut off a customer card at will for any reason is not only sus AF, it's highly stressful.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to a branch and closing this account for good. Two factor auth is supposed to be for protection against theft. Instead, this bank uses it as a whip to keep your money for as long as possible.

I'm so disappointed in this hometown bank.


M&T bank ripped me off as a ward of the state while 17 in my freshman year of college and beyond. Talk about criminal. WORST POSSIBLE BANK OUT THERE! Stole hundreds for me for each over draft charging over $30 per day!!!! Not a problem if I were able to call and actually get my balance! I used debit on purpose you a**holes! I was an EOP student. You probably do not know what that means. As a ward of the state I had nothing sup zero. And you financially RAPED me!! meaning a foster child who was abused for 15 years straight and managed to get into college by the grit of my teeth as an EOP student. YOU FAILED ME. Borderline cost me my education!! Don’t worry I found my new hobby. Internet reviews.

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Hi my bank is refusing to do business with Me I went to the branch after I paid them in full they said 7 days so I waited ok the branch gave me a letter stating adverse action but the letter said they can verify you by your ss dob and I'd and utilities bill they refused to do that


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My father died last month, so as the life Insurance came a packet of checks came with it to draw off the life insurance account that came and I can't lie I don't have ton of money and don't have endless money flowing through m and t bank but anyways my mother wrote me a 5k check from the account created from the life insurance after depositing the check my bank account was frozen and card shut off for fraud so I went to the branch the next day to straighten it out. Of course it was fixed on a Friday and my money was made available then the following Monday my bank account was locked again for fraud alert and 0 access to my money because the departments didn't communicate to each other so I will be waiting up to 3 buisness days while they communicate that the check is not fraud and in the mean time my bills are due and will bounce because of m and t bank and they have so denied me access to my money. The bank manager called corporate and was yelling at them even though he personally verified the checks validity and 100 percent vouched for it I Am still under fraud investigation and have 0 access to my money. This is the worst bank ever. When the investigation is over I will be closing my account their initial explanation is that constant fraud from tik tok of all things where washing checks is a trend is the reason why my 5k check is under fraud investigation because I don't deposit checks in this amount frequently and basically they are telling me I am to poor to be allowed to have this money and I shouldn't have it so we will hold it untill we are satisfied even though the manager of a branch has verified the check validity and called the bank in New York and spoke to a representative there and got all necessary documents to prove the check was real. I still have 0 access after my father dieing and the amount of bills that were incurred this is insane I have 0 time for my money to be frozen for no other reason M and T bank telling me I am not trust worthy and I've done nothing wrong.


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DO NOT USE THIS BANK !!! My SECURED and PRIVATE information was taken by tellers at (233 Genesee st, Utica, NY) and used for their personal gain. I have the proof and I’ve alerted M&T Bank and requested an investigation. NO ONE has even attempted to contact me regarding this matter, it’s been over a week. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when using this bank. Your information IS NOT SAFE and they WILL NOT do anything about it.


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Save your time and RUN away from MT bank. Bad CD rates and penalty for just a week after I did my CD for a year was $2660( 6 months). This is the worst CD rates in the area.
Go to Northwest Saving bank or Citizen where the rates are 4.4% for 9 months plus better service.

Can't Cash An M&T Check At M&T Without A Fee?

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I usually have direct deposit but due to unforeseen circumstance I received a paper check. When I went to cash it, M&T was going to charge me a fee for cashing an M&T business check!
Then when they realized I had an account there they wouldn't cash it for the full amount because I didn't have enough in my checking account to cover it. I would have had to transfer money from my savings to my checking. Since when do I need enough money in MY checking account to cover MY EMPLOYERS check!!???
It's a shame that M&T took over Peoples United. My husband and I never had any issues with them. This bank is the worst bank probably in the entire history of banking!!! I've continuously heard nothing but unbelievably horror stories from anyone and everyone I encounter that banks with M&T and has reluctantly continued to use them.

Worst Banking Experience

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I unfortunately bought a timeshare with Diamond Resorts (which is now owned by Hilton Grand Vacations). Even though they advertise that you can get out of the timeshare, they make it impossible to get out. I had a direct debit set up (dumbest thing I have ever done) for them to debit my account with M&T. I have had this checking account for over 35 years so I really didn't want to close it. I set up a stop payment on the ACH over a year ago. The debit has to go through and it is SUPPOSED to be reversed the next business day. M&T does not know how to properly execute a stop payment because it has not been reversed 5 times. I, then have to submit a dispute and M&T take 10 business days to refund my money. I am supposed to sign a document to return the ACH that I have already submitted a stop payment on. Why should I have to sign something that I already authorized the bank to do? I was told to go into the branch to sign the dispute, but when I call no one answers. I left a message that is never returned (4 hours later). I am disgusted with this bank. They should not be able to claim that they even give any form of customer service.


M&T bank lost my electronic lien release when I payed off my car loan. Now I can't title my car. I've been trying to retrieve a title for my car
for over 6 months now and I can't get the title without the lien release. I'm trying to sell the car but can't sell it without the title.
M&T customer service hangs up on me repeatedly. this should be illegal

I’M Disgusted. I Can’T Believe This.

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I opened up an account on Dec 6 after not having a bank account for over 3-4 years…I chose M&T bc Bank of America also sucks. I waited all week to receive my card…I got it on the 12. Y’all why I tried to add my card to Instacart & it wouldn’t work. Then I tried to log in on the 13th and it said “Account closed”. WHY IS MY ACCOUNT CLOSED! I just opened it!! I didn’t even get to use it. Of course I call and they don’t really tell me much. I go in the branch & he said something abt security. And that there’s nothing he can do. I then proceeded to call again, and this lady actually helped me out. She said Fraud. Again how is it fraud when the account was never used…..I’m just glad I didn’t have any money in the account. That’s just so unprofessional to just close a brand new account with no explanation.

Horrible Bank

On Sunday 10/09/2022 I contacted M&T bank formerly Peoples' United Bank since they did not move any bank statements from People's United to their computer system and only have 60 days worth of transactions online to view. I asked for at least the last years worth of statements. I received a message that the statements were ready but that was only for the month of October. So now I have Sept and Oct of 2022. So I called and spoke to a pleasant customer service rep who said she could not do a full year but could transfer me to a specialist who could probably help. So after all the waiting I speak with the specialist and told her the situation and explained I need this info ASAP. She tells me it's in process since I made the request 2 days ago so I only have 8 more days to wait since it's 10 days for this request. I explained that is not going to work as this is my bank info and I needed for a court case so I legally needed it. She explains that it is my fault that M&T sent a message to the future customers that it was their responsibility to grab their statements from Peoples United and she could not help me. I explained that this was not reasonable and that just because a bank makes a policy - And as I was trying to explain this she hangs up. And it was a definite hang up. I will be closing my account with M&T ASAP. This should have already been done when switching over the systems as was done when People's United took over United bank a few years ago when we had to go through this process then.

Hot Garbage

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Good customer service but the actual services are extremely limited. Mobile app is grossly lacking as well as online banking. Falls short on so many services

25 Wasted Years

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I was a customer of this bank 25+ years. Have a credit line of $12,500 associated with my bank account. I was the payroll clerk of the school districts of Maine Endwell and Deposit in Broome County at Boces in Endicott. During covid I lost my job. If people aren't getting paid, you don't need to pay people to pay them. Just a few partial payments on the M&T credit card until I got a new job and they closed the credit line with a $11,000 balance on it, & jacked my interest up as high as legally possible. Have a 4 year old girl to house and feed. Destroyed me. All lines of credit I had with 0 balances fell like dominoes. My credit rating went from 750 to 550 and even to this day my credit reflects as near 300% usage. Only one left standing Sears, a retail credit card with a line of $5,000. A card I've had 21+ years. Sad I can depend on a citibank retail credit card more than my own bank. Can't believe their slogan is "understanding what's important." Gotta be a joke. My only real mistake is not looking for a personal loan to pay off M&T as of yet and make sure they don't get 2 cents of mine again..

Worse Experience

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I opened a checking account in mid June 2022. In the first 30 days it was fine. Then my online account was repeatedly locked for no apparent reason. First time my account was locked, I called customer service. They told me because I was out of the county in late June so they locked my account. But the account was locked 20 days after I returned. Go figure. So they unlocked my account and made me change my user name and passcode. 2 days later my account was locked again. When I called customer service, they told me the account was locked because the username /passcode was changed. Then they had someone from the security department who gave me important "instructions how on to use online banking" and their instruction was "use the correct username and passcode". Totally unbelievable! In the end they didn't know how to unlock my account and told me to wait for a few hours to login again. I asked how many is a few? and they didn't have an answer. If you open an account to use as a primary account, think twice. it may not be accessible when you need it.

Poor Customer Service

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i was appointed as a representative of my sister's estate. she had an acct with the fishkill ny branch. i flew up from florida to open up an estate acct at the bank. even though i had all the proper paper work from Dutchess County, the bank rep Claire Ban and asst mgr Vernon Foote refused to release the funds from her checking acct. i went up to get a certificate from the County in Poughkeepsie to show i had the right to collect the funds. they still wouldn't comply. they called their legal dept but they said it could take a few days to review all the paperwork. after i changed my flight plans to stay longer, the bank called and said they could release the funds. it cost me $200 to change my flight. they gave me a check but refused to open up the estate acct and said to go back to fla and do it. i couldn't understand why they didn't want to keep the funds in their bank but after arguing with them all day,i just took the check and left. clearly they do not know how to handle that kind of transaction and they were very adament that they were right. but they weren't. glad not to have to do business with them anymore.

Worst Bank Ever!

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This bank is disgraceful, I was sent a debit card to use money given to me but there was no PIN. It stated that the PIN would be sent in a separate letter, which I never received. I called asking them to help me get the pin. I was told they couldn't help me over the phone and I'd need to visit a branch - there are no branches near me. So I called again, explained the situation and I was told that the card was closed and I should not try to use it - EVEN THOUGH the expiration date on the card is 4 years out - I asked them to reopen it or do something so I could get my money and I was told that there was nothing they could do for me and there was no way for me to get the money... this bank is full of CROOKS!!!

M&T Bank, Nyack, NY

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Very friendly and very efficient service. Expert advice on mortgages and bank account strategies.

Still A Current Customer, But I Move Away Later, When Prob Unknown Years Later I Be Back In NYC.

I live near M&T Bank, but my branch closed many year ago. Now left with M&T ATM, & like half a mile a NBT Bank.
Reason why didn't use NBT Bank is, i use to close walking distant ATM, & They about the same. Well prob Customer Service is tiny bit better than M&T. But can't tell due to i don't use them much. Except parents.

Yes, my previous local M&T Bank Branch closed years ago. They were nice.
But this Branch we sometimes go to, which is 20-25 minutes away. The Manager is so rude.
I once helped my parents to open a account to open a safety Box. Bank person, so impatient, when they ask a few questions, i was asking why they asked them. & tried to translate to my parents. (Person who open the account kinda means & kinda keep asking questions.
(Suddenly she gets inpatient.
Then suddenly she talks to Manager, & then comes out Manager who says: You taking so long to open a bank account.
Then say oh you can't translate for your Parents, you have to come another day to make a appointment for a translator & you have to make a appointment on our time.
(This is clearly rejecting us.

(2. time, Many Years ago, i called in to have my card replaced, due to it couldn't swipe, due to i by accident threw my card into a washer.
The Online bank for M&T Bank didn't work properly that day.
So Called.
Asked for Address.
I Didn't know my address, so i gave 3 of them, 1st is a Po box, then address of bar below and my above. Due to my address is kinda messed up, that what landlord told us. Use 2/both addresses. (I gave our my Postal Office Po Box, & 2 addresses in same building - top floor & bar restaurant below.
Person on phone say sorry we cannot send out card.
I like i gave you all my address. & When i try to argue and ask cant they just send out the card to address they have on file. Refused.
ONLY SOLUTION i got that night, was Email them, which did send out my card.

Customer Service - 1 Star, Junk, Rude, & etc.
Mobile App & Online - 3 Star, sometimes work, sometimes not, & i notice they tend to take longer to process than other banks.
Competitive Products - NO, i just got Capital One Credit Card, with No foreign Transaction Fee, (Since i purchase from Amazon JP/Japan & China. & i get charged Fee with M&T debit Card. My Capital One Card got rid of it.

Reasonable Fees: your average Joe,

IDK how i would transfer my money to another account later.
Prob gotta figure out how to order a check, when i switch to a capital one 360 Checking account.

Horrible Service & Lied To

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Was scammed online in July; cancelled transaction with the crook, called M&T immediately and was told the money would not go through until the 12th. On the 12th they put the money through after telling them I was scammed/robbed. Was promised that someone would get in touch, would receive paperwork to fill out & complete, told to keep all correspondence. 3 days later & no paperwork but the money was put through! Called the bank and got a finger waving that I shouldn’t have done it; I was a victim of a crime &, well aware. I asked about the paperwork; was told it should be there soon. On 6th day nothing; sent follow up email and to this day no phone call or email back. I received a letter stat”after a through investigation…” the claim was denied. I’m not sure how thorough because no one has yet to call or paperwork filled out. Called customer service, who was only department who followed up about the way I was treated and was told it would have been different if it was a million dollar transaction not my puddly 2,000. After being a customer for 50 years this is how treated. My money is nothing to them and if there is a fraud department it’s a joke because no one has contacted me. Would never use this bank or recommend & if I could give a negative rating I would. Unless you have millions or don’t mind being lectured rather than having the department contact me,don’t bother. Again customer service did what they could, but not able to do anything.

Former Customer

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To whom it concern
If I could give the negative rate, I would. Do not deal with this bank. Ever. They are con artists, scammer,
do not keep promises, etc. Do not want to spent more time to describe whole story. Just ignore this bank, please. Find you business somewhere else.

Worst Banking Experience EVER!

The branch in Harrisburg, PA refused to cash a check and claimed it's fraud when it is not!

Clearly a bad bank! I wished I read all the reviews beforehand!

Defective ATM Machine Took My Money And Crazy Insufficient Fund Fees

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I deposited $350 in the ATM machine inside M&T Bank. Received a receipt from the machine saying that the transaction was not completed due to an internal error. I called customer service. I offered to fax or email a copy of the receipt from their ATM machine to prove my claim. I was informed that a dispute will be started. I requested a credit for the amount I deposited until they process their dispute. That was declined even after talking to a manager (Zach). I requested the information needed to file a complaint. The manager asked me to contact customer service again. What? Or he will file the complaint? There should be someone to file a complaint to. How can a manager be unable to provide a customer with info about where to file a complaint in the company.
Not sure how long to wait for my money to appear in my account and nobody to talk to except customer service who did not have the authority to credit my account (that what they said)

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