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They Treat Family Of Their Deceased Customers Horribly

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Don’t work with MBT bank. My father in law passed away and he had a solar loan through them. The bank was horrible to work with, it was so hard to get in touch with them, they refused to work with us on the loan as we were trying to sell the house, sent us threatening letters demanding full payout of the loan, and the. They gave the title company the run around when we finally did get a buyer on his house. Not worth the headache!

Use Anybody Else

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I had no choice but to go through this lender as I was attempting an FHA assumable loan that the original buyer had purchased through this mickey mouse outfit. Patrick Santora and his staff were highly inattentive throughout the process. It was difficult to get him on the phone and he acted like I was wasting his time when I did speak to him.

After 45 days of not being able to even obtain a pre qual (yes you read that right) the sellers and I agreed to mutually cancel the contract and move on. Then I get a letter the next week claiming I was denied credit due to a collection that was illegitimate and literally had already fallen off my credit report during this lengthy process due to how old it was. This is after we submitted paperwork stating the deal was canceled and I have an 814 FICO. I can't think of a worse lending experience. Please use anybody else in this time when mortgage originators need your business more than ever.

Lost Contact Information

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My mortgage was just sold to M&T bank and the experience so far has been horrible. When they assumed the mortgage they lost my information, so when there was a payment error I did not receive word or notice. I found out from Experian that I had a missed payment.

When I called to have the issue fixed, they misled me to believe that we could dispute the charge through the credit monitoring services, and then nothing changed when we did so. The decision to fix my credit is actually %100 in their hands.

If you have any choice (unfortunately I do not get to decide who owns my mortgage) I would strongly recommend picking any other bank

Backwoods Bank

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This bank is pretty lousy, they love to charges fees for everything like $3.00 to ach funds out for example.

Many items they are unable to do online but want you to go into the branch in 2023 - Do yourself a favor, Go anywhere but here... you will regret if you do anything here...

Worst Banking Experience Ever...

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Deposited $70k into a new account. Every time I try checking my account via phone app, it forces a 2 factor auth...so an email with a code is sent. Sounds great right? Yeah, well half the time the email either never shows, or shows after the timer runs out on the code.
After 3 attempts of just trying to get that damned email, they shut off your card.
Then I have to waste time calling to turn it back on. This has happened more than half a dozen times in just 45ish days.

Now, it's 10,pm est and trying to get gas in another State and like clockwork, card is shut off with no way to talk to anyone in CS because....banker hours.

Folks, this is the worst bank I've ever dealt with ever. The idea that a bank can just decide to shut off a customer card at will for any reason is not only sus AF, it's highly stressful.

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading to a branch and closing this account for good. Two factor auth is supposed to be for protection against theft. Instead, this bank uses it as a whip to keep your money for as long as possible.

I'm so disappointed in this hometown bank.


M&T bank ripped me off as a ward of the state while 17 in my freshman year of college and beyond. Talk about criminal. WORST POSSIBLE BANK OUT THERE! Stole hundreds for me for each over draft charging over $30 per day!!!! Not a problem if I were able to call and actually get my balance! I used debit on purpose you a**holes! I was an EOP student. You probably do not know what that means. As a ward of the state I had nothing sup zero. And you financially RAPED me!! meaning a foster child who was abused for 15 years straight and managed to get into college by the grit of my teeth as an EOP student. YOU FAILED ME. Borderline cost me my education!! Don’t worry I found my new hobby. Internet reviews.

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Hi my bank is refusing to do business with Me I went to the branch after I paid them in full they said 7 days so I waited ok the branch gave me a letter stating adverse action but the letter said they can verify you by your ss dob and I'd and utilities bill they refused to do that


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My father died last month, so as the life Insurance came a packet of checks came with it to draw off the life insurance account that came and I can't lie I don't have ton of money and don't have endless money flowing through m and t bank but anyways my mother wrote me a 5k check from the account created from the life insurance after depositing the check my bank account was frozen and card shut off for fraud so I went to the branch the next day to straighten it out. Of course it was fixed on a Friday and my money was made available then the following Monday my bank account was locked again for fraud alert and 0 access to my money because the departments didn't communicate to each other so I will be waiting up to 3 buisness days while they communicate that the check is not fraud and in the mean time my bills are due and will bounce because of m and t bank and they have so denied me access to my money. The bank manager called corporate and was yelling at them even though he personally verified the checks validity and 100 percent vouched for it I Am still under fraud investigation and have 0 access to my money. This is the worst bank ever. When the investigation is over I will be closing my account their initial explanation is that constant fraud from tik tok of all things where washing checks is a trend is the reason why my 5k check is under fraud investigation because I don't deposit checks in this amount frequently and basically they are telling me I am to poor to be allowed to have this money and I shouldn't have it so we will hold it untill we are satisfied even though the manager of a branch has verified the check validity and called the bank in New York and spoke to a representative there and got all necessary documents to prove the check was real. I still have 0 access after my father dieing and the amount of bills that were incurred this is insane I have 0 time for my money to be frozen for no other reason M and T bank telling me I am not trust worthy and I've done nothing wrong.


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DO NOT USE THIS BANK !!! My SECURED and PRIVATE information was taken by tellers at (233 Genesee st, Utica, NY) and used for their personal gain. I have the proof and I’ve alerted M&T Bank and requested an investigation. NO ONE has even attempted to contact me regarding this matter, it’s been over a week. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when using this bank. Your information IS NOT SAFE and they WILL NOT do anything about it.


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Save your time and RUN away from MT bank. Bad CD rates and penalty for just a week after I did my CD for a year was $2660( 6 months). This is the worst CD rates in the area.
Go to Northwest Saving bank or Citizen where the rates are 4.4% for 9 months plus better service.

Can't Cash An M&T Check At M&T Without A Fee?

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I usually have direct deposit but due to unforeseen circumstance I received a paper check. When I went to cash it, M&T was going to charge me a fee for cashing an M&T business check!
Then when they realized I had an account there they wouldn't cash it for the full amount because I didn't have enough in my checking account to cover it. I would have had to transfer money from my savings to my checking. Since when do I need enough money in MY checking account to cover MY EMPLOYERS check!!???
It's a shame that M&T took over Peoples United. My husband and I never had any issues with them. This bank is the worst bank probably in the entire history of banking!!! I've continuously heard nothing but unbelievably horror stories from anyone and everyone I encounter that banks with M&T and has reluctantly continued to use them.

Worst Banking Experience

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I unfortunately bought a timeshare with Diamond Resorts (which is now owned by Hilton Grand Vacations). Even though they advertise that you can get out of the timeshare, they make it impossible to get out. I had a direct debit set up (dumbest thing I have ever done) for them to debit my account with M&T. I have had this checking account for over 35 years so I really didn't want to close it. I set up a stop payment on the ACH over a year ago. The debit has to go through and it is SUPPOSED to be reversed the next business day. M&T does not know how to properly execute a stop payment because it has not been reversed 5 times. I, then have to submit a dispute and M&T take 10 business days to refund my money. I am supposed to sign a document to return the ACH that I have already submitted a stop payment on. Why should I have to sign something that I already authorized the bank to do? I was told to go into the branch to sign the dispute, but when I call no one answers. I left a message that is never returned (4 hours later). I am disgusted with this bank. They should not be able to claim that they even give any form of customer service.


M&T bank lost my electronic lien release when I payed off my car loan. Now I can't title my car. I've been trying to retrieve a title for my car
for over 6 months now and I can't get the title without the lien release. I'm trying to sell the car but can't sell it without the title.
M&T customer service hangs up on me repeatedly. this should be illegal

I’M Disgusted. I Can’T Believe This.

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I opened up an account on Dec 6 after not having a bank account for over 3-4 years…I chose M&T bc Bank of America also sucks. I waited all week to receive my card…I got it on the 12. Y’all why I tried to add my card to Instacart & it wouldn’t work. Then I tried to log in on the 13th and it said “Account closed”. WHY IS MY ACCOUNT CLOSED! I just opened it!! I didn’t even get to use it. Of course I call and they don’t really tell me much. I go in the branch & he said something abt security. And that there’s nothing he can do. I then proceeded to call again, and this lady actually helped me out. She said Fraud. Again how is it fraud when the account was never used…..I’m just glad I didn’t have any money in the account. That’s just so unprofessional to just close a brand new account with no explanation.

Horrible Bank

On Sunday 10/09/2022 I contacted M&T bank formerly Peoples' United Bank since they did not move any bank statements from People's United to their computer system and only have 60 days worth of transactions online to view. I asked for at least the last years worth of statements. I received a message that the statements were ready but that was only for the month of October. So now I have Sept and Oct of 2022. So I called and spoke to a pleasant customer service rep who said she could not do a full year but could transfer me to a specialist who could probably help. So after all the waiting I speak with the specialist and told her the situation and explained I need this info ASAP. She tells me it's in process since I made the request 2 days ago so I only have 8 more days to wait since it's 10 days for this request. I explained that is not going to work as this is my bank info and I needed for a court case so I legally needed it. She explains that it is my fault that M&T sent a message to the future customers that it was their responsibility to grab their statements from Peoples United and she could not help me. I explained that this was not reasonable and that just because a bank makes a policy - And as I was trying to explain this she hangs up. And it was a definite hang up. I will be closing my account with M&T ASAP. This should have already been done when switching over the systems as was done when People's United took over United bank a few years ago when we had to go through this process then.

Hot Garbage

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Good customer service but the actual services are extremely limited. Mobile app is grossly lacking as well as online banking. Falls short on so many services

25 Wasted Years

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I was a customer of this bank 25+ years. Have a credit line of $12,500 associated with my bank account. I was the payroll clerk of the school districts of Maine Endwell and Deposit in Broome County at Boces in Endicott. During covid I lost my job. If people aren't getting paid, you don't need to pay people to pay them. Just a few partial payments on the M&T credit card until I got a new job and they closed the credit line with a $11,000 balance on it, & jacked my interest up as high as legally possible. Have a 4 year old girl to house and feed. Destroyed me. All lines of credit I had with 0 balances fell like dominoes. My credit rating went from 750 to 550 and even to this day my credit reflects as near 300% usage. Only one left standing Sears, a retail credit card with a line of $5,000. A card I've had 21+ years. Sad I can depend on a citibank retail credit card more than my own bank. Can't believe their slogan is "understanding what's important." Gotta be a joke. My only real mistake is not looking for a personal loan to pay off M&T as of yet and make sure they don't get 2 cents of mine again..

Worse Experience

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I opened a checking account in mid June 2022. In the first 30 days it was fine. Then my online account was repeatedly locked for no apparent reason. First time my account was locked, I called customer service. They told me because I was out of the county in late June so they locked my account. But the account was locked 20 days after I returned. Go figure. So they unlocked my account and made me change my user name and passcode. 2 days later my account was locked again. When I called customer service, they told me the account was locked because the username /passcode was changed. Then they had someone from the security department who gave me important "instructions how on to use online banking" and their instruction was "use the correct username and passcode". Totally unbelievable! In the end they didn't know how to unlock my account and told me to wait for a few hours to login again. I asked how many is a few? and they didn't have an answer. If you open an account to use as a primary account, think twice. it may not be accessible when you need it.

Poor Customer Service

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i was appointed as a representative of my sister's estate. she had an acct with the fishkill ny branch. i flew up from florida to open up an estate acct at the bank. even though i had all the proper paper work from Dutchess County, the bank rep Claire Ban and asst mgr Vernon Foote refused to release the funds from her checking acct. i went up to get a certificate from the County in Poughkeepsie to show i had the right to collect the funds. they still wouldn't comply. they called their legal dept but they said it could take a few days to review all the paperwork. after i changed my flight plans to stay longer, the bank called and said they could release the funds. it cost me $200 to change my flight. they gave me a check but refused to open up the estate acct and said to go back to fla and do it. i couldn't understand why they didn't want to keep the funds in their bank but after arguing with them all day,i just took the check and left. clearly they do not know how to handle that kind of transaction and they were very adament that they were right. but they weren't. glad not to have to do business with them anymore.

Worst Bank Ever!

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This bank is disgraceful, I was sent a debit card to use money given to me but there was no PIN. It stated that the PIN would be sent in a separate letter, which I never received. I called asking them to help me get the pin. I was told they couldn't help me over the phone and I'd need to visit a branch - there are no branches near me. So I called again, explained the situation and I was told that the card was closed and I should not try to use it - EVEN THOUGH the expiration date on the card is 4 years out - I asked them to reopen it or do something so I could get my money and I was told that there was nothing they could do for me and there was no way for me to get the money... this bank is full of CROOKS!!!

M&T Bank, Nyack, NY

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Very friendly and very efficient service. Expert advice on mortgages and bank account strategies.

Still A Current Customer, But I Move Away Later, When Prob Unknown Years Later I Be Back In NYC.

I live near M&T Bank, but my branch closed many year ago. Now left with M&T ATM, & like half a mile a NBT Bank.
Reason why didn't use NBT Bank is, i use to close walking distant ATM, & They about the same. Well prob Customer Service is tiny bit better than M&T. But can't tell due to i don't use them much. Except parents.

Yes, my previous local M&T Bank Branch closed years ago. They were nice.
But this Branch we sometimes go to, which is 20-25 minutes away. The Manager is so rude.
I once helped my parents to open a account to open a safety Box. Bank person, so impatient, when they ask a few questions, i was asking why they asked them. & tried to translate to my parents. (Person who open the account kinda means & kinda keep asking questions.
(Suddenly she gets inpatient.
Then suddenly she talks to Manager, & then comes out Manager who says: You taking so long to open a bank account.
Then say oh you can't translate for your Parents, you have to come another day to make a appointment for a translator & you have to make a appointment on our time.
(This is clearly rejecting us.

(2. time, Many Years ago, i called in to have my card replaced, due to it couldn't swipe, due to i by accident threw my card into a washer.
The Online bank for M&T Bank didn't work properly that day.
So Called.
Asked for Address.
I Didn't know my address, so i gave 3 of them, 1st is a Po box, then address of bar below and my above. Due to my address is kinda messed up, that what landlord told us. Use 2/both addresses. (I gave our my Postal Office Po Box, & 2 addresses in same building - top floor & bar restaurant below.
Person on phone say sorry we cannot send out card.
I like i gave you all my address. & When i try to argue and ask cant they just send out the card to address they have on file. Refused.
ONLY SOLUTION i got that night, was Email them, which did send out my card.

Customer Service - 1 Star, Junk, Rude, & etc.
Mobile App & Online - 3 Star, sometimes work, sometimes not, & i notice they tend to take longer to process than other banks.
Competitive Products - NO, i just got Capital One Credit Card, with No foreign Transaction Fee, (Since i purchase from Amazon JP/Japan & China. & i get charged Fee with M&T debit Card. My Capital One Card got rid of it.

Reasonable Fees: your average Joe,

IDK how i would transfer my money to another account later.
Prob gotta figure out how to order a check, when i switch to a capital one 360 Checking account.

Horrible Service & Lied To

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Was scammed online in July; cancelled transaction with the crook, called M&T immediately and was told the money would not go through until the 12th. On the 12th they put the money through after telling them I was scammed/robbed. Was promised that someone would get in touch, would receive paperwork to fill out & complete, told to keep all correspondence. 3 days later & no paperwork but the money was put through! Called the bank and got a finger waving that I shouldn’t have done it; I was a victim of a crime &, well aware. I asked about the paperwork; was told it should be there soon. On 6th day nothing; sent follow up email and to this day no phone call or email back. I received a letter stat”after a through investigation…” the claim was denied. I’m not sure how thorough because no one has yet to call or paperwork filled out. Called customer service, who was only department who followed up about the way I was treated and was told it would have been different if it was a million dollar transaction not my puddly 2,000. After being a customer for 50 years this is how treated. My money is nothing to them and if there is a fraud department it’s a joke because no one has contacted me. Would never use this bank or recommend & if I could give a negative rating I would. Unless you have millions or don’t mind being lectured rather than having the department contact me,don’t bother. Again customer service did what they could, but not able to do anything.

Former Customer

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To whom it concern
If I could give the negative rate, I would. Do not deal with this bank. Ever. They are con artists, scammer,
do not keep promises, etc. Do not want to spent more time to describe whole story. Just ignore this bank, please. Find you business somewhere else.

Worst Banking Experience EVER!

The branch in Harrisburg, PA refused to cash a check and claimed it's fraud when it is not!

Clearly a bad bank! I wished I read all the reviews beforehand!

Defective ATM Machine Took My Money And Crazy Insufficient Fund Fees

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I deposited $350 in the ATM machine inside M&T Bank. Received a receipt from the machine saying that the transaction was not completed due to an internal error. I called customer service. I offered to fax or email a copy of the receipt from their ATM machine to prove my claim. I was informed that a dispute will be started. I requested a credit for the amount I deposited until they process their dispute. That was declined even after talking to a manager (Zach). I requested the information needed to file a complaint. The manager asked me to contact customer service again. What? Or he will file the complaint? There should be someone to file a complaint to. How can a manager be unable to provide a customer with info about where to file a complaint in the company.
Not sure how long to wait for my money to appear in my account and nobody to talk to except customer service who did not have the authority to credit my account (that what they said)


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I have had this bank for a total of three months. At this point I'm prepared to withdraw everything in it and close it out! They are absolutely horrible. First my money isn't depositing as scheduled I have to wait 24 to 48 hours extra! Second I have over draft protection. Yet they make it seem the money was taken from my available balance only to turn around and take it later. Calling it "a hold of funds." How? You charged me twice !!!! I shouldn't have 3 to 4 over draft fees. I even set up alerts to inform me I'm close to over drafting * which dont chime or email until days later* I
have had suspicious activity flagged for 1,000 which is the same amount from my job every two weeks. They have no answers and can't "fix" anything!

Horriable RUN

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I can not believe I did not look a the reviews before I agreed to bank here. I deposited my Child support check no problem, but when I deposit my Check from work it said it would be ready in 5 days? WHY!!! Banks normally hold them for 2 days to make sure the funds are there, not to mention that this check is from a well known doctors office and should not be held that long... I will NEVER deposit another penny into this account... I called customer service and the lady on the phone told me that it would be ready by Wednesday of next week, oh great I thought as that is close to my other check being deposited.. UGH I am frustrated as I am a single mom and them holding my check is putting me behind on bills....


I am writing this complaint that is in regards to the institution M&T Bank. I opened up my M&T bank account online while living in Maryland. Once I moved back to Georgia I began having issues with their banking system. Within March 2020 I noticed my M&T banking card was no longer working. I called M&T and they informed me that my accounts were no frozen due to “suspicious zelle activity”. Just a week ago I zelle myself 1000 dollars from my other account with a different bank since I did not live in a state where there was a physical brand to fund my accounts with M&T. I was then told that an investigator was going to call me and inform me about that matter. I waited 2 weeks and still no one had the decency to call me. I called M&T back and the manager and the supervisor could not help me at all, and just let me know that an investigator was going to call me. It has now been 2 months and not a single soul from M&T has informed me about this matter via cellular device or a letter via online banking or via the mail. I was then told when I called again that my accounts were going to be closed in May, and that I was going to receive a letter in the mail that Friday about the matter. It has been another 2 weeks and I have not received any letters pertaining to this matter. I only received old bank statements. Today I looked into my online banking with M&T and noticed that 400 dollars was deducted from my account titles “Zelle Return”. I am completely fed up with this institution. Not only did they not follow proper protocol to let the customer know what exactly is going on with their finances, but they also are taking it upon themselves to extract funds out of my account without any explanations. I am asking if you all will please step in at this point legally because they must be stopped.

Over Draft

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About to switch banks. They will take a week to pull out my car payment if not longer. But let there be no money in the account and they will take it out that dame day just to get a over draft fee. They will make u think you have money in your account and once you start spending they will pull all your payments out at once. Before u know it you will have two or three over drafts. And I have over draft protection

Hate This Bank

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I have accounts with several banks and this is hands down the worst. The fees are excessive considering this is not a large commercial bank. The website never works right, the rate is horrible, the online customer service is antiquated and takes a hour, and the website doesn't tell you if you personally have an issue, it just says the website is down when it isn't. Then it gives you the wrong number to call for online banking. Walk away as fast as you can.

I Hate It.........

I called M&T with a question and concern. The representative answered my question and also gave me instructions on what to do about the results of this particular question. After following these instructions i was back I square one. So my problem was not resolved. I called 4 more times. Each representative ive spoke with all answered my question differently and also gave different instructions on my concern. All of which FAILED. After doing some research on my own "thanks to Google" I soon realized what i was attempting to get accomplish couldnt be accomlish because of the type of account i have with them. Mind you when opening the account i was only told that they offered two types of accounts which was My Way Banking and Revolving Credit. So Basically all the information i was giving by every employee was incorrect. Every employee needs to be on one accord and perhaps some strategies needs to be in place for customers satisfaction. I cant even trust their word. So i dont trust them with my money

Bad Banking. RUN!!!!

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M&T is one of the worst bank me and wife have dealt with after getting a cashiers check for over $10,000 from another bank to opening a account. m&t told us that there a hold 7 day because it was a new account and there was hold on it every though it a cashier's from ESL. Once they took it I couldn't get it back. We would have to wait from 6/28 to 7/9 to get our money. Was told be numerous people that the manager could override manager at the East Avenue Winton location advise customers not to do business there very bad practices bad customer service from upper management not done yet.

Poor Customer Service

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I had to call more than 10 times and wait more than 3 weeks to unblock my online banking account. It is unbelievable!

Big Mistake

The manager from Pittston branch is the rudest person... I went to her for help and she accused me of yelling at her, told me to balance my own check book, it's my problem, can't help and than dismissed me from the bank after being a customer for about 20 years, I just ordered 40 dollars worth of checks which are no good, I give them a O O O

M and T Bank

I had had a checking and savings account with them for over 5 years with no issues. All of a sudden I'm getting overdrafts, 1 or 2 a week. I know I'm being careful and watching what I spend and what gets deposited when. $40 overdraft fee, times 2 is ridiculous. So I go to my local branch and speak with them about this issue, they agree to remove the overdraft charges and I contentedly left. It happens again the following week only this time they won't remove the fee and expect me to pay it. Furious I started looking over my bank statement comparing it to the days I did actual transactions and I realized that the dates of my purchases weren't in the right order. If they would have been my direct deposit would have been in and everything would have been covered. Instead of taking out my purchases in order, they arranged them so I would get an overdraft. Going back 3 weeks I see they have been doing this for awhile. I bring this to the bank managers attention and am given a bunch of excuses. I closed my account and haven't been back

Pretty good, easy to navigate and use

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M&T Bank is a pretty good bank I think. The service at my branch is really good and the employees are very nice, but the online website is pretty great as well. What I use the most is the usually instant transfer option to put money from my savings into my checking account. The website is also extremely easy to navigate so nobody should have any problem using it. Other than transferring money and checking my statements, I'm afraid I haven't really used too much else of the website though. At least the layout is great though. Also, I definitely prefer using the online banking statements. It saves paper and with the website so easy to navigate, I have no excuse not to use it.

M & T Plays Fast And Loose With Your SS #

M & T is the only institution that requires the FIRST 5 digits of ones SS number. Every other entity asks only the last 4. By requiring the first 5 M & T puts your financial identity at extreme risk.
All it takes to steal ones identity is the SS number and birthday. M & T is being irresponsible and reckless with their customers identity at a time when identity thieves are stepping up efforts to defraud.
All customers should demand this practice end. The last 4 digits plus other secret questions and identifiers are sufficient to verify a customers identity. M & T should cease demanding the first 5 digits and customers should refuse to provide them.

Meets my Needs

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This bank is very visible in my area so that is why I chose them. The fact that their ATMs are all over the place where I live. The website sometimes is slow and the app that I download is just a link to the mobile page so it really isn't an application. They recently just added the feature to scan a check via online by just taking a picture of it but I have yet to use it yet. When I first got the checking account, I accidentally overcharged it and I tried to call the customer support but they weren't having it. It was my carelessness so I wasn't too angry, mainly just upset about myself for letting it happen. All in all, it meets my minimum needs so that is why I am satisfied with their services.

M&T Bank: A Solid Institution

M&T Bank is a growing local bank that has alot of potential. I opened a checking and a savings account with them and the process was fairly straightforward. Making changes to the accounts is more difficult, as sometimes you must complete this at the bank branch. Due to security measures, they will not allow certain changes through the website. When I had to make an address change, I went to my local branch and the bank officer there was very receptive and helpful in making changes to my account. Overall, the bank's fees and charges on their accounts are in line with the industry, their customer service is good and while they don't have a large number of branches, accounts can be accessed through a network of ATM's. This bank should do well in the future.

Unreasonable Fees

M&T Bank was one of the first banks I had a checking/savings account with, and while they are very professional and have a very responsive and efficiente customer support, their products and fees are not up to today's standards. The overdraft fee is quite high compared to other local banks and unions, and their savings account do not yield as much interest as I had hoped. Also, their cellphone app was very outdated and difficult to use, definitely something that I was unhappy with because I definitely missed having the option of seeing my balance, among other things, online. As a first bank for a teenager or young adult who's starting out in the financial world, this isn't that bad of an option, but you should definitely switch to a bank or union with better fees and product options eventually.

M and T online Banking

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M and T bank is an excellent bank. When I use their online banking, it is easy to see your account summary, transfers, and look at your bank statements. Also, what I like about M and T online banking is they have a setting where if you have bills to pay you can set your online banking account up so the money to pay your bills is taken out of your account every month. Also, when I put money into my checking amount the money is instantly available for me to use. Savings is good to and M and T online banking because it is easy to use, same with money market, CD's and IRAs.

M&T Bank Meets Expectations and Nothing More

I signed up for M&T Bank's Free Checking account when they offered it in a promotion. I didn't want to be charged any hidden fees, and this option seemed like a good choice for basic banking. Over the course of my time with the bank, I have encountered no mistakes or blunders. At first, I was always going into the physical branches to withdraw money. The tellers were not friendly or helpful, but I don't expect much from any customer service representatives anymore. Next I learned about their ATM's, and I really loved the convenience and speed of these machines. My only complaint here is that they have changed ATM policies a few times. Initially, I could only get twenty dollar denominations and nothing lower. This was unacceptable, but I accepted it. A few years ago, they started giving out five dollar denominations, which was welcomed. However now I am always getting loaded up with smaller bills, even when I want to withdraw a couple hundred bucks. I signed up for online banking to keep track of things from home, and the process was simple. The website is hardly ever down for maintenance, and it is usually up-to-date with my deposits and withdrawals. My only complaint here is that the interface and look of the web banking is ancient and crude. They don't seem to have a modern technical department, and you could never call their operations cutting-edge. All in all, M&T Bank is a no-frills local bank. They have a ton of physical branches in western New York, and that is good enough for me.

Best everyday bank and beyond

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Great customer service throughout its many branches. Amazing online banking and mobile. Has an easy to use ability, great look and feel. Offer many good products with great rates and free checking and savings accounts including promotions such as free $150.00 with direct deposit in a checking account.

Extremely Poor Customer Service!!

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Waiting 3 months to receive $900, two extra payments they took out after the account was closed and payed in full. Several calls made over 3 months and they continue to blame the postal service for being unable to deliver the money they owe me. Just ridiculous and no customer service whatsoever!!

Pathetic Takeover Of Hudson City Savings Bank

After just 90 days my access to my previous bank accounts with Hudson City are no longer available. I am offered paper statements for $5 a statement. How pathetic when for years I was just doing my banking online. Instead of keeping that information "live" so that it could still be accessed M and T Bank shut it down. Although the $5 fee per statement was eventually waived I had to scream to get it. I am tired of banks ripping the consumer off!! It's hard to believe in 2016 in the US we are unable to have a bank merger that would allow me to still see my banking information from the previous bank. I should have been told this to prepare for it.


Why the heck is the online banking/mobile app constantly a problem for me? I am so sick of this and now it's Christmas season and I call the automated system to check my balance before a purchase and it's $400.00 missing from just last night!!!! I don't know if it's hackers or what BECAUSE I CAN'T FRIGGIN ACCESS MY INFORMATION!!! I'm so annoyed and scared what the FUCK!!!

Very Poor Customer Service

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Been a customer since 1st National buyout, recent service charges when I was told I would have none. Reported the branch to corporate HQ and they attached even MORE fees to my accounts. Also had a fraud report logged against an individual for a fraudulent check.......it took M&T over a week to process the complaint and by then the money was gone from the account. Very dissatisfied!

Literally The Worst Bank

This bank makes its money by charging unreasonable fees to consumers. Honestly, no one should bank with M&T. It's a trap.

An Appallingly Bad Banking Experience

Sadly, this bank acquired WT Direct, where I had an online savings account paying a good rate and with easy online money transfer options.

I let my money languish in M&T after the acquisition foolishly. Finally, I'm trying to get my money out of the bank and it has been inordinately difficult. They require a debit card and pin to initiate a transfer online. Well, guess what? I never received one and have no pin. I'm told it will take minimum 7 to 10 business days before they can ship me one. If I want a wire transfer, that will cost $30, which is a giant chunk than I receive in interest from this bank with it's paltry interest rate. I made $65 FOR THE YEAR in interest. They are charging me 50% of my yearly interest to get my money out of a bank that I never chose to give my patronage to. I'm disgusted.

Customer service was no help. Was told to call a local branch "to sort this all out". Sounds to me like a bank trying to make it difficult to remove money from. I'm disgusted. I will be complaining to federal and state banking regulators about my experience.

Horrible For Military

We used this bank to finance a car because they had the best rate at the time and military car sales suggested we use them. However, we quickly regretted that decision. Anytime we needed to make any changes to the account information we would have to call them up and then fax them. This is a big deal when you move every few years. Then despite that both mine and my husbands name was on all the paperwork when we bought the car they didn't put my name on the account. We called them about this issue at least 3 times and faxed them a letter stating we wanted both our name on the account, along with a power of attonery, stating that I had permission to control the account and they still didn't put my name on the account. This is a huge deal when your husband is deployed frequently.
So we scrapped every penny we could together and paid off the car just to be done with them. The day after I paid the car off they closed my account which was a problem because I got all my statement through there website which I could no longer sign into. When I called to inquire they wouldn't talk to me because they said the account I was talking about wasn't in the system.
I finally was able to at least hear the words that it had been closed a week later by calling and entering my account #.
A month after we payed it off we finally recieved the cars title and I am exstatic to be done with them.
Maybe it would have been different if we could walk in and talk to them but when your overseas or accross country you can't.
I would not recommend this bank to anyone!

Terrible Customer Service Horrible FEES!!!!

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I have had three accounts with M&T for the last 4 years, personal checking, College checking and business. The fees on the college checking account are horrible, the bank takes more of my money than my child!!! I deposit money to cover bills, they take out fees, overdraw the account, and then charge more fees because the balance is negative from their withdrawal! Terrible customer service, never hear from them when its to my advantage, just when they want to complain about my accounts. I've been trying to speak with the VP from my branch for 3 days, never in. Poor unprofessional staff at the branch, terrible service on the phone, wait forever to speak with someone and then get no help whatsoever. Terrible, petty little bank, they should have stayed in Buffalo. They can't make it in NYC. Dumb and Dumber!!!

My review of M and T Bank and Credit Union

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I recently had a visit to my local M and T branch regarding a car loan and the manager on hand was very helpful, offering to switch my savings account to a more preferably account status that would allow for a lower interest rate, if I wanted to take out a loan. The manager was kind and detailed. I trust M and T Bank and had a great experience.

Customer No Service

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We are finished with dealing with these idiots. Believe me, if you are a guardian, the staff know nothing about guardianship. RUN AWAY ... No customer service, lots of mistakes, no apology from the person making the mistakes....what a crock of bull.....No stars would be a true indication of their abilities.!!!!!!

Worst Customer Service

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Take my advice , if you are a guardian and have to do business with this bank, DON'T... Incompetent and you will never get an apology when mistakes are made......esp from the banker at fault.... Cannot believe they are one of the largest banks in the country... Go elsewhere.......

Closing Account Procedures Misinformation

Regardless what any customer service representative tells you over the phone at M&T Bank regarding the procedures in closing a matured CD account, and having the funds sent to your home address by check, you DO require a notarized letter of instruction.  I specifically asked if a notarized letter was required and was told I only needed a letter, not notarized. Well that was wrong and I had to start all over again. Incidently, they admitted they wouldn't have contacted me, and just let the CD mature into a new term at a ridiculously low rate. I was lucky I called, and emailed them, demanding confirmation of receipt of the letter 10 days after mailing it. Once I receive my funds, and they are safely deposited here in my locally owned bank, a letter of complaint will be sent to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regarding the shoddy practices at M&T Bank.


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I had the great misfortune of taking my first mortgage through this awful bank. M&T was recommended by my realtor (looking back, I realize how realty is a boy's club where everyone promotes their friends and treats their buyers like a walking paycheck). Right off the bat, they were dragging their feet. Stuff was taking more than a week at a time to turn around. Being new to the mortgage process, and being pressed for time due to an expiring apartment lease, I chose to stick with them because it seemed like it would take even more time to change banks and re-apply. Little did I expect for them to lose my forms, shuffle me between loan processors, charge me "rate lock extension" fees, and basically draw out my mortgage FOR THREE MONTHS. By the time it was nearing the end, I was yelling at my loan processor on the phone.


Now, after having read about how they notoriously screw things up when you try to do it online or by mail, I have committed to making mortgage payments in the branch, so that I will have receipts in case bogus late fees start to show up on my statements. The best part of making this sacrifice is that the tellers upsell checking/savings accounts EVERY SINGLE TIME I make a payment at the branch. It is extremely annoying. Like I am stupid enough to give them anymore of my business than absolutely necessary. It would be different if the tellers were pleasant people, but they are not polite, they have bad attitudes and they look at me like I am a villain (with the exception of one woman who is actually very nice). One of them tried to upsell an account to me, and when I told her no, she had the audacity to pry into it, wanting to know why, asking me questions about my bank, trying to push me into signing up.


Long story short - do yourself a HUGE favor, and do not do business with M&T Bank in any way.

Seems Fine To Me

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I have been with M&T for 20 years with no problems, and no, I don't keep a lot of money there, yet I have always been treated very well by customer service--in fact, extremely well.  I have no-fee checking (and connected savings), and pay nothing to use their ATM.  There are some fees of course--excess use of ACH transfer fees for example, or the use of another bank's ATM--but I'm not sure if these fees are unreasonable compared to those of many other banks/credit unions.  I guess they have to be compared.  I have managed not to pay a single fee in a decade.  M&T is a 5-star bank in terms of its financial health--in 2008 it was one of the rare banks that was financially sound.  Would you prefer a bank that is going to collapse in bad times?   I think this is a fine institution, although I have never held a mortgage here.    

Warning About M&T Bank

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The only thing you need to know about  M and T Bank is not to use them .  When we used them they altered the commitment letter and falsely represented it to us . Grossly over assessed our home putting us under water and then tried to back it up by having someone break in to our home and that was just the beginning .    If you are thinking of using M and T read this first and save yourself a lot of trouble http://mymandtbankstory.weebly.com/

M And T Has Terrible Customer Service


I entered the bank on January 30 2013 to cash a check; I have 2 business accounts and a personal account with M and T Bank. I signed the check and put a thumb print while waiting for the Teller.

When she came she was looking up the account and had to receive approval because of the amount of the check". This was a new account but I am not a new Customer. The other Teller comes and starts asking who the owner of the company is, where else did I try to cash the check, and treating me as if I was a thug that just came off the streets:. My check had cleared and been validated, the Teller proceeds to help other people without letting me know anything when I asked what is going on she tells me that they are working on it and she doesn't know what they are doing".

So I asked to speak to a Manager and she says the Manager is in the back working on something. After I insisted on a Manager and raised my voice then someone came from the back and guided me to the Manager, as I arrived in the Managers office she is calling the bank I opened the account with inquiring on my intentions.

I was never asked any questions; they were treating me as if I had bad intentions, without explaining or asking any clarifying questions! They didn't even research to see if I had any other accounts/.The customer service at this location is very unprofessional and the Tellers are very unhelpful, if you can go to another location or better yet go to another bank.


Liars!!! Run, Don't Walk To Another Bank!

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I opened my first account with M&T bank with several small checks ranging from 100-300 dollars each. Prior to signing up for the account, the bank manager told me the money would be available for my use the following business day. LIE #1. I was very clear about needing my funds the next business day before signing up. I was assured that was no problem. When I tried to access my money the next day, I was told that I "misunderstood" the branch manager who opened my account the previous day. My money will be held for five business days. Now it's clear to me that I was lied to just so I would open the account. 

NIGHTMARE #2: I opened the account over 2 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten my ATM card in the mail. I was promised by the branch manager that it wouldn't take more than 5 days!!! The customer service robots don't know where it is. For all I know, it could be stolen or.....

Next issue. I deposited $300 in local checks into my account 2 days ago. Prior to handing the checks to the teller, I asked, "Will this money be available tomorrow?" She said, "Yes." Once again, I found out the next day that all new account holders must wait 4 DAYS for their checks to clear. Lied to once again. Is this bank from the stone age or what? Do they not realize that all of their competing banks have next day funds availability?

Finally, today I went to the drive through to withdraw money. I filled out all of the appropriate paper work, gave my ID. The teller told me I had to come into the bank!!!!

Are these people trying to drive all of their customers away? I'm going in on Monday and closing out this account. This has been the worst bank I have ever dealt with in my 50 years on this earth.


Customer Service

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I had my original home loan transferred to M&T and I regret to say their customer service is terrible. Since then I have refinanced through their loan department (because no one else could do a HARP), and have gotten the same rather "who cares" attitude that I got before from everyone I have ever been in contact with. The loan processor, when asked questions about my new interest rate and required documents just said check your email, I don't have time to talk with you. When questioned about my escrow account being screwed up on my new loan, I got a condescending attitude and "keep paying until your tax statement comes in and we will give you a refund". I already have the tax statement in hand, but apparently that's not good enough. They would rather I keep paying too much each month instead of fixing it now. When asked how to update my online info to pay my new loan, more rude remarks and condescending answers. And finally, the worst. Every month, on the third day they called me to ask why my payment was not received and when it could be expected. In the grace period, mind. I have never failed to make a payment. Have been in good standing with my previous bank, etc. These people are RUDE. They act like some old school established bank that has no reason to provide decent customer service since they are doing you a favor by loaning you money. I don't think I have ever dealt with people who so completely disregard their customers on every level. Why even have "customer service" agents. Quit lying to your customers and just call them "jerks" instead. Oh, and guess what, just for calling me on the 3rd every month, they get their payment on the 15th.

Time Wasters

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Serving as a recently appointed President to a local social club, I was contacted by M&T about banking services that they could offer to us. I was told that I could visit a local branch to set-up on-line assess to an already existing account. This would make the Treasurer's job easier. I went to our local branch and spent about 45 minutes setting up the access with a banker. After, I was told that I would be charged $7.50 a month for the service because we had a business account, based on our business relationship. I canceled our on-line service and will be seeking another bank. We held an account with M&T for at least twenty five years. I also plan to hang up on all their future phone calls.

Seriosuly Trustless Bank

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When I check my online bank, unknown got $600 from my account. I asked to M&T, and they said that was their mistake (Electronic Error)... what the X.....

And they didn't compensate anything.. If I didn't check my online bank, they ate my $600.

Take Your Money Out Of M&T Bank

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This is a company that should not be allowed to deal with money at all. After working there for 11.5 years , not something I am proud of, I have seen that so called bank mistreat both customers and employees alike. If you do not have thousands of dollars in your account you are treated like trash by management and the Customer service phone line. Around 7-8 years ago they came out with a Totally Free Checking account, however if you opened one of these accounts you were treated as a nothing. You were not allowed to apply for a Line of Credit like all of the other accounts were allowed to have.  This lasted for about 3-4 years until a customer went to the Attorney General who contacted M&T and said that that was discrimination. So before they were sued by that customer they changed their policy real fast. This is just 1 example of many. Now lets just touch on one of the many fees that they have. If you have your Savings account linked to your checking and they have to draw up money for a check that came in against your account they will charge you 10.00.  Yes even if they have to draw up.25 cents they will charge you 10.00. Now that is your own money but they feel they are entitled to your money because the computer had to move .25 cents to your checking account.  A few years ago when  the Congress passed the new Reforms saying that a bank cannot allow a customers account be overdrawn with a bakcard purchase we were all given list of people we were to call and tell them how fooloish they would look if there card was declined. This was M&T's way around the reform because we had to convince them to say that was alright to do because they did not want to look foolish. This was just another way to get more fees wheather it was a 37.00 NSF fee or a 10.00 for moving money from your savings account or dipping into your Line of Credit which you are charged a 10.00 fee plus intrest. Again this is just 1 of the many hidden fees.  So I am going to say TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF M&T otherwise just remember that you are giving your money to a company that has no morals or feelings for its customers.   

A Headache Every Time

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When my mortgage was bought by M&T bank I was happy at first as M&T is a smaller bank and should be personable, right? No way!

Every month I get a letter and frequent calls stating that they have not received my payment. Payments are made through direct transfer and the originating bank says that payments are delivered on time but M&T does not process them until after the due date. So they get an extra $50 late fee from me every month.

In short, M&T sucks.

Absolutely The Worst Bank I Have Ever Dealt With.

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If you're thinking about using M&T Bank for anything do yourself an enormous favor, and don't do it. If I could have given it no stars I would have. PUT SIMPLY THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES.

Mortgage Transferred - NIGHTMARE

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My mortgage, which is in good standing with no late payments and I have had for over 10 years was transferred to M&T Bank in December 2011.  

I had some difficulty setting up my online account and had to call customer service which I waited over 20 minutes for. 

M&T Bank calls me starting on the 3rd day of each month stating this call is an attempt to collect a debt and if I don't answer my phone the first time they call...they call again and again and again. One day they called 7 times within one hour!! My payment isn't even late!!!!

This bank and their policies are ridiculous and their customer service is terrible. When I ask why they call so much, they say they have the right to start calling on the 3rd of each month and will not stop calling until the payment is made.  That is harrasment in my book considering my payments are paid within my grace period and I have never had a payment that has been over 30 days late! 

I never experienced anything like this with any other bank, I hold two mortgages on two different real estate properties and have a good credit rating and I am tired of being treated like I don't pay my bills! 

Something needs to be done about this bank and their "policies", they have good customers who deserve to be treated with respect.


My mortgage was transferred to M&T in December. Quick note--If your loan has been transferred everyone knows there is a grace preiod because your new mortgage servicer has to create a new file ,get all the loan information, and update the borrower. Before I even received payment coupon, I received me a letter that my loan was past due and my home was at risk of foreclosure---it wasn't even the 1st of the month!!!! I emailed (and never received a reply) and called to clarify the information. After waiting over 20 minutes to get a representative on the line, I was told they didn't have all my information but it was probably a mistake. She then told me that M&T doesn't send out a a payment coupon. SOOOO RIDICULOUS. So I hung up and called back, again after a 20 minute wait I spoke with someone else who was able to tell me where to send my payment to and  assured that my loan was in good standing.

M&T must have nothing better to do with their time because they call me every 3rd of the month (YES you read correctly-- 3rd day of the month) asking for my payment. Its  annoying, I have had my mortgage since 2007, I have excellent credit, I have not been late once and they keep calling me.

I am currently speaking with another lender to refinance and can only hope i do not ever get transferred back to M&T.

If you have a loan or are currently banking with M&T...grab your money and run!

M & T Bank Must Not Have Enough Staff To Answer Their Phone Lines. Good Time To Help Create Jobs By Hiring Some More Employees!

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My loan got sold to this M&T bank. Every time I try to call their customer service line, I am on hold for over 30 minutes so I end up haning up on the line as it's costing me minutes with my phone company. I then send them an email about the issue, as I'm just trying to reset my access to get onine. When they call back and leave a message (takes them a few days to get back), I have to call back to the same line where I am on hold forever! I hate this bank and will be looking to get my loan out of this company.


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They Stink!

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Onerous document requirements to open an online account, and not clearly stated at the time of opening.

Service ; They Don't Know What The Word Means. They Will Fee You To Death!

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With hundreds of thousand dollars in their bank on which they are paying me nothing, last month they are trying to charge me $266.00 in fees. I would not recommend them to a dog.

Had The Misfortune Of Having These Idiots Buy My Mortgage

After having my mortgage for a year without one single problem with my old mortgage servicer, I have had several in a couple months with M&T.  They called to greet me as a new customer to ask if I had any questions, but when I asked them if I could pay biweekly they had no idea.  And they didn't refer me to anyone to find out.  Why the heck did they even call, then?  What a waste of time!

Next, they now need all these new documents that my old bank didn't need.  The heck with them, I am not sending them anything. 

Finally, if you pay at the end of the month but the payment takes a couple days to get to them to be processed, they call you at your work and treat you like a deadbeat.  They called me on the 6th of the month, even though the grace period for paying is until the 15th.  Not sure what the point of that is, they acted like I was about to get foreclosed on or something, they should spend thier time on people months behind, not a couple days.  Just for that, I will pay on the 15th online from now on just to piss them off!

How can something so simple get screwed up so bad?  All they need to do is accept my mortgage payments and leave me alone.  No calls, no document requests, no berating me.  I hope another bank buys them and lays off all thier idiot employees.

Over Charging Small Business And High Interest Rates

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M & T Bank raised my rate to 15.98 percent after taking 600 million in TAFT Money and bailing them out to also purchase Provident bank in Maryland who also took 50 Millikon at the same time.


The small business cash flow line of credit  is extremly unfair and loan sharking and the Government needs to Investiaget the business pratices and Look at the loan they gave m & T at the same time they are able to purchase a bank,

Customer Service

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Ever since M&T took over Wilmington Trust, It has been a big hassle. I called about a $400+ fee that had showed up in my account, and after being redirected  three times, was told it was happening to everyone that day!? Got a promise of a call back.....never got one, but at least the fees were taken off. Also, had about $2600 worth of checks returned with no explanation, with available funds over the returned amount....had to call 6 times to get a response.... said they would call back...they never did. Just got charged $175- in fees for this...one month later....called customer service, gave me a boss at my branch in Newark, DE....he was mad they gave me his direct line! Had an assistant call me 7 hours later...said he didn't have time to look into it till after the weekend. My guess is he won't.

Running a business is hard now, and having to check your account daily for bank errors is getting to be a hassle, especially when you know they don't care. I really miss the stellar service of Wilmington Trust. They were such an asset to my business...M&T is a bad liability.

M&T ,Short For Morons And Twitts.

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M&T Bank has no loyalty to their customers that have been with Wilmington Trust since their existence Their caring commercial is so fake it should be fraudulent. The manager and others give false and unknowing advice, if any at all. Go somewhere else. I went to pnc. Wow. People can still be courteous to the elderly in the community.

Terrible Experience Of Former WT Direct Customer

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My account was transferred from Wilmington Trust Direct to M&T, and that was a disaster. The process to get access to my account again took more than an hour on the phone, with very unfriendly CSRs. A few months later my account DISAPPEARED! I could log in online, but the account was nowhere to be found. After I called them, they told me that the account was deemed dormant, with claimed 'years' of not being used, although it was only a few months of non-usage and even fewer months since the account was tranferred. First they told me to visit a branch to resolve it, but searching for the closest branch to Miami, FL turned out nothing, and I could not find branches without entering any zip code (and have no idea which zip code I should search for). The headquarters seem to be in Buffalo, NY, which would mean that I have to travel 1200 miles to redeem $40! :-D During my last call they promised to send me a form to perform that task, so now waiting for that and see how the adventure continues.

I do not understand how a bank, even local one, can stay in business with such archaic procedures in place and such unfriendly and rude personnel. Maybe it is seized account money that people do not bother redeeming which keeps them afloat...

How Can You Give A 0 Star Rating?

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Hands down the worst bank I have ever dealt with. Their customer service reps tell you to deal with everything online. The online banker always says to call a customer service rep. The branch managers do the minimum to help you and neglect to do everything they should do......and FAIL to notify corporate office of name address changes. They will cancel your cards without notification and they will run you around in circles when you try to get your own money. IF YOU WANT A GOOD BANK THAT BENDS OVER BACKWARDS TO HELP YOU GO TO PNC!!!!!!

Charging Fees For Using My Money

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I've had an M&T account since I was in high school (31 years) and am currently unemployed.  My unemployment ran out (amazing how hard it is to find a job as a laid off 48 year old corporate trainer) and I have to live on what little is left in my bank account.  I sometimes transfer money from my saving to checking account to cover charges; I just got a letter saying that FDIC regulations permit this to happen 6 times a month, but M&T charges $10 each after 4.  News to me, so I called customer service and ended up talking to Jennifer, whose title was (believe it or not) "Relationship Banker!"  She succeeded in single handedly turning me off from M&T.  Her "relationship" skills involved telling me "it's policy." 

Having been a corporate business trainer for over 15 years, I know how business works.  She didn't.  I've probably had my bank account longer than she's been alive.  She was rude, unemotional, and unhelpful.  I was, BTW, very cordial at first, then firm without being mean later on (and I have a witness to this!)  I know you don't get good service by being an ass.  I kept my cool and eventually got her to reverse the charges, but I will start looking into credit unions tomorrow and finally end my long-term relationship with M&T as soon as humanly possible.


Why can't I give zero stars???

Warning For Former WT Direct Customers Who Are Now M&T Bank Customers - Terrible News

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M&T completed their acquisition of WT Direct recently. They moved over the WT Direct customers to M&T last weekend -- and the results are APPALLING! This could be the WORST direct banking experience ever....

1) M&T charges $3.00 for an outgoing ACH!!!!

2) M&T has a $10,000 per day OUTGOING limit!!!

3) M&T won't let you access more than $10,000 per day UNLESS you go into a branch. And if you want to close the account and request a check, they require that a letter be sent via US Mail (they won't accept any faxes).

I found that the M&T customer service reps (with their overly solicitious "we apologize for any inconvenience") talk like with brain-dead zombies....who have no clue about "customer service". Adding insult to injury, their interest rates are considerably lower than Ally Bank, Amex Direct, etc.

Anyone who was happy with WTDirect will be horrified by M&T Bank -- and if you have a large balance that you need to withdraw (and you aren't near a branch), allow weeks to get at your money (and $3 per withdrawal too!)

Don't Bother...They Can't Even Open An Account Online Right!

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I opened my account online about 2 months ago and I am seriously regretting it. They sent me a checkcard right away, but didn't send any temporary checks or even the freaking account number.  The idiot customer service reps couldn't even give it to you over the phone and told me that I would have to physically go into a branch to get the account number. So I go into the branch, get the account number, and then call customer service to attempt to set up online banking.  Call customer service and they tell me that the account number isn't in the system. So I go back to the branch and ask them what's up? They then tell me I have to make a $25.00 deposit in order for the account to become active. WHY DO YOU THINK I NEEDED THE ACCOUNT NUMBER IDIOTS? So I deposit $25.00 cash to make the account "active" so I can now call customer service.

Mind you, I never received my account number or disclosures in the mail.  Not once. About a month or two later I make 4 ATM withdrawals for the first time.  Not only do you have to pay the ATM Withdrawal fee, but M&T charges you an addition $2.00 for each withdrawal so instead of a withdrawal just costing the ATM Fee at the ATM its that plus $2.00 from the bank bringing your withdrawal fee to $4.00+ on every transaction.  I rarely go to the ATM and realized I didn't take out enough the first go around and had to go back a few times which is something I never do.I call customer service, same rude reps that say it can't be refunded, won't be refunded, and the ATM fee was in the disclosures...the disclosures I never received because they never sent them to me! Basically 4 withdrawals at the ATM cost me about $20 in ATM fees.

Run!! If you DON'T plan on using the ATM, wanting an account number, or even professional customer service representatives, then this is the bank for you.  All this is not worth getting so called "free checking" account. I primarily do my major banking with credit unions and decided to open this account because it was close to my office for small deposits I don't feel like going to the credit union for.  This bank is the WORST!

Customer Service

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I have 3 accounts with M&T for 11 years and will close them all.

Customer service is terrible!  My average wait time for a simple transaction is 14 minutes and they couldn’t care less.  They are not at all helpful! Not friendly!  Not apologetic!

The branches are ugly!

The cut off time is 2 30 while all other banks in my area cut off at 5 or later

The hours are not accommodating

Transactions take forever to clear

Drive thru is a hassle till a teller comes

To summarize I checked out many other banks and there is no reason to bank with them there is nothing they provide that others don’t and there is lots that other banks provide and M&T does not.  I spook to the branch manager and regional manager many times but got no where !  


Safe Deposit Box Policy

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Do not open a safe deposit box at any M&T Bank.

If you do or already have one, make sure that you never close out a safe deposit box before your paid up year / annual fee is up.  While most other banks will prorate a refund for the portion of the year that remains.  M & T Bank does NO refund.  I had a safe deposit box with them for many years.  The $125 annual box fee was paid in full in January.  The box was closed out in mid-March --- approximately $90 they keep.  The "theft" of this is that they can still rent the box during the time that remains of my $90 and make an additional $90.  The "customer service" staff just kept repeating the "company line."  This is true double dipping.

-- consumer rip-off at its best.

There should be a NO star rating available. That is what M&T would receive.

Great Bank To Build A Relationship With

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I've had an account at M&T since literally the day I was born (thanks grandma!). If you do more than just use them for a free checking account, they really treat you well. I have my mortgage with them, and in return, I now get a waiver for all Non-Bank ATM fees, PLUS a reimbursement for all the fees charged by OTHER BANKS when I use their ATM...the bottom line is that all ATMs everywhere are now "my" ATM, I never have to pay to get money! They've also given me a free safety deposit box, free money orders, free wire transfers, free personal checks, etc. They're kind of a regional bank, so if you travel around a lot you might not want to use them just for getting cash from an ATM, but if you want to build a great banking relationship, this is the way to go.

False Advertising; Liars; Cheats

We've had an account here for only 3 months. They said we got rewards for using our debit/credit card and that we had to do all transactions as credits and sign or we would be charged for pin/debit purchases. I wasn't crazy about only using the charge side of the card, but both of our last banks didn't have rewards and I thought that was great that they had it and it was a good trade off. BOY WERE WE DECEIVED!!! In 3 months, over $10,000 has come through our checking account without being eligible for reward points. Apparently, they don't sign you up when you join (quite a benefit, huh?), and even though they advertise it as a benefit, they don't give it to you and even though it is THEIR error, they will not give me "points" for all the eligible purchases I've made and should have gotten points for. AND, I don't have to put my John Hancock out there for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see. I am not charged for pin/debit charges (I found out today). Apparently, I was lied to. I won't be eligible for any reward points if I use the debit/pin, but I'm not getting them anyway, so who cares? And though ALL ATM transactions are free; and although all pin/debit transactions are processed like ATM withdraws; (the following quote is from a MandT customer service rep)" pin/debits transactions at say, Walmart, are for SPECIFIC amounts unlike ATM withdraws". Apparently, you will be charged, depending on the type of account you have. I think the person setting up your account aught to know what types of accounts the bank offers and the specifics of each. I think we would have done better to get and read a pamphlet first. I guess, $20, $40 and $100 are not specific amounts (typical ATM withdrawl option examples). A long-time friend that worked for them had recommended them. She left FT employment to care for elderly parents and I don't have the heart to tell her that her beloved bank is a CROOK!!! If you want cheated, lied to and a company that WON'T FIX THEIR OWN MISTAKES, then this bank is for you. In the words of Mand T and all the other crappy and/or rip-off companies' customer service reps, "Have a nice day."

Most Ignorant And Worst Bank Hands Down

I don't recommend M&T at all. I called in for a stop loan payment on my checking account that is automatically withdrawn 2 weeks in advance and to have some kind of payment book or mail delivered to me so i can get them the money. This is all due to the fact that im vacationing in California for awhile and M&T doesn't exist out here. so the customer service gentleman told me everything was cool after i gave him the information he asked for to complete the task. Down the road i hadn't received any mail and went on-line to check. Sure enough there's a overdraft of $81.92 and the loan payment normally of $45.71. So i called their very rude customer service and explained things very rationally and calmly tho no lie i was extremely pissed when they were telling me there was no record of anything and there was nothing they could do. I spoke to the woman very nicely even tho she was a very rude customer service rep about the situation and i just wanted to reverse the charge that was made and have the paperwork that i needed to make the payments sent to me to California from Pennsylvania so they could get their money. i just didn't want the overdraft charge due to MAYBE SOMEONE POSSIBLY HADN'T DONE THEIR JOB???? I eventually spoke to a supervisor and explained it to her. She was even more nasty. I talked to her about the gentleman who possible hadn't done his job but she would not have any of my side of the story.Throwing bank regulations and policies at me raising her voice every-time i would try to get a word in. As there was no proof except the time i called it in which should be proof enough that i DID speak to this gentleman. There are many things they could have done for me and we couldve worked it out but M&T throws a fit over a small $37 overdraft fee that they lost my business once i pay them the $81 i "owe" them. Most customer service centers and bank personnel respect those customers who try to understand the banks side and not scream at employees when something goes wrong. Most Bank employees will try to help you and do what they can if you present your case nicely... Not M&T My advice i was being responsible with the knowledge i was given. I was respectful and courteous to the staff because if i was them i wouldn't want someone screaming at me either. In the end you just get stepped on by M&T. Worst Bank experience but its just my opinion.

aside from the above statment.
Very nasty customer service, tons of hidden fees and fine print, takes forever for a check or transaction to clear, employees dont have any compassion or common sense; they are a slave to the bank and will spew the regulations at you till they pass out.

M&T is by far the worst bank ive ever dealt with and this experience is just one of many problems m&t has given me. Save the trouble and go elsewhere.

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