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Aggressive Customer Service

NASAFCU seemed like an excellent Credit Union to open a charge card with. Boy was I wrong. They changed the web access and made paying your card payment extremely difficult as you must either link another account or carry your checking account with them. Once you link an account NASAFCU will log in to your bank daily and the only way to stop them from logging is to unlink your account. Once you do, paying your monthly payment is nearly impossible. And if you call the customer service you will be berated, aggressively questioned without ample opportunity to even respond, they will then punish you by charging junk fees, and reducing your credit limit in order to put you in a position to pay more junk fees.
I have never been treated by any banking services so poorly by the employees. I have never missed a payment. But due to the difficulty getting my payment to them without giving them access to my regular bank account I am five days late with my payment this month.
I have been treated like someone who has NEVER MADE A PAYMENT AND IS TRYING TO GET OUT OF PAYING. It is ridiculously unbelievable.

Very Long Delay To Open CD

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I filled out paperwork on 1/22 for the cd and per their emails have approved my credit but due to very high demand are still not able to open my account. they have guaranteed that I will receive the rate that was offered and the opening of the process. However, I still have liquid money at a lower rate sitting waiting for this account to go live.

Great Credit Union For Cds

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Had a CD mature last week. Filled out an online wire form, received a confirmation call from NASA several hours later, wire went out at 1pm EST, no hassle. $15 outbound wire fee is less expensive than many. Fee was worth it to me for same day service. NASA is one of the most professional credit unions to work with.

Don’T Waste Your Time.

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Trying to buy a CD, filled out new account application on 7-6-23, which looks like a loan application and requires a lot of personal info. Was twice told they didn’t have copy of my ID, which they did have since 7-6; each time had to call and verify that they did have it. Last message from NASA ~ 7-23 was that they required proof of residency. So, 3 weeks with no results, and the availability of the good CD rate about to expire at end of July, I just gave up on buying a CD with NASA.

Nightmare Bank

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NASA Federal Credit Union is a nightmare bank. Here's my story. I noticed my savings had a 1.4% money market rate while most banks are 3-5% so I decided to withdraw my funds. The first ACH was rejected because it was not drawn from the correct account. At that point I spoke with a supervisor who suggested I consolidate the funds into my NASA savings account so there would be only one account and therefore, no confusion. He also suggested I send a secure email explaining that AFTER my account balance is zero, to proceed with closing my account. My 2nd ACH for an amount equal to my balance was rejected. This time the reason given by the destination bank was "account closed". Huh?

Yes, NASA closed my account PRIOR to my account showing a zero balance, contrary to the my email directions.

It gets worse.

I contacted NASA and the two supervisors I spoke with apologized profusely and admitted bank error for closing my account prematurely. NASA did not notify me until after the fact that it sent out a check which I have yet to receive for the balance in my account. I asked NASA to stop payment on the check and wire the funds instead. NASA told me that stopping a check is a 30 day process so I'd be worse off. 30 days? What kind of bank is this?

Meanwhile, the destination bank that had the two ACH rejections lowered my transfer limit dramatically so it is practically useless. In order to restore the transfer limit, the destination bank required proof that NASA was to blame for the ACH screw-ups.

This morning, despite already verbally admitting that NASA was to blame for closing my account prematurely, this morning's NASA supervisor would not put in writing that NASA was at fault. She instead escalated it to a "regional manager". Finally, that regional manager, Chanelle Williams, prepared an email with the supervisor that did NOT explicitly admit fault. Instead the email used the phrase "due to a miscommunication". There was no miscommunication. NASA did not follow a clear written email directive to close my account AFTER my account was at zero balance.

NASA's incompetence is one thing. But the lack of integrity is an even more glaring red flag.

NASA FCU Has Just Included A Mandatory Arbitration Clause In Its Customer Agreement

If you don't want to be bound by mandatory arbitration, you need to tell NASAFCU in writing in accordance with the terms in the new clause in the customer agreement which I received on 7/21/23.


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I tend to agree with ALL the one-star reviews. I uploaded the excessive amount of information they said they needed. I received a message from Customer Support that they had everything needed and that my account is "pending review".

Called Customer Support twice... while prompt and pleasant all they could say was my application is pending review, and had NO IDEA when this might be completed. ALL for a good yield CD???

Okay, so after ONE MONTH with NO UPDATE AND NO PROGRESS I asked them to just cancel my application... I'll take my money elsewhere.

Hard Credit Pull

It is not clear on their web site, but they do a hard credit pull for opening a savings account.

This is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary.
It is damaging to their potential customers and it is not obvious to new applicants that their credit scores will suffer just to open a savings account.


My Only Complaints

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There is a minimum $10,000 to open a cd and I prefer using a mobile deposit to get my money into the bank, but that has a maximum of $5,000. Every time I want to open a cd I have to call to get the deposit limit raised. Then call back to have the money moved from checking to the cd. But they do it immediately and I appreciate that. Everyone I've spoken to has been friendly and helpful and I've been with them for years.
You can use partner banks to get your money out, (they don't do EFT) but in my experience they charge $5- $10 for a cashiers check, so I suggest you open a free checking account and pay yourself upon maturity after instructing them to close and transfer the funds.

NASA Credit Union An Excellent Experience

I joined the NASA FCU through a complimentary membership to the National Space Society. Their Reps were friendly, courteous, and efficient and their CD rates competitive. The process to move my funds in from another credit union was handled smoothly and professionally. I was happy to join this one.

Waste Of Time.

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I applied for a cd on
June 27th. Only 2 weeks later they told me my credit report has to be unfrozen in order to proceed. This is AFTER they requested personal documents TWICE. They NEVER replied to 5 messages i sent over the 2 weeks. DODGED A BULLET.
Many other banks that provide good service.

Truly The Worst Customer Service

Terrible online system to upload documents. They do not get back in touch except to tell you that docs you already uploaded are required. This repeats several times. Then they neglect to mention you needed to unfreeze your credit ratings but not which rating service. Their customer support reps are friendly but ineffective. A total WASTE OF TIME. Look elsewhere to avoid this time sink.

Best Rates In Market And Fantastic Customer Service!!

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You can't beat their share certificate rates! Highest around (as of this review). Customer service has been fantastic too! I opened a 9 month cd last month and rates recently went up. I called and they renewed the cd with the new rate .I had already received a monthly interest payment so they closed the cd out at no penalty and open a new one with the newrate and maturity date 9 months out.. Next day I decided to add more funds so I called again. They once again closed the cd with no penalty and opened a new one with the new amount. Along I was 12th in the call queue the wait was only a minute or 2 tops.

One note - by default sending funds from this bank to anywhere or pulling funds using this bank as the pull source has a 10k daily limit. The workaround is to simply use your external bank as the push/pull source to/from here instead of initiating anything from the nasa end. Once you setup those external links on your bank's sites, moving money is easy and very quick. I did a 2 bank transfers from different banks and they both completed next day. Use the nasa epn # (not your nasa account #) for where to send money to send money to your nasa account

Maximum Daily ACH Is $10,000

Difficult to quickly fund or withdraw due to a $10K ACH limitation. If you want to open a CD for $50K you would either have to make a deposit of $10K for 5-days, pay for a wire transfer, or mail-in a check. Customer Service did respond to requests within the same day when I reached out to inquire about the Daily ACH limitation.

Good And Sound Minded Bank

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NASA-FCU distinguishes itself as a good and sound minded bank for investor. They do what they stipulate and advertise, contrary to cesspool of banks operating on the margins of CFPD sanctions, against their own stipulated terms and disclosures, e.g., UFCU-Texas and Capital1.

Very Fast Approval At NASA FCU

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Applied online on a Friday around noon for a savings and 49 month CD joint account and was approved by Saturday morning. I then created my account online. There was no reason to snail mail them any information during this process.

NASA does not have a branch in AZ, but they do have CO-OP shared branches. I found one on their website that was open on a Saturday, so I went there and deposited a check to the savings account to fund both the savings and CD. When I got home the amount was shown on my account online. all within 24 hours of starting the process.

It took a few days for the check to clear. I had to call them to have them transfer the money from the savings to the CD so I could start accruing the interest of 4.75%. I could not accomplish it online because the deposit was being shown with a hold on the funds in the savings account. I called and the customer service rep was great and accomplished the task for me in minutes.

I talked to their customer phone line 3 times with questions, and each time was very pleasant experience. I liked that they tell you exactly how many customers are ahead of you on hold, and they update it every few minutes. Think the longest wait was maybe 15-20 minutes.

I was concerned that the CD rate would not be honored if it was not funded by Jan 31st, since that is what it said the limited offer was good until on their website. But they said that i had 10 days to fund it after approval. Looks like the offer is still valid now into February.

Good Customer Service On The Phone

The person I called to answer the question to the reason outside electronic transfers were limited to $500 was pleasant but was only parroting the company line that deposits were limited for "customer protection". I asked how was limiting a deposit to $500 protecting the customer but she could not give me a good answer. I will probably close my account since this CU cannot transfer reasonable amounts of money.

Amazing Customer Service

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Having just gone through the steps of Membership Application and Transfer of an IRA, I'm pleasantly surprised by the Customer Service level. Each Rep I dealt with was pleasant and went out of her way to be helpful. I received automated acknowledgements of notes and documents that I sent them and very prompt substantive responses.

Filled out the Membership Application and emailed copy of drivers' licenses for joint account. No further documents requested by them. Having done many of these over the years, I note that the IRA Department was second to none. in getting the details as we requested.

Knowledgeable, quick response. From conversations, it was clear the Credit Union makes note of comments from the public and tweaks things like online interaction.

Customer Service

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I agree with some of the issues customers have had with NASA. However I have found that when doing online chatting with their representative they are very helpful, knowledgeable and competent..The great thing about doing online chat is that YOU have the ability to download a transcript and prove what was said or not said.
Lets all face reality....Customer service anywhere with pretty much any business or bank is not what it used to be 10, 15 or 20 years ago.
I just spent 2 days and made maybe 20 calls to different branch offices trying to contact a single national well known bank. Every time, if the phone was answered it was by an automated teller that either couldn't understand English or would disconnect.
Knowledgeable people who take pride in their work are hard for any company to hire. Why...because most companies who have such employees are going to do anything reasonable to keep them!
I think most(not alll) businesses and banks want to do the right thing by their customers. But remember most businesses today have a Board of Directors or Shareholders they have to answer to. If they are doing something WRONG gather you proof and email the President, CEO or Board with you proof

To The Moon!

Excellent experience! Not sure why folks giving poor scores because NASA is asking for your details before they do 'business' with you. Someone lending you money wants to know who are and if you can pay them back? Seems pretty standard. The rate check was simple and nice to know before I applied.

Credit Check

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there is no requirement for a bank or credit union to run your credit union to run your credit to deposit money. do your research before applying so they don't waste your time

Don't Join This Idiotic Institution

Wayyyyyy too conservative for lending purposes. Will give you something lending wise initially....if you're lucky. After that you will be lucky to get anything after that. Reps are rude as hell like chill out you work for a bank called nasa and give out Star Trek credit cards settle down losers.

New people beware

Currently Best Rates/Excellent Customer Serivce

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It's so nice to speak to customer service reps that can accurately answer my questions and anticipate additional questions. They are very detailed oriented. Of the many banks I have dealt with, they are among the very best. (This review was updated on 6/20/23.)

Security Issues

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Wanted too much info to open a savings account. SS original card was overkill.

Then they insisted on me unfreezing my credit which was mandated by the US military and the government.

I will never do that as the Peoples Army cyber command has over one million files on people with a security clearance.

All other banks and CUs gladly take my money without reservation with full service. Only if I need a CC do I need to unlock my credit which I never do.
I have all the CCs I need for life.

Unlocking your credit for just one entity may cost some fees and expose your account to fraud.

If you don't care about all these issues then NASA is for you.

Trying to get them to delete all my sensitive files from their system at this time.

I Believe All The Negitive Reviews

I dealt with NASA CU for about 10 minutes. I got a bad feeling. I WILL stay away.

Too Many Hoops To Jump Though For A Simple CD!

Decided that I was going to put some of MY money into a CD or 2 here and went through delay after delay on approval. From me unfreezing credit reports, to giving answers that didn't make much sense, I decided that if they want to make people jump through that many hoops to hold MY money, they are NOT going to have my business! There are others players in the banking world, and NASA CU is not going to be one of mine.

Lots Of Info Needed To Join

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Not comfortable that just in the application process they wanted way more info than I've ever given to a bank before (would be my 4th FI since I retired). Mother's maiden name, pics of my driver's license. This to just apply through their "affiliate program". I probably would be ok if this info was asked after a conditional acceptance, but I guarantee that amount of info, if hacked would pretty much be a "katie, turn out the lights situation". I get that they need to protect themselves but I was going to be moving bunches of money into an IRA CD. Looking at MikeQ's post (Declined with no reason given) that was enough for me to not proceed. If you liked the movie "Fools Rush In" this must have been a sign to wait for the Fed meeting!! (I did have problems even getting that far so I called and the CSR was very pleasant so why the 5 stars there...browser reco was Chrome)

Completely Incompetent!!

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I applied to open a 6 month CD on 8/23. On the 26th they reached out stating they needed more information, one of which was a copy of Social Security card. I gave them (again) a copy of my Drivers License and a utility bill showing my name and address. I informed them I have not seen my SS Card in decades nor have I ever been asked for it before and requested advisement. They responded asking me to verify where I was located at time of application, which I provided on the 26th via Secure message. They never acknowledged my response but continued to email me asking to verify my location in order to complete my application. On the 30th, after receipt of the third email I cancelled my application with them. I have been opening CD's for over 45 years and have never had this type of experience. Too much competition out there to deal with this much incompetence for a CD.

Easiest CU I Ever Signed Up For

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The application was simple. My account was opened immediately. Wish other could be like this.

Unreachable, Uncaring, Unprofessional

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I had money sitting in my own bank account for a month waiting for them to approve my application for a CD. They had the best rate I could find, but they do not respond to chat or email and we are in different time zones, so I could not reach them by phone easily. When I finally got them I asked why they want copies of my lease, copies of my SS card, etc. that NO other banking institution has ever asked for, the person did not know and provided NO information at all. AGH!!!!! I would rather get a lower % interest rate and deal with more competent people.



SO Far SO Good! Best Choice!!!!

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We are in the process of opening IRA accounts for Husband and wife. It has been easy so far and the customer service has been excellent! (unlike other institutions where there is no customer service). I will post again at the end of all transactions.

3 hours after original post: Members!!!! Easy Breezy!

Update: Excellent experience!!!! Customer Service in Special Account have been exceptional! Thank you especially Crystal and Drew! I highly recommend NASA FCU!!!

December 5, 2023 The best! Just opened 2 more certificates. Very happy with the customer service and rates. Thank you again Drew, Crystal and others!

Great Rates And Service

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It was a little difficult to get registered but worth the trouble. I have been very happy with the service I have received from phoning in. I am looking forward to a long relationship with NASA. Great CD rates

Above Market Rates On CD's Not Worth The Hassle

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One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had with any type of bank or credit union. The enhanced interest offered on CDs right now is not worth the hassle of dealing with NASA FCU. Maybe if you could physically walk into a branch and complete the transaction you would have a better experience however attempting to complete the transaction from outside of their service area was a joke. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Inept & Unprofessional

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I seldom write negative reviews but this experience is noteworthy. I have dozens of CDs with multiple banks/FCUs. Some do require more information (i.e. a credit pull, social security card, driver’s license, & utility bill) than others…I can deal with that. I uploaded these forms of ID to NASA FCU but they sent an email saying they still needed them so I uploaded them again. 2 days later, I received an email asking for these ID items again. I uploaded them a 3rd time and called customer service to verify. After a lengthy wait, a CS representative verified they received them. The next day, my application for a CD was rejected because I had not uploaded the ID items. Such a waste of time!

Declined With No Reason Given

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After 4 days of back and forth...utility bills, social security card, drivers license, unfrozen credit (at all 3 bureaus because they would answer which one) I was declined for a SAVINGS ACCOUNT with no reason given.
I have an 810 at Expirian and an 836 at Equifax and I was declined for a SAVINGS ACCOUNT, without an explanation! This process was way more difficult than opening an account at Vanguard or Schwab and it was just a SAVINGS ACCOUNT! Save yourself the time and effort an skip NASA FCU.

Require Hard Credit Pull

Be aware that they will perform a hard credit pull on your report.

Lots Of Hassle To Open Account

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Day 5 after initial application. After applying they wanted a copy of my SS card, I don't have an original so I sent a copy of my statement. Next day they requested a copy of my DL, after I initially sent it with the application. Next day they wanted to know what city, state did I make my application in. These emails come at 3am, I have Do Not Disturb on so it didn't go off what bank sends you email at 3am. Then the next day at 3am they sent another email asking where I applied at again. I'm still listed as pending on their web portal. On the plus side, when I called they said I could set a CD to auto payout at maturity. They have a 15 month CD @ 1.05% but at this point I don't know if an extra 15 basis points is worth hassle. I'll probably just leave the $5 in the required savings account and see what they're like to deal with after that. If your look for an easy relationship I'd pass on NASA Federal.

CD Opening

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I opened a CD account online. I don't recall it being that much of a hassle, and I wanted that great 49 month CD rate. Once it was opened, I had 30 days to fund it. I did the trial deposit thing and ACH'd the money from my bank to the savings account. Their limits don't apply when you initiate from your bank. Also, it is true that you cannot then switch the money to the CD, however, they are very responsive to the message function. They replied within a couple of hours and moved the money immediately. I did not have to call.

Difficult To Join--Poor Communication And Unreasonable Requests For Info

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First, thank you to everyone who has shared their experience. I wish I'd read this before I attempted to join.

Their CD rates are good, so I decided to join. Yikes. I had few questions, so I called first, a solid 20+ minutes wait, though the person I spoke to was professional. I applied online. It took 4 days for them to look at my application, though their auto-robot kept emailing me and asking me to upload requested document that I'd already uploaded. Then, like others here, they started asking for more and different documentation, including access to my credit report. I have a credit freeze, so lifting it is kind of a pain. Why do they need a credit report for me to give them money? I've never needed to do this to open a CD anywhere. Also, I'm opening it in the name of my trust. Initially they asked for one part of the trust doc, then they wanted more. At a minimum, their requirements are not clear. When I had called, I'd asked the person for a list of the docs I needed to provide, so I could have them ready. She said, "It depends " and that they'd email me after I applied. Their auto-robot had sent a list, but it was not complete. Anyway, this all seems like a bad sign. In theory, businesses are on their best behavior before they have your money, so I wonder what it will be like when I try to get the money out when the CDs mature. Not worth the headache. Hope others have a better experience.

Great Credit Union

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I love Nasa FCU. They have always had competitive rates and they actually answer the phone within reasonable amount of time. I have been with them for about 3 years and just renewed a Jumbo CD, a process which went smoothly and efficiently. I would recommend Nasa to anyone wanting a strong financial institution and top-notch customer service.

A Little Frustration

Application was completed followed by form emails needing Drivers license (provided) proof of residency (Drivers license doesn't count) and copy of SOCIAL SECURITY CARD! Haven't had to do this since the 1960's & draft registration. Happy to report NASA CU reached out and we'll do business going forward.

Poor Communication

Communication is extremely poor. I agree with many negative reviews here the application process is extremely bad. No followup and unreasonable application requirements that doesn't make sense. I wish I have not responded to their solicitation.

Proud And Glad To Be Aboard

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To be able to bank with the men of NASA with.all their courage to see where my monies
Are at to be able to talk with the directors of the bank to ASST with some of the concerns the banks executive staff may have

Expect Junk Mail - Even If You Opt Out Of It

This review is only relevant if you hate getting junk mail - and as a gauge of the level of customer service you may receive.

I'm a member with NASA FCU due to their previously good rates on share certificates (no longer the case at the time of writing). In the first year of membership with them I received a mail offer for car insurance through them - something I'd expect from a big bank, but not a credit union (maybe I'm naive). As someone who hates such junk mail, I contacted them through the website requesting to opt out of such offers, and shortly after I was confirmed as opted out (a couple weeks later I did receive another such offer, but nothing after that).

Fast forward a couple years, and again I'm receiving junk mail. A minor annoyance, but I think it's telling about what you can expect from NASA FCU.

Edit: A couple other negative points.

1. I just noticed that while their website lists the rate for the Premier Preferred Checking account at 0.5%, the actual rate 0.4%.

2. The website logs you out after around 5 minutes (maybe less). Annoyingly short.

Another edit, late 2021: Less than a year after having to contact them for the 2nd time about junk mail (via USPS), I've now received e-mail junk mail. Dropping their overall rating to 1 star because this is just ridiculous.


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Customer service is just bad! Management is not there to help make the process easier. Once they have your money, it gets worse. Although they approved your application, they start calling you and wanting more information. If you get upset about it, they get their security involved and they start harassing you, holding your money hostage. Ridiculous!

Opening Membership Account

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I recently opened a new account, Share Savings. I was able to complete the process on-line in ~ 4 business days. In my case I had to provide a copy of my driver’s license, a utility bill and a notarized copy of my social security card. They also required a hard credit check via Experian. A $5.00 funding to open the membership was completed in the form of an ACH pull from my local credit union. To establish a POD payee, I completed a PDF fill-in Membership Application which was downloaded from their website. All required documentation was easily submitted using their provided secure portal link in the acceptable file formats, Word, PDF, JPG and TIFF. I believe I can fund the anticipated CD account via an ACH push from my local CU or a pull by NASA FCU.

The entire process was a little more involved than anything I’ve experienced in the past but well worth the effort as they have a well-structured user website, very fast message response system along with attractive CD rates.

Feels Like A Bank

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Moving to UNFCU after 10 years with NASA. Fees and procedures make this a cold space adventure. We've always had large deposit accounts and still get nickeled and dimed so don't expect dividends to matter. Funding CDs and moving money around is a hassle and requires talking to someone on the phone.

We love what credit unions stand for, but NasaFCU has lost touch with members; heck I feel closer to CapOne. Nothing to be proud of here. Sad, and you know, after 10 years we closed our accounts, no one even asked why?...bye bye, stay away

Very Unreasonable

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The process to open an account is ridiculous... after providing all the required data AND copies our drivers licenses and a utility bill, then I need to provide a copy of my social security card, that is just completely unreasonable. With all the identity theft going on, its really obnoxious to expect an applicant to provide that. I was trying to send them money, not request a loan, awful credit union.

Check Accounts Are A Scam

They claim the "available balance" line on your account reflects your balance current to any pending, weekend, etc. all transfers basically. This is not my main account but the fact that with the transactions I do use this account for, at least once every few months I run into any overdraft issue (this time for $.58) because my actual balance is not what is shown online/on the app. Every time I speak with someone about this, they admit they cannot explain why and take the fault, but yet I'm left with the burden of NASAFCU's fault ($32 overdraft fee). If I wanted to be responsible for remembering all of my transactions, I would write checks instead of using online banking .. defeats the purpose entirely when your system is broken. Will certainly be leaving this credit union shortly... moving my wife and parents' accounts as well. Never have issues like this with Navy Federal and Tower Federal credit unions.

Notarized Social Security Card?!

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Before applying for a CD, I called & asked if it could be done entirely online (i.e. without the need for any physical mail) - I live in the US, but am traveling abroad for the next few months. "Yes," they said, "You can do everything online - no need for mail." I called a second time just to confirm with a different staff, and was given the same information. So based on what they told me, I spent the hours reading through all their terms (much longer than average), moving the funds to a bank from which I could wire it to them, filling the application, & waiting. Two days later, their response: "You have to physically mail us a notarized copy of your social security card."

...Um, what? Of all the dozens of banks, credit unions, & brokerage firms I've done business with over the past 4 decades, I've never once had someone demand my social security card. In fact, I haven't even touched the card in probably 25 years. And since the card is in the US and I am here, all the time was wasted - they refuse to open my account without my physically going to a notary and sending them physical mail. Which is EXACTLY what I called them to ask.

Will not waste my time with this credit union again, no matter how good their rates are, if they can't even give honest/accurate information to perspective customers.


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I signed up with NASA Credit union almost a year ago. I signed up for auto payments and now that I'm trying to contact SOMEONE, ANYONE, NO ONE is available!!! I just want to find out how I can look at my remaining balance!!! I do NOT Recommend NASA Federal Credit Union! Ever the "24" phone number is unavailable! How can they have a 24 hour phone number that let's you listen to a voicemail and then HANGS UP!!??? This is the worst customer service experience I've ever encountered!!!

Easy To Get CD Approved But Not To Fund

I was approved for the 15 mo. CD, yet I suppose I have to call to fund my CD, yet I called 3 times until they closed without an answer. :-(

Update, 6/23/19: The bank is open Saturday so I was able to get a hold of a Rep and was explained how to fund first the Savings account, wire transfer is the best option, and then call to fund CD. You have 10 days to fund CD. For the POD or Beneficiary, you have to download/print the Member Application, fill out, including Beneficiary, and return via email to: [email protected] . I don't think I will fund a CD if the Beneficiary is not established first, so I hope they can process it quickly otherwise I won't take my chances.

Not The Easiest Application To Complete

The application process went alright but some aspects need work. They won't ACH money in so once you're accepted as a member you have to either send a cashiers check or wire the money to them. After that's accomplished the money goes to a savings account and from there you fund the CD, except you can't do that online yourself. You have to call and get them to do it for you. Also, I was told I'd be able to add a POD to our joint acct during the application process. Never saw it so they sent me my prefilled app back through e-mail and I had to print it and fill out the POD area, sign it, and then send it back to them. But when you compose a message to them through your account area there is no way to put an attachment with it. I found the original application portal where I'd had to upload DL, SS card, and proof of address so uploaded it there but they can't seem to find it. Waiting on someone to see if they can track it down. Also you can't change beneficiaries on each CD. Whoever is listed is the beneficiary for all your money with them. You can add someone and it will split the total but not different ones for different CD's. The rate I got was great and the people try to make things go smooth but their overall process is awkward.


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I opened a 15 month CD under their recent promotion. There was a lot of information to provide, but that tells me that they're serious about "know your customer" laws and made me feel secure. It was well worth it for the great rate. Customer reps were professional and helpful. The online site is helpful, accurate, and easy to use as was the transfer setup. I hope to do more business with this credit union!

Caution: New ACH Transfer Rules

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Saw this notice today: We changed the 30-day calendar period to a rolling 30-day period for all accounts and added a maximum $5,000 per rolling 30-day period for memberships opened for 6 months or less. Additionally, If your membership has been open 6 months or more, the maximum you are allowed to transfer to your NASA Federal account is $5,000 per day, and $25,000 per rolling 30-day period.

Take A Deep Breath Before You Start

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The process to become a member and to open an account was long but once open it was easy to fund.

Wired funds posted in less than 24 hours.

2 minute phone call to buy 15 mo. 3.25% CD.

In retrospect, I am happy to jump through a few hoops to insure that my account is secure and that the bank isn't allowing any funny-business.

I feel like I am in good company (naIve as it may sound.) Feeling Happy!

2nd wire transfer posted approximately 3 hours after it was sent.

Opened 15 Mo CD

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Went to their website, filled out application. 2 days later received email Status as Approved. Interest compounds monthly.
Had to call to get my Account number and asked it there was a Maximum I could deposit. No can put in as much as I want. Wired in money. My CU has free outdoing wire and NASA doesn't charge to receive wire. 2 hours later in my account. Called and told CSR to open my 15 month CD. All done. No Notary needed. They did have me scan and send in Driver's License and my Trust Certification copy. Easy. A+ CSR very nice.

Notarize This

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I think my experience is the same as many others here in that jumping through NASA CU's extreme hoops to open a CD account here just to earn 25 basis points more does not hardly seem worth it. So run don't walk away from this unless you don't mind having to send or upload "notarized" copies of your driver's license, social security card, utility bills, car registrations, etc., even though you have already passed their identity test questions. As far as I am concerned NASA CU can go shove their notary requests . . .

Great Credit Union With Everything You Need!

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I joined in 2014 and have been very satisfied with NASA Federal! At first, I took advantage of their high-yield certificates/cds. Then, I was able to reduce my auto loan apr by almost half, which reduced my monthly payment as well. They recently updated their mobile app which gives you your FICO Score with a tap of a button. I don't call often but everytime, they are friendly and pretty quick. Not really sure why people are up-in-arms over hard pulls of credit for membership - you have to give a little to get a lot!

Credit Pull

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Be aware, they will do a HARD credit pull on you BEFORE you complete an application. You have no clue if you even QUALIFY for their funding yet they pull your credit. I am sure they will tell you this is clearly noted in the application, and while it is in one of their convenient little check boxes, it still makes no sense to not advertise qualifications so YOU can determine if you should even start the application. I am ok if they dispute my review, but I am not in politics so, I have nothing to spin. Good luck if you use NASA FCU.

Insecure - Login With SS

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They have you log in to their website using you social security number as password while you are applying.

I was hoping they'd be technically savvy since they're associated with NASA.

I can't see how they've stored the database -- and I don't know what kind of penetration testing they've done -- but this is something that makes you more vulnerable.

Unlike Others, I Have Not Had Any Major Issues Here

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.Opened the account, funded it with a local credit union shared branch banking. Then a couple of weeks later added more money.

I bought the 2.25% 11 month CDs.

Hopefully, they will have another competitive product in 11 months.

Oh, and despite some possible liars, NASA did NOT do a hard pull for me.

I did get an email asking me to change my password every 90 days, I did not do it. If I have to do that, I will close the account when the CDs mature.

Terrible - Waste Of My Time

After a lengthy filling out process of their application, they replied back for wanting of still more information. After again a lengthy process of scans and uploading of personal information, they never got back with me. Not my first Rodeo doing this, don't waste your time.

Regret Banking At NASA

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opened cd 10 days ago. talked to a few csr's on phone and website via secured messages to understand how NASA operates. conclusion: things that they should have told me the customer they did not tell. what they did tell turned out incorrect. bottom line: cd was to mature jan 20th but now must mature jan 28th. the supervisor insisted that nasa did not miscommunicate. meaning that it was i the customer who misunderstood.

Is It Legal For Them To Ask For A Copy Of Your SS Card

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This review is about the CU's membership application requirements - specifically regarding social security card.

I submitted an on-line application and received an email for me to send over (1) a copy of my social security card to prove my identity, (2) a copy of my driver licence which I already submitted, and (3) something else such as a lease agreement or utility bill etc. to prove my address beside the driver licence, unusual but I didn't have major problem with it.

I called back and told them I wasn't comfortable sending a copy of my SS card and the customer service told me the requirement can not be changed. I have banked in many places and this is the first time I was ever asked to do it. Is it even 'legal' for them to ask for that??? With so much identity theft going on, how can I trust them to protect my identity, let alone giving them a copy of my social security card?

Their Mistake? Too Bad, You Pay

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Customer for 7 years, never had a problem until my bank card was skimmed. I caught the error within 12 hours. Filed the claim, completed their paperwork, mailed it to the address they said to mail to. The paperwork disappeared and instead of following up, they simply denied my reimbursement. Couple hours on the phone trying to find a solution. Can I send the new form via registered mail? No, because it's a P.O. box. Do you think that you should warn customers that your system is broken? No, because you could have fax'd it. Really? Fax?

So I find a fax place on line and drive 6 miles during work hours. Fax the paperwork (they finally said they'd reopen my claim). Two weeks later, no response.

In the end, they said, they can't reimburse me because more than 30 days have passed since the charge was made. Not 30 days since they last heard from me. I followed up twice within the 30 days.

Bottom line: The institution is inflexible and unwilling to hold itself accountable for its own flawed processes. That translates to lousy customer service when you most need it.

Nohelp Over The Weekend If Your Account Has Issues

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So I went to the ATM to withdraw funds that I desperately needed over the weekend and for some reason my ATM said that my card is not valid. I have thousands in this account as verified on my phone and I have no way to access my funds. I have no reason to think of why this would be the case. There's no 24/hour service to help and nobody available to talk to at the bank. So I tried to acces my account by calling and if I could manually figure out what was wrong. After entering my acct information it asked for my personal password. I have never been asked that so I could not remember. I ended up locking the acct after that. I guess all weekend I won't have the funds I need. I will never intrust this bank with that much money ever again. Poor service. This is not the first time I have had issues with this bank.

John Melleady

I opened a small savings account with Nasa Federal Credit union. They gouged me with fees. They charged me inactivity fees without my knowledge and consent. I lost 30 percent of my original deposit of $100 and was refunded just $70. My member number was 396584.




No! Just NO! (I have other words I prefer to use) This credit union has been a PAIN to work with. Their customer service is unbelievably horrible. You don't get put on hold for 40 minutes for someone to grab the call and hang up on you. That's just not right.
We financed our '06 Toyota Tacoma from them 3 months ago, out of state. We called to get the title sent to our local DMV for registration, address and number given to them. They sent it to the WRONG damn DMV nearly 700 miles away. I'm in California, if you're not familiar with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, you are lucky. So anyways, we called again and again, countless hours on hold just to be told that I have to get it! ME! For their mistake. This is extremely frustrating. They don't realize how something so simple was made nearly impossible and difficult. After these experiences for the last three months, I am definitely refinancing my auto loan through my local credit union.


What Does It Mean, Complimentary Membership To NSS

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"Membership is open to anyone through a complimentary membership to the National Space Society." I don't see anything on their sites that it's free, you have to join. I wrote them and it's still confusing.

NASA Credit Union Be Careful

If you open an account here they do a HARD credit pull which lowers your credit score.

So Far, So Good.

You should know that getting a new account created at a credit union is usually more difficult than when dealing with a bank. At least they allowed most everything to be done online and fund the initial deposit using ACH. Some credit unions still insist on doing everything thru snail mail and want a check. The only glitch I had with getting the regular share account open was that they didn't ask for a copy of your driver's license until a few days after I had submitted the membership application. So that caused the regular share account creation to be delayed by about a week. It wasn't until I got that out of the way that I was able to create the IRA share account (savings). As of February of 2016, they've got a 49 month share certficate with an APY of 2.3%. Since this special was "This limited-time offer is subject to change at any time without notice." I had them put the IRA funds in the IRA share account before creating the IRA CD. This way I would be able to make sure that the promotional rate was still available when the IRA funds finally were transferred to NASA. You may think that this is paranoia, but I had ANOTHER UNNAMED CREDIT UNION pull the plug on their promotional rate 16 days into their CD special. This happened to be the very day they received the funds! If they hadn't honored the promotional rate I would have just left it in the share account and transferred it back out. I'll give NASA credit that they appear to keep their promotional rates available for the whole month that they offer them (and, sometimes beyond that). However, I started the application process in January and the IRA funds didn't make it to them until February. I'd recommend others to not automatically create CD's where the promotional rate has disclaimers like the one I described above. Just put the money in a regular share account, verify that the promotional rates still exist, and then have them transfer the money into a new CD. I explained my concerns to the folks at NASA and they did exactly as I requested. So, you can't ask for more than that. So far, the only negative is that they have a $35 fee to close an IRA. Hardly anyone does that anymore.


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I am an intern at NASA and was told that I can get a free checking account. When I went to aign up on the intern page it gave no information about waht type of account I'd have. I chatted with someone online. They told me that the account is not free. I asked them to check into it because I was told that it was. I recieved a call from Diane who left me a message saying that it was definitely free so I logged in and filled out my application. I then received a call from Nancy, she left a message telling me that I misunderstood what the site said. That it says that the checking debit card is free, not the account. I called her back and she wanted to help me set up my account and she told me it would not be free. I told her that the lead accounts rep for the intern accounts left a message indicating that it would be free. Nancy then said, well most of our interns are under 24 and we wave fees for them. I told here that nowhere on the application did it discriminate based on age. She said that she would again check again and get back to me.

Great bank - very convenient

I was able to get an account at NASA through my dad. The customer service is great and the mobile experience is excellent. When closing on my first home, there was a mistake in the calculations made and I had to go back to the bank to withdraw more money. We didn't find out until 5 minutes before the bank closed and there was no way I would make it back to the branch in time – it was almost 10 minutes away. On a whim I called the branch directly and spoke to the customer service person and explained everything. She was nice enough to keep the drive thru window open for us and had the extra money waiting! YES!! The branch I go to is busy frequently but, they are always good about having all available tellers open and opening more windows when they can. I appreciate that, especially during the lunch rush.

Satisfied Customer

I have banked with Nasa FCU for a few months now, and so far I'm pretty satisfied. I have a checking and savings account with them, and it was really nice that they only required a $5 opening deposit in each one, so my money wasn't tied up in an account that I didn't have access to for a week or more until I got my debit card. Their customer service is ok. They are very direct and to the point, unlike some banks that try to sugar coat everything. If nothing else, it saves time.
My only real complaint about this bank is that their web presence leaves a lot to be desired. You have to log in with your account number instead of a username, and I can't figure out on the iOS app if there's a way to take a picture of a check to deposit it, like there is with many other online banks. I imagine that if it's an ebranch, there should be a way, but I can't figure it out. If there's not a way, that would definitely diminish my opinion of the app.
Another issue I have with the website goes back to the account number. If you forget your password, you can put in your account number and they will send you a temporary password, but if you forget your account number and cannot find it anywhere, you have to call them. There is no automatic system that can send it to you, which I imagine is for security reasons, since they use account numbers instead of usernames.

Satisfied NASA FCU Customer

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I have had a premier money market account with NASA Federal Credit Union for quite some time now. I really like banking with them because they are such a reputable company. Their web and mobile experience has been very good! I think both their mobile app and website are highly user friendly and they even allow you to deposit a check by taking a picture of both the front and back side of the check. That is very convenient and makes my life easier. They are very reasonable when it comes to fees as well. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that they require a minimum balance for certain accounts. In my case, I have to keep $10,000 in my money market account at all times. I deal with it, but it would be nice if I did not have to worry about that. NASA FCU's customer service has always been wonderful. Their staff are all consummate professionals who go out of their way to help me every time I call them. Overall I am very happy with this credit union and highly recommend them.

Go NASA for checking accounts

I qualified to open an account with NASA Federal Credit Union as a relative of a NASA employee. I checked around and they offered the best checking account I could find, so I opened an account. I have been a member for nearly 3 years. The nice thing about NASA Federal Credit Union is that I opened my account with only a $100 deposit, and they only require a $5 deposit to open an account. Other banks wanted me to deposit at least $500 to open an account. My NASA Federal Credit Union also has no checking account fees and no direct deposit requirement. When I first opened my account the staff member was very courteous and assisted me quickly, I had my new account number in less than 15 minutes. I've never had any problems with my account. I highly recommend my credit union for checking accounts to anyone qualified to join.

NASA FCU - Timely, Reliable Service

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This is the only bank I've ever used, and I've had no reason to consider changing. Any fees are explained and reasonable, transaction are quick and easy, and the customer service is very responsive and helpful. For example, I once had a recurring charge for a service that I previously used that I thought I had canceled, and it overcharged my account. My bank sent me a call and an email to make sure things were alright, since I never had this problem before, and they thought maybe my information had been stolen. Once I called back, it was settled, I added the money I needed, and everything returned to normal. On a day to day basis, I never have to think about or worry about the bank, since I know everything will be fine, and if I do need to do something unusual, it will be easy.

Awesome APR for our Vehicle

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I've had an account with NASA Federal Credit Union for around 2 years now, and I have never had a problem with their services. I have a credit card with them and an auto loan. I was offered a horrible APR by the dealership for my new vehicle so i took my loan to NASA Federal and they offered an APR rate twice as low and I'm able to pay my loan at the same time as my credit card. Any time I visit the credit union the staff is extremely helpful. This has been the best experience I've had with a financial institution.

Checking and saving accounts

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I have been with NASA Federal Credit Union for more than 10 years. Compared to my experience with other banks, I really like that there is no monthly fees or other fees for my both checking and saving accounts. Another good thing is that I don't need to worry about the overdraft fees for my checking account. If there is not enough money in my checking account, the bank will automatically transfer money from my saving account, without any fees or penalty! That's very nice. I have a checking and a saving accounts with another bank. It didn't offer the same service, so I was charged a overdraft fee. Also, it is very convenient for me to withdraw cash from either the bank or the ATM machine, without fees, AGAIN!

Should have had used more product lines and never switched

I opened a savings account because I wanted one in another location from my primary checking account. It took me quite some time to open the account but the representative was polite and kind. Over the years, customer service continued to be excellent even when I no longer lived close to a branch. I usually found it convenient. I serviced my accounts through the mail, telephone and using the shared branches for a couple years. The website experience was not as up to date as some of the larger commercial banks. However, now that I've closed my account, I find that I miss the experience and the personal experience with the representatives. I also had good experiences with the shared branches although some were better than others. I now find myself wishing that I had tried more of their products and I think about returning for primary checking especially now that their mobile deposits are much easier.

Happy customer

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I have been a happy customer of NASA federal credit union for years. Initially I was concerned with the fact that there are no locations nearby enough to go to, but I have not had any issues doing my banking online with them. When I have a check to deposit, it is easy enough to take a picture of it and deposit it using my phone without even having to travel anywhere. It has been quick and easy to make any transfers as well as authorizing larger purchases with my accounts. In every instance in which I've had to call customer service, they have been friendly, understanding, and I've hung up the phone being very pleased with the experience. I made an error with my checking account at one point, and after a quick phone call, they offered to refund a fee I was charged from my own error. Overall, I am very happy with this credit union.

Always taken care of

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My experience with NASA Federal Credit Union has been excellent so far. Their customer service is unmatched from any banking institution I have ever worked with. Membership was allow because I am a member of the NSS (Nation Space Society). I look forward to banking with NASACFU for years to come.

You have a right to be treated fairly.

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I was a member of NASA Credit Union for less than a year. I have a checking and savings account. Unfortunately, I sold an expensive item and was given a check as payment. It was from someone online, that I didn't know very well. I called several times to make sure that the check was cleared and everything was fine. It turns out that the person that sent me the check had a very sophisticated scheme where the check took a little longer than normal. The check cleared, but I took a while longer to show it as an identity theft account. I had already turned the item over to the individual by the time the Credit Union called and said I had deposited a check that was fraudulent. They told me to come into the nearest location and speak with them. I was very nervous, but I went there the next morning. The banking officer I spoke to was very kind and understanding. She really listened to what I had to say and did not treat me like I was a criminal. I was lucky that I had called several times to inquire about the check. They said they are certain that I was not a part of any fraud. I ended up loosing the item, but they cleared me of any fees and charges the check had caused me. I was really grateful and surprised. It's really great to be a part of an institution that treats you like a person and not just an account number.

I Love NASA Federal CU!

The bank offers low loan rates and some great CD promotions.

If you Direct Deposit your funds to this Credit Union, they give you access to your funds a day early! This is hard to find these days.

They also waive one NSF fee per year, provide Free checks, and they let you deposit at CoOp ATMs and PNC Bank ATMs. This Credit Union is awesome, and when you walk into a branch you feel like youre in a Space Center. A++ service and they offer a lot of flexibility!

Nasa Federal Credit Union

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This is the second day I've been trying to open a 49 month account. Filled out the application online yesterday morning, Rep. stated they would get back to me within a hour (to fund the account). Been locked out of their system and they don't use a phone or a outside email address to communicate with a consumer. I had to call over and over to get any information. The solution, I was given "start the process over again". I've opened 5 other cd's so far this year, I've never been treated like this!!!!!!! I don't know what they'll do with my credit information or the membership fee that was placed on a credit card. Just a waste of time.

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