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Absolutely LOVE This Bank!

I am so impressed with the team I've worked with on an external transfer into NASB. They were professional, helpful, and beyond patient helping me with funding my account. Hannah H and her supervisor are just a fantastic team!! I'm thrilled to be a new customer and look forward to a long and happy relationship with NASB.

No Problems

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I've had an account with this bank for at least 7 months and have had no issues so far. Their ACH transfer limits are reasonable and have not been a problem for me. On my most recent ACH transfer I noticed that I had the option to choose between standard and 1 business day transfer speeds which is nice. My only complaint is that they only allow me 5 linked external accounts.

Happy Camper. Just Be Mindful Of Funding New Accounts

When I opened my NASB account, I provided my bank and account number to indicate how I was going to fund the shared savings account, which is required first, before opening a CD. What surprised me was how funds were taken out of my external account, via ACH, immediately, without the micro deposits. Just listing my bank and account number at my external financial institution somehow gave them authorization to withdraw money. Something to keep in mind. Otherwise, I'm very happy with NASB.

Easy Peezy!

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Well, that was incredibly easy and the fastest ever for a new CD at a bank that I am not a client! I just opened an account for a new CD because their rates were great. NASB uses PLAID. I did not have to provide sign in or password info of my funding account. The application took about 5 minutes. Application asked for Identification # but didnt specify. I entered my drivers license number and it went through. I signed on for online banking. How long will it take to transfer from B of A to NASB? I will wait and see but hopefully not long since everything else went quickly & smoothly.

Premium Rate Savings Account

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NASB is doing a great job now. They had a rough start, but they have been competitive as far as rates are concerned.

Holding Premium Savings ACH Deposits For Review

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Your available balance might show $0. According to NASB there has been a large amount of fraud that they are working on to fix. If you need a withdrawal, you can call and request it.


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I just learnt the hard way. Transferred a large amount by pulling from Premium Savings account at NASB from my external linked account. The funds were withdrawn from the external account on day 2 and apparently will show up as credit at NASB tomorrow. So, I lose 2 days of interest on the large amount. VERY slow ACH, never seen this before with any other bank/CU.

Now I have to try pushing funds out from NASB and see how long that takes. I suspect the funds will be debited immediately, but will show up in the external account after 3 days.

Good Experience--Be Ready For Glitches

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Recently opened a couple of CD accounts online. It was a good experience. Everything went smoothly. Although they don't do test deposits into external account, the funding was fast. Got done in one business day. They do NOT have online POD option. You have to email/secure message them with details about your beneficiary. Well, that was excellent as well. Got done in one day. Website is not that great, but good enough for basic operations. Many account related functions are not available online--like maturity settings, beneficiary change options, etc. But, overall, not a bad experience.

Update on Dec. 12--Tried to open ANOTHER account. They REJECTED my application because their software cannot "verify me" even though I already am their customer. NOT any easy link inside the online account to open additional accounts. The application process recognized me and took me straight to the funding page, still they rejected me! Their fraud specialist emailed me with a phone number that does NOT work. Looks like this bank has a lot of homework to do to support existing clients. There are plenty of other options. If they keep doing like this, they will certainly lose repeat business...

Just Missed Being Perfect!

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Very easy to set up. Easy application. Quick approval. Easy connection to existing bank for ACH transfer of funds.
Only glitch...You will need to call the bank to set up online banking if you wish to view your account. You will be issued a temporary password to gain access. The website, by itself, will not recognize new accounts.

My Experience Has Been FINE..!!!!!!!

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Don't know what to tell you...but my experience has been excellent.

NO PROBLEM setting up the account, initial funding or subsequent funding.

I did have to contact the CSR's in regard to setting up my beneficiaries. I got to them very quickly, they gave and sent the subsequent forms, and verified my beneficiaries were recorded.

I will say I did not type anything wrong.

I wish NASB good going forward....they are treating me excellently.


Worst Bank Ever...

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I'm filing a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency about NASB. Use this bank at your own risk, CSRs are clueless and will just make up stuff to give you an answer. They have a great rate on their MM, but the headache isn't worth the couple of extra basis points.

Bait And Switch Savings Rate

I knew I should not have fallen for this. North American Savings Bank had a 2.5% savings rate. Other banks were offering 2.2%. I called the bank first to ask how often they change their rates. The representative told me they were very stable and usually do not change for an extended period of time and the 2.5% rate should stick around.

Well wouldn't you know it, two week later guess what? The savings rate is now 1.77%. Lie lie lie. Why do that to new customers or any customers? Now I am moving my money out into another bank.

Easy To Open.

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Account opeing process was simple and was funded next day. Website is usable and function as intended. Need to figure out how to add a PO Box mailing address and beneficiaries.

Easiest Sign Up

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• Easiest opening a savings account, all online
• No credit check except ChexSystems
• Funding via ACH initiated from North American Savings Bank
• Account maximum limit is $5 million

Easy Account Opening

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I opened an account with NASB on 8/5/2022 because of the high interest rate. It was super easy and they used plaid to automatically transfer the initial deposit from my account. I then did a very large pull initiated from NASB to my bank. It only took 3 business days to be credit to my account. Hoping they continue to keep the Interest rates high. The website is functional and works well.

Early Withdrawal Fee

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From Customer Service: You have to keep the account open for 90 days if you close it within the 90 day period a $30 early withdrawal penalty will apply.

So Far... GREAT

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NASB is without a doubt one of the easiest accounts to open online. The approval process was slow (undoubtedly because they introduced an account paying a high interest rate) but everything went smoothly. In addition, their ACH limits are excellent.

Easy To Sign Up. Just Had To Make One Call

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Had to call to set up the online registration. The rep helped me out and took care of it. Also, it looks like the daily limit and max monthly limit to ACH out of their site is 250K. It's my new favorite online bank !!

Happy So Far......................

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Wow! So far so good. Everything has been as promised. Customer service has been great.


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Just opened account 8/5/22 so easy its all done. Took about 1 hour.What a difference from others I just opened in the last few weeks some are still in "limbo" Bask, Brio,My Banking Direct,First Foundation Time will tell about other services

NASB Teething Problems

I saw the NASB savings rate jump to top of list today, searched for their website, navigated around but found nothing about this premium savings account. I clicked "I'd like to save more money" and got a pop up box asking for my zip code. I enter zip code and get another box instructing to call a number, option 3. I get connected to a very friendly CSR who is new to the bank and inquire if this savings account is not available in all locations. She says the website is having some issues and goes up chain for help. She comes back and offers to send me a link that might work so I give my email address. She said the inquiries are running hot today which is easy to surmise from DepositAccount ranking today. She waits on phone as I retrieve the email and click link which gets me in the door without asking for my zip code. As I start filling in blanks she says the site won't save anything if I get to a point and back out. We end a most pleasant call, I continue though account opening pages until seeing the funding page. That is the first time I see the minimum to open an account is $25,000, maximum $1,000,000. So it looks like NASB has just entered the high rate online saving product world and are having some teething issues. I backed out as I will need to transfer funds to our checking account first before going further. I will likely open an account but may wait a few days to see if the website is more informative. I gave 5 stars for CSR who was most helpful, 3 stars for website.

Add Another Overshelmed CSR Staff To The List

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I inquired via chat and also verbal. One was telling me there was a $20K limit on ACH transfers only if initiated through NASB's site and would not apply if initiated with external bank's site, the verbal one said it applies in all ACH transfers regardless of where initiated. Anyone have any real, and current data points?

Be Aware Of Unusual Fees

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This 'savings' bank charges you a $7.50 per month inactivity fee for depositing money with them in a savings account and simply leaving it on deposit. The interest paid hardly compensates for this charge.

NASB Is An Absolutely Horrible Bank!!!

Do NOT bank with North American Savings Bank!!!!! Their staff is extremely rude. They steal money from deceased account owners, deny it, then hang up on you when you try to address the issue. They deny you any service despite paying outrageous service fees. They blame not being able to help you with anything on “their policies” yet they will never show you what “their policies” are! They already have their mind made up that they will not help you in any way before you even call.

Erik And NASB Is The Best. I Had A Great Experience!

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NASB can’t be beat, trust me. I have been a Financial Analyst for a long time and I know numbers. I shopped thoroughly for the best rate and the lowest fees. Refinancing and purchasing homes can be expensive. I’ve seen too many bad deals and I’ve seen a lot of good people get taken advantage of. I refinanced my house with NASB and they were able to lower my interest rate from a 4.75% to 3.5%, no points. I’m going to save so much from interest. It was a no brainer since I plan to live in my home for a long time and pay extra on top of my regular payment so I can pay it off faster. There is no better feeling than knowing you got a great deal.

Erik is simply the best and most honest Sr. Loan Consultant I have ever worked with. I’m from California and my mortgage was with Quicken loans. Quicken and one other lender that I personally know from my city even tried to beat their deal and out of pure honesty, they both called me and told me to go with NASB. They couldn’t even get near his pricing. They use a legit Title company too.

I have 0 complaints and the process was very quick. They closed me in less then 30 days. Back to Erik, he answered all of my questions via phone, text and emails. Even with the time zone difference, Erik still was able to always reply right away. He’s a professional. His credentials and education background prove it. Add him on LinkedIn and you’ll see what I’m saying. No doubt, if I ever want to purchase another house, I’m going with NASB.

I’m going to definitely recommend Erik Rogers and NASB to all of my friends and family. Thank you again Erik.

His email is [email protected]

Easy To Open Account

Fairly fast and easy online application compared to most. The only glitch I ran into was when opening an account and purchasing my first CD with them. After you go through the whole application there is a page where you're supposed to enter the amount of the CD you want, the default is $1,000. For some reason I missed that, so when I got to the end I couldn't change the $1,000 to what I wanted. There is no way to edit it and when I called them they can't do it either so I had to completely start over. This meant calling them and having them wipe my slate clean, clear my cache on computer and create new password and user name. But I'm still giving them a five because even though the place to enter the number didn't stand out to me that could have been just me.

Terrible Customer Service And Website

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Opened a CD account with this bank. After account was opened I wanted to purchase another CD and was told that I could not add a CD to my account, that I would have to fill out a totally new application for a separate account to purchase another CD. Are you kidding?? NEVER in all my years of banking have I heard this nonsense. Website access to my account has been awful, cannot access any info from their site and when I try to download my statements all I get is a blank page. Contacted them via email and get no response! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK! THERE ARE LOTS OF BETTER CHOICES

9/2019- FOLLOW UP. So my CD matured and I chose to move my funds to another bank, no way I was going to continue with this joke of a bank. Took them 5 days to transfer my funds (funny, it only took 1 day for my funds to be sent to them). After my funds were transferred they completely removed my account info from their website, like there was never any account there. Every other financial institution I have ever dealt with would show "account closed" but the details would remain online for a reasonable time, so you could review transactions. NOT HERE.

Difficult To Put More Than 100K Into Account

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Be aware that you can only deposit 100K when you sign up, and can only transfer 20K a day to your account by ACH. To transfer more, you have to wire.

Great online bank

I was hesitant about opening an online back since being able to see someone in person is so much more personable, however, my experience with NASB has been great. Their rates are competitive and their messaging center is superb. Every time I have emailed with a question, I would receive a response within a few hours. My only issue is that transferring money between accounts does take longer than expected. With my wells fargo account, a money transfer would be seen within a day or two. But with NASB, a money transfer between account took 5 days.

NASB Terms Details

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Was looking into NASB, but found some limits in the details:
$7.50 monthly fee if no activity for 6 months
$1,500,000 Deposit limit then rate drops to 0.1%

Wonderful Banking Institution

I have had my bank account with NASB for 34 years and my parents has their account with them since 1959. I have never had any problems and they have always been friendly and helpful. I never had any reason to ever change banks which makes it easy to remain loyal to this banking institution.

Do Not Use NASB For Your Mortgage!!!

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From the beginning it appeared that going with NASB for my mortgage would be a smooth process.  This was far from the truth when it got down to crunch time. I DO NOT recommending contacting NASB for anything at all regarding a mortgage.


NASB had 30 days to secure a loan and 38 days to close on my condo.  The day before I was suppose to have a loan commitment I received an email from my loan officer at 3:42PM stating they would be late.  They had to do an extra “field review”.  Mind you my agent said they had never had this problem with the previous 28 units sold in the condo development.  Wells Fargo, NASB’s underwriter, demanded this field review to sign off on the loan.  The review itself was a bit ridiculous itself considering the developments past, but to realize the review needed to happen less than 24 hours before a loan commitment was due?  That’s inexcusable.  NASB was 10 days late securing a loan commitment while up until 2 days before it was due all I heard was “Don’t worry we will get it done on time”.  This caused me to close 8 business days later than I was expecting to.   Also they charged me an extra $325 for an extra appraisal (which was basically just a second appraiser double checking what the first one did) and would not waive that fee even thought NASB was late every single step of the way.


In summary, in a time critical process NASB and their underwriter’s weren’t able to meet any sort of a deadline at all.  What good is a decent rating on the BBB website if you can’t meet any deadlines as a mortgage provider??  That’s like being an eight foot ball basketball player and not being able to catch, dribble, or shoot the basketball.  PLEASE use somebody else to secure a loan for your new house or condo to avoid what I had to go through.  NASB failed to meet any expectations I had for them.  I know every company has little slip ups.  This was a major one.  Stay away from NASB for your mortgage if you want to close on your home on time.  Everything NASB was extremely last minute.  Reply to this review and I can email you actual emails from NASB with dates and time stamps on them.

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