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Fraudulent Interest Rate Ads

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After searching for the best interest rates available, I opened up an Ultimate Money Market account at what was at the time a high interest rate (1.50%). The statements always showed 1.5% interest and the $ earned. I started just putting the statements away without looking at them.

Then, after about 1 1/2 yrs, I looked at the statement and saw that I was now only getting 0.40% interest rate! I looked back at several months of prior statements and saw there was one month where the rate suddenly dropped. Looking on the web for the best interest rates again, Northpointe STILL came up in the top tier. I called Northpointe to ask why my interest was only now at 0.4%. I was missing hundreds of dollars in interest that I should have been getting at 1.50%.

I was told that the 1.5% was just an introductory rate that expired after 1 year. I could request the current interest rate if I wanted to, but I could only get that rate for the current month and going forward.

I was never notified that my interest rate would suddenly drop to well-below average. Nobody ever said my 1.5% was an intro rate! I was told that it is their policy not to notify customers that their into rate had expired.

So, I transferred all my funds to a more reputable bank that does not play games.

In addition, as many others have stated, getting your money out of the bank is purposely made difficult. You cannot transfer out from within the Northpointe account. You are also limited as to how much you can withdraw per day.

Overall, this is not a user-friendly bank. They do not care to honor you as a customer. They apparently hope you don't notice that your interest rate will suddenly drop. A very flawed and fraudulent banking model. Stay away.

Northpointe Runs A No-Fund Scam

The software program used by Northpointe is intentionally designed to BLOCK external ACH transfers of funds into its online savings account, even after customers are required to do a test parking of $100 in the account from the same external bank source!

Instead of saving the external source information to allow for easy account funding, Northpointe instead requires customers - once the account is now opened - to start the external source process from scratch.

If that weren't ridiculous enough, Northpointe's software then blocks every attempted "external source launch," as they call it--so not one external bank account can be entered, making ACH transfers and funding impossible!

Then, when you ask customer service if they have some means of entering the external source information manually on their end, they say they can't--blocking the process!

The sick intention, as seen with several other "high interest savings" online promotion banks, is for Northpointe to simply collect a wealth of very valuable private, personal data on people under the false pretense that it is being given to open a new account.

Very Strange Rules

When Purepoint reduced their savings account rates last week I decided to move my ready money to a different bank. I started the procedure with Northpointe which sort of stumbled along and I made a $100 deposit. I then went through the process of linking an external account. Northpointe pay a very good rate over $25K balance. When I tried to deposit $40K I got the message 'too much'. OK lets try $25K but the same result. Not sure how this will work. Fortunately started a parallel application with Commenity and my $48K is on deposit there

Excellent Banking Experience

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I have used numerous banks in the past, both internet and bricks & mortar. Northpointe has renewed my faith in customer service. They are so easy to do business with. Everyone I have been associated with there have been above & beyond in professional customer service. I am so thankful that there is still a bricks & mortar bank that offers competitive rates and outstanding customer service. Keep up the excellent performance.

Had To Fund CD With A Check In The Mail

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The customer service was good. I believe the only way to fund is bank wire or check and I chose to mail in a check. (Please verify that) Not my favorite way to fund an account! One year penalty on a 5 year CD. Got a good rate but they pulled the rate recently. All in all things went smoothly over there!

Just Opened An Account

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Great rate at 2.3% with a 24 month guarantee - easy in a rising interest rate environment. Took 3 days for the account to be opened and 1 banking day for the ACH to be pulled in.

I was supposed to receive a welcoming email about the account being opened and funded and how to use - I still have not received. I found out and got an online logon by calling customer service which was good and easy to reach. They also said they would have the welcome email sent manually over 24 hours ago - still waiting.

Not Helpful

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My mortgage payment got withdrawn twice due to trying to change the auto-payment within 3 business days of the withdrawal (apparently it was already in process three business days before it said it would be withdrawn) When I called to get them to stop payment, they refused unless I could show them both withdrawals would clear my account. (Of course they won't, that's why I call to stop payment) So I had to go through my bank to fix it and pay the stop payment fee with my band. Terrible customer service, do not recommend.

Terrible And Deceptive

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Worst bank I've ever dealt with. They don't have any online transfer capabilities - so unless you want to go through a bunch of paperwork and phone calls, they have your money hostage. They have been promising online transfers "in 3 months" for months now. See also review below about 1000 mininum deposit. They lowered the interest rate the DAY AFTER i opened the account.

Also want to charge me a fee to close my account.

Very deceptive!!

See Review By Pwj7050. Same Experience.

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Two weeks trying to transfer large sum. Incredible bureaucracy. They act as if they are doing you a favor to borrow your money at 2.05% so they can lend it for two or three times that. Maximum initial transfer $1000. DAYS LATER one STILL cannot transfer additional funds BY THE SAME MEANS USED FOR INITIAL TRANSFER. And NB: THEY WILL CHARGE YOU IF YOU TRANSFER THE FUNDS BACK the same way.

Waste Of Time

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When I opened my savings account, they transferred $100 from my external checking account. However, they cannot link my external checking so, unless I mail them a check, I can't add funds. When I called to close the account, they said there is a $10 fee--a great way to make money I guess. This is a one branch bank that is own by one guy. I will not do business with them again.

Offering ACH By End Of The Month

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Just opened an account for the 2.05% savings rate.
Received a message from a bank rep stating that they were setting up an ACH ability with other banks by end of July, 2018.
Sine just opened the account, will wait and see if that becomes true.

Agree with an older comment In this day and age with internet banking, ACH support is a must.

Update: ACH limit of $25000 per transaction. Free transactions per month 6......ACH limit is abysmal.

Utility Bill Needed ??? !

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I submitted an application and they finally got back to me requesting a copy of my utility bill. Do not have those. I travel 12 months a year for my job. I have a valid US d/l, a US pp, a US citizen since birth for 4 decades. Also, I have NEVER been asked by any of the several banks/ cu's that I have accounts at across the country for a copy of my utility bill. Not too impressed...... and this for wanting to deposit funds ---wonder what they will want to withdraw funds ? !!!!

Northpointe Savings-NO ACH Allowed

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Re Northpointe Ultimate Savings withdrawals, received following from them -
"With the savings account, the only way to withdraw the funds are by wire or cashier’s check. Outside bank initiated ACH’s cannot be done on this account."

Account Opening Process Is ARCHAIC!

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I opened the 2.05% APY Ultimate Savings account yesterday at which time the maximum initial funding limit via an ACH pull into Northpointe is $1,000 I believe. I assumed that once the account was opened I could pull additional funds into the account by setting up the funding account as an "external account" with Northpointe.

Well, you know what happens when you assume! Northpointe does not provide that functionality. The only options are sending in a check, wire the money to Northpointe or ACH the money from the funding account. I bank with Wells Fargo and like all other banks I can think of they have very LOW $ limits on what they allow their customers to ACH OUT of their accounts.

The bottom line is I just closed the Northpointe account the day after I opened it because of their antiquated policies.

Since the 2.05% rate is only available on balances over $25k and they restrict the opening deposit that they do fund via ACH, the customer is forced to either fund by check or wire transfer. An ACH push out of Wells is not an option due to Wells' low $ limits.

Lowest Of Low

To all of those who are in awe of Northpointe Bank, all I have to say is how do you like them now? I found them to be deceitful as I mentioned earlier when shortly after I opened my Ultimate Rewards checking account with them, they sent out a letter stating how they expected the account to be managed (no small debits, charges must be in different categories such as entertainment etc. along with groceries, gas, etc.and if they decided they didn't like certain debits you made, they would not be counted towards the total required number leaving you holding the bag). This came right on the heels of informing me that no, there was no min. and any debit charge would go towards meeting the requirement when I inquired about this (even asking if a small debit in the amount of a dollar or so would count) in the process of opening my account,

I had the account for one month and all of this 'new information' was provided. I pulled my money out and the account has set waiting to be closed by them for inactivity. I didn't close it because they also had a little clause how they would charge you x amount of money if you closed the account early.

Yesterday I got a letter from them with their now 'new terms' of the Ultimate Checking account. Seems like the interest rate effective 3-01-18 will be a big whopping 0.99% (APY 1.00%) on balances of 0.01+ and all you have to do to earn this fabulous rate is make $1,000.00 or more in debit card charges posted and settled within the statement period and be enrolled in eStatements. WOW!

Saying this bank is arrogant is an understatement. If you seriously cannot find a more trustworthy bank that will offer you respect for your patronage with them, I feel very sorry for you.

This is a definitely no star bank in my opinion and since the time limit has passed for me to be penalized for closing my account, I am calling first thing Monday morning and telling them to close this dormant account and I hope to never see or hear their name again. One of the biggest wastes of my time ever.

Bait And Switch

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Took a while to get setup last year, They were so slow that I missed the first interest period, however they did pay it retroactively to make up for the slow setup process. The problem now is they have totally changed the whole checking account to something closer to a big bank. They went from 5% to 1% interest and now you have to have at least $1,000 per month in debit card transactions. No thank you!!! I'm going back to MoneyOne FCU. It sucks too, I really liked NorthPointe up until today. They couldn't have cared less either when I called to complain. Sad......

Only $10,000 / Day Transfer To/From External Banks.

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I was impressed with the 1.5% rate and was about to open an account. However, I then chatted with them regarding the dollar amount maximum transfer allowed to/from external linked banks. It is only $10,000. That is absurd considering most banks like this allow much more, like 100K to 250K.

So, only use this bank if you are willing to slowly deposit and withdrawal amounts under 10K.

A Bank Without The Ability To Handle ACH?!

This is the worst HYSA I've had the displeasure to work with. My plan was to take advantage of the 1.5% interest rate. Opening the account was the usual process - went just fine. After my initial $1k deposit I went to transfer a sizable amount and discovered that this bank does not allow ACH transfers between banks - they can only accept wire transfers or check deposit at a limit of $10k/day. To withdrawl funds, the same process.

I tried calling in to discuss with them and guess what - their phone lines were down. I had to talk via chat and ask for them to call us. I told them I was shocked at their lack of ability to handle ACH transfers and wish to close the account. Because I'm closing before 120 days - a $10 fee and now I get to wait for my $990 check. Costly mistake of time and money.

Can't Beat The Interest Rate For Checking Account

Been a member for 6 weeks, received my first interest payment as promised. I'm very pleased with the checking account and service. However, be aware that you have to be patient in getting the account setup and it takes 7 to 10 business days to get your ATM card. On the other hand, you are not spending 2 hours waiting in the lobby to set up account as I did at the last big national bank. Also just so you are not caught off guard. If you send in checks to fund your account during the first 30 days of account opening they will hold them for 5 to 10 days to assure clearance. However, now that I think back on I believe my national bank did the same when my account was new. Now checks snapped on my cell phone are clearing in 3 to 5 days. If you want near instant transfers use electronic transfer bank to bank Also I would say call them if you have a question, they answered the phone right away and were friendly and helpful. No complaints, I'm recommending them to my friends.

Awsome Bank And Checking Account!

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I opened this checking account 4 years ago and have earned the interest every month since. You only need 15 debit swipes per month... my wife and I run about 50-60 swipes so easy to qualify. We use the checking for typical spending and for big ticket purchases we use our Delta Sky Miles card to get the points. If you keep $10k in this checking account that is about $500 per year you earn on your money - No other bank or credit union is paying that high of a rate. The big banks pay nothing and do not need to because customers flock to their brand. I prefer a bank that knows me. They do it right, their customer service is not a big company call center. I usually text rather than call and they are always quick to help. Thanks for being awesome!

Seems Great But Would Suggest Waiting To Fully Fund.

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I recently opened my Ultimate Account. They urge you to just treat it like your normal checking account to get the 5%. This is fine and perfectly acceptable. They even set you up with a guide to close your old account and include a checklist.

DON'T FOLLOW THE GUIDE. Wait until after the "New Account" period (30 days) is over if you actually want to access your funds in a timely manner.

My main issue so far is the lag time involved in any attempt to fund the account. There is a $2k per 7 day limit on transfers from outside institutions. Those transfers also take up to 5 business days to clear/become available from Northpointe after the funds are removed from the funding account.

Their suggestion (by chat) for getting around this is to deposit checks with the mobile app. This will incur a 10 business day hold on your funds during the 30 day new account period. This hold remains even after the drawing instrument clears. It's this last part that truly irritates me. I expect funds to not be available prior to a check clearing. To then continue a hold after the drawing instrument clears makes no sense. I deposited by mobile app on a Friday afternoon. I'll have access to these funds on the 17th calendar day after.

My attempt to fund has been a waiting game where $2k gets tied up in the ether for a week each time a transfer is initiated. Followed by the 10 business day hold on a check issued by a county government payroll department. My next paycheck will be deposited by Direct Deposit before I have access to the last paychecks funds.

Depositor beware I guess. I just don't remember it being this hard to fund my local credit union account. So I guess it's convenience vs return.

I'll update this after the account has been open for a while. I'm still cautiously optimistic...

Works Fine For Me.

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I use Northpointe's Ultimate Checking account as my main checking account. I was a bit skeptical when I got the email stating that they had the right to close my account if they thought I was just trying to get the interest rate. I guess that's their reply to the Fed now longer allowing banks to require minimum amounts for Debit Transactions. I knew I would not have any problem meeting the 15 debit card uses to qualify.
I would give them 5 stars, but the email I received after I opened my account is a bit unethical, and they also dragged their feet in depositing some Mobile Deposit checks...but that has now improved. Now most Mobile Deposits hit my account within 1-2 business days.

5% APY Ultimate Checking Account

Since writing the review below I've seen a great improvement in the customer service. The transfer fee has been eliminated which was my biggest issue.

Bad advertising.
1. It's not actually 5%, it's 4.88%
2. There's a $3 fee to transfer money to other accounts.
3. There's a transfer limit of $2,000

Customer service might answer your email within 24 hours, might not. They might answer your question, or they might give you a ridiculously vague answer.

Great Bank! 5% Rebate Well Worth It.

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I've had this account for just over 4 months now and have it has returned back a consistent 4.7 to 4.9% dependent on how much you have in the account. I direct deposit $100 per pay period into this account, signed up with e-statements and spend on this account 15 to 17 times per month to qualify for the cash back. I did not change my spending habits as I still purchase lunch at work, groceries, gas etc. I didn't read too much into the contract but I assume that I will be paying taxes on the cash back.


It is going to be interesting to see how they handle their rewards checking account after 7-17-2017. I called them in the beginning of the month and asked the banker about the requirements for the rewards checking. He told me exactly what is still being posted on their website. When I asked if the debt charges could be any amount and still qualify, he said yes. This was the same thing he told me the month before when I had opened my account. .Then I told him I had already opened an account with them and I had received the email about the rewards checking account which was very clear in that the debits could not be just small amounts to satisfy the debit requirement. So, I wanted to know why they were still advertising a requirement of 15 debits and not clarifying what they wanted them to be and why he was telling me even now they could be any amount and still qualify. He said they could do this because the disclaimer had NOT GONE INTO EFFECT YET. I asked why didn't they make the announcement about how they expected the account to be used at the start of the month when the monthly cycle began instead of the middle of the month, He said because they had to give a month's notice. I said, that was fine, but why are you still continuing to say just make 15 debits any amount to qualify. You are still trying to lure people in by dangling a 5% apy and lying to them in the process. He said, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to lure you in and I will be happy to close your account for you and send you a check or transfer your money into another account. I told him thank you, but I had already removed my money and the account would close on it's own. I asked how they were going to advertise this account on their website after the 17th. I even asked him if it was legal to state the debits had to be a certain amount and if they had gotten caught doing this and if that was why they removed that requirement in May, He had no answers to either question except to say they were still deciding on the best way to handle this come.the 17th, I told him they would need to adjust their remark about having to be deemed a normal debit by them in order to qualify because everyone's definition of normal varied. A kid swiping their debit card for a 1.50 soda is as normal as breathing to them. lol Normal - yeah, define that.

JOKE And Charge FEE's & Cost YOU!

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5% who cares, they charge transfer fees, Bank Is A JOKE!, they also cost me fees at another bank because of their screwed up system and then I emailed customer service agent who responded but then ignored me all the way up to this day (months ago) once she knew that they costs me fees. What a banking JOKE! I'm in the market for a home but because of their ignorance and total crap for customer service I'm closing my account and will never do business with them again including home buying.
Sincerely, Tim.. Michigan, Alaska, Arizona

This Bank Should Get 0 Stars!

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DO NOT open this account. NorthPointe is not being honest with customers. Their advertised criteria to earn 5% on balances up to $10,000:
1) Make 15 or more debit card purchases each month.
2) Enroll in eStatements
3) Set up direct deposit OR automatic withdrawal of $100+ per statement period.
So, if you meet these 3 criteria, you should receive the 5% APR, right? WRONG. AFTER you have opened the account and made the qualifying transactions, you will receive an "automated" e-mail from NorthPointe that basically says:
"Northpointe Bank reserves the right to determine if the account is being maintained for a purpose other than primary, day-to-day use".
They will not tell you this when you open the account, but when time comes to pay up, they will say your transaction don't qualify. They're a bunch of crooks. Go with better name banks that actually care about reputational risk.

5% Is Rounded Off But Still Better Than Other Banks!

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Immediately cancelled Chase Bank checking and now use Northpointe Bank's Ultimate Checking for all my purchases. I opened my account on May 15th and on May 27th I already see my interest rate at 4.88%! I use it for direct deposits from work, e-statements and I swipe, write checks, pay my credit card bills with it... basically use it for the majority of all my transactions. When I tell people about how much I get in interest, they usually look at me as if I just told them that money does grow on trees :-)

Stay Away! Negligence And Costly Errors

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What seemed like a very smooth process quickly imploded because of a careless mistake and lack of oversight on the loan officer.

I am a single mother and contacted Northpointe bank regarding down payment assistance. The loan officer was supplied with a Salary Key, my employee data report, 2 years worth of taxes/account transcripts from the IRS/paystubs, and a letter directly from my employer stating my income.

After supplying all necessary information, I was told I qualified for the Home ownership Opportunity Program (HOP) that was $8,000 in down payment assistance. GREAT!

I received my pre-qualification letter, and almost immediately found a town home. Once under contract, I provided my $1000 earnest money, and even paid the appraisal fee. It took getting ALL THE WAY to underwriting to determine I actually did not qualify for the HOP program because I made approximately$1200 too much per year.

Why was this not caught BEFORE underwriting when my income was one of the main determining factors of whether I qualified for the down payment assistance?

To make matters worse, I was told to ask my employer to 'front me' $8,000. The options I was given to correct this error made by Northpointe would have been severely costly to me.

I have now had to back out of a townhome I fell in love with, and have most likely lost my $1000 earnest money due to a simple oversight on the loan officer. I am still in the process of getting my $400 appraisal fee refunded to me.

I spoke with the manager today and this whole situation was called "unfortunate"... and I was told I did qualify for the HOP program in Mecklenburg County.. which would be great if the townhome I was under contract on wasn't in YORK COUNTY.

The manager also explained that the income was a hard line income qualification and they could not budge on it.. If that was really the case then I should have definitely received a NO from the very beginning.

I am so disappointed. I had basically anything that underwriting could have possibly needed and organized. I would have never had Northpointe run my credit if I did not qualify based on income for their down payment assistance program.

I would never recommend this bank unless you want your dreams crushed due to their mishap.

Great Choice For Online Credit Union

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I am very pleased so far with this bank. They have outstanding customer service from the chat window online to personal contact on the phone. I just joined and so far I am impressed. Great to know that the cap is now $10,000 which was $5,000 prior and no per dollar amount requirement for the debits just make 15 debits or credits each month!

Don't believe any negative reviews because opening my account was a breeze and the trial deposits worked great! I am glad to be getting 5%!!

Keep up the great work guys!!

Great Bank

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I opened an Ultimate Checking Account with them and closed it and transferred out the funds about 4 months later, only because I never used it. About a week later, I received a check in the mail from Northpointe for $0.01!! Apparently this was for the accrued but unposted interest which my account earned when I closed it. I have never dealt with such an ETHICAL bank!! Even if they were legally required to return the penny to me, obviously I couldn't have cared less had they just kept it. For its honesty, Northpointe Bank earns 5 stars!!


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Northpointe Bank stated that I was on ChexSystems. I found out that I wasn't by going to a different bank to apply for an account. I was told that my account was approved at first after applying. Trial deposits were taken from my account. I noticed that I could not log on to the account. When I called and asked about the status of the account, I was told that I did not pass ChexSystems. I is unprofessional and unbusiness-like when I have to find out that an account did not get opened. It is, thus, easier to open an account with a larger financial institution and a credit union than with Northpointe Bank. Plus, Northpointe Bank does not have convenient branches and hours for customer service when necessary. This is why it can offer an account paying up to five percent interest. Luckily, there were many more options to choose from than Northpointe Bank. I will make sure that this bank is not recommended to anyone.

Great Banking Choice

I have been a customer of Northpointe for the last 10 years and have been consistently impressed with them. Walking into my branch makes me feel like a VIP - I am always greeted by name, and am asked how I am doing. They are always able to get me in and out very quickly and to help me accomplish whatever it is I need to accomplish on that visit. In recent months I have started using their mobile app which has been super easy to use and has helped me keep track of my accounts. On the one occasion I had a fraudulent activity on my account they were able to help me get everything straightened out in less than 24 hours. They really are an amazing bank with awesome customer service! Two thumbs up and great choice for anybody wanting a friendly, helpful bank that truly cares about the people behind the amount number!

Great Service And Product Experience

I was sorry to read about the bad experiences that the other posters had written. My contact with the bank was extraordinarily pleasant and unremarkable. The interest that was promised has been provided. I got free checks by phone. I made special requests for my address information and was quickly accommodated.
Questions that I had posed via email received prompt reply.
I was not able to immediately contact the person with whom I had been exchanging emails, but other staff were happy to serve, helpful and knowledgeable about the product.
The Northpointe Bank of today has no connection in any way, shape, or form to the previous posts of the malcontents.

Ultimate Account

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Found the 5% Ultimate Checking Account via this site...signup process was easy although a lot of far, so good...great rate on checking...customer service was quick to respond to my questions too.

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