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Consumer Beware

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Numerica credit union charged seven overdraft fees (called "courtesy pay") for a single overdraft transaction which, without the exorbitant fees assessed, would have resulted in a negative account balance of only $35.55. The overdraft fees charged for this single overdraft amounted to $210. My husband visited the Sullivan branch location, where the branch manager, Amber, reversed half of the $30 fee for each of the seven fees assessed, but demanded that we pay a total of $105 in overdraft fees for our single overdraft of $35.55. I called the call center attempting to resolve the issue, and eventually spoke with manager Jeanine, who refused to "override Amber's decision." I have been overdrawn on other bank accounts once or twice in the past, and have always received courtesy reversals of the fees because I am so rarely in this situation. I have never been charged seven overdraft fees for a single overdraft, or encountered such institutional disregard for customers. I would have happily paid even one $30 overdraft fee, since my account was very briefly overdrawn. However, the behavior of every employee involved in our dispute is unethical, and I will not be doing business with this organization any further.

Local kindness

I have worked in banking a lot in the past. The credit union that I was affiliated really did make me feel like small town banking. They treated me like a person and not just a number. They knew my name and small things that I was up to. The employees made me feel like the business that I had with them was substantial. When coming in, they would ask specific questions about my kids or my car or my house to make it feel like they cared about me. At one point and time they even purchased almond roca for me when they knew it was a good cause. They treated my grandma the same way, so I knew that it wasn't just a coincidence, but it really was the way that they worked.

Numerica Credit Union Good For Me

I have been banking with Numerica Credit Union since it merged with Coeur d Alene Teacher's Credit Union over 10 years ago. I was concerned when CTCU became Numerica because I thought that the personalized and friendly customer service might change. It did not. In fact it is better than it was before and it now has the added benefit of being able to offer many more products. They know me when I visit the branch and it is very easy to do business with them. It seems that their is considerably less bureaucracy than there is at big banks. The fees are non-existent compared to larger banks. The online bill-pay is a bit more cumbersome than it needs to be, but it is still decent. Overall, I'm very happy with Numerica and wouldn't bank anywhere else.

Numerica Credit Union is Great.

I first started banking with Coeur d'Alene Teachers Credit Union 20 years ago. It merged with Numerica about 10 to 15 years ago as I recall. It has always been a pleasure doing business with them. They are very personable and know me when I visit the branch. If I need a new debit card I can walk in and get one within five minutes instead of having to order one and wait for it to be mailed. They offer competitive products and their is much less red tape than with larger institutions. The fees are basically non-existent. I'm very happy with Numerica.

Issues With Numerica Credit Union

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When Numerica Credit Union switched to a different electronic banking system I began having issues with a few of my electronic payees not receiving their checks. After a fashion the checks sent out by the bank to the payee ended up mailed by the payee to my home address. Turned out if the address I had listed for the payee differed from the address the new electronic system had in their database, they arbitrarily changed it. The addresses they had were incorrect which resulted in the checks not reaching the correct receiver, which resulted in late fees. It required two trips to the bank and at least the same amount of phone calls before the bank changed the mailing addresses back to what I originally had. Numerica did fix the late fees.
Another major issue I had with them was last summer. The wife and I took a trip to Europe. I stopped in to my local Numerica Branch and gave them a list of all out stops, to include country and town. I was assured we would have no issues using our cards, debit and credit. I also called the main office for Numerica and provided them with the same information. Both cards were listed in their system for this trip. Luckily, I took along extra cards from Gesa Credit Union. I had also provided them with the same info. During the trip, we had nothing but issues with our Numerica cards and at one point an ATM machine took my card with a note on the screen, “At the request of your bank we have seized this card. Please contact your bank with any questions.” With a nine-hour time difference, I eventually spoke with a Numerica employee who told she had no idea why the bank did that and that there was nothing she could do. She also asked me why I had not called the bank and told them I was traveling in Europe. I explained that I had…in fact I had done it in person and over the phone. I was told the bank had not made the card portion of the bank aware of this. WOW! Used Gesa the rest of the time with no issues at all.
Lastly, Numerica Credit Union’s newest electronic banking site is much slower than their old site; very noticeable when comparing to other banking sites.

Poor Experience, Do Not Bank Here

I attempted to open an account online. They asked for a deposit to open the accounts so I made one. Then, I get a phone call from someone in their customer service department telling me there was a problem with my credit report and they in fact could not open an account. They never supplied the credit report and what was wrong with it. Anyway, when I try to get my money back from the deposits I was told it would be 7 to 10 days to make sure that the funds would not bounce and that they would mail them to my bank. While inconvenient, I understand. after almost a full month I contacted them again to inquire. Now I'm told it's 90 days until I get my funds back. So I've just given them an interest free loan for three months? All of the representatives that I've spoken with have been extremely rude with the exception of a gentleman that I talked with when I finally went down to the downtown branch. Note I still didn't get my money returned. I still don't have any actual reason as to why my account cannot be opened. I continue to get the runaround.

Don't Use Numerica Credit Union's Billpay

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I schedule my Property Tax payment through NuMerica Credit Union's Billpay, and as usual Numerica's inability to process the check in a timely manner I had to pay a late fees. I contacted Billpay on the phone and to no surprise they were not able to help me. I then went to Numerica in Coeur d'Alene, ID (on highway 95 by Fred Meyer) to speak to the managers, and I was told it's NOT NuMerica's problem if the check wasn't sent out on time nor is it their responsibility to find out why the check is still stilling in Spokane, WA for more than a week already. I was told by the manager Numerica is NOT responsible for anything what so ever even though it is their system that I used.

Escrow Reimbursement Non-Standard Of Business Practice

home loan with Numerica 10+ years. Upon divorce and division of home equity I found it next to impossible to get a clear payoff amount from closer or Numerica. I recieved three different payoff amounts from closer (Inland Pro Title) and two different amounts from Numerica. It took almost a month to get any kind of Statement from Numerica concerning this home mortgage, and the escrow ammounts where inflated, other varoius charges that were not explained, and their paperwork did'nt match the closers. At escrow dispursement, they bent their rules for check cashing and allowed my ex to deposit the escrow overage check into his own personall account eventhough I was listed as co payee. I,m leaving Numerica because of their questionalbe business practices and lack of satisfactory responses to my concerns.

CDA Idaho Branch Is Not Helpful.

I have used Numerica's CDA location once or twice a month to get small (100 and under) bills for the nearby business I work at for the past 8 months. I have two car loans through Numerica, and am a member of another local credit union, but today I was told I could no longer get change at their location going forward because I do not have a checking or savings account with them. I find this to be poor customer service on their part, and very different from the wonderful service I recieve from their branch on Sullivan Rd in Spokane Valley. I cannot recommend using this branch any longer and will also reconsider keeping my car loans with them as well.

Bad Lender!

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Numerica Credit union's mortgage department is terrible. Rudy Duenas, one of their loan officers, does not return my phone calls. His boss, Rob Helgeson, does not either. We've missed closing dates in March, April, and now May, and they're still asking my borrower for information they should have asked for in January, when the loan started.

Rudy told me it's because they're in the process of obtaining FHA direct underwriting approval, and because his loan processor quit. NOTE: when a financial institution the size of Numerica has to fund its loans through a correspondent, and can't underwrite loans in house, then you have to wonder what's wrong. They use PHH Mortgage, according to Rudy, which means your loan will have to be approved twice--once by Numerica and once by PHH. And that's only if they can get your file that far!

Every time I spoke with Rudy it was because I tracked him down, and when I did talk to him he never seemed to know what was going on with my client. He told me that things were so bad there that he had recently referred four mortgage clients to other mortgage lenders. I asked him why he didn't do that for my buyers, and he said it was because their loan had been approved and was close to closing anyway. That was six weeks ago.

If you're a Realtor, keep your buyers away from Numerica, Rudy Duenas, and Rob Helgeson. They appear to have no idea what they're doing, and they don't return their calls.

This review contains facts and opinions about facts. The information about Numerica came to me directly from Rudy--as excuses for his non-performance. This is not meant to slander Numerica, Rudy or Rob. Outside the mortgage business, I'm sure they're competent, nice people.

Home Mortgage Service Is Terrible

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My daughter had nearly $30,000 on deposit with Numerica.  When she applied for a mortgage there--with 20% down and excellent credit--Numerica still required a co-borrower before they'd give her a conventional loan.  They said it was because she was recently out of college and hadn't been on her job long enough.  She went to another lender, which closed her loan on time and with no fuss.  I guess the job thing really wasn't really the issue . . .

She was a bank's dream applicant, yet they still found a reason to send one of their own deposit customers to another institution.

My experience helping her apply for a mortgage with Numerica was painful.  When you call them you get a phone tree, and when you finally get through to your party, they don't call you back.

Stay away from Numerica's home loan center!  They don't want your business, and they let you know it!

Negative Star Rating

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The last post says it all. We agree 100%. Good descriptions of service, personnel, attitude.

Don't Bother...

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This bank reeks of the "small town feel" but is in fact just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Our business has banked with all of the big boys in the past BofA, Wells, Citi, all of them. We opened an account with Numerica in CDA in an effort to get the small town treatment and not be lost in the ocean of a big bank. Well, FAIL. This CU has been nothing but problems, stupidity, adversarial attitudes, and incompetence. WAY worse than any big bank, we actually pined to return to Wells. We finally had the final straw and moved to Bank those are the folks you are looking for! Great service, really puts Numerica to shame. Just one example of MANY with Numerica: the TELLER MANAGER told my daughter she could not cash a check made out to cash because...get this..."her name was not cash"!!! This was the freaking manager!! Don't bother with these jokers. Big time FAIL. Worst CU ever  IMO.

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