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Don't Use Old National Or UMB

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Old National Bank recently sold its health savings accounts business to UMB Bank. Without any prior notice, they canceled customers' debit cards, making it impossible to pay health care expenses including Medicare premiums. The new debit cards were never received. Without the new cards, it was impossible to access our health savings accounts, Old National/UMB refused to rectify this situation, leading us to file formal complaints with the US Treasury Department. Don't do business with either of these ripoff organizations!

This Bank Is Fuckin Horrible!

I am closing my account! I been with First Midwest for 9 years, never had an issue. Soon as they Merge to ONB my account was comprised and $358 was stolen from my account. I receive a text message about the fraudulent activity, I called the bank right away and was told the dispute was put in and I had my card canceled and was told another card will be mailed out. 2 weeks later never received my new card, never received any email or notification about the dispute. I finally go into a local branch and come to find out the dispute was never put in. Since I was at the local bank I did get my new bank card, but never received it in the mail like I was told. The dispute was finally put in. It took another 2 weeks finally got a refund on my money. Here it is at this moment me and my husband went to the store and his card was declined. We tried to use mine, Declined! Haven’t received any texts or email at this moment on why my card is declined and of course it’s after hours so I can’t get a hold of anyone. I pray I don’t have any emergencies tonight or in the morning because my funds is on lock because if this terrible ass bank. I am done with their asses I’m switching my direct deposit to another bank that I just opened because I’m sick of their non-reliable asses!

Bad Experiance

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The worst bank ever.
I used to be a First midwest Bank customer for over 9 years, Never hade a problem. I Zell $200.00 to my Brother on the 20th of sep and today the 22nd of sep and the money on hold but they took the money from my account on the 20th .
matter of fact i'm writing this while on the phone with ONB waiting for over 25 minutes on the line.
i Called them yesterday and the agent told me it's Zell issue, I'm calling again today and still waiting for an answer after calling Zell and they couldn't help me since i have zell through the bank.
Horrible customer service, bad phone waiting time.

Take Your Money And Run....

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I like to use and support small local banks (e.g. West Suburban), but this isn't it anymore. They will only contact you with account issues via mail (yes, MAIL through the Post Office), and will have no qualms turning your debt over to collections without a sincere attempt to contact you via phone or email.

Worst Service Ever Since Merger.

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Have 5 checking accounts at first Midwest that transferred over to old national with the merger, the combined deposits are quite substantial. The first screwup was the bank debited the same check twice, once on our last first midwest statement and then again on the new old national statement When we attempted to call old national customer service the hold time was over 90 minutes and they didn’t have an answer. We then went to the Winfield branch and they couldn’t provide an answer as their system was down, finally they corrected it after a week of calling the local branch. Today my wife went in to order new free checks as required for the takeover/merger and they couldn’t order checks as they couldn’t pull up the signature card, I could order the same checks free over the phone which didn’t require anything, yet the Bank manager refused to do anything without a signature card. When I attempted to show her the lack of logic in her ways she told me to leave which I did, she told me that a competing bank was right around the corner and maybe I would be better served there, trust me I will.

Awful Merger!

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I had a HELOC with First Midwest which unfortunately has now transitioned to Old National. I paid my loan on July 8 before the merger and on July 12, imagine my surprise when I log into Old National for the first time and see a payment due AGAIN on July 13! I try calling Customer Service and there is an hour or more wait so I use the message option, take a screenshot of my July payment and ask for clarification as to why there is a second payment due that month with a 1 day notice. No response. I respond again a few days later. Nothing. Then I get a message telling me the case is closed assuming it has been handled. What??!! I respond back telling them to reopen and remove this amount due. Again nothing. Today I get a letter in the mail telling me my account is past due and I have a late fee. Unbelievable!! I can’t talk to anyone live and I get no responses to their messaging systems and still 45 minutes to an hour wait on the phone. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with! I’m about to just turn the entire thing over to my attorney.

Old National Bank Vincennes Branches

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Been with this bank for many years it has turned into lazy, rude employees. When you walk into the lobby, they are rolling their eyes, I only go into the bank once or twice a week, since I’m that big of a burden on you I’ll take my business elsewhere.

They Took My Money And Ran

They instantly approved a checking account for me, charged my credit card, then closed the account later the same day. Customer service was clueless and my money was gone. I received no communication or substantive information from the people that actually made the decision except for a boilerplate "we have decided to close your account" BS letter.

I recall a movie made about this bank, The Wizard of Oz. This bank has no brain, no heart, and no courage.

0/10 would not recommend.

Do Not Use This Bank

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Please do your research. Select a different bank to do business with. They make it VERY difficult to close an account. I closed an account that my parents had since they are both now deceased. They charged the account a fee for not maintaining a 5K balance. Not sure how you can charge an account when it has been closed!

Old National Bank Evansville Indiana

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This bank draws customers in with lower interest rates. Their loan department for mortgages is a joke and will run you around for even the most trivial items. The upper management communicates as though theyare. on another planet. Don’t let the lower rates fool you. There is a reason they boast lower rates- no one wants to deal with them! You can do a simple search online for customer reviews

Horrible Service

Had a terrible experience at the Old National Bank Carmel Branch. Wanted to open a savings account and had questions. The tellers (who were nice enough) said I had to speak with the Branch Manager. Manager was not in or too busy to talk with me personally. Tellers called her with my question and she said no over the phone. Awful service. I went down the street to another bank and they accepted my deposit and I opened an account there with no problems.

They Are TERRIBLE If You Have Fraud!!!

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We went out of the country on vacation and someone stole our credit cards via RFID technology. $200 was stolen. Old National customer service was snotty on the phone telling me that it will take up to 15 business days and it was only provisional. I was never informed that I needed to fill out a form at the bank known as an affadavit. Like the review above everything she said was true. We are switching banks soon.

I Hope You Never Have To Deal With Fraud With This Bank

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They will rip you off. I had 1500 dollars taken from my account some of it while I was filing a dispute with my local branch, yet because someone used it in the town I lived in I was responsible for all of it. They violate the Regulation E guidelines which clearly state I am responsible for no more than 50$ of the fraud if reported within 48 hrs. I noticed it after someone used my husbands card as well. (Probably a skimmer in the area) his bank credited his acct within two days. I was left with a 1500 dollar hole in my pocket. What made it worse is it was part of my mom's inheritance. I had been a customer of anchor bank for ten years they never would have done this. I am at a loss for how I feel. they made me feel like a criminal scammer. Never answered my emails at corporate, at least my personal banker Alex tried. She gets five stars the company gets negative 3.

Absolutely Ridiculous

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We have Banked with Old National for more years then I can count. I have had problems with them charging fees fees and more FEES. I've caught them charging my account by accident then arguing about refunding the money. They have done away with the type of account we had and didn't have the curtsy to inform us. I will be closing our accounts and changing to a credit union the pays 3 times more APR. Old National is lacking in every way.

This Bank Is A Scam.

I was supposed to get alerts when my account went low, and not have anything come out of it. Instead of getting this, the bank charges me $40 every time there's an issue, in spite of them being repeatedly asked to put stops on it.

I'm tired of paying them to steal my money.

I Love My Bank

I love Old National Bank. It has a very homey feel. When you arrive there are chairs to sit in while you do your banking business with your teller. No standing at a window. They have coffee and doughnuts to welcome you. You are treated as a person and not a number. I use the online banking several times a week. As well as the bill pay option. I find it very easy to use and have never had any problems whatsoever.

Just Another Massive, Greedy Financial Institution

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I opened my first account with ONB 10 years ago when I was in college. I had no issues with them for several years. Over the years I even had two auto loans and a student loan with them with no issues. Over the past two years the customer service just gets worse and worse. I totally understand why so many of my favorite employees there have moved on. The current employees are rude and get agitated anytime you ask a basic question. I should NOT have to wait for tellers to put down their cell phone before helping me. Even the corporate call center acts like it's some sort of act of God to answer a simple question. This bank has grown very quickly, and they are so focused on acquiring smaller banking chains that they have completely forgotten who built them. They have gone the way of other massive financial institutions in this country- they don't care about customers, they care about becoming larger than life and making more cash.

Fees, Fees, Fees And Poor Service

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They took over our local bank and put a fee on everything. Checking, ATMs, even our savings account. The online banking and check clearance are set up to catch you in a low balance - they charge all checks and do not credit deposits as quickly. They also messed up our checks and debit PIN. Just terrible service! There are MUCH better banks out there - don't give your money to ONB!

Just Terrible

They took over our local bank and completely messed up our finances. They didn't send our checks, did not transfer our online payees (as had been promised), starting charging my son fees to have his student savings account, messed up the PIN on our ATM card, and repeatedly gave us false information through customer service. We are switching to a different local bank now, but they have already caused us to be late on necessary debt payments. WORST BANK EVER!!!

Negative Experience With Old National

We had been with a local bank for years, which was bought up by Old National this year. While the switch was well explained and very smooth, our experience with the transaction policies and online banking were very negative. From the first week, we were hit with fees (higher than our old bank) when our balance dipped and funds transferred from savings. This happened several times (previously, we had this happen only occasionally.) I discovered that credit transactions weren't showing up on our online banking for days, and that all transactions were posted at the END of the day. Also debits seemed to be taken out before deposits were entered. I tried to get help through customer service, but they were unhelpful and uncaring; giving no advice except to watch my balance (which was not accurate, especially on weekends.) After a few weeks of repeated problems, we switched to a more local bank. I am so happy now, and haven't had to transfer any funds at all. We have nicknamed Old National Bank as "Old Nasty" when we pass our old branch. Seems petty, but that was the impression they left with us.

Overdraft Not In Line With Other Banks, Closing Branches

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We had a business account that was used to pay for a truck lease. For the first couple months we deposited our funds one day before the debit was scheduled and for some reason they held our deposit, because it was a check, and we were hit with a $35 overdraft fee and a $8 a day late fee, and they never bothered to give us a courtesy call. They knew that check was good as soon as they ran it through ACH. We didn't find out until the next month. $35 + $8 a day after the third day, no other bank I know of charges that fee.

We started depositing cash, two days in advance to insure that our cash cleared in time. No wonder they are now closing branches across Indiana. After a year we paid the lease off and closed the account just to get away from them.

Not Customer Oriented

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This bank has a lot of rules.  A lot of fees.  And not a lot of customer service.  Thier online customer service is particularly not particularly helpful.   Another bank who has a back office corporate attitude with powerless pretty faces in their branches. 

Extremely Rude Customer Service.

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This bank may have the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I have seriously experienced friendlier and more helpful customer service representatives when calling the IRS! Apparently they must have a lot of legacy money in order to be so rude and still remain in business. However treating new customers they way are now will most certainly come back to haunt them in the future. I transferred over to 5/3 and have been quite satisfied with them overall.

Charge Frequent Unnecessary Overdraft Fees

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  Out of 4 different accounts I have, ONB is the only bank I have had issue after issue with charging numerous overdraft fees. They fail to inform their customers of certain policies, then they charge huge fees and the customer service at certain locations is terrible. They are also the only institution I have dealt with that holds your check for 48 hrs before the funds are available to you. This is the 3rd time I have had to fight to get over $500 in fees refunded, It will deffinately be the last!! The computer is set up to place transactions in a certain order, so that the maximum amount of fees can be charged. I have numerous friends and aquaintances that have experienced overdraft fees when they have not ever shown a negative balance on their statement, most have received the same reply as myself, "it's just how the computer posts the transactions." Most have changed banks. I would deffinately NOT recommend using ONB.

Bad Experience

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I'm ready to close my account, before Charter One was a really a good bank, just now this bank will never treat you like a real costumer. They never care about you.

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