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Fraud Enablers

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If I could give them zero stars, I would. If your employer is looking for a HSA vendor, tell them to steer clear of Optum Bank. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. I had the HSA through a previous employer and was not really using it. I did not monitor the account because I trusted Optum Bank to monitor my account for any unusual activity or fraud. They failed miserably. My wife went to the doctor and used our HSA credit card. The card was declined and when I called Optum Bank to find out the balance, we were robbed of $2900.00 all from the same vendor. Optum Bank failed to flag these transactions as fraud and allowed these charges to continue. The fraud unit investigated and gave us half the money back claiming that is all they were responsible for. Getting the money back was not easy. They dragged their feet for 6 months. They failed to look out for fraud, and they pointed the finger back at me – they took zero responsibility . They are corporate criminals and their executive team belongs in jail.


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I had the worst experience with Optum. I kept receiving cards but they never worked and finally decided to cancel my membership. Luckily I got back all the money from July's reimbursement. Despite my cancellation, they still charged me for August. Like WTF!?!? They promised to reimburse me for August. They only sent me $8.50 check in the mail and still owe $156. I was promised numerous times on the phone that I would be reimbursed, once being told that I would receive it as a deposit then a second time being promised that I would receive it in the mail. Then the final time being told by their supervisor that I would never receive the $156. Pretty fucked up that they never reimbursed me for August despite chasing them and waiting on them during September and August. Really just an awful experience. I don't advise Optum to anybody and I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see such awful reviews on this site. Optum, you SUCKKKKK!!!

Bounced Checks

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Optum bounced a $5000 check payable to my dentist because I hadn't transferred enough to cover the check from my HSA investment account. Who knew? $25 returned check fee incurred. Wells Fargo, our previous HSA administrator, did it automatically. Optum bounced a second $5000 check to same dentist for no apparent reason. Needed to "research it". I told the customer rep that I expected a check from Optum for the second $25 returned check fee along with an explanation. I am not at all confident future bounces won't happen! I have way more in the account than is needed to cover these checks. I will be transferring my account out of Optum as soon as this mess is straightened out.

Pay Gets Deducted For Commuter Benefits - They Refuse To Refund Or Send Replacement Voucher

This company should not be in business! They are unethical and very incompetent.

My company utilizes Optum Bank/OptumHealth Bank/Optum Financial for commuter transportation benefits (owned by UnitedHealth Group). Every month, my paycheck is automatically deducted to receive a transit voucher check from Optum Bank. It is a new service we have been utilizing since March 2019. The 1st two months I received my vouchers and utilized my voucher checks with no issues. In late April 2019, I received an email (as usual) saying my "order was fulfilled) for my May transit. I never received the voucher check from Optum Bank. I've had numerous emails and phone calls with them for over one MONTH. They said I need to furnish an "out-of-pocket" receipt. When I supplied them a copy of my paystub (highlighting the transit deduction), a letter from my company's finance department and the actual email fulfillment message that I received from Optum when the order was processed. They said that all my documentation does not "count" according to their policy. They said I will need to furnish an "out-of-pocket" receipt, which absolutely makes no sense. Why would I pay an additional $100 "out-of-pocket" to furnish a receipt? I refuse pay an additional $100 of my pay in order to get reimbursed; in essence, I would still be $100 short, because they refuse to reimburse me for the initial $100! To date, they still refuse to reimburse me!

Please do your research! You will see they have horrible reviews all over the internet.


This Is The Worst Place On The Planet

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Do not ever do business with this place - I have been trying to get an APPROVED expense payment for 6 months - It has been escalated NUMEROUS times and every time I call back - I have to wait at least 2 weeks for processing before I can find out if it was sent or not - only to find out every time that it is still pending.......WTF - I will NEVER EVER do business with them again If I could give it 0 stars I would BEWARE OF THIS PLACE

Straight Up Scam

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They may operate just enough within the grey areas of the law to not get caught but be prepared to never see your money again. I've never been able to login to their main website. Always says "Login error try again in 10 minutes" or "Site error please try again". If you do file a claim it will be denied no matter how much documentation you send. If you do talk to customer service (which is almost impossible to reach) they are completely useless. My workplace uses this bank but from everyone here if you open an HSA once you have a decent amount it will be unathourized transfered to an overseas account and their fraud department does nothing. Open an FSA and all charges will be denied for the year and then they get to seize your funds. NEVER give these scumbags money only way you might ever see it again is in the hopeful class action lawsuit. But im sure they'll vanish the moment that comes down. Sorry to anybody else who signed up and is stuck in the same boat as me.

This Bank Stinks

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Here's what to expect from Optum Bank. NOTHING !!! Here;s what they do.
1. Your Doctor submits a bill for services rendered.
2. You pay your bill with your Bank card.
3. Optum receives receipt for expenses.
4. Optum denies claim and suspends your card.
5. Optum states invoice not detailed enough.
6. You go to the doctor and get new more detailed invoice.
7. Optum authorizes partial payment.
8. Wants another more detailed invoice. Card still suspended.
9. After months of this nonsense the say you have to pay the money back.
10.Final advise, put your money in the bank and DON'T let Optum manage your FSA account. At my company more than have opted out of Optum. Because of similar experiences.

Horrible Website Full Of Errors!

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The online account information is filled with inaccuracies. I have had a scheduled investment transaction that never got executed near the end of last year (even though a call to customer service assured me it would take place). And due to that experience and pending contributions not displaying at all, I have an excess contribution that I have to deal with this year. Just logged in and all my account totals are wrong! They don't even agree with the information on the site. I never get any email notifications in spite of trying to update my email via the website and directly with customer service (where they supposedly have it correct on file). I can't believe they have such poorly executed software. Makes me wonder how many real banking inaccuracies occur if they can't even display information correctly.

Awful, Awful, Awful

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My bank decided to exit the HSA business and stuck us with Optum. Awful service. Why in this day and age of ETF it takes 5 days to make a deposit available, I will NEVER be able to figure out. On the rare, unfortunate occasion I have had to talk to one of their *customer service* reps, it has been completely non-productive. They don't know their own product and were not very pleasant. OK, maybe my frustration over their lack of product knowledge made them a little prickly, but for crying out loud. TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS!!!!!

Terrible Service

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My HSA was transferred from Wells Fargo and Optum misspelled my name. I spent a frustrating 10 minutes on the phone only to be told I needed to write a letter and fill out a form for a name change. Their mistake - my valuable time!

Wells Fargo To Optum HSA Transition

Horrible transition from Wells Fargo to Optum HSA. Most recently Optum double deducted my 2017 HSA contibution from my bank(interestingly, Wells Fargo). Customer service(Don) was totally unhelpful, totally unconcerned, and totally inept. After 4 days of contacting Optum and Wells Fargo money still not returned. Previous experience with Optum customer service equally frustrating. Optum there's a lot of competition in the market!

Do Not Put Your Money Here

My hsa was transferred here by wells fargo. I can't do anything without the site crashing. It's frustrating and makes me feel as if I can't trust them. Scary. Am looking and will go elsewhere asap.

Go Elsewhere If You Can

Like many thousands of others, I was stuck with Optum when Wells Fargo decided to quit offering HSA accounts and transferred all of them to Optum. I worked for WF, and the whole time I was there as a business banker I was strongly encouraged to sign up as many businesses as possible to offer their employees WF HSA's. Within 90 days of retiring (and setting up several Medicare accounts for ACH payment) WF suddenly changed their mind and dropped HSA's entirely. Great. I was already well aware of Optum's very SUBoptimal Health Benefits website (also used by WF), so I wasn't looking forward to an Optum Bank experience, but it's even worse than I feared. It is not possible to do any transactions on the site without it crashing and asking you to try again later. In the meantime, you don't know if the transaction went through or not. I certainly wouldn't trust it with an Autopay of any important insurance. I'm now shopping for another bank to handle my HSA and will have to transfer all my ACH's once again. So two thumbs down for Optum AND Wells Fargo.

Go Elsewhere With Your HSA

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I would rate this place zero star if the site lets me. Horrible service, unintuitive website, and charges closing fees to transfer the balance. I hope my new HSA bank will be better than this. But the bar is so low I can imagine I could not get better services.

This Bank Can Not Be Trusted

I have some issues with my health saving account. The customer service line has been called to get things corrected. Well, one thing was heard over the phone and entirely different thing seen over my online account. I find it extremely hard to believe they care about anything I have to say about my account. They reassured me that error has been corrected and their website may have a lag of 2-3 days to reflect that change. While it has been over 10 days, nothing has been changed online. Who do I really believe?? If I had other option, I would never choose this place for my HSA.

Optum Health Bank Gives Away A Customers $10832.45 To Someone The Don't Know

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From March 3 2013 thru March 28 2013 Optum Health Bank released $10832.45 out of my Health Savings Account

to foreign companies with out my authorization for purchases made by someone who they don't know. I only became aware of this on 01/31/2013 when I called them about the 1099-SA I received in the mail that showed $8826.70 was distributed out of my account. The customer service agent I reached at the number on the back of my Savings Card directed me to Optum Health Bank's web site and had me create an account so that I could look at the Statements on line.This was my first time on the site and my first  time looking at transaction statements. I'm so upset

with this Bank for its negligence and the lack of concern for my welfare.The rest of the facts concerning this crime and

Optum Health Banks response to it will be on going and I will be posting my story everywhere possible.The word needs to get out that this Bank has no clue about fraud prevention , security of deposits and customer  service. When any resonable person who looks at these 91 transactions in 19 days over 3500 miles away from my home in  foreign countries for non medical purchases red lights should have been flashing in thier fraud department.The rest of this story will come after I hear from thier Fraud Department.

 John Lahm

410 493 7191


Poor Service

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I have been with OptumHealth Bank for over 3 years, and the service has been consistently bad. The ONLY reason I have an account there is because it is the only provider offered by my employer for our HSA plan. The account reps I experienced have been in-flexible and treated me as if I owed them for handling my account. The reps I dealt with also had poor knowledge about their product. When I made an extra year-end contribution to my plan they hold held my funds (about $3,000) to the maximum extent allowed by law, even though the funds had cleared my sending bank. This bank also charges heavily for all activities: $3.00 per month service charge; $20.00 for an outbound transfer from your account to another financial institution; etc...additionally, a full listing of the fees are not available on their web site. Clearly this bank knows the tax benefit to an HSA is greater than their charges, and as a result they appear to overcharge and under-invest in quality service. I would never bank here if I didn't have too.

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