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Worst Credit Union I've Been With.

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Pelican State Credit Union constantly puts my account negative and I have to call for my money back, which is also a hassle being that “top employees” are difficult to deal with(rude)! I’ve had to call PSCU on numerous occasions about money being taken out of my account. Thursday I had my card in “locked” status and could not unlock my card until 12 midnight. Right now my card is in “locked” status and I am unable to unlock it, yet my account balances keep changing without my doing. It’s like they are stealing from me and confusing me with the transactions so that I can’t tell but something is up. When I go to the app to turn the card on, it states “card status update failed on our end, try again” but still nothing changes! They’ve had to refund hundreds of dollars to me because of them putting 6 NSF fees on my account at once. Definitely will be changing my direct deposit and switching banks! I can’t even put fuel in my car, it’s pathetic.

Bad Corporate Office Customer Service.

The staff at my local branch are GREAT however, if you have to call customer service at the corporate office be prepared for HORRIBLE service. The staff at the corporate office give GREAT lip service and can responses in their emails, but make no mistake, they could care less about any problem or issues you may have. If you are thinking about leaving your current bank thinking that a credit union is more customer friendly, don't join this one.

No One At Pelican Is On The Same Accord!!

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I have tried to pay car note through pelican phone service they have provided for us consumers!! The First Lady took all my credit card information but because she could not remember one word or number to the next, I was very unsure about her completing task of applying the payment!! No email confirmation!! Call back another young man could not tell me if she actually took the payment scared that pelican would take 1000 out because I gave information twice to two different people, would not take that chance, no supervisor after 30 minutes wait ever came to phone was just left there!!I have a gps on car they could not even tell me the rules on that. From day one different pelican employees say and do different things never can I get the same information twice it’s always changed our they just don’t see where i talked to someone concerning nothing, they locked me out of my online account so I would have to pay 15 extra dollars for phone payment that I don’t even know went through!!! I pray a honest member of the team with accurate information could help me!!! Thank you in advance!!

Worst Customer Service Ever.

This has to be some of the worst banking I've ever done. The people at the branch are super rude. I can't get through on the phone, EVER. We waited on Uncle Sam to issue stimulus checks for months. When the relief bill finally get's passed. Payments are issued on Dec. 29, and the bank issues a statement funds will be available, Jan. 4. Okay cool, I'm aware that funds sometimes take time to be delivered, whatever. But this morning these people issue another statement, claiming they have to manually issue you what was supposed to be a direct deposit from the government. WTH? Why would you stop a deposit, for what reason. Unless, you had 100,000 stimulus checks to deposit, I'm assuming the interest from sitting on those funds for days would make someone plenty of money. But it definitely does not help your supposedly
valued customers, period.

1 Year In And Nothing But Hassles

This credit union is Nothing but absolute nightmares. If they decline you for a loan, they will charge you for it. Never heard of an institution doing that, Who wants to lose money by requesting there financial institution for a loan. Every loan if you do get it takes a week to complete. Even if it is an increase in credit line that i already established takes a week. There Online banking is old as dirt. I moved and had a phone number change and address change. Every other institution was a quick change online. Ive contacted them and I was sent a form by email. After I told them my printers down and I did my best to fill it out online but was told it wasnt good enough. MY PRINTERS BROKE SEND IT TO ME IN THE MAIL THEN!!!! Was never done and finally i reached my breaking point and mailed a letter in writing and signed By me Stating I wanted them to close all accounts including signing the damn thing and the moron yet again sent me something by email that i have to print up, fill out and email or mail back. They simply wont let you close out a membership. Almost ready to hand this to an attorney im so done with this institution. And ive reached out to the president in the past. Does nothing for you as he just dumps it on someone else to clean up... AVOID THIS PLACE!!!

Worst Bank I've Used In Over 50 YEARS

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This bank Never does what they agree to do.
They have recanted agreements just because they feel like it(Under the clauses that policies can be changed at any time) SO THEIR PROFITS BECOME BETTER. Our Slidell Branch has been closed weeks at a time forcing me to get money orders and driving 75 miles round trip, on a Sunday to make my car payment in the night deposit drop. The annual skip a payment clause is not available to me now because my 2 1/2 year old First Castle Loan is now a "New Pelican State" Loan and I cannot use that option during a slow financial period this month!
I have to wait until January Now according to the New Employees in Slidell.
And they just decided to Spontaneously close my wife's Checking and Savings accounts and keep the funds that were in her accounts as "Dormant Account Fees"... WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION AT ALL!! What Bank does that?! And IF they tell you that you can get a quarter percent interest rate reduction when you establish auto draft on your loan, DO NOT EVER BELIEVE THAT MANURE. They will add unlimited conditions on that expectation until you just throw your hands up
in disgust!

Worst Place Of Business I’Ve Ever Dealt With!

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I made a payment over the phone with my debit card. My bank showed it was ran twice. Pelican representative said it wasn’t. My bank was devoted twice so I filed a case. My bank canceled one of the payments. Two months later, pelican shows up at my work place trying to repossess my vehicle!! HUMILIATING!! I have bank statements showing payments were made. They refused to look at them! Called a representative and she was extremely rude, as they always are! She says the payment was canceled but my bank shows it was not! Something very sketchy about this place and will never do business with them again!! They never attempted to CALL me even after I tried to call them. They never EMAILED me. They never sent me any notices!! They lied and said they came to my house and I refused to pay them. This is not true because I don’t even live there anymore! The house is on the market for sale!!! They are liars and very corrupt! I do not recommend doing business with them. I will pay off my debt to them and BE DONE!!

What A Mess!

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Our bank just merged with pelican state and all i can say is they are very Rude, Incompetent, and the first time I called them I was on hold for 52 min and then the lady would not give me any info on my account because she said I didn't have the right info to verify it was me!

Rude- Liars-Unprofessional

Stayed on hold 45 minutes, then could not get help. . We will be placing our accounts somewhere else. I asked for a manager and was denied. I had 15000 only needed to move 1500.00 for an emergency, mind you we just paid off a 30,000 boat and have a 795 credit score.


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This is by far the worst bank i have ever banked with. I have been with this bank less than five years but it has felt like an eternity of disappointment. from coming into to the bank with rude bank tellers from the corporate office dealing with aggressive behavior with Ashley who i spoke with last. It was not a pleasant journey. I wish that this Bank would do better overall.


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Further, when I opened a deposit only acct. with Pelican -- but they did a HARD PULL on my credit record.
A deposit acct. should have been only a SOFT inquiry on credit.

Slowing Business Down

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Reading these other reviews, looks like Pelican doesn't take responsibility for their mistakes, and wants to pin it to the consumer. I am trying to make a purchase online for my business, and it was blocked as a fraudulent charge. Called PSCU, they said the corrected it, still blocked, called again, they said all is fine, and I said "let me check with you on the phone." Still blocked. This happened over and over, they can't correct it. Costing my business money. Good luck if you're using them. Sometimes good sometimes not so great.


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My debit card information was stolen and fraudulent charges were made on my account. Instead of crediting the money back to my account they told me I could talk to a loan officer. So now I'm going to overdraft and the money won't be put back into my account until the end of the week (if that soon). I've been with this bank since high school, but now I'm going to change banks because obviously they punish their customers instead of trying to help them.
The only positive thing I can say is that the teller was sympathetic. The manager however was extremely rude.

Good And Bad Experiences, Then Terrible Experiences

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Modified 11/6/2017: When I opened a new CD via phone through Pelican's call center, it was relatively easy to open a new CD, although a $10 fee was charged for their ACH transaction. This was true for 4 that I opened through them between July and October. Their approach to payments through ACH changed this month. Now instead of being able to have the entire amount of the CD paid for immediately, they would only allow $5,000 a day and, yep you guessed it, together with a $10 fee for each transaction. This then left me with but two choices either cancel the CD or mail if Priority Mail. Thanks to them, now much more effort must be taken to fund the account. Anyone interested in opening a CD who lives distant to one of their branches must now decide whether their illogical approach necessitating more time and effort is indeed worth it.

Original posting on 6/7/2017: Pelican's on line application followed with verification questions (4). I answered each correctly, yet, possibly because of the data base used, they said I only answered 2 with the right answers. They then, without any prompt to call them, rejected my application. Period. They then deleted my application from their system. Wow. Talk about making me feeling like I'd committed some form of crime, something I would expect only from our government, this was it. It was the only time in my life I'd ever been rejected. The only recourse was to go into one of their branches, which I did. Tremendous inconvenience, of course, on my part, because the closest was about 65 miles away. The rep that I opened it with at their Shreveport location was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After I showed her the back and forth message interaction, she created the accounts I wanted. I would strongly recommend her to anyone using this location. Her name is Shamita Demery. Her value system is well intact and her intelligence is well above average, plus she was a pleasure to talk with. She was the only saving grace to this arduous process.

Good Service, Great Rates, Contingent Beneficiaries, Not So Good.

A lot of negative reviews here. I'm not one of them. They have always been attentive to my calls. I Kasasa with them for 4% and maintain over 100K in savings and CDs

One thing they should do is allow depositors to create contingent beneficiaries; other banks do.
Whats holding it up?


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! They sent me an offer in the mail in July to skip a payment in August. Needles to say, I took advantage of the offer. Well, here it is September 6th and I just received a notice saying that my account is delinquent! Called to speak to the local rep in Monroe, LA and as usual, they are always clueless about EVERYTHING! They never took ownership of their mistake and now my credit score has gone down 20 points because of their mistake! This is not my first bad experience with them, but I want go on and on. Trust me! Stay clear away from these people!

Worst Credit Union

Pelican State Credit Union is by far, the worst credit union I have ever used. They are not set up to accept automatic transfers from any bank to this credit union. The only way an outside bank can transfer into this credit union is by bill pay only.

If you don't have great credit, then you might want to re-consider applying for a loan here. This credit union only caters to people with great credit. They make lots of excuses for denying loans. On top of that, every time this credit union denies you a loan, they take 5 dollars out of your account. They offer free credit counseling and when you talk to the counselor she tells you everything you already know. Once you do everything the counselor tells you to do, they still deny you, and then charge you once again. They are not willing to help you re-establish your credit.

They do not return emails. If you apply for a loan with the manager, she has one of her employees return the phone call of denial. Very poor service!

Great Rate

Pelican State has the most responsive staffs that address my questions and requests always in a timely manner. They also offer a great rate for the checking account which is a big plus. I hope in the future they will always continue to maintain the quality of the service and never stop to improve it.

Terrible Service

How can a person from Florida make a wire transfer from someone else's account, located in Zachary, LA and the credit union not throw up a red flag!!!! This happened to my son and daughter-in-law's account, and now Pelican has closed their ENTIRE bank accounts (Christmas Club, checking, savings, credit). Someone please explain!!!! Cause I'm having a hard time understanding!!!

Pelican State SUCKS

I HATE Pelican State Credit Union. First, it took an act of Congress to get them to draft the funds from my existing account in order to open this one. I missed receiving the 4% interest on the first month b/c they didn't set my ACH deposit up in time. No one ever answers when you call...the hold time is ridiculous. The website is as un-userfriendly as I have ever encountered. I tried to set up Bill Pay so that I could transfer money to my other account but the "red tape" and technical issues involved were the last straw...again no one to assist when I established my "Secret Word" (different from a password, mind you) and within 5 seconds of setting it, my account was locked. I requested they close my account and transfer my money back to the bank they had debited it from, but received a reply that they were not able to do that. Fortunately my other bank (Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union to which I would give 5 stars and offers 3% interest up to $25k with fewer monthly requirements) was able to draft the money from Pelican. I had to fax in a request to close the account (no big deal) but received another reply that the last sentence ("for internal use only") on the bottom of the form was cut off, so I re-faxed it. 2 weeks later, my account is still open and my money has not been returned to me.

Posting Problems And Multiple Visa Debit Card Authorizations

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I have noticed from personal experience that each time I use my Visa Debit card to make purchases over the phone that Pelican State Credit union will put multiple holds on my account...I have had up to 3 holds placed on my funds for a single purchase.  Why?  They will also make it difficult to impossible for some merchants to correct these authorization holds.  I'm beginning to think that the credit union isn't really much different from a bank after all.  They will try anything in hopes that a customer will overdraw their account, after all they have to make money too.  I've also noticed that they will have a purchase authorization, then post that purchase to my account for 2 to 3 days then remove the post for 2 to 3 days then post it again.  This happened to me recently for a 500.00+ transaction.  I wonder if they are monitoring my purchase/spending history hoping that I will overdraw my account.

All I can say is beware.  Each time you use your Visa Debit Card for a purchase placed by phone, make sure you have 3 times the amount of funds needed in your account because you are guaranteed to have several authorizations for a single transaction.

I'm thinking of keeping my savings account and opening a checking account with someone else after all this.  The little bit of interest they pay can't make up for any overdraft fees that they may charge.

I also find that it isn't convenient to do business here.  There aren't enough locations in Baton Rouge, and as far as I know the only location that is open on Sat is in Zachary.

Great Rate And Great Service.

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I don't know how they are doing it but I don't care.  They have offerred one of the highest rates on checking for 2 years now.  When I call they take care of me.  Good place to bank.

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