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Bad Application Process

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Twice tried to apply online.

Each application was timed out due to odd requirements of having to think how many MONTHS were involved in employment and home ownership; and after supplying all drivers'license details then being required to scan and paste the license itself, which is duplicative and ridiculous not to mention the hassle of properly treating temporary file to their requirement.

Being a banking regulator before retiring, it seems likely to me that membership applications are being discouraged.

Just Starting, But....

ETA: Customer service refunded all three of the $29 fees, so updated my star rating. Fees are still too high but if you can avoid them, that's fine!

old comment
I opened my account yesterday, planning to rollover some IRA money to their IRA certificates. I saw that there is a $2+ charge for transfers to external institutions, so, as usual, I set them up as an external account on my main bank.

Part of the very common procedure for this is for the main bank to make two trial deposits, and then withdraw them. You then enter the amounts of the deposits, verifying to your bank that you own this external account. I've done this many times with different institutions. Today I see in my account:

Deposit of $0.29, Deposit of $0.60, withdraw 0.89c

Which is fine, except PenAir then charged $29 for a NSF withdrawal of 0.89c (even though that sum had just been added) Since I did this three times, I will lose $97 of my original $100 opening deposit!

Hiopefully, they will fix, or I will close and look elsewhere for a home for my fixed income IRA portion.

3-Year CD Rate, 2.00 Maybe?

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I went to the Pen Air website but the rate advertised for a 3-year certificate was only 1.8 contradicting the 2.0 indicated on Deposit Accounts. Yet, when I began the process of adding the certificate, the next webpage did indicate 2.00. Because of the confusion, I called a Pen Air rep and she told me the rate was only 1.8 and that's all she knew. I told her I could not really open the CD if there were two different rates on the site and I didn't know which one was valid. Plus, you also have to open a savings account before the CD can be added. Not worth the trouble for the few points difference in my opinion.

Good Service (At Least For A CD)

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I recently set up a CD with this bank, and although it was a little complicated, in the end everything worked out fine.

A big plus with this CU is the fact that you have 30 days to fund your account -- which is a big deal when you have other CDs maturing at a later date. I had a couple of CDs from a different bank maturing around 3 weeks from when I applied to Pen Air, and meanwhile rates were crashing due to the Fed dropping the rate -- I just managed to get my application in while under the higher rate.

But ... it's not quite as simple as opening a regular CD. First off, funds can only be sent in by check or shared branch, not ACH (for initial membership). And I received conflicting info from several reps ... one told me to ACH my funds in when applying for the CD, which isn't even available as an option. One other told me that rates are locked only when the CD is funded. But when I got a manager type, she told me I had 30 days. Now the tricky part is to make sure you get a bank person to notate on your account the locked rate + 30 days funding.

As in my case, the CD just sort of 'fell off' after a while, way before the 30 days came up. Without the notation on my account, I'd have no proof of the higher rate nor that I had the 30 days to fund it.

I spoke to the same rep during this whole process, so it went smoothly. But at the same time I expect if I had gotten a different rep and had no notation on my acct, it wouldn't have worked so well.

Terrible Customer Service / Support

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Some ATMs take deposits, some don't - mobile check deposit is a joke, especially if you can't use both hands due to disability or injury - made two wasted trips trying to make deposit before leaving town, totally frustrated - I am seriously considering changing banks

This Bank Is A Joke

I have a business account set up with this credit union so I reccommended several first time bankers to them. None of these people have any credit history established at all and being this is a credit union I thought for sure they would help in some type of way. Each individual that I referred applied for a credit card to begin building credit which is normally what a credit union is best for, unfortunately each one of them was denied. The bank reccommended a secure credit card that you must put 500 dollars to do. Since when do people have to use their own money to develop credit, I consider that hypocritical to the definition of credit. When I had no credit established and opened my first bank I applied for a credit card and they was more than happy to approve me, after all everyone has to start somewhere and has to be given a chance. I will be closing my account as well will everyone I reccommended. I will be posting this on every social media site known so people wanting to build a future for themselves know not to do it with this bank.

Very Happy

They treat me excellent very pleasant service.



One Word....Awful!!!

the following is the experience I had with Pen Air:

Very poor customer service. It is really sad when you penalize a veteran who is a member of the credit union for not utilizing your financial institution as their primary bank. You pull my credit report without my authorization, and site utilization as a concern? I have a checking account and a savings account. If I was trying to screw you I would have done it a long time ago. You are a credit union affiliated with the military. Many of your members do not reside in Pensacola. You revoke access to online banking and tell me all transactions will need to be conducted in the branch? By doing this you obviously should not be affiliated with the military because not everyone can walk into a branch. So I closed my account because it's pointless for me to have it. Your representative was more than happy to do it, and was quite snide while doing so. You are supposed to be about your members? Clearly not when you treat people this way. The sad part...My account was in good standing, and I still was treated this way. I will make sure EVERYONE I know hears how Pen Air treats people.

Fly By This Bank

Opened a checking account in Gulf Breeze to find it was only opened as a savings account...deposited $12,000 in a cashiers check which was held for 5 days before funds were available based on the bank managers decision! Told teller i needed to get the money into my USAA checking account ASAP and needed the checking account I applied for. She said i had to maintain $500 min to have a free checking account to write a check to myself... later to find there was no minimum by the call center. She said I could set up offline transfers to get my $ into other accounts...found there is a max of $2000/day and $5000/month as well as $3.95 per transfer! This bank is evidently run on the bank manager’s assessment of the clothes you’re wearing instead of any written banking rules and tellers who have no clue of their own basic banking requirements...not to mention their nickel & diming with min or max requirements and other bank does this! Save yourself time & money and a lot of continual frustration and land elsewhere.
Today i went back to the Gulf Breeze branch and opened up a FREE checking account in less than 5 minutes and received 8 courtesy checks to finally move my money. The accounts manager was apologetic, helpful and she had lots of smiles...what a difference from my first experience! The online banking and ability to link external accounts is very convenient and user friendly. If it weren’t for all the ridiculous in house rules, holds on cashier checks and limits and fees associated with electronic transfers to external accounts, I would consider making this my primary bank. I will up my overall rating from 1 to 3 stars and customer service from 1 to 4 because of the wonderful (and most of all competent) girl in membership accounts.


After several decades, I'm done with Pen Air. We went out of State for several weeks, while gone, a fraudulent charge was placed on one of my accounts. I only deposit money in this account when ordering something, so the funds available were minimal. Pen Air declined to consider it a fraudulent charge and charged me the $29 overdraft fee, not once, not twice, but five times, for a single transaction. How is this legal?

Unresponsive To Members

Very disgusted with Pen Air. They change login access, policies, and options with reckless disregard for members. Recently they upgraded their online system and it's been a disaster to every member I know. Accessing accounts consistently is virtually impossible. Their people don't even know how to answer the problems. Hold times are too long, calls are dropped and services have been deleted. It really pains me to say this after nearly 40 years but I will be moving to another credit union soon.

Don't Bank On Pen Air!

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I totally agree with previous poster's comments about Pen Air's lack of concern for member security with their use of dialog stations.

Pen Air management appears inept with lost focus and purpose. This is evident in their poor decision making. Some examples are: The Milton dialog fiasco, the ridiculous and expensive pink elephant of a downtown branch that no one uses, the excessive and liberal travel of all executive staff, board members and their spouses for insignificant conferences costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the unnecessary layers and layers of management-level staff, The excessive contributions to various charitable causes with Pen Air member's money, etc.

I have switched all of my business from Pen Air to another local credit union that truly understands their member's needs, wants, and expectations and could not be happier. Pen Air members deserve better!

Penair Doesn't Care About Member Privacy.

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Having visited the Milton location after the remodeling I will never recommend Penair due to the lack of privacy while conducting transactions at the new dialogue towers. The new dialogue towers have ZERO privacy and allow everyone nearby to watch money being exchanged between the customer and a teller. I had to make a large cash withdraw, after I showed the teller my ID and told her the amount she got the money, walked from behind the computer right next to the tiny, completely open counter which I was standing at and proceeded to count out thousands of dollars right in front of everyone. As I looked around everyone was watching and I had never felt so unsafe and unsecured as I did conducting this transaction at the Milton Penair location. I personally was able to witness personal transactions and count money being disbursed by tellers to members while just waiting to conduct my transaction, this was easy to do since there is absolutely no privacy.

These new dialogue towers set a dangerous precedent and show just how little Penair cares about customer safety and privacy. This new dialogue tower system would allow a criminal to easily watch cash being disbursed because there is nothing to stop them. Numerous friends, family, and co-workers share my sentiments on the new dialogue towers, simply put they hate it as much as I do and many were able to witness what I did just standing there waiting. Bottom line is Penair does not respect member privacy or safety this is evident with this new dialogue tower concept at the Milton location.

PenAir Credit Union (NW FL)

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I've used PenAir for about 9 years now and have had no major problems. The employees are friendly. There are convenient ATMs in several locations free to use. There are no fees for holding a checking or savings account.

I Want Your 29 Dollars Now.

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I have been a member of Penair for about 20 years. I have never had to worry about my money being safe. They often have a set up of overdraw allowance per month. They are now in the past few years keep changing policy to the point you have no idea what is really going on. I am often charged 29.00 fees for one overage, and if you have one dollar over you get a charged 29. dollar fee. I find this to be unfair and the police not reliable. To customers of this bank fo many years, and during a trying economy; I have had no interest of help from these ppl. My card gets shut off without warning when the security does not like a purchase area. I went to a family water park in town, tjen went grocery shopping the next day for 60 dollars, I had spent time shoppin gand checking out to find out, they had lock my card for poss fraud of 15.00 ? I was in texas and had a emergency with no way to stop payments from coming in, and bank was happy to collect many 29 dollar fees. When will laws start providing safty to the working calss ppl. businesses have the right to take out our accounts when they want to weather we have the money or not. There should be limits of course for that.Banks do not care about making money honestly any more. Thsi is disturbing. I hope this helps someone. It don't help me.


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I recently applied for a car loan with Pen Air, but I unfortunately did not qualify due to my FICO score not being high enough.

The loan person I was speaking with explained in honest detail what I needed to do to improve my FICO score. I was very appreciative for the loan person taking the time to explain this. Most banks would not bother.

Pen Air is a great credit union to belong too and they take care of their members. Plus, if you don't live in Florida, you can still make deposits at other credit unions that honor the CU Service Center.

You will be very happy with this credit union.

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