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Scam On A Minor

My daughter ( minor) has a virtual wallet account . Recently $2,023 dollars of all her life time savings were pending in a fraudulent PayPal transaction , we called PNC to stop the transaction which they did and closed her card and moved the money to her mother 's account . Few days later another fraudulent transaction from the same person on her closed account . PNC decided to take the rest of her money plus gave her ( a minor) a line of credit of $1600 to cover the PayPal fraudulent amount . We not only alerted PNC earlier and asked to block the account , they decided to borrow my daughter"s money to pay the scammer and some more . Now my daughter is $1600 on red , she is not even 18 yet. Ps: PayPal shouldn't allow that either since you have to be 18 to have an account . Seems like are a lot of illegal things happening on a minors account on all ends .

Can't Get My Money From The Bank

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I contacted PNC back in December via online chat told them I needed to move my CD over to my savings or checking so I could pay my house taxes with it. They got all the info said it would take a couple business days and lo and behold it still isn't moved. I could do all this online with BBVA. I called customer support which just bounced me around and gave me the feeling that they might not be legit. So I called the local branch "Oh you need to come in to close a CD" really? It should have already been closed. It's still raining today so I might go in tomorrow and deal with them, but what a terrible place to bank with. I wish BBVA was still around.

Horrible Experience

Tried to open a high interest savings account and transfer $130k. Couldn't even register without constant site errors and freeze ups. Finally gave up and went to Cap One with zero issues. Then looked at their reviews and so glad I didn't open an account. It's obvious they have huge issues and the extra point of interest isn't worth the incompetence. Avoid at all costs

Very Unfriendly

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I wanted to open a savings account with a high deposit. Have an excellent credit score, several bank accounts, and a few high-limit cards with 0 balances. My application was denied due to security reasons. Ridiculous. Of course, I'll go somewhere else but PNC Bank.

Bad Website And Transfer Limit

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I opened the high yield savings and went through a lot of troubles still cannot login my account. I have to call their CS lines several times across multiple days to get it resolved. Then once I logged in, i can only transfer $5000 per day and up to $10000 each month to fund the account. I do not see how this can work, Some people suggest to transfer from external account in and out of PNC to get around. I am concerning on the PNC's practice and decided not to keep the account. Called and closed it


I'm disabled and one of the three things I get disability for is depression I sent pnc the judge order stating this pnc stomped on my disability pnc preapproved me for first home loan I found house they said they made a mistake I wasent approved to reapply so i did and pnc hadcme call for a year bf pnc said they made another mistake I was preapproved the whole time so I find a house pnc told home OWNER they would have papers for him in two days and two months later of me calling crying maria beery from pnc finally answers to say she was sick for two months and no one took my case the home OWNER done sold the house to someone else I went into deep depression and was having suicidal thoughts at this point and pnc twitter help page blocked me instead of helping me how sick .so I find a 3rd house and pnc had me put three new windows in the home I bought a refrigerator lawnmower tile new kitchen floor I lost my ernest money when pnc backed out day of closing

Won't Help With Fraudulent Charges!

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I had a fraudulent charge come across my card and went under investigation. I received temporary funds only to find out 3 months later they found no fault and took my money. I called back and they told me to contact to see if they could do anything over the charges. Horrible attitudes for people who have so many people's money. So far, I'm still at a loss.

What A Pain In The Neck This Bank Is To Fund!

Called up a CSR today because I wanted to inquire about opening a new savings accounts. The goal being to transfer Capital One funds into a higher paying account. What a joke this PNC bank is for funding a new account! Allowed 5K PER DAY incoming funds using the ACH. Otherwise bring a cashier check to a branch in person or do a wire transfer. I asked about linking the account and transferring up to 250K using the Capital One website. Apparently that will not be allowed. Can only imagine what a nightmare it is to transfer money out. Will wait and see on Dec 15th when the raise the interest rates again and find a different bank account.


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Worst Bank Ever!!!

If I could give them “0” stars I would. 6+ months on a Line of Credit refinance! With >70% equity in the property! >800 FICO score! >$100k/year W-2 income! With an existing business account, mortgage, LOC, and another joint account! All lies, deception and general ignorance! Proof their practice is based on bait-n-switch nonchalant attitude with a lack of urgency. Closing everything and moving elsewhere. Good Riddance!

Terrible Banking Practices And Customer Service

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I called the bank upon receiving an email notice about my account. The representative which the bank refers to as consultant reassured me that the items would be honored with the pending direct deposit and, in the event of a fee, I should call to have it reimbursed. The next morning everything looked good on the account and I went about my day. I actually checked the account more than once as I was working on my monthly budget. The same evening I received another notice, so I logged in and to my surprise my account had an extra 2,000 in it. The bank had returned an item after the transaction had been posted as paid. It is unconceivable that the money was not available all day. The balance was correct and payment properly posted all day. It was changed to returned sometime after work hours the same day. I called again and was advised this is the way PNC works. So, after the account was debited and the money not available at all, it is returned to the account contrary to what I was advised and contrary to what was reflected on the account all day. Literally, the money was not available and I could not have withdrawn it from the account as my payment was posted as completed. I made multiple calls and used their chat, no resolution. I did get a verbal apology for what happened but am left to my own devices to solve the problem. By the way, I was also advised that the online banking is just a TOOL, which is crazy, basically I should not trust the information? No sense at all. I have never had an experience like this with any other bank in 30 years of dealing with banks. Unacceptable.

PNC Keeps Disabling My Debit Card Due To False Fruad Claims

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I made a purchase from Walmart and the next thing I know, my debit card was disabled. I had to be on the phone waiting to get a hold of the fraud department. Note that I never leave my town let alone travel. So it wouldn't make sense as to why my purchase would trigger a fraudulent purchase. Its not the first time I bought something from that store and this incident just randomly happened. I was relieved after it was over, but then it happened again. Whats worse is that my phone service gets shut off when it happens, so i end up not being able to call. I have never made a purchase out of state so this shouldn't even be happening.

Absolutely The WORST Customer Service In Banking

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A simple thing like calling to get a 1099 Interest Amount resulted in getting transferred around the customer service department over 12 times in 45 min. It cannot be that hard to determine the interest paid on a CD. Rest assured, the CD will be out of the bank tomorrow.

Beoyond Reproach

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I have been a PNC customer for both personal and business banking for over 13 years.
I cannot comment on the personal side; On the business side, PNC is beyond reproach. I am quite livid with the degradation of quality of service and ability to execute, especially with their Pinnacle system.
A perfect example, and one of many, would be my request to close the pinnacle account.
I requested to have it closed 3 weeks ago. I had not heard back from anyone for 2 weeks, so I reached out to (1) ensure the process is being executed and (2) that I would not be charged for the following month's pinnacle system. I was asked to send an email to the individual processing the request last week. Today I find a $163.50 charge for the pinnacle system. Naturally I called the business support at which point the rep confirmed that I should not have been charged but gives me yet another email address to write requesting resolution for the charge.
Its a shame because it was a great bank until last year.
My accountant suspects PNC is under water and using customer funds to cover their cash flow. At first I thought it was a silly idea but with each interaction I am more convinced she is right. I do hope FRB, FDIC and SEC are going to look into PNC's practices. It seems that they are the BoA of 2022.

A Sad Situation

I have been with this bank for only one month However that's long enough to see that something is not right Something is always pending Your deposits are never accurately reported And if you look at your list of transactions your available balance that's mentioned above is never a starting point for any of the transactions listed below This company is shady and something needs to be done The bank is a front these people are real thieves They do not deserve the one star that we are required to give it

Huge Headache

I’ve had PNC for about 4 years and only had problems. When I went on deployment they always would decline my purchases even when I informed them the country I was in. They canceled my only card and it took a month to get my new one so I was overseas with no way to pay for anything. The app and site also would never work and the call wait time is ridiculous. I just recently went in for a auto loan and got denied 2x for a loan that wasn’t high at all. I’ve worked hard to have good credit and choose my home bank and they deny me and don’t even compare with other banks as for APR rates. THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN HELPFUL! DONT USE THIS BANK!

Migrated BBVA Account

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I am a business owner whise account was mugrated to PNC and gid I wish I had mived my account befire that.
In their migration process, they screwed information details such as tax/EIN phone number, etc.

When I have gone to purchase some specialty items they blicked the purchase without alerting me. I am standing in line at the supplier trying to pay for it with my bank card which has over 2000 dollars available for purchases. I ended up having to soend 15 minutes straightening it out waisting my time

which I charge $200 an hour for. So am out 45 minutes between attemoting to make the purchase, straightening the mess out, and getting the item again and purchasing it.

First of the month am moving over to Synovus.

Have Become Horrible!

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I had been a PNC customer for the past 20+ years. Their customer service used to be very good. Now you are just a number and whatever fees they can take advantage of, they do. I had over $50,000 with them and because I fell $200 below their threshold for a "relationship account", they assessed a maintenance fee. The interest they were paying me was .01 percent on my $50,000. They still felt a need to assess a "maintenance fee" and when I asked if I could have a one-time waiver, the customer service representative was snippy and curt and refused any waiver. Really? A 20-year customer and not getting any interest on my money? So different from the days of old when the bank appreciated its customers and the interest THEY would receive from the customer's money. Buh-bye, PNC. I don't need YOUR business.

Worst Banking Experience Ever.

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I gave them one star because I can’t give them minus 10. We were customers of BBVA (personal, business, loans, credit cards, etc.) and we ended up taking our accounts to another bank because since PNC took over it’s been chaos. Their customer service is deplorable and after months of going back and forth they simply gave up on our complaint and now we end up with outrageous unjustified charges. Worst banking experience ever.

Don’t expect the BBB to help resolve your complaints. PNC isn’t even accredited by the BBB so it’s a waste of your time. BBB reserves the right to modify the reviews and they will publish a review in my name that has nothing to do with our complaint, ignoring our arguments and siding up with PNC.

Para los hispanos... no se dejen engañar por la publicidad, realmente no tienen servicio en español.

Preying On Poor People

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PNC takes money out of your account each month if your account goes below a certain amount--a great way to make sure they're hurting people who are already having money problems. The bank certainly doesn't need that money, but the person who earned that money and put in the bank account--even if it's not a lot--sure does need that money, and doesn't need it thieved away from PNC. Banks like PNC that have this practice should be boycotted.

Boycott PNC

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The worst most selfish money hungry bank I’ve ever dealt with. Do Not get loans here. Do not bank here. Do not cash checks here, there fees are higher. I’m trying to help you out because PNC only has their company interests and do not care about their customers only about how much money they can make!!

F#$%Ing Thieves

PNC bank did it again. I received deposits from the woman who purchased my house in Maine. I then had a PNC rep call me and question the deposits, which I explained. Then I received deposits again this morning and it showed a $2400 balance in my account as I had $900 already in the account and another $1,400 kicked in. I then transferred $1,300 into my savings acct at PNC and a few hours later I get a low threshold alert of $0 in every account leaving me with no money for the weekend. I then called and the bank explained that all my transactions were now pending with a $0 balance in all accounts and quite possibly it would be cleared by Monday. So I told them to cancel my transfer so at least I'd have the $900 back in my account and they refused to. What is the most idiotic thing is the fact that the transfer wasn't from an external bank but from the same bank from checking to savings and they still placed a hold on funds that actually existed and were not from a pending deposit. At the very least they should have credited the $900 which was clear and held off in the remainder.

PNC Is Awful

PNC closed my accounts for no reason. My EIDL loan funds were sent there via ACH, went missing in cyberspace for 2 months. Thanks to PNC and this random closing, the SBA flagged my account for fraud. Why would PNC close business accounts during the pandemic, when a business account was required for businesses to receive emergency funds? Moreover, PNC administered emergency funds for SBA, themselves, so who knew better than them how important active banking accounts were? They nearly ruined me and claimed they didn't need a reason to close my accounts. What's even more interesting is I also have a credit card and outstanding loan with them... both were and still are in good standing.

PNC Is Horrible

I have been a member of PNC for years now…I have held a substantial amount of money in my savings that is for a poor person….I called today to ask for a refund on a overdraft fee and didn’t get the refund this is the first time my bank account has went to zero in years I have a child…thanks PNC

Keep A Close Watch On Your Accounts

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Was a happy customer with BBVA and forced to transfer to PNC due to a merger the government shouldn't have allowed. My business account used to have $0 in monthly fees, but it's $30/mo. for the same service.

Watch every statement from PNC for fees since their systems don't calculate fees correctly. I was charged an incoming wire fee even though I had none for the statement that they reversed after being on the phone almost an hour with 3 agents. Removing services that charge fees also takes them 2-3 months, so they can continue to rack up service fees.

Escrow Management

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This is the worst bank I have ever worked with. PLEASE watch your escrow because they don't!! Paid extra to keep my monthly amount the same and the payment went up and they kept my extra that I paid. Not rocket science to manage escrow except this bank!!

Most Incompetent Bank Ever

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Deposited a check for $100k +/-. Waited weeks for it to clear/verify. Try to make a large withdrawal with a full WEEKS notice. Am now told it will be another WEEK. I needed MY money this weekend. Plans ruined now. Thanks PNC! 13 seconds to take my money, 2 weeks minimum to honor my withdrawal. 2 weeks is also a guess as I don't have my money yet! Run far, run fast, but RUN AWAY from this incompetent bank!

Refused To Help…..

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Opened a new account to have checks direct deposited from new employer. They have hung onto my check for two weeks with out releasing the funds and no one will give me an answer on when it will be cleared. And they don’t seem to care…..I would expect better service toward a new customer Going to a different bank today!!!!!

Worst Bank Ever.

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I have had multiple issues with PNC bank and my mortgage. I did not have ANY issues with my mortgage payments until it was transferred to PNC bank. In the beginning they were duplicating my payments and then would not send me a refund for over 21 days. It was as if I was paying a mortgage on a home twice the amount I could afford and they refused to remedy the issue aside from taking 21 days to send me a paper check. They said the issue was resolved after it happened once, but then it happened again despite their promises that it wouldn't. Suffice to say, it put my husband and I in a very tough financial position.

After that situation, I had my bank UW-Credit Union (which is amazing!) take over paying PNC bank. Well everything was great for 6 months and now even though nothing has changed at all, PNC claims they did not receive the May payment and charged me a late fee. The "escalation specialist" argued with me over the phone and said a "stop payment" was put on the payment by my bank. I have proof of payment and that is not the case. She continued to tell me that UW Credit Union was to blame. I finally just had to hang up. This issue is still not resolved. They claim they have not been paid, even though the money (almost $2K) has left my account. It must be floating in never-never land. PNC is literally the WORST BANK EVER. No doubt about that. They need to figure it out because I've spent 3 hours on the phone with no resolve.

Update: after over 2 months of calls, emails, etc. they FINALLY found the error and they were 100% at fault for losing our money. The reasoning she gave didn't even make sense. I truly think they were trying to scam us out of another mortgage payment. Also they refuse to make up for the HOURS that I spent on this issue that was their fault. They said "oops" and "sorry there is nothing we can do for you." Unbelievable. STEER CLEAR! THIS BANK IS TRASH!!!!

Best To Worst

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Over 20 years with them…loved my bank now absolutely despise it. I decided to go with Alliant after many days of the site being down with no notifications. Still the site is up and down. They had the best customer service but not anymore. Trying to pull funds on the closing day on my new home….pure panic so I moved on. So much for that home town banking feel. Peace out PNC…..greed got to you.


This bank is ridiculous! This bank called and said that they noticed fraud on my card, we immediately closed my card, and expedited my new card to my address. When I received my new card they stated they could not activate it for three days. What’s the point in expediting it then?? I use this card for everything. I’m just thankful that I wasn’t traveling, because this whole waiting period Thing is ridiculous. Mind boggling stupidity. Users beware. If you want asinine answers from people who can’t do anything, this is your bank. Everyone else…find somewhere else to keep your money!!

PNC Wrongfully Charged Me Wire Transfer Fee

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i have a virtual wallet performance select with PNC which is 0$ fee when send wire transfer.

yesterday, i made a wire transfer, the receipt show " WIRE TRANSFER FEE: 0$ ". Today i was charged 25$ fee for that wire transfer transaction. This is theft

Poor Customer Service And Website Glitches

I am very disappointed with PNC bank. Poor customer service and website glitches. This morning I was unable to login to my checking account. Customer service blamed my phone and internet browser. Such a frustrating experience. Off to the greener pastures my funds are moving.

This Bank Is Without A Doubt Conducting Some Type Of Shady Business Practices.

PNC are some of the worst crooks imaginable and to be quiet honest they're absolutely terrible at it. Blaming it on their computer systems and training the representatives to say something along the lines of "oh you know how technology is! it's never reliable or as good as the hand of a human, so let's take a look and see what you got here!"

Well I hate to break it to you but on Tuesday at 4am I happened to wake up and check my account to ensure all my transactions from the weekend started going out and low and behold what did I find? PNC charged me not once but twice for the same transaction. I made sure to have screenshot the transaction(s) along with a receipt of my purchase and what had occurred. So after my rage I somehow managed to go back to sleep. I went to check my account again at around 9am and only to find out that the "two charges" were gone! they fell off my account completely! I called the bank and they told me they didn't see the transaction was ever made and that I should contact the merchant. So I called the merchant up and they told me that they received the funds! What on earth!!!

I'm at the point now where I'm ready to take my funds out and go over to a credit union because something incredibly shady is going on here.

If you or anyone else you know have had something like this occur before then please let me know.

PNC Lawyers Are Absconding My Dead Parents' Money

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I'm the executor of my deceased parents' wills. For months, my lawyer and I have provided all the legal documents (probated will and docs approved by judge) to prove that their checking account should be closed and the money released to the heirs. The lawyer at PNC has altered the account's name without my consent or legal authority and refuses to remove the hold I put on the account (part of the probate process) so the heirs can receive their legal share of the money. I've been in multiple branches and placed numerous phone calls and no one at PNC will respond. This is theft! PNC is steal from my dead parents. Shameful! I've filed an OCC complaint. How many other innocent people has PNC robbed like this??

Terrible Experience, Terrible Bank

Went to PNC today to open an account for my son, and we stayed from 12PM opening to closing time and they still weren't able to open my bank. They had also informed me that there would be $36 overdraft fee for any purchases exceeding the account balance. This is an absolutely terrible experience, please do not waste your time doing banking with this company. Their customer service was horrendous and did they still somehow did not manage to open an account for me after I've been there for hours. I am so furious that I've wasted my time when I could've been doing something else instead of going to this absolutely shit of a horrendous bank

PNC Why Did BBVA Have To Go

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Since PNC took over BBVA, i have had nothing but problems. Its is very hard following where your money is. I am disabled and it is very hard for me to get to the local branch. PNC has frozen deposits from an external source for me. They said 2 legit deposits are fraudlent. They send email everyday saying the balance of your account. Again i am unemployed and money is very limited. The past couple of weeks been getting emails that i am at $0 balance. My mother visited and gave me $100. Had a friend pick me up and took me to the local branch. Deposited the $100. Checked my deposit when i returned home via voice banking, found out now had a $11 balance. Spoke to customer service and they advised i was $88 overdrawn. Never once in the emails they send said i was overdrawn. I asked to close the account. PNC is the worst i have ever bamked with.

PNC Is The Worst Bank EVER!

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PNC put a hold on my debit card for "investigative potentially fraudulent use". I would not have even known this if I hadnt tried to use my card. When I called customer service, I was transferred 6 different times and was on the phone over 2 hours! I was THEN informed of the hold. I spoke to Kim (the last representative I spoke to) and she lifted the hold and stated I shouldn't have anymore issues but I would have to call the next morning to have a new debit card issued. I did that, as well as paid the $25 expedited fee. I received my card on Wednesday. I had to call PNC because instead of using my same pin number, they apparently changed it. However, the representative activated the card and told me to use it as credit until the pin number arrived in the mail. Thursday evening, I got a notice my account was in low cash mode. Keep in mind, there were 3 digits in that account ($xxx.xx). I immediately called PNC, once again. This time they informed me that the account was being closed. When I asked why, they could not give me a reason, only told me to call another number in the morning. I called that number this morning and they advised that there was nothing they could do, the account was closed and they would mail me a check of what was in my account! I told them they needed to also refund my $25 expedited fee I paid last Friday as well. I was told they will "put in a request" but no guarantees.
I NEVER had issues with my account when it was BBVA! PNC Bank have poor customer service and no one knows what's going on. They just "pass the buck"

Horrible Bank

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We've had our business and personal accounts with BBVA for years. Since PNC acquired them and transitioned all the branches to PNC the service is horrible. Their systems dated, deposits are not same day as with BBVA and overall it's not a bank that is innovating anything or focused on the customer experience. I've shared our feedback with branch management and even they things have gone downhill. We're in the process now of shopping for bank to manage all our business in a modern way and with great service.

They Held Onto My Money!

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My paycheck gets direct deposited to 4 banks every Friday. 3 banks have my money in my account by the time I wake up Friday morning.

PNC hangs onto my money until 10:30 Monday morning.

I called my payroll department. They assure me a deposit was made to PNC late Thursday night.

I called PNC. They said they don't hold onto my money. They said as soon as they get the money it gets deposited. They say that's the way it is and they won't investigate why my money is 3 days late.

Good web interface though.


My husband and I have been banking with PNC since 2017. It was fine until the oandemic started and all of the sudden were constantly in the negative. I deposited a hand written payroll check. The app said it would be available tomorrow. It's tomorrow and I have an email saying they put the funds on hold til the 23rd of Feb. I have a negative balance from a transaction they didn't decline (I had a balance under 1$) and now I KNOW (from previous experience with these thieves) I will be hit with over draft fees. And i wont be able to eat. I have NEVER had this problem with a handwritten check before. That was my money to eat. I am broke. They are stealing from me at this point. Do not bank with them. They WILL steal your money

Money Isn't Safe In This Bank

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I've had a PNC account for serval years. In the past 18 months, my account has been hacked into 3 times now. I have done everything they have asked me to do for security, none of it has worked. Even after closing one account and opening another the hackers were still able to get into my account. I understand that things happen, but being told that it will take 7-10 business day and possibly an additional 45 days to confirm if it was fraud is unacceptable. I put my money into a bank to keep it safe, I shouldn't have to babysit my account's. When there is a history fraud the bank shouldn't need 7-10 business days let alone 45 days to confirm fraud. The bank has gotten to big, they no longer care about their customers. I am moving my money and closing my accounts.

Absolute Garbage. Worthless Trash.

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Is a NEGATIVE score available? I loved BBVA. Had ZERO problems for seven straight years. Less than a month into the acquisition by PNC my account has been overdrawn daily. $400 in NSF fees?!?! Nooooo, I don’t think so. F—K THEM. I’m gone.

Horrible Bank

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I had accounts with BBVA Bank. The bank was purchased by PNC bank. I have called 4 separate times to get online access. When the customer service person is unable to help me I get transferred to another department where I am put on hold again. On the latest call, I have been on hold for an hour and thirty-one minutes. I hate this bank and plan to close all my accounts with them.

Laughing At Customer Service

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Made two charges for the same amount, for some reason PNC rejected one. Maybe thinking a duplicate charge? I called the 800 number. The gal said they couldnt help but gave me another number to call. They said they could not help and tried to transfer me back to where I just called. (btw it was a 55 minute wait) I said they were no help. The gal then says I guess we cant help you then lmao.! There needs to be a 0 rating as 1 star indicates some rating

Worst Web Site Ever!

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I have been a PNC customer for 15 years. With the recent change to the format of their on line banking I am looking for a new bank. It is the absolute worst layout and hard to accomplish anything. Whoever tested it and said it was good has failed. Bye PNC!

Do Not Use This Bank

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I was one of the unfortunate victims to be made to suffer this horrible institution when they absorbed my BBVA account. I used my BBVA credit rewards card for all monthly purchases and paid it off when the statement arrived. I tried to continue that with this POS bank, but found it impossible as their "fraud protection" denies every other transaction. This was especially concerning when an emergency transaction was declined. And, there doesn't seemed to be any rhyme or reason for it. One grocery transaction will go through and the next won't. Calls to them garner snide and rude comments and change nothing. I am switching use to Capital One and forgetting PNC ever darkened my life.

Worst Bank Ever

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I have been a customer of BBVA since I was a kid. I had a kid's account with them. My family and I have had no issues with BBVA. Then PNC took over, and everything just went downhill. First off, my work used BBVA for its payroll so it also switched over to PNC, and apparently, PNC had an issue processing payroll for a number of places where I live. I do not know if it was the same elsewhere, but many places here did not receive their first paycheck, after the changeover, until nearly 1 or 2 pm local time, on pay day. Furthermore, I just bought a new car, I had several options of how to pay for the downpayment. First, I tried using my debit card. BBVA either did not have a spending limit, or it was fairly high, so I didn't think anything of it. Nope, PNC has a $500 spending limit. This can be changed, but I was never informed of this spending limit. So of course, my card was declined, so then one of the other options was online payment, which according to the site the dealership used, PNC was an option, which meant PNC offered this form of payment. I selected it, got it all set up, and boom, PNC does not actually offer that payment type. Then why advertise that you do? I understand it wasn't PNC that was directly advertising it, but the payment site only shows banks that DO offer that form of payment. PNC just decided to not allow that form of payment and not tell anyone. So I figured okay I'll just go there in person and get a cashier's check and pay that way. Got it all done, and paid for, got the car home.

Nothing To See Here

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In the transfer from BBVA to PNC my account was compromised. I caught several fraudulent charges a couple weeks after they were made, and went into my local PNC branch to dispute them on 11/1. The branch employee had me sign a separate form for each of these charges and told me it should take 10 days to investigate and return the money.
Thinking she could have meant 10 business days, I waited until 11/16 to check the status of the dispute. The branch told me they can’t view a dispute status and directed me to their customer service line. After a 30 minute wait to reach someone, the rep on the phone told me they could see the wrong forms had been filed which classified it as an ACH transaction, so the investigation was marked as no error. The rep said that it needed to be filed again but as a debit transaction, so they put me on hold several times while doing this. After maybe the 5th or 6th hold I didn’t get hold music but heard only ringing, which I sat through for another 25 minutes before disconnecting.
I assumed that the rep had filed it correctly this time and waited again until I called back to the customer service line on 11/28, again waiting 30+ minutes to reach anyone. This rep said he could only see a note from the 11/16 call that the dispute needed to be filed correctly, but no trace that they had actually done so, so he stayed on the line while filing the claim himself, again with that 10 day promise. He mentioned that the fraud department was closed on Sunday so he couldn’t check the status with them. His service couldn’t have been better. He also added that he was sending an escalation ticket to his manager to call me back on 11/30 when she returned to the office.
Having not received that manager call back by 12/3, I called the customer service line and again waited 30+ minutes to reach anyone. After explaining my previous series of calls, this rep was immediately defensive and confrontational. She said that the refiled claim from 11/28 was just sent to fraud investigation on 12/1 and that the fraud investigation can take 45-90 days to complete, and added that no money would be credited back to the account until that time. I asked if I could speak with the fraud department to see if there was a more accurate timeline or info they may need. She said that the fraud department wont speak with customers, but if she called they would only tell her what she already told me. The one and only positive take away from this call was that when requested, she confirmed that she had filed for a manager call back to me.
PNC Bank is terrible!

They Reopened My Closed Accounts

After 10 years of being a customer, I closed all of my PNC accounts more than a month ago. I knew this bank was getting shady, but I never expected they would do something so blatantly criminal.

I made sure I properly closed the accounts -- I received all the paperwork, received the final check with the correct closing balance, and got a final statement that explicitly states a balance of $0.00.

Now I got an email that said my account was overdrafted for a fee they issued for not maintaining the minimum balance of $500. (Nothing was ever accidentally charged by me -- this was all PNC's charges). Sure enough my Online Banking was still opened and there it all was. My accounts were back opened. There was a balance of ONE PENNY in my account just after I closed it, which kept it open for them to hurl fees at me. This account was 100% closed yet they reopened it with one penny. This has to be illegal??

I was able to call and have it resolved instantly but something tells me this isn't the end. This bank has been getting extremely desperate lately to collect fees, and now they've gone too far. DO NOT BANK WITH PNC. They need to be exposed.

PNC Bank At Montvale, NJ

The branch manager was very helpful and very friendly. Opening hours on Saturday is a big plus. Great job!

Disgusted Former BBVA Customer

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As a BBVA customer, I was forced to become a PNC Bank customer after they took over. I can honestly say that PNC is by far the absolute WORST bank I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, and I have done business with a lot of banks in my lifetime, as well as worked for a few. Not only do the employees of PNC simply not give a crap, but PNC also seems to have some of the worst systems I have ever seen as well. Going from BBVA to this nightmare bank has been an awful experience. FYI...don't use the debit card lock feature if you might possibly want to unlock the card at night during one of their weekly system updates. Not only does the lock/unlock option disappear for 2-3 hours during these system updates (PNC confirmed this has been a long-known issue by them), leaving you unable to use your debit card if it was locked prior to the update beginning, they also conveniently don't offer any sort of customer support during the overnight hours either. Additionally, I can't even begin to tell you how many issues I have run into trying to utilize their online banking system. In fact, as I write this review, their online banking system is completely down. I cannot for the life of me, fathom why anyone would choose to do business with these clowns. How is this bank still in business? On top of all of this, they also have the audacity to take my once free small business checking account I had with BBVA, and now force me to start paying a monthly fee for it. They have another thing coming if they think I will ever pay a single damn dime for a vastly inferior product than what BBVA offered for free. I will most definitely be closing this account and going elsewhere ASAP. I would advise anyone considering this bank, to pick literally any other financial institution to do business with. Heck, keeping your money under your mattress is a better option than these people.


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PNC and BBVA are absolutely horrendous banks to deal with. They made a (an admitted) MISTAKE and froze my bank accounts. After 2 months of nearly daily emails and international phone calls, they are yet to unfreeze my accounts. They have no explanation and simply keep leading me on to think it will happen tomorrow or next week. I've had no access to my money for 2 months but luckily I also bank with another(much better) bank so I'm able to survive. I can't imagine what I would do if I needed my money that's locked up with PNC to pay for my mortgage, car payments, and most importantly food for my family. PNC are an absolute disgrace! Their team members even agree with me that the account was wrongfully frozen but won't take the measures to fix it within an acceptable time frame.
I've been specifically dealing with a guy a who is supposedly "high up" in the rankings but is completely full of it. He's assured me he would take care of this as soon as possible and that unfreezing an account typically takes 3-5 days max. Hmmmm... 1 month later after being assigned to him and I'm still being fed a bunch of BS with no results.
I'm writing this review to inform others so that no one else will have to go through what I'm dealing with now. It's horrendous and no one should wrongfully be kept from their own money. Save yourself the headache of dealing with a horrible bank and go somewhere else.

Involuntary Customer

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Socially distance yourself away from this bank.

Stupid Fines

Really ridiculous fines from PNC when depositing. I would choose another bank, customer service is not helpful.

Not Worth It

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PNC have the worst website I have ever used. It will not let me change my email or phone number and if I want to do something on it you pretty much have to call in if you want it done. Worst online experience with a bank.

First Transaction Total Nightmare

Im running as fast as possible to open a different account in new bank! An hour and half at branch just to be told my deposit that was sent on friday ( cash transfer) isnt available till possibly Tuesday.Some kind of fraud from old account that we had never reported or even knew about! Now our cash is in limbo and not ONE csr or anyone affiliated in the bank could help us with!!! This bank has terrible customer service and helps little to none with serious finance issues...RUN also 2 hours on the phone with them just to be told sorry!

Mortages With PNC? Run Away Fast!

Worst financial institution to deal with. Took over my mortgage in 2021 and completely screwed up my payment process because they do not have the capacity to accept electronic payments. If they purchase your loan, beware! This bank is still in the 19th century and only accept printed checks for mortgage payments from your current bank.

PNC Are Thieves

My debit was stolen from me, I reported it to PNC and canceled that card. $510 was used by the person who stole it. PNC credited my account the $510. That was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I received a letter in the mail stating that, there has been an investigation and PNC will reverse the $510 on September 30th. WTF, I've been a loyal customer for over 25 years and PNC is gonna take care of the crook who stole my card and not their loyal customer. I'm trying to fight this but PNC customer service is a joke. I would suggest that, anyone who banks with PNC to pull their money out and close their account before PNC steals from you. PNC IS THE REAL THIEVES, NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Use Another Bank

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I was told that I would receive a LTV on my multifamily housing at 75% of value. Two weeks before closing, and already out 25K appraisal and other reports, I was informed that PNC would only fund 65% of the deal. This left me 500K short of what I was told I would receive. Left me scrambling to get cash for repairs for units. I would never use PNC as they lied to me about the deal after collecting 25K from me. Very shady to deal with and the broker was less than honest. Find another bank-

Never Ever Again

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I was a member of this bank for 17 years. My entire family was, actually. As of today, we have all closed our accounts and moved on. The customer service was nonexistent and honestly, insulting. I had never in 17 years had to file a dispute until two months ago. A convenience store clerk duplicated charges in the $700.00 range without my knowledge until it hit the bank. I contacted their headquarters and the clerk was able to doctor receipts and get away with his crime. I submitted my receipts to PNC that did not match what I was charged, and they sided with the store. The worst part is they originally gave me provisional credits, and then reversed them with three days notice. This caused a chain of events that effected my credit (late car payments, insurance, bills) and basically told me they were unwilling to help me. They won't return my documents that I sent to them. They won't open the dispute so someone else with common sense can look at it. They won't help me at all, they just say sorry.
Trust me, do not use this bank. This was just a random theft that should have been easily resolved and it's been two months of tears and begging my own bank to stop calling me a liar. It's been a truly humiliating experience.

PNC Uses A SCAM Site

PNC uses Zelle known for scams with their help they accused me of FRAUD and were dismissive. Because of them I have had to leave my husband stranded in another country and try to bring him home on what little money I have.


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I worked for -PNC for almost 3 years. I went into the Sellersburg branch today to close my account the banker was very nice then I had to go to the teller to print out a cashiers check. I had never been a teller before at PNC Bank. She continued to argue with me that she had to charge me a $10 fee to print out a cashiers check. I told her I could not believe I’ve worked for -PNC for so long and they’re going to charge me $10 to close my account. The teller that waited on me was extremely rude and very unhelpful and never said thank you or anything when I left. I do not recommend PNC!

Not What I’D Expected

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I’ve been with PNC Bank for almost a year & I thought they were a different bank from the others but I was wrong. I was charged $36 for an overdraft fee. I wasn’t aware that they’re the ones that will keep your funds on hold until they’ll release it to your debtors. So as I recalled my account had an balance of $73 but as of this morning it was -$73 in the hole. I wasn’t exactly expecting that due to the ledgers that was already transferred from your account. All these banks are scammers & bank robbers. Then they wonder why these people are always suing them for racketeering and money extortions. The best way to keep your account from being charged for these ridiculous fees is to find a prepaid account that doesn’t have any of those fees. They’re (banks) supposed to support & protect your money from traders & scammers but it seems like to me that they’re the ones with the masks.
So dissatisfied! ??????

The Worst Bank I Ever Used

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I opened a checking account from PNC and transferred $10K from Chase. The PNC denied my transaction for no reason and the fund DIDN"T go back to my chase account! I visited PNC and chase to dispute the transaction and NONE OF THEM take responsibility! Now my money just get LOST!! The most irresponsibility bank I ever used! If you don't want lose your money, NEVER use them!!!

Like Pulling Teeth...

... to verify the rates that are posted various places online. First got a customer service rep that seemed to have a difficult time finding any rate sheet, then couldn't tell me the specifics of the accounts. She had to transfer me to the sales rep, who was even more difficult. No information is tumbling out of that place, like they don't want another customer. I can't imagine giving them a couple $100k, I might never see it again.

Disappointed - Leaving PNC For Another Bank

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I have banked at PNC Bank in Springfield, IL for years and was always pleased with how I was treated. Recently I deposited a check from a debtor and it was subsequently returned for insufficient funds. PNC proceeded to fine me $12 explaining it was their policy even though they admitted I did nothing wrong. When I protested that it was not I who bounced the check, the bank employee said I would have been charged $36 if I had, implying that I was getting a deal with $12, missing the point entirely. When I said this was unfair and I would close my accounts, the employee immediately made an appointment with a banker to help me close out all my accounts. PNC has made it clear that it does not need me as a customer nor do I need them.

Worst Banking Experience I've Ever Had

I've banked with two other major national banks in the USA. Both were decent and easy to understand, I just needed a simple checking account to hold my money, has direct deposit, a mobile app and use it for basic things like purchases. Nothing fancy, nothing advanced or complicated.

PNC has the least user friendly interface. The app is garbage. The balance amount doesn't take into consideration all of your pending transactions, it is incorrect most of the time. You might have some pending transactions that will disappear for a few days, only to pop back up and take a chunk of your money depending on how much you spent. It has SERIOUS potential to overdraft your account. I've NEVER, ever in the history of having a bank account overdrafted. Not even ONE time, until I had to switch to PNC (because the other 2 banks are not available in my area.) Virtual wallet is confusing and fails as a simple checking account.

You cannot even change your ATM PIN # number over the phone, like I could with the 2 other banks I had. You have to go to a PNC bank in order for them to help you out. How inconvenient is that???

Mind you, I've had this bank account for almost 3 months. I haven't even gotten the full experience but everything that I have experienced so awful.

The only redeeming thing was customer service because at least they were polite and somewhat helpful. But I will DEFINITELY switch to another bank. It's worth paying the early closing account fee just to never have to deal with this confusion again.

Unethical Corporations

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PNC , reduced my credit card balance significantly. I never missed a payment nor was I late with a payment. I didn’t find out until I was on vacation.(what a nightmare) after twenty plus years of doing business with them (PNC) having all my accounts at this bank

Perfect Credit Score And STILL Denied!

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We received a ridiculously offensive rejection of our loan request which stated that we were denied due to “Insufficient credit history with installment loans”. We have never heard of any banking institution denying persons with the level of credit rating that we have! My wife and I have a combined average rating of 825.5. That is only 74.5 points from a perfect and highest score possible! It’s astonishing that PNC bank is closing over 440 branches! We wonder why!?

We can only assume that PNC Bank denied us based on the fact that we pay our bills with precision and in a more than timely manner than most others do! We can assume, accurately we think, that we have been denied because PNC Bank will not make the amount of interest money from us that they would on someone that just pays monthly for the entirety of the loan.

However, rest assured that PNC Bank will never make even one cent from us, due to the simple fact that we will never apply with PNC Bank ever again. We will however make sure that we tell others of their treatment of us. Meaning if you pay your bills early it’s considered a negative review to PNC Bank!

I Hate PNC Bank

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I wanted to close PNC account but it didn’t close because it spend one year and the hold is not over yet and also sick of the mail of the bank because they got me several mail to my home and I’m very sick of that.

Pnc Has A Security Hold For No Reason

This Is the most absurd bank I’ve ever dealt with they put a hold on 90% of my funds and said it’s a security protocol so I have access to 10% of my $. Being that we’re in a pandemic and cannot work for me and my sons father are collecting unemployment he has never had a bank account and we’ve never been married every time he was on unemployment it always went to my account and never had any problems with it this is the only reason I can think of why they put a hold on my money, it’s actually not even all my money And I’ve been sick to my stomach all weekend knowing that they’re holding $9600 and half of it is my sons father I don’t know if I have to put him on my account or they may think that I am fraudulently getting his unemployment but this is just complete ridiculous as soon as it’s all over I will never bank with them again.

Great Bank And Customer Service

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Great bank to deal with. Good local customer service even though I'm not in the Pittsburgh area. All the tellers know me by name. Love you can get $1 and $5 bills out of the ATM.

I love that your investment account balances count towards the minimum for no fees/performance accounts and they charge no commissions on trades on the investment accounts and very easy to make a buy since I can just transfer $ from my PNC checking to my PNC investment account online and then use that to make the trade.

You Don't Stay, You Pay!

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Usually, a company gives you time to test their product, and if you like great, if you don't like it, you move on.

1) PNC Bank, if you don't stay with them for at least six months, they charge a $25 fee for leaving, and of course, this isn't mentioned before setting up the account.

2) If you deposit money in your account before checks or purchases are processed, they will handle the charged items first and then collect your money. A smart way for them to bounce some checks!

3) Their Wallet site has too many fluffy tools associated, which makes it harder for you to determine precisely how much money you have. Usually, you have balance and available balance, not for PNC Bank, you also have forecasted money amounts that can send you in a panic because it looks like you don't have enough, but you have plenty. I prefer it to be simple.

4) And finally, it takes forever for money to deposit or be processed. It seems a day or two longer than other banks. Even for a transfer from your checking to your savings and vice versa is not instant and PayPal or cash deposits to the ATM.

5) And they also limit the number of mobile deposits you can process in a month.

Stay away from this bank unless you are loaded.


One star is too much for them!

DO NOT bank with PNC, especially in the Crescent Springs KY.

Joe Duncan, the branch manager is a lying snake who should be selling used cars.

He deceived about promotional dollars they were supposed to give me but never gave me. I actually recorded him saying they would pay me promo dollars then two weeks later recorded him again saying that wasn't true. He then lied to the corporate offices about our conversation!

The bank also mistakenly charged me a variety of fees that I had to fight tooth and nail to get back.

This has been the worst banking experience ever!

Take your money elsewhere!

Customer Service Is Non Existent

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PNC bank is a horror show. I tried to deposit over 4000 in checks through the ATM and the machine ate the checks without completing the transaction. I called customer service and even though we're in the middle of a pandemic and I'm desperate for cash they could care less. I had to submit a dispute form which takes at least 4 business days to settle. This happened on a Friday so now I need to wait. This is how they treat a customer who has two mortgages, 3 checking accounts and a credit card with them. STAY AWAY.


I have been with PNC since 2010, and never had an issue with the Bank, In fact when people ask me about my experience with PNC bank I always tell them that it’s been excellent and I would highly recommend it. BUT I realize yesterday that the only reason I haven't had an issue with PNC bank, is because I've never needed customer service until yesterday and the customer service at PNC BANK IS THE WORST I HAVE SEEN, next to Verizon. let me explain why I am so anger with this BANK.

Me and my wife are in one of the happiest stages of our life, we are buying our first home. We have been shopping for some time, but we found one we LOVE and put in an offer. We were beyond happy when our offer was accepts and to seal the deal on the new home, we put down a $5000 dollar. so, I wrote a check (maybe the first check I've ever written) anyways the check when thru and the money has been taken out my account. Me and my wife have been celebrating for a few days and telling all of our friends and family about our new home. Anyway, I checked on the account late last night and to my surprise I have more then I was expecting...(weird) why do i have more money in my account then I was expecting. scrolled down to see what the issue and there it was...THE CHECK BOUCNED due to IIRREGULARE SIGNATURER. I want to make this perfectly clear; I WAS NOT CONTACTED ABOUT THIS ISSUE. NO CALL, NO EAMIL, NO TEXT...and in my option I should've received all 3. I immediately call customer service, to which i tell them I need this check to go thru, and explain that I am in the processes of buying a home and can’t have the bounce, the person i spoke to basically told me there is nothing she can do and i will have to redo the check. I will be leaving this bank ASAP....NOT ONLY WAS I NOT CONTACTED about this issue, I lost the home:(...SO i will be leaving this bank, and advice anyone that is considering this bank to STAY AWAY, Because when you need them they will NOT be there to help you.

PNC Bank Lack Of Professionalism And Below Par Customer Service

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This company has shown nothing but poor customer service and lack of education and knowledge within their company. PNC stands for poor negligent company. They have no interest in care for customers or assisting their clients. While in dispute of many issues, they have shown a very poor attitude by hanging up and passing the blame to others while discussing over the phone. They have be unresponsive when proven wrong or at fault. PNC has zero internal audits to protect your money from fraud and frankly enable fraudulent activity to occur from not doing their due diligence. The only thing I ever asked for was security and I repeated did not receive that in my time with them. I would never recommend this bank to any soul.

Lies And More Lies

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1) they lied about online deposit and the limits
2) they used to allow purchase of crypto and then denied it with out notice! now the use ripple which is a crypto! and what gives them the right to tell me what i can spend my money on!
3) i paid my supplier with a check endorsed by me. p.n.c said the signature did not match and cancelled the check . i got charge 50$ for said check and they will not reimburse me!!!!!!!!!!!! i have spent more than 2 hours on the phone trying to correct it, but the employees must be trained in incompetency and give you a run around.
For 50$ they lost my personal account and business

PNC Limits Mobile Deposits

I have accounts with six different banks and PNC is the only one that LIMITS the amount of deposits by mobile app.

That means I need to get in my car, pollute the environment, wait in a long line just to give them my money which they they loan out for their profit. Duh?! You’re limiting $$$$ mobile deposits? Really?

This is a GREAT bank for those stuck in the 1980s before Internet banking.

PNC Treats Potential Employees Like Turds

I applied to multiple positions and they wanted me to take an assessment without notifying me. I am trying to let somebody know in their HR department, but they provide no way for me to let them know.

Shame on you PNC.

Online High Yield Savings Account: Not Ready For Non-PNC States

Last year I opened a PNC Bank Online HIgh Yield Savings Account. I live in a state where PNC bank does not have a physical presence but the new High Yield Account (available at the time only to customers outside their normal service area) had a favorable rate. I was aware of PNC's positive history, and I do business with several other online-only banks, as well as physical banks, and never expected issues with PNC Bank.

The issues started when the system reset my login password (for unknown reasons). I was unable to reset my password through the website as was told when I called that I would need to provide my debit card information to proceed. Since this was an online only account there WAS no debit card that's where the issues started. A very long story short, after multiple phone calls and several months of trying, PNC bank was unable to reset my password and allow me access to my account. In their defense, the Customer Service department and managers tried valiantly to solve the problem, but there was an issue with their computer system that would not allow them to complete the text-reset process.

I eventually gave up and asked that the account be closed and a check mailed to me. It took a week for the check to be issues which was then promptly 'lost in the mail.' After waiting another 3 weeks for the mailing deadline to pass, I called again and was bounced from department to department trying to get the check reissued. I was finally told that the 'Retail Escalations' department was the correct department to address the issue. Their direct number (412-803-1290) was difficult to acquire, and their standard wait time is 30-45 minutes. I'm sharing it here in the hope it might help someone else with similar issues. It took two weeks for the Retail Escalations department to reissue the check. Over this time I NEVER received an update on the status--regardless of the multiple promises for return calls and status updates. The check did finally arrive, although it was sent regular mail, not overnight mail as promised by the Retail Escalations manager.

I think PNC Bank's intentions in creating this type of account were positive, but their implementation was sorely lacking. Holding my funds hostage for several months was unprofessional and reflects poorly on PNC Bank's business model. I will not do business with them again.

Scammers!!! Be Careful With This Bank!!

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This bank steals your money and make it seem like it’s your fault.
The bank does mistakes in their transactions and instead of taking responsibility to their mistakes, they twist the numbers around in your statement to make it seem like it’s your fault so that they could charge you overdraft fees.

I paid money using Venmo using my debit card and it was withdrawn on the same day, then later on I used my account normally and before withdrawing cash, I’d check my account balance and I had money.

Then when I did the maths I felt that there was something not right as I overspent that exact amount I venmod (which was withdrawn on the same day I paid using my debit card)
So I checked my bank transcript on the 4th of June and that amount was not even in my transcript, then on June 6th it was there dated back on June 3rd (the Venmo was paid May 30th)
And then they made it seem as if I got over-drafted from my credit card payment which was also made on May 30th and then continued to be over-drafted by the atm withdrawals I made (which does not make any sense because I’m opted out of overdraft which on a normal case, if I don’t have available funds, it’ll lead my withdrawals to be declined)
So I ended up being overdraft with the exact some Venmo amount and when this happened and I was shocked looking at my statement, I called customer service to discuss it with them.
The lady kept lying by assuring me that the statement is right (trying to make me believe that what I saw with my own eyes when I checked the statement and didn’t find the Venmo was not true, and that what caused me to get to overdraft was something else) and was very rude and told me if you don’t like it then just pay your overdraft fee and close the account.

PNC Are Terrible

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I had a situation where my daughter was hospitalized and had to take 100.00 out of my account. I was 46.00 short but the account allowed me to overdraft it. This was an extreme emergency. Within 14 day period daily they charged me over 136.00 in daily OD fees. You call and explain the situation and all you get is well ma'am no one told you to overdraw your account. I love it they offer you that service for extreme circumstances like this, and then do not want to help. This should be illegal. They see the consumer struggling as it is. This is usury in my opinion. Dont bank with PNC. They lie and scam its awful and pretty sad they are allowed to do this to people and continue to get away with it. If I could've given a 0 i would have.

Safe Deposit Box: PNC Won't Give Us Our Documents

My husband and I have a Performance Select Checking Account with PNC, and a safe deposit box in our branch in Pennington, NJ, Or so we thought, until I got a call this morning from a bank employee saying the content of our box were found in a bag on the floor of the vault. When my husband and I went to the bank with our safe deposit key to retrieve the documents we had placed in our box years ago, the bank manager refused to give us our documents. She said she could not verify that our key was the one that fits the lock on our box, because the lock on our box had been changed when its contents were removed. A police officer took our statements.

The bank employee thought perhaps our documents were removed from our box because we hadn't paid the annual rental fee. Our key was to box #4, a 3 x 5 box, which costs less than the $100 credit towards rental fee that is a benefit of our Performance Select Account. The manager confirmed to the police that our account has this benefit, but still refused to give us the documents that had been removed from our box.

I am frustrated and at a loss. The employee contacted us because she saw that the documents had our names on them. We have the title to our home, my mother-in-law's power of attorney and living will, etc. These documents can't possibly have value to anyone except us. I don't understand why they were not returned to us. My husband and I went to the bank together and presented our driver's license in front of the police officer and manager, and still she refused.

My next step is to file suit and call newspapers.

Worst Bank By Far

PNC Bank is the only banked I have banked with that has charged numerous and nonsensical fees. They charge you for everything. I regret making that switch from Huntington Bank to them. I will be switching banks as soon as possible.

Behind The Times..

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Each department does not communicate with the other. It seems that they lie to you but I think they are just unprofessional and lack the skill of other banks. I have been waiting for a check for over 2 weeks. They told me it was mailed. After over a week I called them and asked them to stop payment and send me another check. The next day it arrived. Although they told me it was mailed 10/18 the post mark was 10/22. If they had not lied to me I would have waited. Now I still do not have my money and another week is going by. Monday they said they wired it and as of Wednesday no money. Are they trying to cheat me or are they just incompetent?

Don't Value Customers

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I've had an account for 32 years. Recently had fees applied I disagreed with and called expecting assistance. Spoke with two very rude reps, so called my branch in Pa. In both cases I was told I'd get a call back regarding my complaint. That was 5 days ago.
I made 7 or so purchases each less than $3 after confirming my bank balance. The following day I saw a bill payment that legitimately put my account in overdraft, but it was listed between the several small purchases. PNC then added $36 overdraft fees to 2 of the $3 transactions.
I will not stay with a bank willing to lose a long term customer due to $72 false fees.

PNC Bank Is A Fraud Bank

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I will try to make it brief. I went to the teller in PNC bank to withdraw some money to transfer it to my chase account. I took the money and went to nearby Chase office to make a deposit where they found my one 100 dollar bill to be old and counterfeit, so they confiscated the bill. In return when i raised an issue with PNC on this they blindly said once bill gets out of bank its not their responsibility. Being a student from the university where i trusted the bank was biggest mistake of my life. I had the worst experience ever with any bank in my life.
Please don't trust them with your hard earned money !

A Good Choice

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I am utilizing PNC Bank's Virtual Wallet platform. Overall, I've been happy with my experience so far. I've had great customer service and have dealt with the same rep who got my debit card to me in one business day! My biggest gripe has been unimportant issues such as website and mobile app aesthetics. They could really do with a make over. They look like they are from the early 2000's. Apart from that, they offer a good product and nice sign on bonus.

PNC Online Virtual Wallet

I signed up for the PNC Bank Virtual Wallet account when it first started which is an online only account that is a virtual checking account. When I signed up there were no fee's of any kind to use it and it was strictly online banking. The way it was in the beginning was that you could purchase your own paper checks to use and you could receive electronic deposits but if you went to the bank in person they would charge you a fee. So as long as you used their ATM to deposit cash, received only electronic deposits and never used a "human" for customer service then it was worth it, you also received a debit card with a MasterCard logo so you could pay bills etc.
Things were going fine for a year, I never was charged anything as I made sure to never use their customer service in person.
Then 1 day I went to log in and my account had a $13.99 charge on it from the bank, I thought to myself "What is this"? I immediately called them and they said that I should have received a notice from them a month earlier (I did not) stating that the virtual wallet now has a monthly $13.99 charge if you do not receive weekly electronic deposits and/or have a balance of $3,000.00!
Well, I immediately went to the ATM and withdrew the rest of my money, asked them for a credit of the $13.99 charge and proceeded to close my account with them.
Customer service was rude, I guess because I didn't have a lot of money in the bank they could care less, I would never recommend them to anyone ever.

WORST Bank I could have gone with.

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Let me begin with I opened my PNC Checking account in June 2015. I originally opened it due to the bank being close to my house and thinking that they were ok to do business with. Over the course of the next 2 years they charged me over $350 of just outright wrong fees relating to debit card withdrawals. In addition their ATM also lost money of mine before. April of 2017 I contacted Customer service to get some help on this issue to which they also couldn't help and told me what I already knew. So at that point I decided to visit my local branch, to which the customer service representative tried their best to help. They phoned into corporate and they opened a case with "internal review". Three weeks goes by before I hear anything and they also couldn't over ride the fees. I was left in the dark for three weeks, and at the end of it wasted my time. The Website/Mobile app are also severely outdated looking along with ATM's the user friendliness of the Interfaces are horrible. Upon becoming frustrated with this financial institution I did some research into other banks and found out they are one of the worst in checking account rates and just overall customer experience. I then at this point submitted to the "Office of Comptroller" my overall experience with "PNC" to which they ruled in my favor. PNC at that point was still being defiant and didn't work with them/me. I at this point decided to just drop the bank all together. The experience was so frustrating it wasn't even worth my time at this point.

Overall, Worst Banking experience I have ever had.

Bank experience

I have no problem with PNC they have been great with both online and physical banking. Their app is pretty good but I wish it had more features. i do not plan on moving away from them in the future. They have great local service in my home town and I really enjoy their friendly attitudes. They have re-issued me cards and always double checked extensive purchases to protect me from fraud which is also a huge reassurance.

Zero Customer Service Bank

I am a new immigrant and residing in middle East and I am a short schedule trip for 2 weeks , so I wanted to open account asap ,
1-the bank informed me at the beginning that they can print directly a debit card and they can request to open my account on urgent basis non of that happened, it turned to I need to wait to receive the debit card in my mail first within 10 days then I go to the bank on my date of travel to print the card
2- I wanted to deposit the minmum amount to waive any annual or monthly fees, 2 was opened saying that other is free and so many detailed information differ from an officer to another no accurate information .
Filled a bad survey no one even contact or offered a solution

PNC Great Local Miserable Nationwide

PNC is a decent bank for your average needs, but be careful when it comes to a natural disaster. Having lived in South Florida all my life I have had my share of hurricanes, most of which shut down everything (including banking) for at least a week. PNC in the past has allowed fees and pre authorized bills to come out even though there were no branches in the area open and no way to deposit money. Say a bill was pre authorized on the 15th of September, and the hurricane hits on the 4th of September. Power is not restored until the 21st of September. Normally one would have had 9 days to deposit money before the bill is due, but since no branches are open its impossible. PNC SHOULD waive any fees and not let anything go through, however they really don't care. If you call the number you talk to people in Pennslyvania and they have no idea what hurricanes are like. You have to go to your local branch to get the fees removed. Also they offer to waive fees for a week but typically storm power outages last way past that. They need to update their emergency response. That is my biggest complaint with them. Other than that their fees are okay, and I would say they hold their own against the other banks.

PNC Student Online Banking

Deposits and withdraws from this bank are incredibly easy. The ability to deposit checks with their mobile app is a great feature. Through my university I get no fees for the first four years. All transactions are processed quickly, with direct ATM deposits being available immediately. Online check deposits clear the next business day.

PNC Virtual Wallet - Very convenient

I use PNC Virtual Wallet account for all of my banking needs. The account features a checking, Growth Savings, and Reserve Saving accounts, which are all conveniently serviceable online. ATM deposits are easy, and the Mobile app has an option for immediate funds availability for a small fee with online check deposits. Telephone service is also available when needed, and Is always courteous, prompt, and helpful.

PNC Bank Review

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PNC is a good bank for college students especially. It's nice that you have a spending and two savings accounts. The only issues I've run into with my bank are the multiple times (about 5) where my information has been taken and people have stolen my money. The issue seems to have resolved though and I would recommend this bank to other people if they're looking for a virtual wallet type setup.

PNC Online Banking

I selected an online PNC account when entering grad school. They offered no fees for students and reimbursed ATM fees up to a certain dollar amount every month. I have continued to use PNC since leaving grad school. Their website is easily accessible and their alerts let you know when a direct deposit has been made or when your account falls below a certain dollar amount. You can opt into transfers to prevent overdraft as well as overdraft protection. Mobile deposits have made it easy to continue my banking with PNC after moving to a location far from any of their branches. It has been easy to manage my accounts online and on their mobile app while never setting foot in a bank.

HSA For Individual

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PNC does NOT offer HSA.(healthcare savings account) for small business owners with less than 10 employees.

PNC bank

I switched from Wells Fargo to PNC bank for several different reasons. PNC bank has a more up to date/modernized online banking. I have 3 different accounts with PNC; growth(long term savings), reserve(short term savings) & spending(checking). My accounts online are called Virtual Wallet. My Virtual Wallet shows how much money is going to come out of my account for bill pay & also my reserve savings list. I can make different folders for savings to help me save for different items. For example, I have a folder for house and a separate one for jet ski. those are both items I want to purchase in the future so I can slowly put money aside for those items. I can transfer money back and forth between my reserve & spending accounts and as many times as i want throughout the month. I can easily set up bill pay online for my loans, internet bill, cable bill & insurance bill. I can also track my spending history and see how much money goes to groceries, entertainment, gas, etc.

PNC is great!

PNC Bank is the second bank I've ever used and I don't plan on changing. PNC has a lot of perks if you are setup with a checking and savings account and are getting direct deposit from your job. One of those perks if they will waive any ATM fees you get charged which includes the fees the other banks will charge. PNC also seems to have the shortest turn around time for cashing checks through their ATMs which is about 24 hours, while I've had other banks take up to a week. Their local branches will also help you out if you happen to accidentally overdraft your account by waiving the overdraft fees as long as your account is in good standing. The other major perk of using PNC is their ATMs are able to dispense any denomination of paper money including one dollar bills.

PNC and Me

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I have been using PNC bank for the past 5 years and have never had a bad experience. Just last week I lost my debit card. I stopped by the branch closest to my work, and 10 minutes later I was walking out with a new card. In the few minutes it took to print the card, the teller happily chatted with me and also provided me with informational booklets about choosing a credit card.(I was in a rush so I didn't have time to talk about it in person at that time).That is just one of many examples. PNC was also a huge help to me when I first started college. When I opened my account with them, we discussed that I was a new student and had never had my own account before. They were very considerate of how I was feeling (stressed/overwhelmed), and they took the time to explain to me everything that I'd need to know.

Annoying Fees And Unhelpful Customer Service

PNC used to offer free checking accounts but now they require a minimum balance of $500. I was charged a $7 monthly fee without warning three times even though I took corrective action to have the minimum balance in my account. Customer service reps were totally unhelpful and refused to refund the service fee.

There are plenty of banks out there that offer free checking accounts and a much better interest rate on savings accounts. Greedy banks like PNC that charge us to give us their money don't deserve people's business. You are better off to avoid PNC and look elsewhere for a bank that cares about its customers.

Decent service

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I like PNC Bank! They are very reliable online service. The checking account I have with them has served me well. I haven't had any problems with fees. Their savings account has a pretty good rate. What I really like are the people at my local branch. They have helped me several times when I discovered a problem. Their online services work well. I have been able to log in through my phone and make transfers between my checking and savings with no problems. Overall, they have decent service and I would recommend them.

PNC is a wonderful company.

I have nothing but good things to say about this wonderful company. I prefer to do my banking online, because it saves time and money, and PNC lets me complete just about all of my banking tasks online. I am able to view my transactions, dispute fraudulent charges, and change information all through their web portal. One of the best aspects of their web service is I am able to get great customer service right through the site. They allow me to send messages, get a number to call them, or even speak to an actual agent during certain hours. I have been able to resolves almost all of my issues by just logging in and talking to someone. This is much better than other services that make you call someone and wait on hold for up to an hour.

My PNC Financial Story

I've been a 20 year customer of PNC National Bank. Prior to the bank being PNC, it was formerly Riggs Bank. Most transactions i.e, bill pay, electronic statements, and alerts for existing customers can be completed online. To date, I have 12 accounts with PNC Bank. All EFT/ACH deposits are posted in within 24 hours. PNC also has a mobile deposit feature that allows you to deposit a check from your mobile device until 10 pm, and the money from this deposit will be available the next business day. The fees have recently changed and now requires all account holders that fall below a minimum account balance threshold are subject to a $7 monthly fee. I manage my mortgage account, student loans, business banking savings, checking, cd's and trust funds online. I seldom have to go into a branch for any matter of business. I feel safe with PNC, I've had a small issues in the past and these concerns were professionally addressed immediately. This bank gets 4 stars from me, and I will continue banking with them for many years to come.

Dysfunctional, Utterly Dysfunctional

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In summary, the bank "managers" are incompetent. They will tell you sweet lies just to get you on the hook!

If you do open bank account, request to see all fees BEFORE the bank account is opened.

Where do I start....
I opened small business account with this bank in a large midwest city. I had to go to branch 5 (FIVE) times to bring additional documents, because the branch "manager" didn't know what documents were required to open a business account to begin. The process took 2 weeks in total, to OPEN business account. In another US city on east coast, I opened with themm a checking account that I was told would have no fees since I already had business account with substantial amount of money. I found out 10 months later that I was charged $25 dollars/month. When I found out about charges, I was told on phone that the fees were justified because the business account was of type that didn't QUALIFY for merged banking...they never explained or produced evidence to show which account were and which weren't qualified for merging (thus preventing fees). I closed all my accounts that day.

Great compnay

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I used to enjoy PNC because of the ingenuity it had. But as the years have progressed they have been lacking. I've made several purchases and have had them take days to clear with my virtual wallet account. With my old PNC performance checking account all my purchases cleared immediately. They charge over draft fees even if you have opted out of the service. I asked to have any transactions declined that I did not have the funds to cover to keep me out of the red. Small transactions like Netflix or Hulu bare in mind. Things I may forget about. But instead they still let the transaction go through. As far as the banking experience it was greater for me when my city had two branches but they closed one. So now I have to travel to the ATM. I will be switching my account over to cap one 360 soon because I like having more ATM options
Last week


very disappointed in my treatment. I have been with this bank for over 30 years and I had a bad check deposited in my account and it bounced and your bank charged me $12.


I have been with PNC for many years, this is because they have offered me many different options when it came to my checking account. While many other banks have some sort of minimum balance or they will charge you a fee- PNC has an option for those who can not make that minimum balance. I was able to open up a virtual wallet account where as long as I do my banking through either the ATM or through online/mobile banking I will never be charged a fee. If there is a reason I do have to go into the bank there is a small fee but I have never found a reason to do so with all the options that they have available. I can call them and they are more then willing to answer and questions or concerns I may have about my account and are always nice and are ready to help.

Nightmare Bank

I think it is ridiculous that PNC,has a teller that just roams the bank saying hello ,DOING NOTHING! Obviously their banking fees are preposterous so that they are able to pay people to do NOTHING! What ever you do dont ever go into the PNC on 25th by Westside Market the manager is rude and actually accused me of forging a check from my 401k , when I attempted to make a withdrawal because I deposited it through the ATM!! Hysterical!**

$300 Opening Account Scam

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Recently I was looking for a new bank and noticed that the PNC branch near me was advertizing a $300 bonus for newly opened accounts. It sounded intriguing. If you don’t want to read to the end I can tell you that this experience instead ended up costing me $25 and a serious amount of wasted time.

Although I consider myself a very savvy consumer and I did smell “if-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true – it-probably-is”, I thought banking was based on trust and not on fine-print rip-off tactics. Who wants to put their savings in the hands of an institution that tries to make money off you on cute gimmicks? Well, the PNC bank thinks you do.

The account product that was offered to me required monthly direct deposit amounts and the use of the linked credit card at a rate that were ridiculously easy for me to meet. I actually felt quite satisfied when I had just become a new customer. I then proceeded to direct my employer, on-line, to change my bi-weekly salary deposits to PNC and waited to use my new credit card until this had taken effect so that I had the required funds to cover the purchases.

Here is where they get you. The requirements have to be satisfied within a time window that is shorter than the time it took my employer to change the direct deposit!! It is very probable that the sales clerk told me about the time issue, and it was undoubtedly in the fine-print somewhere, but it simply didn’t register with me. Why would anyone pay attention to such a scheme? If you well meet the requirements (and I am a very good deal to any bank) you assume that they will honor the deal that attracted you to them in the first place.

Needless to say I redirected my deposits again and once it had taken effect attempted to transfer my funds out to another bank using the PNC on-line tools. This didn’t work, since they impose a ridiculously small monthly cap on what you are allowed to transfer that way. I then had to visit the branch where I had opened the account and was told that there was a $25 penalty for terminating the account!!! I gladly paid it, got my check and left PNC for good.

What this experience told me was that PNC is about making a quick buck on anyone. They clearly have no interest in building long-term trust with customers. This may be old-fashioned but is something I still expect from an institution that I entrust with my money. I can only imagine the many other fees and restrictions I would gradually have discovered if I had had to stay with this shady outfit. (If you wonder about the clerk who originally opened the account for me, he had skipped town and was not available for comments).

Terrible HELOC Servicing

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DO NOT open a HELOC with PNC. I took out a HELOC in late September 2016 in order to fund needed home repairs due to toxic mold issues in my house. Since opening the account, NEVER have I experienced such dysfunctional servicing of an account. In order of irritation:

1. For some absolutely ridiculous reason, PNC has 2 separate departments that handle customer service for their HELOCs. One only handles issues and transactions made through the HELOC card, the other only issues and transactions made through the accompanying checks. Neither department can access the information the other has, and both have different hours. This leads to an exceptionally frustrating experience when attempting to resolve any issue that may involve the account as no one at the bank seems to have a global view of your account at any time.

2. Unlike security checks with every other financial organization on the planet, if you call the customer service number on the back of the HELOC card you cannot speak with anyone in the HELOC card department unless you have your full account number with you. This number only appears on your checks and HELOC statements. You can provide your name, address, phone number, SSN, DOB, any and all information off the card itself to the representative, but if you don't have the full account number they will refuse to speak with you. If you are out and about and need an issue resolved quickly, unless you have the account number memorized you're utterly out of luck.

3. While I appreciate the lengths to which banks go to extend fraud protection, the PNC HELOC division is ridiculous in regards to the frequency of how many times card swipes have been declined for even tiny amounts. I had a card transaction for around $30 declined while the very next day a check cleared for several thousand dollars against the account. The several occasions I have had to contact the HELOC card division to clear up issues such as this, I have regularly received misinformation, misdirection, and have had to call back multiple times to resolve issues I was told had been taken care of.

4. While regular checking and savings accounts at PNC appear to exist in the modern day of online banking, the HELOC division seems to still be abiding its time in the late 90s or early 00s. Logging into your online account and accessing the HELOC area, you cannot access any HELOC statements online and cannot view check images that have cleared. The only way to get HELOC statements is by mail and check images by special request.

All in all, working with PNC after the HELOC was approved has been an abysmal experience. If you're considering PNC for this type of lending, just don't. I have worked in the financial services industry for some time, and am staggered by the sheer incompetence with which PNC services this account type. You would have an extraordinarily more pleasant experience whacking yourself in the head repeatedly with a 2x4.

PNC Bank at my local Shop Rite

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My local PNC bank branch is just plain ok. I have wasted way too much time and too many times going there just to be sent away to a full branch. My recent experience was that I needed to get a cash advance from my other bank card (this is one of the services that PNC offers). I came in to my local branch and after about a 20 minute wait the clerk said they cannot offer this service at this branch and I had to drive 5 miles to another location. Outside of ATM services i find this bank useless. And more often than not just to deposit a check I have to wait 20 minutes.

Pretty good bank

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We have been very pleased with the customer service that we have received while banking with PNC. There was a theft and unauthorized use of a personal check and PNC worked quickly and efficiently to rectify the situation, the money and all fees that occurred from over-drafting etc. were returned promptly. There have also been several times when using our debit card and merchants have charged it twice; it is very convenient that, on the website, I am able to file a claim and have the money returned in 48 hours. We have used PNC for more than five years and will continue to do so.

PNC bank is a stable and consistent choice.

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PNC bank has been my bank of choice for the past several years. I opened my PNC bank account as a student in college and have since been very satisfied with the services and quality they have to offer. PNC's online banking service through their virtual wallet account is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. By simply using a slider on your virtual wallet page, you are able to transfer money into one of three separate accounts; checking (spend), saving (reserve), and growth. PNC's customer support both by phone and in person is also excellent. Their staff have all been very willing to help and interested in seeing a solution the whole way through. Overall I would rate PNC a 7.5/10 and recommend this bank to any student or average-volume banking customer.

My bank and yours

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A bank to bank with for years. Been with the bank for a few years and let me say, there an excellent bank with the best customer service. The exact number of years has been 5. Never had any problems except on my end. If I were to recommend a bank, then PNC will be your number one choice and to stay connected with them for a very long time. Keep your savings and checking there and refer a friend or two. You won't regret banking with PNC.

Nice Bank

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I first started working with this bank when I wanted to open a checking account. I went to my local pnc branch and ask them about it and they were very curtious with me. They took the time to explain everything to me. I opened an account with them and I have not had any problems with them so far. I got my first set of check books free and they gave me an atm card to withdraw mony with. Any time that I have any concerns with my account they explain everything to me and I am very happy with there service. All the employs are so nice and i have never been treated rude by any of them.

I May Be The Only ? Happy PNC Customer

I have banked with many banks over the years. They all were horrible until i decided to open an account with pnc. I have been happy with there services for over 3 years now. If there is ever an issue pnc is happy to help. There was one time I overdrew my account. I was not penalized with an overdraft fee. I always need cashier check to pay rent they helped upgrade my account to what i would need to avoid the fees. They are much better than any other bank I have had in the past. I visit a few locations in south FL and I am sticking with them .

If This Is Your Choice For A Bank

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Stick your money in your mattress instead.

Horrible Service Been With Them 10 Years

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bank of american was a much better option. PNC online for their Money Market acct. Online customer may be happy w/ this bank but go inside a branch and your opinion will quickly change! It's been 20 days since I joined and still have not received my PIN. The phone support is worthless.
reduclues fees


I joined PNC online for their Money Market acct. The horrors began almost immediately. Online customer may be happy w/ this bank but go inside a branch and your opinion will quickly change! It's been 15 days since I joined and still have not received my PIN. The phone support is worthless. After escalating to "escalations" a rep. gave me his direct phone line. I've called 5 times. After I left my 5th VM saying I'm recording this call and stating the date and I will now have to visit a branch and complain about PNC and this rep (by name) then he calls me back from a Canadian 800 number? I'm now hearing PNC might juice me for $25 if I close the account before 6 mos. The horrors continue, read on. I visited (2) two PNC branches in my area. The first had a host who did nothing and was a waste of a salary. Only one banker was there and I asked for information on safe deposit boxes while I wait. The inept host could not even give me info to read while I waited. I saw two tellers behind the counter shooting the breeze doing nothing. The 2nd branch I visited also had no customers in the bank yet 3 people waiting to see a banker. Huge red flags all around. Avoid this bank.

Virtual Wallet Growth Account

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If you have a relationship rate with your Virtual Wallet Spend or Performance account, the interest rates have dropped for balances under $50K.

Fees For Overdrafts

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How can pnc get away with charging an nsf fee,then if it isn't corrected in a short period of time they charge and additional $7.00 a day service charge for up to a certain number of days

Worst Customer Service

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I have been attempting to register my car in a new state. For months I have been trying to obtain a copy of my title from the bank. They have not been able to accommodate this simple repeated request. I have had to file a compliant with the BBB and am still working to resolve this issue.

NO Notice Of New Fee

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I had a free business checking accounting that eventually ended up at PNC, because PNC bought the small local bank that originally had the account.

It stayed free for several years.

Then all of sudden out the blue in August 2014, they started charging $12 fee.

They did NOT send an email even though had my email address.

They did NOT send a letter in the mail.

They did NOT even mention it in the July 2014 statement that new fees were starting next month.

The only thing they did was to remove the word FREE from the August 2014 statement and started the $12 fee. There wasn't even a mention of the new fee in the statement.

I am a dummy to trust that they would notify of new fees. They have lost me forever. I don't make enough money in my business to be charged $12 a month.

Simply horrific way of doing business.

My Bank

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For some reason , every time I go to my bank it seems like they are expecting me. Is like going to your aunts house. The people are warm and friendly, and they talk to you very nicely. One time, I wanted to cash a check that could not be cashed and the cashier , as she was telling me for the second time the reason "why" came closer to me and said quietly so no one would know I was bothering her. Very nice. I've monitored my bank account online closely and I really like . The system however, is not available sometimes- I would say one out of 10- not bad. I like there and I don't care if they have regular hours, is a great bank.

Ongoing Battle With These Knuckleheads

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Opened a new account and fulfilled all the requirements for the $150. promotion. Opened at the PNC branch inside the Giant supermarket in New Town (Owings Mills) MD. Just in case anyone lives around there, steer clear! Set up direct deposit within 60 days. made one Bill Pay within 60 days. total of all direct deposits greatly exceeded their required $2000. but PNC says that the $2000. had to be within the initial 60 days. Well, no, the fine print does not say that! I even kept the original promo offer *from their own ATM machine*. It does not require this. On the actual printout I got from *their own ATM* it does not say that. So why do these banks offer to pay us, and all they do is wind up creating ill will? I am fighting this and next step is to park my car outside the supermarket with a BIG sign on it. PNC is the worst. You would do better with a coffee can in the backyard.

PNC Does Not Honor Promotions

promotional incentive to open account was never deposited to account..Beware!!

Worst Bank Ever

PNC Bank has repeatedly been the worst bank Ive ever dealt with. I tried to post this review without any stars but I am unable to.

(Downtown Pittsburgh Branch) I had opened an account with them and received a direct deposit refund of $1600 from the IRS. When it was available, I began to make purchases. The next day I was astonished to find that my balance was negative a few hundred dollars due to eleven bounce fees totaling nearly $400! Upon calling the bank they told me that the funds were deposited and available, but they had a policy that I must wait 24 hours for the money to "clear." It was ridiculous! Available means available, and since when does a direct deposit need to "clear?" I went through customer service rep after supervisor after supervisor until finally people started asking, "How did you get this number? Were management, we don't deal with these things." After 2 hours, the final verdict came from a vice-president or a person of similar status who would reduce the fees to half and refused to allow me to speak with anyone else above her! I still refuse to pay them anything and have closed the account, but they still got away with several hundred dollars of my money.

(PNC Robinson Branch) As it has been a few years since, I forget the origin of why the check was given to me, I remember only that it was a refund issued from PNC bank. It was for a mere $12. When I attempted to cash it, they told me that there would be a $10 fee to cash it. Any other time, a cashing fee for non-members is expected, but being that the check was only $12 and was being refunded to me from a mistake on PNC's part, I found it unbelievable that they would not waive the fee! My only option was to have them cash it and give me $2. What a con, you refund me $12 only to take back $10 of it as a fee!

(PNC Sheraden Branch) Most recently, I was in a terrible car accident which left me with no car and barely able to walk. I had to hobble my way onto a bus to get to a doctor's appointment and found myself with just a hundred dollar bill. I painfully walked to a corner store near the bus stop and asked if they could break it, but they refused. Luckily, or so I thought, there was a PNC bank across the street. The cashier refused to give me change because I was not a member. I was visibly injured (my face was swollen, I was in a cast and on crutches) and I explained to her that I had to catch a bus in just a few minutes and that I was on foot. The corner store was unable to break it and that this bank was the only business within 3 miles. It was impossible for me to make it anywhere else and it was very important that I get to the doctor's office because the appointment was regarding the injury to my eye and it was threatening my vision. She strongly refused and told me that she could only make change for members, and that I could set up an account. I couldn't believe it. They're a BANK! What place should you go to to make change other than a bank! I certainly didn't have time to open an account before my bus came, and I certainly didn't want to based on past experience. Even though I was barely able to walk, she directed me to a bank branch that was over 5 miles away and told me to try there, otherwise I had to leave, because she was not going to make change for me regardless of my situation. I was completely appalled.

How can PNC bank treat people like this? Member or non-member, they simply just DO NOT CARE about you. As long as they make their money, then you do not matter. I was treated terribly by the bank before this most recent incident, but that teller's staunch refusal to simply make change for a badly injured person goes beyond a disregard for people, it was completely heartless. It's disgusting what this bank thinks it can do to people.

Ashley K.

PNC Bank Has The Worst Online Banking And The Poorest Customer Support

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Just few issues:
1. Complicated online banking sign up. They ask for ssn, pin and checking account number, but that doesn't work unless you have debit card activated.
2. Customer service is domestic, but absolutely useless and not trained. 3 out of 3 representatives don't know where to look for things.
3. Supervisor was rude and not co-operative.

Solebo Eviction

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was shocked to learn that your bank refused to accept a petition that I signed regarding PNC Bank's eviction of Yomi Solebo and his family from their Plainfield home. I was also shocked that you arrested one of the people tha tried to help deliver this petition. I am calling to demand that your bank drop the charges against those who were arrested."

Run Around!

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I have been banking with PNC for over five years and have a good track record with them. I have never had a problem with the bank until I started banking online. For years I have gotten a run around from customer service just to answer a question on the phone. In the past couple years I have been using

for all my transactions. It's advertised as 24/7 and they have customer service to assist you. This is the third time since spring of 2013 that I have gotten a run around. Back in the spring 2013 I called there customer service representative number and ask if it was possible to change the due date for my credit card to a day after I get paid. I was told that no I could not change it, because when I signed up I pick a due date. So with this misleading information I kept my due date. In November of 2013 I had to pay my minimum payment the next morning at 6:00 because my pay check did not come until the day after the due date. So of course I'm charged a late fee. Then I had explained my situation that I am getting paid once a month and the due date is always before I get paid. I asked to see if I could have it waived because I do have a good track record with PNC. Then a man simply explains to me I could have changed my due date, anytime I want to. That was my first bad experienced of how PNC representatives mislead you with information. So on, in January my credit card bill shows in this exact format.

Balance: $900.32

Minimum Payment Due: $0.00

Payment Due Date: 01/16/2014

Note: There is only a date, not a time listed! So I make my payment online on the 16th!!!! around evening time. As soon as I make it shows up on my transactions as:


So I call back today too see what happened and I was told because I made the payment after 5pm it's considered the next day. This bank advertises them selves online as 24/7 also on my online bill it said nothing of due before 5pm. I talk to a manager and they tell me I can find it in the terms of my agreement when I signed Up. Now I have been navigating this website for a while and I just requested a copy for my self. I cannot find one that say due before 5pm yet. Even if I do end up finding it, the fact they have no time listed on my actual bill is misleading. The manager I spoke with also told me there was no one else I can talk to, when I ask to speak with someone else. I called back 20 minutes later and requested to speak with another manager and she says there is always more than one manager on the floor. That's three complaints I am making against PNC Bank. Misleading and non helpful customer representatives. Misleading information online and on bills to the customer eye. And last misleading management. Need I say More.

Worst Bank Ever!

PNC has the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!! Rude, unfriendly, and incompetent. Do yourself a favor and choose another bank.....

Great Bank So Far!

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Transferred all of my accounts from Wells Fargo who was nickle and diming us to death.  Great service, easy access and a friendly staff.  I use the Jacksonville, NC branch and can say I will stay a loyal customer if this continues. 

Stay Away, PNC Will Not Work At All To Resolve Issues For You (Scripted Aswers And Zero Flexibility)

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PNC was an attractive option at first, with a nice looking website and free checking/bill.  However, their online banking system is consistently experiencing issues and their ATMs (in the Indianapolis area, at least) are always down.  I live in a town with 2 PNC ATMs, and it is pretty regular occurance that at least one of the two down for maintenance. 

At first, I gave them the benefit of the doubt on these issues, but soon my patience ran thin as these issues continued with no apparent effort to make them any better for me as a customer. 

However, the last straw (and reason I closed my account) came when one of their ATMs ate a $150 check of mine, would not return it, and all I received was a receipt saying the transaction could not be completed. This was inconvenient, but not the end of the world.  What came next was shocking however, a series of boilerplate and scripted responses to my requests for a resolution.  Finally, I was notified that they would address my issue, via mail, IN 90 DAYS.  Furthermore, the call center attendants claimed they could not speak to me about the dispute, and that the dispute resolution department could only communicate via mail. 

Really, no joke, 2013 and PNC has a department that will only communicate via snail mail.  The $150 looks like it is going through just fine, but the message has been delivered to me very clearly - I do not matter to PNC as a customer.  The deposit should clear in the next week or so, then I'm going to close my accounts and move back to my credit union. 

Too bad, because my profile is one that I have a been PNC customer for 5 years, have a 740 credit score, direct deposit, a personal line of credit, and a credit card.  You would think that would be a customer they would like to keep....but apparently not. 

So my next couple of weeks will be spent transferring my checking/bills to my credit union, as well as finding every bank review site that I can; to warn others to steer clear of PNC and find an institution that values you.



Poor Customer Service

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I called into the branch at s. rochester rd and got employee phil..he was rude on the phone to a new prospective customer.  Wouldnt devulge any info on perks for new customers, said i had to come in.  My perception as a possible customer was that he could have cared a less about getting my business.  He insisted on me coming in and would not offer any info on what they offered.  So I will happily take my business elsewhere.  Phil is costing pnc business..


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I wanted to switch from Wells Fargo to a bank with a good reputation becuase Wells can't even deposit a check without messing up something.

So I go to PNC Bank in Wayne PA and what a bunch of clowns.

First of all they take my money and say I will be able to access it as soon as I get my ATM card and credit card which will get sent out Monday and take 5-7 days to reach you.

So I wait 10 days and nothing. I call the 800 PNC BANK number and they tell me, "It should be there, maybe the Post Office messed up." I checked the mailing address where PNC was meant to send it and everything checked out with PNC. The person on the phone even said, "Hello, Can I help you," instead of answering the phone and waiting until you initiate the conversation, otherwise hanging up. Tried this little trick at least 5 times to see if PNC Bank was at least consitently idiotic.

I wait another day or two and nothing. So I call the 800 PNC Bank number again and then they say, "Oh, we had to do an adress verification." What a pile of crap to float my money. Then they say, we sent out the ATM card and I guess the post office is taking a long time."

Wow, the PNC people are completely full of unowhat

Note: Nobody from PNC said I apologize or I am sorry for your inconvenience, but they did constantly accuse me of providing the wrong address, inferring that the post office is causing this problem, and any other excuse PNC could use without getting caught. Then they say, we can send another card out to you but it will take a minimum of 5-7 days.

So it is day 17 of waiting for PNC to let me get my money.

But they won't do ANYTHING to help me access my money until that card comes.

Then I call up the local "Personal Banker" in Wayne PA, Arron Specifcally, and get the same crap. I asked why he hadn't contacted me and he says "I tried to call you multiple times, and I sent you a note. Post Office must have lost it." So I ask Arron, so who did you call (what number), and he pulled a phone number I had while I lived in Georgia, but had nothing to do with anything PNC.

Where did they steal my 20 year old, closed, Atlanta address and phone number from???? I did not give it to them or grant them permission to get it.

So I ask, why didn't you use the phone number on my application to contact me. And how come you didn't make sure you got in contact me? I was a new customer and I guess that is a bit too much for PNC Bank.

Then I asked why PNC Bank data entry and New Accounts Review (I had to be vetted to become a member of this supposed bank), use the information I provided on my application.



I GUESS IT DOESN'T MATTER TO THE PNC (Pittsburgh Narco Crooks - because they must be on drugs) AS LONG AS YOU GIVE THEM SOME $$$$.

And how come if Arron got a phone that said it was not in service, did he not look at my application with the correct phone number and use it????

Then he says, oh, our data entry people (are you sure PNC isn't using mice for data entry?) must have keyed in the wrong information. So I ask, if they did not use the application you made me fill out, what did they use??? Befuddled, confused, and acting defensive now, he goes, "They took it off your application." Five minutes before this person said they didn't.

WELL I GUESS PNC BANK thinks that Atlata GA is the same as Phila PA, that my old phone number that starts with 770 kinda looks like 610.

They should just apply for the mental dissability now.

So I had to ask Arron at PNC, what application did this bank use to create my account. The app I filled out last week with you in this office to open this account, or the one that says PNC wants to mess things up as badly as possible so it can float my money until I sue them.

So then I find out, PNC Bank did not even bother to look at my application, they just keyed in some old address from when I lived in Atlanta, and that is where they sent my ATM card. This is despite checking with the brank morons and the 800 number morons.

But the really spooky thing is that I never had a single IOTA of business with PNC when I lived in Atlanta, and how they got my personal information from when I lived in Atlanta is something I am going to sue them to find out because I did not give it to them or grant them access to it.

So overall here is a ranking of PNC customer servcie and capabilities

 Can take application - Yes if you give money
 Can take application and open account without getting confused - NO
 Can live up to their promises - ZERO or 0%
 Will they give you access to you money while they mess up - NOT A CHANCE
 Will they do ANYTHING to make up for messing up so completely - ZERO - ZILCH - but they will take more of your money
 Will PNC Bank let you use your money as promised - NO
 Will PNC Bank take as long as possible whenever possible to keep you from your money - YES
 Will PNC Bank use any excuse to cover their transgressions and try to blame you for it - YES - VERY CONSISTENTLY NO MATTER WHO
 If you call the 800 number to complain does anything happen - ZERO
 If you call the 800 number to find out why you can't use your money will give you a run-around so they can keep it longer - YES
 If you call up the PNC District office to complain will anything get done - ZERO = NO =
  These are the people pocketing all the money - are you kidding

 IS PNC's main goal to take your money and keep it from you as long as possible - 100% DEFINITE

 IS PNC a really messed up bank - 100% DEFINITE

 DOES PNC have a clue they are really messed up - ZERO


In conclusoion, here are my final thoughts about PNC Bank

PNC stands for PLease No Customers Bank (after you deposit some money)
PNC stands for PLEASE do NOT COME BACK after you deposit OUR money.
PNC stands for Provides No Cash
PNC stands for Punch Next Customer
PNC stands for Pure Non Competence
PNC stands for Probably No Cash 4U (if you look at their balance sheet)
PNC stands for Plush Car & Bank (account for the people who run it).

Don't let this bank fool you.

They will close their doors and keep your money if things go bad in future.

They have a D credit rating meaning good luck getting your money if their investment division messes up and needs your money like they did in 2008, and PNC has a Texas Ratio out the Window, meaning they are a big part of the group that helped craeate the 2008 financial meltdown.

We should be able to line the PNC people up and whip them evey time they tell a lie or blame somebody else for their incredible stupidity, lack of customer service, and BOZOs in the Branches.

Should be able to let the local indiginous population teach them how to really be the bums they are acting like. (What they need to learn to live on the streets after they STUPID themselves out of business).


Now I would trust my 4 year old dog to do a better job of banking.
Also could not trust this bank to come through in a clutch.
If they are this bad now, just think how bad they would be if there is another financial crisis.


Try this: make something happen or just complain and the PNC idiots will come up with more excuses than a two year old that ate too much suger.

Only problem is, the babies at PNC think your money is their sugar and do not have any capacity beyond what a baby has.



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I have a lot of money in this bank, and been with PNC for along time. I would think to keep a customer they would waive chgs in the amount of $50 to keep me as a client.  These charges were fees for using a bank card, for which i was told that there was no annual fee.  Thats how they get you, later they decide to charge a fee hoping you will not find out and when you do its too late. I work hard for my money, hoping to retuire soon.  PNC has alot bigger fish to fry, then me.  I think i have a lot of money in this bank ...but i am sure they think its pennies.  ANyway i will be taking my checking, cds, savings and investments out business will be directed to a place that cares about the little people...

Thieves In Wal-Mart Ties, Or: BANKS DON't CARE-IT's NOT THEIR MONEY.

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THE ONLY REASON I signed up with PNC is that they were close to my house, and offered mobile alerts. Turns out, if you get their over-draft protection (DON'T), they don't consider you no alert. AND they continue to let you make purchases so you keep racking up fees. I had an item come out of my account early, which over-drafted me $41. So instead of sending an alert to my phone, you know..that I signed up for..they just let me keep using my card and charged me over $250 in fees. It took a WEEK before I learned I was overdrawn, and that was by accident at their banks' ATM-it was STILL going to let me take out money. I asked to be opted out 3 TIMES for that ****** o-d protection. When I asked why I never recieved an alert that my account was over drawn, the response:

"Well, you opted to get an alert when your balance is below $100. Technically, with over-draft protection, your account was still active."

WHAT. WHAT?!! Why even bother offering a freaking service that is supposed to PREVENT ME FROM OVER-DRAFTING if you're not even going to DO IT??!

**** *** ***

Horrible Experience In MD

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I had a small business account. It took them 2 weeks to add a DBA and would not do it without a notarized operating agreement. In MD an LLC is not even required to have one. I closed the account, so I thought. I got charged a service fee. I called them and told them to close it and reverse it. "We cant close the account with a pending charge." LOL. Its THEIR charge for not closing the account. What is wrong with this place?

PNC Rocks - Great Technology, No Fees

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I have been with PNC since I was in college.  When I started the account, I didn't know anything about them, but now 10 years later I don't think I'll ever switch banks.

My favorite thing about PNC is their technology and lack of fees.  I bank on my phone and laptop, and rarley need to visit a branch.  I can pay bills, transfer money, and other features all for free and from my phone. The "Virtual Wallet" is a great feature to manage money in a simple way.  Three accounts all tied together gives me different acount for differnt activites... spending, bill paying, and saving.  Great!

I also have a Wells Fargo account, and they nickle and dime me for every little thing I want to do.  If I want to deposit more than $5,000, they charge me a fee.  Bill pay, fee.  Low balance, fee.  Transfer, fee.  What!!?!?

I recommend PNC to everyone, and I stay away from a lot of the other banks. 

Virtual Wallet

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PNC Bank purchased RBC Bank in the Carolinas and I love the new accounts line up!  They have an account called Virtual Wallet and it is awesome!  When you go online you are able to see your account using a monthly calendar that shows you what day you spent, what days you have money going out and what days you have money coming in!  At the end of the month it gives you a graph chart on what you spent your money on so that you can create a simple budget.  The budget tool is built in to the Virtual Wallet online and very easy to set up.  There is a smart phone app that allows me to see my "free" money using a money bar that shows how much is in my account, total, how much I have alloted to go out and what my reserve amount is for overdraft.  And I love being able to "punch the pig" when I have extra dollars to save!  GREAT ACCOUNT AND VERY EASY TO USE!!!

Poor Customer Service

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Attempted to cash a check for a relative since they were unable to get to the bank before closing. I was told that said relative needed to be there to cash check with their ID, even though my accounts had more than enough to cover! If my relative wishes to sign over a check to me and I am willing to sign and take responsibility for the check, what is the problem?!? If they were able to make it to any bank before closing, I would not have been attempting to cash!! So aggravated...

Worst Bank Ever.

My husband and I opened a savings and checking account with PNC shortly after our wedding last year. The only reason we chose this bank was because of the supermarket locations that have more extended hours than other banks in our area. Since opening this account we have had nothing but problems. These are just a FEW of them. -The first was a small issue, they spelt both of our last names wrong (2 different ways) and my husbands middle initial was wrong as well on the debit cards they mailed. So I called after noticing, they told me they fixed it and would send new cards out. The new cards were still spelled incorrectly (our last name only has 5 letters, so I'm not sure why it was so hard for them). So we tried to go up to our local branch (Severna Park, MD). And we were again told they would send new ones. Mine was corrected, his was not? These people are so incompetent. After sending a total of 5 cards for my husband, they finally sent it with the correct spelling. The following week my husband tried to make a withdrawal through the drive-thru and gave them his ID, well apparently the name had been corrected on the debit card, but not on the account information. So because his name didn't match they wouldn't let him make a withdrawal!!!! It took over 2 months to finally get everything corrected. NEXT ISSUE -We tried to deposit a check for a little over $400 through their ATM because it was after hours. Well the next day we checked the online banking site to see if it had posted. There was NOTHING showing anything was even pending. I went up to the branch (with the ATM receipt) and was told by the rude teller they had no idea what happened to the check/deposit and to come back the next day to see if it showed up. Went back the next day, was told again to come back the next day. Went back a final time and asked to see a manager. She told me that they couldn't do anything because the ATM checks had been sent out to the processing center and that I should've come in the morning after the deposit! I WAS FURIOUS because I was there 3 days in a row, if the teller had of just went to get a manager it could've been a lot smaller of an issue. So the manager ended up sending a request to corperate to give us the funds that were recorded on the receipt. So a credit was then issued by corperate. Once it posted, I was shocked to see the amount issued was $42.89 instead of the $420.89 that was the correct amount. After hours on the phone, being transferred from one department to the next they finally set it straight. Almost 2 weeks after the initial ATM deposit was made, we finally had the correct amount... What a headache! NEXT ISSUE -We were told when we set up our Checking and Savings accounts that we could have them linked, so if the checking ever overdrafts, it would just take it out of the savings account. So we thought it was a great idea. They failed to mention they charge a $24 fee every time they do this, which is still cheaper than their $36 overdraft fee. We found this out the hard way. We made several purchases, just assuming the money would just be automatically withdrawn from the savings. We ended up with $120 in fees for using this automatic transfer. And after calling customer service we were told about this "fee" that had never been mentioned when the teller at the bank was giving her sales pitch. They removed 1 of the 4 fees. FINAL STRAW-The final issue we had before closing our account for good was because of an online purchase. The online purchase order did not go through because of some issues the retailers system was having. But a pending-pre-authorization amount was issued, but because the order didn't go through from the retailer they told me that amount would not post. Well I assumed a few days later that it would come off, so we made several other purchases. A few days later I checked the online banking site and saw we were issued 9 $36 overdraft fees which totals to $324!! Even though the preauth. credit had already disappeared from my account. I called the awful customer service line, and was hung up on 3 times before I finally got through to a representative. Well the representative hardly spoke English, and couldn't even understand the issue I was having. So he transferred me to online banking tech support, because I had mentioned that I checked my statement online. Needless to say tech support had no idea how to help me. So I was transferred yet again, to another person that I couldn't understand. After literally being brought to tears out of frustration and the loss of $324 and absolutely no help from the useless customer service line. I went straight up to the local branch and closed the accounts. I felt so good walking out of that bank knowing I would never step foot in that awful place again.

Very Satisfied

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I have been very happy with PNC bank. Anytime I have ever had any issue with my account, whatever it may be, and have had to call to get some help...I get the best customer care response. They are polite and eager to help me. I don't know who is responsible for training the costumer representatives but they need a raise. I have had offers to switch to other banks but there's no way at this point I would leave PNC. I never feel like I'm being ripped off with new charges or fees all the time. I've heard some bad things about other banks and just wanted to give praise where due.

PNC Is Unethical With Too Big To Fail Attitude

I've had my accounts with PNC bank for several years and I finally got fed up with them and moved my accounts out.  When I initally opened my accounts with PNC, they had a promotion going on offering 100 bucks for new customers.  They informed me that I would get this promotion once I met all requirements like direct deposit and using online bill pay etc.  I ensured all the quidelines were met and waited for the incentive but after several months later, no incentives were credited to my account When I followed up with them they said I was not a new customer since I had a mortgage account with PNC which they assumed from National City.  If this was the case, they should've never informed me that I would get the promotion at the time I was opening the accounts.  However, what is the point of arguing with a big institute that makes and changes their own rules to suite their profit margin so I let it go.  Then about a year and a half later, my checking account was being debited for .50 cents here and .47 cents there.  After several of these little charges coming through with no clear explanation of what they are, I decided to contact them.  I was told that the checking account has a minimum check writing requirements and if I had exceeded that number, so they were charging me a fee per check.  How ridiculous is this?  So I need to pay them to spend my own money?  Why was this not explained to me when I opened the account and why all of a sudden after a year and a half later these charges are coming through when my check writing habit hasn't changed?  I am an accountant by profession so I keep a very close detail on the activities of my finances going in and out, down to the penny.  However, I have recently noticed when I balanced my checking account that one month a penny was missing.  I doubled checked all my money and they all tied out but my ending balance with the bank's ending balance was a penny off.  However, I let it slide and fixed the balance on my side.  Then several months later same thing.  Now, a penny off is no skin off my back but if PNC is doing this to all of their customers, how much money are they making in total from penny fraud???  It will be a significant addition to their net profit.  I knew it was time to move.

PNC Virtual Wallet


We started this account as a means for bill paying between myself and fiance.  We expected since we owned the account together that we would both be able to see the same information. Upon setting up the bill pay, we realized that becuaes we had seperate logins we were unable to see billers or payment information set up through the other person's login. This lead to posting a mortgage payment twice.  PNC would not cancel the payment and subsequently charged the account for insufficient funds.  Indeed because the account went negative they charged the account more than once.  When I called to complain, they were unhelpful and rude.  I proceeded to bring the account current and asked to close the account.  They indicated that there was a $25 charge as the account had only been open a few months, I said fine.  They next proceeded to tell me that the charge was per account (with the Virual Wallet you get three accounts for savings and spending) for a total of $75.

It seems to me that this is a back door tactic aimed at making me keep the account open and looking for ways to charge me additional fees.  I will never bank here again.

PNC Low Marks In Every Catagory Except Financial Stability.

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Nothing but bad experiences with a loan subordination and most customer service contacts, their IT and web site are the worst I've ever experienced, and I have been an online/atm banker since the early eighties.


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This is the worst bank I've ever seen. My new account was unexpectedly closed because two checks out of six were returned as 90 days old. Most banks don't care and honor such checks, but some banks are strict. I informed PNC that I have requested the new checks already, but they didn't care and closed the account. They said that I have presented fraudulent checks, which is a lie; I have presented them checks generated by online bill pay. I immediately went to the bank that produced the checks with photocopies, given to me by PNC, and they confirmed that they are not fraudulent, but only 90 days old. I brought the written confirmation from that bank along with the business card of the employee who reviewed these checks completely. It didn't help at all; instead, I was told another story that "there was a stop-payment order on these checks". PNC then started telling me "You must to understand" (I must... the customer, can you imagine that??). So, I must to understand that PNC does't want to serve me at all. It was not a branch clerk (the branch clerk was helpful and very friendly), it was the upper management (Account Review Department).

The bottom line is this: PNC acts not only like a non-professional idiot, PNC is also a malicious liar. I am glad that I won't do business with them ever again and I highly recommend everybody not to. If you are banking there, I recommend you to think again before you get a surprise from them one day.

Not Looking Forward To The Inevitable

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The inevitable is that I will make a banking transaction and the teller will make a mistake.  PNC does not give adequate receipts for their transactions.


PNC claims customer service but I have yet to get anything but either a blank stare or "sorry sir that's the way it is" when I ask the following simple no brainer question:


After making a withdrawal I ask "Don't I get a receipt?"


I found no place on their website for feedback and tellers and managers do not seem to know how to make a corporate suggestion.



One day a teller will make a mistake on my transaction and I will be clueless that it happened.


Answers like "you can check it online when you get home, sir" are stupid.  I am at the bank!! Can't I check it now with a decent receipt?!


Deposits do give a receipt but with no information except *****0 1****** everything blanked out "for your protection" I was told.  That's stupid.  To protect myself I want to see my transaction.  If I go anywhere else, i get a receipt with a complete listing of my transactions, but not at PNC!! 



I asked for a card with my account number on it for my wallet.  The teller pulls out a business size card and hand writes my account number on it.  What?  Are you serious?


I ask at another branch.  Same thing -  So now when i go to the bank I hand them the stupid hand written card with my account number on it, tattered and dirty now after being in my pocket for several years.



Well, after asking tellers at various branches the same questions with no answers, I am convinced that the PNC company does not have any customer service to suggest any changes whatsoever. 



I Rather Deal With Criminals The PNC Bank.

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They make sure debits come before credits. They place holds on deposits so you encounter overdraft fees and return the checks you've written. Alas! another fee. Their website information is always wrong. Awful bank.

Customer Service

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I am a small business owner. I have dealt with PNC since they took over National City. PNC has been okay for the most part but my concerns are their rigidity and their inability to make any kind of decision on a local level. I recently needed payoff amounts for the mortgages at PNC. No one could even give me the name or contact phone number to get these amounts. I called several 800 numbers given to me and finally got someone in Pittsburgh who knew someone who might know about that? ridiculous!! I needed to set up wire transfer data and no one at the local branch knew how to do it? I wanted to see about re-financing my commercial mortgages with PNC and this took several rounds of 800 calls again to locate the person who is my rep in my area because they had just taken over RBC and reassigned all of their staff to bring on the RBC crew. I finally get a hold of my new rep ( I never knew the old one!) he has just come over from RBC bank so he is really clueless and proceeds to ask for 2 years of tax returns and reviews my bank statements and assures me that he will have an answer for me asap as I am already a customer. 3 weeks later, he informs me that I need the most recent P&L and an explanation of all of the charges on my credit cards to assure that they are business expenses before PNC will underwrite!! meanwhile I am waiting for an answer from him thinking the refinance is being underwritten!! he shows up today at my business with some goofy tote bag and other useless swag and 3 other bank managers to just say Hi!! Really?!! Why don't they just stay at the darn bank and learn how to underwrite loans and do wire transfers and leave us alone to just survive out here!! Jeesh! And the latest is that they are only open until 5 PM Monday through Thursday, and open till 6 on Fridays to accommodate the working public. Yeah, that is really convenient!!

Love Love LOVE PNC!

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My husband and I were long-time Bank of America customers.  No more!  After so many issues with our accounts with BoA, we made the switch to a PNC Virtual Wallet Performance Spend account.  We love it so far!  Not only that, but anyone we've spoken to in person and on the phone have been more pleasant than ANY BoA customer service rep we've dealt with in the past.

New Customer

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I have just opend a virtual wallet account with PNC. They recently bought out RBC banks in most of NC. So far, I'm very pleased! The branch manager (Nashville, NC) was very friendly and very helpful. He answered all of my questions and didn't give me the runaround. I'm excited to see how this turns out! When I walked in the door, I was greeted by three of the employers and just felt very welcomed! So far so good!



Long Time Customer - Great Service!

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I have been a PNC account holder for over 10 years and have had nothing but great experience with them. Free checking, ATM transactions refunded monthly and very nice people at my local branch have made it all a very enjoyable experience. Their online banking website is very good, much better than their normal public site. Accounts are linked together nicely and their online bill payment system is great.

I have no problems recommending this bank to anyone I know.

Looking forward to many more years of happy, easy banking.


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PNC BANK IS GREAT! They have the #1 online banking site - it is very user friendly, you can transfer from account to account, your account to someone else account - if you have their number (such as a child in college) - your pnc account to another of your accounts elsewhere, etc.

Free online bill pay, you don't even have to buy postage..they will mail it for free for you.

My account came with $5000 of free identity theft insurance - plus my funds are protected.  I love the next day availability on checks deposited from other banks...this makes is so much easier than other banks that hold for 2-7 days for other banks checks.

My account is free as long as I have a direct deposit of $750.00/mo from my employer + they have what is called Virtual wallet that has 3 acccounts in one - I actually have multiple accounts for different reasons.  I  have their performance plan, free checking, virtual wallet performance plan, plus minor savings accounts...all great accounts.  I have been banking since I was 15 yrs old and have banked with National City Bank (now PNC), 5/3rd bank, Bank of America, Bank of Louisville, BB&T, 1st Independence (now Mainsource) and now PNC and PNC by far out weighs any account that I have ever had anywhere else.

I highly recommend PNC to anyone -- Business accounts also!

Don't get me wrong, everyone has bad days...but for the most part...everyone is friendly, treat you like family, call you by name when you walk in the door and if they don't know you, they will by the time you leave.

The other good thing is...that they do if you did have a good, bad, ugly experience you can rate that visit and that person who waited on you. 

I don't know how much this helps, because honestly, I don't believe anything anyone says...I have to experience it to believe it.  And have found that those that say nasty, mean things about places, people usually did something themselves that wasn't right and want to blame others.  So, my advice is to bank where you want too...I choose PNC over all those I've listed above. 

Worst Bank Ever! Stay Far Away!

Would give them no stars if there were an option. I had been banking with Bank of America for several years and I decided to switch to PNC because they had a local branch and BOA did not. I have banked with several banks over my lifetime and I have never had such horrible customer service as I have had with PNC. My account was in the negative, which has happened to me before, nobody is perfect. This negative balance occurred the day before my checking account was suppose to receive my direct deposit of my payroll check. I get on the internet that morning to check my balance to make sure it was there and it was, my NSF fee had been covered by my payroll check. I decide to pay my electric bill before I leave out for work and my debit card was declined although it said on PNC that I had an available balance of over 1400.00. So I decide to go on to work, me with no cash hardly to my name and I have to stop to get gas, I work an hour away from my home. I try my debit card in the gas pump terminal and it is declined. So I go inside the gas station to use their atm to try to withdraw cash and it declines my card, I tried to write a check to the cashier and it declines my check. Luckily I had over 5.00 worth of change to put in my vehicle to continue on to work, I was running on fumes and me with over 1400.00 in the bank from my paycheck. I leave for work at 4 am in the morning so I was really worried about making it to work at that time in the morning and running out of gas on the side of the road and the temperature was like 10 degrees outside. I later called the customer service number and they told me my account had been frozen and my debit card had been closed. I asked why and they said where I had a negative balance and it was a fairly new account the branch manager of the bank usually makes that decision, so I called the branch manager. It did not do me a bit of good, she told me that I was lucky that they didn't close my account that they were actually giving me a break. Wow, I just made them some money by having NSF in my account and she said she was giving me a break by keeping my account open. I told her that it was my money and that I should have more control over it than they do and she acted like she could care less. She said that my debit card would be cancelled for 30 days if there were no NSF transactions. Well again I had another and they have put another hold on my account for an additional 30 days. Rediculous!!! I have never had this happen to me in the past before at any other bank, I don't know but I think that it would be much worse giving someone a book of checks than a debit card. I opted out of the overdraft protection as well for my account so I can't overdraft it by using my debit card. This bank could care less about how they treat their customers and it doesn't do you much good either to report them to the BBB. I don't think they will keep their doors open long if they keep treating their customers as if they own you and your money. I even told the branch manager I was switching banks and she told me to make sure that I keep enough money in there to cover any checks I had written, she could have cared less if she kept me as a customer or not. They also post your debits to your account before your deposits so beware! So please stay far away!!


I have had a account with PNC, Zion, IL for many years.  I always had received good service.  I moved out of the area in Oct 2010.  In November 2010, I stayed at a hotel that pre-debited my account for $20 for each night I was staying in case I used any amenties.  I was told by the hotel that this would not appear on my account and was not actually a debit.  However, PNC did consider this a debit.  I was told that because I had "overdraft protection" on my account they, PNC, set aside that amount of money. This overdrew my account. PNC started charging me overdraft fees. After my stay, the hotel did put through a credit and neither the debit or credit appear on my statement.  PNC had charged my account so many fees by then that it didn't matter - my account was overdrawn.  I spoke with customer service and the branch. I was told there was nothing anybody can do.  The branch stated this AFTER I told them I no longer lived in the area.  PNC would not even let me close the account to stop the fees from accrueing.  PNC continued to charge me until I was negative over $500!!!!  Then, they closed the account and sent it to collections!!!


Bad Treatment From PNC

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I have had nothing but inaccurate info from this bank. They lied about receiving my loan payment on time, but it was mailed every month early and therefore closed my account. Before that I took another amount of money on my existing loan, and was told it would be at the interest rate I already had. They gave me the money and raised the interest rate. After numerous calls and ignorant employees I got no where at all but rudeness. Right now all the loan has been paid off, and they don't have it on record. I have been calling and getting the run around. This company has had the worse business ethics, and I would never do business or recommend them to anyone.

Worst Web Site And Telephone Banking Of Any Bank

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First, a little about me.  I have a lot more accounts than the average person, and when I use my local PNC branches, they are as good as any bank I use.

Before the purchase of National City, most of my accounts were NCB, but I also had accounts with PNC opened online.  I now have two personal checking accounts, a savings account, two personal credit cards, one business checking account and one business credit card with PNC.  If you include the rewards programs I need four separate logins to view my information.  For comparison, I have more accounts at Chase, but I access everything on one page with one login.

Today I attempted to pay a PNC credit card from a non-PNC checking account that previously required a fifth login under credit card services, if I remembered not to click on a similar dead link.  With no notification at all, that service was eliminated sometime after my last payment.  To make a credit card payment I had to use the telephone system which gives everyone an error message the first three times they enter the last four digits of the CC account number.  They you select option 3 and enter the full account number and can use an outside checking account if you enter all the numbers quickly.  If you are a sixty-something customer like me rather than a teenager who does texting all day, you may not make it.  Customer service is aware of these problems, but if you pay by phone with a human being a $10 fee is charged.

"How Can We Frustrate You Today"

  I do a lot of banking.  I've been with PNC for many years, have lived in the same location, and am what the banks refer to as a "preferred" customer.  Nevertheless I am frustrated with this bank at every turn.  Any time I need to do something different form direct deposit or ATM withdrawal, I get caught up in mass amounts of red tape that waste a lot of my time.  For example:

  Depositing a check from Canada (even though it is in US funds)?, we'll send that back to you in the mail to you twice because the high school students we have as branch managers can't process a check.

  Depositing a check made out to someone else and endorsed over to you?  Better bring every person involved to the bank with more proof of who they are than they can carry.

  Depositing a tax return made out to you and your spouse (with both you and your spouse's endorsements)?  Go to Walmart check cashing...

  I'm not joking about any of these.  I have been advised to go to Walmart by my PNC branch manager for my banking needs.  The only good thing I can say about PNC is that they are a little better than Bank of America (which twice placed improper holds on my account, freezing all assets and bouncing checks until they figured out their error).

Debits Before Credits How Ridiculous Is Tha

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PNC puts debits before your deposits. When you live paycheck to paycheck this is not a good thing. I deposited some on a Friday and it took five days for this deposit to hit my account. This resulted in three NSF charges at $36.00 a piece. I will definitely be banking elsewhere. PNC is not what they claim to be. Very disappointed customer.

Worst Bank And Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced

They took $1000 from my account and when I called about it they told me that it was just a hold and to call back tommorow. Then when I called back they said someone had written a checck against my account but they did not know for sure and to call back the next day. Called the next day and they said someone in another state 600 miles from me had withdrawel from my account. They eventually refunded my money but never did explain exacty what happened and never really appologized for my troubles. They just didn;t care at all and treat you like a just another number in their system

Check Deposit And Check Deposit Post To Account Time

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Deposited my payroll check with PNC's ATM Deposit service around 11:30 pm on my way home from work. I had checked with them before going into work that day about deposit posting turnaround times and was assured that my funds "Oh, would for sure be available for use around the end of the business day". No. No they would not as it turns out. As of 4 pm the following day I am informed that " the atm deposit service is a day behind so your funds wouldn't be available until tomorrow". I wish I had just waited to go to wal-mart to cash it now. I only get one day off a week so now instead of spending it with my girlfriend who I had promised to take out on a date I get to spend it in the doghouse without even the money to purchase dinner for just myself. All thanks to PNC. I will NEVER bank with you again.

I LOVE My Virtual Wallet Acct!!

Before I elaborate on my Virtual Wallet with performance spend acct. I have to admit something... I work for a direct competitor of PNC.  With that being said this is NOT the opinion of some biased PNC employee.

Also, I have read all of the complaints below and I cannot believe how idiotic some of the people on here are.  Are you seriously going to complain about OD fees? Or that your elderly relatives caretaker took them to the bank and they comitted fraud? Or that the ATM doesn't return your card the second after cash is dispensed? I have news for you people, these are idiotic complaints and instead of blaming PNC or whichever bank you will switch to and have the same problems (you will) why not educate yourself on how to not overdraw your acct, or take your lazy ass to a banking center and withdraw your IRA so you can transfer it.


This is the best account set up for someone like myself who is into convienience banking.  I almost always use my debit card, have direct deposit, pay my bills online, and have auto transfer from checking to savings.  With that being said, I can do all of this and more w/ my virtual wallet.  The layout is in the form of a calendar which shows you the full picture for the month, I love this.  I also like how easy it is to navigate and manage the multiple accounts that comprise the VW (spend for everyday things, reserve for OD protection/short term savings, and growth for longer term/higher interest savings).  Not only do i get a decent interest rate on my growth balances (as of 6/14/11 it is higher than most banks in the Chicago market's shortest term CD special) I also earn rewards points for using my debit card and online banking.

The only improvements I would like to see are: an app for the android mobile phone OS that rivals the Itunes/Iphone version, and real time transaction balance posting like Chase bank does.

All in all PNC created the perfect acct for me and I think many more people such as myself will hopefully catch on to this because it's amazing.  It's as if they took everything I could ever want and fold it into a useful interface/acct pkg. I didn't even mention the budgeting tools they provide you with and the ability to ACH transfer money to other accts you may have at different banks or pay someone at another bank, again lifesavers!

If you're into online banking and you like having a complete view of your finances do yourself a favor and check the VW accts out!

PNC Is A Great Banking Institution

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I love this bank. I have been a member of three different banks and PNC has been the best. I have had some problems in the past (due to a divorce) and they set me up with an account for, how can I say (problem bankers). It is called a Foundation Checking. I had to go in for a class (2 hours, I think) and then they put me in this high-risk account for 6 months. I am please to say I just hit six months and I will be transferring into a normal account. I just love them because they gave me a chance to get my life together a bit, prove to them I could get my credit up and they are always so friendly in-person, through email and I have used chat a lot and they are especially friendly through the chat service. I would recommend them to anyone.

PNC Is Bad For Families And Bad For Business

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PNC took over a local branch of another bank and we imediately saw changes. They found "cause" to fire everyone over 40, including 2 long time employees. At first I have to admit I didn't think anything of it. They brought in cute young tellers and updated the furniture and the paint in the place. Everything looked great. But experience is what matters. A lady we knew took one of our elderly family memebers who had dementia to the bank and the young tellers didn't question anything. This woman switched all the relative's money into a safty-deposit box and then kept both keys, telling this elder that it was best for safety's sake. This woman also had the family member verbally revoke a power-of-atourney and again, the bank workers didn't question anything. When we confronted the bank about this, instead of recognizing and correcting their error, they became defensive, refered us to the legal department and closed down not just my mother's personal accounts but business accounts as well. However, without informing me they kept my account that had been joint with ours open. It took me 6 months to discover they had been making money off of my un-closed account. The bank made a difficult situation worse. PNC is marketing for the 20 and 30 somethings. Well, I'm a twenty something and they will never have my business. You treat older people in our community like that and you should expect to loose business.


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Where to even begin...

I was with National City when PNC bought them out.  I never received an updated debit card from PNC.  I called about this and was advised one was requested and in mail to me.  After a month of not receiving it and the date looming near of my National City card not working anymore, I went into a branch to have this taken care of.  The person I spoke with had been flown in from New Jersey to help with the merger...why they chose him...not real sure.  He advised me I could call and request it...I told him he could do it, and I would stand there until it was taken care of.  He called and got it taken care of so I thought.  He assured me I could still use my National City card until the PNC card arrived.

Cut to a few days later.  I'm in line at grocery store with a cart full of groceries and my 2 year old...I go to use my card, and it's declined.  So after being embarrassed by this, I leave my cart full of groceries and walk to the PNC located in front of the grocery store with my 2 year old.  I withdrew enough money to get me through and tried to calculate how much money I needed to keep in there for bills that were going through...not an easy task at this point with a 2 year old and another useless person behind the desk helping me.  I withdrew the money and also requested an order of checks be sent to my house as I still had National City checks.

A couple months later (still no checks had arrived), my husband and I had to move money around to each other for certain bills.  I moved money to his account, and that same day I moved it back to my account when we realized the charge would come to my account.  This created an overdraft fee for the 15 minutes the money was out of my account.  Really?  When I called to dispute this, the person on the phone was very argumentative with me and kept saying that while he is able to get the overdraft charge reversed, this isn't something that they do.  I have never been spoken to so rudely in my life.

Here we are now...yet again...another issue with overdraft charges.  I check my account and see 5 overdraft charges at $38 each in my account.  The first two overdraft charges occurred while there was still money in the account.  Consequently, charges that came through after that generated more overdraft charges.  Then a $2000 check gets deposited in my account that Friday, and 2 more overdraft charges occurred after that...once more overdraft charges occurring while there is money in the account.  I call PNC once more about this and am advised that I need to take my time and make the trip into a local branch to get these charges overturned.  I go into my local branch and speak with Tom, the manager on site.  He advises me he will check into getting them reversed and that he wasn't sure why there were overdraft charges while money was still in account, unless the money wasn't there.  He admitted their statements are confusing to read.

I'm sorry, but if I see money in my account and overdraft charges in there...that's not right.  There should be no overdraft charges.  Don't give me a story about how it could be these ghost pending charges out there and not be able to show that to me on my he couldn't.  I had to leave for a flight so he informed me he'd follow up with me.  After I didn't hear back from him, I called and left him a message over the weekend.  Today is Monday, and I still hadn't heard from him so I contacted him again.  He advised me he was able to get 1 overdraft fee returned (which still hasn't shown up yet of course!) but no reason as to why only 1...when 2 charges occurred while money was still in account and when 2 more occurred after money was account.

I informed him I was leaving and going to Chase once my paycheck was deposited this Friday.  He became argumentative and advised me it would the same thing with them.  I informed him that when it was National City, my checks were available that same day they were deposited.  If we moved money around our accounts, that money was available that same day.  It's not with PNC, and I'm done with it.  I'm done with the fake overdraft charges, and I'm done with the lack of customer service.  He kept argueing basically advising me I was wrong and that I needed to read the fine print with Chase.  Time to let it go Tom.  Rather than argue with me about my me.

PNC is losing a solid customer with direct deposit set up on their account because of the above.  My fault for staying with them as long as I did after the first few occurrences.  Ridiculous.  I have no idea how this bank is even still in business.


Horrible treatment From The PNC Bank Lincoln Park Location In Chicago.

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 , the Branch Manager of the Lincoln Park location was extremely rude and hostile in dealing with my fiancee's questions regarding her bank account. There was no attempt to be friendly/ cordial with the customer (i.e. us) Zero customer service. Her attitude was impatient and nasty. I will not recommend this bank to anybody. It is baffling how PNC can stay in business with this type of employee running the branch. I could not believe how rude this woman is.

We will be closing our account and transferring the funds to another bank: definitely one that knows how to treat us like human beings. Awful experience and you can be sure all our friends will be informed about this incident.

Branch Managers should set the example of good customer service and not abuse their position of power and leadership.

From A Former National City Customer

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I was a National City Bank customer until they went belly-up about two years ago. I suppose they didn't entirely sink in the mud but were bought out for pennies on the dollar by PNC. The building is still the same but instead of the green National City sign it's now the navy blue PNC logo.

The changes inside the bank are negligible. The same friendly people work there and the counter is the same faux woodgrain finish. There is one major difference though. It's not inside the bank. It's outside, lurking. The PNC people changed the ATM machine.

The old ATM used to suck up your card, ask what account you wanted to deal with and eventually either spit out some money or sucked your check into its hole. When it was done with all this it spit out your card immediately.

The new ATM doesn't do this. It slurps up the card, spits out some money and then....wait for it...wait for it...spits out the card after about thirty seconds. By this time, and this is the drive thru I'm talking about, I'm long gone. Money in my pocket, on my way. Drove off without the card. I've had to pay for four new cards since the PNC takeover. It's ten bucks a pop. I'm not pleased.

Great Checking And ATM Deals

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PNC has one of the best free checking accounts I've found. They also reimburse you for ATM fees at non-PNC ATM's at the end of every month. Their customer service is great too.

PNC Banking

 My husband and I have a PNC account that we really enjoy. We originally had National City, but stayed with PNC when they were bought. We really enjoy the extra features that PNC has to offer, such as allowing you acess to your money sooner. It makes it very convienent to leave the money in the bank instead of withdrawing all the time. I have all I need as long as I have my Debit Card with me. I also enjoy that my bank is very friendly and personal. They strive to call us by name, and are very attentive to our needs, even the needs of our two toddlers (lollipops of course) I love PNC bank and as long as they continue to treat us well, we will gladly bank through them. 

Great Bank.

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Great bank ..............................

Good Customer Service + Free Checking

I have had a free checking account at PNC for about four years (I bank at a Washington, DC branch). I've been really pleased with the level of customer service, both at my branch and when I've contacted PNC through their website or 800 number. At my local branch, the tellers are super friendly and I don't get that "everyone is ignoring the line" feeling that you sometimes get at banks in the city. If I do have to wait (it's in a location with quite a bit of foot traffic), the manager on duty meets my eye and tells me they'll be with me shortly, and the teller always apologizes for the wait. The times I've had a problem or an inquiry that I've submitted online, I've received courteous, helpful replies. My only complaint would be that they say they will respond to e-messages within 24 hours, but several times it's been 48 hours or more. Also, they've done a courtesy waive on several overdraft fees for me -- they can't do it every time (after all, it's my fault if I'm overdrawn), but I appreciate the willingness to try to help when they can, especially since I have free checking and don't keep a very big balance, so they really aren't making any money from account. Finally, PNC's online banking has a user-friendly interface and good security (e.g., if I change my account information, I get an email and a text message alerting me). I don't keep much money in my PNC account, so they don't have a lot of financial motivation to take good care of me -- I think it's just part of the corporate culture. It's smart, though, becuase if I ever do have more money, they've earned my loyalty.

Bad Customer Experience

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I opened up a CD account with an introductory interest rate for 11 months. When that CD matured, they wanted to automatically renew it for 6 months at a much lower rate. When I went into the bank, they wanted me to invest in an annuity for 7 years to get the same rate I had. I don't think they had my best interest in mind, only the bank's.

Loan Payoff

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Try to pay off your loan at a local branch. You'll be in for a surprise when they nickel and dime you with fees and you have to send a cashiers check to Ohio. The check is only $10.00.

PNC For IRA Rollover Has No Wire Transfer & Only Accept Original Document

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My husband's IRA CD will mature soon but we haven't even received the CD maturity notice from PNC(2 days away from that maturity date)!
But the most ridiculous thing is PNC doesn't even provide the wire transfer service for IRA CD rollover!

The detailed story --

1. I have to send the secure email to ask why we haven't received the CD maturity notice from PNC yet when it was only 6 days away from the CD maturity date. PNC replied was we have to call their IRA office. We called and PNC just said it already passed their 3-weeks notification timeframe of the maturing CD notice so they won't send it.
2. We then asked PNC to rollover my husband's IRA CD to other financial institution via "wire transfer". Surprisingly, PNC told us PNC does not provide wire transfer for IRA rollover; PNC only uses "regular postal mail to send checks" with $25 charge and they only accept "original documents" (no fax, no wire transfer). IRA rollover procedure has to be done via "regular postal mail" although the receiving financial institution provides wire transfer.
3. PNC do not track the mail either so it is up to the customer to track. We called PNC IRA department and they confirmed that the time line for customer to track the mail is as follows:

1) customer sends mail to receiving bank to initiate the IRA transfer. (PNC only accepts original documents)
2) when receiving bank sends the IRA transfer form to PNC, customer needs to call PNC for 7-10 days to find out if PNC receives the IRA transfer form.
3) when PNC receives the IRA transfer form, customer needs to call PNC for the next 2-3 days to find out when PNC finishes processing and sends the check to receiving bank.
4) since PNC only use regular mail (not certified, not registered, not FedEx, not UPS) which cannot be tracked, customers needs to call the receiving bank for the next 7-10 days to see if the check is received by the receiving bank.
5) if the receiving bank does not receive the check in 7-10 days, customer needs to call PNC. It takes 2-3 days for PNC to research. So customer needs to call PNC for the next 2-3 days to find out if PNC will re-issue and re-mail the check.
6) If PNC mails the check again, repeat the steps 4 and 5.

The whole process is complicated, insecure, and time-consuming. PNC dumps the horrible burden/hassles to customers under their ridiculous IRA rollover method. We waited in the post-office for 40 minutes just by sending the initiating letter to receiving bank. Consider PNC is one of the top US banks, their service is unbearable.

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure can lead to many problems, e.g. if step 6) repeated many times, your money will just end up in PNC bank forever but without any interest.

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