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Total Clown Show

Prosperity bank makes conducting business a nightmare. I am in the process of closing all of my business and personal accounts and guess what? That is been a total ****show as well. Good riddence!

How Hard Can We Make Things?

Everything is a challenge with this bank. They hide behind "rules" and actually look for ways to make everything like jumping through hoops. We have 6 accounts with them and when we try to buy a car or change a name on an account, they just make it a hassle.
Their app is just okay also and fails compared to Wells Fargo's. And that is saying something.
I wish I would have read more google reviews as well as these before switching banks. I dread changing again but I don't think I can live with this bank for another 5 years.


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I was a customer of the bank(s) that had been purchased by Prosperity for almost 20 years, and the switch to Prosperity has been nothing but problems. I've had issues with fees being doubled and online account access being locked for no reason, but the absolute worst is their policy on suspected debit card fraud. I found myself unable to access my money and having charges declined as my debit card was shut down without notofication. There is no 24-hour phone number and they keep traditional bank hours, so finding myself in this situation on a weekend put me in a bind. When I reached out on Monday to ask why my card was shut off, the customer service person told me they would have to follow up with an email to their debit card department. This is what they told me in that email, verbatim: "Per our debits cards department that sends the fraud alerts, if you have not had an actual fraud case within the last 15 days, then our debit cards/fraud department will automatically decline the charge and lock the card." Think about that - if I had been travelling I would could have found myself in a foreign country on a weekend (or worse, holiday weekend!) with no access to my own money. This is a MasterCard debit, mind you. Not just an ATM card. I have bills set up to be paid on this card, recurring charges, etc. All would be declined, based on their suspected fraudulent charge. Well, THE CHARGE WAS NOT FRAUD! The charge was for a monthly subscription to ChatGPT. All other banks prior to Prosperity had much better methods to mitigate fraudulent charges: With one bank I would receive an automated call that asked about recent charges and press 1 for yes, 2 for no. If they weren't fraud then the card would be unlocked. With another bank I would receive texts asking me to answer whether a charge was fraud, again, automatically unlocking if I claimed the charge as my own. Yet another had fraud mitigation through their website 24-hours a day. But no, Prosperity has decided to just freeze their customers out of their account with no 24-hour/7-days-a-week resource to unlock the account. I will not have my money held hostage by bad policies. I would give zero stars to this ridiculous bank if I could - I'm in the midst of changing to a much better bank now. It can't happen fast enough - so be warned!


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Despite escalating the issue to the branch manager, the supposed higher authority, I was disheartened to find that even they exhibited a sense of distrust in me as a customer. Instead of providing reassurance and support, the branch manager seemed more interested in defending the bank's position rather than genuinely addressing my concerns.

What further compounded my disillusionment was the bank's back office, which operates in complete secrecy without any direct contact available via phone or email. This shadowy decision-making process left me feeling disconnected and helpless, as there was no way to communicate my grievances or receive clarification on their actions.

In the chargeback case I lost, it became clear that Prosperity Bank held the authority to make the final decision. However, they conveniently absolved themselves of responsibility, claiming to be bound by an imaginary system. This lack of transparency only served to further erode my trust in the bank's intentions and their commitment to fair and just resolutions.

It is worth noting that while the bank conveniently avoided fighting my PayPal dispute, they seemingly prioritized their own interests over mine. Instead of actively engaging in resolving the issue and protecting my rights as a customer, they chose the path of least resistance, disregarding the depth of evidence and failing to take decisive action.

Shockingly, despite providing Prosperity Bank with a comprehensive and meticulously compiled 20-page proof, their response was dishearteningly dismissive. They callously ignored the evidence, turning a blind eye to the countless hours of effort invested in presenting a clear and compelling case. This complete disregard for the customer's effort and trust is both unacceptable and deeply disconcerting.

The bank's negligence in handling my case not only displayed a lack of professionalism but also highlighted their inability to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. They failed to recognize the impact of their decisions on my financial well-being and overall trust in the banking system.

Throughout this harrowing experience, Prosperity Bank demonstrated a clear lack of accountability and responsibility towards their customers. By avoiding direct communication and hiding behind ambiguous systems, they evaded their obligation to provide proper explanations and resolutions.

It is disheartening to realize that, as a customer, my faith in Prosperity Bank was severely misplaced. Their nonchalant attitude, unresponsive communication channels, and blatant disregard for substantial evidence shattered any semblance of trust I had in their ability to uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and customer advocacy.

In summary, my encounter with Prosperity Bank has been marred by their opaque decision-making processes, lack of communication channels, and disregard for evidence and customer concerns. It is evident that their actions do not align with the values of a trustworthy financial institution. I strongly urge prospective customers to exercise caution and explore alternative banking options that prioritize transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. Your financial well-being and peace of mind deserve a bank that truly values your trust and advocates for your best interests.

Subversive Mortgage Department

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Actively blocking attempts to refinance with another lender by slow rolling access to information, underhanded tactics, incorrect information, voice mail tag, not returning calls, etc.

Prosperity Bank Suck

If you are looking for a Bank with good, fair, and competent leaders and customer service employees, DO NOT USE PROSPERITY BANK!!!! They are the absolute worst, most unethical POS banking institution in America! Open an accout with your local bank, or a Credit Union and ditch the big bank cartels!!!


In 2018 my Mother and I walked into a branch of Legacy Bank to put a POD {pay on death} on her accounts. Unfortunately today I returned to what is now "Prosperity Bank" to take possession of those accounts. They don't have the POD on file.... They lost it somewhere and really didn't seem to care. Now at minimum I will spend $1000 to gain access. We both planned everything so its easy on the survivor if the other go. And everything has been very smooth except this banks total incompetence. Thank You Prosperity Bank for making things more difficult during this hardship.

Worst Customer Service Ever

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I have been banking at the same site for almost 30 years. When it was Legacy and Community Credit Union, customer service was outstanding. When Prosperity took over, bank profits trumps everything else. They gutted the customer service dept. All of the bank vendors are the lowest bidder.
When my wife got a new debit card, we tried several times to get the PIn corrected and were told on the phone to hang up and try back in 30 minutes, maybe someone who picked up would know how to fix our problem. SERIOUSLY, THEY SAID THAT

Zero Customer Service And Inept Lending Department

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I started a HELOC October 2020 and it is now practically beginning of June 2021 and after 2 different loan officers and 3 processors I am no closer to obtaining or even getting proper feedback on my application. Save yourself some time and headache and go somewhere else for your lending needs.

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