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Despite escalating the issue to the branch manager, the supposed higher authority, I was disheartened to find that even they exhibited a sense of distrust in me as a customer. Instead of providing reassurance and support, the branch manager seemed more interested in defending the bank's position rather than genuinely addressing my concerns.

What further compounded my disillusionment was the bank's back office, which operates in complete secrecy without any direct contact available via phone or email. This shadowy decision-making process left me feeling disconnected and helpless, as there was no way to communicate my grievances or receive clarification on their actions.

In the chargeback case I lost, it became clear that Prosperity Bank held the authority to make the final decision. However, they conveniently absolved themselves of responsibility, claiming to be bound by an imaginary system. This lack of transparency only served to further erode my trust in the bank's intentions and their commitment to fair and just resolutions.

It is worth noting that while the bank conveniently avoided fighting my PayPal dispute, they seemingly prioritized their own interests over mine. Instead of actively engaging in resolving the issue and protecting my rights as a customer, they chose the path of least resistance, disregarding the depth of evidence and failing to take decisive action.

Shockingly, despite providing Prosperity Bank with a comprehensive and meticulously compiled 20-page proof, their response was dishearteningly dismissive. They callously ignored the evidence, turning a blind eye to the countless hours of effort invested in presenting a clear and compelling case. This complete disregard for the customer's effort and trust is both unacceptable and deeply disconcerting.

The bank's negligence in handling my case not only displayed a lack of professionalism but also highlighted their inability to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. They failed to recognize the impact of their decisions on my financial well-being and overall trust in the banking system.

Throughout this harrowing experience, Prosperity Bank demonstrated a clear lack of accountability and responsibility towards their customers. By avoiding direct communication and hiding behind ambiguous systems, they evaded their obligation to provide proper explanations and resolutions.

It is disheartening to realize that, as a customer, my faith in Prosperity Bank was severely misplaced. Their nonchalant attitude, unresponsive communication channels, and blatant disregard for substantial evidence shattered any semblance of trust I had in their ability to uphold the principles of honesty, transparency, and customer advocacy.

In summary, my encounter with Prosperity Bank has been marred by their opaque decision-making processes, lack of communication channels, and disregard for evidence and customer concerns. It is evident that their actions do not align with the values of a trustworthy financial institution. I strongly urge prospective customers to exercise caution and explore alternative banking options that prioritize transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. Your financial well-being and peace of mind deserve a bank that truly values your trust and advocates for your best interests.

Subversive Mortgage Department

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Actively blocking attempts to refinance with another lender by slow rolling access to information, underhanded tactics, incorrect information, voice mail tag, not returning calls, etc.

Prosperity Bank Suck

If you are looking for a Bank with good, fair, and competent leaders and customer service employees, DO NOT USE PROSPERITY BANK!!!! They are the absolute worst, most unethical POS banking institution in America! Open an accout with your local bank, or a Credit Union and ditch the big bank cartels!!!


In 2018 my Mother and I walked into a branch of Legacy Bank to put a POD {pay on death} on her accounts. Unfortunately today I returned to what is now "Prosperity Bank" to take possession of those accounts. They don't have the POD on file.... They lost it somewhere and really didn't seem to care. Now at minimum I will spend $1000 to gain access. We both planned everything so its easy on the survivor if the other go. And everything has been very smooth except this banks total incompetence. Thank You Prosperity Bank for making things more difficult during this hardship.

Worst Customer Service Ever

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I have been banking at the same site for almost 30 years. When it was Legacy and Community Credit Union, customer service was outstanding. When Prosperity took over, bank profits trumps everything else. They gutted the customer service dept. All of the bank vendors are the lowest bidder.
When my wife got a new debit card, we tried several times to get the PIn corrected and were told on the phone to hang up and try back in 30 minutes, maybe someone who picked up would know how to fix our problem. SERIOUSLY, THEY SAID THAT

Zero Customer Service And Inept Lending Department

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I started a HELOC October 2020 and it is now practically beginning of June 2021 and after 2 different loan officers and 3 processors I am no closer to obtaining or even getting proper feedback on my application. Save yourself some time and headache and go somewhere else for your lending needs.

Worst Bank Ever

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Legacy Texas should never have sold to Prosperity. The customer service is at Prosperity Bank is the worst. They promised that Legacy accts would be grandfathered in and nothing would change. The checking account I had through Legacy was a no fee acct. Prosperity is now charging me fees on top of fees. I was never notified about any fees and never agreed to this type of account. They also double debited my account a few hundred dollars, and tried to fight me so they didn't have to give me my money back. As far as I'm concerned, Prosperity Bank is stealing from its customers. Beware! If I could give zero stars, I would.

Can It Get Any Worse?

When prosperity took over this became the worse bank I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Insane hold times, poor customer service, stone age banking tools. I AM DONE!

Worst Service Ever

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The fees and products do not matter if the service is this bad. For 4 days the entire bank phone lines have been down. I have emails from 2 supervisors who will not res[pond to my questions. I have been disconnected three times today. When you try the "Contact Us" button on their website, a screen says the page can't be found. I want all of my accounts closed today. I do not trust this bank.

Banking In Stone Age With Lots Of Fees And Charges

Our bank merged with Prosperity. Today is Day 1 after merge completion and nothing works right. Trying to use popmoney to send a payment, first went through verification (which is not a problem), then I found out popmoney is no longer free to us -- there is a service charge per transaction. Then after I submitted the transaction, it said because the verification process was not successful (which is BS), they are putting a hold on the transaction and I have to call to clear it. On top of that, I sent an email to them this morning asking generic information, such as monthly fees, and it took them a day to reply to say that they can not help me via email .... and yes, I have to CALL. What is this? I though this is 2020, and my bank still can't answer simple general questions? My old bank could even answer account specific questions via emails. I looked at their accounts ... everything requires fees or "service charges". For example, the basic saving account only gives 3 debit transactions per month instead of 6 ... and yes, charge for additional transaction. We will be closing our accounts.


Prosperity Bank Bryan Texas
FRAUD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
be safe and watch this bank.

Worst Bank Internet Site

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I spent three hours on hold after they switch their mobile banking site. I could not pay a bill, and every time that I got a person, the call would drop.(I had no problem with any other call. I drove a half an hour to bank in person, but they can’t use internet at bank. Drove back to my house and called the Vice President . Finally , she just paid the bill from her site at bank. She told me that Prosperity Bank isn’t compatible with Apple products. RUN from this bank. They have no service , they have terrible rates. I am leaving, but they could care less.

Their Whole System Sucks

I came over From Prosperity Bank from Chase and it was the biggest mistake ever. If you're a millennial, this bank is definately not for you. They don't have 24/7 call support service. Their Online banking sucks. They're not link up with ZElle and they have their own money payment system that charges you per transaction plus a monthly fee every month.They don't have updated ATMs. You can' t deposit checks at the ATm Like you do at chase and they make you wait 3 months before you can deposit a check via the mobile app. They are not a bank for the future and you will be waiting on them instead of them waiting on you since they do have your money.

Do Not Do It.

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I will shout it from the rooftops to save people from being screwed over like I was. Prosperity has had to refund me hundreds of dollars in fee’s because they charge you with whatever fee they want whenever they want. They will charge you with “returned mail” fees without any record of the supposed mail that was sent, rearrange charges to maximize overdraft fees, and pretty much take whatever they want under the guise of some fee until you notice and call them out. I will never use them again, and I advise you to stay away unless you have an hour of free time to call them every week and bicker about bs fees and charges.

Terrible People

We are a small business. Annual revenue is just over 1 million. Had the account open with them for 5-6 months. Terrible ble from day one. My biggest issue is their policy’s change from location to location. Up hill battle with simple transactions. Depending on the mood of the teller, was the deciding factor or what was being done that day. Opened the account in Weatheford Texas. So they consider you a weatherford customer. No, I’m a prosperity customer. Terrible bank. Terrible lying people. Rude. They have people that do not understand the bank codes and conduct.

Customers Can Not Park At Bank

So I'm on my lunch break, eating a burger and getting ready to go inside when the security guard approaches me and said, "the bank manager doesn't want you parking outside." I explained I am a bank customer but was told that unless I entered the bank immediately I would have to leave. I closed my account and will never bank with them again. I have never been treated so disrespectfully.

Not Trusting The Trust

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My grandparents had a trust through Prosperity Bank. My grandfather passed away 20 years ago or more. My grandmother passed away 4 years ago. Part of the trust has paid off, but, there is property involved so they have it listed it, but, it has sat for over a year. They have collected farm profits and paid themselves every month without the family seeing a dime. After reading the reviews, I'm worried.


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I am very disappoint with Prosperity bank, I open this account recently. 1. I have problem with the online service. 2.When I called the automatic service its down. 3.The
women who answer the phone she out of touch. I am
glad I do not use this account for my major banking transaction. I would not recommend this bank to know one.

Prosperity Bank Wire Fraud!

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Prosperity Bank is purposely attempting to cover up an internal banker assisting a non account holder and or signer that stole $488,000 from a business account ending in 2647.
Tim Timanus serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Prosperity Holdings, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Timanus has been the Chief Operating Officer of Prosperity Bank since February 23, 2001.
One of Tim's bankers named Amanda Hardy assisted in this theft all out of the Houston corporate office.
Tim Timanus is aware of this theft and not doing anything to remedy the situation.
Tim Timanus is college friends and business partners with the person’s daughter that received the $488,000 in stolen funds. This attempted cover up will decimate Prosperity Bank. This is not slander and all stated in Federal Court.

Greediest Bank I've Ever Experienced

If you're looking for a bank that's greedy and will rob you blind, this bank is for you! They've been stealing over $1000 a MONTH from my family's trust for years and now we're in a lawsuit to get OUR money!!! It goes up every month. Last month the charge was $1059. And again, that's to "manage" our trust account. That means they do nothing and deduct their "fees" every month. We didn't even choose to get in business with them. They bought out Victoria Bank. Crooks!!!

Prosperity Bank Treats Customers Like Criminals!

Dear whom it may concern,

Hello my name is Timothy Jamison and I currently have two accounts with Prosperity Bank the Branch located in Athens Texas. Their address: 617 S Palestine St, Athens, TX 75751. Ever since I opened up an account with this bank I have been treated like I am some kind of a criminal. Have been treated very rudely. I feel it is personal for some reason. The latest thing happened on Friday 11/27/2015 when I was trying to deposit a $1,500.00 check into my personal account. This check was from State Farm for a refund due to an auto accident I was involved in. Since my car insurance has my mother’s name on it for the multi car discount, the check was made out to both of us. Please keep in mind I deposited two other checks that had both of our names on them without issues with the bank before this. I live approx. 20 miles out of town drove all the way to the bank drive through just to be told I will have to go get my mother so she can show her ID and say it’s ok to Deposit the check in to my personal checking account. Why was it ok for me to deposit two other State Farm checks not ok for this one? I went to the main branch that you have to walk into to talk with someone. They told me the same thing. So I had to drive all the way back home and get my mom and then drive all the way to the bank in the cold and rain.

When we get to the bank drive through I have the check and deposit slip made out and ready to go. I also include my driver’s license and so does my mother. On top of going through all this they fingerprint my mother. What, her Texas Driver’s License isn’t good enough now they want to fingerprint her. We are not criminals and don’t even have speeding tickets on our records. We are law abiding citizens. Formal complaints will be issued with anyone willing to listen. I will be in soon to close my two accounts and take my business elsewhere! Already have another bank lined up that I explained this situation to. They agreed it's best to do business elsewhere!

Sincerely, Timothy Jamison

Best Local Bank In Houston, Texas

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In September of 2013, I tried to buy a home for the second time in my life. The first I got cold feet and terminated the contract. Then in 2013, I approached my Realtor again and started the process of buying a home again. She recommended me to a mortgage broker and she was horrible. I called someone from a local Chase Bank and he was not willing to do my loan. Prosperity Bank was my last option (as in the last bank I would try). The loan officer at Prosperity was very courteous and was willing to do all she can to help me. My realtor called and told her the situation and she offered to help me. When I called her and gave her my loan package, I asked her if I was going to get approved. She looked over my file and gave me an answer I didn't expected, she said "We can close in a week". I was relieved! The loan officer was able to apply the left over closing cost paid by the seller toward my down payment. The loan officer was a first class lender and I recently referred my sister to her for a mortgage. I would have moved my entire banking relationship to Prosperity Bank, but I work for a bank so I have to keep banking relationship at my bank.

Poor Customer Service

My experiance so far with prosperity bank has been not good.The staff is slow and rude. I waited over a month to get my debit card in the mail and After complaining about the card to my bank they wouldn't offer a temp. Card or even regular checks not temp checks even though I had gotten direct deposit two times prior and had over 1400$ in the account and was never in the negative the staff still wouldnt help. Keep in mind there are only two prosperty banks in san antinio so to go get money when needed is not very convent at times. Then they deny my direct
depsoit. This bank sucks!!!!

System Is Flawed!

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I'm sad Prosperity just bought Coppermark. It took 2 days and 3 phone calls to get my ATM card to work. You ask why not just get a debit? Prosperity didn't mail my new debit until after my Coppermark debit expired. Three days after I cancled the non arriving Prosperity debit and ordered a new one....guess what shows up in the mail. I called the next day and was told I could activate it anyway and guess what? Same issue as with the ATM card. The only reason I haven't yanked my money out and found a new bank is the added hassle of setting up auto deposit all over again. The people at the Dallas Oaklawn branch have been nice, but the overall system is flawed.

Run Far Away!

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Just trust me. This bank is horrible. They cashed a stolen check of ours. This check was laughable & a stolen ID was used. Ok so they made a mistake. Refund our money-yes. Apologize or take ownership in any way-nope. When we went in to close our account I was only asked why when the form called for it. Upon telling the employee why she simply said "Oh". Never once said anything to the effect of "we hate to lose you as a customer" or "I'm sorry you are leaving." Very, very unprofessional on so many levels.

Poor Customer Service

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This bank has poor customer service. In my experience, most of the locations have rude and unfriendly staff. I have only been to one location where the customer service was outstanding (the Magnolia, TX location).

This bank does not respond to online messages. I have sent messages with questions (most just for general information on my account) and never got a response from the bank. I do most of my business with the bank electronically because it is so much more conveinent, but this bank makes it very difficult to do that. I am frustrated because I have been with this bank for over 15 years and the service has really gone downhill.

I have started to slowly change over to Bank of Texas. The customer service is always outstanding and messages are replyed to very quickly.

I would suggest that Prosperity Bank of Texas get up to speed to stay competitive with the other banks and train the staff in proper customer service techniques.

Prosperity Bank

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I was originally TX State Bank, and I liked it.  It had good rates and people knew who you were.  I once had a 1/4 million in this bank, but after Prosperity bought them it was all down hill.  They allowed a former  girlfriend, a felon, unbeknown to me at the time, to deposit  a fake 1/4 million deposit in my account without my permission.  It was her aim to get my 1/4 mil.  I had to hire al lawyer to get me out of that.

After their most recent bank acquisition, I kept getting service charges for having less then the minimum $250 in savings even though I rarely used the account because I only used it for the very few paper checks I rarely write, and no longer keep my money in that bank because their interest rates are so poor.  I just keep enough to keep the account active so I can use the paper checks when needed.

But they keep withdrawing funds from my account to pay for an account from someone with a similar or same account number from their most recent bank acquisition, making my account in the red and racking up fees.  When this first happened, I asked for a different account number, which they declined to do, promising it was a one time mistake.  It happened again, next week I will go in and close my account.

I propose that they pay me the $35 bad check fee and $3 service fee every time they made this mistake.  Why not, they charge their customers for incompetence, why should the bank not pay for their own?

Billpay Is A Rip-Off

Beware of BillPay.  Not only does the bank charge you $4.95 for the service at the end of the month, but if you schedule the payment on a day that falls on a weekend, the bank will withdraw the money EARLY.  This is apparently written into the fine print, which justifies any overdraft charges that my occur.  The bank will not refund this money to you.  I am incredibly frustrated, taken for over $100, and have already switched to IBC.  IBC does not charge you for their bill pay service, and unlike prosperity, you can see the complete account number on your payees.  I will be filing a complaint.

I Would Never Suggest Anyone Opening An Account With This Bank.


I would never suggest anyone opening an account with this bank.  My father-in-law was a patient at a nursing home, and the bank allowed other individuals to access his bank account with out his permission.   Prosperity Bank would not let my father-in-law have access to his own account.  Thank god for Harris County Guardianship for stepping in. Even when a Harris County Judge ordered the bank to freeze the account, money was still allowed to be taken out by other individuals (Harris county Court 9, Case 402988).  My father-in-law's judge appointed guardian was treated very badly by Prosperity Bank's employees, my wife and I were also treated very rudely..  If you have an account with this bank, consider moving to a more professional bank.  Please copy and paste this to other sites....


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