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B. A. D.

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Don’t do it. It’s a NIGHTMARE. Once they get your money……they will make your life miserable trying to get it out. They’ll claim you’re not correctly following their “instructions & will NEVER communicate with you about ANYTHING. Biggest mistake of my life. Closed both accounts today.

Astonishing. Still In Disbelief.


They closed my accounts with no warning.

After multiple successful direct deposits and mobile checks deposits, they claimed one of the three checks I deposited a few days ago was fake. Not sure why. They won't say why. It was a legit payroll check.They actually accepted the other 2 checks. Same exact payroll company, same everything.

But get this. Instead of reaching out, or rejecting the deposit, they simply closed all my accounts and cutoff all access to my funds. I can't even look at my account info online. No warning.

And even after many calls back ad forward, they now understand it's not my fault and that there was no intention to defraud. Yet they are still closing my accounts and refusing to even let me look at balances, etc...

They are sending me a check (yes, really) for the balance of my accounts. Will not tell me how much.

This is absolutely insane.


Do Not Open An Account At Quontic Bank. It Takes Your Money Hostage.

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Warning: Do not open an account at Quontic Bank. They will take your money hostage when it comes time to close the account. I had a savings account at Quontic Bank for two years and when I decided to close the account, the staff at Quontic Bank, shamelessly, made me go through all kinds of hurdles to get my money back. It was an incredulous and extremely upsetting experience. By the time I, finally, got my money back, three weeks had ellapsed. Quontic Bank is a crooked bank with a personnel that is immoral and unscrupulous.

Refi Blues

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After weeks of complying with Quontic's requests and submitting everything in a timely manner for a refi, and receiving conditional approval with no follow-up for weeks from the unprofessional loan officer, Zarema, upon contacting their team regarding the status and next steps, I was informed by Abdul Rehman the refi program no longer exists, without any further explanation. Mind you, I had been working with them for approximately a month, and no one contacted me as a courtesy to let me know the program was no longer active! How rude and unprofessional... never again!

Really Hard To Access Account, No Working Phone

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I just opened an account with them and regret it so much already. The company advertises a non-working phone number, which I take to mean that they are a bank with no phone number. Only way to get in touch is to email them, and they took two days to respond.

I wasn't provided my account number during the opening process, yet the account number is required for online registration. They eventually provided me access to the number after I emailed them. But I still don't have access because after registering for the account, I couldn't log in because they required a phone number for 2 factor authentication....if this is a requirement, ask your customer for a phone number at some point during the account opening or online registration process! I'm convinced they are doing this to intentionally make it difficult to access funds.

They also restrict online transfers for the first 30 days or more since you opened the account. And guess what? You have to contact them after that thirty days to enable those transfers....I have a feeling like that is a request that will take longer than 2 days to actually be fulfilled.

In short, this is not worth the extra bit of interest - open an account with a competent, honest, reputable bank, NOT QUONTIC.

Do Not Open A CD Account With Quontic

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My 1 year CD Matured on 7/9/22. It auto rolled at .75%. Many other banks are offering 2%. I want to withdraw my money. on 7/11/22 I spent 32 minutes on the phone to finally hear the complicated process to get my money. I also tried email and then went through their complicated "Secure Messaging" process to receive the instructions to withdraw my money from a Matured CD. To withdraw My Money I had to track down and send them the last 4 from the account I used to fund that CD AND I had to send them a color copy of a valid ID. I hope to get my money.
If I cancel/Early Withdraw my other 2 Quontic that are one month old, I will be charged a fee equal to One Year's interest and actually LOSE Principal


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i open bank accounts all the time and have over 25 online accounts at various banks. FIRST TIME A BANK HAS EVER REJECTED OPENING AN ACCOUNT! Tried a couple times just out of curiosity to make certain all my info was absolutely correct. Perhaps they are in the business of collecting personal info?

"We are sorry.
Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your account at this time.
If you believe this decision was reached in error, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-908-6600. Thank you for your interest in Quontic."

CAll? I would be an idiot to entrust you with any money.

Living In The Past

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Quontic is still mailing 1099s. there is no way to get them online. Apparently this "new" bank is living in the 80s. Great rates make it almost worthwhile to use them regardless.

Mortgage Loan Nightmare

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Contacted this bank in December of 2021 for a jumbo mortgage loan. Was assigned to loan officer A Pappas who had impeccable follow-up. Our initial property's contract was terminated due to issues found during the inspection so soon after we went under contract with another property and Mr, Pappas was very helpful with expediting the new preapproval and documents. A few weeks following, I was no longer able to reach him. With concern, I reached out to the banks CEO who had Mr. Rick Moore (loan officer) and Tom Holsworth (banks VP) contact me. After R. Moore spent several minutes trashing the work ethic of Mr. Pappas and disclosing he was no longer with the the bank, he made promises to make the process streamline then on. Mr. Holsworth did the same, specifically with resolving their inability to pull me TU credit report since a median score is needed for qualifying rates and down payment. By February this issue still was not resolved and Mr. Holsworth was also no longer with the bank. Continuous discrepancies between information from R. Moore and underwriting were frustrating. By March I'd still not received any email correspondence from loan officer R. Moore who despite apologizing was still not providing resolution to any of the issues. I'm now 4 days out from closing and in the same position with this loan as in January. It's a nightmare. Go elsewhere for your mortgage needs.

Jury Still Out...

signed up, moved 1K in - ok so far.
Tried to move money in several times, unable to initiate a handshake FROM Quontic, had to set up external account from those accounts. Waited for the deposits to show up and then connected. Ok so xferred the limit of the high interest checking. Need to make the 10 POS xactions, waited the entire 10 business days (13 total days) for the debit card, now waiting for the pin - supposed to show within 3 more days. Call or email customer support for checks, the app will error if you attempt to use that to order. My idea is to use my own merchant account to perform the 10 debits a period. BTW, look at your FIRST statement (it will be a partial there) to see your statement period, so you will know the deadline for making the 10 debit xactions. Looking forward to the 1% interest until another bank make this easier!

Worst Financial Mistake Of My Life

Imagine a bank whose app is stuck in 2010, whose website's own links to get checks for your account is broken (and they know but don't fix!), and who is only there M-F business hours.

I was lured in by a good interest rate, believing they would have functioning technology. They do not. To be a virtual bank you need this, otherwise your money is trapped.

What an absolute disaster of a company. 6 months here and I would keep my money stuffed in a mattress, as that is higher tech.

Avoid at all costs!

Everything Is Just Fine

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Small bank, great rates, especially their high interest checking. Been with them for about one year.

Very Sneaky In My Opinion-Not Much Communication

Opened an account with them for the 1.01% interest rate. In VERY small print, which I must have missed, I did read the waiver and contract it says you have to make 10 transaction every month from this account as a POS to receive that rate. I never received a debit card from them. So I reached out and asked for a debit card. They said I never asked for one...? Um shouldn't they just send one if that is part of my requirement for the APR? Then I decided I was going to return my money back to my old account because I got a higher interest rate there compared to the .01 they are giving me. I have no access to my money! I asked why not and they said I had to send them my banking statement showing the money transferred, this was never told to me. I asked that their initial deposit should have shown that this was my account and be verification enough. They said no. Now it shows I have available funds but I cannot transfer them to an external account. I read from another person they hold it for 90 days. It all seems super sneaky. I will be transferring my money IMMEDIATELY at the 90 day mark. Also the customer service messages are hard to interpret

Will Not Accept My Account Opening

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I have tried this three times and continue to get:

We are sorry.
Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your account at this time.
If you believe this decision was reached in error, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-908-6600. Thank you for your interest in Quontic.

I called the number and they answering person said they have no idea why the account has not been accepted and recommended I try again.

I have a 850 credit rating so that cannot be the problem. I have not tried to open any new accounts in over a year.

Yeah I Don't Know

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Rate seems among the better but between the chat and calling in to find out, I was told there are no external transfers out of your deposited money for 90 days, and that the only access would be through an ATM with a limit of $1,000/day. With a 6 transaction limit per month, that's a limit of $6,000 per month you could access of your money if you go to the ATM for 6 separate days. After 90 days, $25K per day limit, but it seems like your money would be tied up for the first month and a half just FYI.

Tiered Rate Effective 9/8/21

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The new monthly requirement to qualify for the 1% rate remains at 10 debits / $10 each. The new terms specify the rate drops only on the portion exceeding $150,000.

Dodgy Mistakes

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With the same thing occurring to a few of the folks who post here over a length of time this explanation of the 'mistaken' fee is suspicious.

Good afternoon Mr. _______,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the $5.00 statement fee. We apologize for any inconvenience, and I have gladly refunded back the fee to your account today August 26,2020. The issue that occurred was that we noticed our system started charging customers for electronic statements. Once we notice this happening, we started going through each customers account and reversing the fee. Now that the issue is resolved this shouldn't happen again. You will see the reversal on your next statement. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you for banking with Quontic

Horrible Customer Service

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Horrible and incompetent customer service. Kind of sketchy "bank" with shady-looking operations

Don't Bite

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They post online a very high APY on CD's. After you fill out all the preliminaries and get to the funding of your CD you will find that in reality there is no high yield CD currently offered like what's posted on the web page.
You've just been phished. Not today or the immediate day after but soon enough. Enter false info first as a test to see if there is even a CD offered by this outfit. You'll get a lot of spam emails in your financial email account even if you abort your CD purchase..

$5 Fee Monthly Statement

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I was charged a $5 fee for the monthly statement. Quontic charges this fee even if you opt for electronic statements.

Web interface is very basic. Customer service does not respond to the online message.

$5 Electronic Statement Fee?

Advertised rate was very confusing, so I ended up with a lower rate than expect. Online application and set-up was complicated (I have opened multiple online accounts, this was the worst). Then I was charged a $5 electronic statement fee, which lowered my interest rate substantially. Avoid this bank.

Merry-Go-Round : & A Repeat Performance

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First CD app. led to aback &forth on the form & ended in an unanswered phone call on the week end. Second appl. attempt led interest payment pg & edit button called for reloading which became a blank appl. again. For a lousy $50 difference in interest went to seamless appl. elsewhere. Good luck to the persevering.

From necessity tried for another CD. After some 40 mins, doing an on-line appl. I got down to step 3 "verifying payments" be for it all got lost somehow.

Fees And Disclosures

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I'm sure this is a fine bank with good customer service, but there is no search engine to find the fees or disclosures. Via chat, I requested a fees document and was given a link which was just the disclosure gibberish with no amounts specified for fees on various transactions. Such documents should be easy to retrieve. Also, they do not have an IRA savings or money market, which means you have to act fast to move an IRA CD when mature. Too much hassle.


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Ly Nguyen is great !!! She works very dedicated, thoughtful, devoted to customers. She helps me whenever I need it even after working hours. I love her customer service !!! thank you very much Ly Nguyen !!!

Excellent Experience

Nathalia is very kind,attentive and dedicated to her work whenever I call she is willing to help I love her service.

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