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Unsecured Bank RBFCU

RBFCU let someone get into my account without verifying their credentials. Now they want me to drive 3 hours to bank with 2 forms of ID and meet them in person. Question is why did they let a stranger hack my account? Writing this do customers can beware of RBFCU and find a more secure bank

Extremely Poor Customer Service!

I was extremely disappointed in the Potranco branch in San Antonio and in Randolph Brooks FCU in general. I'm blocked from mobile deposits because of a problem on my adult step-son's account and it couldn't be resolved over the phone, so I had to go in person to get help and make a deposit. Last Saturday around 11 am I went in and saw a line of people waiting for a teller, and someone sitting at the front desk with no line. I told Daniel about my problem and he refused to help me, telling me I need to get in line with everybody else, that he has other costumers he needs to help. by this time there was one other customer behind me, but at least 15 in line for a teller. I explained that this is not a normal customer service matter, that I’ve already tried to resolve this over the phone, that I shouldn’t even have to be here because this shouldn’t be an issue, but he was adamant. He would rather have me tie up a teller for however long it takes when there's already 15 people in line, instead of helping me himself with only 1 customer waiting for him.

So then I had to stand in line for about 25 minutes, and then I was helped by a very nice teller who really tried to help me. I think her name was Diana. She called and spoke to people and said things were fixed and it should correct itself automatically very soon, but it didn’t . There were only 3 tellers available and I took nearly 30 minutes of her time while people waited just to make deposits, because Daniel did not want to help me.

I found their customer contact email address and messaged them about what happened, and I got a reply the same day that someone from the branch would contact me to discuss my issue. It was Wednesday evening when I thought about it again and realized that no one ever called. When I messaged the customer contact people this, they said someone would contact me as soon as possible. That "messages were replied to in the order that they were received." Yeah, same attitude as at the branch!

I messaged again that it was ridiculous that no one could contact me in three days, and I was closing my accounts. They replied again, this time saying that they checked with the branch manager, and he said that he tried to call me twice and left two voicemails. I could contact him at the number given. I checked my history and there were no calls and no voicemails. Why should I call him! I'm the customer!

I’m closing my accounts with Randolph Brooks and you probably should, too! They used to be a great company, and it really saddens me to see how poorly the Potranco branch is run.

I never thought I'd be in this position. I have sung their praises for years but this is ridiculous

Deposit Holds

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I deposited a $10,000 check online, 02/04/23 where I have a $10,000 limit on deposits. I then received an email stating that $4400 of that amount would have "delayed availability" and would be available on 02/14/23. After calling customer service for an explanation for the hold I was told that this was the new procedure, without any explanation for the reasoning behind it. I have deposited checks in the past with no issues. I was told they would review the deposit and I could possibly have MY funds credited by the end of the day. Also going forward, any large deposits will be held and I would have to go through the same process of calling customer service,sitting on hold, and maybe getting my deposit credited sooner than 10 days from date of deposit. If this policy does not change I will be looking for another bank soon.

Randolph FCU San Antonio Online Banking Not Available When You Opt Out Of Credit Card Interest Rate Increase

I have been banking with RFCU for a few years and had a credit card that paid cash back but in January 2023 they increased their interest rate and because I chose to opt out of the increase interest rate and yet still agreed to pay the credit card until paid in full, I learned today that I no longer have online banking privileges to monitor my balance and/or make payments at my convience any time of the week or day. They told me that the account is blocked because it now has a new interest rate that I opted out so my statement will be mailed to me for future payments. This is 2023 and online banking is not available when you have a credit card balance on an account??? I have excellent credit score, never made a late payment, and always paid more than my balance and yet now I have to go back in time and only have access to my balance and/or make a payment when a statement is mailed to me. Any credit card with a bank or store has it where you can access your account to view balance and available to make payments ONLINE. This back is going back in time and because I opted out which was an option available when I recieved the letter about the increase in interest and so now my online privilege is no longer available. NOT a good way to treat your valued customers.

They Will Keep Asking For Money

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they will keep asking for money until you have nothing to offer and yet you still will not get your withdrawal, i got helped by a legal agency broadoak-capital com and all what i was owed was retrieved back to me.

Run! Stay Away From This Bank

I've been a member with them for years. Never had a problem. Never had a NSF, nothing. I miscalculated and two bills went through, which created a NSF. They could clearly see I had the funds in other accounts. They decided not to pay it and let it go through twice. Charged me $96 for a single miscalculation. Refused to refund the fees. Told me I had till the end of the day it occurred to make it right. I explained I was out of town, as it was a holiday so I wasn't even checking my account. They still refused. I will never do business with them again. I'm definitely moving my loan and all my accounts elsewhere, so how much money are they loosing in interest as opposed to refunding a fee that isn't costing them anything? Fools!!! You learn something new every day and after all of my years of being a great client of theirs, they are so greedy and short sided so as to loose it all over $96. Find a bank that is reasonable and better yet...one that doesn't have NSF fees. There are plenty of them, I've checked.

Abysmal Customer Service

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I’ve been with RBFCU for nine years. It seems that customer service has now degraded to the point where you can no longer even get someone on the phone.
My most recent problem occurred when I could no longer print copies of checks that have cleared my account using their web site. This feature is important to me because I use the printed copies to keep business records. The checks I am interested in printing cleared my account more than two weeks ago.
Since I cannot simply call customer service, I am left with having to leave messages for customer service via the web site.
After waiting a day, I have been told that opposed to simply e-mailing copies of the checks in question they must issue a request to their records department and that it could take up to 7-10 days.
It seems as though they have taken the simple web site feature of printing a check and turned it into rocket science.
At this point I am compelled to search for a banking institution that better meets my needs and also provides viable customer service.
I simply refuse to put up with the type of abysmal customer service that currently exists at RBFCU.


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Closed my account today with the WORST bank ever! They have been miserable to deal with for the three years I’ve banked with them. Don’t care about the customer at all! Paid off my mortgage early just to get away from this lousy bank. Good Riddance

RBFCU Customer Service Overhaul Needed ASAP!

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RBFCU always let's us down when we need them to step up and help in a problematic situation. After spending 2 hours on the phone with Amazon's above and beyond CS to find a random recurring charge attached to an old email. I called RBFCU because the charges from Amazon created several overdrafts. I explained the situation. Brandon, said our policy is you need a letter in writing, call Amazon back and request this letter. I wanted to know why I needed to go through another arduous process when they could clearly see the refunds from Amazon coming through. Amazon refunded every cent. Brandon basically said, it's our policy to do as little as possible to assist our customers in time of need. Our policies are not flexible, no matter your circumstances we have a one size fit policy. No letter. No help. Most financial institutions aren't even enforcing overdrafts, another indicator that customers are not a priority. Chase has excellent CS. Take some notes.

RBFCU Used To Be A Great Bank...

Paid a bill from savings and it left $.075 in my account which was below the $1.00 minimum. RBFCU returned the payment and charged me $24 non sufficient funds fee for the $0.25 less than minimum. It was my first time making this mistake so I assumed they would have some sort of forgiveness/grace. I thought wrong, they refused to remove the fee. In addition since the payment was returned I was charged a $30 fee from the company I was paying. Lost $54 over $0.25. The money was there, I just didn't maintain the $1.00 minimum. Thanks RBFCU for penalizing me for using MY money over a stupid minimum. Lesson learned I guess...time for a new bank that offers forgiveness over a quarter and values long time customers.


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Do not trust RBFCU Investments/Ameriprise they are misleading and take your money or the people that work there.

RBFCU Is A Small Bank With A Minimalist, Ineffective All-Around-Horrible Customer Service

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RBFCU is a small bank with a minimalist, ineffective all-around-horrible customer service. Doing banking with RBFCU is like trusting your infant with your money. RBFCU staff have no experience, no efficacy and zero genuine desire to offer proper customer service when you need them. Do not count on them to do anything for you except harass you, investigate you and ask you 1 million silly questions when you dispute a mere $10 charge on your card. I do have Citibank credit card and these guys are true champions of customer service. Stay away from RBFCU as far as you can.

Worst Credit Union. They Are Acting Like Bofa Or WF Now

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They will use vague language to say what they are doing. Then when they get you to opt in to something that isn't fully explained, they will do everything in their power to take as much of your money as possible and then when you ask what happened, they will tell you it's your fault and they can't refund even one of the fees. They also will never refund fraud for you, because it was at "similar stores you shop at" like Target and Walmart. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was the only one who shopped at Target and Walmart. They are not worth your time. They are thieves and are only out to take your money and never give it back.

Horrible Customer Service

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RBFCU has absolute worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had people answer questions without even asking for my account information. No one can figure anything out it took them over 15 minutes just for them to find an email address for me to send something over to them and they are extremely rude. They do not care about their customers at all, just making money

The WORST Credit Union

RBFCU has been the worst credit union by far. I have great credit (740+), a steady white collar job with high pay, and a business checking account with them with plenty of money in it. I tried working with them on business lines of credit, a home mortgage, and a land purchase loan but in the end I had to work with other lending institutions because RBFCU was terrible to work with. I expected a better experience from a well known credit union.
The only thing worth looking into at this credit union is the business checking account.

Worst Credit Union I Have Ever Dealt With

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Worst Credit Union I have ever dealt with. Never seen a Credit Union so deceptive and treat customers this way.

Change For Worse. Used To Be Great!

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A member since 1993. Now leaving Randolph Brooks. Why risk starting over elsewhere? Because at RBFCU you’re guaranteed to be treated like a number. And that won’t change. As a result of my Quarter Century of membership I can attest that stepping on its members is definitely the NEW status quo, not just a bump in the road.

RBFCU Worst Bank I’Ve Ever Banked At

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They offer only 1 atm you can deposit at and it’s 2 cities away from where I live. Super slow drive thru service. You can expect to spend at least 15-30 min no matter what type of transaction your making at drive thru. On Sept. 21st 2018 I activated the courtesy pay feature for a prescription for my son, next morning I swipe my card it was declined. However there was a pending transaction causing my account to go over by 27 cents from sept. 20th. Same day my wife swiped her card downtown at a parking kiosk. She hadn’t used this kiosk before so she swiped her card twice $1.50 each time and the courtesy pay kicked in for those as well. So that’s 3 fees to cover a total of $3.27. I asked them why it covered a pending transaction from the 20th, skipped the transaction I needed on the 22nd in the script. Medication for my son but then elected to cover the 2 transactions for the parking $1.50. Next day in the bank they said sorry we are making adjustments to the system. I offered to pay the $3.27 however they couldn’t refund my b/s fees. Not to mention if you are wanting to dispute a transaction you have to do it yourself by calling the vendor then rbfcu afterwards then check again with vendor. Horrible.


I have been a member of this credit union for three years. I have never had an overdraft or any sort of fee until today, when a transfer was initiated a day earlier than I expected and hit with an insufficient funds fee.

I called in with hopes that they could give me a one time courtesy and waive this fee since I have been a loyal customer for over three years. I was met with a simple no, we don't do courtesy fee waivers. I have never been with a bank or credit union that doesn't work with their customers and help out their loyal ones when a mistake is made.

I highly recommend you look elsewhere to another bank or credit union for your banking needs. Its clear this one is looking to just make money off you in unwaivable fees. I will be switching to another bank shortly.

Check Around For Better Savings And IRA Rates.

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After 30 years of using them I am very disappointed in there rates they pay you for using your money. Have been transferring many of my IRA accounts for that reason to Ally. I do like there auto loan rates and have used them a lot in the past. Every time I see the mansion they are building to glorify them selves off 1604 and I -35 I can see why they can not pay any more to there customer's on there savings and IRA accounts. Will continue to use them for simple check deposits and good rates on there MasterCard. Hope this helps others.


We had been members at RBFCU for more than 6 years but will not be much longer. This credit union tries to claim they are small business friendly but they are NOT. They intentionally post debits before posting any credits. For a small business this can be critical. Not only do they post debits first, they post the largest debits ahead of smaller debits because if they can cause the account to drop below 0 for even ONE SECOND, they assess a $24 courtesy pay fee PER TRANSACTION. Meanwhile, they have electronic credits waiting to be posted that more than cover the debits. This is absolutely unethical and underhanded. Are they willing to work with the customer? No. Our business checking account dipped MOMENTARILY to a -$2.85 for ONE second and they charged us $24 courtesy pay fee. Then they posted the electronic credits!

Do NOT do business with RBFCU. Lots of customers are complaining. Don't wait until you are a victim. Don't do business with them!


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Do not bank with this institution. Their customer support is non-existent and when you do get to speak with someone, they are incompetent, condescending, and utterly useless. Their mobile apps are useless. You cannot trust your available balance and they will charge you "Convenience fees" any time they want, regardless of how much you have in your account. They are total crooks and I will be closing my accounts, posting, and telling everyone I know in my community and social media of my experiences and hope that no one has to experience what I had.

Their "network" was down and you couldn't use your debit/credit cards and they never notified ANY of their customers, leaving everyone that tried to make purchases the night before a hurricane with no funds to prepare for it. This is the WORST bank in Texas and I can't wait to close my accounts.

DO NOT BANK WITH RBFCU! #HurricaneHarvey

Utterly Incompetent Member Services

I moved out of state and kept this bank because the online banking was fairly easy, but calling member services is a joke! They are incompetent, put you on endless holds and transfer you multiple times and they cannot track any historical records regarding things you discuss and agreements you make over the phone. DO NOT use this bank if there is somewhere else you can go. Frequently a 20-30 minute call will result in them wanting you to go into a branch to sort things out. I have NEVER only dealt with one person who answers the phone, they might as well be receptionists.

The latest stunt they pulled is to change the bill pay system, so they wiped out the old one, no one can get access to it anymore. You have to reload all of your billers and then the old bill pay system is still running in the background, so all those auto payments you had going out, they continue, you can't shut them off! Little tipper they didn't feel the need to share until all the new billers were re-established and auto-payments set up on that! ULTRA frustrating! The level of incompetence boggles the mind!

RBFCU is pretty good for a local bank

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I have been banking with Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union for almost 20 years now, as I first opened a savings account with them while I was still in high school. Today, I have a checking account through them as well. Working with them is a breeze. I use direct deposit for my paycheck, but they also offer deposit via ATM or even through their mobile app, is pretty cool. Their overdraft fees are reasonable, and generally I've been able to get them waived, which shows they they appreciate their long-term clients. They offer an automatic savings program that takes a predetermined amount from my deposits and puts the funds into savings. I've also accrued quite a bit through their automatic 10-cent cash back promotion when using my debit card. Recently, they've built a branch closer to my house which makes going to the ATM to avoid any fees even easier. My mother has her mortgage with them, and I've made the payments a few times, and it couldn't be easier. Overall, I would recommend using RBFCU to anyone in the area.

Ridiculous Fees

I opened a new checking and savings account online. I misunderstood one of the features (my fault) which caused almost 300.00 in fees. I called over and over only to be placed on hold and everytime it was 15 minutes, 30 minutes only to get an answer that they could not help me remove any of these fees. The feature is the debit card transactions are approved and a 24.00 fee is applied. I made purchases for as low as a dollar to 50.00 and was charged 24.00. I went to the branch after getting no sympathy from the "customer service" reps. Finally the manger of the bank agreed to refund 5 fees. They took my entire direct deposit and I was completely broke for a week. They did not care that I had no money. I had to borrow from family and eat ramen all week. I have a daughter and I couldn't even buy her food. I had to explain to her what happened and she understood, but was upset that it happened. They wasted my time away from work every time I called and I was disgusted at their demeanor telling me that it was not a bank error therefore they would not help me. I still have a negative balance with them and plan to pay them off and be done. I would like to know if anyone has a corporate contact and address to write a letter to?


I just closed my accounts with RBFCU after seven years. I had debits coming out of my savings account, which is linked to my checking. I was under the impression those debits would come out of my checking, but I was mistaken. Nevertheless, I was also under the assumption that since my accounts were linked, that one account would cover the other in the event of overdraft. This is apparently only the case when the circumstances are backwards (checking going into overdraft with money in savings to cover). When I called the customer service line for RBFCU, the agents were horribly rude and humiliating. When I asked to speak to a supervisor about this situation, I received the response of "(scoff)...you're just gonna get the same answer!" It was horrible! That person then transferred me. I told her to please not let anymore debits come through my savings, that it was ridiculous to have debits coming through my savings and, also, ridiculous that RBFCU wouldn't pay those charges out of my linked checking account. I had to ask to speak to her supervisor as well and, believe it or not, I got the same response from her! She placed me on a brief hold and then told me her supervisor was busy and they'd call me back. I never received a call back. I came to a level of acceptance and decided it wasn't worth the effort and I would just absorb the $75 in NSF fees. Then, my bank account was hit once again by a "retry" of those same charges even after asking them to stop any future attempts to debit my savings account. BAM! Another $75! I walked into the bank branch this time to talk to someone face to face. They were very apologetic and said they can't do anything without corporate approval. PLEASE! IF YOU VALUE HAVING MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, AVOID THIS BANK LIKE THE PLAGUE! THEY ARE NOT THE FRIENDLY SMALL-TOWN BANK THEY USED TO BE! THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY VIA OBSCURE LOOPHOLES EVERY CHANCE THEY GET!

Stay Away

Im going to steal this comment from a previous poster as its conveys EXACTLY what i wanted to say...If you want to be robbed, humiliated, lied to, money taken out of your account, nickel and dimed, this is the credit union for you.

Seriously, stay away from them. They have horrible horrible customer service.


Beware of ACH drafts, if you are a member of Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union in the Central Texas metros of Austin & San Antonio. Worse than transactional ordering, this banking scheme plays on a hidden first in-first out (FIFO) running balance, anticipating customers will initiate electronic payments and make deposits at different times on a given banking day, capitalizing on the timing of both.

As stated on their website's Overdraft Protection page, "We pay all checks and debits on your checking account in order of arrival sequence throughout the day"

This practice is NOT in the bank member's best interest. Nor is this the practice of many large commercial banks. It is, however, a lucrative practice for RBFCU.

As an example, if an ACH draft presents itself to the bank at 1:10 PM and your deposit to cover the draft is processed at 1:15 PM, you will receive a $24 NSF fee, since your deposit was made five minutes after the ACH blipped on their screen. However, you, the bank member, won't see it as a posted transaction at 1:10 PM, on your online banking ledger. Most likely, it will appear as posted on the following banking day, or after 9 PM CST

Due to this nefarious and obscure transactional ordering policy, the credit union takes unfair advantage of its members' funds by intentionally refusing to clarify one daily posting/cut off time for deposits for all pending ACH or debit transactions.

However, this is not the case with all banks. One of the nation's largest commercial banks clearly states deposit cut off times for the banking day and does not assess any fees on pending items, only on overdrawn posted items that clear overnight. This superior system creates one single Ending Daily Balance that shows items that overdrew, after all deposits are accounted for, prior to the cut off time.

To avoid this unpleasant experience, what RBFCU wants its members to do is to enable Courtesy Pay to cover the Pending Item, thereby incurring a $24 fee, similar to an NSF fee. Unless funds can be drawn from another overdraft source, such as a savings account or credit line, the member will pay $24 in the form of an NSF or Courtesy Pay fee.

For all of the negative press the large commercial banks have received in recent years, it's become apparent that credit unions, like RBFCU, are really far more sinister in their fee practices, by refusing to create one cut off time for the day's deposits, to cover ALL pending or posted debit items.

Non-existent (or non-disclosed) deposit cut off times and invisible running balances, that do not update by the minute on a members online bank ledger, shadow RBFCU's true intent to collect fees, even when pending items do not truly overdraft, which would cause the use of bank funds, rather than a member's deposited funds.

Perhaps the NCUA needs to investigate this practice. If nothing else, our state legislators should be informed, if this loophole needs to be addressed as a part of fair practices required of state chartered banks, headquartered in TX, under the TX Finance Code.


Or, it might serve local journalists and reporters a story that should be brought to the public's attention, demanding reform of an abusive bank/credit union practice, in need of enforcement under existing consumer protection acts.

RBFCU doing a unique way of opening account

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I recently opened a checking account at RBFCU and it was a unique experience. The customer service was very good. When I was getting ready to fill out the appropriate paperwork, I was doing a video conference with an employee. They explained the paperwork that needed to be filled out, I filled out the paperwork, and then gave it to the employee in the room to fax it in to the person I was doing the video conference with. When I was finished filling out the paperwork with the person, I was done and had the bank account open. It was an experience that I had not done before and made me more intrigued about the bank. After having the bank account opened for almost a year, I can say that this has been a great bank for me and has provided all of the services that I need. The customer service has been terrific and they are always smiling and seem to enjoy working there.

RBFCU review

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As time goes on, I've continued to hear more and more people singing the praises of using a credit union instead of a bank. The general consensus was that credit unions have lower fees (or no fees), lower interest rates, and treat you more than fairly. Considering all of this, my interest was piqued and I wanted to hear anecdotes from the ones I trust. Both my friends and colleagues highly recommended Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union.

With a unanimous vote for RBFCU, I decided look into what they had to offer in terms of checking. Their staff was very friendly and explained that there were no minimum requirements for an initial deposit and their are no monthly fees. Other benefits include free checks, overdraft protection, and even cash back on debit card purchases. I was sold.

Not only did I open up a checking account with them, but I opened up a savings account and started a Roth IRA. I really enjoy dealing with their staff and I have not experienced a single problematic issue during my time with RBFCU. I highly recommend Randolph Brooks; they're awesome!

Problem With CD Maturity

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RBCUA used to offer the best CD rate for 7 years till 2008, everything changed. I had, still have, several CDs for 7 years maturing one by one. They tried to skip one month interest, if CD is not renewed, and all the tricks I can't tell it all. I caught their intention before the fact, after all kinds of phone call, email, and I even filed a complaint through NCUA, I have paid. Yet again! we have six CDs in Roth to be matured throughout 2016. I'm still collecting all the evidence, just in case we go to a court for this.

Get Paid to Shop!

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I love this bank. I have been with Chase for over 10 years when I became a stay at home mom and no longer had income to meet the requirements, such as direct deposit, they wouldn't work with me so I started shopping for a new bank. I enjoy banking with Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union. Not only did they welcome me with open arms but they advised me that every time I shop they pay me! What could be better? Anytime I go threw the drive up teller, they are always so friendly and provide excellent customer service. I am so glad I switched!!

a review of the best fcu ever

I have been with them for almost 15 years, and have had absolutely nothing but good experience with them. Any time I've tried another financial institution, I've been severely let down and have come running back to rbfcu.

None Better

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Best credit union in the state of Texas, and you can now do business with them in the D/FW area as well as San Antonio and Austin.

Had a breathtakingly superior mortgage experience recently with them on top of 40+ years of doing anything and everything I have needed,

I miss banking with Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union!

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RBFCU was the first place that I banked with as an adult. The only reason I do not continue to use them is because I moved and they are only local to Texas. RBFCU processes transactions quickly, I would say instantly. It made it very easy for me to never overdraft because I could just look online at my account and it was always up to date. RBFCU also had many convenient locations in San Antonio where I used to live and a 24 hour atm and drop box for checks. This was very convenient for me because I had a very busy schedule. RBFCU also offered a 10 cent cash back program for their debit card which is awesome! Another convenient feature that they had was a coin machine at their locations. RBFCU made it very convenient for me to save up every penny.

What's Happened To Rbfcu?

Tonight was the first time rbfcu made me feel like I needed to switch banks. Since the switch over last September the service has been horrible and when you can reach someone that can help you they are rude and condescending. I'm almost mad enough to close my accounts. It's sad when they have to pick on someone to feel better about themselves.

Check Reordering Process Poor

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Attempting to utilize the RBFCU online check order program results in failure at the end of the process. An error message appears when submitting the order noting that the account number is too long. This is when the account number is automatically entered by the program. Calling customer service enables one to order checks but they can't provide the free checkbook cover with the RBFCU logo available online.

Horrible Bank. Don't Give Them Your Business

I have been a member of RBFCU since just after getting out of BMT over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, I will be closing my accounts with RBFCU and going over to USAA because of an incident that happened to a close friend of mine. My friend has an auto loan through RBFCU. He was pulled over and charged with a crime and the cops temporarily seized his vehicle. During the seizure of his vehicle, he never missed any payments to RBFCU and full coverage was kept on the car. RBFCU took it upon themselves to request the vehicle be released to them and has proceeded to put his vehicle up for auction. The case has not even been to court and they are citing a clause in paperwork that he signed saying "if the vehicle is used in a crime" that they have permission to repossess the vehicle. Again, THE CASE HASN'T EVEN BEEN TO COURT. After he has contacted RBFCU multiple times telling them this, they are still not backing down on the repossession and auctioning of the car. This will go on his credit as a repo even though he is current on the loan. Innocent until proven guilty is the American way so what makes RBFCU think they can be Judge and Jury here?? Not only is what RBFCU doing un-American, but completely dishonest. This sort of behavior is not something I am OK with coming from a business that I am supposed to trust my financial future to. So long and I won't be seeing you later.


After banking with RBFCU for 8 years, I have an overall positive perception of my experience with this credit union. I received decent rates for an automobile loan and have been forgiven with certain fees. Out of all of the credit unions and banks I've dealt with (5+), I am most pleased with RBFCU.

Never a better credit union!

I have been a member of Randolph Brooks since I married my husband 17 years ago. He has been a member since he was five years old. We both have extensive experience with RBFCU and will continue to be members the rest of our lives. We have had car loans, personal loans, credit cards, insurance, investments, savings, and checking accounts. The only experience we haven't had is obtaining a home mortgage loan through them but we will be doing that soon! We love everything about them and cannot say enough good things about them. They have excellent customer service and even offer suggestions when we don't know what's best. They have pulled through for us time and time again and we always recommend them to friends.

Great Credit Union

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I've banked with RBFCU for over 10 years and they've always bent over backwards. They did everything they could to help keep our truck from being repossessed last year. They were great with communication and worked with us every month; letting us pick our due date and pay what we could. RBFCU will always be my first choice credit union.

RBFCU is reliable and secure

RBFCU is a reliable and secure credit union. I have never had any security issues of any kind. The rates are competitive and they help me keep my finances organized. Whenever I have a question, they are quick to answer it. They have a good online chat service that connects you with a representative. In-store staff are always friendly and I never have to wait a long line as there are plenty of tellers.

Excellent service, good rates

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I've had nothing but great experiences with Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union. The service has always been helpful, informative and, friendly. I've opened a savings account, checking account, and a money market. The dividends have been helpful in making ends meet. I definitely plan on sticking with RBFCU for as long as possible and will very likely use their services to take out loans when I decide to buy a large purchase. I definitely recommend investing there.

Fraud Stolen ATM/Credit Card

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RBFCU did take care of me when my credit card info was stolen/hacked. They were very professional and helpful. Within a day I received my monies that were stolen. If this happens to you, quickly call and get your card suspended....Thanks.

Randolph Brooks Lending Department.

 I wish I could say RBFCU has great service, but I guess some people that work there are not very competent. I have been a member of RBFCU for over 15 years and have never been behind on one payment or delinquent on anything and I have good credit. I needed $15,000.00 to repair my foundation on my house that is basically breaking my house. Let's face it $15,000.00 is not a lot of money now a days. So they did the counter offer dance and said  we can only approve you for $10,000.00. Funny thing is I don't need $10,000.00 in need $15,000.00. I wonder if I could give the foundation company a counter offer of $10,000.00 instead of $15,000.00. They should be fine with that right? Good luck with that! So after RBFCU has basically spit in my face and disrespected me on several occassions I unfortunately have a very bad taste in my mouth.

RE: To the personal attacks message.

 This is what reviews are for to see who is not doing they're job! And if you do not want people writing bad comments about RBFCU, then RBFCU needs to address the area that is having an issue. Until then you will get bad reviews. If I could of selected no stars I would!


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I moved to RBFCU after several years with Bank of America, and I've never looked back! Every interaction with the people there (over the phone or in person) have been phenominal, the policies are fantastic, and the customer service is supurb!

Outstanding Service And Rates At Randolph-Brooks Credit Union

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When my 3-year 5.10% IRA certificate matured at RBFCU late in November I placed it in an IRA savings account there until I decided what to do with it. With a dismal rate structure everywhere and safety in mind I decided to open three equally funded certificates at RBFCU with 5, 6, and 7 year maturities. The interest rate came to an average of 3.00% which is probably close to the best I could have done anywhere else these days. I called RBFCU this morning and asked the CSR to transfer me to someone who could do the account transaction for an IRA. She said she could take care of it for me. The whole transaction took less than five minutes and was immediately posted on-line. Now that's what I call service. No paperwork and no hassles. I've consistently had no problems with this financial institution and the selection of products has been excellent with certificate rates up there in the top-tier most of the time.  Definitely a five star credit union. In fact I saw a billboard ad a couple of years ago in San Antonio noting that they were judged the number one credit union in Texas. I agree.

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