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They Should Wear A Ski Mask When Doing Transactions!

Never ever trust regions. They talked me into getting a heloc, that I didn't even need. I kept it in a safe for three years. One day a get a ding on my phone from kredit karma and I notice I was charged 1800. I call and find out that regions had put flood insurance on my home. My house is paid off and I buy my own home insurance. Note that my balance was zero and I know that they can make the excuse that they are protecting their assets.... but they had zero balance. My property alone is worth $35,000 or more with no house. Then I call mad and the guy on the phone, told me he had to stop and go to his happy place.... when he came back and told me, I asked for someone else with moxy. They sent a woman to talk to me. Kicker is to leave regions, I had to pay $2300 . No refund on insurance or nothing. Regular flood insurance is $900 a year. They are thieves and this is why they have a poor rating

6 Year Long Customer

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a week ago I took a check for $100 from Kentucky National, my car insurance company, into Regions Bank in Franklin Ky on the square. The check had been printed ever so slightly off that the numbers wouldn't register via mobile deposit so I walked the check inside. The teller and the manager were nice enough to literally cut the check into pieces and taped it so the computer would accept it. I was so thankful! I even made a comment before I left that I was happy with that transaction and that I had previously had a bad experience with someone but that particular transaction made up for it in my mind. I left happy! thankful because I needed that hundred bucks after being in the ER the night before and I just wanted to get some bland food. I went to a local restaurant and my $11 transaction gets declined. I immediately think to myself "oh no I have no other way to pay for this, let me call the bank to see what's going on." I called, and Betsy Bean informed me at that point that SHE put a hold on that check because I didn't have enough money in my account to cover the funds if the check bounced. she did not give me a receipt. she was literally face to face with me (unknowingly, I didn't know who she was at the time) and did not tell me at that time that she held my funds. I have banked with Regions for over 6 years and while my account isn't large, it is utilized. I didn't just open this account last week. small town banking matters. ???? she berated me, told me she's worked in banking since 1986 and that's the way it is bc it's how it's always been. mind you Regions charges you 5% of whatever you deposit to access it immediately ??
NOW. yesterday! Betsy Bean called me from a phone number not associated with the bank (that popped up scam risk) and introduced herself and I told her "ma'am I have nothing to say to you." and hung up the phone.
I have called Regions Green line three times, I've tried walking in, and now I'm trying social media. I want a complaint filed and handled on someone who breaks the law. it was illegal for her to let me walk out of that bank without telling me she put a hold on the funds. I'm still not so sure that she didn't put a hold on it out of personal spite, because legally there was no reason to put a hold on a check for an account such as mine.
people's hard earned money are being played with and disrespectfed at the hands of Betsy Bean and Regions Bank in Franklin, and while I'm moving my account to Liberty Financial Credit Union, I'm standing my ground that this shit shouldn't be allowed to happen. please move your money to a better financial institution and trust your money with better people bc Franklin Regions isn't it.


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If I could give a -20 I would.
I am an employer that has one of their employee's direct deposit at this bank. Last week's direct deposit for this employee went though easy as a breeze. This week because there is an s missing in the Regions name for the ACH deposit they will not release the funds to his account. (If it was missing this week than it was missing last week) The employee has called them and was told he needed to have me call. (We all know this is a lie but for his sake I tried anyway.) Sure enough they cannot help whatsoever. They could not tell me what step I need to take from my end to correct things despite the fact that I can provide a trace number that shows the money is with them. The customer service people are very pleasant. I feel so bad for them. Regions has them completely handicapped. They had no way to reach anyone that could be of any help. I would not encourage anyone to put your money into this supposedly legit bank.

Regions Online Banking

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Just drive 45 minutes to the only one that’s open on a Saturday, don’t risk depositing money via mobile
App on weekend or you are screwed. Enough funds to wholly cover the deposit and a one week hold and maybe they can fix on Monday. Ridiculous !


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Honestly this has been the most unprofessional bank I’ve ever had the displeasure of being a part of it doesn’t matter whether you pay online, over the phone with an agent, OR IN PERSON! They will not accept your payment for credit cards. I’ve unfortunately been a poor soul attached to one of their credit cards for 3 years and I’ve had 8 bounced payments not due to the lack of money(I have plenty to pay their pitiful minimum payment) but due to the fact they don’t have customer service bums that know what they are doing, their online service makes windows 1.0 look like a super computer, their live agents are a less expensive hallmark card, the poor things are worse than useless(I’m calling them stupid because they are) and even when I went into a physical branch and paid that way I still managed to get something wrong. Im done, im sick of it, and honestly better not catch the CEO slipping on the streets I’ll curb stomp his dumb ass for all the late fees he brought me. Those fuckers ruined my credit score no fault of my own. Would rate in the negatives if I could.

Devasted Our Family Celebrations

I deposited a substantial amount of money via the Regions mobile app on Monday November 20, 2023 and it stated that my deposit would be available on November 21. That timing would be perfect as my family was planning to travel the next day to have Thanksgiving with my extended family out of town. When I woke up the morning of the 21st, I saw that the deposit had been acknowledged but stated it was being held until November 29, the following Monday. That was (and at the time of this review, is still) an incredibly inappropriate and unacceptable length of time to hold the funds. I did not (and still don’t) have enough money, without that deposit, to put a proper meal on the table for my family to enjoy Thanksgiving. Regions stole that from my family. Additionally, it was my wife’s and my first Thanksgiving as married couple. I’ve had my issues with Regions in the past, and can admit in retrospect that those have been my fault. However, this time I will not accept any blame. Regions Bank has absolutely devasted our family. I tried calling the corporate office and they told me to go see a physical bank. We were spending what little money we did have left traveling the day I made that call to get to my family. And now, without the money being available until Monday, we can’t afford to travel back home until then meaning my children will be missing a day of school. This has been inexcusable. I fully expect Regions to make things right, someway, somehow. They’ve robbed my family of a proper holiday.
To top it off, my wife and I are supposed to be enjoying our 1 year wedding anniversary on November 26, and now that’s not possible either.

Regions Customers Unappreciated

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Almost 50 year old account in good standing closed by Regions Bank without notice. Customers beware you may be next.

Worst Bank Ever

I would strongly recommend NOT doing business with this regional bank! I opened my small business account in 2020 when I was walking distance to a branch location. Since I have moved away and am not near a branch, it has gotten ridiculous. They want me to come into a branch for almost everything. No one seems to understand that I am not anywhere near any branch! All of my other banks allow me to do 99% of things online.

They took one week to send a wire that I requested. I had to email the CEO to get any action on this. I have now moved most of my money to another bank and they want me to walk into a branch to close the account! What a backwards bank that can't do online stuff.

0 stars

Horrible Bank

We were on fumes coming home and pulled into last gas station for twenty two miles. we had waited a gas was 22 cents less a gallon. We had money in account, but bank declined card despite the fact funds were in account, and overdraft protection in place. We ran card three times, but declined all three times. We got text message five minutes later down the road, card was declined to protect back because they flagged it, despite having used gas station numerous times and only 35 miles from house. When I called and asked for supervisor I was told bank will flag sometimes to protect card holder. There was no reason to flag this card and it caused great hardship for us running out of gas on a school night and what a celebration turned onto a horrible night. Bank accepted no responsibility at all, we lost hours of time and used one of our AAA calls. This should not have happened. in addition always a wait due to understaffed bank, always a line. Teller told us bank had issued a hiring freeze. Atm has been broken seven times this year.

My Experience With Regions

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I Melissa want to give a shout out to a bank teller name is Ms. Robin at the Roswell location I appreciate her for helping me open an account when I first approached the bank the first person I saw with her she greet me with a smile and she also offer me something to drink she helped me with the question I needed to ask she also explained thoroughly about the bank and the different account she also helped me make my choice of the account that I need to know about I appreciate her so much (Ms Robin you rocks )I appreciate her for everything she did for me she were very very professional at her job and I also like to give a shout out to her coworkers and I also recommend other people to go see (Miss Robbie )cause of her I have my account together and I have my life back on track thank you Mrs Robin keep the good work up


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Unfair Treatment And Credit Score Impact By Negligent Bank

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The bank's actions have been inconsistent with the truth and lacking in basic courtesy, extending to the point of reporting to credit bureaus. Furthermore, despite having set up automatic debits, the bank's system deficiencies led to their failure to debit my account as intended. As a result, they imposed not only a late fee but also reported this matter to credit bureaus. Despite multiple attempts to communicate with them and rectify the situation in good faith, they remain indifferent and unresponsive to my concerns. This unjust situation has not only left me with unnecessary financial burdens but has also adversely impacted my credit score.

Worst Bank I've Ever Dealt With

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What a bunch of con artists. Bunch of stuff they don't tell you before you sign up. Like when you pay extra money to have an instant AC S transaction go through to fund your account when you first get your card and then it takes 2 weeks for it to finally post since it's your first deposit?? Thanks for telling me. Not to mention every time I try to order anything whether it be from Walmart or Amazon I get a order confirmation, then 5 seconds later they canceled my order due to suspicious activity. And hold my money for 10 days. Yet they don't skip a beat when 1:00 hits around when they collect their monthly fee which is outrageous to charge almost $10 for immediately checking account where they don't even take care of their own customers I give it a f-

Negative Start. They LIE!

Do not do business with Regions!! They LIE!!! I made a deposit and received a hold notice from the teller, signed and dated, stating that funds would be available the next day. The next day I received and email from Regions stating that all of the funds are now on hold for 7 days. Relationships are built on trust, if I cannot trust the word of the bank, in writing and signed by an employee, then there is no trust. I won't do business with a bank that I cannot trust. The branch would do nothing, the 800 customer service would do nothing. I have been a customer for over 20 years and my sons have all opened accounts with Regions but we will be moving our business now.


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I been with this bank 7-8 years. They used to be so good now it went to crap.the customer service is bad.they told me I couldn't cancel till the weekend was over and that my pending would all have to be gone.i told the lady today is Monday what's the problem.then she proceeded to tell me that she wasn't don't I have to wait till 8 o'clock tonight to cancel my account.she was rude and after I told her about me leaving she got more like she didn't care.also I kept on getting fraud and other random charges to my account and they can't take them out.but we go thu this everytime.i get fraud get me a new card and the fraud keeps getting out of my account. So this is a sign from a customer who been with regions for so long.DONT BANK WITH THEM ITS NOT WORTH THE TIME.GO SOMEWHERE might seem okay in the beginning but just wait.i have friends who banked with them and left along time ago.i wish I did too

They Steal And Lie To Customers

I wanted to like Regions especially after leaving Wellsfargo after 18 years. First, they lied to me about the interest rate on my MMA. Quoted me one amount, then the next day emailed me that it was much lower and that the rates change daily. That would be fine if they quoted me that amount and the account was funded on another day, but it wasn’t. I went into the branch and was quoted the higher rate by the representative as well as her supervisor. Did a wire transfer which funded the account that same day that I was quoted the better rate. Escalated the complaint which did no good. The person in Complaints in Tennessee did nothing but listen and agree with me and said she would have the manager at the local branch contact me. The rate was never adjusted, never heard back from the manager after emailing the person in Tennessee again, so I moved the bulk of my money to a different bank. My checking account and small savings accounts are still there. On more than one occasion, I will receive a refund for something and it will show up in my transactions but it doesn’t reflect in my available balance. Since these accounts that are left at Regions are much smaller, it’s very easy to do the math. I do believe they steal money because they’re not applying my refunds. My balance never goes up when I receive a refund but shows up in the transactions as received. They are scammers and I’m already looking for another bank. I’ve only been with them since Nov 2022. The worst!

Regions Bank The Worse Bank Online Or Even Worse Calling Them

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My complaint is that I did a card this year because of the great benefits and after I made my purchases the headache started it , when I got to make my first payment I couldn’t do it online , I tried to call and I waited more than 50 minutes till I get the chance to speak with a representative , I gave up , I went to they branch close to my house and there when I spoke to the manager he said only way for me to do my payments over my phone it was only if I open a checking account with them and make deposits to this account , I was like are you serious I never saw such thing in my life here , I refused and I told the manager to set up a auto pay he did and guess what next month they never deduct the auto pay but the Kate payment fee it was there , I went there in person and the manager couldn’t explained what’s going on, so he spoke to they’re people and they got my money back and stated to take the payments, next month after this I checked my account same thing happen , I got so upset with this going on and me going to this bank all the time to get this issues fixed and managers all embarrassed to see me there , I took money from my other account and I pay off this card that gave me 18 months of interest free in less than 6 months of having my first purchase and I will not use this card anymore because of all this mistakes they did , I just saw the negatives reviews and now I see how bad they are and thank god I never open a checking account !!! REGIONS BANK SHANE ON YOU FOR BEING LIKE THAT AND NO INVEST IN GOOD COSTUMER SERVICE , YOU NEED TO BE OUT OF BUSINESS !!!

Repeatedly Allows Fraud, Flags Real Purchases.

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Over the past year Regions has allowed over $2,200 in fraudulent charges. Every single time I dispute it they do nothing about it. I was homeless over the summer because of these charges. As soon as I get a little money to spend on myself (AT THE PLACE I WORK!) guess what? They blocked it, locked my card, and the police were at my place of work the next day.

Meanwhile, while my card is *LOCKED BY REGIONS* I get a notification on my mobile app for two $300 purchases. One five states away from a company that is just a string of characters, and one from Taiwan at a women's clothing store. Now, I don't buy women's clothes as I am not a woman. I contacted Regions about these and they said the purchases cleared their fraud check.

Unacceptable. Banking with Regions is not a good idea. I'm already in student debt and they are actively making it worse. Fuck 'em.

Regions Bank Is Awful

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Paid too much in fees to get a loan considering I had to do all the work to get the settlement statement right. The underwriter had the wrong city and zip code of the house. The escrow was materially miscalculated. Now I am trying to do an external transfer. Tells me there are not accounts to transfer to but when try to add the account it tells me the account already exists. I find myself going to a branch frequently because I cannot resolve anything online. What is the point of online banking if I cannot accomplish anything ONLINE!!!

Bait & Switch Scam

I had always heard all the horror stories about regions charging up to 30% of the check amount to cash a check from their own account holder if you the recipients of the check didn't have an account with them, but decided to open an account to redeem there promotional $400 gift to new account holders. Big mistake as it was a bait and switch technique designed to get you to deposit money and then deceive you into believing that you would get that promotional money. I waited the 90 days as per the offer and then called about 10 times over the next 3 months trying to find out why I still hadn't received the $400. Manager was "never there" except one time out of all those calls (not that I am stupid enough to believe that, and after stringing you along for 6 months using your money interest free, and getting the main branch manger involved, calling the corporate people etc, I am closing the account today and telling my story on ever social media, and review site I can find. This is the 5th review and I have it on 3 social media platforms. I hope you will help spread the word to warn all you know to avoid this scamming institution that abuses their account holders to the point that they have to advertise to buy you as a holder! Don't go near this place.

Do Not Trust This Bank

I have been banking with Regions for over 4 years and am getting ready to close my account. For the past several months I have noticed that my refunds/returns are now taking close to a week to actually be returned to my account, where before this time frame they were always returned immediately. Regions has blamed it on the vendors, but it has happened on several different occasions with multiple vendors. My cell phone provider removed a mistaken charge from my account 2 months ago, on the day they made the mistake and gave me a confirmation number. The charge sat in my pending charges for over a week after it had been reversed by my cell phone company, and verified by my cell phone company to a banker while on speakerphone in front of me, and Regions charged me multiple insufficient funds fees before removing the charge from pending and acting like it was never there. If it was never there, please explain to me where the insufficient funds fees originated from. I had multiple conversations with Regions employees at the customer service number (after fighting my way through an almost impossible automated system), who had charges refunded to my account because of this mishap... yet before the fees would be refunded, more fees would hit my account. I was then receiving insufficient funds fees because of insufficient funds fees that they charged me (and were being refunded)! I went into my branch to speak with someone because as a single mother, over 230.00 in fees in a 2 week period and not being able to use my debit card as needed for my kids, life was pretty tough. I have worked in accounting for over 20 years of my life and the teller I worked with tried to tell me that I was in the negative a month before that (as she pointed at a withdrawal amount on my statement, instead of the balance after the transaction). I explained to her that she needed to learn how to read a statement and I needed the branch manager to look at this for me. She went to get the branch manager and I could hear them laughing and making jokes as if I were uneducated. Then the branch manager came over, proceeded to try to tell me the same thing as her teller and spoke over me every time I tried to speak. I then got angry and told her what they were doing wasn't right and that I have children at home who need me to be able to use my income... which then led her to have me escorted from the bank stating she would call the police on me if I didn't leave right then. My bank account also looks very suspicious if you go back and view the charges from that 2 week period, which will be very hard to explain if I choose to buy a home or do anything that requires bank statements. I ate the money they stole from me and continued to work and make it up, but now 2 months later, I am waiting on returns to process that showed up in my account 3 days ago and have now mysteriously disappeared to be seen whenever Regions decides to stop using it for their own interest. I will be closing my account as soon as my direct deposit is processed this week.

Regions TAKES Money AGAIN, CRIMINAL Overdrafts

Once again Regions Bank charged MORE overdtaft fees in my checking account on the same day TWO depsits were made. One of which is an auto deposit. YTD I have been charged roughly $900 in overdrafts while an auto deposit was reflected. I have photos of my account proving this. It is criminal! 20 yrs banking with these folks and this is how they treat their customers. I have already complained SEVERAL times and was told to CALL their media relations poc. It's difficult to call when you're trying to work 2 jobs, care for a child with a neck injury and you're dealing with banker's hours!. I think I'll do a montage photo of all the screen captures I have showing deposits, then a few hours later regions stealing several $35 overdraft fees. What great timing to do this right before Christmas. Need to change dozs of auto bill pay drafts and child support AUTO deposits, A HUGE task and inconvenience. Look for a bank you can TRUST with your hard earned money. Avoid Regions Bank.

Stealing Deposits

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Regions are trash. I deposited an initial deposit and they CLAIM that they did not receive it. Stay far way from this place. They can't find my deposit. At this point, ALL these negative reviews are straight FACTS!!!

Stay Away From Regions Bank

I was unable to contact them when I needed. The "message us" tab at bottom right of their website does not work. The voice prompts on the phone just kept me going around in circles, even when pressing zero. I left a message for help on the social media FB page, and nobody ever responded. So two days later I called to close my account, and they charged me a $25 fee stating it was because the account was not open for a full 180 days. So I got charged $25 for their incompetence.


I had a CC and enrolled for automatic payments. THEY NEVER SUBMIT MY REQUESTS! I kept paying so many fees with a huge interest. i had $300 on my CC and over $1,000 in fees. They are crooks! Always hang up on you, always transfer you to the wrong person and don't ever know how to do their job properly. This bank profits off of stealing money from people. Seriously the most frustrating company I have ever dealt with my whole life. DO NOT EVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!! EVER

Holding Money Hostage

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I opened an account to receive a promotional bonus. I asked multiple times about fees and was assured if I met their criteria, I would not get any fees. But, surprise! I still got a fee. Honestly, I expected it based on some of the other reviews, but they offered $400 to open a new account, so I thought it was still worth it.

I got the bonus and naturally wanted to close the account due to the high fees. At first, I thought I couldn't figure it out online because it is a very poorly designed online banking experience, which it is, but it turns out my account was locked! They would not allow me to withdraw the money unless I visited a branch or sent them a notarized letter. I read a review below, and it looks like they'll charge me a fee to close the account.

There are plenty of better banking options out there. Avoid Regions.

Regions Is A Den Of Thieves’

Be very weary of opening any kind of account with Regions Bank. They play bait and switch with their customers and do not honor their bonus offers. Regions makes their customers jump through hoops to earn their bonus offer as an incentive on to open a new account however when it’s time for regions to honor the incentive the customers will be denied the bonus offer despite meeting all requirements. I have contacted my district attorney’s office as well as the BBB. I have posted many reviews on Google and Yelp about my experience with Regions Bank as well as telling my story to friends, co-workers and neighbors. I am putting the word out and have halted over 8 potential Region’s customers from opening an account and 4 others to close their current account with regions and bank with another institution. I encourage all other Regions Bank customers who have been denied their bonus offer to do the same. This fraudulent practice by Regions Bank is not only unethical, in the eyes of the law this is completely illegal. Regions Bank does not value their customers.
It is extremely difficult if not impossible to do business with an unethical banking institution such as Regions Bank that you cannot trust. They do not honor their business dealing and are very unprofessional. Until Regions makes this right this will be my personal mission to get the word out on how dishonest Regions Bank is to their customers. Major red flag to bank with this company that couldn’t care less about doing the right thing and honoring their promotions. Regions is a den of thieves’ bank with them at your own risk.

My Regions Bank

I see a lot of 1 star reviews, but I have only good things to say about my Regions bank. One month, my employer made an error and did not direct deposit my money into my account. I went in and talked to someone at the bank and they allowed me to overdraft (without charge) enough to pay my rent on time while my employer got the mistake untangled. The bank officer said if I needed more, to come back. In this world today, who would do this? I pride myself in not being late with bills, so it was important to me to pay the rent on time, and my other bank was in another state, and I could not get to it in time. They have won me as a customer for life.

Hold On My Check

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Regions is the worst bank ever if you deposit checks they put a hold on them for no reason this bank is not health at all. They block your calls I got my money because I when and sit on the branch for hours. Other wise I would still be waiting on my money this happened in June and now they did it again. Is there a place I can go to and file a complaint?

This Bank Is Crooked With Thevies

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This bank stole my money from my account the money is missing out of my bank checking account but there is no transaction to prove that the money is missing so I can’t even dispute it so with this being said I believe my money was stole by the bank or someone working in the bank and this not the first time this has happen to me since I been with this bank they lie and steal very well. Now my money is gone and I may never get it back. I’m seeking a lawyer for this situation.

Canceled Stolen Card But A Week Later Charges Came Through On It

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My husband's wallet was stolen & his card to our small business account along with it. We reported it & canceled the card. A WEEK later a transaction was approved on his card that was CANCELED & it over drew our account by SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars! I called the branch immediately & was told that the "back office" hadn't yet completed the cancelation of his card! They're disputing the charges but we've had issues before with them & disputing inaccurate charges for MUCH less so we're not putting any stock into their dispute process. This very well may cost us our reputation as well our livelihood! We've lost ALL faith in this bank & plan to move our accounts elsewhere! Protect yourself & your money DO NOT BANK WITH REGIONS!



False Advertising - Bait & Switch? - REGIONS BANK

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Received a promotion in the mail that if you open a checking account and deposit $1,000 into the checking account Regions would deposit $400 into your account after 90 days. The promotion had my husbands name on it but he passed away 6 + years ago. The invitation stated this offer can not be transferred but it also said that other persons residing at same address can use the offer. I assume me being the wife and living at the same address, I would be able to use this promotional offer. The person at the bank told me that I could use it if I not only opened a checking account but added that I needed to open a credit card and link it to my account with auto pay. Then after 90 days the branch manager would do an override and deposit the $400 since I would be showing a better bank relationship.

Now this offer did not say anything about opening a credit card or linking it to my account. The person helping me said it would take about an hour to do this. I had another appointment so I told him I would return another day before the promotion expired.

I returned today 4/28/22 to the NSB office and the original person I spoke with was not there. The customer service representative that I spoke with today told me I could NOT use the offer even though the advertising brochure that I had said I could. They said Bank management was not honoring it.

Now, in my opinion I am very leery of this bank due to their false advertising, then bait & switch (trying to get you to set up another credit card account and linking it to your checking account)

Then, not letting you use the promotion anyway. The Customer Service Representatives seem very confused on procedures at their bank.

After reading a lot of the reviews from other customers I am glad that I did not open an account at Regions Bank.

Something Not Right

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I only had this bank for a month and two and this bank has already caused me plenty of problems. Yesterday i had exactly $100.43 in my savings account. I woke up and all $100.43 was cleared from my saving and i was told i would not be able to get my money back. Im not even angry im just going to change banks ??

$1600 Missing ? Regions Bank

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Deposited $1600 in a faulty ATM
Marion Indiana Regions Bank
My cash deposit jammed the machine ( ate it )
Spoke to a banker on the screen of the ATM
I was given a receipt and was told in 3 days I’d be credited my $1600 because it now had to be hard counted.
WEEKS later after calling the claim dept several times I did receive my money
I paid my bills and threw my receipt away … and then about a month later I received a email that my account would be -1600
I freaked out !!!
Now how does $1600 magically disappear out of a ATM ?

Claims department will not reopen the claim I have to deal with this directly with the branch and the branch is where my money went missing so I do not have much faith
Police … Lawyer ??
What’s next


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Worst bank in the world! I have money that disappears all the time!!! I will pay a bill and it will be processed and taken out and 3 days later it will come back into my account and I get charged $35!!!! One time the money didn't even come back into my account it just disappeared and I still got charged the $35. I have had nothing but problems since day 1!!! I finally switched banks last week!!! Even when I went to any place to make a purchase, I would have problems swiping my card and the cashier would say this always happens with a regions card!!!!!!!
Regions will steal your money constantly, your available balance is NEVER accurate!! You will have to keep up with every transaction so you will know how much money you actually have!!! But it still want add up right!!!

Stole $700 From Me!

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They ripped me off for $700! They were so nice and offered so much until I actually opened the account and asked for the incentive that I signed up (and had to jump through hoops) for. They refused to give me my money so I immediately closed the account and they stole what little was left in my account as “an early termination fee”. I’ve heard many stories i their shady business practices since I closed my account so I’m happy that I found out before I lost more money.

Definitely Do Not Recommend

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We opened a checking account with Regions in 2015 when we finalized our mortgage with them. At the time we thought we would be changing banks. However we decided to stay with our current bank but never closed the Regions account and never signed up for online banking. We opened the account with $50 and never used the account. Today we closed the account. Of our $50, $14 was returned to us. We were told it was for low balance fees for July and August. Coincidently, we refinanced our mortgage with another bank for a lower rate in July. Up until then we were not charged any "low balance" fees. Today, I also requested the last 6 months of statements and was told I would be charged $5 per or $30 for them to either mail them to me or for me to pick them up at a branch. I will never use them again for any of my financial needs nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Very Poor Customer Service

Terrible customer service, I have been with this bank for over 10 years and when I have an issue they are not helpful at all. They scam with overdraft fees at a time when a lot of other banks are doing away with them. I checked one day and had money in my account, I transferred money in overnight because of a bill that was going out but when I checked the next day they had charged an overdraft fee even though I had enough money in the account. The overdraft fee put me into overdraft so I then had to cover that fee otherwise they would have charged me an overdraft fee on the overdraft that they caused. When I addressed the issue with them they were not helpful at all. I keep my money mostly with Ally Bank who are wonderful and don't charge overdraft fees at all so now I will close my Regions account and transfer everything to Ally.

Worst Bank Ever

Region’s will close your account that is in good standing for no reason. They refuse to give an explanation and are Extremely Rude. I will continue to post bad reviews and file complaints

Banked With Regions For Over 7 Years

I have bench with regions since my son was two years old and he is now 10. I've never had an overdraft or a bounced check and if I made a charge and accidentally overdrew I always immediately transfer money from my savings to cover it. I keep majority of my money in my second checking account and then I have a front account that I use for online payments and Banking and bill pay because I happened to get frauded a lot because of my online transactions. They have always been helpful and in any case of fraud and know me by name. I have worked for three different companies in the last 8 years and I've recently got a check that was from a new company that just opened and it's the same people I worked for it's just they opened up a new Branch because they merged their business with another and I deposited my check like I always do and this morning I realized that it was on hold. I went up to Regions I spoke with Helen who actually helped me open my account originally and they explained to me that they can't lift anything because I deposited the check through the mobile app online. They told me they're called the toll-free to recents number and they would probably try to refer me back over to the branch but said they couldn't do anything. When I call I spoke to several agents over the next several hours each one being more rude than the last and they didn't sound sincere whatsoever when I explained to them that I'm a single mother with two kids and that covid struck us down for a while and I've been living off my savings that I'm getting really low and I'm having to rebuild basically because of all of the pandemic stuff. They're keeping my check until the 28th. That is a 10-day hold and is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. It's from Chase Bank which is right next door to them, there's no reason they can't call on Monday morning and verify the funds and give me my money. Now I have to get a loan from my boss until the check comes back to me and then I have to reimburse her. It shouldn't be like that and there shouldn't be an issue with anybody working at a Regions Bank to deal with an issue that happened through the online app. They should be one of the same because they represent the same business in establishment. They are no longer suiting my needs and this is a major inconvenience and what I find most upsetting is that everyone who cashed the same check for the same merchant account on Friday has no issues and their checks are cleared. Shame on you regions for your business and your practices and you hold people's money hostage and apparently it's not just me so it's only a matter of time before your customers see their banking services elsewhere. I know I'm going to be opening up a second account and closing mine soon.

This Bank Is A Scam

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This is a scam bank. I magically now owe them $378 and I have two charges on my account that are not mine. Every representative is extremely rude. I opened up another account at bank of America. This is by far the worst bank I have ever had. One minute I had $300 and then $93 and then $200. Based on the reviews, I'm not alone. I guess they had to run a scamdemic because they took a hit. PLEASE GO TO ANOTHER BANK!!!

They Must Be Going Under.

I wish I NEVER opened an account with them! They put holds on every single paycheck I deposit. For over TWO weeks each time. I decided to start depositing $5 checks every week which all clear by the next day. But anything significant that would make or break me like my payroll checks, they hold it. They must be floating our money to each other. Taking mine to cover yours youve been waiting on and then yours to cover mine in 2 weeks. I will guarantee they are going under because I used to have them 10 years ago and it was not like this. And the customer service reps are DISGUSTING people. ALL except for ONE that I've talked to. She tried so hard to help, she even went ahead and stopped the hold and got it to go through for me. Just for it to hit my account at 6 a.m. and DISSAPEAR an hour later!! I was then told "she wasn't supposed to do that." Wow.. then they told me it "wasn't their fault" and that it was actually Chase's fault (my employers bank) that THEYRE the ones holding my money. Even though my boss told me they cleared the check and took the money out the same day I deposited it. So Regions had my money already, knew it was a good and legit check, and still lied and said chase was the one who was holding it up. Just WOW. Pull your money out guys asap, they're going under!

There Is Something Not Right With Regions

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I literally deposited $800 in my account Friday and I’m broke now. Something isn’t right about this bank. This is not the 1st time this has happened. I’m going to switch banks.
It’s a shame... I’ve been with them for almost 20 yrs


Regions has for 3 months claimed that my check didn't arrive until 3 weeks after I mailed it. Funny thing about that, I always mail another check to Advancial credit card the same day, and it clears in 3 days.

So Either Regions is a LIAR, wanting to charge $37 Late Fees, or the USPS has FAILED. But Regions charges late fees in either case.

AND THEN TRY TO CALL REGIONS!! YOU WILL WAIT 30 MINUTES, and maybe never get the issues resolved.

Online Bank Account Froze

I'm disappointed! It's been 3 weeks my bank account online has been block do fraud activity, I've called customer service, I've been to my local branch more than 5 times is still block! Why is this still going on very disappoint!! I need someone to tell me guide me to resolve this issue once and for all please.

Shut It Down

This is the worst bank ever! Whatever you do don’t bank with them. Customer service sucks. Froze my account without notice. Trying to get answers from anyone is so difficult. I keep calling and visiting the branch but of course they keep telling me they are waiting for the back office to respond. Well I guess they have a pigeon communicating with them because it is taking forever. I rather keep my money in a shoe box then to bank with regions ever again.
Really wish I could give them negative 100 stars

Bank Thief's

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My account has been locked well over 2 months now for what they claim fraudulent activity. Was told needed to wait 10 days the call back waited then called then needed to wait another 15 days then go to local bank. Done that. Bank manager tells me he will do request for unlock it would be done by Monday here we are a month later and still have account locked. Spoke to fraud department they are just waiting on bank manager to send a request for the account to be unlocked he refused to answer respond return calls. I have sent complaints to corporate I don't even know what else to do at this point.

Thieves In A Position

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I was charged an amount not made by me, paid it anyway, and they never reimbursed me. Goodbye!!!! Thank God it wasn’t 1000’s!!!


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First of all.. they deserve NO stars AT ALL.

I have banked with Regions on and off since my late teens or early 20’s. I should have never gone back to them after the first time I left. They are HORRIBLE! They will find absolutely any and every way to steal from you! They do NOT care about their customers or their business with them. We are smack dead in the middle of an ongoing pandemic and above all else, they show no care or concern and no compassion for the customers of theirs that are being impacted every single day. It’s no secret that it’s millions of people without a job, and although I’m fortunate enough to still have one, my job has still been hit REALLY hard and we have yet to get back to where we were pre-pandemic. Longer story short, Regions holds money and debits entirely TOO long! For WHATEVER reason, it took them like a WEEK to release funds that I sent to someone through CASH APP! It NEVER takes that long! It takes them for freaking EVER to release ANY funds that you might have pending. THEN when you THINK you have enough in your account and something gets drafted that you don’t know won’t be covered, they INSTANTLY draft your account with an overdraft fee!!!! WHO DOES THAT?!! Oh yeah, REGIONS!!!! They have managed to swipe at least $300 or more from me from overdraft fees because THEY take too FREAKING long to post and release funds!!!!!!!!! Then when you TELL them that you want it to not let whatever come out of your account that isn’t there, they tell you they’re going to charge a $36 RETURN FEE!!!! Like WHAT THE H ELL?!! Smh this is by far the worst bank.. it HAS to be! And I spoke to one of the main head guys before and he was SO careless and nonchalant and did NOTHING to help the situation. He DIDNT care that I wanted to leave their business. He was just awful. I HATE this bank! I cannot WAIT for the day they crumble to the ground for being the CROOKS that they are! F*cking pathetic! They are preying on people in their most vulnerable moment right now and I think that is the sickest sh*t ever. Smh I should have stayed away from this bank when I had the chance. They are AWFUL and I would NOT EVER recommend them to ANYONE!

Please Do NOT Bank With Regions

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They charge you unnecessary fees ! Will try and flip the script on you saying it’s your fault ! And take your money ! I’ve been banking with regions for over 10years and they charge me way too much. I’m going to bank with someone else . Anyone reading this please listen to the others that wrote a review regarding this bank. They have technical problems with apps and website frequently that and will charge you extras fees.
I’m really disappointed in them and with customer service they really do not care about you and your money at all. I will be closing my account today.

Locked My Business Account W No Explanation

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I have been a loyal customer of Regions for years. I have 2 business accounts and 1 personal account. Today with zero notice they put a hold on 1 of my business accounts. Means no money in or out. So can you imagine if a payment is bounced to a veteran. They force me to go to my local branch (sicker then a dog) with my valid ID.  I do this and accomplish nothing. I end up on the phone with 5 different people and no result other then it is some sort of fraud alert. The worse part is now I have zero access to any of my accounts online. No transfers, no balance inquiries, no deposits. I am absolutely disgusted with Regions at this point. If this causes my businesses any harm you bet I will be filing in civil court again this bank.

Money Disappears From Acct

I watch my checking acct at regions daily online.The transaction dates change from day to day.My money disappears without a trace,and my acct goes negative without me using it.Its happened five times that I have noticed.They are stealing peoples money.In past few days I had 14$ balance deposit of 75$ cleared ,so thats 89$ I spent 27$ so I have 62$ no all the transaction dates change and it says I have 21$ and I won't use my acct and everyday by magic it will change and take money out and ill go into negative without spending it.ive observed this three times in past two weeks.ill call to report and same thing oh well some charges won't show up,and im goin to call fcc or something I'm sick of this


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At other banks you can deposit a check at ATM'S and then withdraw cash at the same time. NOT REGIONS. I deposited a check at the ATM at 11:39 p.m. on Tuesday night and here at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night I am still waiting for available funds! RIDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!

Regions Dispute

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A site double charge me each time that I use their site I didn’t realize it until last transaction, I reach out to them and nothing I than reach out to Regions to put in claim and I get a letter stating that they are not crediting me my money back why is that? They did not call me to ask me any questions or anything how can they assume, they didn’t even give me proper reason to why. I want my money back it’s mines and they took it. I’ll be looking for another bank they are horrible with disputes

Do Not Bank With Regions

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-Ridiculous and arbitrary holds are placed on all deposits, even government-issued checks.
-Telephone customer service is horrible. You will be on hold for 15+ minutes every time.
-Branch staff are rude and unhelpful.
-Branch hours are always being reduced and you will have to wait days to get an in-person appointment.

Rude. Unhelpful. Apathetic.

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Recently had an issue with my paycheck having a hold put on it for reasons that nobody was able to explain to me. Spent hours on hold ( 30 minutes on average per call) trying to get a live person on the phone to sort the situation out only to be told there was " nothing they could do". Excuse after excuse. First stalling and telling me that it would clear after the weekend. Then blaming the other bank for the hold explaining there was " nothing they could do" and I'd simply have to wait 11 days for the check to clear. Then when pressed, they explained that the hold was on their side " for everybody's protection", whatever that means and there was " nothing they could do" besides leave me flat broke for a week and a half. All this despite the fact that I had the information for the other bank for them to call and confirm the transfer. I was told they were " unable" to do that. After contacting the other bank they were able to fix the problem provided I called the local branch and verify my information. When I attempted to do that I was told one of the two people I was referred to had " gone home" despite the bank being open for another 2 hours and the other person in question was aware of the issue, but they were with a customer and would call me back later that day though they never did and continued to leave me flat broke. I wouldn't trust these people to feed my fish let alone manage my money.

Negative Reviews

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ive never seen a bank or any business with so many negative reviews. i dont normally waste my time writing reviews good or bad but i am so pissed off at this bank that i have to vent. then i saw that im not alone. apparently regions bank is doing a lousy job for a large portion of past and present depositors. first complaint.....they blocked my atm card.....reason possible fraudulent use......they were protecting problem this has happened before with other banks you just call the fraud number on the atm card and tell them it was you and they take to block off......only regions fraud number is never answered. i called and stayed on hold for hours i mean at least 3 .....what if i had been on vacation out of town....i would have been in deep shit because im convinced that no matter how many hours of waiting for them to answer they never would have ....i had to go in and cancel the card and get a new one because get this the vp couldnt reach them i deposit a check from another account that i have at another out of town bank and even though i have enough in regions to cover it they put a hold on it. reason "confidential information indicates that the check may not be honored... interpretation.....they are accusing me of kiting .....basically they are calling me a crook.....a thief ......they are saying im writing them a bad check. not saying it to my face no they put it in writing.....we dont trust you so your fund wont be available for 8 days......of course my check cleared in 2 days but these idiots dont have the ability to check to see if it cleared unless you call them and tell them .....even when the 8 day hold is up they dont know it until you call and tell them......this bank is just not advanced enough to compete in this day and age and on top of that they dont one to answer the fraud line long would you hold before you decide that there is no reason to put up with below average performance .there are plenty of banks around that would love your business......regions doesnt deserve it not mine any way.


Worst Bank

This is by far the worst bank ever. Don’t ever open an account with them. All of your deposits come out on one day. Which then can put you in the negative and then they charge you a $36 fee for being in the negative. I shouldn’t have to keep track of what I spend when I should have a bank account that does it for me. But they don’t keep up to date with it so you’re left to watch what you spend, or do the math in your head. I WILL be cancelling my account with them and I really wish I had the ability to have everyone feel the same way. Worst bank ever. Would give ZERO stars if I could.

Think I'm Gonna Call The Police And Report A Theft

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They have stolen over $5k from me. Supposed I have committed deposit fraud. I can prove its not fraudulent. Matter of fact regions had the money two days after the deposit. Not only did they hold it an additional 12 days now they have frozen my entire account. They can't prove its fraudulent. I can prove its not. That is theft! I think Monday morning I'm going to the bank and calling the police. If I stole over $5k from someone I'd go to jail. Well I guess we'll see what happens Monday morning.

Missing 1K On Bank Statements Then Back On The Next Statement

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They borrow money constantly from your account without your consent or knowledge! The last 6 months i noticed $1000.00 missing from my bank statement then replaced back the next bank statement! Paducah,ky. I told the teller it better be back the next statement and to quit taking out my money she just put her head down. My neighbor noticed they wer doing the same 1k missing and replaced every other statement and pulled all hus money out. Ots a common thing regions does here in paducah,ky. I hear if you let them do it for a year then it becomes permanently missing! Standard banking practices at regions here in paducah,ky thinking about taking my statements to local chanel 6

I Like This Bank

I like this back it's better over all the rest


I am so over this bank! They charge you NSF fees of $34 if your account overdraws by even $0.01. I understand the account is negative, but, come on. They will also charge an NSF fee is their monthly service charge makes your account go negative. They pay debit card transactions that would normally decline on your check card but if that merchant has billed your card before (a reoccurring charge) then they will pay that and charge you the NSF fee, of course! Even though it should decline the card. They are fee hungry and their customer service is completely worthless. I have switched over to SoFi, there are no fees and if you don't have money in your account they decline the transaction -- as it should be! I will NEVER bank with Regions again. PERIOD.

Regions New Scam On Loyal Customers!

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I have been with Regions Bank for over 13 years with my personal and business accounts and they must be in a hardship to be running the scam that i got with last month. I take rather large payments at my business daily and do not have any history of taking bad checks or fraudulent checks and I did a deposit last month from a frequent customer that was an average amount for my business at 17,000.00 and was told the check deposited would be on hold for 14 business days. I went to the bank since this is a frequent company i deal with that issues the check and was told they have a new rule and checks would now be on hold when deposited and the only way to not have a hold was to cash the check using their new check cashing service for a fee of around 800.00 and then depositing the funds in my account and now they place any checks over 1000.00 on hold to try to force you to pay the check cashing fee that they make a percentage of if you want to have access to your immediately. What is worse is I deposited a 2800.00 check from one of the business account holders who had also been a long time customer of Regions and they put that check on hold even though they could verify the funds are in the account so how does that happen? I received an email stating the check would be on hold because they have confidential information that the check may not be good. I called the owner of the company of course and he flipped out that they held the check he wrote me for 2800.00 with a running balance in his account of over 50,000.00 and sent an email about the check possibly not being any good all because I don’t want to pay this new scam they are running to force you to use their check cashing service. I am moving all my accounts in the morning and so is the other business that they have missed off by holding the check and sending an email that the check was most likely no good. I have spoke with multiple customers to alert them of this new scam and they are switching banks as fast as possible and I have not doubt that Regions Bank won’t stay in business more then a couple more years because no one is going to stay with them if they don’t stop this scam they are running.


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AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!! 1st instance, the atm stole my $500 deposit and shredded my card. The customer service reps are useless. They are uneducated in regards to Regions policies. When you call you are on hold for at least 30 mins. One time i was on hold for over an hour about zelle and my issue still wasn't resolved. I was transferred 3 times. The only reason why I held so long is because i needed the issue to be resolved that night so I can sent money to that account to cover transactions scheduled to come out the next day. I ended up with $108 in overdraft fees. Customer service reps ARE NOT equipped to resolve issues. They will just tell you to go into the branch... the same branches that are opened during my working hours so it's impossible for me to go in there during the week. THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL'S BACK..... when they closed my account because it was at a $0 balance. I had just paid my bills and didnt have any money left over. So they did a "soft close" because my balance was zero and the only way to activate it was to make a deposit in the branch. The same branch that opens at 9 and close at 5pm (i get off at 5:30). I couldn't even zelle myself money cause it kicked it back cause my account was "closed". This institution has too many hidden stipulations and are sure to take your money without a care in the world. BEWARE. Go to Chase. They are the best

I've Had It.

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I deposited my check last Friday before 4pm and today is Tuesday and still my check hasn't been posted to my account. I called and was told that my check WOULD NOT go into my account until the 22nd. I need my money now. I had other problems with them before. This is it. Time to find another bank.

If I Could Give Them A -0 I Would. This Bank Is A Joke

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The worst experience I have ever had.
I have never had Regions before, so after a friend referred them I decided to open an account. I opened my account online, and then went to a branch to get my debit card and to make a deposit. I deposited $1,100 in cash in my checking account. Then the next day I deposited $500 more. I was expecting a payment to draft for $1,100 for a down payment on a car I was purchasing. The car company verified the payment and told me that everything was good to go. 2 days later, I get a call from the car company saying they couldn't get the payment from Regions. I called Regions, and they said that I had to go to a branch. I left work to go to a branch and there they told me they closed my account and to come back next week. No explanation at all. They said they would have to wait for "anymore transactions" to post or clear, and the lady who had initially helped me with my account was so rude to me I almost cried. I have never been treated so badly. I came back to Regions this week to try to withdrawal again, and they told me that they were sending the check out on September 23rd and then I would have it two days later. Today is September 18th, why do they have to hold my man for a few days and then send it? How is this legal. I am a single mother and now I am facing losing the car I worked all year to be able to get because Regions is scamming and closing peoples accounts for no reason and then holding on to the money. This has been a nightmare and I will never trust a bank again.

Cannot Get Any Worse

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I've been with this bank since they purchased Republic National Bank....15 years plus! I've never really tried any of their services other than normal banking, but every time I try to it's disgusting how poorly they perform. This is a bank that survives of fees nothing else. They offer nothing...nothing in regard to customer service. Find another bank... I will as soon as I finish writing this review.

Mobile Deposit Issue

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I completed a standard mobile deposit of a payroll check a few days ago. I noticed the money wasnt in my account so I called regions for assistance. I was told repeatedly that my check (written on wells fargo account) could not be deposited because Wells Fargo would not verify or release the funds? I contacted payroll at work who contacted Wells Fargo. They informed me there was no problem with the check and said the funds should have been cleared to deposit into my account. They informed me they would contact Regions to assist me with getting paid. Called Regions and they again claimed that Wells Fargo still would not release the funds? I contacted my work again and they had wells Fargo call Regions 3 times to verify and clear my payroll check. I contacted regions bank again and was told the check was put on hold and would not be available for 10 to 30 days? Very frustrating and unexplainable

Horrible Customer Service/Service

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Received a letter about my account closing. I called Regions and all they said was: "Your account is open, no worries, ignore the letter." Then, 3 weeks later, they closed my savings. Called and they said someone went to the bank and cashed a check.

I went to the Branch and no one cashed anything, Regions simply closed my account and refuses to tell me why, they simply said Regions does not want to do business with me anymore.

I am a Priority customer, with Regions since 2011, great credit, accounts in great standings. Now they simply closed my Savings account, sent a check and FROZE my checking account to then send a check. My entire fiance frozen because of Regions.

If you dispute a charge, they reject it at first to try and not pay you, make you go for a month before you hear anything.

I never moved because I was lazy, should have left to a worthy bank a LONG time ago.

Was Okay Until They Started Stealing My Money...

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I have been with Regions for about 4 years and up until August 2018 I used their Direct Deposit and had zero issues. In August 2018 I became employed by a small company that paid weekly and did not offer Direct Deposit. I use their Mobile Deposit to deposit my paycheck because I don’t want to have to leave work and drive to a branch. Also on occasion I need to access my paycheck funds immediately so it was nice that they offer that option. I understood that in order to access your check funds immediately I was required to pay a “fee” which could range from 1 – 4% of the check amount. Now, according to Regions PAYROLL CHECKS are charged 1.5% regardless of the check amount. Up until 3/28/19 I was charged this 1.5% fee every time I needed to access my funds immediately. Then on 3/28/19 I was charged 4%. I called customer service and was told that it appears it was a mobile app issue and then they transferred me to some one in IT to discuss. Their response was that the mobile deposit feature and their fees are handled by a third party (not Regions) and they can basically charge whatever they want. This flies in the face of every disclosure they have available on their website explaining how the fees are calculated. So then I went and emailed customer service where they proceeded to tell me that my check was not a PAYROLL check because the check was drawn on a general account and they view that as a BUSINESS check – business checks incur a higher fee of 4%. Then they eluded that I was somehow lying to them because they don’t see where I ever used that option and was charged a lower fee. I had to provide all my deposits dating back to January 1st – 6 of which incurred a fee at the 1.5%. Also I sent them photos of the check I deposited on 3/21 next to the check I deposited on 3/28 – almost identical check the only difference is the memo field where they say what dates I am getting paid for. Based on the run around I am getting the only conclusion I can come too is that they are greedy and are stealing money from people who are at the mercy of this service. They know some people have groceries to buy or an immediate bill that needs to be paid – we know they are desperate so we will can charge whatever we want. Im just not buying their excuse… well its a BUSINESS check as justification for charging me more when I have proof that they have repeatedly treated it as a PAYROLL check and charged me less.

Rip-Off And Sneaky Ways To Charge Overdraft Fees

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I've only been banking with Regions for a few months and I'm already ready to close my account..They charged me an overdraft fee saying that I had not deposited enough money in my account to cover a bill being processed that evening...I made sure funds were deposited into my account at 7:40pm which the deadline is 8pm...So my account no longer showed a negative balance at 7:40...So the next day I woke up to an overdraft fee and all that customer service and a bank manager could say was it looks like your transaction didn't get processed until 11:30pm...That's bullcrap and they refused to do anything about it..Don't bank with them!

Abhorrent Customer Servcie

I just finished a call with the Regions fraud department after being on hold for 30 min today, March 13th. Thanks to the abhorrent customer service I received, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

I started banking with Regions about 2 years ago. I informed the lady who opened the account for me that my reason for choosing Regions was that they had locations in the 2 places in which I needed to have banking access, the town where my lake house is located and the town in another state where I would be moving the following day. Nearly all of my subsequent debit transactions with Regions have taken place in the state that I told her I was moving to. I did, however, keep my permanent address in the state my lake house is located in.

I called Regions yesterday, March 12th, to no avail, after my debit card was declined during a routine transaction. I was shocked and humiliated. My debit card has never been declined, and I was 100% confident that I had more than enough funds to cover the transaction. I immediately logged into my account to find several thousand dollars & zero notifications. Additionally, there was no email or any other type of communication explaining the reason for the decline. Since I couldn’t figure out what was going on, I called Regions but was put on hold longer than I had time to spare. I finally received an email today, March 13th, instructing me to contact the fraud department to verify a few charges. The lady who answered informed me that the reason for the decline was because of charges made on March 11th, 2 whole days before contacting me! Regions waited TWO days before notifying me that my card would be deactivated due to possibly fraudulent charges. And the reason for suspecting fraud was because the charges were out of state transactions. I have lived in the same state since opening my account. And I shop at the grocery store where the transaction was being disputed every week. What kind of fraud detection doesn’t detect “fraudulent activity” for two whole years?

To make matters worse, the lady in the fraud department very rudely spoke over me and then hung up on me when I asked her why my card was just now being declined for out of state transactions when I've lived in the same state for 2 years and why I was notified 2 days after my card was deactivated. The bank I switched from called me as soon as they suspected irregular activity BEFORE deactivating my card. I have no idea what Region’s policy is since the lady so rudely spoke over me and hung up on me without taking the time to listen to my concerns and explain the policies to me. Thank you, Regions, for deactivating my card without bothering to let me know, for neglecting to detect fraud for two whole years, and finally for so rudely hanging up on me while trying to sort out your mistakes.

The Bank Of Regions

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Regions is a HORRIBLE bank have can you charge someone a excessive fee for spending they own money how they want to

My Review of Regions Bank

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I am a customer of Regions Bank. I have one of their Life-Green checking account for students which does not have an annual fee until I reached the age of 25. After that my account will be upgraded to a standard account with a monthly fee of $7. First, in getting this account, it was $50 to open it which is higher than other banks that usually require an opening deposit of $25. Besides this my experience with Regions bank has actually been pleasant. But what I do consider to be a downfall of Regions is having other fees that are higher than other banks and that can accumulate easily. For example, an overdraft fee of $35 is applied to each item/transaction that allowed the account to be overdrawn. The out of network atm fee is $3.00 and for their Regions now card it was $4 to reload it. I had never heard of a bank charging its own customers to load funds. No other bank does this if the card originates with them. I wasn't careful I could easily rack up an outrageous amount of fees without knowing it. However, if I ever had an issue, I always got connected to an account specialist withing 5-10 minutes. Overall, I think I think Regions bank offers good service, I just believe that there are other banks that offer the same services, like Wells Fargo, for lower fees which is why it is highly likely that I will be switching banks.

Check Card, Regions "Will Not Protect Your Money" Because Its Your Money

I was scammed by an overseas vender. Regions representative said, because it's a check card and not a bank credit card, "it's my money and not theirs"" and need to dispute the charge. It would take up to two weeks. I filed a dispute and the charge was removed. Now a week later, the charge returned. Regions does not monitor "your money". Don't waste your time or money with Regions. They only care when they make money on you.

Regions is great

Regions has great locations in my town and easy to use application for the phone. I rarely even need to go to the branch now that I can deposit checks on my phone. It is so simple to check my balance and transfer money by using the app as well. Regions made it very simple to add my husband to our account without him being present.

No 24/7 Customer Service And Slow For Disputes

I deposited almost $1,000 into my accounr and before I could finish the deposit, the ATM system froze. It took my card and my cash and I wasn't credited the money I deoosited. This happened on a Saturday and I could not contact anyone until Monday Morning. I was told the dispute will be handled and I should have my money that night. Low and behold, its the next day and I don't have my deposit credited. They are thieves and I hope to get my money back to me. I will be switching banks as soon as I get my money back.

Great place

I recently opened an account with Regions bank and the employees helped me a great deal when deciding which account I wanted to open. I went with checking and savings account, I'm very happy with this bank. When I first walked in I was welcomed with a smile and complimentary coffee, I was greeted warmly and was directed over to someone that could help me set up an account. I was informed the whole way through the meeting about interest rates, low balances etc. I'm thrilled to say Regions is my number one bank. I will never go back to my old bank as it was not an appropriate fit for me but i will highly recommend this bank to all my friends and family members.

nice easy breezy banking

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I always have positive experiences when I have to go to the bank, if I have ever needed anything they have never let me down. The staff there are always super kind to us. I've had a few instances with fraudulent charges but they resolved the matter right away. I am a very happy customer.

Regions Bank

If I could give no stars I would. I have 3 business accounts with regions and have been with them since 2012. Recently they put a corp security (fraud) hold on all of my accounts, not sure when they did it considering I never received an email, phone call, or letter stating this was going to happen. As a business owner, this type of thing is important. Now I have checks and auto pays being returned with a reason of freeze. I watch my accounts and there has been no fraud activity on any of my accounts. I have called the 800# and they have to talk to the person who put the freeze on the accounts to see if they will lift it, so my fate is left in the hands of 1 person. I was told I could deposit funds but no debits are coming out and that was true until last night when the bank debited their analysis charge out. To me no debits means no debits not even for you (the bank).

Wonderful bank

I have been a customer of Regions ever since I was old enough to have my own bank account, so roughly 18 years. As I hardly ever have time to physically enter a Regions, as I often work during the week, I primarily do all of my banking online. In all the years that I have used their online service I have never had a single problem. I have never had a dropped deposit, or lost payment. Their online website is simple to navigate, and on the rare instances that I do have a problem, their customer service is always quick to get back to me and help me resolve the issue at hand. If you are someone who keeps a hectic schedule that conflicts with normal banking hours, I highly recommend them.

Excellent Customer Service!

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As a new Floridian I was looking for a new bank. I was not all that satisfied with my large national bank and was looking for great customer service. I found it!

From the tellers to the customer service representatives I am always amazed at how good their people skills are! Everyone is pleasant, helpful, and extremely patient.

When I made a checking account error and needed a lot of help to straighten it out, my C/S rep could not have been more patient. He helped me figure out my error and made some online banking suggestions which would prevent me making the same error in the future.

It's also very helpful to find a local bank that actually has safe deposit boxes; something so many banks seem to have discontinued (including my old large national bank branch).

Good customer service is helping the client. GREAT customer service is going beyond and helping to prevent future problems or issues.

Beware Of Regions Bank !

This is a dishonest nasty bank advertising and promoting fraudulent bonus offers for opening new bank or credit card accounts. After you sign up and satisfy the requirements for their bonus, they will hassle you endlessly when you try to get them to actually pay the bonus they advertised. It quickly becomes obvious they have a systematic plan to frustrate your bonus request with time-consuming irritating repeated questions and so-called "confirmations-and-verifications" of obvious information they already have. They will also transfer you from department to department so you have to endure their questions multiple times - a sustained effort to frustrate, delay or deny your bonus request. Even letters to their President and CEO won't help - all you will get is more questions and NO bonus. This bonus seeker writes from experience and is now seeking government consumer protection agency and attorney general help to obtain an earned bonus. STAY AWAY FROM REGIONS BANK !

Forged Checks & Regions Charges For Statements

I had checks stolen out of a filing cabinet by our housekeeper. Over the course of 5 months she stole $17,000 in forged checks. I went paperless and did not notice until I saw quite a few checks on the account and looked into them. I found that the housekeeper had written them out to cash and signed and cashed them at Regions. $4,000 of what was missing I reported 7 days after the last statement was issued. I filled out the affidavid, had it notarized, provided all police reports and information to dispute and have reversed. They declined ALL reimbursements even though the law states I have 30 days to report fraud from the statement date. They said we suggest I close the account and contact the police. The account was frozen and they have all the police information and SHE'S IN JAIL & the evidence is solid, the police caught her with one of my forged checks in her wallet with her finger print (the account had been frozen when she tried to cash that one).

That's one issue but A BIGGER one is that she went to MY bank, MY branch walked up to the counter and signed a name other than her real name to the check. She either had a fake ID or no ID but she cashed forged checks made to cash with no problem, some were for $550! AND she did so on a money market I have never even touched. Shouldn't Regions have some responsibility to check signatures, call me, check her ID? Clearly it was suspicious. They took fingerprints but guess what, they throw the original finger printed checks out so the police are not able to use a photocopy as evidence! Why would you even bother with the finger print!

At the same time that this happened I notice a $1,500 withdrawl from my bank account. I called Regions to ask what that was. Regions had charged me $1,500 for pulling a years worth of bank statement on that one account. I needed it for the accountant and it wasn't available online. When I went to the bank to have them get the statements for me the woman I spoke to said, I can get this done for you for free. I said great thinking to myself what would it cost anyway $30. I never got the statements from Regions, she was suppose to call me and when I called and left messages I never heard back so my accountant did the taxes without them.

So Regions charged me $1,500 to pull copies of 12 months of bank statements with very little activity on them. I went into Regions and talked to the same woman who told me she could do it for free. She said "No I told you it would cost $25 per hour for research fees" NOT TRUE! And are they trying to say that printing out a years worth of statements takes them 60 hours! WTF. They refuse to give me back the $1,500 they stole out of my account.

So because of Regions negligence and shady practices I am out $18,500. It appears I am going to need to get a lawyer.

Best B&M I've Banked With

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You won't get the great rates like you might at an online bank, but for what it is, I think it's the best bank out there.

Regions Bank Rocks

I always go through the drive through at Regions Bank to deposit my payroll check. My favorite worker is there smiling as she always does. She acknowledges me by a very polite " Hello,how are you today?" I reply "Good, and you?" She replies, "I'm doing great today, thanks for asking" as I send my check, deposit ticket, and ID to her. Within less than five minutes, I have deposited my check. I love it when I do not have to wait in a long slow line. As the tube with my deposit ticket returns to my car, She comes back on the intercom,"Thank you Ms Dodge, you have a nice day" We thank one another as I retrieve my ticket and leave the drive through. I have been banking with Regions for several years and they always strives to provide the customer service whether it is just depositing a ticket or buying your first home.

Good Experiences So Far

I've been with Regions since I registered for my first debit card. I chose them specifically because they were much closer than my main bank, and I use them for my checking account. They've went back and forth on charging me fees and not, so that's kind of a negative, but I've never had any issues, so I can't dock too much off them. There have been a few instances when I had to contact them for customer service issues. One was a time that I had lost my debit card. They were able to quickly deactivate the card and send me a new one with free expedited shipping. The other time I was calling ahead of time because I was writing a large check to put down as a down payment. I wanted to make sure they wouldn't view this as suspicious activity and to make sure my account would be frozen while they investigated. The CSR was very helpful and they flagged my account to make sure the process went smoothly. Although I haven't used them for any serious banking, they've been more than helpful in everything I require from them.

BEWARE: Regions Withdrew A DOUBLE Payment Without Our Consent

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Looked at our account online and noticed someone had put through an unauthorized withdrawal. Turns out Regions decided to withdraw not one but two installment loan payments without our knowledge or approval. Didn't know they could or would do that. Turns out if a payment is past due, they can and will do whatever they want. Our account is now $50 in the red and they're happy as can be with all the overdraft fees they'll be able to charge. Had an account for over 15 years but am going to close it and open one somewhere Regions can't get to. Anything's got to be better than these bloodsuckers.

People In Regions Bank Here In Knoxville TN Are Crooks

To make a long story short, Last Saturday i tried to withdraw a 40 dollar's on my checking account in one of their ATM here in knoxville. But there is no 40 dollar's that supposed to be coming out on the ATM , They been saying that just forget the 40 dollar's your'e not gonna get that anymore. Those managers that working there are not so friendly.

Region Truly Is A Disgrace!!

This bank Refuses to give my money back because they feel like they don't have enough evidence on the case! The charges was made out of another state that's 9 HOURS AWAY! I can't be at 2 places at a time! This bank doesn't care about customers and they don't care about your money!

An Excelent Bank

I would and do whole-heartedly recommend regions bank. I have been doing business with them for several years now and am completely satisfied. They have always been good and helpful.

There are better choices out there

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Regions paltry returns on savings have made me seek a different bank. The mobile app allows for check depositing, but there are fees associated with it. The app feels clumsy to use compared with many of the online only banks. There are just too many better choices than to stick with Regions.

I Love Regions

I just wanted to take a minute to write about my experience with Regions. I recently purchased a home using a regions mortgage. The process was very easy because I had great people at regions helping me. Because I was getting a mortgage I qualified for checking, savings and Money market accounts with no fees. I was moving out of state but was able to start the process in my original state. The people are the most friendly people you will meet. They explain everything and always make sure that I understand. I will definitely keep banking with regions.


This banks customer service is absolutely horrible. IN person or online. They never give you complete information, and when you follow their instructions, you find out that it's completely different in person, via phone or online. I believe that's due to the laziness of the employee who wants to pawn his work off on the next person. This has happened to me repeatedly. I have an above average IQ, so usually, I am not the ONE misunderstanding. This BANK is a JOKE. They let you open accounts online and then tell you that you can't have it, then, charge you a $25 fee to close it which they take out of your initial deposit. Emailing a banker for help always gets a response of : Please call and speak directly to an online banker. Even for the simplest questions. ie.... banking telephone hours ???? Just DON'T BANK HERE.... you will eventually regret it!!!

Great Bank

I have banked at many community banks and Regions has them all beat. The wide rage of banking products, advanced technology, and great customer service puts them above the rest.

They Stole My Identity!

I opened an account at a branch in Franklin, TN and 4 weeks later I started recieving letters demanding payment for pay day loans.  The loan groups had my social and this bank's routing number and my bank account.  I went in to the branch to file a frau report and they wouldn't take it!  They just kept telling me it was my fault and I must have been reckless with my information.  After proving i was not reckless they tried to blame in on my sister who's living with me.  6 months later I'm still dealing with the identity theft and now have information showing the pay day loans were signed off by a banking representative AFTER I HAD TRIED TO FILE THE REPORT!  Unbelievable. 

Stay away from this bank!

BEWARE Rules Change Constantly

My sons tax refund was automatically put into my acct and the bank took out my credit line pymt ok no problem the next day I went to withdraw the rest and the teller put a hold on it as i was standing there and explained that it was my sons money so he had to sign a letter and produce id and then wait for a district mgr to approve it. So it was my money when the bank got theirs but his money when we wanted it? I was told this was a new policy because I did the same thing last year no problem since my son and i live in different cities he went to a branch in his city produced id and signed this letter and the branch mgr called my branch to let them know he got all the information he was to fax it to my branch who in turn faxes to district for approval i asked how long the hold was for and they told me they could hold it until August 2014!!!  over a year? when the teller got the paperwork she rejected it because his state id was expired and i was told if i don;t withdraw it within 30 days they will send it back OK this is NOT a bank wide policy I called 4 other branches within the state and customer service and was told it is just a guideline why was the money mine when they wanted their pymt and his when we wanted cash? no way to speak to anyone in authority or higher than customer service cannot close the acct can"t get the money can"t speak to anyone. very frustrated DO NOT BANK WITH REGIONS    

One Star Is One Too Many

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Banking with them for 12 years -- and enough is enough.  Most incompotent, greedy, self serving business I've ever known.  DON'T BANK WITH THEM!!!!

Great Bank Branch At Alt 19 & Alderman, Palm Harbor!

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I love the branch at Alternate 19 and Alderman Road in Palm Harbor. The people that work there always greet me by name and are as helpful as possible!

Don't Get A Business Account With Regions

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Regions took their credit card in-house on 9/9/12 and totally messed it up. For a business credit card you have to call a toll free number that goes to a consumer credit card customer service department and they have to transfer you to a business rep. That means you're ON HOLD TWICE waiting for a long time to get to the correct person. What sense does this make?

To transfer money from a Regions business checking account to a Regions business credit card takes 2 days when they make all these electronic transactions overnight. It should show up in your account online the next day, but it doesn't.

These are just 2 examples of their inefficiencies and poor customer service. They aren't keeping up with the ability of technology like other banks.

Do Not Use This Bank. They Will Give You The Run Around About Refunding Your Money When There Is A Fradulent Charge. GO ELSEWHERE! I Have An Account With Chase Bank And They Have Much Better Customer Service

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On August 30, 2012, I had someone use my debit card to make an unauthorized purchase in the amount of $1,644.99. On August 31, 2012, I noticed the unauthorized purchase and immediately reported it to my bank (Regions Bank). I cancelled that card and initiated the process to file a dispute. I returned to them a dispute form and awaited a investigation into the charges. After a week, the bank declined my dispute, indicating that they did not have enough information. In the meantime, I also contacted the company from which the purchase was made. They immediately checked into the purchase and acknowledged that the charges were not made by me and issued a refund this occurred on September 13, 2012. I waited for one week (September 20, 2012), to call the bank and inquire about the refund. At that time I was told that the debit card department would have to look into it and get back to me. I waited for one week (until September 27, 2012) and when I did not hear back from them, I called them to inquire once again about the incident. I was told at that time that the bank had denied my dispute and that they would not be refunding my money. I then told them that I had called the company  (Orbitz) and the company verified that the charges were not made by me or anyone that I know and therefore they were unauthorized. At that time I was told to send them a copy of the email from Orbitz, which I did immediately. They also told me to contact Orbitz again for the refund, which I did. When I contacted Orbitz, I was told that they had already initiated the refund and that I should contact my bank. I called Regions Bank back and at that time they looked into my account and said that they did not see where Orbitz attempted to refund my money and that they could not do anything for me. They even attempted to accused me of trying to use this process to retain money for a purchase that I had made, but no longer wanted to take responsibility for. I've been a loyal customer of that bank for 18 years and I've never tried to falsify any claim and I'm very offended that they would accuse me of doing such. I followed all of the correct procedures by immediately reporting the unauthorized charge and cancelling my card, however I feel as though my bank is taking a hands-off attitude as if they don't believe my claim. From everything that I have been reading on regarding making a claim for unauthorized charges, the bank usually takes responsibility and refunds your account as long as the claim is make in a short time frame. I will also be filling a report with my local police department as a part of this process, however I am really taken aback by how I've been treated by my bank in this situation. First by giving me the run around and secondly by having them take a "we can't do anything for you" kind of attitude. I would have expected better after so many years of loyal service.


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I'm very disappointed on the hold time for Customer Service. I held for 16 minutes and never even had the chance to talk with a representative. Very disappointed and will definitely be thinking about switching to another bank.


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Charged approximately $800.00 NSF in business account for something that was partially bank error.  Did not expect bank to remove all fees but did expect removal of some fees. Initially, REGIONS claimed not able to remove any fees because Branch Manager out of town.  Finally, able to talk to employee who reminded me of fast food employee.  Did not think outside box, i.e. new business (not much money now but based on type of business, more later), partial bank error, good customer service, cheaper than most marketing, etc.  Employee refused to remove even one fee.  I requested talking to someone of managerial level - thought the problems would be better addressed.  UNFORTUNATELY, that was MATT (Operations) who was "too busy" to talk to me.  Employee told me MATT confirmed her decision - no fees reversed!    When the Branch Manager returned, she advised she was told she could not refund even one fee ("my hands are tied") by MATT (OPERATIONS - TYLER).  I was told by REGIONS that MATT is nice but young and inexperienced.  Well this young, inexperienced MATT sure has a lot of authority if he is able to tie the hande of the Branch Manager.  Same MATT who was too busy to address this problem with a new business owner. 

Although, the Branch Manager & tellers were not able to help - they are always friendly when I go in to bank. 

The 800 customer service help is a joke - impossible to get any type of quick assistance based on the numerous verifications questions asked.

I bank at USAA for my personal accounts and have for 30-years.  I have ALWAYS GIVEN USAA 5 STARS.



Incompetent And Unprofessional

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Unfortunately, I just started a mortgage with this bank.  The whole process was completely disorganized (this is my third of such experiences, and never before had so many issues).  Amounts listed on different copies of legal documents didn't match up - they showed no concern.  Rather than asking for a simple list of documents, requests were sporatically made over months timespan - receipt of requested documents never verified, despite my repeated inquiries.  In general, broker didn't respond to emails for weeks.  Set me up with a local checking account, as said was required, but asked for no deposit before ordering checks - caused my account to overdraft, obviously detrimental to my credit rating.  Customer service telephone service is horrible - none of the options listed was applicable and it gave no instructions for talking to representative (by the way, I by chance pressed 0 and it's sends you to a rep - only hung up on me twice).  I hopefully will have my checking account canceled by next week and can only pray that another company buys off my mortgage.  Go elsewhere for more professional service.

Choose Another Bank.

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I recently obtained a mortgage through Regions in Bloomington, IN. I've had a couple experiences with this before, and they had by far the worst service. The whole process seemed completely disorganized. Numbers on legal documents didn't match up, broker didn't care. Didn't respond to emails for weeks. Signed me up for a bank account, as they said was required, but gave me no info about deposit requirements or asked for one - learned about it when I got an overdraft notice in the mail. While nothing was catastrophic, you cannot trust this bank to fully inform you. There are definitely better options out there.

Never Bank Here!!!!!

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I have only been with Regions Bank for a couple of months. This has been the worst couple of months ever! In just this short amount of time they have got me for 252$. I always log online to check my balance. The balance it shows has never been accurate. Nor does it show any pending status. Any other bank I have ever been with has at least had the courtsey of showing you your availabe balance. In the end I overdraft thinking I have the available funds, resulting in enormous fees. When I call customer service they just argue with you. Always saying I am wreckless with my account. I got off the phone in a complete panic and upset. I cant believe the hae the nerve to speak to a customer like this!! This was the biggest mistake ever!! I am closing my account and going to a local credit union. Doesnt even deserve negative one star!!

Double Dipping

reions bank double dipps on there overdraft fees and find ways to talk all of your money out of your account. i had only one tranaction pending and it was for 201 by the time they got done with ever thing they got the 201, 108 , then took 38 dollars for over drafts so stay as far away from this bank as possiable

Regions Has Been Good To Me

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I hate to hear problems others have had, but I think most people are quick to complain when they have a problem, but don't take the time to write a review if they had a good experience. I bank with Regions in Auburn, AL, and haven't had any problems. The people are nice and I can always get them on the phone. They always take time to answer my questions and explain things to me. I like the online and mobile banking, and the cash back rewards in my account. I am in my 40's and started with them in high school in Mobile, AL, when it was First AL bank. Never had any problems there either, and my Dad still banks with them in Mobile.

Poor Computer System

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Regions Bank has a poor computer system because it was unable to handle an address change due to the branch not being in our area. A manager could not even override the system to change the address. We had to physically go to the bank which was out-of-state to have it taken care of.

Regions In South Florida Is The Most Dishonest Bank

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They want the money, not the customer.

7 Years Of Hell

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Please let me warn everyone to stay away from Regions I have been with them for 7 years and I now regret every second that I have ever been with them. They will tell you the manipulate the checks to come out the biggest to the smallest no matter what order you write them in. They seem to "lose" paper work after something happens that is their fault. I work hard for my money and I am a full time college student and they will steal your money all day long. Belive me if there was a star less than 1 I would click that! I want to warn everyone to NEVER BANK WITH REGIONS!


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I have a few accounts open and of course there are fees associated with them. I'm a budget savvy kind of guy. So I call them to see if the can waive my fees since I been with them for 10 years. Of course not, but here's the minimum balances you must attain 1500 hundred and 1000 for personal. I call back to see if this include the money in your savings as well that you have tied to your account. NOPE, but you must behave a balance of 2000 thousand for business and 1500 hundred for personal. Okay, 500 may not be a lot to some, but I told you I was budget savvy. She told me sorry for the misinformation and go to my banker.

Regions Saborenation Policies Are Not Friendly To Their Customers Who Have Essential Lines Of Credit With.

This Bank does not care about it's customers...Their saborenation policies are not friendly to their customers who have second mortgages with them.

With this economy and appraisals running lower than they were six years ago "Regions bank", who Holds our second  mortgage; will not let us refinance our First mortgage even though they remain in the same position they were in when they gave us this loan. 

Refinancing our First mortgage through the"HARP" program would save us  $275. a month right now, and would have saved us more in the past when interest rates were lower.

These government programs that are meant to help the middle-class need stricter "guide lines" for these Banks, who hold it's unsuspecting customers "Hostage".

I might add; Region Banks' has had no problem accepting "Tarp" money when the government was handing it out though!....Thanks for reading this.

They Will Steal Your Money + Charge You A $15 Dl Fee Every Month

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Avoid this bank at all cost possible. They will charge overdraft fees even when they were not your fault. They are trully careless about customers. They are there to get money from customers. I am sick of how much money they took from my account.

Greedy Fees

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We were customers for over 15 years with Regions bank in Inverness, Florida, until they got very greedy and began charging fees for the ATM. Then they changed their minds and gave us back the 4.00 they charged. We went to and ATM to take out cash and hit the wrong button, and got a receipt with transactions on it, and then charged $2.00 for a mini-statement. We closed our account and transferred all out drafts to a credit union. There was nothing in the account and they returned the draft after charging us $36.00 and reactivating our account. We tried to get the $36.00 off the account, but they wouldn't hear of it. We had to pay it on a closed account with $0.00 balance.

Be careful if you do business with them, as they will get you one way or the other. MJED

Regions Banking

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Myself and 6 family members have left this sorry excuse for a bank after twenty years. Nothing but incompetent crooks IMO.

Regions In South Georgia Are Great!

In South Georgia (Valdosta, GA) Regions is great, Staff very customer oriented.  I have been banking with Regions for over 8 years.  Personal Checking and a Business Checking.  Feels great when you walk in and they call you by name.  I have other accounts with banks in our area and they do not give you the royal treatment like Regions.

The Five Stars are not just for Customer Service, but also their banking practices towards account holders is much better than the other area banks I have accounts with.  They do not put a 10 day hold on deposited check funds like one of the local banks that I do business with for 23 years does!  They even put a 10 day hold on a check I deposited that was written from my Regions Account and my account balance was much greater than the check I deposited.  Regions has never held any funds from me!  A very happy customer!

Leaving Because Of RIDICULOUS Bank Fees

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I have been with Regions for over 10 years since it was Union Planters. They started charging me a $10 monthly fee, and a $4 fee to use my check card. No thank you, I will be joining a credit union to do my banking. Goodbye Regions, and good riddance.

Bank Fees...RIDICULOUS!!

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I have been with Regions for many 14 years..(Union Planters)..I am now being charged $14 A MONTH to use MY MONEY!!! I do realize that all banks are crooked now and charging these frivolous fees, but this amount is proposterous. Regions says if I keep more money in the account it can be waived, but I have had my account information stolen and the process/time to have funds reimbursed was long.  Why would I keep more money in my account so more can be stolen...not if, but when the account gets hacked again?  

This fee is absolutely unnecessary to use MY MONEY...unbelievable.. I will be leaving Regions and going to a credit union. As stated, I do understand that many banks are charging a fee now, but I know of none to this degree.


Keep this in mind when choosing a bank.  

Regions Bank Incompetance And Thefts

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Changing dates of deposits, bouncing checks that are covered with cash. I wish there was a lower rating than one star.

They Let A Stranger Withdrawl $1,000 Out Of My Account

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To make a long story short, Regions allowed a debit on my account by another person for over $800. Wow! Talk about your money not being safe!!! I never got a clear answer as to why they'd let someone by a totally different name than what's on the account withdrawl any amount of money. They told me it would be 3-5 days before I'd get the money credited back to my account and because the weekend was coming up, it'd take even longer.

My husband when down to the branch to complain and they called the police on him. How do you like that for customer service?!!! Oh yeah, they didn't credit our account until several days later and then we immediately closed it!!!!

Ncaring Management

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I have been a customer of regions since union planters was bought by them.  Riple tn. branch was good up until a few months ago when they started changing the branch management regularly. the last few months have gone terribly downhill. no one knows who you are any more and management at higher levels seem to be uncaring. i am closing my account with this company and would not reccomend them to any one.

Comment On Regions Bank Service

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Unlike a previous poster, I've had nothing but good experience from Regions Bank. I've used two different locations in the last three years. One in Houston, TX and one in Ruston, LA. They were both knowledgeable, courteous and proficient. During these years I have opened about 7 or 8 CDs of varying terms and have since closed some of them as they matured. In the process I've gone through several different reps.

Great For Getting Your Money From Your Account, Good Customer Service

Bewary, they are in it to get your money any way they can and they will, customer service is good for telling you they took your money and outrageous interest rates

So Far, Not A Single Problem

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We use the Regions branches in the Dallas area and have had 0 problems. We've had our debit cards stolen twice - once, we still had the card but someone apparently swiped and sold the info - and all fraudulent charges were removed with no problems. We never have to wait to use the drive-up or walk-in tellers.

Regions Is The Worst Bank Ever

I went to cash my check at regions, to which I have an account with, and they told me that I could not cash my payroll check because I did not have the enough money in my account to do so. When I know myself that I was not in the negative at all. Wth? I will no longer be going there to do my banking. I would give them no stars if I could but that isn't an option, so I had to give them at least one.

Regions Bank

After several years of maintaining both personal and business accounts at Regions, I have now become concerned about their condition and long term viability. Negative ROI and ROE are just the exterior signs causing alarm. Sharp personnel cutbacks, longer funds holding periods on, even, funds from other large Fed Member banks, and large fee increases combine to send up ingnificant red flags.  

Not Good Anymore

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Used to be a good bank, moving quickly to the bottom.

Dishonest!!! Non Compliant!

My family has taken out two Mortgages through Regions Bank. I Had also been a loyal customer of Regions Bank Customer for over 12 years.  About 6 months ago, my state Identity and Regions Bank card was stolen and all my funds were drained from my account.  Regions Bank assured me the problem would be taken care of and I would not be held responsible for any of the debited funds.  The person who stole my identity also used fraudulent checks (not my checks) to withdraw money from my current balance.  (Eg. He used stolen checks and cashed the stolen checks at a Regions Bank.  The transaction was taken by a Regions Bank Employee who then cashed the fraudulent checks on my account.  When the checks were returned, Regions bank charged my account for the Fraudulent Checks and the funds were debited out of my account for the amount of the Fraudulent Checks. )

I waited for over 5 months for some action to be taken.  I took all necessary steps in which Financial Advisors Sean, Mia, and Michelle Bergeron asked of me at Regions Bank Cheshire Bridge.  I was told I would be contacted by their Corporate Security Officer Frank and he would be the one to tell me when the funds would be released.  It is now 6 months later and I have not received $1 of the large sum of money that I was told I would not be held responsible for.  The last conversation I had with Michelle Bergeron is that Regions were exiting their relationship with me after 12 years and goodbye. I will be contacting the FDIC and also the BBB.  I plan on posting this review on every possible review web site.  DO NOT BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF LIKE I WAS.  Regions does not stand behind their protocol or any of it's policies with the FDIC. Everything in this statement is true and I will stand behind everything stated.  This has destroyed my credit and also my trust in any banking system.  


Justin Walley

Great Customer Serivce

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I am a homemaker who sometimes work part time and I finally decided that I needed a bank account about a year ago. I went to couple other banks before going to Regions and they required too many documentation to open up a new account. Then I called Regions and they said all I needed was my I.D. to open an account. They have always been a hassle free place to visit. And they have really great customer service.

If Your Thinking About Going To Regions Or ANY Amsouth Bank Read This First!! Untrustworthy And Incompetent!!

DO NOT use REGIONS bank or any AMsouth bank. They exist only to
find ways to remove money from your account. I have lost thousands
of dollars due to there incompetence on 2 different occasions. One
when a woman forgot to turn in paperwork to cancel a check card
when fraudulent charges showed up, thereby allowing my account to
be drained. Then tried to force me to pay hundreds in overdrafts
due to thier own incompetence!!  When I contacted regions they ran
me around and literally did nothing. They lied to me about letting
me talk to a manager and only passed the phone to another low level
employee who lied to me about his position.
    Less than a year later they did almost the same thing, failing 

to close an account and tried to
hold me acountable for fraudulent charges after the account was
supposed to be closed. When I finally did get through to a higher
up, he told me..... "while I wasn't on the phone for that
converstation now was I?" "Lets see you prove it" Yeah this was MY
Simply put, they care nothing about thier customers, only finding
ways to part them from thier money through hidden rediculous
Bottom line... WHY take a chance? GO ELSEWHERE!!!

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