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Don't Try To Get A Copy Of A Past Statement Without Paying $$$$$

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I thought I was saving a tree and saving the institution money by going to "paperless" checking.

When the time came that I needed some back statements, I found out only TWO months are kept on their server!!!

Are you kidding me???   AND after 15 years of banking with them it will cost me $3 a page (that about $15 per statement) and $30/hr "research' fee.


This really is the final straw - it will be a big headache to switch everything over, but I'm done!



Ridiculous Accumulation Of Insufficient Funds Fees

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I am very dissapointed with the unreasonabless shown by the manager at Royal Banks.

It all started with a mistake (granted) on my part. I mistakenly used the Royal Banks account to pay for a $50 credit card bill. The account did not have enough funds and Royal Banks credits $50 to my account, charges me $32 fee for isufficient funds so far, not so bad). I am led to believe that they covered it and I should just pay them back the $50 and the fee (Citibank, on their website says the account is paid, they don't say a word, in fact).
A few days later Citibank tries to charge the $50 again; again Royal Banks dutifully charges me for another $32 for insufficiente funds, credits my account for $50. Now I start to suspect something is seriously wrong. I try to desperatly to fund my account, but Royal banks charges me a THIRD insufficient funds fee. I could not keep up!

I talked to Citibank (who by the way does not say a SINGLE word to me while happily trying to charge an account they know has no funds) to try to put a stop to the craziness. They were happily charging me their own penalties, by the way.

During all of this I am puzzled by Royal Banks behavior; it is obvious they did not cover the credit card charge (why the penalty then?).

I still trusted them to put things into a more sensible situation (maybe just charge me $32 instead of the almost $100?). I call Royal Banks and they are totally inflexible. The almost $100 fee charges stand and there's no way around it.

I guess they made some good money on me on this.

Can anyone give me advice on how to get Royal Banks to be sensible about this? 


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Fradulant charges appeared on my account and i have never let my debit card leave my sight.

By law they had to remove those charges and they actually only amounted to a very small amount.

VP writes to me and states because the bank suffered a loss, which would actually amount to less than a month's interest i get on their account, they will not reissue me with a new debit card, which is absolutely ridiculous! Customer service officers have no power to do anything and everything gets refered to the VP who never answers calls/return calls/checks his email.


Stay Away If Possible!!!!!!!!

Well, here's yet another banking sceniro related to on-line banking, which the bank chooses to charge you and you have no recourse.....:

You have checked your account vigilantly on line.  No pending authorization for 2 days, you've mastered your checkbook (for the few checks you write).  Enough funds to cover what you have out there.  Low and behold days later here comes a 'GAS CHARGE" you purchased at BP 2 days ago!!!!  My God, most banks you can see the charages as you go....NOT ROYAL BANKS!!!!

Now you only had a small issue, but they add $64 over draft (first of course), reject your check that came through and bounce it, and all over $2 and Gas Charges that should have posted. 

If I could remember all the charges I made, I would need on-line banking -- isn't that the point.

My point is that is it not statistically possible for the customer to be wrong 100% OF THE TIME. 

At other banks you can see your charges 5 minutes on line after they are done.


Needs Updating Badly!!!!

The Bank itself is ok.  I have been a customer for over 10 years , mostly out of laziness of switching.

Finally, on line banking came after all the other banks had it.

Still takes at leaset 2-3 days for things to "post", deposits or credits to post, and when all my other colleages get their business mileage direct deposted on the same day - mine is 2 days later than everyone else??

Of course, if you have a overdraft, that is NEVER late.

I was a fan until I disputed a few charges.  Then I got a nasty e-mail from a VP (and I asked for a phone call)  just like the bigger banks.

Ihave heard there are a few banks now that are "real time" and I may actually switch. 

Good bank for a young, starter person, but if you are juggling a mortgage, kids, etc who has the time to constantly check to see if they processed something.


Awful, Closed My Account

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I have been banking with more than 10 banks.

This bank is the worst!!!


Awful, Avoid Them

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I have been banking with more than 10 banks. This bank is the worst!!!

My One Year Experience With Royal Banks

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I've been a customer since January of 2010. I've seen the interest rate drop several times- from over 4% to its now present rate of 2.75%. In addition, the debit card transaction requirement has jumped from 10 to 15 per month. Although I don't like to keep switching banks, it's no longer advantageous to bank here.

Overall I'm Pleased With Rbom

I signed up for a RBoM account in January, back when it was open nationwide. Previously I had only held reward checking accounts at local credit unions, so I was nervous about dealing with a bank out of state. I was also concerned the high interest rate wouldn't last long enough to make it worth while.

The application process was a breeze, although I had to go through a third-party's web-based application. The initial account information which was mailed to me wasn't entirely clear (I had questions like: could the debit card be used for point of sale purchases, without a PIN? could I get any free starter checks? etc.). Calling the CSR resolved about 80% of my questions, but they were obvously more accustomed to dealing with peple face-to-face.

Another odd thing about this bank is that they use a 3rd party secure e-mail system. They send me notifications each month that my account statement is ready, but to view it I have to log into the 3rd party secure e-mail system (which is a completely different site from the one where you perform account actions). It's no big deal, just one more login/password combo to remember.

Shortly after signing up with RBoM, they closed new accounts to people living out of state, and slightly dropped their interest rate. The rate was still very good, so I kept using the account. Today the rate is 3.51 APY, so I feel fortunate that I signed up while I could.

So Far So Good

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So far so good. I opened the account at December, 2009.

Both PIN-based and signature-based card transactions were counted. Though their online access website confused me first stating that some of my transactions were ATM withdrawals. But they were counted, so it doesn't matter.

I use the debit card to pay utilities on-line, so don't need to carry the card with me.

They did send me an email about the rate drop.

You can't initiate an ACH transaction from their website, but they don't block external push/pull. So 4 stars only.

Rates Have Just Dropped On The Majestic Checking Account

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Rates have just dropped on the Majestic checking account.  Effective April 14, the new APY on the first $24,999 is now 3.51% (down from 4.30%).  The APY on 25,000 and above remains unchanged at 1.40%.  Like so many banks these days there was no e-mail or correspondence warning that this move was coming, they just slipped it in hopeing most depositors wouldn't notice (for a while anyway).

FYI: Royal Banks did NOT count any PIN based transactions toward the required 15 monthly debit card transactions during the first month I used the card.  I recommend using only non-pin (credit card) transactions when using their card.


So Far, Been Decent

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So far, been decent. Signed up in Nov and had my 4.5% APR drop to 4.3%. All my ATM refunds have been awarded and no hassles with the bank.


One problem is the inability to initiate ACH transfers from their website. Makes it a pain to send money from different institutions, but whatever. Until I find something better, Royal Banks is where I'll stay.


@Upset Bill Pay Customer: I received my Boomerang Bucks, so no lies from Royal Banks on that one. They came through and I didn't see where. Sent an email to Trina and was told the exact date the deposit was made into my account. Got my money March 15.

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