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I Feel Screwed Over (Update: No Longer) (Update: Scam Bank)

Second Update:
Turns out when they convinced me to reopen my account, they added a $10/month account fee (for what??? it's basic checking) where I had never paid a fee in over 5 years. I will never do business with them again and when I see their advertisements in sports I will growl at the TV.

After I called to close my account, I got one of those "please review your call experience" emails and since I had not gotten a chance to whine to anyone yet, I recounted my frustrations with the overdraft into their survey. I have never received any kind of feedback from these surveys from any company so I was quite surprised to receive a call and email from Santander (on the weekend even!) asking to talk to me to address my concerns. I called them back on Monday and they said the overdraft charges should not have happened and refunded them, so we reopened the account as well as sending me a new debit card overnight since the old one had already been closed out at that point. I was very pleasantly surprised by them reaching out to me and will now attempt to use the account more frequently to thank them for their good customer service.

Previous Review:
I opened an account with Santander because they had a convenient location on my way home from work. Sadly, that location closed/moved shortly afterward. I soon got an account with SoFi but kept the Santander account open just to have a place to deposit cash, etc.

When I bought my house I had the monthly HOA fee direct debited from my Santander account and I have left it that way for several years just so Santander wouldn't close my account from disuse. So every month I had to remember to transfer $200 from my main bank to my Santander account. This worked fine until this past month when the combination of my HOA quietly moving up the debit date and Santander "conveniently" taking several extra days to receive the transfer caused my account to overdraft. I would have chalked this up as my mistake and started transferring earlier in the month....except Santander COMPLETELY neglected to notify me about the overdraft for almost two weeks. This enabled them to charge me extra fees for "sustained" overdraft. An overdraft I knew nothing about. Because they didn't tell me! If I had known I would have paid the original overdraft charge instantly!

So I wasted my money filling the overdrafted account back up to 0 and then closed the account, at which point they did not even bother to ask why I was leaving, they were basically like "K bye". Congratulations Santander, they got their profit from having me as a customer, which clearly matters more than customer experience. They win.


Santander bank promises to protect their customers and our money. Two weeks ago while making legitimate purchases in my city of Brooklyn NYC, Santander bank shut off my debit card THREE times in 2 days and I had to verify my purchases. How embarrassing. However, a week later, somebody "skimmed my card and made over $500 of unauthorized purchases 800 miles away in Philadelphia PA. Not only did Santander bank not notify me, shut off my card, but allowed these purchases and told me to file a claim with them. After filing the claim, Santander Bank decided to only give me $25.00 back from the fraudulent purchases. This is an insult to me and every customer who decided or will decide to use this bank. DO NOT USE SANTANDER BANK! SANTANDER BANK WILL NOT PROTECT YOUR MONEY. I asked to speak to a manager and my request was denied. I have now spent over an hour and a half on hold trying to speak to a manager.No one will help me. DO NOT BANK AT SANTANDER. THIS BANK IS THE WORST!!!

Wrong Exchange Rate, Bad Customer Service

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Santander bank is known for good customer service, but recently, I was disappointed with Santander Polish division. On January 3rd, 2020 I transferred 10K USD$ from Guatemala to Euro account at Santander Bank Polska S.A. Instead of using the regular exchange rate USD -> Euro 0.9, they dropped it to 0.83. We lost 600 USD$. I complained to the bank regarding this but it looks like they hoped we wouldn’t notice. Two weeks later I still have never heard back from them.
While, the Santander Bank Polska S.A. needs months to “investigate”, the Guatemalan bank was able to give an overview of the transaction within 15 minutes. It showed that there are no extra charges by Guatemalan or intermediary American Bank Wells Fargo and the 600 USDS$ was taken by the Polish bank.
The bank took nearly 7% of the total transaction value. Taking a plane and delivering this money in person would cost about the same. It is hard to believe that the Santander Bank Polska S.A. would take money needed for a surgery send by a daughter to a small personal account of elderly mother. We will be closing the account.

Bye Bye Santander

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Banking issues caused me to emailed the customer service rep and branch manager, Both emails were returned. The branch manager’s auto reply gave me someone else to contact but didn’t say when he would return.
I forwarded the email to the suggested associate. After not hearing back 24 hours later I emailed them both again.
Two weeks later I still have never heard from either.
I went to the branch today after not hearing back for over a week. Antonio Scanzello had an attitude before I started talking. I asked why he didn’t reply to me. He didn’t know. He claimed; “Yolanda ([email protected]) said she never got my email - any of them.” (I have to wonder how they knew there was more than one.) He complained that he had just gotten back on Tuesday (it’s Friday) and had over 300 emails.
He did finally ask what he could do. I said to reverse the overdraft. He said, “Why? What did the bank do wrong?”

That was the end of that. The branch manager managed to blame his teller/customer service people and me. What the bank did wrong was NEVER get back to me. HE never got back to me.
We will be closing our account.

Worst Bank Ever

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santanderbank is the worst and most horrible bank in the united states. santanderbank has blocked my checking account. they refuse to unblock my checking account. i have written them numerous emails. i have made numerous phone calls and they still have not unblocked my account. i have written them a note to close my account. i have reported them to consumer affairs and consumer affairs has done nothing. i am about to be evicted from my apartment because i have to pay rent and i do not have access to my money. this is what this disgusting horrible bank has done to me. their ceo does not respond to me and neither does their crappy disgusting corporate office. i have called the police. i am waiting to see if they are going to do anything. so far no one is helping me. i am going to sue santander bank. banks should never be able to do this to customers. i have been a customer of this disgusting horrible crappy bank for 5 years. santander bank has the worst customer service department and the worst supervisors and the worst customer service reps i have ever seen. i cannot wait to take this disgusting horrible bank to court.

Never Received $250

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Santander Bank had a deal going where you would receive $250 in bonus money if you opened a Simply Right checking account and had 3 direct deposits added within 60 days. I spent a lot of time switching from other banks to Santander but one of my direct deposits is deposited once a month and it took two additional months before the change could be made. I did a Mobil Deposit of a retirement payroll check to show that this check would be coming in the next cycle. According to Santander, I did not meet the requirements, thus I wouldn't get the bonus.

I feel cheated and all my deposits were made with the exception of one that I couldn't get deposited in the cycle. Instead, I took a picture of the check and deposited it. Not good enough.

Incompetent Lying Crooks

I called Santander USA customer service, to ask if I could withdraw money from my Santander Bank account that I had in Germany. They said sure, no problem, but that I would have to travel to a branch in the US to do it. So I flew from my home in Minnesota to Philadelphia, the nearest branch. I had to stay overnight, and missed two days of work to make this trip. When I arrived at the branch In Philadelphia, they said I couldn't do it. I was told by the branch manager that I could be reimbursed for my expenses if Santander found my recorded call to customer service.

I just got a call back from Santander in Massachusetts, saying they would not reimburse me because in the recorded call I said I would be in the Philadelphia area anyway. That is a lie. I now have to pursue a civil suit against these crooked liars. I have zero faith in the right thing being done, but I have to try anyway. Beware of Santander Bank!

The Worst Experience Ever.

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I opened a checking account online. After few weeks I had to change my address explaining to the teller that I no longer have access to the previous address. He added the new address but my card was still sent to the old address. I called customer service after 3 weeks and they issued another card to be expedited to the right address. I travel outside of US very often, and suddenly I wasn’t able to see my online banking so I called Customer Service. I find out that my account got closed because I never signed for the opening of my account, even though I went to their brunches so many times. They issued me a check with the money that I still had. Apparently is on his way to my address.. which address?? I will see..clearly there’s no communication between customers and their representatives.” Don’t waste time and energy with this unserious bank. There are banks out there that know how to communicate and handle basic situations.

Terrible Bill Payment Service - Stay Away!

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I have received promo mailer from Santander and decided to give it a try. I have opened their SIMPLE CHECKING and got my direct deposit setup. When I tried to use their bill payment service first time it seemed ok, no any better or worse than any other bank. I have paid 5 of my bills and happily went about my day. Few days later I have received an email from Fiserv (which is apprently their bill payments service provider) about my payments being made to my payees but them not being able to get money from my account. Therefore they have suspended my bill payment service, accessed fees on my account etc. After multiple calls to them and to Santander customer service I finally understood what has happened. Long ago I used to have an account with Santander, which has been closed for probably 3-4 years. Guess what? Their bill payment service tried to take money from the CLOSED ACCOUNT, while my existing open checking account had needed funds to cover my payments. 4 customer service calls and numerous emails later, they have reversed 3 of my bill payments (i.e. Fiserv got their money back) and 2 other payments they could not reverse cause those were utility companies. Luckily I had quickly paid my bills again via my other bank. I have given them authorization to take money for my 2 utility bills from my Santander checking account, I am still waitintg for my bill payments to be re-activated almost one week after all this happened.

I have promised Santander customer service to file a complaint to Better Business Bureau which I definitely intend to do, plus I have promised them to leave "nice" reviewes everywhere I can about their "wonderful" customer service.

Stay away from this Craptander Bank and their "service" as far as possible! Be warned!

The Worst Bank Ever

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I've had issues with this bank and the worsted is their customer services reps don't help and makes me feel like they don't want to help. My 1st issue was last year when I signed to an online health company who charge automatically every month. I wasn't satisfied with the service and ate the 1st charge but when I called the bank to block future transaction they would not do it. I called the company to try and cancel the service and was never able to speak to someone. When I did they gave me the run around that they couldn't find my account. But to charge me every month they could? Because the bank would not help I ended up pretending to have lost my card and getting a new re-issued...

I am now dealing with an issue on a loan check I took to pay my Bill's. The check was under my wife 's name she signed it and I deposited it. They wanted her to come to the bank and sign an affidavit but they wouldn't accept her IDs. The same id's she uses to cash her checks. The bank ended freezing my account for over a month and upon my request a month earlier to send the check back to the sender or give back to me they finally took the money out of the account. This was 3 weeks ago. I checked to see if the check was sent back and now they see they send the check back in 30 to 90 days... that is unbelievable... meanwhile I have Bill's that need to be paid and already owe over $600 on the loan check I took. And Santander doesn't care. Needless to say once this is all cleared up I will be leaving this bank. I suggest those looking for a bank keep looking. Simply the worst and uncaring customer service.

Santander Does Not Pay Accrued Interest When Closing Account

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Update: 9/18

Santander' policy is that when you close your account you LOSE any accrued interest which you have earned and which shows on your account but which has not yet been POSTED to your account. Interest is posted once a month. That means if you close your account on any day other than the one day a month when interest is posted, Santander keeps the interest you have accrued (i.e.earned). That's what they did to me and when I complained to their corporate office they REFUSED to do the right thing and pay me the interest I earned.

For this and a variety of other reasons I would never recommend this bank to anyone.

Beware Of Inactive Acc.

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Santander Bank N. A. just sent me a Dormant/inactive acc...reactivation Form.. Crazy as it seem the State of Penna. requires inactive accounts of your money be sent after 3yrs... That's what they say my 2 cd. were inactive for... Make a long story short I have 2 cds only with them and they sent me this form that I had to get notaryized that I am still alive I guess... My cds are for 3yrs and 2yrs. have gone by... I drove to a branch about a hour ride to correct this... I called the main office and they still would not ok everything on the phone... I have no other acc. with them and I am on line and everything seem ok... I just got a 1099 from them... Crazy::: I have one more yr. with them and I am out of there

Why a check was not cashed.

I called the main office of my bank. I had a check that was not cashed . The customer representative was a very pleasant woman. She did a lot of research and looked into why this check was not cashed. She informed me to call the place where I wrote the check out to. She said that they will probably have the reason why they are not cashing it. So I did as she asked and called the company that I wrote the check out to. Sure enough they were not going to cash it and they were in the process of sending it back to me. They informed me that the amount of the check was incorrect. So I had a good experience with my customer representative at the bank, because she gave me the correct information, and I got everything taken care of.

Why I like Santander Bank

Santander Bank first attracted my attention with a free checking account that paid me $150.00 dollars if I deposited $500 in the new account within three months of opening the account. I had never opened an online checking account so I had a few problems to begin with. The banks customer service was always friendly, able to help and open every day. I called them repeatedly with all my problems and every time they were able to help me fix my problem and even stayed on the phone until the problem was solved. I had much better service from Santander than my brick and mortar bank here at home. I found myself comparing the attitudes of the online bank to my hometown bank and I found my hometown bank lacking in courtesy and help during the hours I needed help. So three months later I received my incentive from Santander and I intend to keep the account open because I am happy with the bank.

Not What It Used To Be...

Customer from 1965 doing business in millions. Extremely satisfy with my personal and business accounts until it became SANTANDER which brought Chaos and and lack of personal service. Lack of procedural knowledge, policies and decision making power for the simplest decision lacked at the Branch level. Bait and switch policies do exist and customers must be careful and check their accounts to be sure their are given what was originally agreed. Outdated ways of doing business. Every decision seems to be made at their headquarters which is time consuming and very, very impersonal.
My last disappointing adventure (several months ago) with Santander convince me to withdraw all my money. Closed my accounts and went to another Bank. Shame.

Santander Screwed Up Application Process

I wanted to open a checking account online with Santander Bank. as a part of the verification application asks to answer personalized questions about one's recent financial or personal activity. There is nothing unusual about this - every online bank has this process of identity verification. What was unusual is that every question presented to me was not about any of my activity, i.e. all choices were a total miss.

Having failed in that, bank asked me to upload pics of my identification. I uploaded US Passport and my state driver license. In a couple of days I received a notice of a denied application based on inability of validating my identity.

With a Santander Bank, I wasted my time, put a blemish on my credit report, and gained nothing. Bad business!!!


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Recieved Mailer Notice dated 4.18.2016 - We are discontinuing extra20® checking and extra20® savings accounts. On July 1, 2016, your extra20® checking account will automatically change to a Simply Right Checking account and your extra20® savings account will automatically change to a Santander Savings account.

I have enjoyed this account and give Santander high marks for their bill pay service.

I wanted to let readers, who have a Santander Extra20® account, know that these changes are scheduled. For some reason I could not write a post under bank deals/rates.

Bait & Switch Money Market

When I mentioned to our banker that we were thinking of moving our savings to Ally (1.00% APR), we were talked into opening a Money Market account at 0.9% APR. It was explained that we needed to maintain a minimum balance to keep the high 0.9% APR, and that wouldn't be a problem. For the first few months, all was going smoothly. Then (despite us continuing to deposit more money), the interest rate inexplicably dropped to 0.5%. Then 0.3%. I figured it must be some error, so I called my banker. Turns out - NOT an error. They are able to adjust it down as low as they want, EVEN IF THEY ARE STILL ADVERTISING THE HIGHER RATE. It does not say this anywhere in the paperwork, online advertising, and I know of no other bank that can deceptively and arbitrarily change the rate to anything besides the advertised rate. So frustrating. I've been with Santander since 1999 and just transferred every last dime out of there.

I Hate Them And Am Going Elsewhere

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Getting rid of them They have made multiple errors and charged me fees which have only been partially repaid. I complain, call and request the fees but they ignore me until I let it go. The manager tells me he has lost any power as the higher ups make everything go through them. They hold all our checks for 2 to 3 days.I have a daycare and get paid eight different checks Wednesday through Friday which they hold all of unless I go to a certain teller who cashes them for me. I was going to refinance through them but the hoops to jump through are ridiculous. The manager used to work at Citizens Bank and loved it. Says this bank is horrible to get loans processed through compared to Citizens. They are so understaffed...making more money by hiring less but slow to process. Sound familiar? Multiple errors when I opened a second checking account...they RUSH to charge you fees! Again I have to call customer service and they act as though they find me guilty of the error and are super reluctant to make it right. They are definitely looking to charge us as much as possible. I deposited cash which got stuck in the ATM and could not be returned. I called and was told they would release it in ten to fourteen days!! CASH! It could be immediately verified.They charged me fees for insufficient funds since the money was never deposited. I hate them. I called about the fees they charged for "unavailable funds" as they were holding $2200 of deposits. I was told they can only reverse fees for "insufficient funds" Does that make sense? Greedy, horrible bank. DON'T use them. Going with a new bank which is a major pain as I have all my autopays through them. They close at 4:00 three times a week. If I could give them less than one star I would. Their ratio is improving as they readily charge so many fees. Use someone else.

Santander - Great bank, if a little slow on technology

My partner and I have a joint checking and savings account with Santander. We are also enrolled in their "Free 20" program which means that as long as we pay at least 2 bills online and use direct deposit, Santander will deposit an extra 20 bucks into our account each month. It's awesome! We get very personal service every time we are in a branch. The customer service representatives are always friendly, and the bank manager even remember me by name - we always talk about how the Dallas Cowboys are planning, or talk about the Texas Rangers. The only slight complaint I have is that while the bank does have an App where you can check your account balances, etc, there is no way to do a mobile deposit on your smartphone. This is a bit frustrating, but at least they make the process of depositing money in a branch location quick and painless. All in all, I really like this bank and enjoy supporting a smaller, locally owned bank.

Stranded In India

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If you want to be stranded in India by all means open an account at SANTANDER. Call for help any other time than US, forget it. Wait until someone wakes up or shows up. Strange that a Spanish bank does not have international hours.
But wait, if you want to use your ATM for a purchase in in other US city other than the one you live in and you HAVE called and told them you would be traveling to "x", one system does not tell the other system that is the case. So you find yourself at a client dinner on the phone with a customer agent telling them about the last 12 transactions you did.
When you return you discuss with the branch manager and they first have to have some folks do an audit of the situation and find after 4 plus months there is no issue. Then you go up to the district manager and they never return your call.
Call US headquarters and you are sent back to the same poor agent you started with.
No one up the food chain has a name, phone number or address.
So after after a year , you decide " I'm an idiot", and go to another bank.
I wish I could give rating of minus stars.

Love them

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I been using Santander for 3 years and they are a great bank and I have a few accounts with this bank. They have always taken care of any issue i have had. When i needed to open up a business checking account witch was my 2nd account i needed a tax id number so they went online and helped me get the id number. To me that's great cause some banks will tell you do it yourself. They have never charge me any hidden fee's.

A Bunch Of Thieves. Do Not Bank With Them

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The bank uses the practice of clearing first the larger amount checks and then the smaller amount checks. For example, if you have $500.00 available in the account and you have 3 checks coming in, one check in the amount of $480.00 and the other two checks in the amount of 450.00, They will clear first the larger check and then the account availability will be only $20.00, which means you will be charged unavailable fee for two checks. If they would of first clear the two smaller amount checks and then the larger amount cheek, they would have charge unavailable fee only once for. They are the only bank who uses this practice in order to generate more income from the poor people who live from payroll to payroll Its unfair and it’s about time to stop.


IRA CDs Transfer Fee

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Read the fine print before you take out an IRA CD. They will charge your account $ 25.00 for a trustee to trustee transfer. I know of no other bank that charges for this service. Bank elsewhere!

Phone Calls Dives Me Crazy

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They will not stop calling for non account issues. I recommend that you before you think about doing business with them. They have to listen to the customers!!!

Dishonest Bank Practices Toward The Poor

I have been banking with Sovereign Bank on the East Coast, (NJ, PA) for a very long time, but since this bank added Santander Group I have noticed the rude customer service via their 1-800#.  This bank also has dishonest bank practices since the name change to Santander Group especially toward the poor.  I keep a running total of all my banking yet they continue to charge me $35.00 fees stating my account had insufficient funds.  The dispute is they say that all my checks came in the same day my direct deposit came in, but the twist here is that they always say the check came in last, how am to believe them when this happens continually.  There is a very tricky game they are playing with customers accounts especially when it relate to the very poor who live from paycheck to paycheck.  When you call the customer service representatives they don't even try to understand what is going on they just see what is before them on the computer.  Sovereign Bank seems desperate and they would rather steal from the poor and justify why they their not giving your money back.  My husband closed his account 1 year ago because of this, but I tried to stay with them because I felt I could be very careful watching my account, but I find that they have a secret way to bounce your account anyway.  I closed my account with them today and the woman at the bank fought with me toe and nail because I wanted to close it.  Tell me what is their problem?  If you have not had a problem with them yet, keep on banking it is in the making.  

Poor Service

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Sovereign Bank this year made everyone switch their Visa debit cards to Master Cards. Since this time they have messed up my accounts. Sovereign sent several new cards and mixed up the accounts. Sovereign Bank is taking one checking account I have had for almost 10 years, and with out my knowing switched the cards to withdraw money out of a different checking account. The reason for this that I got from CS, and the 800 # on the back of the card, was that the older account was not a Primer account. NO ONE NOTIFIED ME OF THE SWITCH. And they linked two separate cards to one account, which they say they don't do (like two cards with the same name to one account, But they did). Now I have spent endless hours on the phone being bounced around for their incompetence.The last conversation I had was today with a Louis Rodrigus X 106519. He was going to get back to me. I will be following with the banking commission if I do not get a call back. Customer Service needs major improvement and will be looking into banking with a new bank after this is all over.

Bank Elsewhere

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Unfortunetly 0 stars is not an option. I have had nothing but problems with them. They don't care about their customers once they have hustled you into opening with them in the first place. They are not helpful at all and have no problem saying the customer is wrong. They can not take credit if one of their employees makes a mistake. I am now in the process of switching banks and can not wait to actually like where I bank!

Always Friendly And Not So "By The Books" As Other Banks

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I've always had a good experience with my Sovereign.  They've "stretched" the rules for me on more than one occasion when I've had overdrafts.  And they're always friendly, which is the main reason I don't go anywhere else.

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