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Loan Payments

Have been sending in double payments so we can get ahead since Seacoast likes to call if you are 1 minute late on your auto loan. So, this was working, load was paid ahead and then BOOM, they decided to change it. Now if you send in more then one payment they apply it to principal whether you ask them to or not. This bank is the worst. We use to have checking accounts there and closed them all. They have the worst customer service ever and they never tell the whole story. And, miraculously, after having an auto loan now for over 3 years they had none of my information. No phone numbers, no email no nothing. I had to go thru this massive approval process answering all kinds of personal questions just to get my phone number back on the file. This loan will be paid off in 6 months, THANK GOODNESS. They pick and chose what to tell you! HORRIBLE, do yourself a favor and bank elsewhere. Not worth the headache or the hassle. The worst bank Ever!


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Opened a new account made a deposit, transferred ssa then they closed my accounts without reason and refuse to send me my money back. They lie about the matter to regulators and still refuse to send money back. HORRIBLE BANK go to another local bank or large bank who has better service and cares about the customers

Deceiving And Complicated

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extremely complicated and barely available if you need any assistance with your bank information, I work in customer service and security and sadly I've given this branch too many chances, I will be shutting down the account as soon as I am free and be done with it, pretty sure there are other banks that offer much better assistance and is less time consuming.

Poor Customer Service

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I went to the Okeechobee branch to open a checking account yesterday. There were 4 tellers working when I came in at around 2:30, but 2 left while I was waiting. One teller was taking care of the drive-thru. I waited in line for 15 minutes before I left and decided I didn't want to bank with a bank that had such poor customer service. There were 2 people in front of me waiting as well.

Worst Bank Ever

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This bank, without notifying me decided to not allow me to withdraw any monies or even close my account . I accidentally deposited a check from this bank instead of my other bank and now I'm being accused of illegal activity even though I wrote another check from the correct account immediately. Their customer service representative hung up on me, no one would help me or let me know what was going on and wouldn't allow me to close my account so that I could establish my business at another bank. How a bank is allowed to do this is puzzling and I have full intention of calling my attorney and reporting them to every possible agency there is regarding banking. Beware of this bank!

Banking with Seacoast

I banked at Seacoast Bank before I moved from the town I lived in. In the area of the state I lived, the bank only had two branches. I really liked the personal feel of the bank. Because it was a small bank, I didn't feel as if the person was treating me as just a number for their monthly goals. I feel like they valued me more because they were competing with the bigger banks, and they needed my deposits more. I had a savings and checking account with the bank. The checking account was free, but at one point they changed their system and started charging a fee. The only way to get around this, was to open a savings account. Because I liked the bank and the people there, I decided to move my savings account to the bank. The interest rates were competitive as well as the auto loan. I don't believe they offered much in terms of IRAs and investment accounts. They referred that to a private group.

Stay Away Worst Bank Around

This bank is a joke they hold your money for weeks at a time when you call they tell you next time deposit cash I was told if I didn’t like the hold go to amscott pay to have it cashed then deposit cash I’m like really why the fuck have a bank if I have to pay to get my money everyone I talked to were rude and went as far as calling me a scammer and a crook will never again recommend this bank to anyone worst customer service you can ask for

Seacoast Is Terrible

Garbage bank. They bought out and completely changed all the policies of my previous bank. I have had my bank bought out 3 times now, but this is the first time all the policies have changed. The bank I originally went with had minimal , if any fees, I don't even remember having any. They forgave all atm transactions if I went into the branch etc. I support my younger brother , and have since he was growing up in highschool because our parents are no good. I barely make any money to be able to do anything.
These past two months my job cut my hours by 1/3. And because of their fees I am overdrawn. So because I didn't have enough money, I owe them more money. And now because I am broke and cannot pay rent, I owe them 5 dollars a day. I don't have a car, and because I am beyond broke, I cannot afford the 15 dollar uber it would cost because they barely have any bank locations. Stay away from this bank!

Stay Away - Fee Driven Bank

I was with BankFIRST when Seacoast bought this bank. Since that happened, the service and reasonableness of this bank has severely declined. I never once had an overdraft fee with BankFIRST. Recently I had a deposit missed by 1 day and because my payroll process per items, Seacoast charged me over $1,300 in overdraft fees for one day! There were very unreasonable in working with me as a long time client. I have 3 accounts with them and will be closing all of them asap! Go with a small bank!

Not Happy With Seacoast

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Since Seacoast took over Floridian, I have had 4 different issues with them. 1) When the accounts got transferred they screwed up the transfer amounts; 2) I repeatedly had to go through the process of entering my online username and password and receiving the phone call to verify it was me 3) They arbitrarily changed my no fee Floridian account to a $7/mo. fee and I had to call and ask them to switch the account back to a no fee account; and 4) I could not get into my account online this morning, apparently, now I have to call their 1-800 number to respond to their message: "We need to set up you accounts for online banking before this information can be displayed". Along with this message I received two separate e-mails from persons I do not know requesting me to log-on to a "securemail" site?? Am I stupid enough to do this??? No. I am going to the bank this morning to find out what is going on and why I need to re-set up my online banking when I have been using it for all the time I was a customer with Floridian and subsequently Seacoast. I think its time for a bank change.

Worst Customer Service Ever.

their customer service is some of the worst that I have ever experienced, and at 60 years of age that's quite an accomplishment. I recently e-mailed and asked for the payoff amount of my mortgage. as a retired finance manager in the automobile business I know that a payoff is available via computer in seconds. it took Seacoast over a week and two calls to get the payoff amount. yesterday my mortgage statement arrived and on a second page was a $25.00 "ESTOPPEL PROC FEE". on 5/27/16 I called for an explanation. repeatedly a message plays telling you that due to a high volume of calls go on line or leave a message. just an attempt to get you off of the phone. when I got a human she wanted my acct.#, Moms maiden name and my password so she clearly knew who I was. when I asked for an explanation of the charge it became clear that she had no idea what an Estoppel is. she disconnected me and never called me back. I called again, same message, same wait, and the next rep also had no idea what an Estoppel was. on hold for eight minutes she told me that my Insurance Company asked for it. THAT IS A LIE! I explained that it's a seven year old 307 unit high rise on the water so we have to have Citizens Insurance, and they have never requested an Estoppel. back on hold. then she tells me that because I requested a payoff that they had to report the request to the State of Florida which they had to pay for, thus passing the cost on to me. AN OUTRAGEOUS LIE! I told her that as my mortgage holder there is no legal requirement to report their own customers request for a loan payoff. back on hold. now I'm told it will only be charged if I pay off my loan. really? then why show it as a charge now? I can't wait to be rid of these liars and I may very well file a complaint with the States Banking Commissioner.

Worst Bank Ever!

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My wife and I have been Floridian Bank customers for many years. Seacoast is taking over and the account we've had FREE will now cost $7 per month. We've had banks take over our bank several times and, in all cases, our terms have been grand-fathered in. In one case I still have the same terms for an account I opened 20 years ago, that has been taken over by another bank twice.We will both be closing our accounts prior to Seacoast conversion. IMHO Seacaost is a SHYSTER bank,

I'd Never Recommend Seacoast

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I opened a small business account and had nothing but issues with them. They held checks for over a week, even after my "90 day probation" was up I still had to wait 7 business days for client checks to go through. Their mobile app is awful. Their customer service was worse. The representative I talked with multiple times at my local branch was rarely helpful and even blamed the mobile app for the checks having a hold placed on them. They said, "You should come into the bank to deposit checks." Why even have a mobile app? When I did go in to deposit, I'd still get a hold and they would say, "I'm sorry, but it's policy, every bank does this." Well, no they don't. I closed my Seacoast account and opened another small business account with a different bank. Their mobile app is fantastic and my checks clear in one business day. Seacoast needs to overhaul their entire way of doing things. I would NEVER recommend opening an account with them.

I Can Not Recommend Seacoast National Bank For Loans!!!

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At first everything was yes, yes, yes, then once they got me in, and the loan process started the contacts over there have since become hard to get a hold of and started taking forever to return phone calls or return emails. I have on separate occasions emailed asking specific questions and were replied with generic information and not answering the questions I needed answered. At times they have taken days to get back to me with time sensitive information. I'm in the last stages of the loan process and they decided to back to me after 5:00 on a Friday on a holiday weekend, and that is why I would not recommend them for a loan. I wish I could have a better report.

Charged 5 Dollars A Day Because Account Was Dormant And They Were Arrogant

I had to pay to close my account. There were never any customers in this bank. I had little confidence in this bank. I had planned on depositing again with them until they informed me that they had been charging me 5 dollars a day. I had money in the account but had to pay it to them and pay more to close the account. They were arrogant. Dont use this bank.

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