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Do not get auto loan with Security Service. Incompetency runs rampant.
Did not get my coupon book and had to call so they could mail my account number I. Spent time over the phone making payment and setting up auto payment. I was contacted that my payment was late and my credit score had been dinged 88 points. I never received a call to or email the automatic payment didn't go through.
. When I called to see if I could rectify the reporting to the credit bureaus they said there's nobody I can talk to and there's nothing I can do.
I tried two more times to set up automatic payment and it didn't go through.

Mobile Phone Coverage Scam

Mobile Phone Protection is a scam. I was impressed with this perk and didn't expect it to be perfect, but reality seems it is literally non-existent. Took me 20 minutes on hold with their 800 number just to get the "non-account number Monitoring ID" required to file a claim with their 3rd party insurance provider. After finally having the information I needed and answering all of the required claims prompts, I got this message:

Thank you! Your claim has been successfully submitted!

Our Claims Department will contact you as soon as possible. Please wait to hear from your adjuster before proceeding with any repair.

Your claim number will be assigned and provided by your adjuster once the claim has been reviewed.

Thank you for using Worth Ave. Group

3 DAYS LATER AND NO CONTACT OR FOLLOW UP....SO... MORAL OF THIS STORY, you can expect to be without a phone if yours isn't functioning, for as long as they feel like leaving you without one, and expect you to NOT REPAIR IT, until they get back to you... with no indication of when that might be. OH and they only ask for your phone number to contact you... that's pretty ridiculous when they know you have a damaged, stolen, or lost phone! Nowhere did it ask for an email or alternate method of contact.

I intend to find another bank just because this makes me feel scammed. It's been 24 hours since my claim was filed, nor any contact from anyone, no idea when to expect contact. No number for my claim, not any means to contact anyone about my claim and ask any questions.


Stay Far Away From This CU!!!

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I been with this credit union for about 7 years. Over those years I have sent more than 6 letters of instructions for Certificates pertaining to non-renewal. Each of these letters have never been followed or acted upon by Security Service. Each and every time I've had to called and fight with them to get them to process my request and return my funds.

I'm finally down to my last two CDs which they just renewed dispite my written instructions to transfer to savings. I Do Not Recommend this C.U. for anyone.

Avoid Security Service Federal Credit Union

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Having obtained a loan back in 2012 for an Acura MDX which was paid off this past August we never received the title or release of lien documents. I just called them to find out that they sent the title/lien release to our former address where we haven't lived for over 3 years even though we updated our account information with them the same month we moved in December 2014. They had no problems sending the bills to the updated address for the last 3 years or hounding us for updated insurance information every 6 months when our insurance policies were being update so I cannot image why they would have sent anything to our old address. Now we have to apply for a replacement title which involves going to the DMV where I'll no likely have to stand in line for hours, paying for the duplicate title and wasting valuable work time. Complete incompetence. Avoid them if you can.

Lousy Service

Gave them a 1, because it doesnt go any lower. The nearest branch to me is several thousand miles away, so i rely on on-line banking. Beware!! They like to block accounts for entertainment. The usual routine is attemprt to login, find its locked, call to unlock, do your business. Repeat each time. As im overseas, it costs $20 to do step 2. But, they out did themselves today. Apparently the fraud department blocked my account because last time i transfered money to an account in my name. Not even a particularly large amount. Ive been a customer for 36 years. No more. Its tantamount to theft to not allow me access to my own money. This is not the security service i joined. Run, dont walk, away from this rip-off factory!!

Security Service Federal Credit Union

I have a been member at Security Service Federal Credit Union for well over a year. In my time with the credit union, I have had absolutely no issues. My checking and savings accounts have no fees associated with them, due to my have having direct deposit and maintaining a minimum balance.

Couldn't Imagine Banking Elsewhere

I have banked with Security Service FCU for nearly my whole life I couldn't imagine banking with anyone else. Their mall locations are open seven days a week, and their other locations are open Monday through Saturday much later then other banks. Their website is modern and constantly being updated. It's good and simple for online banking, bill paying, and keeping track of purchases as it updates almost immediately after you make them. Their mobile app allows you to keep track of your accounts and transactions, and you can use it to deposit checks, make transfers, and pay bills. I almost never have to go to an actual physical location anymore. Furthermore, their customer service is the best, in my experience. Whenever I have an issue, a quick phone call usually fixes it right away. Every time I call, no matter what time or issue, I was never on the phone for more then 15 minutes and was never put on hold. When my debit card information was stolen, and several fraudulent charges were made on my account, I called around 2 AM and instantly got a representative who helped calm me and walked me through the process. The charges were instantly reversed and funds credited to my account the same morning. There's almost no fees involved, and I'm overall very happy.

Easy Banking

Security Service Federal Credit Union is a wonderful small bank. The fact that it is so localized means that I have gotten to know my banker and they know me. I love that I can go into any branch around town if I loose my bank card, which happens a lot, and within 10 minutes after providing my ID and account number I have a new one! No waiting for the mail! Depositing checks has become even easier thanks to the mobile app that they released a few years go. And the money is in my account instantly no matter what time of day I deposit it. They also send alerts to my phone if my account is getting low which helps me not to overdraw and rack up fees. I also love how easy it is to move money between checking and savings accounts. And there is always someone available 24/7 if I ever have any questions or concerns regarding my account. I would definitely recommend them if you are in the market for a new bank.

Absolute Worst Financial Institution Ever!

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I am in the process of pulling my deposited funds from this institution. SSFCU would not allow me to add my wife to any of the accounts! I will pull every dime out of this place and will warn EVERYONE to NEVER have any dealings with them.

Everything But Car Loans

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Security Service FCU purchased my local credit union when it was closed by the State of Colorado. It was strange though because SSFCU ran that credit union as a subsidiary for nearly 4 years before finally changing my accounts to SSFCU accounts. I never really gave SSFCU much thought but then one day I went to the website and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw how excellent the rates on deposits and loans were. 0.10% on regular savings; 0.30% on money market ($1000 or more); 6.49% MasterCard; 5.99% personal loans and 6% on a line of credit (for very qualified applicants of course). These are some of the best rates out there, easily beating Navy and PenFed. However, SSFCU's auto loan rates are higher than most other credit unions locally and nationally at over 3%. I have been very disappointed by the service I have received at the local branch here; the employees are not overly friendly or helpful and one was downright insulting. I would have expected better service from a credit union 1) based in Texas (y'all are stereotypically nice) and 2) a credit union with service in their name. My biggest complaint was when I had to provide documentation for my line of credit application; I entered my income at $4K more per year than what I earned at my new job-this was because I had switched jobs in the middle of the year and for that year, my income really was $4K more; but since the income on the earnings statement was not what I had entered the employee very loudly informed me and anybody else in the building that this income was incorrect. Basically calling me a liar. Then, after that, I had to wait in the lobby for approval; one of the member service people called me over and then realized that the approval was still pending and just sat there looking at her screen for 5 minutes without engaging me in conversation until the computer finally indicated that I was approved. Bottom line; I am not impressed with the service at that one branch location but I am completely impressed by the deposit and loan rates (except car). If you are eligible to join, you should!

This credit union has become an intergral part of my life!

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I've had several banks and one other credit union in the past and I've never felt as if I've mattered to any of them. But at SSFCU I know that I'm not just some other random person! The employees at this credit union have gone out of the way not only to help us get the best loans but to help us when we recently moved out of state and ran into some problem with getting our new direct deposit set up! The person who attended us stayed 2 hours after her shift ended to ensure our documents were received and recorded so our loan payment would not be late!! I don't know of any other bank establishment caring so much as to even stay open for another 5 minutes to help someone in need!!

Best Credit Union Ever!

I opened a checking account with SSFCU in February. I was not happy with my bank and I was told by a friend how great SSFCU is so I checked them out. I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. The Member Service rep that helped my was really friendly and told me about the wonderful products they offer. She got me approved for a loan interest credit card and helped me balance transfer my high interest credit cards to my new SSFCU credit card. The branch manager even came out of her office to personally welcomed me to the credit union as their newest member.

I also was surprised to find out that they did not have any monthly fees and that they actually paid me 10 cents for every transaction I did with my debit card. How awesome is that? I would definitely recommend SSFCU to anyone who is trying to break away from banks. They truly care about their members and they are great to work with.

Too Many Fees

My mother has been apart of the credit union for over twenty years, so when I turned 18, and got my first job I opened an account with them. Basically milked me dry with overdraft fees, and their customer service was absolutely awful to boot. I ended up eventually just canceling my account and taking my business to another bank.

Anyone Can Steal Your Money From SSFCU

For all potential and current SSFCU customers:

My wife and I have been banking here for 4 years using it to store some of our savings and a car loan. Someone was able to walk into the bank with a fake ID that had my name on it, go to two branches in the same day at least 4-5 times, and pull out tens of thousands of dollars. Nevermind that my wife and I have never visited any of the branches where our money was pulled out or that we only ever deposit money at the lone tree location, or that we were never alerted over the one week period this person pulled out money (were heading out for vacation and discovered this the day after we returned home) - until that is one alert employee thought the person's id looked fake.

SSFCU security protocols are a joke. ANYONE who knows you bank there can walk in with a fake id and steal your money. At Wells Fargo, Chase, or any other real bank you have to provide substantial amounts of very specific info to pull out any money. In the age of continuous security breaches, identify theft, etc... SSFCU's lack of meaningful protections for our money is grossly negligent and the height of stupidity. We will not be customers much longer...

Worst Customer Service EVER!!!

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Let's see, so I'm in the military and needed a release of lien to ship my vehicle from Texas to Hawaii. It wasn't leaving the United States, it was just leaving the continental US. I called security service, they said all I had to do was send an email summing up what I needed done to an email address they provided and I'd be good to go, and should receive the letter within 3-5 business days. I did as they said and waited. I called on the 6th business day asking what the heck. After almost an hour on hold, I talked to some lady who said that they would not give me the letter because I owed $990 in overdraft fees. I asked when did these fees occur because I had been paying my car on time, and been making double payments, for the last 2 years, and this is the first I hear of it. She says that the overdrafts were from 2 years prior, and she's not sure why they didn't show up before, and that I needed to pay the $990 before they would let me ship my car. Mind you, the loan I have on my car is current and has NOTHING to do with the $990. I'm now 3 business days away from flying out and I have to pull $990 out of thin air to do this. I ask for a payment plan, a deferement, something to help me. They pretty much said too bad, so sad. I had to take out a loan through another bank to get this paid off. I had no issue paying the overdraft fees. But they should have something alot sooner, like whenever the overdrafts were about to get charged off, not 72 hours before I hop on a plane across the ocean. The worst part was that they were totally unwilling to work with me in any way. It was their way or the highway. Period.

Next issue: Called on a Monday to get a wire transfer done, after 20 minutes on hold and being transferred to 2 people in the call center, I was fit transferred to the wire department. I was on hold another 20 minutes, so I called from my wife's phone and after 10 minutes on hold, talked to someone else in the call center who transferred me to yet another person in the call center. She informed me that the wire transfer department went home early today because it was New Years Eve, and they wouldn't be back till Wednesday, and theyre open from 8-5 central time. Outstanding (sarcasm). Called back Wednesday, approximately 2pm central time. Again, the half an hour wait, the transferring between call center people, and then was told that again, the wire transfer department had gone home early, so call back tomorrow. I asked for the direct number to the department to call them the next day, and they provide it to me, or that's what they tell me the number is to. I called at 8:05am, and the number they gave me was disconnected. I called the call center and spoke with a woman who was transferring me to the wire department, was in hold for 5 minutes, not sure how considering they had JUST opened. But, yet another call center person picked up, and she transferred me to the wire department, and I dealt with a lady who sounded like she had just woken up and hated her job. I'm so glad I'm leaving this institution. I traded in my car and got a new auto loan with a new bank just to get away from these people.Their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced in my entire LIFE. If you're military, avoid this bank at all costs and go with USAA!!! And if you're not military, go with ANYONE else but this institution.

Frustrating Car Loan Experience

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Please be wary when obtaining a car loan from SSFCU. The staff are polite on the phone and seem helpful but there is a major disconnect between the front line and back office processing. I paid off my car loan 45-days ago at which time I called and inquired about when I would receive the title to my vehicle. I was told 10-14 business days unless I wanted to pay for expedited processing/shipping. I declined the expedited service as that was a sufficient time frame. After two weeks of not receiving my title I called once again just to verify that it had been sent - and was told that the request had been processed and I should be receiving the title any day. Two weeks later (one month after paying off my car loan) I called to check on the status and was told that it actually hadn't been sent but that they would expedite the process for me. I've now made 4 phone calls, spent nearly an hour on the phone while different departments search for my title and get no reassurance from anyone that I will get my title any time soon. I don't live in the area and feel completely helpless that SSFCU will follow through with anything they say as each time I call they tell me it has not been sent. Save yourself a nightmare on the back end, especially if you're selling a vehicle as the title will take forever to get transferred to a new owner. The people are friendly, but after a while it becomes blatantly obvious that once the conversation ends the service is totally out the window and you (consumer) will suffer. Sorry, but it's been terribly frustrating experience that I would never sign up for again.

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